Confirmed: I Got A Second Sign-Up Bonus On The Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard

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Back in March, I applied for four new credit cards – and a 230,000 points/miles bonus haul – including the current offer on the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard of 100,000 American Airlines miles when you spend $10,000 in 3 months.

I got in on the current 100,000-mile offer.

The current 100,000-mile offer was too good to pass up.

I actually had already signed up for this card back in October 2013 when I had received a targeted offer of 60,000 miles. After hitting the spend threshold for the bonus and the elite-qualifying miles ($40,000 in a calendar year for 10,000 EQM’s), I was already thinking about canceling the card since the one main benefit it offers that no other card soon will was Admirals Club membership, but I usually get access anyway since I fly business or first transcontinentally.

The thing is, I still had my card account open when I applied for the offer again to get the new 100,000-mile bonus. That’s because I had read reports that this card was “churnable,” meaning you can get the bonus multiple times. I decided that it was worth trying to cancel and reapply for the current 100,000-mile offer and seeing what happened – and it paid off because I was instantly approved! 

I was approved for the card a second time.

I was approved for the card a second time.

That’s right – at the time I applied for the new offer, I already had an open Citi Executive AAdvantage card, for which I’d gotten the 60,000-mile sign-up bonus:

Citi 60kAnd I just hit the minimum spending requirement on my new card and found that American had already credited my AAdvantage account with the new 100,000-mile bonus:

Citi 100k BonusSo it just goes to show that you can, in fact, score the sign-up bonus on this card multiple times, and when it’s as high as 100,000 miles, it’s worth trying!

Why Get It?

I personally found the 100,000-mile offer too enticing not to try for it, but that $10,000 spending requirement and $450 annual fee might hold some people back. However, there are plenty of fast ways to meet minimum spend for bonuses, and this is the highest we’ve seen the bonus offer on this card – and as high as it’s likely to go in my opinion – so now is the time to apply if you’ve been thinking about it.

Here are the rest of the terms:

  • Apply now, get the card and earn 100,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after making $10,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership. Also, earn up to $200 in statement credits — earn $1 in statement credits for each $1 spent on purchases within the first 12 months of cardmembership.
  • Elevate the way you travel with these luxury benefits: Admirals Club membership (a membership value of up to $475)
  • Earn 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles after spending $40,000 in purchases each calendar year
  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases
  • Earn two AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases, including US Airways codeshare flights booked on
  • Priority Boarding and 25% savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • Your first eligible checked bag is free
  • SmartChip technology
  • Expert Concierge Service
  • $450 Annual Fee

That $10,000 spending requirement is steep for some folks, but there are plenty of fast ways to meet minimum spend for bonuses, and this is the highest we’ve seen the bonus offer on this card – and as high as it’s likely to go in my opinion – so if you have been holding off on getting it, now is the time.

The other major factor that seems to hold people back on getting this card is that hefty $450 annual fee. One thing to consider is that you get $200 in statement credits the first year on pretty much any purchase, so that brings the expense of the annual fee down to $250 in my opinion – much more reasonable, and that also means that you’re getting Admirals Club membership at a significant discount. Not only that, but this card (along with the Citi Prestige now) is the only one that will give you Admirals Club and US Airways Club access now that the Amex Platinum and Business Platinum cards will no longer allow access to American Admirals Clubs or US Airways Clubs.

Apart from the lounge access, which as I mentioned I usually get anyway, the main value this card has for me is that you can earn 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles each calendar year you spend $40,000 or more in purchases, which is one of the best travel credit card calendar year spending bonuses since so few cards earn EQM’s instead of just regular redeemable miles. Those EQM’s are sometimes just the bump I need to requalify for  top-tier Executive Platinum status, which includes valuable perks like unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades (no more banking on 500-mile upgrade requests), 8 annual EVIP systemwide upgrades on any published paid fare – which can equate to thousands of dollars per flight in value – a 100% elite mileage bonus (Platinums get this as well), waived fees on ticketing and award mileage reinstatement.

So all in all, this is great news, because this is a valuable card to have in your wallet, and in contrast to Amex’s changing sign-up bonus policy which will allow you to get the bonus on each of its cards just once in your life starting in May, you can get this bonus multiple times.

Have any of you applied for this card multiple times as well? Share your experiences in the comments!

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  • Ben Price

    I got the bonus on the second card, too. Considering a third.

    Worth noting: had to call in on the second card. The rep told me, verbatim: “you won’t get the bonus again.” Got the bonus.

    Here’s the uninformed CSRs!

  • Santastico

    And these clowns from Citi still did not credit my miles after over a month I reached the minimum spending.

  • SeaBee3

    Might be worth a mention that Citi changed the terms at the end of March to say that the bonus is only for first time applicants. I know that normally doesn’t mean much with Citi, but it is something your readers should know since your experience took place before that change occurred.

  • kewlly

    I applied for one of these in January when the signup bonus was 60,000 for $5,000 spend with no $200 statement credit. After they upped the bonus to 100,000 with $10,000 spend and a $200 statement credit, I called and they agreed to match the offer, which they did good one once I hit the $10,000 spend. I then got approved for the 100,000 mile offer one more time for myself, and twice for my wife. I’ll keep you guys posted on whether I managed to get 400,000 miles out of this one.

  • FWFrog

    Did you also get the Elite Qualifying Miles with your second card?

  • AnotherFatJoke

    > Have any of you applied for this card multiple times as well?

    Tomorrow will be 65 days since 2nd to last citi application.
    Got this 100K+10K card ~2wks ago to pay $10K taxes,
    figuring $(450-200+188)x(0.75 tax deduction) = ~$325 int’l busn rt AA
    Going for it again without cancelling 1st still-new card.
    Will again immediately pay $10K taxes = another $325 int’l busn rt AA
    Any caveats? Delete cookies-cache online or do it by phone? Thanks!

  • Ben Price

    Don’t believe so.

  • Jason

    Did you cancel
    your 1st card before applying for the 2nd one and did you do this before the
    end of March when they changed the terms?

  • Ben Price

    I did not cancel my first card. In fact, still have the two open. Hence the CSR saying: you won’t get the second bonus.

    I applied for the second card 2 weeks after the first. Don’t have an exact date, but believe it was before the terms changed.

    FT would be the best source on anecdotal evidence.

  • CloseYourEyesandBlow
  • Jimmy Fuentes

    Does it not hurt your credit score if you cancel and apply credit cards a lot?

  • R B

    same here…hopefully we will be credited in May

  • Robert

    Quite interesting, my wife has not received the miles for $1K spent for the last two months on her CitiBusiness AA MasterCard either. Citi claims everything is OK, they can see the amount we spent but there are some issues with ‘the system’. We’ll see what happens in a few weeks when a third month has passed and if they post a bonus.

  • SeaBee3

    Not an extra 10K, but all spending on the cards is combine, so you would only need to spend $20K on each card to get the 10K elite miles.

  • thepointsguy


  • Josh

    My miles in march also didn’t post. They said there was something wrong but it would be posted in April. Sure enough they did along with 100k.

  • Rusty Longwood

    Only a little bit. And those inquiries are removed after two years. So if you aren’t going to apply for a loan in two years, 0 reason not to.

  • NguyenVanFalk

    Been getting the run-around as well. The fine print says the bonus may take 8-10 weeks to post to your AAdvantage account yet I have seen NONE of my accrued miles from spending posting over three billing cycles now, despite repeated contacts with AA and Citi. Your statements from Citi should show the miles accruing yet say 0 reported to AA. Keep hold of these. I have been told all will be fixed by May billing cycle. If not, I’m taking legal action and would be interested in hearing from others who have had the same experience.

  • scott

    Now I’m even more confused after reading these posts. Have to wonder if you’ll get the 2nd bonus now that Citi changed their T&C to one time bonus only. I don’t want to spend another $250 and go through all that effort to spend another $10K if you can’t get the bonus again.

  • Jeff

    Interesting last posts concerning Citi Business AA card. Met my spend for this card as do 12/30/13. Still have not been credited with my 50,000 miles. Citi says this is a system wide problem affecting thousands of people, but I and my wife applied for the Citi Exec AA met the spend within two weeks and already have the 110,000 miles credited. Wierd

  • Brian C. Lee

    There’s a thread on FT about it. Basically, there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason as to who’s affected.

  • Avi

    Thanks for evrything
    I have a amex bussnies platunum
    What’s the best way to downgrad I used the points already and it’s 3-4 month I have the card and I whnna get back a litil of my annual fee is that still possible ? Or just cancel the card what’s the best way

  • Dave

    If you get a second card, can you get part of the annual fee for the first card refunded because you are already an Admirals Club member due to holding the first card? Terms seem to allow for a pro-rata refund of an existing Admirals Club membership fee when you get this card, but an annual fee paid to Citi isn’t necessarily a “membership fee”, and it’s hard to determine how much of that $450 goes to Admirals Club.

  • Avi

    Thanks for evrything
    I have a amex bussnies platunum
    What’s the best way to downgrad I used the points already and it’s 3-4 month I have the card and I whnna get back a litil of my annual fee is that still possible ? Or just cancel the card what’s the best way

  • Avi

    Y can’t u not reply or email me what I ask ????

  • Stuart

    I applied last night and was approved this morning for a second Citi AA Executive card. This brings my bonus AA miles to 200,000, once I spend the second $10k.

  • Scott

    Thanks for the tip. I just applied for the 2nd time and got approved as well and verified that it was indeed for 100,000 miles. Now we will have to see if I get the bonus

  • Cecilia

    so if this is the second time I’m applying for the card, how can know (before applying) if I’ll get the bonus miles/points? I dont want to apply and then not get the bonus…

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