BarclayCard Makes Changes To How Participation Miles Are Earned In The Travel Community

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About a month ago I reminded readers to check out the BarclayCard Arrival Travel Community where Arrival cardholders and non-cardholders can earn bonus miles for sharing their travel stories, photos and advice with other users. While the miles that non-cardholders earn are not as valuable as those earned by cardholders since they cannot be redeemed for travel purchase statement credits,  both cardholders and non-cardholders alike can earn Amazon e-certificates by racking up miles– they will be sent a $5 Amazon e-certificate as soon as they reach the 2,500 mile threshold.

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On April 11th, JaredY who is the BarclayCard Travel Community Manager, posted a blog announcing changes to and how Participation Miles are earned. Originally, BarclayCard Travel Community members could earn miles in three different ways:

Creating a profile = 500 miles. A community profile is considered complete when it has the following: your city and state; at least one travel interest, travel style and travel companion selected; and at least 5 cities added to your “My travels” map.

Posting a travel story =200 miles. Travel stories that are posted on the site have to be 50 words (or more) in length and include at least one photo. Even if you can only put aside an hour here and there, you could write and post a few of these stories per week, racking up miles.

Receiving kudos = 10 miles. Every time someone gives “kudos” to a travel story that you’ve posted (“kudos” is similar to “liking” something on Facebook), you earn 10 miles. On the community site, kudos aren’t as common an occurrence as newly posted stories, but you can certainly make a practice of handing out kudos to others in order to inspire them to kudos you back, or consider inviting your friends and family to join the community so that you can swap kudos amongst yourselves.

Changes to Earning Participation Miles

BarclayCard Travel community managers noticed that many people who were posting stories were not including story details which help provide comprehensive reviews for other members on the various places you visited whether it be hotels, restaurants or other tourist attractions. To help make the community a better travel resource, the Community is now offering 10 Participation Miles for every detail included in a story as long as the detail is available in the google maps database.  Another incentive to add details is the more details you add, the more likely it will be that someone will give you kudos for sharing a good story and you can still earn 10 miles every time you receive kudos.

Receive kudos for your story and earn 10 miles.

Receive kudos for your story and earn 10 miles.

Since you can now earn miles for adding details to your story, they are reducing the number of miles earned for posting a story from 200 to 150. As long as you share 5 details within your story you’ll still be getting 200 miles and can even earn beyond that if you include more than 5 details. Luckily at this time there is no limit to the number of details you can enter, but be sure to not abuse that feature because community managers will be monitoring stories and will put a cap on that if they see members are entering “fake or irrelevant details.”

Share up to 5 stories per city.

Share up to 5 stories per city.

Lastly, members will be limited to sharing 5 stories about one particular city. Many people write several stories about their hometowns and the community would like to encourage more stories from a visitor perspective instead of local perspective, although those can be great too. 5 stories per city still seems like a decent amount since that will get you at least 750 per city and thats without adding an details.

These changes are pretty reasonable and BarclayCard is still trying to find ways to better the  Travel Community while rewarding members for contributing so its a win-win for both.  For a couple minutes’ work I think it’s well worth it to sit down, write a few stories and add as many legitimate details as possible.

Haven’t Yet Joined The Travel Community?

If you’re a Barclaycard Arrival cardholder, be sure to link your Barclaycard account with your travel community profile so that miles go directly to your card account and you can redeem them as you would normally. Each mile is worth 1.1 cent each towards travel redeemed as statement credits thanks to the card’s 10% travel mileage redemption refund, so those same 2,500 miles would be worth $27.50 – a much better rate of return.

To link your Barclaycard account to your community profile, log into the community, click on “My Stories,” and the option to link will appear under your lifetime community miles total. Your community-earned miles will be added to your statement every billing cycle and listed as “Participation Miles.”

Click here to join the community and start earning miles. Just note, the site is closely monitored so that only acceptable content is posted, so be sure to follow the writing guidelines and terms and conditions. Have fun sharing your travel stories!

For more information on Barclaycard and the Arrival, check out these previous posts:

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  • Garett Press

    Isn’t this a waste of time at $1.50 per post?

  • Scott

    I’m also disappointed in the change. Last night I posted 3 stories with some details and only got 480 miles whereas I would have received 600 miles. If they were looking to improve the quality of their travel posts perhaps they should award additional miles to stories that are more detailed oriented (e.g. contains over 100 words).

  • Venste

    Feel free to send over some Kudos to my stories, and I’ll send some to you guys as well. My user ID on the Barclaycard Travel Community site is “venste” (run a search at the top right of the site and choose “Find community members”).


  • Venste

    Let me know your User ID on the site- I’ll send over some kudos if you’ll send some over to me. My user ID on the site is “venste” (run a search at the top right of the site and choose “Find community members”).

  • Steve Bierfeldt

    Overall I’m not a fan of getting fewer points… Though understand where Barclays is coming from. They may have determined that 200 is too much and are working through the kinks.

    Hey venste, great to connect with you. I just read your post about Citi Field and I left you a kudos. I’ll definitely check out your stories and happy to leave some more kudos. Check out mine as well, my user ID is “LiveSmart” Kudos back are appreciated.

  • Scott


    Very nice of you! I’m pretty new to Barclay so I don’t have too many stories posted but appreciate any kudos you can send me. I just sent you 12 kudos. My UserID = vaboywnder

  • Scott

    Steve…sent some kudos your way. If you like to return the favor my ID is “vaboywnder”

  • Nilina Mason-Campbell

    Please kudos the stories connected to my profile: ready4theworld
    I’m going through and giving kudos to the usernames above

  • Scott

    Thanks for the kudos! Sent a few your way.

  • Kevin Nas

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    I must have saved over 2,000 Euros since I started using them. I sincerely believe that using only one of the top booking sites is not necessarily the best idea.

  • BobChi

    If you do about a dozen posts per hour, that’s about $18 an hour. For doing something that’s totally flexible (do it whenever you care to) and actually rather interesting, that can be appealing.

  • Venste

    I went through and liked all of your stories. Thanks for the kudos back!

    Userid on Barclaycard Travel Community: “venste”

  • Venste

    Just went through and liked all of your stories. Thanks for the kudos back!

  • Venste

    I just went through and liked all of your stories. Thanks for the kudos back!

    Userid on Barclaycard Travel Community: “venste”

  • T Silva

    Anyone know if you can join the travel community and link the card later on (transferring the miles to it).

  • Steve Bierfeldt

    Hey Nilana. I see your posts, great stories! Im sending kudos your way! Yea any kudos back to LiveSmart is much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Steve Bierfeldt

    Scott, much appreciated. Sure thing. You’ve got some great posts. I’m sending some your way as well.

  • forshr

    it depends on what you want to do.

    For me, I create a personal digital “scapbook” of my photos anyway — writing notes and descriptions (captions). anyway. I’ve been using this to earn some extra points — to just cut and paste this same work on the Barclay’s travel community. On one lazy Sunday afternoon, in about 30 minutes, I was able to log 20 posts (back when it was 200 points/post).. and got 4,000 points.. I’ve got another 1,000 or so points from kudos and ‘badges.”

    Over a year, in less than 5 hours of work, I’ll probably get 40,000 points — for just duplicating my own scrapbook I’m doing anyway. It pays for a USA domestic flight, or maybe a few short train tickets in Europe.

    I’m not looking at as a a way to pay for all my leisure travel. I use it as an incentive to complete my personal travel digital scrapbook, and gets some extra points.

  • Ryan Morgan

    Thanks for the breakdown. I’m a new cardholder and hadn’t ventured into the community portal yet. Now I will :)

  • Roberto

    I’m under “robotmirror”, and I will be happy to reciprocate! Barclay’s travel portal doesn’t give the user name of those that leave kudos, so please message me or let me know here and I will be happy to leave you kudos. Please feel free to give me Kudos to my stories.

  • greg slusarz

    I definitely will, my user name is gslusarz. Ill show some love and kudos u

  • greg slusarz

    yall feel free to send me kudos, got some intresting travels as well. Ill return the love

  • qazyjc

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  • greg slusarz

    hey venste ill kudos u right now im in the community page. Show me some love brotha

  • greg slusarz

    gslusarz is my profile name, kudos will be exchanged for anyone. enjoy the stories guys thanks

  • greg

    will do venste. I would appreciate some kudos my way as well thanks man. gslusarz is my id name

  • Minh

    Also new to Barclay and just joined the community. Sending kudos your way, my user ID is Panerainovice. Would appreciate any kudos you can send my way as well! Thanks!

  • Nilina Mason-Campbell

    Hey! Do you want to trade likes again? I have a lot of new stories and it looks like you do too!

  • Nilina Mason-Campbell

    Hey! Are you still looking to trade likes? I have a lot of new stories and would love to swap with you!

  • elynbeth

    I absolutely agree with forshr and BobChi. I have pictures with captions ready to go already so I just cut and paste. If I don’t have a caption, 50 words is hardly more than 2 sentences. It really isn’t a burden. I can front to back a post in 2-3 minutes and do it in idle moments where I might otherwise be checking Facebook or similar. I’m pretty sure that the system won’t bear grinding them out 20 in a row (don’t want to raise flags with community managers) but over a few months of doing this haphazardly I’ve gotten over 80 dollars. It is definitely worth the minimal effort and doesn’t feel like work because I’m just glancing through my own old photos. I really enjoy having the excuse to go look at them, honestly.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to share some kudos with me – I’m lesslonelyroad. I’ve already shared the love with some of the folks in this thread.

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