A Reminder on Passport and Visa Requirements for International Travel

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TPG reader Adam wants to make sure I – and you all, as well – know something important about passports:

@thepointsguy: Are you aware that if your passport is set to expire within three months of your return date from a trip, you won’t be allowed entry to EU countries?

The answer is yes, absolutely! And thanks, Adam, for bringing this to everyone’s attention. To review all the requirements for entering EU countries as a non-EU national, click here.

In fact, in many cases,  your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after your entry or departure date from a country in order to be permitted entry. In addition, you need to have at least one empty visa page in your passport so that you can receive a foreign country’s entry stamp.


Before you travel, make sure you have at least one empty page in your passport - and confirm that it's valid for as long as your destination requires

Make sure you have at least one empty page in your passport – and confirm that it’s valid for as long as your destination requires

Whenever traveling internationally – especially when visiting far-flung locations that require long flights – it’s very important to make sure you know exactly what the entry and exit requirements and fees are for your destination(s). Check out the Traveler’s Checklist on the U.S. State Department’s website, and then confirm that you have all your visas in order, that your passport is valid, and that you have those open pages. After all, you don’t want to get off the plane in a foreign country and have to get right back on…and go home!

Personally, I use Allied Passport & Visa for all my visas, passport renewals and processing. They’re fast, reliable, knowledgeable – and they run discounts. I appreciate having them in my corner for expert information whenever I’m unsure about what’s required to enter or leave a country – because I like to travel and return home on a planned schedule.

Thanks again for this great tip, and if any of you have questions, message me on Facebooktweet me or email me at [email protected]

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  • Alex

    My sister went through that..despite my fore warnings….Delta should have caught it from our home airport. But they caught her in DTW, it ended up being a whole ordeal because Delta should have caught it in TUL. So they re booked her through ORD, to get her passport renewed and then was able to fly out of ORD back to AMS. I was surprised that they paid for all the changes.

  • jjflysalot

    And remember pretending not to know the language or not adhering to signage only works for foreigners coming into the USA at passport control.

  • dbennnett38

    If you transit through Australia but decide to spend your 15 hour layover in a hotel instead of the airport, do you need a visa? I know you need one if you are actually visiting.

  • Guest

    …. and your point is?

  • Linda Spears

    I would say yes. Try Easy ETA, ten bucks for Americans.

  • scott

    Good tip! I remember going to Costa Rica once where my passport was going to expire a week after the trip was over. The customs agent in San Jose pointed it out but still let me through. I’ll never let it come that close to expiring again.

  • Takemewithyou

    New China law requires your passport not expire within 12 months to obtain a visa. Just learned that the hard way, but was lucky Peninsula was able to expedite both in about a week for me.

  • dee seiffer

    That must be a very new law. Just returned from China a couple a days ago. My son’s passport expires in November. They gave me a 6 month visa for him in February.

  • Schnege

    It’s just not enough to have a passport–you have to know how to use it, where to go, what line to get into–basically do your homework and be prepared because you (any American) traveling abroad will NOT get a pass on being arrogant or stupid.

  • Takemewithyou

    Yes, I think it’s very new! I sent in for my Visa around March 14 and traveled Mar 28. Just returned a few days ago. My passport was still good for 11 months but I had to renew.

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