US Airways to Retain Some Star Alliance Partners After Joining Oneworld

by on March 13, 2014 · 19 comments

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With US Airlines leaving Star Alliance at the end of this month, there are a lot of  questions about how awards will be handled with Star Alliance partners. In most cases, airlines sever ties with most of the alliance partners. However it looks like US Airways will be retaining partnerships with 12 Star Alliance carriers, per Australian Business TravelerAegean, Air China, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Ethiopian Airlines, EVA, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, TAM, TAP and Turkish Airlines.

Also, tickets booked with Dividend Miles on all other Star Alliance airline booked up to March 30 will remain valid for travel up to one year, but from March 31 you won’t be able to earn or redeem miles on those airlines.

The other big news is that after joining Oneworld on March 31, US Airways will continue to run Dividend Miles as an independent program from American Airlines’ AAdvantage, with its current award chart used to determine redemption rates instead of using the American Airlines’ chart. At some point, probably in 2015, the programs will merge, but until then we can continue leveraging US Airways’ award chart sweet spots, which I’ve highlighted numerous times before. Personally, I’ve booked 110,000-mile business class roundtrips to South Africa and 140,000-mile first class trips to Australia.

110,000 Dividend Miles for roundtrip to South Africa in business class- some carriers like Delta and United charge more than that for Europe business class!

110,000 Dividend Miles for roundtrip to South Africa in business class – some carriers like Delta and United charge more than that for Europe business class!

Overall, this is great news in my opinion – the more redemption options the better and I’m glad they’re keeping the South African connection – I may need to do one more trip to South Africa, which is one of my favorite counties in the world!

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  • Charlie

    Sounds great!

    Will AA flights be usable for domestic positioning flights on the same Dividend Miles award? For example: DEN/LAX on AA connecting to LAX/TPE on Eva. Or DEN/ORD connecting to ORD/IST on TK.

    Will US be joining Oneworld on March 31? Can BA Avios be used on US metal at that time?

    Or is this a mute point because all US flights will be renamed AA flights?

  • Ludens

    TAM Airlines leave Star Alliance at the end of this month too! > OneWorld

  • Gary Leff

    I argue that the window to continue to reserve many of these *A partners after US Airways leaves the alliance is actually going to be quite narrow —

  • Scott

    If US Air is keeping it’s award chart does that mean we can redeem 90k miles to North Asia on OneWorld after 3/31?

  • Trey

    yeah same question….and does it mean you can take SQ on 1 leg and continue on your journey with Cathay for example?

  • thepointsguy

    You can actually already do that with positioning flights. US will join Oneworld on March 31, as I link to in the article, and you should be able to use Avios on flights, but how quickly the new partnership is actually implemented remains to be seen.

  • thepointsguy

    Yes you should be able to unless/until US Airways decides to revise its award chart.

  • LAKnight

    ” At some point, probably in 2015, the programs will merge…”

    I surely want both programs to be merged asap… can’t wait for that long…

  • Steve

    When will I be able to use my US Airways Miles with AA ? I can’t seem to ever find the flight I need to South America or Asia with US Airways but I can always find it with AA or United. Thanks

  • Diotallevi

    Same question here. So if this is the case, I can spend 90K US Airways miles to fly to Tokyo on OneWorld partner JAL for the next year? This would make the blow of losing ANA a little easier to take, as NYC to NRT are what I use 90% of my US Airways miles for.

  • -

    Thank heavens, I just bought two $100 US GC’s which were instantly reimbursed by my Amex Plat (Dope tip TPG!) but I’m too busy to do an MR for the A3 trick this month, plus FT MR forum isn’t showing much of anything US. US is one of the few that allows 1:1 -> A3 which is super picky about fare buckets for miles credit. I was about to give up but looks like a reprieve has come for the A3 *A runners. Hope it’s not too good to be true.

  • Su

    about the cooperation with EVA might not be correct…here is the news released by EVA itself.

  • Mike

    Would you be able to transfer AAdvantage miles to US Airways and redeem on Singapore and the other Star Alliance partners they still have?

  • onefromsix

    Do you or anyone here know if a USAirways issued… award roundtrip ticket… on United Airlines.. before March 31st..for outbound travel before March 31st and Inbound after March 31st…can then have the Inbound date changed if needed? Currently USAir doesn’t allow changes after travel has commenced.

  • John

    Hello, Do you know if we could book a US-ASIA round trip ticket and have a stopover in Australia for 90000 miles? Thank you

  • Vince

    So I’m really confused. I just talked to a US Air rep (after being on hold for infinity) and was told that starting March 31st they will start using the Oneworld awards chart AND that they will have ‘better options’ in terms of flight options. I find this kind of interesting because Oneworld doesn’t have as many airline partners and Star award charts to Europe OW, for example, start at 60K whereas it is 20K on AA. Am I missing something here?

  • Rich

    Does this mean we can continue to earn Aegean Miles and Bonus points if we fly US Airways after March 31 on an Aegean frequent flyer #?

  • Guest

    But US Airways’ oneworld award chart now shows 110K for business class to North Asia? Also, I thought the partnership with Eva ended on 5/14/14, it is no longer possible to book new awards after that date.

  • globalissues

    Glad Ethiopian airlines are partnering as well.

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