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Last Saturday, the day American Express Platinum and Business Platinum cardholders had been dreading finally arrived – as of March 22, 2014, their cards would no longer include the benefit of American Airlines Admirals Club lounge access (nor US Airways Club access). Now the only cards that will get you into the Admirals Club are the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard (which comes with full Admirals Club membership) and more recently, the Citi Prestige, which just added Admirals Club access (not membership though) to its benefits.

Admirals Club

Admirals Club

Now that the Amex Platinum cardholder exclusion has begun, we at TPG wanted to soften the blow by giving away two Admirals Club Lounge Passes to our readers. Are you an Amex cardholder who feels slighted? Or had you been considering the card but decided not to get it because of the lounge restrictions?

If so, comment on this post or on our Facebook page about what you’ll miss most about your visit to the Admirals Club and why you want a pass to visit again. Enter by by 5pm ET on Monday, March 31 to be eligible. You can only enter once per medium. The winners will be chosen at random and announced next week.

And the Winners of Last Week’s Prize of 20,000 Miles to celebrate 20,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ is….

Last week we asked our loyal readers to help us get past the 20,000 ‘like’ mark on Facebook and we would give one lucky reader 20,000 bonus airline miles to their program of choice to celebrate. We asked you to like the post and share it by telling us what was still on your all-time travel destination bucket list, and how you would spend the miles. We received many entries, but we could only choose one winner, so the lucky recipient is our Facebook fan Rob D. who said:

“I would love to be able to visit the Tate museum in London. These extra points from The Points Guy would help me get there!”

The Tate Modern - a TPG favorite!

The Tate Modern – a TPG favorite, hopefully you’ll love it just as much Rob D!

Congrats Rob D., the Tate is one of my favorite museums and I hope you get the opportunity to visit by using your miles! Thanks to all who entered and good luck with this week’s giveaway.

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  • Eddy

    i showed up too early and the espresso machine was out of beans, ugh

  • Justin

    Have the Plat…more like splat with all they took away. Wife has the World Elite but we don’t always travel together and Citi looks at me funny. Thanks Bri!

  • PChai

    I will miss the ability to get away from the chaos! Also, not having to stand in line just to get a cup of coffee.

  • James

    The Club is great because I often have long layovers trying to get back to Memphis. Having a nice quiet place to work is something I will miss.

  • Joseph Cellieur

    Enter my hat in the ring for the passes. I’m sure I can make good use of them this year. Have a great week.

  • Jacob

    Escaping the crowds!

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    I cannot say what I will miss as I am one of the people who considered getting the card but decided against it with the lounge restrictions :D

  • Andrew Glazier

    I got the card two weeks before the lounges were dropped. Hoping they add more benefits to get me to keep it.

  • Michael Katz

    I will miss the chocolate chip cookies.

  • Bryan

    I will miss taking a shower after a redeye from LAX-MIA.

  • michael

    Clean bathrooms. They need to clean the bathrooms in the terminals more often.

  • Amy59

    I would love to try the Admiral club. The clubs make traveling so much easier.

  • Felix

    What will I miss? Actually using them for the first time ever. I booked my first trip on American as part of a round the worldand then they went and removed plat access! I guess I can always use the priority pass lounge. Wait… Is there one in the American terminal at JFK?

  • Jonathan

    I’ll miss the work areas and quiet atmosphere for sure. As a grad student who loves traveling, sometimes I have to work on papers while at the airport. These lounge passes would come in handy!

  • Eric S

    I’ll miss showers after a red eye – need a pass to save the guy next to me!

  • I’ll miss the comfier chairs, more plugs and free booze. The showers are very nice too,

  • PatrickNJ

    I’ll miss the complimentary buffet that changes throughout the day

  • Lauren

    i’ll miss their cookies!

  • Brian

    The peace and quiet… The admiral club passes will be the last piece I need for an amazing trip I’m planned and paid for using your tips… Free tickets on AA, free hotel nights (including Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris). This would be the icing on the cake for a great anniversary trip! Thanks for all the help!

  • Megan

    I decided against the card because of the lounge restriction so would love to have this for our honeymoon!

  • Armando86

    I’ll miss the cookies!

  • Joanne

    I’ll miss escaping the airport madness in the lounge.

  • Nini

    I will miss the ability to sit, catch my breath and relax in between flights during long layovers. Really needed it when heading back and forth to Chile from Maine to visit family.

  • Janet Simonitsch

    I will miss being able to get away from the crowds of DFW.

  • Katya

    I love having a place to recharge phones without having to roam the airport looking for an empty plug or sitting on the floor because no seats are nearby.

  • Mark C

    more and more, flying is becoming less fun. more is being taken away, and less perks for frequent fliers.

  • adam

    Yeah, I’ve been pondering whether to keep my ABP card, especially after this latest cut. Year after year they cut more and more benefits. Remember all the perks we got five-ten years ago? I’m going to miss getting the $200 credit per year from the food and drinks… always made it a little less painful ;).

  • nellwal

    Having a quiet, relaxing place to think about my dream trip to Portugal.

  • Enore Antonio Bondan Filho

    I’ll miss the Admirals Club at Sao Paulo international airport – an island of peace in a messy airport.

  • Dana G

    I’ll miss the delicious cookies!

  • Taryn

    I’ll miss the quieter, more comfortable atmosphere.

  • Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    I would love to sit in comfortable chairs while waiting for flights, especially when there are major delays like I’ve encountered with every trip in the past six months.

  • Nick O (PIT)

    I’ve never been in one. And my wife loves getting to the airport very early (like 2 hours early for 6 am domestic flight)

  • Marc K

    I will miss the free wifi, house spirits, and filling my cups full of their trail mix

  • AnnieLovesParis

    I’m considering the AAExec card for this benefit alone.

  • Joe

    The mixed nuts and snacks were always pretty nice …

  • Vncleraon

    We asked you to like the post and share it by telling us what was still on your all-time travel destination bucket list, and how you would spend the miles. We received many entries, but we could only choose one winner, so the lucky recipient is our Facebook fanRob D.who

  • Rick

    I’ll miss their excellent staff. They’ve helped me secure better seats and even a couple of upgrades!

  • Mr. Cool

    ive never been to an admirals club & would love to check it out while chilling out between flights

  • Henry

    Just recently got my Plat AmEX but was able to get 2 lounge visits in before the loss. I’ll miss those comfortable chairs and snacks during my layovers.

  • Brian

    I miss the people-watching and the Walker’s shortbread cookies.

  • Larry

    I am a low-roller and can’t afford any of those cards that used to offer passes so I won’t shed too many tears- but I would love to have two free ones for an upcoming spring break trip…

  • Pung

    Showering after a long flight.

  • Mandy Pietropaolo

    I’ve never been lucky enough to enjoy the admirals club. Would love the experience, so that I have something to miss.

  • lori bremner

    I’ll miss being able to order real food in the Lounges.

  • Kelli

    I’ll miss being able to find a quiet escape in the midst of all the airport chaos.

  • LeslieB

    Perhaps TMI, but I’ll miss the large, clean, quiet restrooms. And the free beverages that send me there.

  • Mark R.

    I’d like to see one.

  • Jon

    Hmmmm…nicer bathrooms and free booze. Tough to replace those!

  • Pazpeaceman

    The best thing about the admirals club is indeed the service level of the staff, which is enough to make me want to visit it again.

  • Kyle

    The private bathrooms with real toilet paper.

  • alexk512

    I had the platinum card for the American Airlines club access because I fly to home and back to school all year long. I live in South Florida and frequented MIA because of American’s presence in that airport. I cancelled the platinum card because I did not see much of a value for myself any longer. I really miss being able to use the American Lounge’s. I would use this pass to visit the Admiral’s Club when going back to school!

  • jholl74

    I’ll miss the quiet oasis in the midst of the airport chaos…..and the free snacks ha!!!

  • JC

    Being able to easily find a power source (impossible in terminals at busy times) and getting work done in relative peace; I’m more productive, and bother-free, at the Admiral’s Club than in my office (sometimes)!

  • Benji

    Comfortable seats and free wifi!

  • r0m8470

    Find quiet time, light snacks, and just chill out before the flight.

  • Joseph May

    Clean Bathrooms….

  • Amar Patel

    I’m going to miss the clean bathrooms! Also going to miss not having to fight over a power source. And lastly, great tasting bloody marys!

  • Pat

    I arrived @JFK Monday on an AA flight & was prepared to use the Wingtips lounge since I knew my Amex no longer granted me access to the AA club, but TSA refused to let me thru security at that terminal since my flight w/AA was out of terminal 2 (I’ve never had that problem before at any other airport) – so I sat for a few hrs at the gate- no food, no drink, no wifi (no work). Then at SFO I arrived at 9:05 pm & the Alaska lounge closed at 9. As an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold, AA is my best airline choice (will never fly Delta again, esp. since they just dropped free bags & seat upgrade discounts) so I’m really missing lounge access.

  • ThorneStockton

    The beer!

  • David J

    Having a nice respite from the noise at SFO!

  • Kyle

    Since I haven’t been in an Admirals Club, I’m putting my imagination to work. I imagine I’ll miss the buzz I’ll get…….wait…..wrong meeting. Seriously, though, I bet I’d miss anything with sugar in it. Cookies? Yes. Chocolate of any kind? Yes. I imagine it a place full of beach sand, palm trees, and crystal clear blue water. That’s what it’s like, right? Coronas everywhere. Yep, sure am going to miss it.

  • portakal

    The free booze and the quiet escape!

  • elma

    love and will miss their cookies the most. Would be great to have access for my upcoming trip where I’ll be competing in an Ironman race!

  • Brendan

    The RDU Admirals Club is really relaxing and has a great bar!

  • M

    I have never been to Admirals Club but would love to try it out

  • Cliff

    Seeing what it’s like on the inside for the first time.

  • Patrick

    Relaxing with a beer while I wait for my flight!

  • just_ducky

    Keeping the quiet in o’hare!

  • snakedoc1

    I had been considering the card, but I decided not to get it because of the new lounge restrictions. Ughhhh! I definitely will miss the peace and quiet…… not to mention drinks and peanuts!

  • Steve

    I like being able to relax with a drink and read or do work quietly before my flight.

  • JamesP

    Clean restrooms.

  • steve s

    I’m an AMEX Platinum card holder. Pretty bummed out that I do not have access to the AA lounges anymore. I’m headed to Puerto Rico in a few months and would really love some passes. Thanks!

  • Rob

    Getting out of the crowds, grabbing a decent meal, and doing it in some peace and solace.

  • alcw

    Decided to switch over to spg amex. Missing my access to the lounges. Sorry don’t do “the facebook”

  • wangkai

    Whenever flying international with long stop-overs, lounge access like the Admirals Club eases the stress of travels.

  • ennelai


  • boxedlunch

    respite from chaos

  • Bryan Lee

    Being able to get away from the the noise and the crowds!

  • MShaw


  • bob c.

    ohh………those latte machines!

  • whrobb

    A nice place to work or relax.

  • disqus_zgyxAmiHSg

    Will miss the unique view of the runways at Logan Airport. Always enjoy the view while sitting in a calm, quiet environment.

  • MilesRunner

    The broken power outlets.

  • Evan

    I an upcoming trip to California and Las Vegas, and I’d love to have some club passes to use along the way.

  • Katie S

    I have never been to an Admirals club and would like to try one!

  • Laura A

    My significant other will be in a good mood when he comes home to take me to dinner if he had a chance to chill before flying home. I like the more secure feeling that my bags won’t disappear if I turn my head for 2 seconds.

  • Mandy

    The chance to relax away from the crowds.

  • Jeff Greatorex

    I’ll miss the quiet atmosphere… as well as not having to deal with people running around like chickens with their heads cut off :)

  • shannon

    clean bathrooms. quiet atmosphere. less crowds. I could never pick one reason. Even our three kids ask to get away from the chaos of the airport.

  • Steffen Thieringer

    The quiet and clean environment. Lounges exist to relax and calm down from the travel stress.

  • Grant

    I have never experienced this benefit before as I’m somewhat new to traveling on a consistent basis so these passes would be awesome for my business trips!

  • Eric

    Decent free Wifi

  • Blake

    Ill definitely miss the chance to get work done with plenty of plugs, internet and peace and quiet.

  • Zoso

    I miss a few free cocktails while enjoying the free wifi. Would like to use these passes for my upcoming trip to China!

  • Bradley B.

    Escaping the muggles.

  • kyle

    I’ll miss the free booze!

  • Robert Cobb

    wifi and quiet

  • Vince

    I have never been myself but based on what they offer, it’s between the peace/quiet and printing privileges. In the age of everything digital, some things you still need to print…like directions, confirmation details, copies of passport/DL (thanks for the tip TPG!), and perhaps if I fly RyanAir my boarding pass(es). So pick me!

  • Richard1148

    What’s not to like compared to sitting in the terminal? I’ll take free booze and wifi any day.

  • romanhans

    Recharging my phone and not worrying about it being stolen.

  • Michael S.

    I’d look forward to having a source of tranquility again! Nothing like stepping into the club and transporting yourself out of chaos!

  • Joshua Tarkoff

    Everything is getting devalued these days, what to do :-(.

  • James Coston

    Peace and quiet and not dealing with the typically angry airport experience!

  • Dan

    Peace, quiet, booze.

  • Julie

    AAngels ability to re-book tickets/make changes!

  • KTM

    Will miss the relaxing atmosphere and complimentary cocktails.

  • Aaron K

    sad @ the loss of the platinum entry. always the best service/attitude from AA staff in the lounges!

  • Aleksi T

    Free drinks, as usual!

  • Rohit B

    I will most the quiet space away from all the crowds and pre-flight drinks!

  • Tim

    Free food & drinks!

  • Sean

    I’ll most miss the relative quiet and free chocolate chip cookies before a flight in MIA.

  • Eli

    Free booz

  • Free Stuff Scavenger

    munching on healthy celery and carrot sticks

  • Martin Kovalsky

    Escaping the crowds and having at least a decent priced meal [although international lounges are better]. And the power outlets for all my devices…

  • leothelion

    Just a quiet place to unwind before the next flight… And the free food/snacks/drinks dont hurt either… =)

  • Russ Hearn

    I will miss the yogurt-covered pretzels!

  • Amanda

    I will miss the quiet and the food!

  • Ryan G

    The bathrooms. Nothing more need be said…

  • David

    The coffee machine!

  • Guest


  • Michael

    Wanting to show up to the airport early.

  • bostrvlr

    I got Amex Platinum for the reason that American was my primary airline. I will miss the quiet, the tranquility, and the stress relief. Also the yummy snack mix!

  • MiamiMike2

    I am going to miss the quiet and free booze!!!

  • Carter29072

    I will miss the quiet that you get in the lounge and the cleaner bathrooms.

  • Boaz Cohen

    quiet and the food

  • Zach G

    The shower suites in MIA!

  • ljauss

    The calm amidst the rushing!

  • Amy

    Why? Because I’ve never experienced the Admirals Club Lounge!

  • Rob P

    I’ll miss the quiet, the cookies and the free drinks! Thank you!

  • Margaux

    I’ll miss the comfortable seats! Thank you!

  • Susan Pertierra

    I’ll miss the extra power outlets and free food & drink.

  • Leo Alvarez

    The perfect place to go during a long layover. Can’t beat free drinks and wifi! Thanks TPG!

  • SusanO

    A quiet corner, a glass of white wine and tarmac views

  • Peter D

    Quiet, no TV, need the wifi and the space!

  • ASW

    I haven’t been into an AA Admiral’s Club yet, but they look like a nice place to relax before a flight. The free wi-fi, espresso and snacks- what more could I want?

  • Luke US

    The free snacks! :)

  • Kyle Avery

    A quiet(er) place to contemplate my coach seat and the potential horrors to come.

  • Colin

    The calm from the noise and stress of the terminal!

  • Newo

    A quiet, comfortable place to sit with internet access and refreshments would make my travel so much more enjoyable!

  • Dan

    Last time I was in a United Club I got kicked out! Would love the opportunity to redeem myself…

  • Jay K

    Free Wifi!!!


    As a Delta flyer making the switch to AA, I don’t have anything to miss yet. But I’m looking forward to checking out all the new to me clubs.

  • yellowpad

    I’ll miss the quiet comfortable chairs.

  • Helen

    I will miss the sitting on the comfy chairs and staring out the large windows watching the planes take off and land (it is a sight i never get tired of seeing.)

  • TerryH

    yogurt pretzels

  • Rich Maglione

    I’ll miss the little individually wrapped cheese blocks. And getting back would allow me to use a clean restroom at the airport again!!!

  • cotoneloc

    Showing at MIA before and after international flights to South America.

  • orsetto

    Respite from the crowds!

  • Kazu Okumura

    I miss the champagne

  • Sarah

    The free food!

  • santiago esteva

    i ll miss a decent place to rest during layovers. My back cant take regular airport seats.

  • Andrew P

    I’ve only ever been to various United Clubs, so I’m not sure what I’m missing out on…therefore I’d love a free pass!

  • Ncsam

    The work stations, great for being productive!

  • Candace P

    I will miss the champagne!

  • r hirsch

    I’ll miss what I had for 11 hrs on a layover at Dfw!

  • Karl P

    I will miss the champagne which is a great way to begin and end a trip!

  • Mark

    I will miss having a great place to charge my phone.

  • scott

    Escape the madness and relax with some food, drinks and place to log into laptop

  • Leflerpet

    I’ll miss the relaxing during long layovers.

  • Tonya Cozart

    oh my, too much to list, the lounges are just heaven in an airport. The relaxing, the food, the quiet, the comfy seats….on and on and on :)

  • Jeremy Stephens

    My wife and I are taking our first trip without kids to the Caribbean next week! We used points for hotel and our tickets (economy boo!) these passes would make the week magical!

  • Edgar L

    Please! I want to see if I can move away from Delta as well…

  • Alexis L

    Free drinks and snacks! (travel always makes me hungry)

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