Should I Make My Fiance An Additional Cardholder on my Chase Sapphire Preferred?

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TPG reader Suzanne emailed me a question this week about the Chase Sapphire Preferred she’s planning on applying for:

“I have the Chase Freedom, but the TPG Maximizer recommended I get Chase Sapphire Preferred for better benefits. In this case, I was wondering if its more beneficial for me to add my fiance to my card, or if he should get his own? He uses a company card for a lot of his charges. The only difference I see is the initial 40,000 points.”

I would say that your fiance should absolutely get his own Sapphire Preferred rather than just becoming an additional cardholder on your account. Granted, that depends on whether he’s interested in getting a new travel credit card (I assume he is since you’re asking), and that he’s creditworthy. But assuming those two things are true, why wouldn’t he get his own card and score the 40,000 bonus points it would net him? Because you can redeem Ultimate Rewards points for pay with points toward travel at a rate of 1.25 cents per point, you’re sure of getting at least $500 in value from those points – and potentially much more if you maximize Ultimate Rewards’ travel transfer partners. That far outweighs the 5,000 extra points you’ll get for simply adding him as an authorized user. Especially because neither of your new cards will carry the $95 annual fee for the first year.

The main concern you might have is meeting the minimum spending requirement of $3,000 in 3 months on each of the Sapphire Preferred’s you’re thinking about applying for, but if you’re already engaged, chances are you have some wedding expenses to meet and the total of $6,000 will probably go by in a snap. If that’s not the case, then you can always check out my post from earlier this week about the Top 10 Ways to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements and learn about strategies for putting expenses like your rent/mortgage, car payments and more on your points-earning credit card without incurring huge processing fees.

Based on your email, I’d also say that if your fiance has a lot of work charges and his company’s credit card policy allows it, then he should think about applying for the Ink Bold or Ink Plus as well. You can get both the Sapphire Preferred and an Ink card by applying in the same day, and he could score another 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points by spending $5,000 in 3 months on that card, which it sounds like isn’t a problem since you say he has a lot of company charges to make so that spending shouldn’t be an issue. There’s at least another $625 toward travel right there.

No matter what you decide to do, remember that being a couple means being eligible for twice the bonuses and twice the spending power of a single credit card, so if the spending requirements are not an issue, you should both get your own cards (and why not add each other as authorized users for the 5,000-point bonus) and each earn the full bonus.

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  • Newo

    Why give up the 5,000 extra points for adding an authorized user? You can put any name you want on the extra card, real or made up; use it once and destroy it. Also, if $6,000 is more than you can spend in 3 months, just apply for the fiance’s CSP account after you’ve already hit the minimum spend on your card.

  • David

    Seems like you’re implying if you have a lot of business expenses you could be eligible for a Chase Ink card even if you are not the business owner? Is that the case? I always thought it was just for business owners.

  • Ali

    I currently have the Chase Sapphire Preferred and my Wife is an additional card holder on that. If she applies for her own card, is she still eligible for the sign up bonus?

  • Randy

    Sign up a trustworthy family member. Don’t you watch People’s Court? Things go wonky. Keep your finances separate till you are married. (Common sense – not points maximization advice)

  • dee seiffer

    Yes, she is eligible for her own sign up bonus.

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    You can get a business card even if you aren’t the founder/owner and its also very easy to get your own and set up your own consulting business/side business

  • thepointsguy

    Getting the extra 5k is a nobrainer as long as you trust the person you give the authorized card to (or don’t even give it to them!)

  • Steve

    You mention “and why not add each other as authorized users for the 5,000 pt bonus” Does this mean I can add my spouse as an authorized user for 5k then have her apply for her own in a few months for the 40k and add me as an authorized user on hers for another 5k?

  • sillysil

    My husband and I have both had the card for almost two years now. Is it worthwhile for us to both keep the card or should we cancel one to avoid paying the annual fee twice? (I put him as a cardholder on my card already but I don’t think I got any bonus points, did you have to ask for it or was that a limited time promo?)

  • Patrick Folger

    Do you need to show proof of business for that? Do you just make up a name ?

  • Suzanne

    Good eye Randy. We’ve been together almost 30 years, so I’m feeling secure ;)

  • Suzanne

    I like this sillysil….so PointsGuy, what do you think about this? I get the 2 separate cards, get all the sign up points, then once we use up all the points on his card, we cancel it and save on the yearly fee. I will also be adding each other as authorized users on both cards for the 5k.

  • Suzanne

    Thanks for posting my question! To answer a few questions….yes he is creditworthy and yes, he is open to get new cards and the point game. The company card he is using is a AMEX Business Plat, provided by the company, and he is able to use most of the bene’s as a user, and occasionally some points. I’m thinking we can swing the 3k each in 3 months. Im gonna take your advice and each get a card. Maybe when done using up the bonus points, I might drop his card and save on the yearly fee. I looked into the Ink cards as suggested…maybe later…Im just getting my feet wet with the points game. My first win was getting the US air cards and booking bus class w/points to China and Tokyo for under 1k ea. Thanks to you and my friend Rich for turnin me on to TPG!

  • Elliot

    Keep in mind you can also transfer UR points to each other, so you could have him sign up and add each other as authorized users and then transfer the points all into one account if there is some reason to do so.

  • Suzanne

    Right! I don’t know why I’m thinking I have to get them both at once. I’m not getting the points for anything specific right now.

  • sillysil

    Soo pointsguy, is there any reason we should both keep the card after we got all the points? Or just cancel one? Thanks!

  • Kevin

    Quick question: does Chase provide separate monthly bills for authorized cardholders and allow auto-pay on those numbers? My wife and I keep our bank accounts and bill pay separate. With AMEX cards, we found having one of us as primary and the other as authorized to be a pain because AMEX didn’t enable us to split the bill with auto pay from two different banks.

  • Evelyn

    I would like to apply this card but have two big concern which are 1. Would the additional card holder be charged annual fee on second year? or just me who own the card? 2. We earn the points together and can share them as well?

  • Kimm

    My husband has CSP card and the bank person who helped with the credit card told me that if I become authorized user on that card, I can not apply for my own CSP card. Is it true? Also if I CAN become auth user and also apply for my own card, is it too late to become auth user now? It said “Earn 5,000 bonus points after you add the first authorized user and make a purchase in the first 3 months from account opening” Is that account opening from My husband’s card opening or after adding the auth user? The card was approved on 7/14. If it is too late and our banker informed us wrong information, is there any recourse to get that 5000 points?

    We are at a stage to apply for a different card and we are trying to decide whether to apply for CSP or C Ink.
    Newo, how does putting fake name on the extra card work? If you put fake name on the card, can you still use it being a different name than the user? (If a store wants to check signature or ID?)
    Thank you.

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