Reminder: Posting a Travel Story to the Barclaycard Arrival Travel Community Earns You Miles

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Last summer, Barclaycard launched an online travel community designed to allow Arrival cardholders to earn bonus miles for sharing their travel stories, photos and advice with other users. Non-cardholders were also invited participate though their miles aren’t as valuable as those earned by cardholders since they cannot be redeemed for travel purchase statement credits. However, both cardholders and non-cardholders alike can earn Amazon e-certificates by racking up miles – they will be sent a $5 Amazon e-certificate as soon as they reach the 2,500 mile threshold.

The easiest way to rack up miles with this growing community is to post 50-word travel stories that each include a photo. For each story you post, you earn 200 miles – not bad for a couple minutes’ work, and the equivalent of spending $100 on your Arrival card (which earns miles at a rate of 2x per $1).

Travel stories posted to the Barclaycard Travel Community earn 200 miles apiece

Travel stories posted by members of the Barclaycard Travel Community earn them 200 miles apiece

Barclaycard Travel Community members can actually earn miles in three different ways:

Creating a profile = 500 miles. A community profile is considered complete when it has the following: your city and state; at least one travel interest, travel style and travel companion selected; and at least 5 cities added to your “My travels” map.

Posting a travel story = 200 miles. Travel stories that are posted on the site have to be 50 words (or more) in length and include at least one photo. Even if you can only put aside an hour here and there, you could write and post a few of these stories per week, racking up miles.

Receiving kudos = 10 miles. Every time someone gives “kudos” to a travel story that you’ve posted (“kudos” is similar to “liking” something on Facebook), you earn 10 miles. On the community site, kudos aren’t as common an occurrence as newly posted stories, but you can certainly make a practice of handing out kudos to others in order to inspire them to kudos you back, or consider inviting your friends and family to join the community so that you can swap kudos amongst yourselves.


Non-cardholders are automatically sent $5 Amazon e-certificates upon earning 2,500 miles (so a value of 0.2 cents per mile). The $5 can only be utilized within the United States and used towards a purchase of anything sold on

However, if you’re a Barclaycard Arrival cardholder, be sure to link your Barclaycard account with your travel community profile so that miles go directly to your card account and you can redeem them as you would normally. Each mile is worth 1.1 cent each towards travel redeemed as statement credits thanks to the card’s 10% travel mileage redemption refund, so those same 2,500 miles would be worth $27.50 – a much better rate of return.

To link your Barclaycard account to your community profile, log into the community, click on “My Stories,” and the option to link will appear under your lifetime community miles total. Your community-earned miles will be added to your statement every billing cycle and listed as “Participation Miles.”

Click here to join the community and start earning miles. Just note, the site is closely monitored so that only acceptable content is posted, so be sure to follow the writing guidelines and terms and conditions. Have fun sharing your travel stories!

For more information on Barclaycard and the Arrival, check out these previous posts:

Have any of you joined the community and posted so far? Share your experiences in the comments.

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  • levander

    So I’m going camping this weekend. If I get back and spend a day writing 1,000 50 words stories (posting a different small photo with each of them), Barclays is going to give me 200,000 miles?

  • Beth Hedquist

    This has been a great way for me to increase my earnings doing something I really love…sharing my stories about travel.

  • r0m8470

    Just a general question on Barclaycard – does airline shopping portal qualifies as ‘travel’ category? I am wondering if I can double dip – use the Barclaycard to generate the miles, and then redeem the Arrival points.

  • David

    I mean 1,000 stories would be quite the stretch, not to mention that would take probably 65-70 hours of work…but if you can find that many stories and pics, the answer is yes! If you don’t post quality content and also if you try and extract a bunch of stories from the same place/museum Barclays will decline your stories and not award miles. They don’t post till the 1st of the next month on your card. Check my profile s/n x712xdamx

  • David

    I earned 89,000 Arrival miles on this site last fall by posting stories in my free time and some days off!! Avg earn rate was $25-40 an hour in free travel. Every badge that you get (there’s over 10) you also earn more miles as well as for participating but they don’t publish those rates. Check my profile s/n and share kudos: x712xdamx

  • Mike

    Ah, badges are worth points…I was wondering where my extra 250 points came from!

  • thepointsguy

    Over $1,000.. not bad!

  • Abhi

    Well now I know what I am going to do this weekend. Need some miles for my trip to France this summer!

  • John Hill

    Just posted my first story about a Segway trip in Philadelphia!

  • vega25

    Holy cow!! You, sir, are amazing. Checking out your profile now. I’m vega25 on the site.

  • John Hill

    Got my 700 miles and it only took a few minutes. Please give me some “kudos”!

    Post your link and I will gladly reciprocate!

  • John Hill

    Just shared some kudos. Great stories! I’m so jealous.

  • Jason Arroyo

    David, you have written 1,336 stories. You identify yourself as someone who “loves Jesus” on your profile.

    Do you know what’s not surprising? That the only badge you haven’t gotten on the site is for writing a mere 5 stories about LGBT Travel Experiences. Sigh.

  • David

    Where’s the number 1,336 come from? It’s around 300-330 stories. You get 200 points per story, 10 points per kudos (most of my stories have 7+), somewhere between 250 and 1,000 points a badge, and sometimes awarded for being involved in the forum – that part I haven’t figured out. 1,336 stories would mean I’d have earned around 400,000 points on the site!

    Yes, I do love Jesus. I don’t hate the LGBT community though if that’s what you’re thinking. I honestly don’t fully know what an LGBT travel experience would be? Going to a parade or march maybe? Never have been to one so I didn’t lie when I categorized my stories. No hate here. Enjoy the miles.

  • David


  • Tam Vo

    Hi, I am new to the community. I just gave you “kudos”. Please check out my stories and reciprocate the favor, thanks! Here’s a link to one story My profile name is tvotam

  • John Hill

    Done! thanks :)

  • Barclee

    Kudo’ing you both now! I just joined- here’s my first quick intro to my adventures in the Philippines!

  • barclee

    A little late to this post, but thanks so much- this is great!

    David, I’m searching for your stories now and will ‘kudo’ them :)
    My profile is: barclee
    a few posts up now:

  • Roberto

    Please feel free to give me Kudos to my stories. I’m under “robotmirror”, and I will be happy to reciprocate! Barclay’s travel portal doesn’t give the user name of those that leave kudos, so please message me or let me know here and I will be happy to leave you kudos.

  • MartainC1

    I want to visit Various wonderful places in Australia.Every body want to Enjoy your life through travelling various wonderful places before die.I am very proud more information to know from this blog.Thanks

  • gregory Slusarz

    hey im looking to share some kudos with others. I love the stories keep them coming. My profile name is gslusarz, i will retur the kudos love just post your profile name

  • greg slusarz

    Ill share some kudos with ya, my profile name is gslusarz if you want to return the favor. thanx

  • vega25

    Got it. Kudos coming up. :)

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