How Will US Airways’ Departure from Star Alliance Affect Future Bookings?

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Later this month, US Airways is officially leaving Star Alliance to join Oneworld, the alliance of its merger partner, American Airlines. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this on Twitter, like the following two:

TPG reader Nat asked:

@thepointsguy With US leaving *A, if I want to fly NYC to Cape Town 3/2015, does it make sense to book an earlier date now and rebook later? 

And TPG reader Andrew asked:

@thepointsguy @HalRomer Will my bro receive USAir miles on United flight booked pre-12/9 merger for post 3/31 int’l flight? Thanks!

Nat wants to go to Cape Town sometime next spring, after the 11-month-out booking cut off  – so he can’t get his preferred dates. His question is about whether he should book an award to South Africa on a Star Alliance carrier now on other dates they’re available, and then when his preferred carrier and dates become available later if he will be able rebook them at that time.

The answer is no. Once US Airways leaves, if you want to change a Star Alliance award, tough luck. You will have to pay to redeposit the miles, and then your option will be to rebook on American/US or one of their Oneworld partners. But you will not be able to continually change from one Star Alliance booking to another once US Airways has left Star Alliance.

US-Airways-Logo1Andrew wants to know if his brother will receive US Airways miles on United flights booked pre-merger but flown post-March 31st, the day US Airways will leave Star Alliance.

Again, the answer is no. Once US Airways is not a Star Alliance member, you will not be able to bank miles from United flights to your US Airways account. They don’t care when you booked the ticket. If that carrier is in a different alliance the day you fly, that’s where you’ll bank miles. So it’s a shame if you booked the ticket thinking that your brother could get Star Alliance miles, but at least he’ll still be able to earn them on US Airways or American (or potentially other Oneworld partners at that point).

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  • JD

    Miles should get some rest, he’s yawning a lot.

  • dee seiffer

    I’ve noticed that too. Dogs don’t usually yawn because they are tired. Yawning is a signal they are nervous/anxious. The whole stiff body posture thing too might mean Miles doesn’t love the camera. My dogs do the same thing. Been trying to get video of a funny thing my mini Aussie does for years. She sees the camera, goes stiff and looks out of the side of her eye.

  • Nat

    Thanks for publishing my question! Per Flyertalk, US “plan[s] to continue relationships with the following airlines, which means you’ll be able to earn and redeem miles on these select partners even after we’ve exited Star Alliance: Aegean, Air China, Air New Zealand, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, TAM, TAP and Turkish Airways.” So looks like I have a chance of using my US miles to fly to South Africa in 3/15 after all if I can redeem on SA… though logistics are murky. –Nat

  • Allen

    As a US Air Chairman’s Preferred, it looks like I’ll be One World Emerald on April 1st. So I was thinking……… If I re-book my trip to South Africa after Mar 31, there will be no re-booking fees, and maybe there might be a short envelope of opportunity to book BA with no surcharge fees.
    Just a thought….

  • SWUguy

    When are they going to get away from codeshares so I can use SWU on my “operated by US Airways” flights?? My flights aren’t until May 1 so I hope they change it by then

  • Sam

    I have a starA award reservation booked to asia for June involving LH, TG etc.
    I do have to keep the outbound unchanged as I am traveling with another member on a different reservation.
    My question is, after 3/30 can I change my return trip to one world (cathey) and keep out bound to star

  • Jumbooze

    For me a more interesting question is, what do one do with existing *A award bookings that runs into problem post-exit, for instance if a leg gets cancelled and needs rebooking

  • sandy

    My US airways award flight got cancelled by Lufthansa due to a schedule change. The US airways rep had to rebook certain segments. The question is what would happen after they exit the alliance for the existing tickets which need help in these situations.

  • bludgeon

    my guess is you are stuck – US Air wont be able to rebook on *A nor be able to redeposit miles if travel has already started.

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