Earn 1,050 Bonus Miles (And Up To 10,000) With American AAdvantage Passport Challenge

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Earlier today, American released a new Facebook sweepstakes called the AAdvantage Passport Challenge where you can quickly earn over 1,000 bonus miles and then up to 10,000 miles when you play and fly now through May 23, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.02.25 AM

Here’s how it works:

  • Play trivia and other games to earn up to 700 miles
  • Share and complete social actions to earn up to 350 miles
  • Fly our expanded network to earn over 9,000 miles

When you click the link, you’re taken to the Facebook app page for the sweepstakes where you must like the page and enter your name and AAdvantage number. Then there are nine little trivia games where you can earn 50-100 miles for doing things like learning about the benefits of the Citi AAdvantage credit cards, flipping over plates to see how much you can earn by dining out with the Dining Rewards Network, learn how many bonus points you’d earn on purchases through the AAdvantage eShopping mall, learn about partners like Avis and hotels, and matching Oneworld carriers to their tailfins.

The games will rack up 700 miles, and then to earn the other 350 up for grabs, you must share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Then you can earn even more bonus miles by flying new routes, new partner US Airways, other Oneworld partners, etc.

You earn the majority of miles by actually flying.

You earn the majority of miles by actually flying.

So you earn the most miles by actually flying – but better to register now before you do so you automatically earn them when and if you do fly. Just don’t forget in the “Fly & Earn” section to click on those stamps since they are links to games where you can still earn 50 points just for playing.

You earn the following bonuses for completing the flight portion of the challenges:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 8.55.35 AMSo it’s 450 extra miles for doing each thing like flying a new domestic route or the US Airways shuttle or a Oneworld partner, and then you get further bonuses depending on how many of these challenges you complete:

Complete 3 and earn 500 bonus miles
Complete 4 and earn 1,000 bonus miles
Complete 5 and earn 4,500 bonus miles – this one is the kicker

Per the terms & conditions, eligible travel includes flights flown between today and May 31, 2014, where the member earns AAdvantage base miles, and travel flown prior to registration will count, but you must register within the promo period. It is open to US residents only.

It’s an easy way to rack up at least 700 bonus miles in a few minutes without spamming your friends’ Facebook and Twitter pages, and if you’re a social sharer who doesn’t mind doing that, then you can score hundreds more miles. Then if you actually have eligible flights coming up on American and US Airways and Oneworld carriers, might as well register to earn any bonuses you can pick up along the way.

Just a fun little sweepstakes to finish out the week with.

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  • Dave McCulloch

    “Find the tailfin for Malaysia Airlines”

    …a part of the “match the tailfin and get 50 points” game. Maybe a little too soon, American?

  • AKA

    Thanks Brian – Just earned close to 1,000 points without leaving my couch!

  • LAKnight

    Can anyone post the answers for trivia questions? ;)

  • Reisen

    Good idea, but they need to get their site stable. AA having lots of site issues today, including with this promotion.

  • chris

    Could you do an article (or have you done one that I missed) about using new media to gain travel benefits. For example, the best programs to follow on twitter/facebook for promos and the use of other types of media to help with gaining miles/points. I just setup my first facebook/twitter account as a result of some of these promotions, but I know there is soo much more out there that I could be doing to maximize my opportunities and thought an overview may be helpful to many of your readers.

  • K2

    Omg…the app is completely overloaded.

  • Patrick Folger

    They are all pretty simple and something you would already know if you have followed AA/US Airways. I actually missed some but still got miles. Like AKA said, got 995 miles in about 15 minutes

  • JB

    With US Airways joining OneWorld on March 31, if I fly US Airways in April does that count twice? :)

  • Joshua Nard

    Agreed. Earned 1080 miles in 20 minutes. A good promotion.

  • scott

    I just earned 1200 miles for answering all those questions and then referring my wife. Not bad for 20 minutes.

  • scott

    Took me a minute to get that one.

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, it would take much longer just matching the given answers to the ones on your screen. Just use your knowledge and make educated guesses.

  • miss-miss

    You may not want to do this if you are somewhere without fast wifi.

  • craigstuff

    does anyone know when the miles earned via the challenge will post to your aadvantage account? Thanks

  • Blair

    3-4 weeks, according to the Official Rules

  • Blair

    (dated from May 23)

  • Yaakov E Kalati

    anyone knows when will they post ?

  • Rusty Longwood

    Choose all of the above or whatever makes the airline look good.

  • Rusty Longwood

    Sadly it says you have to fly a OneWorld partner besides US Airways or American.

  • john
  • Linda

    Has anyone actually seen the posts post to their accounts? We did this the day the promotion came out and still haven’t seen one point in our accounts.

  • loumin

    We are in the same boat Linda. One of the posts here mentions that the rules say 3-4 weeks. It’s been about 7 or 8 since we participated.

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