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At the beginning of this month, American Express announced that it would be launching two new products called the EveryDay cards that would earn full Membership Rewards points and have the potential to earn 20-50% bonuses on everyday purchases (hence the name) if you used them on a certain amount of transactions per month. The cards were initially supposed to launch on April 2, 2014 – but it looks like the offers are already live on the American Express website.

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The Amex EveryDay cards are up on the Amex website and available for applications.

To find them, visit and look at the consumer cards and they should be listed and available for comparison.

Amex feat

First off, there are two versions of the card, the EveryDay and the EveryDay Preferred. Here are the details on each card:.

EveryDay Credit Card (No Annual Fee)

  • Sign-up bonus: 10,000 points when you spend $1,000 in 90 days
  • Earning: Earn 2x Membership Rewards points at U.S. supermarkets (not including warehouse stores like Costco), on up to $6,000 per year on purchases (then 1x); and 1x points on all other purchases.
  • Spending Bonus: Use the Card to make 20 or more purchases in a billing period and earn 20% extra points on all those purchases less returns and credits.
  • App: A digital counter in the Amex Mobile app helps keep track of each qualifying purchase for the bonus, so Card Members always know when they’re close to earning 20% extra Membership Rewards points.
  • Other features: The Card will also come with smart chip technology and a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months.

EveryDay Preferred Credit Card ($95 annual fee)

  • Sign-up bonus: 15,000 points when you spend $1,000 in 90 days
  • Earning: Earn 3x Membership Rewards points at U.S. supermarkets (not including warehouse stores like Costco), on up to $6,000 per year on purchases (then 1x); 2x on US standalone gas stations; and 1x points on all other purchases.
  • Spending Bonus: Use the Card to make 30 or more purchases in a billing period and earn 50% extra points on all those purchases less returns and credits.
  • App: A digital counter in the Amex Mobile app helps keep track of each qualifying purchase for the bonus, so Card Members always know when they’re close to earning 50% extra Membership Rewards points.
  • Other features: The Card will also come with smart chip technology and a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months.
  • Annual fee: $95
You could be earning up to 9% back on groceries with the EveryDay Preferred.

You could be earning up to 9% back on groceries with the EveryDay Preferred.

What’s great is that these are the first two consumer credit cards from Amex that earn full Membership Rewards points – meaning they’re the kind like you earn with the Premier Rewards Gold or Platinum cards that you can transfer to the program’s travel partners rather than just Membership Rewards Express points which you can just redeem for merchandise and cash back. The other cards that earn full MR points are all charge cards, meaning you have to pay them off in full each month or incur huge fees, while these new cards are traditional credit cards, meaning you have the flexibility to pay off over time if needed with fewer fees.

The Amex Everyday basic version has no annual fee, which is a first for a full Membership Rewards earning card, and the preferred version is $95, which is more in line with competitors like Chase Sapphire Preferred ($95, waived the first year) and Barclaycard Arrival ($89, waived the first year).

Where these cards really get interesting, though is in their transaction threshold bonuses. With the basic card, you earn 20% bonus points on all purchases when you make 20 or more transactions in a billing period and with the EveryDay Preferred, you get a 50% bonus when you make 30+ transactions in a billing period. That could equate to some serious earning potential.

I value Amex Membership Rewards points at about 2 cents apiece thanks to being able to transfer them to dozens of partners as well as using Pay With Points to book travel – so on the basic card, you’re earning between 1-2.4x points per $1 on purchases (so a 2-4.8% return on spending for me) while with the Preferred card, you’re earning between 1-4.5x points per $1, so you’re getting 2-9% return on spending in my opinion.

Category Bonuses

I try to earn more than 1 point or mile per dollar on all my purchases, but that’s not always easy. With the Sapphire Preferred, I get 2x on travel and dining, and even when I am not using the Freedom to earn 5x points on the quarterly rotating spending category bonus merchants, I get a 10% bonus on purchases thanks to Chase Exclusives, but remember that 10% bonus requires a checking account with Chase.I also try to shop online as much as possible to maximize online shopping portal bonuses, but sometimes you just have to go into a store to buy something. In that case, I usually use my Freedom, or even my Starwood Amex since even though it only earns 1x points per $1, I value those points very highly as well.

Where these cards will come in handy is as a basic go-to card for purchases you might not earn bonus points on otherwise since you just need to meet a certain number of transactions to get a bonus on all the points you earn – and that bonus comes on top of category bonuses, so if you earn 3x points per $1 on groceries and meet the transaction number on the Preferred card, you’ll actually end up earning 4.5x points per dollar.

I’ll get into a spending and companion card strategy in future posts, but if you are looking for an intro Membership Rewards cards, the EveryDay cards would be great starter products, and are much cheaper than existing cards like the Premier Rewards Gold or Platinum cards.  Just keep in mind that those premium cards do currently have bigger sign-up bonuses, and if you hit the $30,000 calendar year spending threshold bonus on the Premier Rewards Gold to earn those 15,000 bonus points, you are upping your everyday potential earning to about 1.5x points per $1 – but these new cards certainly add an interesting element to the mix and could very well become a cornerstone of your points portfolio.

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  • Ed

    TPG, do you think that Chase will respond and come up with their own “EveryDay” card? Note that the Chase Freedom card only does quarterly bonuses and I have never seen “groceries” among these.

  • ryan

    Seems like the obvious thing to do would be on the first day of the month, spend 50 cents on your card 30 times for something really cheap and you’re at 1.5 for the rest of the month!

  • RJP

    Thanks for the heads up on this! Any idea if the sign-up bonus is available to existing AmEx cardholders?

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t think you even need to go through that hassle- the whole month gets bonused as long as you spend the 20/30x and it isn’t hard to hit those numbers

  • thepointsguy

    Wouldn’t be surprised…but I think their Freedom card is stiff competition as it is, though I’d probably rather have the Everyday consistent quality categories than rotating random 5x

  • ed

    what happens to extended warranty coverage on items you bought if you were to upgrade from a blue card to this.

  • pssteve

    Even if there is no bonus it will give people a good option when the PRG retention folks aren’t offering much and the annual fee comes due. Gotta love it when companies cannibalize their own product.

  • Lauren

    Hmm, the $175 fee on my PRG card just hit, and I am in the process of debating what to do. Should I apply for one of these cards and then cancel my PRG and try and transfer my credit to this card? Does Amex transfer credit lines?

  • Cheapblackdad

    Something tells me their market research tells them the 40 something Mom market is a big opportunity for them. Relative to guys/gals like you that are playing this Game, I think that market is more valuable. If they have to move you to this card to get a normal every day spender into their portfolio, I think they’ll take that any day of the week.

  • JG

    Wondering the same thing. What does the Gold card have over this card?

  • PHLF

    Perfect. Now i can ditch the platinum card, keep my MR points without an annual fee and move my Platinum annual fee spending to cards that provide a real return.

  • Chris, L.A.

    Ok, TPG, I currently have a Biz Platinum Amex. I love all the extras that come with the card, but I really like the idea of building points a little faster. Would it be lame to keep the Platinum and just switch most or all of my spending to this card to earn points faster, then just use the Platinum for the airline fee credit and some of their other travel benefits? (PS. thanks for all you do. your site is awesome!)

  • Andrew Hobbs

    FX fees?

  • ed

    Nothing… I am hoping Amex does something to make the Gold/PRG/Green cards more desirable in the near future, because I will drop mine too if thins don’t turn up

  • ed

    I heard changes are coming to the sapphire somewhere down the pipeline. This will come bundled with the higher AF. Just not sure whether these changes will have a big impact or not. I could imagine Chase enabling the no fee Sapphire to be eligible for airline transfer as a response to the everyday cards. It’s not a lot, but this gives Chase customers a no fee entrypoint similar to the everyday card.

  • JG

    Me too, I’m ready to drop mine.

  • Derek

    Just signed up for the preferred card and will cancel my MB Plat card when I get the new one. Great way to keep MR points alive without hefty fees.

  • Kioly

    So… anyone want to try to downgrade a different Amex with an AF coming up to the EveryDay? Very interested if I can downgrade a Delta card…

  • Steven

    For the annual fee, is it waived the first year?

  • Ed

    I want to definitely add the preferred version as a catch all card. Is now a good time to sign up or do you think they will sweeten the signup bonus down the road?

  • Deborah McKee

    Curious…Are the bonus miles only awarded on the purchases AFTER you meet the threshold? Or does the bonus then apply to purchases 1-29 after purchase 30 has been made?

  • Lela

    Just got approved for the free basic EveryDay card and my $175 fee is due also. I WILL cancel my PRG card as soon as I physically receive my EveryDay card. NO ANNUAL FEE!! WOWIE!

    Interesting that the application page states:
    “If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer.”

  • Lela

    YES! AMEX’s website states: “If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer.” but I have the Premier Gold, Blue & Delta AMEX cards and I just got on approval. The operative word is “MAY”. I will be canceling the Prem Gold card as soon as I receive my new card as the annual fee is due next week!

  • Skifreely

    I have the sapphire and freedom cards. But am wondering if I should move my 1 point spending to this card for the .5 bonus. But I am thinking overall the UR are worth more than MR especially since you can transfer to United with UR. What do you think? Should I move my 1 point charges to this AMEX or keep them with sapphire?

  • Justin

    I have the Plat, Biz Rewards Gold, old Blue, old Clear and Starwood and now the everyday preferred. I keep the old Blue & Clear for age but now there’s no reason for my wife to carry an AU Plat since she can carry an AU everyday right? $175 can’t get me any benefits that I can think of for her (especially since she has the Citi AA World Elite and a Chase Sapphire Preferred. She’ll use those two the most.)

  • Lena

    Does anyone know if me & my husband get this card if our AMR can be combined or transferred from one account to the other? Thanks.

  • Lauren

    Just got approved for the basic EveryDay card and well and am going to call and cancel my PRG ASAP, as long as I can transfer my MR points to the new card. Anyone know how that works?

  • Chaz

    So I’m trying to decide between two of three cards: Amex Everyday preferred, Barclay Arrival, and Chase Sapphire Preferred. I don’t do a whole lot of traveling but like to do one big trip per year and would like to earn points to put towards those trips. I’m thinking the amex would be good with 50% bonus every month and 3x on groceries and 2x on gas. I eat out a lot so I was thinking the chase would be good but I feel like the barclays is too good to pass up because you can basically book anything you want and use your points to get statement credits. Thoughts?

  • JB

    A head’s up for anyone who’s got a Blue card: I’ve got a Blue and PRG. When I applied and was approved for the EveryDay while signed into my account, the Blue was automatically canceled.

  • napos

    So I don’t get it… how does the EveryDay Pref compare to the Blue Cash Preferred? I’d like to see a comparison… to me it seems these new Everyday Cards are superior just because they are Membership Reward points rather than the credit back…. (much more versatile?)

  • Curious Newbie

    Im still new to this points/miles games, and have been interested in the everyday preferred card as an intro into Amex and their MR program (I currently only have one rewards card and thats IHG thru Chase) so forgive me if this sounds ignorant because I’m still learning.
    However, Ive noticed on Amex website it says that if I sign up for this card, any future MR card (Platinum, PRG, etc) is ineligible for sign up bonus points. So how do people get 3+ amex cards and reap MR sign up reward bonuses from each, when amex states on their website once a sign up bonus for a MR card is given, no future bonuses on other MR cards will be given (i.e. a 1 time lifetime sign up bonus on all MR cards)? Should I just wait and sign up for a different MR card with higher sign up bonus, and then come back and get the EDP later since I will not receive any sign up bonus for a 2nd MR card?
    I like the idea of the EDP and would use in place of my debit card for daily spending, but with the new wording on their website about 1 time signup bonus, I’m wondering how to do this.

  • BostonSun

    Did your blue card get cancelled when you got the everyday? I dont want to lose mine because of the age of the account as well.

  • Justin

    No which is a good sign!

  • traveldude65

    Does anyone know on the Amex Everyday cards if the 20 or 30 additional transactions in the month only get the 50% spending bonus for just purchases made at supermarkets, gas etc. Or can you purchase anything on those 20/30 additional transactions and the bonus?

  • A.J.

    I asked an AmEx rep over the phone and she said currently the everyday cards are not available as a product replacement, meaning we have to apply for it as a new account. Also had my mother call and my father email the same question and they got the same response. But if you do end up with an everyday card and another amex credit card (delta, hilton, etc) you can combine the 2 credit lines to have one card (whichever of the 2 you prefer) with a higher credit limit. Hope this helps.

  • A.J.

    I would definitely get a BarclayCard (for me the no fee card works fine with 2x points on travel &dining). As far as amex vs sapphire it depends on how you plan to redeem the points. Plan to donvert them to miles or hotel points? Are you loyal to a particular hotel brand or airline? Check out each cards list of programs to which you can transfer points. If you plan to use points onlyn for cash back or statement credits the Sapphire may be the way to go (fixed value of 1 point equals one penny) as i believe ( and please someone correct me if i’m wrong) amex points are less valuable when used for cash back / statement credits.

  • A.J.

    Doesnt AmEx backdate your “member since” date on new cards to the date of your first card? Example: in january 2000 john doe got a green card in january 2010 he got a blue cash card. On the blue cash card he is shown as being a member since 2000.

  • doctorofcredit

    For those interested, it looks like you’l be able to do a product change from an existing product to the EveryDay cards sometime in May.

  • Justin

    Yep it does AJ…I meant for age on my credit reports. Meaning I’ve had them both forever so they help that average age of accounts. Hopefully that clarifies what I meant.

  • Diotallevi

    Chris, that is exactly what I am doing. Platinum for the benefits, EveryDay Preferred for groceries any other purchases I cannot get more than 1 point/dollar from another card. I still use the Platinum for a random purchase every other month or so, but that’s about it.

  • Diotallevi

    If you can accumulate enough 1 point charges over the course of the month to get the 50% bonus, I personally would use the Amex. But if you transfer points to United, maybe the Preferred works better for your particular case. I transfer my MR points to ANA because I fly to Japan every year. I can get a business class ticket for about 85,000 ANA miles, which is a great deal, and I love that airline, so this works for me.

  • MissMiles

    Generally it means 1 bonus per product. So a Platinum Biz and a Platinum Personal are different products. So you could get the bonus on each card.

  • EL in A.L.

    So what are the credit requirements like on this new card? Anyone know?

  • bluedog

    Mine was cancelled.

  • jam82

    I currently hold a AMEX Premiere Rewards Gold card. If I get the new Everyday Card can I combine my MR points? thanks ~

  • William

    It seems to me that this card has the potential to be one of their best. It seems to me that it would render the Green and Gold cards redundant. Rewards points without an annual fee? YES PLEASE. (Especially since they can still be transfer to Amex’s transfer partners, and according to the benefit terms, you can also earn 2x points if you book travel through Amex’s portal).

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