United Devaluation Pushed Back Two Days to February 3, 2014

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United’s big mileage devaluation was supposed to go into effect today, February 1, 2014, but according to United they are pushing that date back to a weekday to “better serve customers” (ha).

Per this Flyertalk post:

The new Saver and Standard Award mileage requirements will become effective on Feb 3. We have moved implementation to a weekday, to better ensure we are able to serve our customers, particularly those who call our contact centers for assistance. 

Booking an award where the mileage amount should have been reduced on February 1? If you book one of these awards on February 1 or 2, we will honor the reduced mileage amount. Although initial ticketing will be at the current, higher level, we will retroactively re-price your award to the lower mileage amount within 10 business days.

I’ll provide another update confirming the new mileage requirements have become effective, on February 3.

Per United’s award chart page, the date is also noted as February 3, 2014 for the new charts.
United February 3

Old United Award Chart Through January 31, 2014

New United Award Chart Starting February 3, 2014

So if you’re a procrastinator like me, you’ve still got time to burn those United miles (especially on partners), before the new rates potentially double the amount of miles you need for awards.

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  • dean

    Nice…though had to call to get booked because while it showed for one ways…When I went to book RT the flights “magically” disappeared. Is there a way to get the $25 refunded? I called and they said tough cookies.

  • C.T. Rex Pope

    OK, so here is my situation: I presently have the basic AA card, but I have United status. I got United status, because I was relocated to the DRC for work, and only Star Alliance airlines fly to FIH. Now, I may not stay in the DRC much longer, and in fact I may relocate to Kenya, where SkyTeam reigns supreme via Kenya Airways.

    To further complicate the situation, the AA/Citi card charges international fees, so last year I paid well over the $450 mark that would have gotten me lounge access and no international fees with AA/Citi had I upgraded my card (this was my fault, I know). So, I’m thinking of doing one of the follow: upgrading the AA card to the next level, or ditching the AA card and getting the President card with United (it’s $395 versus $450 for AA), to help maintain my status? Which should I do? I’ve only had the AA card for 2 years, so will ditching really hurt my credit score (I have a very good credit score)? The devaluation complicates the matter further, plus the potential to move to a country where SkyTeam is preferred… I guess I could keep the current AA card and just eat the $95/year fee… but get a United Card too (both levels offer no international fees). Thoughts Points People?

  • Chest Rockwell

    If you start the booking online, then call in to have it completed, they won’t charge you the $25. But too late for that, it seems.

  • jim

    you can still act now, go to United FB & twitter page to voice your outrage and disappoinment over the extreme 87% increase devaluation!

  • Flyer Fun

    On United, I was 1K last year until 2/1/14. In 2013, I did some frequent flying, so I only flew about 10K miles. I went on the website expecting to be no status, but it says I am premier Silver. I wonder why. Oh, I have a United Exporer card as well, but that should not get me premier silver.

  • NguyenVanFalk

    Why not switch to Amex Plat? You can get MR points, maintain access to Delta/Skyteam lounges if you move to Kenya, get Priority Pass to various other lounges in Africa/Europe and the annual fee will be about the same or less if you take advantage of the statement credits.

    I would only get the United card if you are really keen on maintaining status, sounds like your living situation may render that moot if you move, though.

  • Jud Baker

    Interesting. Will your work pay for the annual fees? If so, get both cards.
    Would love to read your story of living/working in DRC–always seems like a stressful place to me.

  • Nully


    I have confirmed with United that Ultimate Rewards tickets DO NOT EARN ANY PDQs. Let me repeat that – Ultimate Rewards tickets earn nothing for premium qualifying dollars. Most likely the same goes for all credit card points. They will be labeled as “Bulk Fares” and be utterly useless in terms of earning your annual spend.

    To me, this is a far worse de-valuation than anything above!!!

  • Nully

    Sorry, PQDs, damn acronyms….

  • Alison

    Japan, baby!! 65000 points for a Houston-Tokyo-Honolulu-Houston three-week extravaganza. Suck on that, devaluation!!

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