Can The Delta Suntrust Card Be Used To Pay Taxes For Yourself and For Friends/Family Members?

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TPG reader Lawrence is wondering if he can use his Delta Suntrust debit card to pay his taxes and earn one mile per dollar spent. Here was his question:

@thepointsguy: Can I use my Delta suntrust debit cards to pay taxes for my parents/inlaws/brotherinlaw etc? Or only for me? #bigtaxbillscoming”

It’s getting to be that time of the year when the tax man arrives and takes all your money. The good news is, you can use both debit and credit cards to pay your taxes. The bad news is, credit cards will generally charge hefty fees: 2-3% or even higher in some cases to do so. So generally it may be better to use a points-earning debit card to pay them. To give you a comparison, here is the official government list of approved tax payment vendors, and the rates they charge.

Tax season is rapidly approaching!

Tax season is rapidly approaching!

As you can see, although many of these services charge a percentage of your tax bill as a credit card processing fee, if you are using a debit card, you often just pay a flat fee that’s between $2.79 and $3.99, which could make putting your tax bill on your debit card worth it.

The answer to Lawrence’s question is yes, you can use the card to pay for your taxes and you can use it to pay for friends and family members’ taxes as well if you want to. In fact, I used this card to pay my taxes last year and it worked like a charm. The fee I paid was $3.50 per transaction and you can pay up to $35,000 per transaction, which is the per-transaction limit on the Suntrust Delta debit card.

The Delta Suntrust debit card.

The Delta Suntrust debit card.

At that rate, if you maxed out the transaction limit at $35,000, you’d be minting Delta miles at a rate of 1/100th’s of a cent each – not a bad rate to buy miles at!

What I would recommend if you have a big tax bill coming up is to get the card now. At one point there were some great sign-up bonuses, but right now the best one is 5,000 Delta miles after your first qualifying purchase. This way you will have the card ready and presumably your account funded for when the time comes to pay the tax bill. And remember, don’t wait until the last minute to process your taxes or to get the card because you don’t want to take a chance that it won’t come in time or your account won’t be ready for you to pay when the tax deadline occurs.

The same thing goes for quarterly payments for small business owners – the Delta Suntrust debit card is probably the most lucrative card out there to pay those tax bills thanks to that low flat fee, so it could be worth getting if you’re looking to mint miles on your tax bill..

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  • Eric

    Any speculation as to whether there will be a bigger sign on bonus anytime soon for this card?

  • Lowrie Glasgow


    “1The Delta SkyMiles World Debit Card is available on Signature Advantage Banking, Solid Choice Banking, SunTrust at Work Solid Choice Banking and Balanced Banking accounts. The Delta SkyMiles Business Debit Card is available on all business checking accounts except Primary Business Checking. The annual fee is $75 for the Delta SkyMiles World Debit Card and $120 for the Delta SkyMiles Business Debit Card. The Delta SkyMiles World Debit Card earns 1 mile per $1 in PIN Point of Sale and signature-based purchases and 2 miles per $1 in direct Delta purchases. The Delta SkyMiles Business Debit Card earns 1 mile per $2 in PIN Point of Sale and signature-based purchases and 1 mile per $1 in direct Delta purchases.
    Qualified Purchases: Only PIN Point of Sale and signature-based purchases (including small dollar purchases that do not require a signature), Internet purchases, phone or mail order purchases or automatic bill payments qualify for mileage earnings. Cash advances, cash portion of a PIN POS sale with cash back, ATM transactions, payments for stored-value cards, wire transfers, money transfers, money orders, cashier checks, quasi cash, traveler’s cheques, purchase of monetary instruments or a PIN POS/signature transaction that contains either in whole or part of one or more of the previously excluded transaction types do not qualify.”
    Are you sure about taxes getting points? This may have worked a year ago but it is hard to believe that one could do this for 30,000 x 12 in a year.Does anyone else have positive experience recently and repetitively?

  • Joe

    I see that this card is only available in a few states. I live in New jersey and was wondering if there is a way to take advantage of this way (or another)to get miles when paying my taxes.

  • EyeDreamMellowDees .

    “The bad news is, credit cards will generally charge hefty fees: 2-3% or even higher”

    Have been paying quarterly estimates for couple years now, splitting typically $20K/quarter amongst 4-6 best bonus offers at that time & have never paid more than 1.88-1.89%. If one pays cc full monthly statements:
    a. its like borrowing interest-free for month
    b. its like getting roughly 15% travel rebate on one’s taxes
    since, with no-waived annual fees sometimes included, one
    is paying roughly $150 for every $1000 in travel expenses…?
    Or if I am figuring wrong, someone please post correction.
    I am realizing, instead of asking IRS to hold any annual overpayment
    towards April 1st estimate, I should request full refund so I can
    pay full April estimate #1 with new “juicy bonused” cc’s…?
    Is there IRS penalty for too much overpayment?
    With current interest rate on savings, it might
    be better put to work via high quarterly estimates…?
    Just theorizing, no wish to get in trouble…

  • joeypore

    “Current sign up bonus is 5,000 miles… that should be worth about 50 cents…..” – TPG

    hahahahaha. *knock on wood

  • thepointsguy

    LOL… We just used 150k SkyMiles for a Virgin Australia roundtrip business class award LAX-MEL, SYD-LAX.. not bad- with only $120 or so in fees

  • thepointsguy

    I rounded up the 1.9c, but the fact is paying with a SkyMiles Debit card is much more cost effective than paying 1.9% with credit card… but it can still make sense to pay with credit card if you value the miles/points more than the fee

  • thepointsguy

    Last year I paid my taxes with this card and got the miles and there were no cash advance/fees attached

  • thepointsguy

    They used to run bigger bonuses, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

  • Big Boy Travel

    you have always been able to use your Delta card to do this. I paid all my quarter payments and year end payment on my Delta Amex and only got charged a couple dollars in processing frees.

  • Neal

    Brian, When I just opened my account. I funded it with a small amount from CC. Will this show up as a cash advance? And if not, could I fund my STDC with a CC, pay my taxes and then pay my CC card off. Basically I would be earning delta miles and the miles from my CC.

  • Ed Chandler

    “Hello? Suntrust? Yeah, my name is Joe. I just got a job in [state] and I’d like to have a checking account set up before I move down there …” etc.

  • espresso999

    Tried this today, DENIED! Has always worked in the past…

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