Can I Get The 100,000 Mile Citi AAdvantage Credit Card If I Already Have Another Citi Card?

by on February 2, 2014 · 47 comments

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard is no longer available. View the current offer here

With so many great Citi AAdvantage credit card offers available at the moment including 50,000-mile bonuses on the Platinum Select Mastercard and 100,000 miles for the Citi Executive AAdvantage card, TPG reader Phillip wants to be sure he can get in on the best of them, so he tweeted me the following question:

@thepointsguy is there a workaround if I am already a Citi AAdvantage Platinum cardholder? Could I cancel that card and sign up again?”

Now, a lot of people have been concerned about the $450 annual fee on that Citi Executive card, but those 100,000 miles will get you a roundtrip business class ticket to Europe, and I’d be willing to pay $450 for that!

But on to Phillip’s real question, which is how to be sure he qualifies for the current offer. I recommend reading my original post on the offer and all the helpful comments that came in to plan your own strategy.

Citi has upped the offer to 100,000 miles.

Everyone is interested in getting the Citi AAdvantage 100,000 mile payday.

The good news is that though the offer says, “This Citi/AAdvantage card offer is only valid for new applicants for a Citi/AAdvantage account applied for pursuant to this offer and is not available to existing cardmembers or recent applicants for a Citi/AAdvantage credit card,” many readers have reported getting in on this bonus, even if they’ve applied for and gotten another Citi AA card recently.

So it looks like as long as you haven’t had this exact card, you are still eligible for this offer. Citi used to let you get two cards on one day, so you might have tried for the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage Mastercard and this one to score a total potential bonus of 150,000 points, but that’s no longer the case.

If you have gotten a Citi AAdvantage card recently, I’d recommend waiting at least 61 days. Some people recommend 91 days, which would be great if you can afford that time since no one is sure how long this offer is going to be around. If you’re within those parameters, I’d recommend getting in on this offer sooner rather than later, because we don’t know how long it’s going to be around.

If you do already have the Citi Executive AAdvantage card, you might as well call and ask if they can throw some bonus points your way giving the current sign-up bonus, because you never know what they’ll say, and it never hurts to ask. Especially if you recently got the card, you might see your 60,000 or 75,000-mile sign-up bonuses upped to 90,000 miles, which is definitely worth the effort of a phone call.

The 100,000-mile bonus does have a fairly high spending threshold at $10,000 in 3 months, but there are a lot of fast, easy ways to meet minimum spend, so it’s definitely worth it.

Let me know if you have any other questions by messaging me on Facebook, Tweeting me or emailing me at [email protected]

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  • dovertime

    I’ve had three different AA cards by Citi over the years.
    Two in October 2011
    One in October 2013
    I applied for this one and was accepted with no problems! What a great deal!

  • ER

    I’m only 30 days in and I don’t know this will last to 31. I could get the wife to sign up, but I’m the only one that travels for business. If u signed her up and got myself as an authorized user, could I will grt admiral’s club access without her?

  • hr

    What should I do with the AA plat (with $95/yr fee) now that I got the exec card? Is it even worth keeping old card one?

  • Popsizzle

    Already had a citi AA world elite card card. Had to talk with customer service but no problem getting the offer after shifting some of the credit line around. The agent told me as long as the total credit available stayed under 75k that I was good to go. I will wait 91 days before the next citi app and try the same technique.

  • Ben Price

    Increasing avg. length of accounts….when the AF comes due, call to see if they’ll throw something at you (points; reduced fee; etc). If not, cancel.

  • Big Skinny

    I got the regular Citi Aadvantage card with 50,000 miles less than three weeks ago, then applied for the Executive Card with 100,000 miles this week. Qualified instantly for both. Now I just have to figure out how to spend $13,000 in three months! Great offer.

  • Mike

    I was in your shoes, so I called and last night I was offered (and accepted) a one time $95 credit and a 1000 bonus for each of the next 16 billing cycles in which I spend $1000 per cycle. (My annual fee will renew in June.) The customer service rep transferred me to retention when I mentioned I was considering cancelling the AA plat now that I had the Executive Card. May work for you – good luck.

  • margiec

    same with me. instantly for both within 3 months

  • Christina

    How much do you need to spend to get $200 statement credit ? The first $200 spent on card will be wiped out ?

  • shay peleg

    ThePointsGuy any experience getting a citi credit card sent to another address without insane paper work

  • ER

    So, this was poor English since I wrote it from my smartphone. I’m at around 30 days, not sure if the deal will last to 61 days. I can get my wife to apply, but she does not travel much. I would like the Admiral’s club benefit. If she applies and I get an authorized user card, can I use the Admiral’s club? Seems like a windfall, so I’m guessing no, but this could be a great option for some….including me! Anybody know?

  • Jtse818

    Does anyone have ideas on how long this kind of promo will be available? I have some big ticket items that I need to buy but not until mid-May so I am thinking I will apply for the card in 2 wks

  • ceysav

    Unfortunately only the person whose primary card holder gets lounge access!

  • Er

    That’s what I figured. Thanks so much for responding. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that I get to day 61 and this deal still exists. I really want in!!!!

  • Ian Yu

    Just got denied due to recent account opening (i got the gold back in September 2013) the analyst told me that i have to wait at least a year before applying, told me that there was nothing wrong w/ my app. hmmm

  • dovertime


    I would consider calling the reconsideration line a few more times and seeing if you can get a different customer service agent. The worst they can say is no!

    I was nervous when I applied due to my October 2013 application, but it went okay…

    If I were you I’d be calling a few times to see what they can do for you!

  • Ian Yu

    Thanks!! I’ve just called for the 3rd time and got the same response from an analyst, so ended up calling the EO whom will place the app under 2nd review. I’ve learned before to never take “NO” the first time, so we’ll see if good thing will happen!

  • dovertime

    My fingers are crossed for you Ian!

  • K2

    I’m in the exact same situation as the guy who tweeted this question. Except I applied over 120 days ago and was approved for the Citi Platinum AAdvantage MasterCard. I have the Platinum AMEX, too, and was initially really irritated about the Admiral’s Club access expiring. However, this 100,000 miles bonus is too tempting to let pass. We’ll see if I get approved or not. Fingers crossed! $450 – $200 statement credit = $250 for 100,000 miles?! Let’s go.

  • ER

    FYI, per flyertalk wiki talking about time between apps, I went ahead and just applied (34 days after last app) and was approved. Looks like 61 days may not be required. My Citi history is 1 HHonors card early 2013, AA Platinum 1/6 and now Executive card 2/10. Instant approval.

  • Maddie

    when does the AF post?

  • Mike

    If i sign up for the executive card first – how long do i have to wait to sign up for the platinum card? can i still get both bonuses?

  • Andrew

    What If I want to apply for both the Platinum and Executive cards, can I still get both bonuses?

  • J

    I have approx. 300,000 miles and it has been impossible to book a business/First class trip to Europe for two. I have tried for three years and the awards are always unavailable. AA answer: ” try a couple of days before your desired travel date” I’ve had aa cards for almost 30 years but this is ridiculous.

  • Terry

    is the Platinum Select Mastercard 50k deal still alive at this moment. The link above doesn’t get you there and when I go to the AA site they are offering 30K.

  • mike

    did you ever find the answer to this?

  • tom

    how long did it take you guys to receive the executive card after being approved? i was instantly approved but didnt receive any email about it yet and have not received it in the mail (and it is usually pretty fast for these types of cards). thanks

  • CKS

    I’ve had the Citi AA Gold card for 10 years, upgraded it to Platinum about 6 months ago. Applied for this AA Exec card promo using the SFO AC code provided below, and was instantly accepted. I have a $23K purchase to make, and am waiting for the card to arrive, hope it comes quickly! Someone wrote that they received their card overnight. I called today and they said I would receive it in 7 days. Any other data points out there?

  • CKS

    Card and paperwork arrived in separate packaging today, mid-day Tues, after I was accepted late Fri night. That was fast!!

  • a:)

    does anyone know what number I call they asked for more information and the number they provided timed out.

  • dovertime

    E-mail me and I’ll be happy to help you out!

  • tooshort

    HI there,
    I’m thinking about applying for this card today or tomorrow, could you please share the SFO AC code? I don’t see it anywhere in the thread below..
    Thank you in advance!

  • CKS

    Sorry. I didn’t keep it. It’s in the thread somewhere. Might be 2 threads on this blog about this card?

  • sailor279

    If you are a current Citi Advantage MC cardholder, I think the most important point of this discussion has been lost. Don’t confuse getting “accepted” for the card (which is based on credit score/history/income and other financials) with qualifying for and receiving the 100K bonus miles. Item#1 of the “Additional Program Info” clearly states: “This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is only valid for NEW APPLICANTS [my emphasis] for a Citi® / AAdvantage® account applied for pursuant to this offer and is not available to existing cardmembers or recent applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card.”

    I just spent a very frustrating 42 minutes getting bounced between Citibank CS and their Application Department. They are more than happy to take my application (I happen to have great credit) but will NOT guarantee that I will receive the 100K bonus offer since I currently hold a Citi Advantage Gold World Elite MC. They actually had the audacity to suggest I apply, spend 10K in 3 months and then wait to see if the miles post!

    After this research and their unwillingness to confirm, I’m relatively sure that I do NOT qualify as I already hold a Citi AAdvantage card. I’d be interested to hear if anyone who holds a existing Citi AAdvantage has had success getting the bonus miles. Given that the miles post 8-10 weeks after the 10K spend, there may be no answer to this…yet.

  • isobro

    How long does it take the points to hit your AA account?

  • feinstaj

    So has anyone with a prior CITI card that was accepted been able to get the 100,000 miles posted?

  • me

    Actually I have used my miles many times for tickets to Europe. Your best bet is to plan and book one year in advance if you can. You can change for free if you have the status. You sometimes have to research a different airport or call for an agent to help u with other companion carriers. Do not get frustrated and be a little flexible. I just gave my college son and his girlfriend miles for Italy and Switzerland. Tickets that would have cost them $1800 each meaning they would not have gotten to go on this trip.

  • me

    You may have to pay some taxes for a companion ticket but it beats full fair anyday.

  • Diana Miller Turk

    Ive gotten two of these exact cards within a few months of each other

  • Lees F

    I got the AA Platinum 3 months ago and got the 50k bonus. I applied for the AA Exec card last month and recieved it Fedex next day. Met 10K spending 4 days before billing cycle ended. $100K was added to my AA account the day after my bill cycle ended. So my miles were added very quick and I received bonus for each card. I will probably try for another Exec card next month.

  • v!

    Hi Dover,
    I am trying to do the same thing. Do you mind giving me the same info?


  • dovertime

    The numbers should be as follows:
    800-695-5171 (credit department)
    I think those should help!

  • Erika Awakening

    Thanks for the tips on this. I applied today and was instantly approved. :) Very excited to get those 100K bonus miles. Turns out I’m also eligible for a retention bonus of 10,000 miles on my other Citi AAdvantage card if I spend $5000 in six months. Bring on the miles :)

  • Erika Awakening

    Awesome, so glad to hear how fast they fulfilled the card and the bonuses. Hope they do that for me too :)

  • BunnyRanch

    I want this card anybody got a link? city says it expired last week

  • thepointsguy

    Check the post I just wrote on the main page

  • Heidi

    What you said is not true about the fact that if you have not applied for this exact card you will get it. I have had one of their cards but cancelled due to poor customer service by citigroup and their website. I was not approved, and my credit is stellar. Just wanted to say others the time and hit on their credit report – don’t bother reapplying if you’ve had any Citi AA Mastercard recently.

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