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Back in October, Chase Ultimate Rewards was selling exclusive packages to the Sundance Film Festival,which begins this Thursday, January 16th. There were four separate packages available – Opening Weekend Celebration, Closing Weekend Celebration (both were $4,000 or 400,000 points each), Opening Day tickets or Closing Night and Ceremony tickets ($300 or 30,000 points).


I ended up getting the Opening Weekend package for myself and am planning to be there this weekend. It’s my first time in Park City and at Sundance, so I’m excited to experience it. I’m even more excited because I was just able to purchase an Opening Day Package to give away to one lucky reader who can get to Park City on Thursday!

The package includes:

  • Two tickets to the Day One screening with premium, reserved seating and round-trip transportation between Hotel Park City and Eccles Theatre
  • Two tickets to a Day One Post-Screening Party with round-trip transportation between Hotel Park City and Legacy Lodge
  • Two Sundance Film Festival credentials, providing access to official festival venues, including the Sundance House, Filmmaker Lodge, New Frontier and Sundance ASCAP Music Café
  • Access to the Chase Sapphire dining concierge, who will help arrange dining reservations during your visit (based on availability)

Not included: airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation not expressly stated, parking, food and beverages not expressly stated and any incidentals incurred.

With hotels and flights likely booked up to capacity as the festival gets underway, this is probably most suited to a reader based in Salt Lake City or Park City, but if you can get yourself to the festival for the events, then by all means feel free to enter.

Here’s what you have to do. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite movie of all time is and why. You must enter by 12pm PT tomorrow, Tuesday, January 14, and we will pick a winner at random shortly after that.

Because the timing is quick and we must get all your contact information to the Sundance folks to get your package ready, if you are selected as our winner, you must respond within an hour to our notification email or you will forfeit the prize and we will give it to another entrant, and so on until we receive a response. Good luck!

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  • Jake

    Fight Club. Because of the way it twists your mind. Flawless performances. Thought provoking writing. And beautiful cinematography. It’s got it all!

  • Henry

    For a serious answer, I’d say Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s a beautifully crafted film depicting a young girl’s escape from the chaos and atrocity of her world by re-creating and re-making her own fantasy world where she can escape unharmed.

    For a more fun film, I’d have to say Rush Hour 2. Simply because Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are honestly one of the best comedic duos of all time.

  • Juan Villasenor

    Brokedown Palace. 14 years ago Kate Beckinsale and Claire Danes delivered a flawless performance that wraps you into their characters in an intense teenage drama. This movie never gets old and it touches you every time you watch it.

  • Zoe

    I love the movie Pulp Fiction because Uma Thurman, John Travolta and Samuel Jackson were so incredible!

  • tkhong

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy–would love to go to Sundance–live local here in Utah, but always too hard to get tickets

  • Roman Goubin

    Up in the air because it was travel related or fast and furious

  • Kuray

    Back to the Future Trilogy

    It’s very reminiscent of my childhood. I love movies that tried to conceptualize what the future would be like from way back when (i.e. Flying Cars). Michael J. Fox was an absolute pleasure to watch on the big screen, DVD, and at home on Blu-Ray.

  • Mike Mifsud

    The Shawshank Redemption. One of the only movies I have ever seen that is, in my opinion, better than the book. What a great time to be visiting the in-laws in SLC! Thanks TPG.

  • John Carter

    Casablanca… because Ingrid Bergman (meOW) and some of the best lines ever in films, including my personal favorite, “I am shocked, SHOCKED to learn that there is gambling going on in this establishment.”, followed by, “Your winnings, sir.”

  • Mike Crooks

    The first Jurassic Park movie! This is the first time dinosaurs were brought to life on the big screen in such an electrifying way! Still love it!

  • Dora Fang

    The Usual Suspects. incredible plot twists and mental gymnastics. keeps you on the edge of your seat, intellectually instead of with WHIZ BANG POW effects. makes you think. LOVE.

  • Ronald Martinez

    A Good Year, starring Russell Crow Marion Cotillard and Albert Finney. It comprises everything about love and life I wish to experience.

  • Jesse Guyer

    Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is the only director I’ve ever seen capture dream logic in a film. It’s weird, scary, and fascinating at the same time.

  • Heidi

    ‘Raise the Red Lantern’ got to be one of my favorite Sundance
    movies. Watched it as a kid (grew up in Hong Kong) – thought it was beautiful
    but really didn’t understood it; ten years later I came across the movie again
    and fell in love with the timeless piece. Not only it’s a treat to the eyes but it also
    covers so many different layers of the history of China (hello Chinese history
    classes I slept through all those years..) it captured the struggles of being a
    woman in that era perfectly, and it is definitely a movie that would sticks
    with you for years to come. (too bad I only have it in VHS..). Enjoy Sundance,
    Park City is absolutely beautiful this time of the year!

  • David Adams

    Children of Men. I’m a huge fan of Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity), and love post-apocalyptic dystopias and thoughtful speculative dramas. I live in Park City and I’d love the chance to meet you.

  • Naser

    Mulholland Drive. I didn’t anything until right after the movie I searched in the web and read many reviews and critics about it. After reading those review, I just understood what happened and watched it again. It was too nice for the second time … too much to digest …

  • Zhanna

    Shawshank Redemption
    Brilliantly acted by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, this movie is about an innocent man convicted for killing his wife that goes to prison in 1946.This film has an uplifting and deeply touching tale of hope and
    perseverance…A testament to the human spirit not giving up and overcoming the odds as well true friendship.

  • Jimmy

    The Big Lebowski. Why? So intricate and so quotable. I’ve seen the movie >50 times and notice something new every time.

  • max

    THE USUAL SUSPECTS because it’s the one movie that really got me into movies.

  • Hoi

    ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’ This has to be one
    of my favorite films Woody has directed. It
    should also be mentioned that Mia Farrow’s performance is one of the most
    enchanting I have ever witnessed. What a lovely and wonderful film created by
    one of cinema’s greatest talents.

  • Eli Mongeon

    2001: A Space Odyssey – A great movie by a great Director. Exploring space and a monolith on the moon, sounds
    like a great trip report to me. Live in Salt
    Lake City, no problem getting up to Sundance on Thursday.

  • msally

    Bladerunner – it’s futuristic even though it’s 30 years old, and it doesn’t treat the audience like they’re stupid (or at least the Director’s Cut doesn’t).

  • matt

    Headhunters – because Jo Nesbo!

  • Nadav

    My favorite movie is Sideways, about a road trip that two middle-aged guys take through Santa Ynez Valley wine country. Still remains one of my lifetime travel goals!

  • double_danno

    To Kill A Mocking Bird – one of the greatest American novels turned into one of the greatest American films. The same moment in the film gets me every single time – “Standup son; your father’s passing.”

  • SRaouf

    The Grapes of Wrath (1940 film). Despite being 74 years old, the movie sheds light on our common daily struggles to make ends meet. Also, from a cinematography perspective, the movie was ahead of its time.

  • Jay K

    Collateral: amazing acting, just enough plot twists, and character depth balanced with action sequences.

  • Peter

    Up in the Air: every mileage junkie can relate to this and George Clooney’s a stud

  • Nick

    “Lost in Translation” is an incredible movie thanks to the romantic chemistry between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Set in Japan, the movie does a lovely job of capturing the spirit of Japanese culture. Plus it was filmed in the Park Hyatt Tokyo — my favorite hotel for using Ultimate Reward points!

  • Mark Garretson

    Favorite Movie of All Time is: “Sunshine” by Danny Boyle.

    Danny Boyle is an amazing director and when he jumped into the sci-fi genre, he did not disappoint! The movie was amazing visually, with a great story line, and fantastic ending!

  • Heiti Sin

    Sandlot – the reason i moved to utah!

  • Eric Packer

    The old Star Wars films. Why? Because as a kid, they swept me off my feet
    to a world where anything was possible.

  • Joe

    Rocky IV is the greatest movie of all time. Five montages, training in Siberia, Dolph Lundgren, the greatest soundtrack of all time, “I must break you,” and Stallone ends Communist Russia.

  • EverettM

    Lost In Translation. This movie single-handedly inspired me to embark on my first international trip. A true classic.

  • RandShoaf

    The Usual Suspects because you don’t know the whole story until the last minute!

  • Erika Preece

    Dirty Dancing. I can’t help it! “Nobody puts baby in the corner!” I never get sick of the love story or the dancing! :)

  • Pat P.

    Inception – I’ve never sat through an entire movie and forgotten that I’ve been in a movie theatre the entire time!

  • Sara Bear W

    LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE – the story and performances melt my heart every time.

  • JJ

    Slumdog Millionaire: The intricate plot line uses flashbacks from Jamal’s life as an orphan in the slums of Mumbai to reveal how his life’s experiences and tumults provided him the knowledge to win the 20 million rupees prize. In the end, the movie is a reminder that love and relationships outweigh the importance of personal riches. To go along with a riveting plot, the young children are fantastic actors, the music is beautifully composed, and the diverse scenery and culture of India make me excited to travel!

  • Andrew

    Cinderella Man – The ultimate, true underdog story of James Braddock. As a 10-1 underdog trying to provide for his family during the Great Depression, “Cinderella Man” defeats the most arrogant boxer Max Baer to claim the Heavyweight Championship of the World.It’s a wonderful piece from Ron Howard and Russel Crowe is fantastic!

  • Rocki DuCharme

    It’s my first time going to Sundance too! Broke the bank booking flights and hotel for this Thursday, just need these tickets to experience the festival the right way!!

    I’m a movie nut so this question is really hard for me. I’m going to say my favorite movie is “The Philadelphia Story.” I was recently immobilized from a serious injury and renewed my love of the b/w classics while I was laid up. Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant & Jimmy Stewart have amazing chemistry. Fun fact: the whole movie never required any retakes. During the scene Jimmy Stewart’s character is drunk he improvised hiccuping and you can see Cary Grant grinning and trying not to laugh. Cary Grant ended up ad-libbing “Excuse me” to regain composure. I love moments like that in movies, when something unexpected creates magic and even better if it’s comedic gold. Plus George Cukor is pretty amazing. I’m a big horror fan, but being immobilized watching horror films was waaaay too scary.

  • JJ

    I am heading up I-15 to Park City on Thursday, and will be there until Sunday night. Looking forward to a great weekend! TPG: keep an eye out for one of the few guys taller than you (I’m 6’11″).

  • Stuart

    Caddyshack- great movie for lines like this:
    Ty: “Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball. You’re not being the ball, Danny.”
    Danny: “It’s hard when you’re talking like that.”

  • JP

    Usual suspects, great twist at the end.

  • Alan

    “Days of Heaven” a poetic masterpiece by a visionary director, starring a young Richard Gere and Sam Shepard. Beautiful cinematography and timeless musical score!

  • Jonny

    Fast and the furious (1st one). Such a great drama with wonderful action. I was angry when it didn’t win an oscar. Worst snub in history.

  • Nate

    Kick Ass, I love dark comedies and this is one of the better ones.

  • brandon c

    Braveheart! Because it has everything, beautiful scenery, great plot, lots of action, an amazing soundtrack, even history.

  • Melissa Maynard

    What About Bob. It just gets funnier with time.

  • Dan R

    The Wall – Because Roger Waters is a creative genius. The music, the images, the story – flawless!

  • Kay

    The movie “UP” for some of the best dog laughs around “Squirrel” and “Cone of Shame”. This movie reminds me to live life fully and not put off my dreams — especially travel.

  • Blake Dy

    Shawshank Redemption. Regarded as one of the best movies of all time, but personally, one of the few movies I can turn on and get sucked into time and time again.

  • marcusnavy

    The Shawshank Redemption is, in my opinion, the most inspirational movie ever made. As a freshman at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, I empathized with Andy (Tim Robbins) and Red’s (Morgan Freeman) struggle to survive in a challenging environment. The movie’s major themes were hope and perseverance, both of which the film helped to give to me. I’ve long since graduated and moved on in life, but the film continues to remind me to always have faith and to keep moving forward.

  • Seth

    My favorite movie is “Annie Hall” because Diane Keaton is just about the funniest woman in the whole world, and the tennis scene gets me every time. Woody Allen with a tennis racquet? That’s just automatically ridiculous somehow.

  • Alex

    Favorite movie of all time? Tough one! I’ll go with Kill Bill. Love the mixed media and homages to Japanese cinema. I’m a sucker for Tarantino.

  • Zach G

    Fever Pitch – bc I love the Boston Red Sox!

  • Darin

    I have to go w/ a classic, Better off Dead w/ John Cusac I love my 80′s films.

  • Christina Archer

    It’s a Wonderful Life!! Great story about how precious life is and how you should never take it for granted!

  • Don

    It’s a Wonderful Life. Reminder of how precious life is and why family and friends aree what it is all about

  • Bobby

    “Snatch” – Love the plot twists and Guy Ritchie’s disturbed sense of humor. This is my all time favorite movie.

  • Patrick Lawenda

    Apocalypse Now. It is the most difficult movie I’ve ever watched and also the most brilliant and bizarre. The viewer slowly descends into madness right along side one of the most brilliant casts of all time…too bad I was never able to see it in theaters.

  • Matt

    The Bourne identity: because he can speak languages flawlessly, is lethal and is super instinctual. Great plot and the fight scenes are realistic/believable!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve gotta go with Forrest Gump. Love the flow of the movie and the soundtrack. Classic!

  • Scott M.

    Titanic – Nothing gets better than the combination of Leo, James Cameron, and music my James Horner.

  • Whiskarina

    The Ten Commandments… It’s a classic and played on TV every year around Easter time. I have great memories watching it with my mother. Charlton Heston was SMOKIN HOT in his day! …. Let my people go!!…. and let me go to Sundance! ;-b

  • The Red Shark

    Tombstone. It is the best western ever (it takes you through every human emotion in two hours). Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday is great. The movie is full of memorable quotes but the best part is when one of the bad guys is threatening Doc outside of a bar and says “You’re so drunk, you can’t hit nothin’. In fact, you’re probably seeing double.” Doc replies “I have two guns, one for each of ya”

  • Jeff

    Crash – talented cast and riveting story that tugs on the heart strings with intertwined stories simultaneously climaxing.

  • Bobby

    Donnie Darko. I love it because I can’t fully comprehend the plot, even after watching it a bunch of times. Awesome acting, and an incredibly imaginative storyline makes this one of the most thrilling movies in history.

  • Mark

    Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie because of well, the redemption at the end.

  • Jordan

    The Boondock Saints. Original and different, funny, and definitely thrilling. It’s nice to see some vigilante action movies like this.

  • Nevs

    Liar Liar- Classic Jim Carrey.

  • Lauri

    Amelie…I want to be her. Life would be more fun if everybody spent more time pranking people who deserve it and doing anonymous nice things for random strangers.

  • Lynne

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I loved the acting, the filming, and the overall concept. It’s a movie that made me think long after I saw it. Plus the filming, framing and artistic directing of the film made it unique and truly captured the “dream” feel the film needed.

  • Lauren B

    The Wizard of Oz – every time I watch it I feel young again. Magic pulses through my veins when I witness Dorothy’s adventure, each time like it is the first time.

  • AC

    Gladiator….The battles. The story line. The cast. Great movie.

  • gussomer

    Considering how many times I have watched it and never get bored….gotta say “A christmas story.” “Oh brother where art thou” ranks up there as well.

  • Andy Vaughn

    Love Actually. Always makes me laugh. But, don’t tell my wife. She thinks I’m too macho for that.

  • sarah chee

    In the Mood for Love. It’s the only movie I’ve watched multiple times, and each time I got more and more out of it. The scenes were beautifully shot, the music was haunting, and story heartbreaking. I can still visualize the scene where Tony Leung is smoking in a newsroom, and the smoke from his cigarette is dancing to music.

  • Joel

    The Big Lebowski. One of the few comedies that just gets funnier every time I watch it.

  • Adam Kotkin

    Back to the Future….nothing beats a flying DeLorean, hover boards and the Wild West

  • tonymcgibbon

    Inside Man. Amazingly well orchestrated and intelligent heist with the goal of screwing over an asshole. Awesome.

  • Tammy

    Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – the original with Gene Wilder. Ultimate candy fantasy world along with a life lessons. Golden ticket anyone? Me!

  • KJS

    25th Hour because it’s dark, sad, and Edward Norton plays the main character!

  • kbua34

    Home Alone 2, Lost in New York! It was my absolute favorite as a kid and still is! Whenever I’m homesick, I watch it because it reminds me of my childhood! I have to watch it every time I see it’s on tv. :)

  • Stuart

    25 hour, can’t believe someone else said that…awesome cast, great story and NYC with all its greatness and hypocrisy to boot

  • Liam

    Mean Girls!!! Quoting Mean Girls is applicable in everyday life.

  • SaraBurton

    Dumb and Dumber, because it’s comic gold!

  • Kevin P

    The Godfather. No doubt. Respect, gangsters, family, violence, drugs, gambling, and red sauce. Can’t ask for anything more; the perfect movie. “Behind every great fortune there is a crime”

  • Samuel

    Wolf of Wall Street. Classic dramatization of the pursuit of the elusive American dream through shady means

  • Eric

    Anchorman…just sad the sequel didnt live up to the hype.

  • RJP

    The Godfather – I would tell you why it’s my favorite movie, but I was once advised to never tell anyone outside the family what I was thinking. :-)

  • Karen

    “A League of their Own” because it was my first Tom Hanks movie and I love baseball! A very well made movie.

  • KP

    Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai; an utter classic that influenced so many different movies (Magnificent Seven, Last Man Standing, Samurai 7, etc….). Just the story was so influential that it can still be relateable so many years after it was created is amazing!

  • Emma Hartsfield

    “Crash” is a riveting film that speaks to real world racism and how we are all connected.

  • Mark R.

    You will have a fabulous time. Ten years ago we went on an AMEX package that included a few more private events, but it was $6k. Sundance is sooo cool!

  • Paul Kim

    Before Sunset. The whole series is an amazing work of observing two people who connect and watch as they fall in love. This is the second movie in the trilogy and I believe is the best, mainly because the mystery of Celine and Jesse meeting again is resolved and their reconnection is just powerful. Great, great acting and a beautiful movie.

  • AC

    Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. Simply because I am a huge SW fan and this was my favorite one out of 6 so far.

  • audrey

    I love Moonstruck! Family saga with twists and comedy. Cher was great in it. The cast was perfect.

  • Pickle

    Treasure of the Sierra Madre! A classic story and a great lesson about the dangers of greed. (and I’ll be in PC starting Thursday!)

  • Bob
  • Bob

    “It’s a Wonderful Life” it transports the entire family into the holiday spirit every year.

  • Justin Bachus

    My favorite movie of all time is Inception, though as a SLC local, I try to participate in Sundance a bit each year. I’ve seen some amazing Sundance films that never made it out of the film festival circuit, unfortunately.

  • Sanders

    Love the movie City of God for the acting, story and filming. It’s a classic.

  • Briana

    After Hours, directed by Martin Scorcese. Follows one yuppie Upper East Sider’s bizzarely surreal night through the trippy Soho neighborhood of 80′s NYC. Rosanna Arquette and Catherine O’Hara are brilliant.

  • Robert

    Favorite movie of all time – Rudderless. Because I’m in it! (provided all my scenes don’t hit the cutting room floor)
    And yes, I’m talking about the same movie which will be featured at Sundance!

  • Matt

    Hey Brian! Gladiator is my favorite movie of all time. The performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Russel Crowe were just unbelievable and well deserved of a best actor Oscar win for Crowe. Let me know if you have any questions about park city for your trip. Have a great time at Sundance, I’ll see ya there!

  • J Hanserd

    Boondock Saints (1st movie) – great story of two brothers out to break up a crime syndicate which would usually go unsolved. Great story and character development was phenomenal.

  • steve

    Hi, first time going to Sundance. My favorite movie is Reservoir Dogs. Some of the best dialogue ever written!

  • Becky

    Short Circuit. Jonny Five is alive!

  • Alexandra

    Moonstruck – Many dialogues and customs displayed that I lived growing up Italian

  • Christina

    Before Sunset– the long walk and ongoing conversation always calm me and spare much room for thoughts.

  • Angela


  • Brian

    I am actually going to Sundance to promote my film OFF-TIME as we did not get accepted into the festival. However my team and I will be making the trip from Philadelphia tomorrow morning via US Airways. Although we got great deals on airfare, hotel cost and ticket packages for the festival have been so overwhelmingly expensive that we have neither at this point.

  • Dan C.

    I like the Blues Brothers – it brings back childhood memories of watching it with my dad as we both shared musical interests.

  • Justin

    Bourne Identity – My favorite type of hero, quick, scilled intelligent and comptionate

  • Susan L

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I love that movie.

  • Kivon

    Lock Stock and two smoking barrels…Loved the quirky details with the outrageous characters and the riveting story

  • Jefflix

    Requiem for a Dream. Shows us different forms of addiction and how they drives people insane. I guess hoarding miles and points is an addiction…

  • Jessica

    Hoosiers. Because running the picket fence never, ever gets old.

  • edbyu

    I’m going old school with the movie Ski Patrol. Can’t beat the 80s movie. I love the laughs and the skiing. I fly into SLC tomorrow night. This would be perfect.

  • Ryan

    The Shawshank Redemption – This is a great movie that is about living life to the fullest and overcoming obstacles. One of my favorite quotes comes from this movie. We need to “get busy living or get busy dying.”

  • Vickie Dance

    The Rundown. The Rock. Need I say more?

  • BD

    Napoleon Dynamite. It’s all about Idaho and that’s where I grew up. (Plus it’s a Sundance film).

  • Smidget

    Boogie Nights. Wonderful cast, great director, great script, and a great movie. Or There Will Be Blood. This is difficult. I live in Salt Lake City, so getting to Park City would be pretty easy :)

  • Nadine

    You’ve Got Mail. Classic chick flick and I love the shots of the Upper West Side.

  • Debbie

    Children of Men – I’d never want to live in that world, but so well made!

  • mkm

    Hero with Jet Li. Foreign film – beautifully choreographed, wonderful story, and amazing colors.

  • Devin

    Casablanca! Great drama, great love story, great music and some of the best and most quoted lines – Here’s looking at you kid

  • Amanda McGowan

    Slumdog Millionaire

  • RC

    The Godfather because it us beautifully acted, fabulous
    dialog, cinematography and music and it makes us root and sympathetic for
    character which are evil. That’s great movie making.

  • Bill Roach

    Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood’s last Western. Portrays the conflict between good guys and bad guys in shades of gray, rather than the usual black and white.

  • Rebecca Z Dance

    My favorite movie of all time is A Philadelphia Story with Kathrine Hebpurn. It is a fun and clever movie and continually reminds me that sometimes simple can deliver better than complicated.

  • Tiffany

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Nothing like the book, but Audrey can do no harm!

  • Theo

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A story about life in reverse, but the biology of aging in that film is what turns it into something else, something extraordinary. As a biologist and a film enthusiast, I loved it! You know you can call a film good when you ponder over it for weeks later.

  • amluke

    Empire Strikes Back. Can still watch it and feel the same I did when I was a kid.

  • Craig

    In Harm’s Way – John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Patricia Neal and others. Romance, war in the Pacific, tragedy all in one with some the greatest stars of an earlier time. Great battle scenes of courage that will stay with one forever and with the knowledge that these men and women fought for an ideal and for freedom. Under appreciated film except by those who understand the true horrors of war. Just love that film

  • Brian Beneke

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve spent time in Japan, but Lost in Translation was especially well done. Both communication of the subtle, isolating cultural quirks and the isolation of the characters due to their changing lives was exceptional. It is the best movie I’ve seen in years.

  • Randy1789

    Up in the Air with George Clooney. This movie shows to the world the life of the business traveler isn’t all glamorous, and racking up airline miles and hotel points are great…but real happiness is found in friendships and being close with your family. Anna Kendrick’s character showed me that showing compassion for people (whom she has to fire) is more than words….it’s looking them in the eye and proving to them that you genuinely care. [email protected]

  • Matt

    Fresh (1994). Chess, drug dealing and family. It made a mark on me the first viewing and it has held up through the years. The Stewart Copeland score is perfect.

  • M

    “Devil’s Advocate” because it was so powerful

  • David Marshall

    The Matrix – Because we are living in one right now, we’re just waiting for Morpheus to set us free.

  • Miki

    The Princess Bride – Too many memorable and funny lines and it was my and my college dorm mate’s go to rental movie for a Saturday night.

  • Sarah Wheeler

    Best movie of all time is Parenthood starring Steve Martin – I’ve watched it dozens of times over the years and it has heart, humor, and holds up over time!

  • iris97

    Cinema Paradiso – a film about films, love found and lost, beautiful music, great plot, and a view of life in a small Italian village.Plus a reward for watching until the very end!

  • Kathy

    Mrs. Doubtfire. I’ve seen this movie more times than I remember and can’t NOT watch it whenever it’s on TV. Showcases Robin William’s improv ability and even watching on repeat, doesn’t get old.

  • Bryan


  • Bryan

    Good Will Hunting. Dramatic, funny, and inspiring.

  • Jenny

    Wayne’s World! I know that’s a bizarre choice but I’ve always loved it and still quote it years later. Party time, excellent!

  • AC

    Up in the air! It got me into the points/miles game!

  • Zachary E Blumenfeld

    Queen’s Boulevard starring Vinnie Chase.

  • Jackie

    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Also, Kubrick’s vision of the future is still unbelievable (movie was made more than 40 years ago).

  • Gustavo Garcia

    Dune – unique, adventurous, excellent theme and characters

  • Amy

    May be too late…But Downhill Racer with Robert Redford…got to ski with him one time and since he started the film festival.

  • Susan

    Casablanca. Has some of everything needed in a great movie. Suspense, action, romance, foggy photography, and amazing friendship. A recent fav for documentaries was Wasteland, shown at Sundance a few years ago.

  • Bryan

    Top Gun – My dad was flying on an aircraft carrier for 6 months when it came out. To me, maverick was my dad. I would watch it everyday after preschool until he came home. And its also an awesome freaking movie!

  • Quyen

    A Beautiful Mind because of the excellent scores done by James Horner.

  • Veronica Barrio

    I love stand by me.
    I saw it when I was a kid and it was such a great coming of age story that it just stuck with me.

  • Jason

    My favorite movie of all time will actually be a movie that will premiere at this years Sundance – “They Came Together.” I would do anything to go to Sundance to see this movie. It will be one of the funniest movies ever made with the funniest writers and funniest cast. Please pick me! Thanks.

  • Trevor

    The Milagro beanfield war…. It’s got everything a classic movie requires.

  • Debbie Gersten

    Reservoir Dogs launched Quentin Tarantino’s career at Sundance back in 1992, quickly following it up with my 2 personal favorites “True Romance” and “Pulp Fiction”. I’d love to join you at a festival that has launched so many fantastic actors and directors, and will use the points I just earned by signing up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred (on your recommendation) for my flight, and my free Hilton or Hyatt nights I just banked (also on your recommendation).

  • rob hirsch

    the black stallion. rated g. Francis ford Coppola. most of movie is silent. awesome!

  • Rory McGowan

    I think it’s got to be Now Vouager…. The story of people who find their way to happiness sewn with sorrow and find clarity and love. Timeless

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