Delta Targeted Medallion Platinum Offer To Drool Over

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Competition over New York-based flyers is heating up this week with offers from both Delta and American for flyers who book premium international tickets to reach a higher elite status level plus a few other valuable perks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.45.03 AM

The Delta offer is hands-down the more generous of the two. Targeted folks who register before March 31, 2014, can receive:
• 60 days of complimentary Platinum Medallion status.
• 60 days of complimentary Delta Sky Club membership.

Then to keep that status, they have to book one BusinessElite ticket and fly within 60 days of registration to earn:
• Platinum Medallion status through February 2015.
• Delta Sky Club membership for an additional 10 months.
• 100,000 bonus miles.

That’s a pretty rich offer, but it does come with several conditions. First of all, it’s definitely targeted. Per the T&C, “This offer is nontransferable. To be eligible for the status upgrade, a member must (i) register online by March 31, 2014, and (ii) not have received a status match or complimentary Medallion status in the past.”

Second, you can’t buy just any old business class ticket to qualify for those extra bonuses. You will need to purchase and fly one qualifying BusinessElite fare (fare classes J/C/D/I/Z) on a flight offering BusinessElite service within 60 days after enrolling. Qualifying flight must be marketed and operated by Delta. Codeshare flights operated by carriers other than Delta are excluded from this offer.

So they’re really gunning for the premium flyers on this one who are purchasing international business class or transcontinental fares. If you’re a non-Delta flyer who does have some qualifying travel (or can book qualifying travel) coming up, though, you should definitely try to take advantage of this offer since you get Platinum Medallion and Sky Club membership without doing anything, and then once you take that qualifying flight, you’re good through February 2015 and get 100,000 Delta miles. It’s a no-brainer. Especially because it normally requires flying 50,000 miles or 60 segments and spending $7,500 Medallion Qualifying Dollars to reach Platinum now.

The promo does not specify the type of Sky Club membership you get, but I suspect it’s at the new individual level that would cost $450 otherwise.

As I mentioned, this offer was targeted, but if you think you can fulfill the requirements, might as well call Delta up and ask if you can register by referencing Delta customer service representative to 970627. It never hurts to ask!


American released its own expedited elite status offer.

As a reminder, Platinum Medallion status benefits include:

  • Complimentary upgrades
  • 100% Mileage bonus
  • Preferred seating
  • Baggage fee waiver
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Same day confirmed/standby fee waiver
  • Waived award redeposit/reissue fees
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus status
  • Discounted Sky Club membership
  • Choice Benefits

American’s Counter-offer

American just released an expedited elite status offer of its own specifically targeted at the lucrative New York-London route and for Gold-level elites to reach Platinum status faster. Register here with the promo code STSPL and when you travel round-trip in First or Business Class on American Airlines or British Airways through April 30, 2014, you’ll receive AAdvantage Platinum status through February 2015.

Per the T&C:

Includes First Class and Business Class fares booked in F, A, P, J, R, D or I on American Airlines operated flights; First Class or Club World (Business Class) fares booked in F, A, J, R, C, D or I on British Airways operated flights; registration prior to travel is required. This AAdvantage promotion is valid for round-trip travel on purchased, published fare tickets on American Airlines and British Airways, operated nonstop flights (includes flights marketed by American or British Airways and operated by the other carrier) between New York Kennedy (JFK) or Newark (EWR) and London Heathrow (LHR); and between New York Kennedy (JFK) and London City Airport (LCY) from January, 29, 2014, through April 30, 2014. A round trip is defined as two one-way trips booked in a single reservation, under one ticket number. Travel flown prior to registration for this promotion is not eligible. Flights operated by other codeshare partners are not eligible for this promotion.

Not nearly as lucrative as Delta’s offer, but if you’re targeted, might as well register and earn that Platinum status faster. As a reminder, AA Platinum status includes:

  • Access to the Platinum Service Desk reservation line at 1-800-843-3000.
  • Priority access check-in, security screening lands and boarding to avoid lines. In airports where there is not Business check-in, you can use the First Class check-in.
  • Access to preferred seats (aisle and window) for you and up to 8 companions, or Main Cabin Extra.
  • 100% bonus on base miles for eligible flights.
  • Minimum of 500 AAdvantage miles per flight segment on applicable routes.
  • AAdvantage award charge fees waived when using miles from your AAdvantage account.
  • Check two bags free of charge (for you and your companions up to 9 on a reservation).
  • Discount for Admirals Club membership (for complimentary snacks, drinks and WiFi).
  • As a Platinum member with AA, you will have Sapphire status for oneworld partners and earn priority check-in and preferred seating when traveling with one of the member airlines.
  • Same-day standby.
  • You will also get priority check-in and boarding when traveling on Alaska Airlines, along with two checked bags free of charge.

This offer is targeted to NY-area Gold elites it seems, because even a Gold elite from Los Angeles who tried registering got the following error message:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.13.09 AMStill, it’s worth trying to sign up for and seeing if you can register.

Were you targeted with either/both offers? What’s your plan?

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  • allune

    I got the same offer – you think it’s worth it do a mattress run for $500 in business elite?

  • Tom C.

    DL Platinum is 75,000 miles and $7,500 spend… What you quote is Gold status.

  • FFBonuses

    For those who don’t qualify for the Platinum offer there is also a Gold Offer:

  • Mark Garretson

    If I am a Minneapolis based Gold Delta AMEX card holder, would I only possibly qualify for the “Gold Offer”?

    My girlfriend is a Platinum Delta AMEX card holder. Would she only possibly qualify for the the “Platinum Offer”?

    Can the BusinessElite ticket you book be from any starting point to any destination as long as the Fare Code is one of the ones listed on the details of the promotion?

  • Andrew L

    My wife and I were targeted for the Gold offer. It may be because we live in NY and primarily fly JFK-LAX.
    We flew back from LAX yesterday and I would also like to say that even in economy the Delta 767 transcon is an absolute pleasure to fly. The plane has comfortable seats and great IFE. The new wraps (free for economy comfort PAX) looked delicious and are a step in the right direction. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful too. I hesitate to fly Delta because of the worthless miles and upcoming transcon upgrade policy but in this highly competitive market they really have their act together. Plus, I’ll take a widebody over a single aisle any day.

  • lookcle

    How do I know for what Offer do I qualify?

  • Danny

    I have a similar question. If I live in NYC, what’s the cheapest I could get a qualifying Business Elite ticket just to get this bonus? Status and 100K points is no freaking joke.

  • thepointsguy

    Typo, thanks for pointing out.

  • Ivan M.

    I did receive the AA offer but not the Delta offer. Since I am gunning for Delta status this year, do you think it’s worth contacting Delta, showing them the AA offer and asking to be included in the Delta offer. Has anyone ever done this? I already have a Business Elite flight booked in that period

  • Craig Chu

    ugh, got targeted for American but not Delta, and a $5k business class roundtrip JFK to London doesn’t seem at all worth it just to get to American Airlines Gold status!

  • Heather L. Cannady

    Is this the same offer that PMM wrote about last week. If so, it is highly targeted and I hadn’t heard of a single person who hadn’t received the direct mailing being able to register.

  • Rob

    I’m also got the offer. Trying to figure out what the best flight would be.

  • Imran

    I don’t qualify for the Delta. Womp womp!

    You do not meet the eligibility criteria listed below and may not register for this promotion.

    We encourage you to check out our other great offers on our Promotion Highlightspage.

  • Lola

    Same questions…called Delta and received no help at all. They couldn’t seem to locate the specific offer, and I don’t want to book a flight that doesn’t qualify.

  • Big Boy Travel

    Mark, I’m also an MSP based card colder!
    The status in the article is for Platinum Medallion status which is separate from what level of credit card you have. Platinum Medallion status is based on how much you have flown/spent throughout the year and status carries over into the following year.

  • Big Boy Travel

    It has to be a Business Elite Seat with is 1st Class coded as J,C, D,I, or Z. If you go to Delta’s website and click “shop” the “flights” you will have more options for choosing the correct class when pricing your ticket out.
    When I just did it I found Business Class seats for fights within the US for around $500, however, once I sent do to the Elite seats with the correct letter next to them the price jumped to $1500-2000 per ticket. This seat coding can be $7000-10000 to fly overseas.

  • Big Boy Travel

    You just have to look at how much flying you are doing this year. If
    the 100,000 mile bonus plus the upgrade grades and double miles flown is
    worth it then go for it.
    I have a bunch of flights I’m doing anyway so
    for me to pay $1000 extra to bump classes is worth it just for the 100,000 bonus miles. Those miles are enough to get 2 people round trip from the lower 48 to Hawaii. That works out to getting round trip to Hawaii for $500 a person!!!!!!

  • Pazpeaceman

    I think you are EXACTLY the kind of customer they want to attract with this offer! Definitely call them. I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow you to register, since 1) AA is trying to get your business, 2) You value delta status, and 3) You will pay to fly business elite. I think that’s the whole reason behind the promotion.

    A lot of current DL elites are pissed off since DL’s recent MQD and skyclub rules claimed to make “getting elite status/skyclub access” more exclusive and this is doing the opposite, but DL wants to attract more of your kind of people who will actually generate more revenue for them, so think they would be more than happy to have someone like you.

  • Pazpeaceman

    I don’t think the credit card has anything to do with this

  • Ivan Z

    Just called Delta. The rep said the promo is only for those who have received the promo email from email, and she could not manually register me for this promo. Too bad!

  • Pazpeaceman

    jfk-sea is $572 feb 26, mar 1, mar 4 etc…one ways seem rto be eligible. play around. good luck.

  • Mark Garretson

    Yeah, sorry, I should have clarified better. When I first read the article about the promotion, I thought being a card holder meant the offer would be targeted towards you. I.E. NYC based card holder who does not have medallion status already…

    I just found a good thread on Flyertalk about the promotion and people’s experiences either getting the promotion or not.

    Sounds like there are a lot of unhappy people out there. Many upset with Delta about this offer and basically just giving away medallion status to people, when others worked very hard and spent extra money to qualify for a medallion status.

  • retiree bob

    Incredible, on one hand Delta makes this offer and at the same time needs to address the sky club crowding issue by cutting back on access. What gives TPG????? Not targeted, rejected for platinum and gold offer.

  • Matt

    Delta has been on their knees this past year, shamelessly courting New York (and Seattle) flyers as they attempt to gain market share in those regions. These flyers are, as they’ve wisely discovered, less cost conscious / financially sensitive than their typical customer. Hence, the new (NY-based) Tumi amenity kits, the New York skyline as the home page wallpaper on their iPad app (whatever happened to “Delta Serves the South”?!?!…runnin’ from that one, ain’t ya’ll?!), the fancy new lounge at LGA, this targeted offer for NY flyers, etc.

    Once the desired market share boost is achieved, the music will stop, competitors will be weakened, fares will go up, perks will go down and Delta will go back to behaving like the slumlords they are in Detroit, Atlanta, etc….No targeted offers for those poor folk, I guarantee.

    Please don’t forget Delta’s passioned plea this year trying to convince people that they were adding MQDs to the qualification equation so that Delta status holders wouldn’t have their hard-earned status cheapened by a bunch of, well, poor (less-deserving) flyers. I almost this load of poop.

    Then the big devaluation (~40% on many redemptions), and now this conferring of (near-top) elite status to any (NY-based) Tom, Dick or Harry, irrespective of how many MQMs/MQSs/MQDs, etc. they actually earn/spend. Such shameless hacks. I go out of my way to fly any other airline (especially SW, jetBlue, and to a lesser degree AA, and ALWAYS a foreign carrier when traveling overseas), because Delta, through their dilutive policy changes, poor award availability and ridiculous award pricing (325k miles to Europe in BE?!) and double-speak, just doesn’t seem to ever deserve my money, and certainly not my loyalty.

  • Ben

    I did this the other day and flew from JFK-ATL on Business Elite (I) fare for $383 one-way. Flew back in Economy. The whole thing took 5 hours and the 100,000 points posted that same day.

  • Lana

    Wow! When I spoke with the rep we couldn’t find flights to ATL that would be eligible..they were only popping in First…will keep looking, thanks!

  • DTB

    I already have a ticket home from Las Vegas in Economy. I am thinking of purchasing a Business Elite (I) fare and ditching my economy return ticket. Will that qualify me for this promotion? It is only $460 more and a great bargain for all the perks I will get (if it is eligible).

  • Becoming NYC

    I got the offer and booked a flight from JFK to ATL first Saturday in March. Fare is Z going there, and I returning. Total cost only $480, so more than worth it for this promo since I’ll also get 100,000 points.

  • phalphan

    Do you guys think the Gold offer for only 50000 miled and Gold status is worth it?

  • Lola

    Just booked LGA-ATL for $265, BE Z class…supervisor confirmed it was eligible for the promotion. FWIW, I found good rates on eligible flights to DEN as well.

  • bummer

    I didn’t qualify either… boo hoo!

    And I am booking a flight on Delta from Denver to JFK (which always is BusinessElite), in early Feb. They must be targeting left/right coast folks or international travelers.. We in “fly-over” country didn’t make the A list. for this offer, I guess :) Oddly, on Delta ….Denver to JFK non-stop has the most amazing reasonably priced flights in first class (often around $500, even just a week before at times), when premium economy on other carriers is about $400.

  • Bee
  • Bee
  • Kevin P

    TPG: any idea if the AA promotion will work if i fly RT business class from JFK to a European city with a stopover in LHR (both ways)? Do you think that would count?

  • Craig

    Hello there I was targeted in the delta platinum offer I did buy a business one way from JFK- Sju it cost me 373.00 one way in business Z class as this is a qualifying class so for 100k miles it worth it I am a premier platinum member with UAL. Don’t know if that is why I was targeted so because I did fly to Vegas in sept in business from JFK either way for me I feel it is worth it any comments please reply thanks

  • josh

    I just called Delta and they told me that the LGA-ATL would not qualify because its not business elite. The fare class was one of the ones on the list. Am i missing something?

  • Eric W.

    Did any else who got a targeted promotion in the mail in early February notice they changed the T&C on the website to now include the following language:

    BusinessElite service is limited to the following long-haul international and transcontinental flights: (a) transatlantic, (b) transpacific, (c) transcontinental flights between John F.Kennedy/JFK and Los Angeles/LAX, San Francisco/SFO, and Seattle/SEA, and (d)between the U.S. and Brasilia/BSB, Buenos Aires/EZE, Lima/LIM, Rio de Janeiro/GIG, Santiago, Chile/SCL and Sao Paulo/GRU. Flights offering BusinessElite service may be modified by Delta at any time and without prior notice. Qualifying flight must be marketed and operated by Delta.

    I only found out after I booked my flight and flew the qualifying segment about this amendment, to which Delta told me I was no longer eligible.

    Very upset with Delta, as i’ve now lost money on a flight I paid for for the sole purposes of the promotion. Hopefully they willl respond after I send them a letter

  • Matt

    This is something that I heard as well. I just flew from LGA to ATL as a first leg in a trip that ended at SNA. It doesn’t look like Delta counted that towards the BE req. I think it has to be a non-stop BE trip, i.e. JFK to LAX, SFO, SEA, and any BE flight trans-atlantic / pacific. Those flights are $1700+. That’s ridiculous, IMHO… There’s no way I’m paying that much for a BE flight, esp when that’s more expensive than a first class ticket on the same flight.

    Absolute ludicrous.

  • Bryan

    Argh they changed the terms!!!!
    Originally it just said it must be a Business Elite flight in certain code classes, but looks like they got their act together and limited it to transcontinental flights.

  • Eric W.

    I sent Delta Corporate a letter, as I spent $$ on a non-refundable ticket before they changed the terms. They were quite inflexible when I spoke with corporate over the phone, but hopefully the letter will yield better results. Not happy with them as a company at the moment

  • Lola

    Same thing happened to me :( such BS. The supervisor I spoke with confirmed the routing I was planning to book was eligible. Took the flight a week ago, called when status wasn’t updated and yep, was told I no longer qualify. Class action anyone?

  • emnyc

    They pulled the same nonsense on me. I flew last week first class (code “C”) from ATL – LGA on a business elite flight. I was told over the phone when I booked the flight last month that it would qualify me for the Gold medallion promotion.

    Now they are saying that it only counts for international or transcontinental business elite. Delta moved the goal posts after the fact. I have the original marketing materials from Delta that I received in the mail and it makes no mention that my trip had to be cross country or international. It only had to be a business elite segment in J/C/D/I/Z class.

    I am writing a letter to the Chairman of Delta and will include a copy of the mailer that I received in January. Delta is a disgrace.

  • Zachary

    I did this offer today. While the BE fares from JFK to SFO and LAX all start in the mid-$1000s, as of today there are $572 fares from JFK to SEA throughout much of April (look at midweek evenings…. and the weekend fares are $700+). Well worth it to me to do a mattress run. I’ll get 5 domestic RT tix, or 3 european ones, for spending $800 (the $572 plus my cheapo return flight). Plus, with the Delta flights I already have booked for June, I’ll pick up another domestic RT with the mileage doubling. Sweet!

  • chosenname

    did you have any luck with this?

  • emnyc

    Yes, they fully credited my SkyMiles account because I purchased my ticket before they changed the terms. Write them a letter and include your receipts. They will credit you with the appropriate medallion status.

  • emnyc

    I forgot to mention, if you still do not get anywhere with Delta, complete this consumer complaint form that goes to the NY State Attorney General. A number of Delta customers did just that and it put pressure on Delta to do the right thing and credit us accordingly.

  • chosenname

    thanks so much…I haven’t flown yet, still figuring out if I am going to buy the business elite ticket and if it’s worth it. But it sounds like you are saying that Atlanta won’t work, right? Does that mean that it’s only JFK – SFO/LAX/SEA that will work? Or are there any cheaper options? thank you so much! And I’m glad it worked for you!!

  • emnyc

    When they changed the terms in February, the only Business Elite flights that now count are from JFK to either Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, or from JFK to Europe. Any other flight termed Business Elite doesn’t count.

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