Should I Get The Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard In Anticipation Of Converting US Airways Miles To American Miles?

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TPG Twitter follower Jay Gatsby tweeted me this week with a question on a lot of readers’ minds:

@thepointsguy What do you think about opening the Barclays US Airways card – will miles convert 1:1 to AA soon?”

It’s a very good question that a lot of us are wondering about since the American-US Airways merger officially went through on Monday and Doug Parker, who was the CEO of US Airways is already managing the new combined airline, and we should start seeing changes coming down the pike soon.

However, it’s possible that Barclaycard could consider offering the US Airways Mastercard for a while yet, and we haven’t heard anything concrete yet, but to my thinking, Citi will continue to offer the range of American Airlines cards and Barclaycard will continue to offer the US Airways one for a while as the airlines continue to operate as separate airlines.

US Airways World Mastercard

The card is still out there and available for earning US Airways miles.

That said, at some point in time the US Airways Dividend Miles program will cease to exist as we know it, and will become part of American AAdvantage, and all those Dividend miles will become AA miles.

In fact, around January 7, you should start to be able to earn and redeem US Airways miles on American, and vice versa, and then at the end of March, US Airways will officially exit Star Alliance and join Oneworld on March 31, 2014, so you won’t be able to redeem US Airways miles on Star Alliance carriers at that point, but you will be able to redeem on Oneworld airlines like British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

That’s the general timeline, but if you’re thinking about getting the US Airways Mastercard, I would recommend doing it now while it’s still available for sure, because though it might be around for a little while, it may not be around that much longer. There could also be a point at which Barclaycard and US Airways still honor the card and its mileage earning, but will not be accepting new applications, so that’s something to keep in mind.

So the card is still out there and earning US Airways miles for now, but just keep in mind that those miles (as well as any you earn by flying) will eventually become AA miles as more details of the new airline come out and the merger progresses.

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  • Huy

    any tips on recon for this card?

  • Matthew S

    So one question is whether the miles earned from the card bonus will count toward AA million miler status? (Will they count USAirways miles flown toward MM? And will they be able to differentiate between card bonus miles v. BIS miles?)

  • AC

    @tpg, is this card churnable? or anyone know if its possible to apply for second card and also get miles (while still keeping the first card active ) like how the AA citi cards used to be? i opened mine back in July.

    i had a promo where if i spend $750+ a month from Nov to Jan i would get 15k bonus miles so def keeping my card until this promotion miles hit my account.

    thanks in advance!

  • Dave L

    AC- It is churnable, with more success for some than others. I got card number one last Winter, but was refused for #2 and #3 in Spring and fall. I then cancelled #1 recently, and will try again.
    Others have gotten new cards just a few months later without cancelling. For me they said I already had plenty of credit with them and wasn’t using what I had. I think if you’ve had a long relationship with them, that will help.

  • Samuel A

    If you churn cards, you have no chance with recon

  • Samuel A

    you have a far better chance of getting approved again if you cancel the card you have first.

  • PSL

    Does earning and redeeming on both airlines starting January 7 also mean that you can actually combine miles on both programs to reach a particular redemption goal? I have 65,000 AA miles and 35,000 miles on US Air and would love to book a 100,000 mile reward on AA in February.

  • Roman Goubin

    US AIRWAYS 100 % buy miles promo started today thru dec 20 for anyone who is interested . up to 50,000 bonus making total 100,000 for $1,881 all in
    Thanks gary

  • Charlie

    Wife and I got US Airways cards in 2011. We both were instantly approved for second cards (with full bonus) in 2013 while the first cards were still open, We were both instantly approved last week for Arrival cards. Get the Arrival card with BONUS before they convert your US Airways card to Arrival.

  • jim

    what we never know and no one is talking about is what happens to the US airways master card itself 5 to 12 months from now? will barclay convert it to some other card or?

  • AC

    hmm anyone have datapoints in terms of recently opening card (july) and applying again to get bonus again before jan 7? i’m hoping to combine another 35k miles plus buying some miles with 100% bonus to get RT biz North Asia to USA

  • AC

    do u know if others who got 2nd card while first card was still active also received bonus the second time around? how far spaced were their apps? thanks in advance

  • MYRflyer

    I’ve churned this card 3 times in the last 18 months. I’d like to try for a 4th time but I don’t want to get stuck being converted to a Arrival card involuntarily missing a potential future Arrival bonus of 400+ , firstworldproblems lol

  • Mac G

    @TPG, back in 2008, I got the BofA / US Airways Signature visa credit card. Since then, US Airways switched banks to Barclays. My question is, does anyone know what will happen to US Airways / BofA visa card holders or Barclays visa card holders (for that matter) as a result of the merger? Will my credit relationship and credit card eventually cease to exist upon card expiration or even sooner? BofA customer service has not been able to provide any useful information either. Thanks!

  • Carol

    I’m planning to do an apporama tomorrow and was planning to apply for another US Airways card. I got one in early January 2012 and have cancelled it. I got a second one in April 2013 which is still active. In September, I completed a $750-spend-in-3 months offer. Am I likely to be approved and get the bonus for a third card or not? Would it matter if I cancelled the one I have now shortly before applying?

    Adding to my dilemma is the fact that I could really use Hilton points and the new Barclay’s Virgin Atlantic card offer, which would net me 75K HH points, is also very appealing. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am running short on time to decide.


  • cowbuoy

    Barclays will convert my US Air MasterCard to an AA MasterCard per an email from them. No word on the extras (i.e. $99 Companion Ticket), etc

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