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Update: The registration page is now open and you should be able to view your offers.

Earlier this week, IHG Rewards revealed that its first quarter promo for 2014 would be a new version of its current “Big Win” promo, and will run from January 1 – April 30, 2014. Pre-registration is supposed to open on Monday, but it should actually open sometime over the weekend at this site. In order to be eligible, you must be a member of IHG Rewards and you must register in advance, so I would recommend doing so when registration opens so you don’t forget.

Big Win aims to be a customized rewards promo and offers will differ among members to give personalized benefits. Last time, IHG touted a minimum of 50,000 bonus points or 10,000 airline miles available to each member over the course of the promotion. The first night stayed earned 1,000 points or 500 miles, and then the offers varied by members in terms of stays, brands or number of nights.

IHG Big Win 2013

IHG Rewards is launching a new version of its Big Win promo for 2014.

How it works:

  • Current IHG® Rewards Club members and new members can register for the “Big Win” hotel rewards promotion here.
  • Receive custom offers to win points or miles such as: stay more and earn more, stay on the weekend to win or explore our brands
  • Stay to start “winning”
  • Track your offers and rewards via a customized Rewards Tracker here.

IHG gears this promo as one customized to each rewards club member, so offerings vary from person to person and according to elite, but here’s a sample offering from last time around for an IHG member without elite status, though if you have been a long-time IHG Rewards member or have elite status, your offers could be more lucrative):

  • Try one and done: Stay at any IHG hotel and receive 1,000 Points
  • Stay more and earn: Stay a total of 4 nights and receive 4,000 Points
  • Explore more brands: Stay at 3 different IHG brands and receive 10,000 Points
  • Book with us: Book 2 separate stays through an IHG hotel website or mobile device to get our best price guarantee and receive 2,000 Points
  • Win in a weekend: Stay 2 Saturday nights and receive 8,000 Points

Then at the end of the promo, if you completed all your offers before December 31, 2013, you would earn an additional 25,000 bonus miles, so hopefully there will be some similar bonuses this time around.

I’ll report back when the promo and various offers go live, but if you register and find your promo offers, feel free to report back on what you are offered in the comments below.

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  • Zhuo

    Thanks TPG. My offer is 174k.

  • Nate

    Thanks again TPG. I still have my last 2 offers for the first win big promo that i’ll be completing next weekend. Now that I just signed up for this one as well I wonder if the stay will count towards both? or does the new one start on stays after the new year?

  • john08135i

    I just signed up. We are platinum with 67k currently.. did I read right? The offers must be completed by this dec 31? not next years?

  • RJ

    I just signed up as well. My offering is only 48K, but i plan to complete it this time around.

  • WWW

    If I book a hotel today but stay at January 4, will it counted in this Big Win or the next Big Win?

  • Mike

    My offer was a whopping 8k. Seriously.

  • pcg

    31k. Yawn.

  • blackouT

    I was offered 85800 pts as my offer. Platinum here.

  • Magee1982

    Offer must be completed by April 31, 2014. I am platinum with 350k points banked and my offer is 70,600 points.

    Stay 5 nights – 8,400
    Explore 3 brands – 17,600
    One breakfast rate – 2,000
    2 Saturday nights – 8,000
    2 Holiday Inns – 8,000
    Book 3 reservations with mobile app – 5,600
    Big Win – 21,000 points

    If they continue this promotion each quarter, I will be ready for a 6 month world trip in a few years using on Point Break hotels!!

  • Magee1982

    For the next Big Win. The current promotion is and next quarter it is

  • Magee1982

    Must complete by April 31, 2014.

  • Prabu

    Apr 31? how to read this typo? 31-Dec or 30-Apr?

  • Guest

    I got a 108,000 point offer. Platinum as well.

  • PatMcPSU

    I’m a Platinum Royal Ambassador w/ 225k points. My offer was for 100k points, but one of my tasks requires me to stay a total of 22 nights. I’m not going to complete the current Big Win because one of the tasks required a total of 16 nights. I usually stay around 60 nights per year, which puts me just under the threshold per quarter. I know their aim is to make you stay extra nights that you otherwise wouldn’t, but it’s still annoying.

  • Ryan

    Do you know if the offers need to be completed, independent of each other? Or, can the bonuses overlap? For example… One of my offers says to stay at 2 Holiday Inns, and one says to stay 2 Saturday nights. So, if I stay those 2 Saturday nights at 2 Holiday Inns, do I collect points for both offers?

  • peachgirl

    I have never participated in “The Big Win” promo before. My offers total 48,000 points and it stated that if I complete all of them, I will be awarded 48,000 points. So….my question is if I complete all of the offers, will I receive and additional 48,000 points? Or is this simply stating what my total will be? Thanks for any help!

  • peachgirl

    Here are my offers:
    Stay a total of 4 nights-8,000
    Stay at 2 different IHG brands-16,000
    Stay 2 Saturday nights-8,000
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Express hotels-8,000
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels-8,000
    Complete 5 offers-48,000

  • peachgirl

    I would like to know the answer to this question also!!

  • Outoftown

    I was offered 147,500 for the 1st quarter 2014 promo, down from the 168,000 for the 4th quarter 2013, which I should complete next week. I had to pay for two Saturday stays for no reason, which the big win wants me to do again. At least this time I don’t have to have two stays in a big city.

    Outoftown, platinum with 1.2m PC points

  • Jack Yellin

    got better offer the first time around.

  • Jack Yellin

    go to your Big Win page and look it up.

  • davebenz

    April only has 30 days, y’know.

  • blackouT

    That’s the beauty of this “Big Win”, they do not have to be completed independently. I like to triple up on them if I can – helps you knock em out quicker! Like my offers include staying at a Staybridge and staying at a Holiday Inn and two different brands. Once I do the first two, completes the latter! IHG loves to give these points away – who am I to complain.

  • Robert Zuiderveld

    I have completed all the requirements for the win big promotion (worth 72.2K points). All but one are not showing complete in my tracker. The one that is missing is the 5 nights booked through the IHG website. I make all my reservations directly with IHG. Does anybody have the same problem? Does anybody know why the system registers all but this fact? Customer service is telling me to wait 6-10 week…..that is stupid. Booking 5 nights through the IHG system is worth 2900 point, however without the system properly registering these reservations I do not qualify for the 36K win big bonus. Very annoying.

  • Andi

    i have a query about the Saturday night stay over too. I need 2 Saturday night stays but on the last weekend of April 2014 i have 3 rooms booked at a Holdiay inn for a friday and saturday night stay, one for me and my wife, 1 for my children and one for my brother. Would this class as 2 saturday night stays?

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