Amazing Deal Alert: US Airways (Soon to be American) Miles for 1.1 Cents a Piece

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There’s just something about Cyber Monday, but even the airlines are getting in on the action, and one of the best deals out there is the four-day 100% Share Miles bonus US Airways is offering Dividend miles members now through December 6, 2013.

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 1.59.22 PM

While past 100% share miles bonuses have been on any miles you transfer, this one is tiered.

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 2.04.23 PMSo to get the full bonus, you have to share at least 30,000 miles.

If you were to purchase miles, they normally cost 3.5 cents each plus a 7.5% tax, and sharing miles costs 1 cent each plus a $30 processing fee and 7.5% tax. However, with this promo the cost drops to just about 1.1 cents per new mile created via the bonus, since you are paying the share miles costs and fees, but generating twice the miles. For example, sharing 50,000 miles would cost you $567.50, and you’d be generating a bonus 50,000 miles for that price. So you’re generating 50,000 miles for just $567.5. Though 100,000 miles would be in the new account which is enough for a lot of different awards, which can be an amazing deal depending on how you redeem those miles.

This is likely your last chance to get in on such cheap Star Alliance (and eventually American miles) before the merger, so if you’ve hesitated in the past, it’s go time.

Key Rules and limitations

1. Your Dividend Miles account must have been open for at least 12 days.
2. The 100% bonus goes to the person who receives the miles- not the one transferring them.
3. The maximum bonus per account is 50,000 and receive is 100,000 (which includes the bonus miles).
4. For each Share there is a processing fee of $30 and a 7.5% tax recovery charge and GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.
5. This transaction is processed by so it won’t count towards airfare multiplier categories like the 3x on the Premier Rewards Gold or 2x on Sapphire Preferred, or 2x on the no-fee Barclaycard Arrival.
6. Bonus amounts will be awarded upon completion of the transaction.

Worth It?

Whether this promo is worth it to you depends on your travel needs and the award you intend to redeem your miles for. US Airways is a Star Alliance member for the moment and has a pretty generous award chart, so if you are hoping to redeem premium class awards on expensive routes with low taxes, then you could definitely reap some value from this promotion. For example, I used 110,000 US Airways miles to book a roundtrip award ticket from New York to South Africa last year in business class on South African Airways, which would have cost $8,000+ if I had paid for it outright, and roundtrip business class award tickets from North America to Asia are just 90,000 miles with US Airways, which would cost you $990 at 1.1 cents per mile, but on which airfares would be north of $4,000-$5000.

That all might change once the merger with American goes through, as it looks certain to do next year, with the airlines talking about first integration steps as early as December, so if you do take advantage of this, don’t sit on your miles, redeem them ASAP.

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  • jma2z

    Does the account you are sharing the miles with need to be 12+ days old as well or just the account that the miles are coming from?

  • pete0r

    I’m wondering this as well.

  • toyabc3

    the miles I currently have regardless if I share them or not, will i lose my miles all together once the merger happens? i hope not!!

  • Brandon

    Do you have to have 30,000 miles already in your Dividend Miles account in order to take advantage of the full bonus? If not, then what’s the minimum balance in your Dividend Miles account required in order to share miles at the lowest cpm rate?

  • vortix

    No…of course you won’t lose your miles. USAirways is not disappearing….they are merging with American. That means your USAirways miles will likely be converted at a 1:1 ratio to American miles.

  • ianreds

    When will the miles be available for first use? I’m planning two trips and one of the trips is in between Christmas and New Years overseas so I’d like to use them for this trip. Thanks!

  • Paul

    From the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page: “For Gift and Share transactions, the recipient account must also be 12 days old.”

  • Gordon

    Since I already got in on a 100% share from US Airways earlier in the year, I am wondering whether I can still use this offer too.

    Usually these offers indicate a maximum number of miles that each person may receive via sharing PER YEAR. This offer makes no mention of that (only mentions the limit for this one offer).

    Any idea whether prior sharing for the year could prevent / limit the sharing for this current offer ?

  • John Nabakov

    Man, I only have the one eligible account. Anyone willing to help me out?

  • Newby

    My transfer credited immediately.

  • Ben Price

    Can two people keep transferring back and forth to each other? If so, how many times?

    Also, how difficult is it to use USAir miles on United? Or other *alliance carriers? Trying to figure out stop over/open jaw rules, and wondering if this changes based on which base miles you’re using.

  • papatzas

    A friend share with me two times this year (each time 50K, generating an extra 50K each time)

  • EarlVanDorn

    Please note that you cannot sign up now and take advantage of this deal in 12 days as your story says. The offer expires Dec. 6.

  • thepointsguy

    Both accounts

  • thepointsguy

    Usually they are immediate

  • thepointsguy

    yes you can transfer back and forth up untl the max bonus of 50,000 miles per account

  • thepointsguy

    Doesn’t say theres a yearly limit on this one

  • thepointsguy

    Ideally 30k is the best for max value

  • thepointsguy

    You will not lose miles due to the merger

  • Nesto

    I don’t see it in the fine print but according to my e-mail from milevalue, it says you have to have minimum 1,000 miles prior. Can anyone confirm this ?

    I’m new to all this and just wanted to clarify. My Dividend Miles acct is about a month old and unfortunately, I didn’t make my wife her own account at the same time. So, if I can find someone to transfer to, I could buy 50k points right now, transfer it to someone and they’d get 100k ? then they could do the same back to me and I’d get 100k as well ?

  • sc398

    This may be a silly question, but the new American (with US Air merged) will likely continue flights from key hubs like Philly right? So buying these points for a summer 2014 Philly-Europe trip won’t leave me needing to go through another airport right, they’ll just be American miles instead of US Air and follow their rules?

  • sc398

    And I meant to add, does this mean that PHL becomes an international gateway port for use of American miles (and thus eligible for better 20k off-peak usage)?

  • Jed

    Anyone have any miles they want to share? I’ll gladly pay for the miles/transfer.

  • Phoenix Jet

    So how do I get these miles for myself???

  • randy

    Hmm. I just shared 50k miles with my wife and saw her account credited with 50k and with the bonus 50k. She then did the same to my account and now both of our accounts show the 100k credit each but then a 50 k deduction – getting ready to call USAirways now – any thoughts??

  • randy

    never mind – I wasn’t taking into account the 50k that was being transferred – duh

  • HM

    I’m on the same boat here

  • Mikeyno

    I don’t understand…If I buy miles…50k costs 1,750.00….where do you get 567.00 from?

  • Bob

    Am I reading this correctly. You pay $500 (+ transfer fees) for 50,000 miles, plus get a bonus of 50,000–so you get 100,000 miles to transfer for @$600–just slightly more than a 1/2 cent per mile?

  • thepointsguy

    You are essentially “purchasing” the shared bonus miles for $567. You’re not purchasing miles then sharing them.

  • thepointsguy

    No, all I am talking about is the cost of sharing miles. Sharing 50,000 miles and thus generating 50,000 more will cost you $567 – 1.1 cents apiece.

  • Alexander Onishchenko
  • Shimon

    If two people share with me 50,000 each do I end up with 200,000 or 150,000?

  • Alicia

    Hi John – My family and I are all signed up, essentially 3 accounts. happy to help out!

  • Martin

    The deal is if you TRANSFER 50,000 miles (SHARE implies something else!) to another account, the receiving account will get 100,000 miles and the transferring account will pay $500 plus the $30 and fees. So your net gain is 50,000 miles (not 100,000 miles!) between the two accounts. It’s an okay deal. I’ll pass.

  • David

    The cap of 100k miles is on the recipient right? There’s no cap on the number of miles being shared from a single account?

  • ivegotno”friends”

    I´m looking for a friend who is willing to share a couple of miles with me (need 22k incl. Bonus) but would also take more. –> award_traveller @ gmx. de

  • reinharden

    I too would be interested in finding someone to trade back and forth with…

  • joey

    I need seed miles… Please will buy them, rtvpromo1 at gmail thanks!

  • Miles Maven

    In the previous US Air share promo, the airline cancelled the bonus miles and refunded the fees, as I was transferring to myself between accounts. Has anyone succeeded in doing this in the current promo?

  • supremekermit

    looking for extra miles if someone can help me out.

  • dbl_k

    How long is it taking for the transactions to be processed?

  • Phoenix Jet

    If you’re willing to work a trade so we can each pick up 50k shoot me an email. Thx.

  • Sean

    Trying to catch this train, I need some miles, can anybody help? thanks!

  • Moe

    I’m willing, I am at

  • Mor

    I’m willing.

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