Thursday Giveaway: Neiman Marcus Gift Card and the Winners of Orbitz Vacation Packages

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Earlier this week the AAdvantage eShopping portal came out with a great deal where you can earn 18 miles per dollar spent online at Neiman Marcus – which ends today! Though not quite as lucrative as the 35x miles eBags bonus last month, this equates to buying AA miles at 5.6 cents apiece (plus whatever merchandise you buy).

What’s better is that you don’t need to use an AA credit card when shopping through the AAdvantage portal – this bonus is good on all purchases, so this could be a great way to hit any minimum spend thresholds or to earn a category spending bonus like the Chase Freedom card is currently offering – 5X points per $1 at department stores up to $1,500 this quarter (until December 31) bringing your per-dollar earning to 23 points and miles.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.18.49 PM

To take advantage of this bonus, this week we are going to give one lucky winner a $200 gift card to Neiman Marcus, which will earn me 4,600 points and miles when using my Freedom card (thank you very much). Although the 18-mile portal bonus ends today, this is a good reminder of how online shopping portal bonuses can be one of the most lucrative ways to rack up points and miles in a hurry.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.19.27 PM

This promo is just another reminder of why online shopping portals can be a great way to rack up tons of bonus miles and points. So in order to enter the contest, I want to hear about your best miles/points haul from a shopping portal bonus. Mine would have to be a tie between the recent 35 AA miles per dollar spent at eBags which I went a bit overboard on, and the British Airways/Nordstrom promotion back in February of 2012 where I earned 36 Avios per dollar spent, banking me a total of 115,092 Avios.

To enter, comment on this post with your shopping portal experience by 5pm ET on Monday, November 11th and we will choose a winner at random who will be announced next week. Good luck and happy shopping!

The Winners Of Last Week’s Thursday Giveaway – Free Flights and $1,000 Orbucks

For last week’s Thursday Giveaway, to celebrate the launch of Orbitz’s new loyalty program, Orbitz Rewards, I decided to award two winners with $1,000 in Orbucks and a round trip coach class flight voucher to Mexico/Caribbean ($700 in value) each so that each winner could use the prize to plan an entire vacation.

In order to enter, you could either comment on the Giveaway post telling me how you would maximize the prize and what vacation you’d take and why; or follow me on Instagram and post a photo of the destination where you would go using this prize with a caption telling me why you want to go and with whom, using the hashtag #TPGOrbucks.

We got tons of great entries, and Team TPG chose the following winners at random:

Post Comment. This one came in from Robby, who wrote about an #AVGeek’s dream: I would fly from Denver to Saint Maarten (a little over $600) and watch a 747-400 land right over the beach and eat a burger at Sunset Beach Bar. Being an airplane nerd, that is totally on my bucket list! I would stay at the Royal Palm Beach Resort (well reviewed on Orbitz) for 5 nights which would cost a little over 900 bucks and would save the extra and do a special night out somewhere with my wife.

Our winning commenter wants to check out the 747's landing on St. Maarten.

Our winning commenter wants to check out the 747′s landing on St. Maarten.

Instagram. This one came in from @amandaane14: #tpgorbucks I would take my boyfriend to Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica. We have always wanted to go to an all inclusive but couldn’t afford it. The airline credit would pay for most of our AirTran flights. Since Orbitz allows for you to earn airline rewards points too, we would finally earn a free roundtrip flight to use later (added bonus)! The Orbucks would pay for 3 nights at an all inclusive resort.

The winning Instagram post.

The winning Instagram post.

Thank you to all who enter, congratulations to the winners – and good luck entering this week’s contest!

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  • legaryd

    Bought some Kiehls using the shopping portal. Super easy! I used it earlier to buy some luggage and the miles posted a couple weeks later.

  • Jacob

    Earned about 20 priority club points per dollar at discount magazines taking advantage of great sales on titles that I wanted and racking up points. Unfortunately, priority club no longer offers its shopping portal…

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    I like using EV Rewards when I do online shopping to see which shopping portal will give me the most bang for my buck :D

  • frenchman619

    My best was Ultimate Rewards 2x at Apple when I needed to buy a new laptop and iPhone

  • Nick O (PIT)

    I don’t know what happened, but I was given about 1000 miles too many by Hilton. I bought something for around $25 at 5 pts/$ and ended up having over 1000 post.

  • Dan

    Buying lots of Under Amour for our team, at 10x in the Chase UR Mall!

  • jessica

    I love using shopping portals! I always check EVRewards before buying – it’s not always 100% perfect but it saves time for me searching each reward mall. I’m a big fan of combining also with bonuses – like the bonus 500 + 1000 miles from United going on right now!

  • Joe Harris

    The best shopping experience since I became a points hound, was definitely the 35 points/$1 AAdvantage promo from eBags. What more tempting promo is there for a frequent traveler, than luggage and points/miles?

  • PHT

    My experience with portals has generally been good, however I find it difficult to remember to go through the portal many times. It did come in handy recently to shop via a portal as the small purchase and the resulting points bonus was sufficient to stop my miles from expiring.

  • Eli

    Spending 10k on a watch on my centurion card and returning it and the miles never went away.

    En route to Sheraton tel Aviv using my Starwood points just landed via airfrance first class

    Would take a 2 week trip (that’s all I can take off work) and be in 14 destinations in 14 days all in first class and at the nicest hotels

  • zila

    just some pedestrian Estee Lauder stuff that I buy anyway, now comes with a boatload of AA miles!

  • CJ

    I got in on the 36 BA Avios per dollar at Nordstrom and did all my Christmas shopping during that promo, which got me enough Avios for roundtrip flights for my hubby and I on partner AA from LAX to Maui to check out the new Andaz. Amazing!

  • yellowpad

    I’m a newbie to maximizing frequent flyer miles. Started following your Tweets and now I’m hooked. Haven’t figure out which shopping portals to take advantage of first, but I’m workin’ on it!

  • James Durkin

    Got in on the 35x ebags. Bought some new luggage. Great deal!

  • AC

    @TPG, so you are saying that buying NM gift card will get the 18x points from AA? anyone confirmed that in the past? if so please share! thanks

  • glen

    I used EV Rewards to buy some new shoes on to keep my Alaska miles from expiring!

  • Marc D

    I actually enjoy using the portal to do in store pickup of items I would normally just pick from the shelves at places like Home Depot and Sears. Saves a ton of time and gets a few extra miles along the way.

  • Lauren

    35x on ebags recently!

  • Gabriel

    I bought a number of magazine subscriptions for 35x UR

  • Cali D

    My best haul wasn’t that large….I got a 1000 point bonus for purchasing a certain gift card on, but I was still excited about it!

  • nrdk

    Best experience was the quadruple dip with Sears a month or 2 back through MPS, 16x UA miles + 5x UR + 12x Plink on eGC then go back through the MPS for tires with the eGC for another 16x UA + 1x SYWR points. Great deal to get nearly 50% points back on tires

  • Up&Away

    No stellar deals with portals, but I have used them on some of my lesser used accounts to extend the expiration date.

  • Nicole

    Ever since I read about EVRewards here, I check where I can get the max points every time I shop. I’m hoping my biggest miles haul will be on Black Friday, like it was last year!

  • lamonster

    Like many others, my best points haul was the recent eBags offer for 35 AAdvantage miles/$1

  • Monica

    I’m signed up at the Delta skymiles shopping portal but I always forget to sign in when I’m shopping online. I need some kind of mental reminder to check these shopping portals because I’m losing out on a lot of point opportunities.

  • Nick H

    Just bought a full nursery set from JCP. 5x with freedom, 5x through chase.

  • Naoyuki

    It’s always hit and miss

  • Giulio

    My experience with the shopping portals is mixed — for the most part, the point multipliers aren’t extraordinary; but on occasion a great deal comes along and makes a big splash!

  • wolfsburg2

    I’m not a pro at maximizing points. I’m proud of 13/ppd on flowers through the Marriott shop my way portal. We also looked it for Halloween costumes, I think 13ppd as well when combined with the Marriott visa

  • Ray

    I always check to maximize points for shopping. The netflix signup bonus was the best so far.

  • Mr. Cool

    question is…how do you buy something you would NOT otherwise buy had it not been for the points bonus? what is the “lucrative threshold”, if you will?

  • Amanda B.

    New Apple computer through United MileagePlus shopping – nice bonus for higher-ticket purchases!

  • Eric

    The 36 Avios at Nordstrom was a great excuse to buy some nice gifts for myself! Who doesn’t do that when they are trying to get miles!

  • Sean Besser

    I collected about 10k point doing a bunch of Hanukah shopping on the NM portal. Yay!

  • MarcMon

    I usually hold off on certain purchases to see if there will be a big bonus via the shopping portals. I love the miles and the deals that they offer

  • Michael

    I’ll use the portals when a particularly good bonus offer appears. The 36x from Nordstrom was a winner.

  • Christine R P

    I did the 36x with Nordstrom as well. What a hoot! Was afraid they wouldn’t honor it but no problem at all. Yay Avios!

  • Jamie

    Nothing amazing for me yet, but having apple be at 2x just when I needed a new laptop was pretty cool.

  • Mark Garretson

    I have only utilized the Delta Shopping portal, as I have a strong loyalty to Delta. The experience has always been great and I really enjoy the extra promotions they offer every once and awhile. Most recently, 1500 extra miles for make 3 separate purchases within a month using the portal.

    Sometimes it’s always hard to remember to use the portal, but now a days my normal routine is to scope out a product in store and then come back home and purchase using the Shopping Portal and my Delta AMEX!! Miles, Miles, Miles!!!

  • ang

    My favorite portal is the ultimate rewards. It’s amazing how easy it is and everyone should really be using it for everything. I haven’t used the other ones yet but looking forward to it. I also love how evreward lays everything out for you. Keep up the great work!

  • Rob P

    I got about 2500 Southwest Rapid Reward points with a $50 Teleflora purchase. The Rapid Rewards portal had a 500-point bonus for using a Rapid Rewards credit card, Teleflora was 14X there, plus Teleflora was giving 1500 points per order.

  • sayan007

    No i gues @christinerp:disqus

  • Raymond_G

    I went through the AA shopping mall to buy a bunch of outdoor gear from my dad from Cabela’s… it turned a gift into a real miles haul. 6700 miles! Of course after he said thanks about the gifts (new hiking boots, high-powered binoculars, etc) I told him about the miles. He knows that miles have taken me all over the world, so he was happy about that too. Shopping portals are the way to go!

  • Lindsay

    I’m completely new with credit cards and ff miles. I fly from New York to the Middle East once or twice a year as well as other shorter flights and haven’t really kept up with miles. Now that I see how quickly miles add up I want to kick myself. I defiantly will take advantage of the additional miles to be earned through online shopping!

  • TerryH

    Also got the 36 Avios deal!

  • Elyse

    I try not to buy things just to get points out of it, but sometimes I can’t help it and sometimes it just works out perfectly: My best miles/points haul from a shopping portal bonus actually happened the other day… I’d been eyeing a pair of Christian Louboutin’s for my wedding shoes for a while now and finally decided to splurge on them at Neiman Marcus through the American Airlines shopping portal with my Chase Freedom card – so I got 18 AA miles per $1 and the 5x Ultimate Rewards points for the Q4 department stores bonus! Being able to double dip is always so gratifying!

  • tiffany l

    don’t have any stories of taking advantage of a great bonus offer, but i def use evreward to check which mall/cash back offer is the best before each purchase!

  • dw

    I use evreward and ultimaterewards portals for virtually all shopping now, and just last night I got 4 big and tall polos from Banana Republic for $65 after cashback and coupons from evreward), which would have cost $200 in the store. Big savings every time!

  • shonuffharlem

    I use and and find the best deal that finds where I need points. I also sign up for all the portals emails so I’m right on top of any mega-deals. Shopping portals are an AMAZING way to earn points and a must do!

  • Ncsam

    Still haven’t seen my UA miles for buying a washer from Sears during their 16x promo for MileagePlus Credit Card holders. Hope they post before they’re worth MUCH less and I regret the purchase every time I go into my laundry room!

  • AMSBelle

    I received at 5x bonus for shopping at Kohl’s through the SkyMiles site, plus a 5x bonus for using my Chase Freedom card – it was great!

  • alex

    I’m new to shopping portals and points but quickly signed up for my sapphire preferred and have been rackin em up ever since! I bought magazine subscriptions through the ultimate rewards mall at (additional 30 points per dollar spent) for the whole office as a holiday gift spending over $500 and earning 15500+ miles!

  • Kevin

    I got a little over 6,000 American Airlines mile by using the portal to by my girlfriend a coat from North Face at 20miles/1$ a month ago for her birthday! I was going to buy it anyway so I will gladly take the miles haha

  • Joseph Mansour

    i use mrrebates for many years and in doing so have earned over $1000 for basically doing nothing!

  • ronette

    i like to use cashback monitor to make sure i am getting the most bang for my buck!

  • Nick

    Got 20 United miles/$ on JCP during back to school promotions plus 1500 mile bonus through email offer

  • Kevin

    As a newbie last year my first foray into the ultimate rewards shopping portal netted me 10,000 points buying patio furniture from Home Depot. I used those points and many more to fund a trip to Paris. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • Elizabeth

    All those extra points you get by going through a shopping portal add up! My teenager recently wanted to buy two new video games and asked if I would get more points by going through a shopping portal instead of just going to the store…..I think he enjoyed his free 1st class flight from JFK – London this summer on AA and wants to help any way he can :)

  • Greg z

    I did quite well during the Nordstroms/BA 36 point deal. Still using the Avios I got that day. I think I bought around $2,500 of stuff, it was a great Xmas for the family!

  • snakedoc1

    The 35X on eBags recently was the best. I got one of those hand digital luggage scales which I had needed for ages. Great promo.

  • Goat Rodeo

    Seems like I wait forever and a day for shopping portals to give out the miles owed. Glad your experience is much better.

  • Bill

    Love pairing shopping portals for miles with stuff I find on slickdeals. It makes the deal feel that much better getting miles onto of it.

  • Dianna

    I still buy most of my clothes and shoes at the store because I like to try stuff on, but I always check before I make any purchase online! My most recent purchase was a pair of boots from Lands End that I got for 2 extra UR points/dollar. I highly doubt Lands End counts as a department store but I used my Chase Freedom just in case :)

    Unfortunately most of my online shopping is done on Amazon, which is pretty hard to get extra points for…

  • sarah w

    I’ve earned a lot of points shopping through the aa portal.Via Groupon, Drugstore,com,, etc. An even better deal is when they have bonus miles!!

  • Bob

    The 36 BA Avios per dollar at Nordstrom was the best for me.
    Earned tons of mile.

  • nic

    I got in on the 36 Avios per dollar at Nordstrom as well!

  • Rich

    the 35X points on my new luggage for the Austin Mega Do !

  • Leigh

    Mine was the eBags promotion. Just 2800, but since I’m new, it’s still the biggest haul I’ve had so far!

  • Brad

    I love shopping online. I use shop runner to get free shipping with my AMEX card. Online is quick and saves time and money.

  • Steve

    I got 3% for buying gift cards and then another 15% (special promo for a few months) for using those gift cards to buy things I always need. 18% off is great for everyday items!

  • kris kris

    Neiman for da man!

  • SR99

    Do you get AA points if you bug a gift card? Thanks.

  • Eric F

    I usually buy my electronic gadgets via airlines’ shopping portal to help rack up miles!

  • Mandy

    I’m just getting started earning points, but I like using a portal with my points earning credit card when making online purchases. Those usually get me extra money plus points to be used for travel. Win, win! :)

  • kestanto

    My brother told me about the rewards portal and I wish I knew about it sooner. I love earning extra points every time I shop. I will now always look on the portals to see if I can get the item I am looking for. I mean, why wouldn’t you??

  • Evan

    United has my favorite shopping portal. They were offering 18 miles/$ a few weeks ago, so I went ahead and bought a $700 snow-blower. Winter is coming!

  • Marc

    Had to get new appliances. Sears had 6 miles/dollar on United Mileage Plus Shopping. Earned enough for a round trip to Hawaii on United.

  • Nguyen

    I normally would go to the Office store to get the gift cards, and then go to the UR portal to try to get the double dip points. It works very well. Thanks.

  • wh

    I always check evreward, ebates and ultimate rewards before every purchase. Then I try to combine some of them!

  • Ralph

    My best experience was the BA 36 miles per dollar Nordstorm. I regret only buying $500 worth of stuff that I actually was gonna buy anyway!

  • Christina Oddy

    I don’t always remember to go through the portals, but find they are lucrative when I do!

  • Stuart

    Buying miles for Southwest on my BA Visa to get my companion pass on BA!

  • Guest

    It’s no 35 miles to the dollar, but the recent portal for united 9 miles/dollar + 1000 miles on ebags was pretty sweet, and since we are saving up to try to use our united miles to use before the devaluation kicks in, I splurged on a Tumi bag my fiance has had his eye on for a long time. Racked up some points and Christmas shopping is complete. (For him, anyway.)

  • Jenn

    Would love this for some suit shopping for law school! I use the Malls all of the time–mostly UR Mall, but it’s so finicky!

  • Mary

    It’s no 35 miles to the dollar, but the recent portal for united 9 miles/dollar + 1000 miles on ebags was pretty sweet, and since we are saving up to try to use our united miles to use before the devaluation kicks in, I splurged on a Tumi bag my fiance has had his eye on for a long time. Racked up some points and Christmas shopping is complete. (For him, anyway).

  • GiantFromPhilly

    As I’m new to the points game, the 35x ebags promo (thanks for the coverage of that) has to be my biggest score. AA miles can get me a solid 2 cents so it was like a 70% discount for me.

  • Anna Pry
  • Joe S

    36 BA miles per dollar at Nordstrom a couple years back.

  • Adam Jakowenko

    Still waiting on my ebags points from that big promo Oct 13th. I called and they said to wait up to 30 days before it’s an issue, but I’m concerned since many others have already gotten theirs. Fingers crossed I dont have to fight them on it! If I lose them this gift card will certainly make me feel better.

  • Benjamin J L

    The recent eBags was by far my best recent shopping site score. Roughly 8,500 points for $245 and a nice Tumi carry on to go with it!

  • David L. Zion

    Somewhat new to the points game – 6 months in, but my best experience came w/ the 35 AA miles/per dollar for the Tumi Bags. I snagged 4 of those bad boys to round up my holiday gift shopping. Will certainly be on the market for new deals soon!

  • Jen

    I’ve racked up around 60,000 chase rewards points by just using the ultimate rewards portal this year. were currently in hoarding mode of UR.

  • Livivua Ramsey

    i love ebates and mypoints. I have earned nearly 300 in giftcard this year.

  • Diego

    I recently banked some miles with the AA portal 35/$1 spend. Purchased new luggage set on Ebags

  • Liz

    I keep a list of things I need eventually (new laptop, camera, leather jacket) and then wait for the right promotion to come alone. Evrewards is great for checking out marketplace. For those who like 18x/$ but don’t want to spend $1000 on a dress, the Neiman Marcus gift card is also good at their outlet Last Call, which has MUCH more reasonable prices :)

  • R. Miller

    We just had to order a new oven and new dishwasher. After checking Evrewards, we saw that Marriott’s shopping portal is offering 4 X points for Lowe’s. My husband has a new Marriott credit card and was attempting to hit the minimum spend. So, this purchase will be a double win because he has now hit the minimum spend on his Marriott card, and we should receive over 4,720 Marriott points on the purchase!

  • MK

    Definitely the recent eBags sale… got myself a new Tumi, and some early holiday presents for my family (all travelers, will love the new bags). Roughly 35,000 miles for purchases I had to make anyway!

  • Aleksi T

    I’m from Finland, and there is hardly any miles deals on shopping portals. I was thinking about trying Neiman Marcus though, because they ship to Europe!

  • Andy

    ebags for some bags for my upcoming trip was the best!

  • sumit singhal

    Ever since that ebags big bonus of 35poins/$, I have been a fan of ebags and have made several purchases even when it was only 12points/$ afterwards. have gotten nearly 5k points now with my merchandise.

  • Allen96

    I use the portals all the time now thanks to you, but I’m still kicking myself for not buying my new Tumi bags during the 35x promo. I only got 15x. Grrrrrrr

  • Sandeep B

    I think the best/easiest accessible one used to be the days when Chase used to offer 18 pts/$ at Groupon. Bought a lot of big ticket items and travel excursions through them in addition to all the local stuff. Sadly its now down to a paltry 2x or 3x.

  • Tonya Cozart

    I don’t have a great story to tell about shopping portals, I am new to the points game and learning like a sponge, but you can be sure that everything I read I am “filing away” and one day I will have a great story to share!

  • Mark R.

    I always go through the SkyMiles site to shop at Nordstroms, sometimes 10x

  • Jeremy

    Years ago Microsoft Live had a crazy cashback offer through ebay that stacked with a paypal deal. I think I got close to 600 back on camera gear.

  • leothelion

    Shopping portals are just win/win for the consumer. You get the merchadise PLUS extra points/miles for it. I cant see how people wouldnt want to use it!

  • Aimee

    I don’t remember the exact amount of miles I get, but I always make sure to check for Shopping Portals before I buy anything online. And especially this quarter with Chase Freedom’s 5x on Amazon purchases, and Discover’s 5% back on online shopping. Buying online, I’ll get miles from the portals and cash back from Discover.

  • Michelle

    I just happened on your blog and found there is such a thing as shopping portals! I have been using my Capital one Venture card for all my household purchases. Sometimes I will remember to sign into their portal to earn extra points when I am shopping online.

  • Ryan

    Back before Staples added shipping costs to purchasing their gift cards, I used to buy those with my Ink during through the UR portal for a total of ~7-10 UR points per dollar depending on the portal bonus. Then I would use those Staples gift cards to purchase other gift cards at Staples stores (sadly they stopped allowing me to do this).

  • Angela

    Watch for special promotions. United has a 1,500 bonus miles promotion for shopping 3 times during a 2-week period. I got brownies for my boss (90 miles), a Groupon (54 miles), and a pair of flip flops (372 miles). Spent $87.74, got 2,016 miles. Not bad!

  • Andy

    I bought a phone charger through the AA shopping portal a while back when there was an error for some crazy amount like 80 points/dollar but didn’t end up getting the points. Just got stuck with a charger for a phone I didn’t own.

  • ASW

    A couple of years ago I got 10 miles per dollar at Sears through the AAdvantage eShopping portal. Must have gotten lucky because it hasn’t been above 6 or at the most 8 miles per dollar at Sears since then.

  • Dr. JLo

    Bought my mom a double oven with my credit card and she turned around and paid us back. Sears had 9 miles/$ and got 19,794 miles on AAdantage E shopping plus the 1650 miles through my AA Citi card, all without spending a dime of my personal money! Makes me want to see who else will let me use my CC to buy miles.

  • ClayEG

    I love maximizing my miles through shopping portals. AA is one of my favorites, because that is the airline I fly the most. I have to admit that I am a total sucker for great products shown on QVC. With the shopping portal on AA at least I receive three miles per purchase. It makes buying that overpriced, but great tasting, food product all the better.

  • Daniel

    I got 35 points/$ on a new laptop bag last week from eBags. Best haul yet!

  • Russ

    I will use to make my purchase

  • Jenny

    Back in 2011 there was a Delta/Spafinder 40 miles/$ deal. That was my biggest haul, on a miles per $ basis, although I had to fight before the miles eventually posted.

  • anita

    thank you so much to opening my world to this portal way of shopping and gaining miles. I LOVE IT. I used to use ebates and I rather get miles especially when they are so lucrative at 18x and 35x. I didn’t go overboard but I did get a few xmas gifts for family. Woohoo the inlaws get a gift and I get gift of points too!

  • Giddy For Points

    I use shopping portals for everyday spending and for deal sites such as groupon/living social. Great way to rack up extra miles for things you buy anyways!

  • Chad

    were you successful in getting the miles buying the NM gift card? The terms in the AA portal box says excludes gift cards. Curious if it worked for you? Answer quickly the clock is ticking!

  • Dany

    Hit the $1500 cash back limit for Chase freedom this week. Got a tumi backpack during the 35 miles / dollar event last month. Gotta always check the portals before buying anything!

  • Mike

    I just started using the portal and LOVE IT. Everything I buy online from now on will be checked on the portal first for sure! Already have gotten about 1000 bonus miles from using it.

  • oldguy

    i flinched on the ebags promo (that deal went too quick!), but jumped the neiman marcus, which ended up working well anyways because they had a good Tumi sale goin on

  • AZL

    As a United card holder there are some good deals, but I find Mypoints amazing for lancome since its 15 points (equivalent to 7,8% cash back) and there’s always a gift.

  • howaaman

    I am fairly new to Miles and points and haven’t shopped through the portals yet, but I am hoping for a big haul soon!

  • John Hansen

    Did enough promos with BA for first class for us to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. Great flight, food, drinks and service.

  • avi

    10 chase ur points at kohls + 30% off coupon + $10 cert for every $50 spent + 5ur points from office supply stores when buying the giftcards to kohls= pretty amazing opportunity at kohls and it rolls around every month

  • Jay

    I always try to remember to check the shopping portals before buying something online.

  • Or N

    My latest experience was buying an iPhone through the MileagePlus shopping portal and getting around x1.55 miles/dollar which was great for me seeing as at best you could get only one mile per dollar!

  • Meredith

    I use Cashback Monitor to see who has the best rates for where I want to shop. I found it most accurate and then have been going to SW Rapid Rewards to add in some SW miles to use with my companion pass!

  • rachel

    I’ve used sites like, but for frequent fliers, these shopping portals offer much better deals. Watch out Cyber Monday ;)

  • Thinh

    I have only used cash-back portals so far, esp. Shop-Discover.

  • dude26

    Getting a 1500 miles bonus for making a “groupon” purchase through the portal!

  • R.

    I find out that half the times my skymiles don’t post right even though I was using the portal :(

  • Biggles209

    Staples via the UR Mall – 5,599 points for $800 spend, and got $900 in rebates

  • Grant

    I try to shift my everyday spending to portals to earn miles for stuff I would already have purchased. I’ve taken advantage of online pick-up at stores and thus have bought things like soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. Plus I pick up my order at the front of the store so it saves time along with the miles.

  • Josh in Hollywood, CA

    I purchased a new pair of Ferragamo shoes from this week’s American Airlines / Neiman Marcus portal offer, but what I’m really interested in is earning that NM gift card so I can take all of my friends out to NM for popovers with strawberry butter – YUMMY!!
    –Josh in Hollywood, CA

  • dwh

    I never shop online without going through some portal.

  • Haowei Chen

    My best points haul from online shopping portal was using Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall to buy something on Kohl’s. 10pt/$ for UR mall and 5 pt/$ for freedom card gave me ~2000 points.

  • Camille

    Just bought much needed new towels from Kohl’s with Freedoms 10pts/dollar through rewards mall plus 5pts/dollar for using the freedom card!

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    Kohl’s through the Ultimate Rewards Mall plus monthly coupons = $$ saved plus lots of bonus points!

  • apf105

    20x through Sears w / UR. 10x for gift card, then 10x for merchandise.

  • Daniel

    I got 12 bottles of wine for 80 bucks and 1,500 miles bonus at Vinesse. Cancelled membership after first shipment.

  • Ada

    I love using AA’s shopping portal to keep my miles active since I dont fly too often. It is a breeze!

  • John Ruda

    I took advantage of the Mileage Plus portal promotional bonus of 1,500 points after 3 purchases and combined it with promotional offers at individual merchants within the portal.

  • Dayna

    I use the AA shopping portal to make purchases of big ticket items at Home Depot, such as large appliances. When shopping online, Home Depot gives you the option to pick up in store rather than shipping. This saves me money on shipping, but still gets me the miles for shopping online!!

  • Bo

    I shopped at ebags to earn quite a few United miles before!

  • jason

    I bought 6 wines and earned 1500 united miles for 42 dollars!

  • Alexis L

    36 BA Avios per dollar at Nordstrom was my best shopping portal haul! I bought gifts for lots of people (and myself) and stocked up on makeup and hair products for the whole family.

  • Liz Newsome

    I’ve never heard of this portal thing before, but after all of these deals – I am definitely going to check it out!

  • Duane

    I always go through a cash back or miles portal before I buy something.

  • tatyana

    I select Discover card shopping portal if cash back return is twice more than UR. Currently livingsocial cash back is 10%. Use coupon code VETERANS10 for an additional 10% off the order.

  • Avi

    Got in the Neiman Marcus promo. Wife wanted UGGs for a while and this was a great time to buy the boots and surprise the wife. Got me 3400 AA miles as well

  • terri

    Nordstroms 36x…a few years back….awesome!!!

  • Erin Kendall

    I got 24 miles/dollar buying ink for my printer on the AAdvantage Mall and I could still use a coupon code for 15% off for even more savings.

  • Dora

    I’m a newbie at travel points and am in awe at how much I have been missing out on. That being said, I’ve used a shopping portal once (ebates) and seems like a great idea, but I’m mostly an in store shopper these days.

  • jackson chen

    Haven’t used AA’s portal before but Alaska just re-opened their shopping portal.

  • Mike B.

    Discover card portal pays highest cash back bonus most of the time.

  • Sp1677

    EV Rewards and Ultimate rewards have been great portals – best deal so far is the Avios/Nordstrom offer. Here’s another way of getting extra SPG points through Starwood’s preferred planner program, it’s open to the public and very easy to use if your company or anyone you know uses starwood for business travel:

  • Diandra

    I get the best miles/points haul when I buy flowers online – Mother’s Day, sympathy flowers and any other occasion. They always have really good bonuses of up to 30 miles/points per $1 spent and you can use to find the best bonus to suit your current need. For example, I just sent my sister flowers the other day while she was in the hospital and got 18 Skymiles per $1 to use towards the trip I’m planning to Hawaii early next year. It’s a good way to make other people little bit happier and you get a little something for yourself in the process!

  • Krys

    900 bonus points on a $90 shoe purchase at using the Chase ultimate reward portal.

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