New Chase Sapphire Preferred With EMV Chip Arrived In The Mail Yesterday

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Being the international travelers we are, when Chase started letting Sapphire Preferred cardholders request EMV SmartChip versions of the card, all of Team TPG called in to request their new cards with chips and yesterday evening, TPG Managing Editor Eric Rosen got his via UPS, so I asked him to share a picture of his snazzy new card.

CSP chip

I called Chase to request a new chipped Sapphire Preferred on Thursday (October 31), and when I got home from a meeting yesterday afternoon (November 1), I found a UPS envelope lying at my door with my new card in it.

I ripped it open and pulled out the new version, but before I activated it, I wanted to check on a few things. I have some travel coming up for which I used the card to pay and the airlines – Thai, Bangkok Airways and Emirates specifically – stated on the check-out page when I was purchasing tickets that I would need to present the card at check-in in order to get my ticket and fly.

Although this card was just a replacement for my current one, I needed to make sure that the card number itself, the security code and the expiration date were the same since I figured Chase might push at least the expiration another year or two in the future, but it all exactly matched my current card.

I called the activation line where they verified my information, and they said that my old card would no longer work and that I could start using my new card immediately. I had also gotten an envelope within the UPS package to return my current card to Chase so it could destroy it since the card has metal in it and I can’t do it myself, so I dropped the card in there, sealed it up and popped it in the mail.

One thing I know a few people are concerned about – call it vanity – but chip cards are plastic for the most part while the Sapphire Preferred is metal. I was happy to see that my new card was also metal, though, and I’m sure a few of you will be relieved, if only for the cool factor.

So there you have it – the new card is exactly the same as my old card, only it’s got a chip over my name. For now, the Smart Chips are only available in the Sapphire Preferred, not the Sapphire, Ink Bold, Ink Plus or Freedom. Though Chase does offer other cards with Smart Chips including the British Airways Visa and the Hyatt Visa. I really appreciate having the chip in my Sapphire Preferred because I invariably carry it abroad with me since it does not charge foreign transaction fees, and having a chip makes it easier to use at certain vendors like Tube ticket machines in London.

That’s why, if you have a Sapphire Preferred, I’d recommend ordering a new one with a chip since it does make life a bit easier when using it abroad, and Chase was able to send it to me so quickly and for free. To request a new card, you can call customer service.

For more information on Smart Chips and the credit cards that have them, check out this post:

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  • Ryan Bush

    @TPG – I was told differently from the rep about whether I could use my old card or not, I was told they would both remain active unless I sent the old one in. As well I asked them to send me a new copy of the old version (mine was about to fall apart)

    Since I received my new one yesterday I have confirmed they are both still active, I didn’t even have to call in to activate my new card with the EMV. Just took it out of the package and started using it.

    I have heard stories of people having trouble using Chip + Sig cards in europe so if both of your cards remain active (EMV $ Non-EMV). It might be worth while to keep both incase you run into an issue where the EMV card won’t be accepted in Europe.

  • Sevnx7x7x7x

    I was told by the representative that the new card with the EMV chip was plastic… Liar!!!! I chose not to order a new one cause of that.

  • Rohal

    Thats so weird. I spoke to CSP customer service yesterday and requested a card with a chip and they said those haven’t been made yet; it will take a few years for that to happen.

  • Daniel

    Would the card with the EMV be considered a “new product”, such that you can apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card again and get the bonus miles?

  • Rocky

    Chase also offers the Marriott Premier Visa in metal with a chip.

  • Nick Aster

    Without a PIN, this is just as useless as ever in Europe. Kinda blows my mind that a card which touts international benefits still can’t get it together.

  • Andrew Hyde

    I use this kinda card without a pin all the time, works 95% of the time with a signature or will just let you use it.

  • Qasim Stewart

    After reading the post yesterday, I called all my credit cards to see if I could get the chip. Like the post yesterday mentioned, Chase Sapphire Preferred told me they would mail me one in 3-5 business days. My Starwood Preferred AMEX also will be mailed 3-5 days and it will come with a chip. My Premier Rewards Gold AMEX also will come with a chip. Since I just got this card on 10/26/13, I was told I have to request it on 11/6/13 or later. But you can request the card with a chip if you already have one. My Barclay Arrival Platinum was the only one that did not offer it. They did offer me the option of using a ‘Secure Code’ or pin when I’m over Europe. The rep told me it should work the same as a chip and pin card. I also did not call my Quicksilver Capital One Card to see if it offered it. Thanks for the article much appreciated.

  • Brian L.

    This could help if you run into a cashier who may not speak English and won won’t know or care that he has to accept your mag-stripe only card because Visa says so.

  • joeypore

    It’s definitely not. Wishful thinking though!

  • joeypore

    bahaha. Some of those reps really don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Travelwiz

    I have been trying to call the 800 # for 2 days. It is always busy. Any suggestions?

  • Pete

    Is it enough metal to set off an airport metal detector, thus making TSA pre-check a bit more inconvenient?

  • Mac

    Just called this morning and the guy told me they’re only doing it in waves and that i’d have to call back mid-month to request. I mentioned various bloggers didn’t say anything about waves when they called to request and he questioned the validity of them. Think i’ll call back on Monday when maybe their better staff are working.

  • Mac

    Just worked for me (800-493-3319) but didn’t get the response I wanted (see other post).

  • Travelwiz

    I just called & got my new cards. Try calling again

  • Travelwiz

    No. Haven’t had any problem

  • AdamNYCATL

    I called, and mine is on it’s way to me. The rep at first didn’t know what I was talking about, did a little searching and still couldn’t find it. He put me on hold for a couple of minutes and came back to tell me the card is being sent to me within 3-5 days. So, it sounds like the reps aren’t fully aware of this and it may require some educating of the rep or calling back.

  • Jay

    Is this chin and pin or chip and signature?

  • Brian L.


  • Brian L.

    Same thing happened to me when BofA came out with their chip cards. The first two reps I talked to had no idea what I was talking about, plus I got disconnected both times. The third one knew what I wanted and had the card sent.

  • Ryan U

    I just received my sapphire preferred with the chip via UPS overnight, and it was plastic. Same as the previous plastic card with embossed numbers, but it’s with a chip. I guess there are two versions of the new chip card.

  • Ryan U

    There are two versions. I just received the plastic sapphire preferred with chip.

  • Chad Warren

    Mine came in plastic too

  • Chad Warren

    Ya, not a big fan of the plastic. But the rep said the metal card would still work until it’s exp date

  • Emma

    Did anyone ask if you could choose to get metal or plastic when requesting the chip card?

  • KB

    I specifically asked. I was told that the ” metal is the default if that’s what you presently have but plastic w/raised numbers could be a special request they could accommodate”
    Also ask for next day delivery. No charge. (If needed)


    My PenFed card has a chip, simply request on your account webpage.

  • true chp and pin

    it wont’ help you in places like the Netherlands or Belgium, where “chip and pin” (rather than “chip and signature) is standard on train kiosks, some restaurants. Don’t get stuck… get a true pin and chip card from either Commerce Bank or Andrews AF Credit Union.

  • Andrew

    My rep told me that both cards would be active as well, and I definitely want to keep both just in case.

    But if the EMV card isn’t accepted at a certain place, wouldn’t the non-EMV be rejected also? Could you clarify on how the Non-EMV would have a benefit in any situation over the EMV card? Thanks!

  • CCNV

    I received the metal chip card and have tried the chip at Toys-R-Us (who have updated payment terminals that accept ISIS, Google Wallet, etc) – and the chip did not work. Tried it also a 7-11 (again they have updated terminals) and it again did not work. Wondering if others are having issues with chip working — or if I got a bad chip.

  • Anerd

    When I read what all the misinformed people are writing it makes me want to start a board like this just to correct everyone.

    @2b79c82edbd5fd8d3b238ea05e58c644:disqus – even though merchants are forced to update payment terminals by 2015, it’s still just for show. The processing side isn’t configured to accept chip based transactions, they are just getting ready. So the US you can just use mag-stripe for now. That doesn’t mean you will have any problems in other countries.

    @6116bb8f3865bf54fa8668cf306eedca:disqus – You see, terminals are given very specific instructions by the chip, that it must not require pin. So even though all cards in Netherlands or Belgium are Chip & Pin, they can still easily process a Chip & Signature transaction without any pos reconfiguration. With mag-stripe that was not possible because the POS would need to have programmed all the bins in the world categorized as debit/credit/prepaid and have specific instructions “This credit has pin, this one does not”. A chip would instead let the pos know details so that’s why your chip&signature will work flawlessly in countries such as Belgium&Netherlands

    Hope this helps

  • DBK

    Just a got a replacement card. The same metal material as “original”, but with a chip. What’s the difference between plastic and metal card?
    BTW – The card arrived within 48 hrs via Fedex and representative was fully aware of the chip in new cards. I never had any issues with the toll free number. Actually, it’s probably the quickest response time I ever receive. Maybe that’s because I just call airlines too frequently…

  • Alex

    Call me when Chase makes a Chip+PIN card, otherwise, all these awesome reward cards fall short of the mark for me. I’ll be applying at the credit unions.

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