My eBags 35x American Airlines Bonus Miles Have Posted

by on November 6, 2013 · 19 comments

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A couple weeks ago, the AAdvantage eShopping portal offered an amazing deal shopping bonus of 35 miles per dollar spent when shopping with eBags. eBags has a huge selection of items including luggage, handbags, laptop cases, and accessories like sunglasses, wallets, hats and watches so it was easy to find a bunch of things to order…and I might have gone a little overboard!


One item that I purchased was a Tumi Vapor Medium Packing Case for $595, which was the prize in a recent Thursday Giveaway.  From that one purchase I earned 20,825 Aadvantage miles which is basically like buying miles for 2.85 cents a piece. Normally you can buy AAdvantage miles online through in increments of 1,000 for 2.95 cents apiece for purchases of 1,000 to 5,000 miles and 2.75 cents per mile for purchases of 6,000 to 60,000, plus a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax. With the AAdvantage portal bonus it was actually cheaper to buy merchandise from eBags and earn miles on the purchase than buying those miles directly from, plus you have the actual merchandise to show for it.

Since placing my eBags orders on October 13, I’ve been anxiously waiting to see when the miles would post to my account, and they finally did yesterday, which was a relief because there were a lot of miles! Although I went a bit crazy with my purchases to try to maximize the amount of miles I would end up with, I have some charitable donations in mind that are still in the works, so stay tuned.

To check to see if your miles are processing correctly, go to and click the “My AAdvantage Eshopping Account” button in the top right.
AAdvantage Eshopping eBags

The main tab is a “Recent transactions” tab, which should list your eBags purchase. If not, I would reach out to eBags customer service to make sure that your order qualified for the 35x promotion.

For anyone who missed out on this offer AAdvantage came out with another great deal this week (available until tomorrow, Thursday November 7th) where you can earn 18 miles per dollar spent at Neiman Marcus or if you use Chase Freedom card you can bump that bonus up to a total of 23 points and miles per dollar since the Freedom is currently offering 5X points per $1 up to $1,500 at department stores as one of its fourth quarter bonus spending categories.

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  • Steven

    My miles didn’t post. Whom do I contact to resolve this?

  • dovertime

    You still haven’t disclosed how much $$$ you spent during this offer!!! I’m axniously awaiting to hear the bounty you received! ;-)

  • EJ

    Mine either. I’m sick of fighting with the shopping portals.

  • Eric

    He posted somewhere in the ball park of 2k last week

  • Martin

    Yes he posted in a previous post (linked at the beginning of this post) saying that he spent 2,969.91 and earned 103,947 AA miles

  • D

    Called ebags and they said it can take 30 days for the points to post. She said it was noted on my order… So I’ll keep waiting for another week or so. :-P

  • Bigmouth

    I am strongly against the practice of spending money that you would otherwise not spend just for the purpose of gaining points. Most people have spending problems, they end up on credit card debt that put 20% of interest on them that they will never be able to balance out from getting miles. Just don’t do it no matter how high the reward is…

  • MD

    Mine posted today as well. Huge relief.

  • SeaBee3

    He also said that was the tip of the iceberg

  • dovertime

    It’s @SeaBee3:disqus ‘s tip of the iceberg comment that really has me curious!!!!

  • beans

    hi brian…off topic but can you do a post about best credit cards that require a large amount of spend? running out of cards to apply for and bluebird is making me apply too fast. would like to start taking advantage of 10 – 50k spends

  • Zila

    What do you mean “bluebird is making me apply too fast “. Just curious…

  • Scott

    Hey points guy, can you do a post on the current luggage setup that you are using? I.e. sizes, brands, strategy. I have incorporated your large zip-around travel wallet setup into my travels and that has been great. Thanks, SLR

  • Ed

    My miles posted on 11/5…purchase made on 10/13

  • beans

    its too easy to hit spends on 1k to 5k sign up bonuses so i am applying for like 3 cards per month btw me and my wife. i am interested in what type of perks there are for significant spend like the ba companion pass. 2 bluebird accounts and our regular spend is an easy 12 – 15k per month

  • mnty

    My miles haven’t posted, and I’ve been corresponding with eshopping customer service about it for two weeks without any resolution so far.

  • thiseye

    I was told the same thing, but I’m still waiting 2 weeks later


    he’s writing off the cost as as a business expense, don’t worry.

  • thiseye

    After 21 weeks (!) of waiting (and several nagging emails), it’s finally posted as “pending” for me.

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