Higher Chase Sapphire Preferred Offer Still Live For Some

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I’m currently in India about to board a flight to Dubai, but earlier today, Chase launched a sign-up bonus offer on the Sapphire Preferred for 40,000 points when you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months plus an additional 5,000 points for adding an authorized user who makes a purchase in the first 3 months with the first year’s $95 annual fee waived.


Looks like most people see the 40K offer, but some might still be able to apply for the 50K one.

When some readers clicked on the link, it actually showed a higher offer of 50,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months plus an additional 5,000 points for adding an authorized user who makes a purchase in the first 3 months – so a total potential of 55,000 points, though that version came with an annual fee of $125 waived the first year.

Because it appeared as though the offer might be targeted to some consumers, some folks who had seen it reported that it had reverted to the 40,000-point offer, but it looks like the offer might still be live for some. For instance, I can no longer see it when I click on the links to the application, but TPG Managing Editor Eric Rosen does, so if you were thinking of applying, you should see what is available to you. If you got the higher offer, congratulations, that is great news for you, and I would just be sure to screenshot the offer so you have proof of the terms you were applying under.

If you originally saw it but are now only seeing the 40K offer, you can still call Chase and ask about it.

Although I do not have a link to the 50,000-point offer, you might still be able to find a working one on this FlyerTalk thread or via SlickDeals. If you do still get the 50K offer and were thinking of applying, I would do so while you still have access to it, and report back in the comments with your experience!

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  • Wayne

    :( just got the CSP last week

  • pete

    The 50,000 + 5,000 pts offer comes with a $125 annual fee (first year free) vs. the standard $95 fee. Just something to consider.

  • Toni Southam

    It’s still working for me and it’s 7:08 Mountain! Also, I tried accessing it off my iphone earlier and kept getting the lower offer, got on my computer, and the 50,000 offer popped up!

  • Izzy

    Was waiting for a higher offer. Just got approved for 50k offer plus the 5k additional for adding an authorized user. Will finally be able to combine the Chase Freedom points that I had with this.

  • Allan Klein

    Still live. Was just approved.

  • Kevin

    FYI, this offer has a higher annual fee of $125 instead of $95. I called in to see if the fee was changing, they said only for people targeted with this promotion.

  • Charlie

    I get the 50,000 + $125 offer on my computer (with cookies from Chase). However, using TPG’s link or my iPhone (I don’t phone bank) I see the 40,000 offer with the $95 fee

  • Gabriel

    Was just approved for the 50k bonus + 5k for AU. Was waiting for an increase in the bonus offer and despite the increase in the annual fee still worth applying for it.

  • Tyler

    Glad to see you couldn’t keep peddling an inferior offer. It’s unethical- you are claiming to your readers that you give them the best tools available while really you only focus on what gets you the most reward.

  • thepointsguy

    Never hurts to ask to see if they can match the bonus

  • thepointsguy

    I am in Mumbai and didn’t hear about this offer until I woke up at 6am and this post was up 20 mins later.. I 100% would rather have a readr get a better offer for them than use my link

  • Izzy

    Wife just got approved for 50k +5k for AU as well.

  • Ian

    How can a card have two different annual fees? 40,000 bonus for $95 annual fee and 50,000 bonus for $125 annual fee. Is this a sign that they are going to raise the standard annual fee to $125? Can they even do that for current cardholders?

  • Izzy

    Quick question, how quickly do points post to account? Is the spend requirement three months from receipt/activation of card or from approval?

  • Bethany

    My husband just got approved for the 50k + 5k points, with the $125 annual fee. We’ll probably cancel after the 1st year and just keep my CSP with the $95 fee…

  • Nathan

    Thanks Points Guy! I got this Sapphire and used your link for Arrival card. Have fun in Dubai.

  • Grant
  • Jimmy

    Still see the 50K offer

  • Jeremy

    I was in the same boat and I tried to SM to bump the bonus, but apparently Chase doesn’t match bonuses anymore. :(

  • Nickerss

    Spend requirement is from approval. I can’t recall off the top of my head exactly how quickly the points posted after meeting the min spend, but it was fast.

  • Samantha
  • Thomas

    Instant approval for the 50+5k offer via the slickdeals link. Sweet!

  • Eric

    never understand why you waste your time replying to the same comments in almost all your posts. block out the noise some people post

  • Mike B

    I applied and was instantly approved – but the only confirmation I got was an approved screen in the browser and an extremely concise email with no details. Is there any other way to double check how many points I’ll earn before receiving the card and all the literature? I used the 50k link but I’m nervous about whether it’ll actually go through that way.

  • Izzy

    Same here.

  • Peter

    Is the additional 10k points really worth the $30 yearly fee increase in perpetuity?

  • Chris C

    Got approved for Chase Sapphire Preferred this past Friday and the add-user 5k bonus was not in my offer (I did get the 40k sign-on though). However, I called and explained how I literally just got approved on Friday and asked if they would honor the 5k add-user offer if I added my fiance as an authorized user. They gladly added the offer to my account. Nice free option to get 5k points.

    Looking forward to my sweet blue metal card…

  • Chris C

    Yeah I’m with you here. The 50k bonus link worked for me, but I’d take $95/yr over an extra 10k points and $125/yr…

    If it was ~100k points to sign on, we’d have a discussion.

  • Dave L

    Yes, the 50,000 point offer is available but there are a couple of major changes, after the first year it costs $125./year afterwards and you no longer get a 10% credit for having Chase Checking (still do on Freedom). That’s $30 more per year if you intend to keep the card. Here is the link to the 50,000 offer (the 40,000 points offer is still available with $95. annual fee after the first year too). Here is the link to the 50,000 point offer:

  • Apadis

    TPG, the 50K offer sometimes disappears, but clearing cookies/cache or using incognito or private mode brings you right back to it :)

  • Spencer

    I just applied for the CSP last week and was approved for the 40k and $95 fee. Yesterday I internal messages asking them to honor the 50k plus 5k for auth signer and they just got back saying they would! The best part is they are not changing my card to the $125 annual fee! I love chase credit products even though I work for Wells :)

  • Mjodotcom

    Figured I would finally take the plung and got instant approved for the 55k total offer. My plan is next year when the fee comes due to just have the Mrs apply for one herself to get a second sign up bonus with the lower annual fee :)

  • maxpower212

    I would be surprised if there was still a $95 offer this time next year.

  • maxpower212

    Interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard that they would do this. Everyone else is saying that Chase won’t match it because the card has different terms and conditions.

  • maxpower212

    Maybe too late now, but if you have a Chase online account you can send them a secure message to confirm the bonus offer.

  • Tim

    anyone know if you can still get this offer if you previous had canceled the csp in january 2013?

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