Chase Southwest Visa 50,000-Point Offers Still Available

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

In October, Chase was offering an increased sign-up bonus of 50,000 Rapid Rewards points when you spend $2,000 within 3 months on all four if its Southwest Visas. That offer was supposed to be just for a limited time and to end on October 30, but it is still alive and Chase has removed the “limited time” language on the application page, so it looks like this offer has been extended for a while. While I don’t have an exact end date, I would suspect it will be around for a few more weeks, subject to change, and if I hear of anything I will report it here immediately.

The 50,000-point offer is available on both the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Visa and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Visa and on the personal and business versions of each, so if you have a small business and are looking for a credit card, one of the business versions might be a good option for you. When you click to this landing page, you’ll see the offer for the Premier, but you can click on the Premium business card or the Plus card at the bottom and you’ll be redirected to the application page for that card (the business Plus card is at the bottom of the second landing page). The spending requirement on each of the four cards is $2,000 in 3 months in order to earn the full sign-up bonus of 50,000 points.

The difference between the two cards is that there is a $99 fee on the Premier card and $69 fee on the Plus card. The Premier comes with 6,000 points every anniversary (~$108 in Wanna Get Away fares) and the Plus gets 3,000 ($54 in Wanna Get Away fares).

The reason this could be so interesting for a lot of folks is that the sign-up bonus points count towards Southwest’s Companion Pass qualification, which is one of the best frequent flyer program benefits out there. Because this offer is still live, it means you have even more time to hit that minimum spending requirement and earn the bonus at the beginning of 2014 so that your points would count toward earning a Southwest Companion Pass that would be good for both 2014-2015.

The Southwest Companion Pass is one of the most valuable frequent flyer benefits out there.

The Southwest Companion Pass is one of the most valuable frequent flyer benefits out there.

Even if you have the Southwest Companion Pass already and are looking for ways to requalify for next year, one of these bonuses could be the final surge you need to get you across the qualification line, so that’s worth thinking about as well.

Besides the pass, each of these bonuses is worth almost $900 in Wanna Get Away fares (60 points = $1 until the devaluation March 31, 2014 after which you’ll need 70 points per $1) so it is one of the most solid credit card offers on the market if you fly Southwest.

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  • Mani

    Can I do Chase Southwest and Chase Ink Bold at the same time? If I do both of these at the same time, do I get one credit inquiry or do I get 2 because one is personal and the other is business?

  • Tom Markham

    What if I use the tickets but then cancel the card before the renewal date to avoid the yearly fee. It that ok to do?

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- tickets are not linked to the credit card so you can cancel one or the other with no effect

  • Brian

    When spending the initial $2,000, as long as the 2000th dollar spent is in the year 2014, then the 50k bonus miles would still count towards the 2014 year for the companion pass, correct? Just the points earned in the 2013 year would not be earned towards the 110k for the companion pass. Or if we activate the card on Jan 1st then do we still have the 3 months to spend 2k from then?

  • Jennifer

    Do you have any idea whether Chase typically approves simultaneous applications for the two personal cards? I unfortunately don’t have anything that might qualify as a business.

  • Olivia

    I was approved for the premier personal on Oct 30 and denied a business card because I already have chase ink and not enough profits for a second business card. How long should I wait to apply for the personal plus card? I’m hoping for the companion pass in 2014. Thx!

  • Winnie

    FWIW- I was approved for both the Plus and Premier personal card two days ago. I had 3 personal Chase cards + the Chase Ink and explained that one Southwest card was for me, and the other was for me to book flights for my mom to visit relatives (want to keep spending separate). I applied for both at the same time in different browsers and received decision pending for both. Had to call the reconsideration line twice (one for each card) and move some of my credit around. Both times the Chase rep said their system indicated I had applied for two cards, and that one app had been outright denied, but both cards are now approved and on their way to me, fingers crossed!

  • r0m8470

    Can anyone explain the timing? Since it is November now, and let’s say I have both cards approved today – 2 months from now is in January 2014 – and I complete the spend requirements for both cards. Does that count as fulfillment of the spending obligation for the bonus?

  • notoriousdesi

    yes they do. my gf applied for both the plus AND premier personal cards and was approved on the same day

  • notoriousdesi

    Are the points that count toward the companion pass earned when the purchases are made or when I pay my bill? I ask because I was just approved for the personal plus and premier cards and would like to earn the 4,000 points for spending and 100,000 points for bonus in January 2014. If I make all of my purchases in December/January and then pay that bill early January, will all of those points be considered earned in 2014 and count towards the companion pass or just the purchases I would make in January?

  • Lynn

    It is always wise to consider whether it is worth opening and closing a credit card within a relatively short amount of time. Longevity with a credit card company is a critical factor when trying to achieve a high credit score. It is one of the most important factors to consider. Even if you keep the card open and never use it (cut it up if you like!) it is still building credit in your name. I was advised, by Chase bank rep a few years ago against closing out my seldom used credit card that I have had for 20 years. Best free advice I’ve ever been given. It sits in a drawer unused but is worth a lot in the regard that it has been a huge factor in achieving our credit score of 815. Ill keep it “forever” since it has no annual fee. At least with the card you are considering there are great benefits to using it that may make the annual fee worthwhile. If your credit score is not an issue to you then by all means go for the freebies. If you ever need to take out a car loan, mortgage, or any other loan, remember that the higher the credit score, the lower the interest you will pay. The interest could amount to much more than an annual fee would ever be. Something to consider :) I wish you well with your decision

  • Jason Back

    I was approved for both personal cards and wanted to know if the annual fees counted towards the $2000 total? I suspect they don’t but didnt want to miss my goal by $69.

  • Brandon

    You can’t apply for two cards on a single app, but you can apply for them back to back (sometimes you need to do one app in one browser, the other app in another).

    You will get hit with 2 hard pulls (or more, depending on your credit. They may pull additional bureaus if they feel the need based on their first pull)

    I just app’d for;

    *Chase Southwest Business Premier (50k bonus pts)
    *Chase Southwest Personal Premier (50k bonus pts)
    *Chase Disney ($200 gift card, we’re going in April and the spend for the reward is incredibly easy)

    Personal was instant @ $12k CL. I had to call into recon on both the Business and Disney card, they didn’t like the back to back applications, but ultimately approved me for $7k on the Business and $3k on the Disney.

    Fiance app’d for

    *Chase Southwest Personal Premier (50k bonus pts)
    *Chase Southwest Personal Plus (50k bonus pts)

    Instant $5k on the Premier, had to call recon on the Plus. Also approved for $5k (her credit isn’t nearly as good due to some defaulted school loans. I’m shocked they approved her at all, let alone for $5k a piece)

    I got hit with 3 hard pulls on Experian. Fiance got hit with 2 hard pulls on Experian. IMO, this is well worth it. We are on our way to both having Companion Passes (the kids will fly for free now), ultimately earning us at minimum of 18 free R/T flights. The pull for me on the Disney was probably worth it, my score dropped on Experian due to the INQ’s, but will rebound quickly as soon as the trade lines start reporting.

    Hope this helps.

  • Mani

    Thank you Brandon,

    That actually helps a lot. I am fairly new to this mileage game. I was incorrectly informed earlier that I could apply for multiple cards on one credit pull as long as it was the same issuing bank.

    Sounds like you got 3 cards on 3 hard pulls and your fiance got 2 cards for 2, which is 1:1 applications to hard pulls ratio.

  • Sandman

    Friends, they’ve discontinued the 50,000 points offer. Same deal now is only 25,000, which is still decent. If you pay off your card each month, this card is just as good if not better than Capital One. Reason: the $99 annual fee credit of 6,000 bonus points essentially is a wash. Remember, Angels fly because they take themselves lightly! Enjoy.

  • Dorothy Bowelman

    Applied & approved for 2 cards 11/18. Got statement for first card & shows closing date of 12/4. Second card shows closing date of 12/6. They had the annual fees on them.

    Next closing dates are Jan 4 & Jan 6, is it best to make all charges after those dates to be safe, for 2014-2015 companion status? It will delay companion status a month , but I don’t want to make an error.

  • Jeffrey

    Hey guys,

    I applied for both the Personal and the Business card earlier this year, in January 2013. I was approved for the Personal one, spent $2,000 and have 62,846 qualifying points right now for companion pass. I was denied for the Business one and forgot to apply until now. I just applied and it needs further review.

    If I do get approved before the end of the year, and I spend $2,000 before 1/1/14, would my 50,000 points count for 2013 so they could be used towards my companion pass? If so, would my companion pass be for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015?


  • Sandman

    Not sure, Jeff – but the bank folks have been very friendly when I inquired prior to applying for the 50K Premier offer.

  • Mary

    I’m hoping you can help me. I see that you posted this info on 11/5/13…do you happen to know when you posted that the offer expired after taht? We applied for the card at the end of December and I SWEAR we applied when the 50K points were offered, but we’re only getting 25K, because Chase says the promotion wasn’t running.

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