Barclaycard Cardmembers Get Free FICO Scores Starting Today

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Barclaycard has been making some very positive moves in the travel credit cards marketplace as it beefs up its offerings with great products like the Arrival card, and in another new initiative, it has become the first top 10 issuer to offer cardmembers complimentary FICO scores.


Barclaycard will allow customers to access their credit score.

Barclaycard announced today, November 4, 2013, that it has partnered with FICO so that cardmembers will have access to the same information that banks and lenders have to better understand their credit. Cardmembers can access their FICO scores right from their Barclaycard online account starting today.

FICO Credit Meter

Barclaycard also offers guidance on how to read your FICO score.

In addition to generating your score, Barclaycard’s site will also provide some simple tools including graphics to help you understand your score and the factors that determine it, as well as a chart that plots your score history (starting three months out) with up to 12 months of data. You can also opt to get an email alert anytime your score changes, making it a really useful way to keep a careful eye on your all-important credit score and catch any potential problems or pitfalls early.


While many companies claim to offer “free” credit scores, most are not accurate or require a fee for ongoing access, so this official partnership is a big advancement in the financial industry and a great step forward for customers.

FICO Credit Meter

The FICO Credit Meter.

Barclaycard will initially offer FICO Score Open Access to its Barclaycard Ring, Barclaycard Arrival, Barclaycard Rewards, Juniper, Frontier and Carnival cardmembers on an opt-in basis, and according to their Facebook page, they will then will expand the program to additional card portfolios early in 2014. To get started, simply log onto your Barclaycard account here and accept the terms.

This is yet another proactive move by Barclays, who recently announced that members of their travel community will be able to earn points for contributing their stories and deals with other users. Not only that, you can earn points (redeemable for travel) even if you aren’t a Barclaycard cardholder.  This follows on the heels of last year’s launch of Barclaycard’s Arrival credit card in the US market last year, which allow cardholders to redeem their points at a fixed rate of 1 cent apiece for travel expenses such as airline tickets, hotel nights and car rentals and receive a 10% mileage refund on redemptions.

Be aware of your credit score and do you your best to keep it in good standing.

Be aware of your credit score and do you your best to keep it in good standing.

As I have explained in the past, FICO is simply a company that aggregates credit data and sells that information to individuals and companies/banks. There are a number of other credit score companies, like VantageScore, but the most widely used is FICO. It’s a number on a scale of 300-850, with roughly 700 being the average. Per the FICO website, the five main factors of your credit score are: 35% payment history, 30% amounts owed, 15% length of credit history, 10% new credit, 10% types of credit.

There are a lot of different opinions on what constitutes very good credit, but it seems a safe bet would be 720, with 700+ being good. Once you are above 720, it generally doesn’t matter whether you have a 760 or 850. Perfect credit is great to brag about, but realistically doesn’t set you apart from people who have very good credit. In fact, many people can still get in on credit cards with mid to high 600′s – it just depends on your income and history with the lender. Remember, the credit card business is extremely lucrative, so the banks want to have new accounts opened and the threshold for which you will get approved for each lender is kept secret. You’ll generally only find out if you apply, but you can research on sites like

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  • shay peleg

    So this Fico is score is from which of the 3 agencies?

  • smizroch

    Thanks for the info, as always. I love knowing this stuff and I’m glad Barclaycard is offering it for free.

  • Roman Goubin

    Just got off the phone with Barclays .. will check again but rep said Transunion only
    If that’s the case…No deal

  • Goat Rodeo

    … will be nice if they open it up for the US Airways card… hopefully prior to whenever/ifever the merger happens.

  • Eric

    Thx TPG! This kind of info is invaluable.

  • CSM

    I too have the US Air card, it works for me if I use your link, but if I access my card’s page normally there is no FICO score under the tools and education tab. Strange.

  • Jay

    Is this any more accurate than the score from creditkarma?

  • picky fucker

    Works with US Airways card. Transunion Score.

  • Victor Wong

    does this count as a hard or soft pull on your credit?

  • ROB

    it just gives score not any full report & it is trans union. Mine is 786 fico there. almost same on credit karma which is a fako but still very good and i have many inquiries. What I wanted is EXPERIEN FICO. I have creditsesame too but it is not updated regularly

  • Dee

    Cool. Mine worked with my USAirways card. Thanks, TPG.

  • Wildcat1

    Does using this FICO option affect your credit at all, hard, soft pull etc ?

  • guest

    Ii tried earlier direct from card’s homepage . couldn’t find nowhere but it worked from the link. thank you so much

  • Nvtech

    Works with my Priceline card too.

  • Nicole

    For the people who said it worked for the US Airways card, where are you seeing the score?

  • Cheapblackdad

    Love this. Having the # is a huge benefit to us Barclaycard holders. The fact that the Arrival is getting me a close to free Disney World trip and a free FICO is definitely making this my card of choice, and at the top of the list for my wife’s first AOR.

    Note: I found the score function under the tools and education portion of my Arrival. Not sure why they didn’t send out an e-mail or a message vs. finding out about it here?

    A few downsides to the feature:

    1. Just the score, no report. Definitely missing the detail that a place like karma and sesame provide. But given I can get from the aforementioned, having the actual FICO is suh-weet in conjunction with that.

    2. Backdated a bit. Mine is from sometime in September? May be when I checked my free annual report for my first ever App-o-Rama, not sure. Anyone know how often these will update?

    Also, on the Barclarcard arrival community, it’s fairly inactive. Someone feel free to get the party started again so I can start earning points to brag about my trips.

  • Serene

    Are the points from the Barclaycard combinable with any other type of points?

  • Mase

    I have the same issue with my US Air card. I can get the TU FICO score through the link in the post like “CSM” but not under tools/education otherwise. Strange indeed.

  • Zeke Kersey

    I went in from your link and the offer to access FICO shows up on my Lufthansa Miles and More card. I was shocked in a good way at what mine was. Perhaps I need to schedule a churn… ; ) Thanks, TPG!!

  • Wildcat1

    Victor did you find the answer to this ?

  • doctorofcredit

    They are offering the TU FICO 08 score, most lenders are still looking at the 04 model but more and more are moving each day.

  • Izgil Mardahayev

    Not at all.

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