Thursday Giveaway: Tumi Vapor Carry On Bag And The Winner of the $250 Sear’s Gift Card

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Earlier this week, the AAdvantage shopping portal was offering an incredible 35 miles per $1 spent at eBags, the world’s largest online retailer of bags and accessories. I ended up ordering quite a few bags myself (and snagging a ton of bonus miles in the process), so I wanted to give one of them away this week for the Thursday Giveaway.

This week's Thursday Giveaway is for a Tumi Carry-on.

This week’s Thursday Giveaway is for a Tumi Carry-on.

For this week’s contest, I’m giving away a Tumi Vapor International Carry-On, my favorite carry on roller bag, which retails for $495. The suitcase dimensions are 21.5″ x 14″ x 9″ – perfect for rolling up the aisle and stowing in an overhead bin. It has a durable and sleek polycarbonate shell so it won’t get dinged, and inside there is a divided packing section with a curtain with zip pockets and tie-down straps for the over-organized OCD traveler.

If you want to win this suitcase, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post with your best carry-on packing tips – whether it’s rolling your shirts so they don’t get as wrinkled, or making sure you have your liquids in a quart-size plastic bag before getting to the TSA, or something none of the rest of us has thought of. Whatever your tip is, I want to hear it.

Just be sure to comment by 5:00pm ET on Monday, October 21 and we’ll announce the winner here next week. Happy packing!

And the Winner of the $250 Sears Gift Card Is…

For last week’s Thursday Giveaway, I decided to reward one lucky reader a $250 Sear’s Gift Card, since AAdvantage eShopping is offering 12X miles per $1 at Sears, which is also one of the Freedom’s qualifying department stores meaning you’ll earn an additional5 X Chase Ultimate Rewards points per $1 when you use your Chase Freedom card. The point of the contest was to leave a comment with your best tip for maximizing online shopping.

$250 Sear's Gift Card

$250 Sear’s Gift Card

Last week’s winner, chosen at random, was Jason who commented:

I always check the Ultimate Rewards shopping site or United MileagePlus shopping site before making a purchase. Even some obscure, specialty stores qualify for great rewards.

Jason made a great point, that you should always check online shopping portals when you want to buy something because you never know what stores might be included no matter how obscure – and his favorite online shopping portal seems to be one of my favorites as well, the Ultimate Rewards portal for Chase, where when you log on with your Freedom, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold or Ink Plus account, you can earn valuable bonus Ultimate Rewards points on every dollar you spend.  Congrats Jason! We’ll be in touch soon, and thanks for everyone for their great entries.

Good luck on this week’s contest!


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  • James Durkin

    Use packing cubes to organize your stuff.

  • Dave

    I’m all about tissue paper to stop wrinkles. That and non-iron shirts. My bag just got damaged last time I checked it, so am hoping I win!

  • Bryce Griffler

    I specifically purchased a wardrobe roller that is called out as a carry-on bag. As in, it fits in most overhead bins. Which means my suits and shirts won’t get completely wrinkled/destroyed in the cargo hold.

  • David

    I use compression bags to maximize the space in my carry on

  • Dave Golden

    I always use a dry cleaning bag and layer it in between layers of clothing because it keeps everything from wrinkling.

  • jonb

    I roll everything to save space, especially for the week+ trips.

  • frenchman619

    Stuff your socks into your shoes

  • jblaze9

    I always carry a bookbag, and leave a small plastic shoe horn in the small compartment to help put my dress shoes back on after going through security.

  • eric

    get an odd color luggage or tie a ribbon or something to your luggage. everyone has a black bag

  • Nick

    roll everything to save space!

  • HRS

    I pack a separate bag with stuff I want to use in flight that I put inside the wheelie. Often the flights I take won’t allow a wheelie on board so when I have to gate check it’s easy to remove

  • Paul

    I carefully fold and put my nicer (expensive) shirts in large freezer zip locks (1-2 per zip lock), press out all of the air and it’s like they are vacuum-packed.

  • Pointsandtravel

    Color coded packing cubes work for me!

  • fabioinacio67

    Always bring food/snacks for longer flights. Catering has gone from bad to worse (even in business class).

  • chocoshatner

    I roll all of my clothes and pack them into eBag’s packing cubes. I love those cubes.

  • Point Princess

    Bring a plastic grocery bag or some other bag to separate your dirty clothes.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Take gallon zip lock bags for isolating dirty laundry on continuing and return flights.

  • Scuta

    Put liquids in a plastic bag…

  • Ben Price

    Best packing tip? Pack less! Bring half the clothes, double the money. Also: as your dirty clothes pile up, so will the smell. Throw a few dryer sheets in your bag for safe measure.

  • John

    Pack shoes with the sole side out!

  • Tanya

    I don’t buy water at the airport. I bring an empty bottle and just fill it with tap water after I pass security.


    Rolling all of my clothing and one pair of packed shoes is key for helping one week’s worth of clothes fit in a bag made to fit much less. I also wear the suit coat onto the flight for hanging in the closet to save space and wrinkles.

  • Dan Rost

    I use a recycled, zippered business class amenity kit for small items and chargers/cords to keep them all in place and so that I don’t forget to pack them on either end of the trip.

  • Ricardo Escalante

    For me, a big issue is space. I hate checking bags, but I tend to travel for at least two to three weeks per trip so using a carry on sometimes is difficult. What I do, is use space bags, I fold the clothes I want to take (to minimize wrinkles) and compress them. The newer bags don’t require vacuums so this becomes an advantage when re-packing.

  • Israel Saari

    Unroll socks and flatten them along the bottom of the suitcase to create a smooth bottom layer, particularly between the handle channels.

  • Tamara Hathaway

    Pack pieces that you can mix and match and wear a couple times! Roll clothes that dont wrinkle too easily. Pack socks/undies/scarves inside of shoes. For long slacks, place in the bottom with them hanging over the edges. Put in all your rolled clothes on top, then fold over the pants that were hanging over the edge. Works every time!

  • evapor8

    I swear by a Contura suit carrier to keep my work clothes nice and tidy in my cabin bag. Means I now don’t turn up at overseas meetings looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!

  • Amanda

    I check everything trying to get luggage in the overhead bins when you are 4’7 is rough

  • Denise L

    Packing cubes can help you squeeze a lot into a small suitcase.

  • Nathan

    Stuff all socks into shoes

  • taylor

    my unconventional tip? i never fold my clothes on the way to a vacation- i just stuff ‘em in there…this way, when i buy clothes/items/gifts i know there will be enough room in my suitcase on the way back! (#lowbrowtravelguy?)

  • ryan

    Socks in shoes.

  • Curtis L.

    Believe it or not: after packing, just a simple piece of paper with my contact info & my destinstion address (hotel or friend/relative address). In case you get seperated from your luggage.

  • Ron Zember

    Eagle Creek compression packing folders to keep my dress shirts wrinkle-free

  • rtwin35days

    Make sure to have quick access to your valuable items and remove them if you have to gate check your bag due to the full overhead bins and bring those valuables with you on the plane so they don’t magically disappear when you get to your destination.

  • Siew Sin

    Pack slightly larger than the allowed 100ml toiletries into the carry on. As long as they fit in the quart size bag, it shouldn’t raise any suspicions.

  • Aditya

    Pack the bag filling one compartment while leaving the other empty – as I wear the clothes, they move from the “clean” side of the suitcase to the “dirty” side, so there’s never any confusion!

  • Nilesh

    stuff socks into shoes and roll up lighter clothing and stuff them into the cracks at the bottom of the case

  • james

    Throw in a copy of your boarding pass or itinerary so that, in case bags are lost and tags lost, they can know who the bag belongs to quickly know where to send it.

  • Levik

    I never bother to put my liquids in a ziplock bag, or take them out for security. As long as they’re under the allowed 100ml, I never had TSA challenge me on this.

  • worthit52

    A fun inexpensive gift for loved ones to pick up while traveling are bright beautiful luggage tags!! I received two as a gift and they really help identify my luggage.
    Share the love…and travel tip.

  • Vicky Tam

    I try to pack everything in the carry on and I also like the space bags

  • Emily Lai

    I pack wet naps, they’re very handy.

  • John Pherrin

    If I’m not going to be gone for more than a day or two, I skip bringing any “liquid” toiletries altogether because things like toothpaste are available from the front desk, making clearing security quicker.

  • Alf

    Vacuum-packs and extendable carry-on.

  • Bill

    Get your fiance a bigger carry on so she does not take up half of yours…

  • Joseph

    As a Middle East based journalist, the best advice I can offer to protect (and if you are travelling to Egypt) conceal your expensive kit like computers and radio equipment. Carry only what you need and be sure that your papers are in line!

  • Tania Pereyra

    Plan your outfits and dress them up with colorful pashminas and space bags!!

  • Mike

    I use hotel laundry bags to separate and organize luggage easier.

  • Paul

    I always pack an additional light, compactable bag in my carry-on in case I need it to carry something unexpected back home.

  • Sam

    Shoes in a reusable cloth bag. Keeps clothes clean then acts as my dirty laundry bag later

  • BEN

    i have all packing items out on the guest bed night before i leave………my final pack i keep repeating “do i need this or that” or “will i wear this or that” and in most cases eliminating something therefore having some room for a gift when i return……….how many times have we travelled and come home not having used that extra pair of shoes (that we thought were needed for some magical event that never materialized) or that thick sweater we never wear anyway……….just got done unpacking from a recent trip with a smile on my face when the top items were two colorful switzerland sweatshirts for my boys……….happy traveling

  • Marc D

    The best tip is to simply be realistic while packing regarding taking only what you need. The rest is easy!

  • M K

    I have a travel ziploc of all my toiletries ready from week to week and just replenish when I’m out of something.

  • Tova

    I always pack my makeup in my carryon in case my luggage is lost/delayed. There is a lot of money’s worth of products in that small bag!

  • Ralph

    Always pack extra ziploc and plastic bags – never know when they come in handy! They also function as a way to separate out dirty clothes as well

  • Randy

    Socks and underwear in quart size bags. As much as it helps organization – the bags themselves are indispensable for multiple needs while traveling.

  • Sarah

    I try to wear my largest pair of shoes on the plane (usually boots) so that I don’t have to cram bulky stuff into my carry on.

  • Kathryn

    I always make sure I pack my blanket & pillow in my bag last, so when I need them, they’re on top & accessible for when I need them.

  • Jonathan

    Use vacuum packs

  • MarcMon

    Think about the minimum you need to pack, not the maximum/do not bring ‘just in case ‘ or just because items

  • rtlaw

    Never let your wife pack. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Mansour

    Pack things inside of your shoes to save space!

  • CherylinMassachusetts

    Rolling clothes is the way to go to maximize carry on or checked baggage.Zip lock bags for cosmetics, Q-tips, & jewelry as well as your TSA approved liquids.

  • Henry

    A small pack of baby wipes will give you a quick refresher when you don’t have access to a shower (or your connection time doesn’t allow a lounge visit)

  • Ronette

    Do laundry while away!

  • Brian S

    I always keep my laptop and my quart-sized bag of liquids/gels in the same pocket in my carry-on, that makes one less pocket to open up through security. And speaking of that bag of liquids/gels, I usually include a couple of 2 oz. generic bottles filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream – Baileys can make even the worst cup of airline/airport coffee tolerable and paying $7 for a shot of baileys just seems wrong (and some airlines don’t carry it)!

  • Greg Cederwall

    Pack shoes at the bottom and stuff with pairs of socks to save space.

  • Tom

    Pack travel size toiletries in a pair of shoes. I can fit a disposable razor, electric toothbrush, deodorant, and toothpaste, etc in my gym shoes. This saves space in your canary on

  • Pittpal

    I put all the things I will want when on board into a bag/purse which I then pack into my carry on. That gives me one bag to take through security and to schlepp around the airport – then at the gate I take the smaller bag out, and am set to either gate check or store my carry on and be all set for the ride.

  • Gordon

    I keep my fully stocked toiletries zip lock in my bag for travel at all times. This way I don’t leave out a razor or toothpaste from the pack/unpack routine.

  • alex

    i leave my dry cleaner plastic on my shirts and that prevents them from getting wrinkled!!!

  • Dannon Shiff

    I always pack my socks in my shoes and make sure to bring extra wire hangers for the hanging section of my roll-aboard

  • waynekim5

    Roll everything, not just the shirts!

  • Cali D

    Pack items that can mix and match so you don’t need to take as much. Put socks and underwear inside your shoes. Roll your clothes. But if you want my honest thoughts…forget all of this and just check a bag ;)

  • Jimmy Law

    Always wear your bulkiest items – jackets, sweaters, etc on the flight itself and for anything that can be rolled, roll it up! Also make sure to try to use every single compartment to avoid wasting empty space.

  • NanaB

    My favorite packing tip is to bring a layer of bubble wrap and lay that on the top of your packed items. I never know what kind of goodies I will find in far away lands and having the bubble wrap with me eliminates worries of getting the trinkets home safely.

  • buschoi

    Keep some empty ziploc bags and plastic bags in the carry-on just in case.

  • Eugene

    Packing cubes rock! Helps to organize my stuff and helps me find things i need quickly without rummaging my entire luggage.

  • Brad Monterio

    I almost always try to just do carry on luggage when I travel, whether domestic or overseas. I am able to do so by using several tricks:

    - wear the bulkiest clothes/shoes onto the plane, carry coats, so you don’t have to pack them

    - use those vacuum seal bags to pack clothes and minimize room taken up – they have ones now that do not need a vacuum – u simply roll them to force the air out – can double the amount of space you have in your bag

    - cedar shoe trees are heavy – instead, I roll tshirts/polo shirts or stuff socks and underwear inside the shoes – this keeps their shape and gives you extra room in your bag

    - save your dry cleaning bags – put your suits, dress shirts, linen, silk and other couches inside them before packing – it helps protect and reduce wrinkles

    - put your toiletries ziplock bag in your purse or briefcase and not in your carryon – this mead. Easier to get out at security and saves more room in your bag

    - plan out what you are going to Pack… And then remove things. We all pack way too much and you don’t wear it all. So save yourself the trouble and have a good eye for editing.

    - bring fewer socks and underwear – wash them in your hotel room and save luggage space

  • Kevin

    If you are limited on space, leave out any items that you can easily acquire at your destination.

  • njfarmb0y

    Do all what most people do. Pack light roll clothes & put socks in shoes.

  • claire

    for women, make sure your purse fits in the outer pocket of your carry on bag so you can slip it in before you board. You don’t want that small purse counting as one of your bags

  • Nick

    Non iron shirts and bring de-wrinkle spray

  • Erin Kendall

    I roll all my shirts and put rubber bands around them so they don’t unroll as you move them around to find the one you want.

  • Calflygirl

    Bringing versatile shoes so I don’t have to bring multiple pairs

  • Laura

    I keep all of my travel sized essentials and a spare set of chargers in my carry-on at all times so I never worry about forgetting them.

  • Amy V.

    Love the Bailey’s tip.

  • Allison M. Silver

    PLAN, PLAN PLAN!! When I want to travel with only a carry-on the first thing I do is GET ORGANIZED. Overpacking is unnecessary and makes for a less enjoyable travel experience. By planning out what I need to bring with me, instead of throwing everything I think I want to bring into a suitcase, I can always nicely fit all of my items in my carryon.

  • Evan

    Ziplock, Ziplock, Ziplock!

  • jon

    Roll and place your smallest items (socks, underwear) around the sometimes awkward internal mechanism of the bag (where the pull-out handle goes) so you can get a flat surface for keeping clothes smooth and unwrinkled. Also bring a trash bag or two to easily separate clean from dirty.

  • Gareth

    Besides the typical rolling of clothing, stuffing shoes, and maximizing space utilization like everyone else, I actually don’t use plastic bags for my toiletries. I have an LL Bean toiletry bag that can hang in hotel bathrooms and is functional. Although I do have pre-check, I never take it out of my bag going through the normal security lanes and have only been asked to remove it once in the past year (over 100 flights). Being stopped less than 1% of the time for TSA to check my toiletries seems worth the convenience of having a well-organized toiletry bag. Additionally, a small umbrella can be a life saver.

  • sdl

    Think before you go, if you aren’t going to use it don’t bring it. Ideally every travel item has more then 1 use

  • Eliel G

    Many great posts about how to pack. Here is the most unique thing that I pack: a small flashlight (hotel power outages do occur – portable lighting needed when dark particularly in the bathroom),

  • adambadam

    Favorite tip is to stuff belts and socks in shoes to get that extra bit of spac

  • pranay

    I put my quart size zip loc in the outside zipper of my bag because it’s 1) easy to pull out for security and 2) I’m super paranoid and still think If I pack my zip loc in the main compartment, some how some way, it’ll leak onto my clothes….

  • AmyP

    I always have an unusual or colored ribbon or tag on my luggage, it may not help with packing but it does help with identifying my bag quickly if I check the bag. As far as packing goes, I am becoming quite the packologist.

  • Daniel H

    Useful tip for me over the years: use laundry plastic bag from hotels to store your dirties and separate them from the clean clothing

  • Laura

    And Pre-check is a serious game changer! Every frequent flyer should apply!

  • Dani Toney

    i try to wear as many layers as i can to keep as much space as i can in my carry-on, but i always, wear the biggest shoes on the plane and stuff other shoes with small items such as belts, socks, ect..i try to leave as many toiletries as i can at home and use what the hotel has, you can get razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, sewing kits and many other items form the front desk if you ask..
    most important is i try to leave alittle space left in the carryon so that i can buy something on the trip and not have to ship it back..
    i travel light and if going on a longer trip then i will pack a collapsible suitcase (baggalini) ..
    i would love to win the prize..

  • AmandaRN

    I absolutely hate when my toiletries leak everywhere, so now I make sure to take all lids off and put a piece of plastic wrap over the bottle openings before screwing the lids on and packing them up. It has completely resolved my leaking issue! And I always make sure to pack a travel size bottle of wrinkle release spray, just in case I can’t find an iron. It’s been a life saver!

  • Jordan

    Wear multiple layers of clothing to save room and hopefully be able to avoid checking a bag.

  • Robert P

    eBags packing cubes are the best way to pack a carry on, hands down

  • elaine

    I always pack Jet Bags/Wine Diapers in bag to protect clothes if case a bottle of wine is broken~luckily this has never happened.

  • John Hermansen

    I always travel with a store sealed snack that you can’t normally find on a plane to share with the stewards/stewardesses. It brightens their day and a happy crew makes for a happy flight. A small gesture of kindness goes a long way in todays stressed out airline industry and several times the gesture was even returned via a seat upgrade or a premium beverage.

  • Pete

    I always have a few different sized ziplock bags packed. They come in handy when I need to bring home a wet bathing suit, or pack leftover shampoo that I like from luxury hotels I visit. They take up virtually no space and they never go bad.

  • BigTex

    Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on, especially when traveling internationally. Makes a world of difference to have a shower upon landing (Lufthansa FCT anyone?) and slip into new clothes — jet leg seems to be muted substantially.

  • DesignerBiker

    My husband and I are “carry-on” packers. NO. MATTER. WHAT.
    However, if you are traveling with a business associate, or other family member, they ALWAYS check a bag. Then, it may seem like a good idea to go ahead and check your bag, too. DON’T!

    Both bags will be lost, it’s inevitable.

    My other advice is to get on that plane as soon as possible in the boarding process, so you can get your bag in the overhead. Your carry on bag is your ticket to a quick exit from the airport, getting in the car rental line first, getting through customs if you are changing planes, etc.


  • pepper4

    After you get together what you’re taking, take a second look and take less!

  • Marlene Krouse Hutchison

    Make sure the things that need to come out (laptop and ziploc toiletry bag) are in their own easy to access pockets for fast removal

  • Krys

    I always pack my keys in my carry-on and not my checked bag. Once my luggage was delayed on my return leg and I had no keys to get in my car or house.

  • Brad

    I make a copy of my passport and Drivers Lic and deal it in an envelope in the bag in case I lose my ID

  • mjtaxpro

    Bring extra plastic bags or Ziploc bags so dirty/wet clothes don’t get mixed with other things.

  • Nathan Berend

    For vacation trips, donate your clothes to a local charity. Then use that extra room in your carry on to pack your purchases and gifts for the return trip home.

  • Mallory Spigel

    (1) Carry on your coat or anything large
    (2) Roll all of your items
    (3) Make sure you know what the hotel offers before you leave, don’t waste space on items they already provide
    (4) Plan exactly what you need and bring no extra
    (5) If you aren’t going to work out on a short business trip? Be honest with yourself and leave your sneakers at home!

  • Lisa M

    I am a big fan of over-the-door shoe bags. You can load them, reuse them every trip, and can easily see when you are running out of something/need to replace an item. That, and newspaper bags to hold all my rolled-up pants, shirts, etc. The plastic keeps them from wrinkling. For kids, an entire outfit (socks, underwear, everything) in a large ziploc for each day. That way, they can dress themselves!

  • RW

    Pack, and then remove 1 out of every 3 pieces you packed (I always overpack)

  • BreAnn

    Ironically, my BEST packing tip is to USE EBAGS! I swear, I sound like a spokesperson for them when I talk to my friends and family. I have all different colors, mostly in the small size. Roll up your shirts, pants, etc, and separate them into different colors. They have been BRILLIANT for our round-the-world trip we’re currently on!

  • mjm122696

    When on an international flight, I make sure my “pajamas” (uber comfy clothes I want to sleep in and anything else I need to go to sleep (contact case, glasses, toothbrush, etc.) and fresh clothes for the next day are packed at the top of my carryon. Toiletries are already conveniently located in the quart size Zip-Loc. Keeping a similar bedtime and morning routine from home makes me feel as if I had a good night’s sleep and am ready to hit the ground running. Thank you!

  • RC

    I learned that bundle wrapping clothes is better than rolling them!

  • Christian

    eBags packing cubes are a perfect way to stay organized while on the road!

  • Don

    Use those amenity kits you’ve saved up from Business Class flights and keep your spare change of essential clothes in there for long haul trips.

  • Elaine

    I always bring extra ziplock bags – for any local food and small items I buy on my trips.

  • Dc momo

    Pack everything you would need for the kids on the plane….except the kids

  • Nate

    For men, have the cleaners fold your shirt instead of putting them on hangers. Then they are instantly ready for packing.

  • James

    Bring layers of shirts on trips, so there is only need to bring a few short sleeve shirts, and a couple long sleeves, or maybe just one thermal long sleeve and one scarf… as long as you’re not in snow, you don’t need to bring a coat or jacket. For colder weather, you just need to put on a couple layers and a scarf, and for warmer weather, just wear a short sleeve shirt.

  • EVP

    Pack extra condoms unless you prefer to have multiple children spread across the country like a professional athlete.

  • Tim S

    Roll absolutely everything! – Though I do pack underwear and socks (that aren’t inside shoes) flat, to fill out any nooks and crannies.

  • Bryan Jordan

    I like to pack underwear and socks into ZipLock bags to keep them together. This doubles to help you remember to pack a couple of ZipLocks every trip!

  • JP

    I always pack an extra set of essential clothes in case I get stuck somewhere!

  • Judy M.

    I always have a packing list inside my suitcase so when I open it to pack for a trip there is a reminder of everything I’ll need. I also leave a ziploc bag full of extra charge cords for my iphone and ipad and 2 european plug converters.

  • jza1218

    Pack clothing that can be worn numerous times with varied outfits for multiple occasions. A simple black tee shirt can be paired with slacks and a jacket for business casual but can also be paired with some simple shorts for relaxation.

  • ND

    I always pack two days in advance, and then review the night before for trips longer than a day or 2. I swear no matter how many times I pack up I always find something that was missed or that I told myself I would put in after I used it.

  • She said He said travelers

    She said -yay! we are taking a trip! He said- We are carrying on! So a plan was in order…..Think about which shoes to bring. Plan your outfits around the shoes then wear a pair that pops off easily for security and pack ONE (yes ladies I said it ) other pair. Match outfits to these 2 pair of shoes and you will have plenty space in your carry on bag for loads of goodies you may buy on your trip. I’ve used this method and carried on for trips that lasted 10 days!

  • daevans

    I stuff whatever I can into my shoes – usually socks since they’ll end up there anyways. And for the gym, I bring a bathing suit and goggles instead of a full outfit which takes up far less space, and swimming is an amazing workout!

  • Robin Daugherty

    1. I put each day’s clothing and accessories in individual travel appropriate space bags.

    2. Purchase two sets of makeup, hair products and hair tools – I then keep one set in my carry-on and don’t have to pack everytime.
    3. Nexxus hair spray and mousse comes in perfect travel sizes for carry-on and can be purchased at just about any drug store and grocery store.
    4. Set of cables, dongles (I have a Mac), and a car charger just for travel.
    5. Wear jewelry that you know will not set off the alarms at TSA

  • Alana

    Packing cubes! I never thought they were necessary, but tried one on a wim, and they are life changing!

  • Dan Y

    I keep suits in the dry cleaning plastic covers and fold them over my other clothes.

  • Karen

    If formal clothes are peaked, I lyre them between plastic garbage bags, leaving a the rms hanging outside until the end when I finally fold them in across each other..get the picture?

  • Kristina

    Just got back from 10 days in Puglia Italy where I went carry-on only. Instead of packing cubes I organize all my clothes into gallon and 2.5 gallon zip lock bags (the kind with the plastic slide zipper). Then, through the trip, dirty clothes go back into separate bags, keeping it all organized.

  • Masha

    I make sure all my clothes match black shoes – shoes take a lot of space and sometimes pretty heavy, so bringing only one pair of shoes (I wear the casual pair on the plane) makes the bag so much lighter.

  • kris kris

    1.Save a couple of extra ziplocs in your carry-on.Very handy during last minute ziploc malfunctions/tears at the security xrays.
    saves you – running back to the ziploc bin + getting back in line(think long lines) + worrying about your bags that’s cleared xray(it can happen). Plus fellow travelers will appreciate you not holding up line too long.
    2.small roller carry on def. saves your back during multi-airport trips.
    3.being nice to gate agents – can get you upgrades
    4.carry a small (empty)bottle in your carry on.Fill from water fountains after security = save $$ and mother earth. of each in carry on lip balm, box of gum, pair of (thin)sock, underwear, tshirt
    6. neutral colors = less clothes
    7.pack, unpack, pack(-10% of before) – rinse and repeat.we almost always pack more than what we actually need. – you are meeting new people!

  • Jake

    I use packing cubes to fit about 2 or 3 weeks worth of clothes (depending on the season) into a carry-on! Best discovery I’ve made in recent years!

  • Jeffrey

    Only take a backpack! If it doesn’t fit, check it. I’ve had great success so far without checking. If you can’t live without it, it’s much nicer to walk around the airport freely.

  • vaprotennis

    I have been using Eagle Creek cubes and folding packets (in different sizes) for years now. They help me avoid overpacking, keeping everything together during travel and getting all items back home.

  • Andy

    Packing cubes rock for staying organized.

  • Aarif

    Pack light, skip the liquids that can be easily found at your destination, maybe wear a jacket with a lot of pockets.

  • Quinn

    Pack your pajamas/first days clothes last so they are on top and you dont need to dig for them if you are arriving late and just want to crash.

  • kurtaggie

    If you ever Fly B.A. and the want you to check your carry on, for no reason at all. just have them put the “Tag” on a collapsible handle and then hide the handle away while walking doing the jet way. They just seem to have a hissy fit for no reason some times.

  • andypahwa

    Pack a fabric softener sheet at the bottom of the carry on bag and all of your clothes smell fresh upon arrival. Especially useful when traveling to humid countries in Southeast Asia.

  • Ncsam

    Put your shoes and belt in flannel shoe bags. This will keep them from snagging your clothes and/or getting them dirty.

  • Jun

    Always go with rolling to save space and its easy to unpack as well. Also, always bring a pair of shoes that can go with multiple outfits.

  • cbkcc1

    Even when using Pre-Check, take the metallic items (watch, phone, money clip, jewelry) that will set off and metal detector and place them in a zippered container or bag in your carry on bag. Then you will have quick access to them all in one place after you get through.
    If not using Pre-Check, you need to empty your pockets (pat down or scanner) and this enables you to have it all in one place. Definitely better than leaving it on the belt in a tub.

    The second item, get Pre-Check!

  • VSP

    For business trips, I always trying to pack everything in carry-on bag plus “computer” bag, but if it more than 2-3 days, I bring my “secret weapon” – garment bag that holds a suit, couple shirts and pant/s. On domestic flights, I am practically always upgraded to First class, so no problems to store the items. On international flights, if for some reason I am not flying business class, I am still entering the plane according to my 1K status and there is usually no flight attendant who declines a polite request to store a garment bag. So it gives some extra room in your main carry-on bag and no need to iron your shirts or jackets.

  • brooke

    We did a 58-night European trip in 11 countries with only a carry-on, loved the packing cubes! One for shirts, one for pants, one for socks/underwear and one for the next day’s outfit. Also I was able to bring 4 pairs of shoes by buying tieks, which fold into the size of a man’s wallet. We got a portable box fan, about 20inches square and 2 inches deep that was a lifesaver!

  • Rus

    Packing cubes. I used them for the first time last week, and found them to be very helpful in keeping things organized.

  • Justin

    Layering. I put shoes and other items that may be dirty on the bottom. This prevents my nicer clothes from getting dirty, followed by undershirts, work out clothes, etc. On top will be the work shirts and suits. I have now started to use shoe covers to prevent this problem, but I have found that my dress clothes come out nicer if they are on top.

  • pmlago

    I fold and roll leaving small items like socks and underwear to fill gaps. If I have time, I’ll go back and remove some items – I’ve never run out of clothing on a trip. Bring a small amount of powder detergent just in case for a quick wash.

  • Pamela

    May sound obvious but, make what you may need en route (such as a sweater) easily accessible by packing it on top or in an outer pocket.

  • Wsam Gazi

    I do a few things, I stuff my shoes with socks and underwear to save space and prevent shoes from getting crushed. I also make sure to wrap belts around the inside rim of the bag so they don’t kink and get bent.

  • Matt Rosen

    Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane, and stuff the ones in your carry-on with small items. Cameras, socks, etc.

  • Ryan

    When checking liquids in their original bottles, put a piece of Saran Wrap over the opened bottle top and then screw the lid on the top. Never leaks!

  • Precia Chesnutt Barrett

    pack a small standing yet folding laundry hamper to collect all your dirty clothes and it serves as a barrier between dirty and clean clothes when you pack to go home.

  • Lindsey

    You can make any trip with just a carry on. The key is how you manage that second “personal item.” The JCrew Biennial tote easily holds a laptop and:
    -liquids (antibac, mini liquor bottles, moisturizer, makeup)
    -a book (The Turk who Loved Apples)
    -Larabar (PBJ is so good!)
    -Neutrogena towelettes in grapefruit
    -Camelback water bottle (empty until through security!)

  • jmguide

    I separate my toiletries from what I know I will use every day (shaving gear, deodorant etc..) separate from my emergency gear (first aid, cold medicine, mini LED light pain killers) so that I can breeze thru my morning routine, and then take my emergency gear with me when I’m away from my room for the day.

    Also since my work environment is khaki-friendly, my pants and shorts are both from the same khaki brand and color so I know my tops will always coordinate.

    Lastly I keep a high quality, laminated color photograph of my passport and drivers license discreetly in my computer bag and in my toiletry kit in case they are ever lost or stolen. It makes it much easier when you’re in a foreign country or even in a different state and you need to identify yourself when you file a police report.

  • Mike L

    I roll my clothes and then use a belt as a compression strap to cinch the package down to maximize space in my bag. It is the poor man’s packing cube!

  • Piotr G

    I try to cut down on the number of things I pack – only enough clothes to get me through my trip + 1 or 2 days. Shoes are bulky too so I usually only bring one pair in my bag.

  • Steve Larson

    Men, get yourselves some ExOfficio boxer briefs. They’re light weight, wear like iron and will last forever. Best of all, they take up virtually no room in your carryon!

  • Jessica Richardson

    Pack in color schemes, I like to stick to black and grey, so everything matches and is interchangeable. You can limit the amount you pack, pairs of shoes, and mix and match. I especially like black Nike dryfit yoga pants and tights as they can be dressed up/down, are easily washable in the sink and dry quickly. 2 pairs of those, a convertible skirt (tube dress/long skirt), a black pashmina, some t shirts and a washable blazer will go MUCH farther than you’d think at first glance!

  • Brent

    Vacuum seal clothes packs work great for creating space.

  • atltravel

    airplane size bottles of Vodka in my qt size baggie of liquids.

  • Ed

    I always pack a map of the destination and a compass – doesn’t takes much space and I’m not relying on a electronic device with a dead battery or unable to find a free WiFi.

  • Fb

    Always have a top pocket on your carrying for your wallet

  • Madelyn

    I always put any creams and liquids (even the carry on bottles in their own small separate zip lock sandwich bag, then place them in a larger zip lock bag. This way if there is a problem (you know the guy who pushes his stuff into the overhead bin and squishes your bag!), I don’t have a huge mess, and it is contained to only the individual sandwich bag. No more washing off my travel bottles in the Ladies Room!

  • Michael

    check local wetaher and pack as light as you can.rolling your shirts and pants. always Google search for packing tips

  • Nick P

    I always leave a spare iPhone charger in my carry on because I tend to forget it. If I don’t know about it it’s always there.

  • Lisa K

    Rolling clothes and investing in lightweight clothing (material that does not wrinkle) made a huge difference for us.

  • DaveInDC

    Always pack your own bag and always take out items for use during flight before getting on plane.

  • Nick H.

    SHOES! If you have extra shoes, carry on’s are rough. I always put my shoes in plastic shopping bags to protect my clothes. I also like to stuff them with shot glasses and other souvenir gifts on the way home. You can save major space by making sure you fill all air gaps in the bag with socks or underwear or even miscellaneous items like chargers and brushes.

  • Jorge

    Just make sure that whatever you need during the trip, and especially at security checkpoints, is immediately accesible. If you carry a personal item in addition to your carry-on, consider stashing your liquids in there, and not open the carry-on at all. Also carry some cash, a credit card and an ID card inside the carry on, just in case something happens to your wallet.

  • Patrick

    Rolling shirts really made a huge difference coming from years of just packing things flat and one on top of another.

  • John Perri

    I always wrap dress shirts and pants in a dry cleaners bag. Also I fold my suit coats inside out.

  • bob c.

    I always pack a extra bottle of water in my checked bag. Fits nicely inside a shoe and does not break open.

  • Michelle M

    I try to severely limit what I bring with me because I *hate* having to lug around unnecessary weight. I usually manage to bring items that can be mixed-and-matched easily and also wear the uniqlo heat/cooltech undergarments underneath so my clothes don’t get too sweaty and gross. I also bring a small travel-size of baby shampoo to wash anything that can dry easily overnight. I also bring a pair of flats and hose socks or foot powder so they don’t get too dirty and to free up space that would otherwise be used by socks.

  • Ankur

    Packing cubes are the best invention for packing alot more in a small carry-on.

  • pixie

    use packing cubes! They save a lot of space!

  • cindy

    buy one of those little clear bags that is airline approved so you can pack it with your gels and liquids and leave it packed. Easier than putting in those little zip lock baggies each time

  • Jeremy

    I always keep my liquid bag packed and in my carry on. There’s nothing worse than getting in a rush to get to the airport because I can’t find my mini toothpaste.

  • Carl Knighten

    For business travel I have my dress shirts individually bagged from the cleaners. Hang in the rollaboard for the trip. At the hotel remove from the plastic and hang in the bathroom and steam up the room with the shower. After 30 minutes hang in the closet. No ironing required.

  • Dominic Foster

    I roll dress shirts but make sure to iron them right before I do. I hang them up and they are ready to go as soon as I get to the hotel.

  • S Kim

    Always carry a backup battery. I hate when my phone dies with my e-boarding pass on it.

  • Bridget

    My carry on secret is the Red Oxx Air Boss. I can usually pack up to a weeks’ worth of clothing in it, and when I am in a hurry the over-the-shoulder/no-wheels feature allows me to take stairs/escalators like a champ, PLUS it fits under the seat in front of me in a pinch. The number of times I’ve boarded packed planes with no overhead space and not had to check my bag make this a winner for me! …however, the Tumi Vapor would be great for when the weight of my luggage is too much to shoulder!

  • Up8Away

    Leave 1/2 your stuff at home. You don’t need it, and then the rest of your things you DO need will fit in your carry on!

  • Catherine Wong

    I always wear my bulkiest items and keep anything I will need on the flight in my personal bag (i.e magazines, earphones, snacks) instead of my suitcase so I don’t have to go digging them out right before I board.

  • Tom Perkins

    A few things that I like to do:
    1. Pack items in the order in which you will need access to them – IE. Don’t pack all of your underwear and socks underneath all of your clothes, instead leave an empty space off to the side so you can always get to them. Sounds simple, but I always see friends and family digging through their bags to find basic items.

    2. Use your personal item (backpack, tote, etc.) for things that you will need easy access to on the flight, such as: laptop, passport, wallet, glasses, headphones, etc. I also like to keep my liquids in this bag, so they are easily removable for TSA scanning.

    3. Rolling your shirts and pants will save a TON of space, as well as reduces wrinkles and creases. Another space saving tip is to place items inside of shoes, rather than wasting this space with nothing (I typically stuff socks in them, or roll up underwear and slide them inside)

    4. Wear your bulkiest items onto the plane to save space. For example say you are traveling to a cold destination, wear your boots and jacket onto the plane, rather than trying to pack them.

  • Mitten

    Duct tape! I always travel with a small roll of colored duct tape in my carryon. I buy the tape at the dollar store or by wrapping a one foot or so length around a pencil. Quick repairs on torn hems, emergency zipper fixes on luggage, lint remover, tag your luggage, the list is endless! Wouldn’t travel without it.

  • Brian Beneke

    My best tip… Don’t bother taking your toiletries/liquids out of your carry-on: The TSA doesn’t actually force you to remove them and send your bag back through the x-ray machine anymore.

  • mike p.

    I place my smaller loose items (chargers, pens, etc) in quart size ziplocs and then wrap them with rubber bands to keep my loose items organized.

  • Amy V.

    For international, longer-term travel, I make a list of things (toiletries, etc.) I know are far better or cheaper than they are at my destination. I whittle the list down as much as I can and purchase other items there.
    I roll everything, and put things in categories before placing them in the suitcase. As a lady who likes to look good, I usually have to do this so that I can see if I’m really packing too many sweaters, shoes, etc. Once they’re in it’s much harder to tell.
    I pre-pack, then re-pack if necessary, taking a few things out.
    I leave extra space. There are always last-minute things I have to add because I forgot about them (for longer-term trips anyway), and this way I can leave a little room for such cases.
    I carry my laptop case and an oversized purse, and make sure that my purse is easily accessible in my checked luggage, so that I can toss my wallet and phone, etc. in that once I reach my destination.

    Most importantly, I keep an unlocked cellphone (ready for any foreign sim card), some cash, and any really important documents (or another shirt etc., if I’m meeting with someone) with me, so that I can just be happy that someone else has to carry my luggage too me (or even pay for replacement items in the meantime) if my luggage is lost!

  • KBM

    Use plastic grocery bags to wrap shoes and store dirty laundry.

  • Madelyn

    I always take my PhoneFetcher with me! It attaches to my phone on one end and the other end attaches to my backpack or purse, so I always know where my phone is! With all the juggling of luggage and paperwork I never lose or leave my cell phone anymore!

  • Daniel Merriman

    Rolling all of my items and cramming as much as I can in my extra pair of shoes

  • TerryF

    If you want to pack a wine opener with you all you have do is remove the corkscrew portion and the small foil cutter and it will pass TSA

  • Johnny

    Roll all your clothes and try and stuff your shoes with socks and other items. Also a dryer sheet is a nice thing to have fresh smelling clothes.

  • David Douglass

    Eliminate empty spaces:

    - Deodorant and electric razor go in your shoes
    - wrap a (wine?) bottle in a shirt

    Then, pack until it seems full, close your suitcase, put it upright, and let things settle. You’ll be able to fit even more!

  • Paul

    Always keep your toiletries in the outside pocket for easy access at security.

  • fd2020

    Pack light, and iron the shirts at hotel.

  • road2elysium

    I use Eagle Creek packing folders to minimize wrinkles in my dress shirts.

  • StevenRWerner

    Don’t fold it, roll it.

  • Mike D

    Use the smallest possible luggage. Just because you have the maximum allowable size case doesn’t mean you have to use it; you’ll end up lugging around a bunch of stuff you don’t really need just because you felt the need to fill your bag and keep everything tightly packed.

  • Glaire

    My best carry-on packing tip is let my wife do the packing. She’s a master packer.

  • Jay Bates

    Put your ziplock of liquids in your suitcase at the top of your bag (when standing up) and close the zippers at that end. That way all you have to do is reach in and pull them out. This is, of course, for only those times you don’t get Pre-Check!

  • Henry

    The single best thing that makes carry on a breeze is TSA precheck. Not having to remove your laptop and liquids means you don’t have to worry about placing them in easily accessible pockets and allows you to breeze right through security!

  • Brian Klotz

    I LOVE my Tumi shirt and pants packer. I have the medium size one that fits PERFECTLY in a carry on and keeps my shirts and pants free of wrinkles as well as keeping them in a nice small space.

    I also keep a pair of small athletic socks in my outer pocket to grab quickly when going through security. I like to wear flip flops during the warmer months and bare feet scares the crap out of me in those high traffic areas.

  • Monte

    I place a couple of sheets of fabric softener inside the suitcase/carry-on to get rid of that nasty airplane/cargo hold smell.

  • Ryan

    I usually ask my dry cleaner to have my button down shirts folded/boxed for travel. This way I don’t have to deal with using a hanging garment bag and they stay far less wrinkled!

  • ASW

    Recently, I started using Eagle Creek’s Specter “Pack-It Cube Tube” which maximizes space in my carry-on by fitting between part where the extendable handles come down into the roll-aboard. The Specter “Cube Tube” is made of a ripstoppish nylon and weighs almost nothing which is great. I used it for socks and undies, but it could probably work for shoes too.

  • amanda s

    I always just have a well stocked quart bag in my linen closet ready to go at a moment notice. It even workswell for a weekend road trip.

  • Uri

    Always pack an empty water bottle so that you can fill it up later and have around until you arrive at your destination especially if you have a 3 hr shuttle ride

  • PrateekJain2012

    I use small spacebags to remove the air from clothes and am able to fit in enough clothes (along with other stuff) for a 4-5 day vacation in the carry on itself. Goodbye checkin bag!

  • Charles

    While I also roll my clothes like many others have suggested I also keep a spare shirt and pair of pants near the top/opening of my bag. The only thing worse than the embarrassment of spilling a drink all over yourself during turbulence is that of rifling through unmentionables in front of the whole cabin.

  • Tom

    Don’t fold anything or have any form of organization! Just jam everything into your bag as tight as you can. Bring regular sized liquids as to not run out on your trip and never check a bag no matter how big it is, you can always “make it fit” as a carry on.

  • Adrian Hashizume

    I bought these tiny plastic jars in bulk and always travel with them. Why bring a small bottle of toothpaste, lotion, and hair gel just to bring them back? This way you know its under the 100ml allowance. You can just leave them at the hotel and have more room for souvenirs.

  • Juan Carlos Marquez

    I simply split my essentials between a Carry on and a Laptop bag. Anything you may need on the plane goes on your “Laptop Bag” and everything from clothing, toiletries, and suits can go on your carry on under a TSA lock just in case. I recommend using socks inside shoes to not have them wrinkle up, and use a suit cover to avoid ruining your dry clean.

  • Pablo

    If you are not upgraded to 1st class and the flight is short, put your carry on on the first overhead bin available.Much easier to travel to and back from your seat when you onboard/deplane.

  • cj

    I pack 2 sets of lightweight clothing that layers well and that I can wear over and over again – different layers make them look like different outfits. These are all things that I can wash easily and hang dry in a hotel bathroom, so that they are always fresh. I put toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion and a hairbrush in a plastic baggie and that takes up no space – the hotel will have everything else. I wear my heaviest clothing and shoes on the plane and that way I can travel without having a checked bag. Anything else I need I can buy at wherever I am traveling to – it’s all about experiencing a place that you are traveling to – not about bringing a ton of stuff you probably won’t need.

  • gussomer

    Pack wrinkle resistant (and quick dry) shirts and leave them on the hangers….when you arrive at hotel, simply hang them and you are good to go!

    Pack half as many shorts and pants than shirts. Bathing suits are the ideal pair of shorts, especially if you are going to amusement parks on your journey.

    Pack clothes using a base color of black or brown, but not both. For example, black shoes and black belts, and then pack clothes to complement.

    Pack a collapsable bucket….can be used in so many ways!

  • Katey M

    I have 4 children. I pack each of their clothes per day in large ziploc bags and then suck the air out. This helps save space but ALSO saves a lot of drama each morning trying to find their clothes. Now that they are older I hand them their ziplocs before we pack and they enjoy “packing” their ziplocs to prepare for trips.

  • Dave

    I prefer rolling clothes. Not to prevent wrinkles, but because it makes it easier to see and remove articles without messing up everything else.

  • Avi

    Do not store liquids or books or anything else in the front pocket of carry on. If the counter staff or Gate agent notices the bulge, they would usually like you to check your bag because it looks overwieght

  • vince

    You will always overpack; once you picked out what you’re bringing go through it a 2nd time and take out things.

  • Baqa

    If you really want to maximize your carryon capacity, consider a travel vest. This comes in especially handy when traveling in Europe with carryon weight restrictions – put all the heavy items in your vest – they don’t weigh you (yet)!

  • moegarb

    On long-haul flights, pack toiletries and one day of clothes in a carry on. Check everything else. This has saved me in the past when going to places like Africa, where you’re heading into the bush quickly and won’t have time to go shopping if your checked luggage is lost.

  • lamonster

    It is always worthwhile to put any liquids (even those in checked luggage) in sealed plastic bags. It is very easy for changes in air pressure to result in liquids leaking, so using plastic bags will protect the rest of the contents in your bag should something go wrong. Also, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to tape liquids shut just to ensure that they don’t leak.

  • andyonthego

    Always keep earplugs and an eyemask in your carry-on luggage to help manage in airports and with screaming kids. Bring extra earplugs to make friends.

  • ken

    I always add some chewing gum just in case.

  • Brendan

    I always travel with a roller carry-on as well as a backpack, and on my way home, I like to keep a set of casual clothes in my backpack so I can easily dress down in the airport after a day in meetings.

  • Johnny Tieu

    Include a packable laundry bag that can compress. I got one from Walmart that has drawstrings And straps to tighten. Keeps the dirty clothes seperate and can even be used as a separate bag if you bring back more stuff then expected.

  • Randy

    Ex Officio underwear takes up very little space and drys overnight when washed the previous evening.

  • Sooner Magic

    If packing wine, check out the Jet Bag wine bags which provide cushion to keep the bottle from breaking, and if the bottle does break in transit, absorbs the wine within the bag so it doesn’t ruin your clothes.

  • Emily Sasek

    My biggest piece of advice is keep those cheap hotel slippers and use for air travel. The socks the airlines give you aren’t comfortable and no one wants to smell your feet if you take your shoes off! Keeping those hotel slippers in your carry-on have been a major changer in my level of comfort on long haul flights!

  • Chris_S1

    I use plastic dry cleaning bags to keep clothes from getting wrinkled. Not perfect, but really helps.

  • Nick O (PIT)

    I love using “space bags”, even if I don’t squeeze out the air. Those, and some extra plastic bags (grocery, ziploc, etc) to keep things separate but easy to access.

  • PamDrew

    Decide on a two color wardrobe so everything is mix & match.

  • Steve

    I pack an extra bag (usually something collapsible) within the suitcase I’m bringing, so that I have something for all the items (souvenirs) I might get abroad for self or others. Then I don’t have to rely on shopping bags or picking up some random new piece of luggage while I’m away.

  • Sir Fernando

    I always stuff socks in my shoes and then put my shoes in plastic shopping bags. I also pack extra plastic bags to pack my worn clothing.

  • Shawn

    I use packing cubes to help compact everything.

  • Kevin S

    Definitely get 3-5 small clear plastic bottles to house your favorite liquids that aren’t sold in travel-friendly sizes (many nice brands haven’t embraced smaller travel sizes likely due to economies of scale…)

  • C Edmunds

    Always bring a pair of swim trunks! It’s always nice to jump in the ocean/pool after a long day!

  • Carole Marks Pinstein

    I have stared buying clothes that are supposed to be wrinkled. Then I roll them. Can pack a bunch in my carryon.

  • Donna

    Double pack liquids in ziplock bags to guard against leakage.

  • Eric Chang

    divide the bag into different sections to make it easier to find stuff

  • Patrick

    Pack “soft” shoes when possible for trips. Easier to pack into the little left over corners.

  • JackLeg

    I love the bags that squeeze out air. You can roll your clothing and fit at least five outfits into a carry-on. They are fantastic and no least usually :)

  • rukawa005

    use packing cubes for organization and compression bags for extra “space”!

  • PamB

    Packing cubes

  • Amanda B.

    The Tumi hanging toiletry bag has been an awesome purchase. It’s highly durable and flattens nicely to take up as little room in my suitcase as possible (many toiletry bags can be quite bulky). Oftentimes the hotels where I need to stay for business travel don’t have a lot of bathroom counter space, so being able to hang the bag saves precious countertop room.

  • Rich

    Roll, roll , roll everything ! Socks inside the underwear !
    Also , take old cloths , like stretched out socks and underwear and dispose of as you wear th !! More room for stuff you buy !!

  • George

    Pack light by bringing clothes that can be worn together in different combinations, so that you have more outfits at your destination for less weight. And maybe throw in an extra shirt/pants for that spilled wine glass, just in case ;). I also bring small plastic bags to hold my shoes and keep them from getting clothes dirty.

  • Pedro Kormann

    Always save enough space for an extra amenity kit, Airline magazine, PJ’s, or any other avgeek souvenir possible to take away, who doesn’t love them?

  • DanSF

    Roll pants and shirts up. Saves a lot of space and minimizes wrinkles

  • Karen

    I organize a portfolio with all documents in order needed: airline, hotel, cruise documents, whatever, and place that portfolio, along with my laptop and liquids bag all together in a small zipped tote to pull out at TSA. Copies of front/back of credit cards and passport are stored separately. I also take an empty water bottle through so I can get water after TSA without paying $3 for the privilege. –Karen, Arkansas @internetwhiz

  • David

    I have travel only clothes that go into packing cubes. If it’s a sunny destination I grab my cubes that have the warm weather clothing. Cold destination have there own cubes. When I return home, I wash my travel clothing, pack it back into it cube and place the cubes in the closet ready for the next trip. I have different colored cubes to make it easy to pull the correct cubes. I put no thought into what I want to wear. I grab and go.

  • Jon

    Not only is it a good idea to roll shirts to avoid wrinkles, if you roll everything you can fit enough for a 4 day business trip in the small roller size carry-on so you don’t have to gate check on the occasional regional jet hop.

  • Yoni

    I like to wear my suit so as to avoid having to carry a suitbag. Not exactly a “carry-on’ tip, more like a “how to avoid ‘carrying on’ a suitbag” tip :)

  • Carey

    Keep your electrical cords together in a single pocket to help prevent TSA screening issues.

  • Jeffrey

    Use the right size suitcase. When they are full, everything travels so much better, regardless of rolling, rubber banding, zip locking, etc.

  • Rose

    Be consistent — pack items in the same place each trip. Makes it much easier to recognize if you’re missing something and to find things when you reach your destination.

  • Patrick

    Use waxes as men’s hair products. Creams take up too much room in quart-sized plastic bags.

  • Jon

    Don’t forget to bring a towel!

  • BILL K

    Pack outfits together in the order you need to access them. Instead of having all of your shirts on top and all of your pants underneath them, put your first days outfit on top, and then day 2 underneath etc. This limits the need to dig to the bottom to find a lost article of clothing, and the suitcase eruption that follows!

  • disqus_jDBPiO0cTt

    Always leave a little room to bring something back.

  • rlev13

    packing cubes! love them.

  • Nick

    Roll most clothes and keep plenty of ziplocs around to help compartmentalize other items.

  • alan

    If you bring an extra pair of shoes, stuff the shoes with socks and/or underwear. I find this especially helpful with dress shoes as it helps maintain their form.

  • James M

    I always use Eagle Creek packing cubes to keep my clothes together.

  • Gary

    I generally use the plastic “laundry” bag provided by the hotel as my dirty laundry bag because you can still compress it down in size and keep things separate.

  • ang

    Always pack spare plastic bags. You never know when you might need it. Also always pack some medication for easy access so you don’t have to worry if you’re in a foreign country.

  • Chaim

    Pack everything you need, then go over the bag and take out what half and you will be perfectly fine

  • Natalie

    Have your significant other look at what you are packing and they will make sure you don’t over pack.

  • Brandon

    My business associates rave about the Tumi Vapor International. I would love to get my hands on one of these outstanding bags! I am an avid business traveler and these bags make traveling a lot easier with all of the many features.

    My carry on travel tip is that you can carry on your regular sized contact solution bottle (larger than 3 ounces). Just remember to have the solution in an area in your bag that you can easily access as TSA will preform a quick test over the solution.

  • james

    I always pack enough clothes for one day on a trip in my carry on, Just incase my checked bag does not make it, this means i can survive for one day at least. I always carry on my electronics and use packing cubes if i take my carry on away for the weekend, these really save on space and make finding items so much easier.

  • Todd

    Pack your TSA-approved liquid bag in a side pocket so that you can easily access it when going through security – unless of course you have TSA Pre Check!

  • Joe

    When traveling abroad, instead of bringing a bunch of plug adapters, just bring one and a power strip to have your own charging station. Saves space and can come in handy as well when you and other people desperately need use of the only available outlet at, say, the airport.

  • ___

    Individual shoe bags keep shoes separate from clean clothes. You can also turn them inside out and use for shoe polishing.

  • evan410

    I use the plastic that shirts come back from the dry cleaners in to fold the shirt. This somehow prevents wrinkles and creases. I know it sounds crazy but Google it.

  • Julie Witten Richardson

    Carry-On packing Tip: – - – -> roll up vacuum bags which do basically the same thing as the vacuum bags, but no vacuum is needed!

  • MakiEsq

    Tie athletic shoes to the handle of your carry on, instead of packing them. Saves a tremendous amount of space in your bag.

  • Mike

    Follow The Points Guy’s advice and buy a Tumi Vapor International Carry-on for your spouse. She’ll be so grateful that you won’t have to pack.

  • Alex H

    Love the Tumi suitcase and I’m looking forward to buying one that I can’t really afford lol

  • Andrew Wright

    My best tip is to get approved for TSA pre-check. It makes getting through security with your carry-on infinitely easier. No need to remove your liquids or laptop, shorter lines, and you can leave your shoes and jacket on. Comes as a side-benefit of Global Entry, which is well worth it – and fully reimbursed if you have an Amex Platinum.

  • Lacontessa

    Always carry chamomile or other herbal tea bags. I have found it easy to get hot water, takes up little space and weighs close to nothing. Makes a big difference for upset tummy, trying to sleep on plane, or avoiding caffeine.

  • Jenny

    For all business travelers, color coordinate your clothes so you only have to pack one pair of shoes that matches everything in the suitcase.

  • Erik

    I like to have a small backpack (or something similar) just in case I have too many things on my way back home.

  • Colleen Angel Crush

    Zip Lock makes extra large double zipper plastic bags — perfect for keeping your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones — especially when you ONLY carry on!

  • Eric F

    Always pack the phone charger in the side pocket for easy access.

  • Lacontessa

    When traveling in high altitude Bolivia or Peru, always travel with a thermos so can make coca tea (fresh coca leaves work better than the tea bags)–this is legal, really helps with altitude sickness, and was featured on Amazing Race (Cuzco). Traveling with a thermos also works well if you are sick (regular tea with honey and lemon).

  • Caliguy

    It is better to buy a carry on like Tumi rather than low quality carry ons just in case if they have no space, you can be assured that your bag will be safe without dings and scratches.

  • Jenni

    Lots and lots of ziplocks, I also throw in a few larger plastic bags for worn clothing.

  • RR

    Always fill your packed shoes with socks to clear up some space.

    Hook me up!!

  • Hiro

    Pack the things you have to take out on top…aka your laptop or cameras

  • Maggie Lindsay

    I like to bring an empty Sigg bottle so I can fill it up post-TSA and have plenty of water on the flight.

  • Neil

    Always pack a spare pare of socks & underwear just in case the airline loses your luggage. Iron any shirts ahead of time which saves you time of doing the same when you reach your destination. Spacesaver vacuum bags work like magic and allow you to get a little extra in the carry on bag. Always place your liquids either on the top or in an exterior, easy to access place in order to avoid delays at screening. Keep your noise cancelling headphones in an easy to reach pocket/place in order to make boarding easy and get you resting sooner rather than keeping everyone behind you waiting.

  • Michael

    If you don’t need several items during your flight, store your second carry-bag in the overhead bin instead of underneath the seat-back. The extra legroom it creates is noticeable.

  • Sean

    I always pack Clif bars and an empty water bottle… this way I can fill up the bottle at a water fountain and have a snack to munch on when I go pass security.

  • MSV

    I always carry a drawstring backpack because it is easy to hang in a restroom

  • Robbie

    I pack by day rather thanby item so I don’t need to dig through the suitcase to find something to wear

  • Peter

    Rolling up your clothes is a big one. I also recommend stuffing socks (and anything else that might fit) into your shoes. And, wear your bulkiest clothes on your body for the flight!

  • Edward

    Individual shoe bags. And don’t walk down the isle continually hitting people and getting your suitcase caught on chairs, pick it up and carry it.

  • LydiaW

    I like to pack light, so I always try to get all trip items down to a single carryon. The key is finding staple pieces (e.g. 1 pair of jeans, a blazer, 1 solid dress) and then strategically mix-and-match. Toiletries, makeup, jewelry, and snacks can easily fit into the remaining space. Voilá!

  • Chris

    Always pack a swimsuit. You never know

  • Chris

    Always bring an extra pair of sweatpants to protect the pint glasses from the breweries you encounter while out on the road :)

  • Matt

    Always pack shoes first, then layer clothing on top.

  • dtcosta18

    I purchase neckties at Nordstrom which come in a small black box. I roll the ties and place them back into the box. I then pack the boxes in my suit which insures they will be in perfect condition when I am ready to wear.

  • Ben

    I travel with a duffel bag in one of the pockets of my luggage. helpful insurance if your suitcase brakes or if you end up buying something voluminous

  • David

    Use packing cubes they can really save space.

  • George

    Wear on the plane the bulkiest clothes and biggest shoes you are taking. Allows for lighter packing.

  • Richard

    I never believed it before I tried it, but the method of “rolling” clothes really does work! Saves space and clothes remain relatively wrinkle-free.

  • P. Hand

    I live in ATL…my best carry-on tip is an anti-tip: Baggage handling in ATL is so efficient that I almost always check my bag even when it’s carry-on size. The bag is already on the carousel by the time I get to the terminal. Doing it this way I don’t have to deal with the bag or TSA rules with liquids, etc.

  • Ben Z

    Ties rolled up in shoes. Underwear in a Ziploc, so you always know where it is.

  • Julia

    Pack your bag and then remove half of what you packed. No kidding…you won’t miss it!

  • Michael

    My favorite packing tip is to pack in the reverse order. Clothes and items I will need at the end of the trip go on bottom while items needed early go on top. I also take two clothes pin which come in handy to help keep curtains close to give the hotel room a nice dark environment for sleeping.

  • Shari Margolin

    I leave travel ibuds in my suitcase so that when it’s time for a trip, I don’t have to go searching for them or forget them. Also, don’t let shoes waste space – stick rolled smaller items in them like thin t-shirts, tank tops, and socks!

  • Mary Iacono

    I pack with ebags. I roll until I can’t roll no more and then I fold my undershirts on top of the rolled portion. My carry on fits three ebags perfectly (medium, I think) and either one pair of shoes plus my toiletry kit or one my toiletry kit plus my collapsible duffel. I always have that Sophie’s choice… Will I buy something and necessitate my duffel? If I’m going abroad, then yes. If I’m going to Ohio, I’ll take the shoes.

  • Brett Albertson

    roll all clothing to save space

  • HonestHotelier

    If I need to bring a lot of things, but don’t want to pay for a checked bag, I use the vacuum bags to stuff everything into a carryon!

  • Drury

    I pack my shirts and pants inside one of those plastic bags from the cleaners. It’s amazing how it reduces the wrinkles.

  • Lindsay

    I always just bring a few single-use packets of delicate laundry detergent so I can pack fewer clothes. Also, make sure everything you bring can be worn together! In my case, everything must go with black, so I don’t bring anything that is navy or brown.

  • KarenNone

    Bringing a small bottle of wrinkle-release spray!

  • Greg z

    Watch some videos on youtube about packing a suit in a carry-on. Saves me having to bring a suit-carrier!

  • DW

    I always put socks for the trip rolled up in my shoes to save space and make sure the shoes keep their shape.

  • Bundy

    i use huge ziplock bags to vacuum seal my clothings

  • dlnbk

    I always carry an umbrella

  • SJR

    Roll up those t-shirts and save space! And avoid carrying any hardcover books.

  • David

    Pack a small bag inside your carry on with everything you might need during the flight–headphones, book, ipod, etc. Then you have it all sorted, and don’t have to hunt through your bags to find the small things and you maintain as much legroom as possible.

  • Thinh

    Bring some clean plastic bags in the carry-on to put wet/dirty clothes and other stuffs which need to be separated.

  • David

    Definitely use packing cubes to keep your bag organized. They’re cheap and keeps your bag from exploding with clothes whenever you need to pull out your liquids.

  • Tim

    If you are bringing an extra pair of shoes, pack your socks inside the shoes to save space.

  • MichaelP

    Bundle wrapping packs for the most in small space.

  • JHO5

    I purchased an Altego Coated Canvas Cyan 17-Inch Laptop Backpack for my business trips. It’s waterproof to keep things dry outside, and the big thing for me is the laptop section is external to the rest of the bag so getting the laptop out is very fast for getting past TSA. Also, when packed as full as possible, it still fits under a seat with no issue.

  • O Davies

    1. Roll every clothing item that will go in the bag. 2. Shoes go in first near the edges. 3 Heavier rolled clothes get layered until full then lighter clothes. 3 Zip locked toiletries go over everything. 4. When I arrive at my destination, all clothes go on hangers and steamed in the shower for 30 mins dissapearing all wrinkles.

  • Joseph May

    My tip is to make sure you have some ID and a unique marking on/in each bag. you never know when you’ll have to gate check and be separated from your bag.

  • Eric

    Don’t play liquid amount roulette with TSA!

  • dennisdoubleday

    I make sure everything I might need during the flight is in the small book bag I also carry on, in case I am forced to gate check the carry on, an all-too-common occurrence.

  • Raymond_G

    Use well-made laundry bags to separate your clothes. At the start of your trip, you can keep casual clothes in one, dress clothes in another. Then, as the trip proceeds, use one of them for actual laundry to keep what you’ve worn separate from what’s still fresh. Double duty, and it helps you organize in your luggage!

  • Kim

    Bring a 13-gallon handle-top garbage bag for laundry. It’s big enough, it hangs up, and dirty clothes won’t touch your clean suitcase or leftover clean clothes. Scented bags also make dirty clothes and the room smell good. To unpack, put bag in laundry room.

  • JSMiller

    I always pack my heaviest shoes plus my rubber flip flops in my carry on-that way I am prepared to shower in any hotel. I travel with a few snacks for unexpected airline delays as well.

  • bingo

    When putting your underwear away, look at the condition of your
    underwear. Underwear that has about 1-2 wearing left, pile that in a separate compartment.

    When you go on an extend trip, especially overseas pack that
    well worn underwear. Use this underwear
    first. After using it, throw it away. In
    Europe, laundry charges are almost the cost of new. You can save those laundry
    charges. Additionally you will not have that used laundry smell in your
    suitcase for your entire trip.

  • Em D

    I find the best way to go carry on is to have a few versatile, easy to wash pieces of clothing. Where you get in to trouble with space is trying to pack clothes for every contingency.

  • passepartout

    Pack clothes that all go together: black, white then one other color like green or blue. Then everything you’ve packed matches everything else, and you can get more outfits out of what you’ve brought.

  • Ryan U

    I have lots of different sized ebags packing cubes

  • N Jain

    Don’t lay anything flat, always roll them ..

  • rpsmr

    I always pack my empty Aladdin water bottle with me on the plane…..

  • Min

    I always have an umbrella packed in the luggage, hey, you are traveling and you never realize what is going to happen there. lol

  • ed

    Bring a trash bag for dirty clothes

  • Cindy Wyly

    Roll each day of clothing up as one unit (pants, shirt, socks,underclothing) – not only does it cut down on space, it makes your suitcase clearly organized. Repeat after you’ve worn it. With this method, unless you’re on an extended vacation, there is no need for anything more than a carryon.

  • Tarah

    I bring the same selection of clothes each time I travel. When I get home I wash and re-pack right away so I am always ready to go. I also keep an iphone charger and car charger in my bag at all times.

  • brockab

    Always try to bring lots of flexible clothing that can mix and match easily. If I need a suit, I fly in style and wear it instead of trying to pack it. Thanks for the chance at winning such an awesome carry on!!

  • NathanHanna

    Roll every piece of clothing and pack straight out of the laundry for everything that wouldn’t need ironing so you don’t forget to put your socks(and other items) in for next week

  • Dave P

    Roll clothes to reduce space, and bring an extra plastic bag for dirty clothes.

  • Jon Krebs

    Two words. Bundle wrapping. Look up this method to keep clothes from wrinkling and saves a lot of space.

  • Brian S

    Make sure to stuff your shoes for extra space.

  • Anuj

    Rotate necklines of shirts, Put puffed jackets in a Zip lock and sit on them to get all the air out and then close the zip lock before you get up.

    When I am putting the pants, I always put the zippered side in and let the rest of the pant hang out on the side of the case – then put the next one pant’s zippered side with the rest hanging on the other side and keep building the stack and then fold all of them together into the carry on. I could fit in 16 pairs of Shirts and Pants this way in a 22 inch carry on.

  • Raleigh St. Clair

    roll every piece of clothing and make sure to have your wife pack for you.

  • Susan

    It sounds cheesy, but the bring colored ribbon or other noticeable tag is great for those of us who “carry-on” to small commuter planes and end up having to gate valet or ala carte our roller bags. When the pile of black bags comes wheeling over I can always spot mine right away.

  • Joel Ang

    Pack half as much as you think you will need and it will all be ok!

  • GulashGirl

    Bring clothing you can layer so you can do several layers when it’s cold but each item can also be a separate outfit. Keep it light, keep it simple because we all know what happens when you have a gigantic heavy carryon and you’re like a caricature of yourself shoving and bumping into everyone and everything while blocking the aisle.

  • cory

    1)I like to keep my shirts in a plastic dry cleaning bag and with a tri-fold, they typically fit perfect in a carry-on.
    2)Keep your shoes in a little drawstring shoe bag to keep them from getting your clothes dirty. For a cheap alternative, use a plastic shopping bag.
    3)Carry a plastic hotel laundry bag to keep you dirty clothes separate.
    4)If checking a bag, make sure to carry-on some extra socks and underwear in case your bag is lost or delayed. For long flights, I like to make sure that I also have a little amenity kit (I typically have a ton of these from international biz class flights).
    5)Make sure your kindle is charged and packed where you have easy access to it!
    6)Know how much your fully packed bag weighs. Super important if you take any cheap flights around Europe.

  • Kevin

    Visit your dentist regularly and ask if him/her if they have any small tubes of toothpaste and mouthwash that you can have for your trip.They are perfect travel size,throw them out when you are done with your trip. Even if the hotel supplies them, there is nothing worse than checking into a hotel at midnight and having to go down to the front desk to get a tube of toothpaste.

  • Matt

    Packing with cubes & only taking things you will actually use/wear!

  • Joe Harris

    When getting my shirts cleaned, I always request “box service”, aka “folded”. They lie flat, pack very efficiently and wrinkle far less than when I pack them myself, off of hangers.

    I also carry a TSA friendly laptop case, which folds out where the laptop stands alone and can go through the scanner without removing it from the bag. This saves time and an entire bucket during the x-ray process.

  • Dennis Ju

    My tip: bring a microfiber towel wherever you go. Takes no more space than a shirt and proves super handy as a towel, sitting mat, etc.

  • Jeremy

    A conspicuous sticker right on the pull-handle of your carry-on is a great way to distinguish your bag from others!

  • tm1128

    My carry-on has a change of clothes (all rolled up naturally), my computer, toothbrush, book, and nothing else. Whatever toiletries I may need I get at the hotel.

  • Gustav

    If bringing an extra pair of shoes, don’t forget the pack things inside (e.g., socks or other small items) it will save more space and help your shoes from being crushed. I also like to take drycleaning bags from hotels as a laundry bag. You can even throw in a dryer sheet to keep things fresh.

  • Margot Lee Jones

    Always stuffing jewelry, socks, belts, etc. into spare shoes to save space.

  • Dan R

    Have a dedicated set of toiletries for your carry-on so you don’t need to remember to pack them at the last minute.

  • Jasmine

    I would love a Tumi! Packing cubes are invaluable.

  • Ramsey

    If traveling in the spring or fall, to save space do not pack anything bulkier than a light sweater. Instead, wear it on the flight.

  • Drew

    I tell my family that I am a one bin wonder when it comes time to go through security. With a laptop small enough you can also fit a small ziploc of toiletries in the same bin with it and TSA has never taken exception to it. :)

  • Jen

    Before a trip, I select a few shirts or shoes which I have decided to never wear again. I pack those for my trip. Then as I wear them, I discard them. It saves me from doing laundry, and it also frees up space in my suitcase for my inevitable purchases for family and friends.

  • Guest

    For packing my carry-on, I would separate all my liquid/cosmetic items from
    others in a 5 pockets see thru organized bag that comes with a
    hanger.(when I arrive my hotel, I can hang it in my closet and find
    everything easily) I roll up all my clothes to reduce their dimension
    and then store a jacket on the top of one side.
    Lastly, I would
    place all my chargers(iphone, camera, laptop) on top in a waterproof bag
    to ensure they are visible and easily access whenever I’ll need them.

  • Sandy Chen

    For packing my carry-on, I would separate all my liquid items from others in a 5 pockets see thru organized bag that comes with a hanger. (when I arrive my hotel, I can hang it in my closet and find everything easily) I roll up all my clothes to reduce their dimension and then store a jacket on the top of one side.
    Lastly, I would place all my chargers (iphone, camera, laptop) on top in a
    waterproof bag to ensure they are visible and easily access whenever I’ll need them.

  • Gustav Schmidt has some great tips for ways to fold items to avoid wrinkles

  • Kristen Layte

    Ensuring all the kid essentials are in your carry-on in case luggage is delayed!

  • Josh

    I take both my actual suitcase and a small backpack as a carry-on. I make sure that any “essential” items (laptop, charging cables, loyalty cards, itineraries, cameras, anything valuable, basic toiletries, etc.) are in the backpack just in case I end up needing to gate check the main suitcase along the way (and it subsequently gets lost).

  • sunscreen

    My problem is all the lotions and potions my wrinkly face needs. I just squeeze some product in contact lens cases. Then I label with a Sharpie pen and stuff them all in the carry-on liquids bag. Believe it or not, the amount in the contact lens cases can last me a week!

  • Marc Baker

    I picked up a thick re-usable plastic ziploc style bags from amazon. Works so much better than a traditional ziploc and more durable. Also packing cubes really help keep organized.

  • Armando86

    I like to roll clothes, pack heavy items in checked luggage, and have snacks :-)

  • essess

    Pair this with the Tumi bags which you can collect when flying international business class on Delta – they look great, are sturdy, and lightweight, plus just the right size for each one to serve a specific role. e.g., I use one just for international power adapters, and my laptop and iphone chargers. Others can serve as tie holders, toiletry kits, medicine kits, and even as a miscellaneous bag (Kleenex, hand sanitizers, mints, and other items to generally have on hand)

  • Lea

    Pack less, you’ll end up with lighter luggage, less to loose if your luggage is lost.

  • Kevin

    Pack socks inside your shoes! It saves space, and also keeps your shoes in proper form

  • Ed

    I always throw in a few travel packets of aspirin and other common medication in my suitcase… you never know where you’ll be where you need some medicine to help a stomach ache or aid a hangover!

  • mary elizabeth

    Honestly, if I’m just going away for a night or two, I leave my shampoo/conditioner/lotions at home and just rely on what the hotel provides. Less to carry and more space for shoes. :-)

  • jim

    While travelling with children, I always keep books and toys in an easibly accessible compartment

  • Jackson

    For the ladies use your spare contact lens cases to pack some spare makeup or moisturizer. Can be packed outside of your 311 bag most likely to conserve space for other items.

  • Dylan

    Neatly pack clothes into bag and carry heavier items like jackets with you on the plane.

  • Leigh

    Dry shampoo! Not regulated by TSA, and easily lets you freshen up in the plane or airport bathroom after a long flight, no shower required.

  • Dwayne

    The most convenient thing I do with regards to packing for travel is packing all underclothes (socks, underwear, t-shirts etc) inside of my shoes to maximize all of the space in the bag. I wear a size 12 so my shoes can store a lot. In addition to rolling everything it saves a ton of space when traveling.

  • David Liang

    I use a packing folder to pack all my shirts and pants so they’re not wrinkled when I take them out of my bag. It saves me a ton of time since I don’t have to iron them afterwards!

  • Taryn

    I NEVER check bags, so space is important. On long haul flights, I find the most comfortable yet unwanted clothes that I have. Those get donated once I reach my destination. I also save up all my less than perfect socks and underwear. They get one last fling and then get left in the trash. This creates a huge amount of room for stuff I might buy along the way.

  • cjohnson1025

    As soon as I have my boarding ticket, wallet, phone, belt and any other pocket contents go in the front pocket of my carry on so I am not standing on the other side of the scanner holding the line up while trying to scrap the change out of the sreening bin.

  • Evan

    Don’t pack literally every piece of clothing you own.

  • Evan R

    Always put your shoes at the bottom where the wheels are so that they do not crush your clothing and all the weight is at the wheels.

  • Jamie

    Apparently, get a Tumi! Short of that, pack strategically. Choose clothes that minimize number/types of shoes you will need (and stick to either black or brown for shoes, belts, etc., so everything coordinates). Wear bulky/heavy items through airport and stow immediately when you board. Use all of the various pouches and dividers in your carry-on to keep your various items segregated and organized when packing and throughout your trip.

  • Rui

    Roll up your clothes is the best advice I’ve heard. It saved me so much time since I’ve learned about it!

  • Kristy McCoy

    If you are traveling for a while and like to cook for yourself to save money, I love using cheap plastic contact lens cases for spices! You have to make sure that the country to where you are traveling allows them, but, if they do, just grab a sharpie or label maker and label/spice away. We like to take salt, pepper, lemon pepper, and a little Mrs. Dash.

    Contact lens cases can also be great for holding small liquids that you don’t need a big bottle for – eye cream, moisturizer, concealer, etc.

  • Olu

    Roll everything in ziplock bags and pack a days worth of essentials in case checked luggage gets lost.

  • matte2f

    Never ever check a bag. Period.

  • Curtis

    Packing envelopes for shirts and slacks!

  • CinNYC

    To keep cocktail dresses from wrinkling, lay a plastic dry cleaner bag over it before rolling it up!

  • grrljock

    My tip: don’t travel with small kids.

  • JTP

    What I do for carryons: use the glad press and seal (You can get them at supermarkets) and wrap my clothes up. They get a vacuum-packed feel, they don’t shift in the suitcase, and when you get to your destination you have some crisp clothes. Did this on my way to Officer Candidate School (Where we had to show up with our uniforms beforehand). Needless to say… passed all inspections.

  • BostonShawn77

    Vacuum bags… usually what I fit in a checked bag can be placed in my roller board carry on bag. I will place all of my clothes in the vacuum bag, then place the vacuum bag into the carry on as best as I can, then while vacuuming out the air from the bag you can fit it into the carry on bag with ease.

    I recently went to Hawaii for two weeks with only a carry-on bag. I did laundry once on the trip just to refresh my clothes because my wife and I did a lot of hiking and adventure stuff but the vacuum bags and not needing to worry about checking a bag made life very easy. The day before we left we packed up the bags and I made a phone call down to the front desk and asked room service to bring up a vacuum with a hose so we could vacuum the air out of the bags again. I also thought that the clothes would be a lot more wrinkled after being in the bag but they were no more wrinkled than when I placed them in the day before!

    I’d highly recommend vacuum bags!

  • djchrisallen

    Small Apple bags from their retail stores work great for both packing shoes and using as clean / water resistant bags for in-flight lunches.

    I always keep a couple silica gel packets in my carry-on and inside my passport to make sure it absorbs humidity in damp areas while traveling.

    Also, always carry small packets of hot sauce with you for those pesky in-flight meals that may need a bit more excitement.

  • max

    Keep the things I’ll want early and often as accessible as possible.

  • Kevin

    Packing clothes inside plastic air tight bags. Roll them to let the air out and fit more clothes while keeping them wrinkle free and maximising space.

  • Michael Stephens

    I like to roll my shirts to prevent wrinkles, and stuff socks and undies inside of any shoes I may be packing in the carry-on to save space.

  • CasMilner

    I work out in hotels, so I pack a slim pair of soccer shoes (running shoes are “taller” — to tall) in a plastic shopping bag, with socks and shorts inserted into the shoes. Soccer shoes are smaller and pack better, and are fine for treadmill and elliptical trainer. Shopping bag contains dirt/sweat/smell.

  • Trenton Murphey

    I use packing cubs to maximize may space.

  • csutt487

    On short-leg flights, I keep all of my carry-on liquids and
    anything I anticipate needing access to (phone, laptop, Kindle) in my personal
    item, and put my carry-on in the overhead bins about 4-5 rows in front of my
    seat. I can keep track of my bag during the flight, and this gives passengers
    behind me a little more room and time to get their items. I don’t like standing
    around in the aisles waiting for three people to get their bags ahead of me.
    Instead I can just leave my seat and walk off the plane, grabbing my bag as I go
    since the people in rows ahead of me have already exited.

  • gary danbeck

    Unlike many frequent travelers I cannot seem to keep a bag packed, ready to go. I do like to pre-pack at T-24 to avoid the dreaded “PDA(pre-departure anxiety)and deploy the usual rolling and tucking techniques. So far, go good!

  • Michael h

    My tip is lay out everything you want to bring with you, and then only pack the half that you actually need.

  • Greg

    I use large ziplock bags for any clothing item that I don’t care about wrinkles. I stuff the bags and sit on them to force out the air and close the bag. Like the commercials on TV this reduces the space needed for such items.

  • FlyingBear

    I try to travel with just carry-on, but since I am in economy most of the time, I try to preserve some legspace by packing a small man-purse with everything I need (ipod, phone, ereader, a few minor things) into my carry-on, and stowing both the carry-on and the computer bag overhead.

  • David

    don’t forget the space inside your shoes for fragile items and socks.

  • Steve

    Pack your suitcase with less frequently used items at the bottom and most frequently used items at the top. Dress clothes always at the top so you can hang them up when you get to the hotel.

  • Luca S

    Utilize every space within the suitcase. Ex: filling your shoes with additional items, correctly folding a suit to avoid wrinkles, using all of those little pouches, etc. You also really need to have that liquids bag handy when you get to the TSA.

  • Nick H

    I wear size 13′s so I try not to pack any shoes, but if I must I stuff them with as many socks, boxers, undershirts… as I can. It saves precious space and keeps my shoes in shape.

  • Tracy

    You have to get it out of your system
    to pack everything possible that you think you may need. So pack away and then return couple days
    later. You will realize that 1/3 of what you packed is unnecessary. While away
    if you happen to purchase a little more then what fits in your carry-on simply
    mail items home (do it all the time).

  • Liz

    Packing cubes help organize things and prevent overpacking! Pack items that need to be screened last so I can easily access them.

  • Andrew H

    A small backpack with all the important documents inside the carry-on suitcase… so in case of having to gate check the carry on, you can just take the backpack out and not have to reorganize at the gate.

  • schwallie

    I always try to wear my bulkier items onto the plane, it saves a lot more room than you would think, even if you look a little silly sometimes

  • Magda Maslowska

    Tip for the ladies. Use beauty product samples for short trips! Shop for makeup/beauty products from Sephora online. Many portals offer 5+points per $1. Make sure you add all those freebies to your cart before checking out. I typically only bring a full size foundation, all other products are mini samples of mascaras, lipsticks, face creams, and perfume I already use. Makes packing that ziploc much easier!

  • smk778

    My best tip: keep all of your important travel documents in an organizer in one of the top pockets of your carry-on. Keeping this handy makes checking in, going through security, scanning boarding passes, and filling out custom forms a breeze!

  • scrumphsus

    ebags are great for compartmentalization, Shout wipes for airplane meal accidents, pashmina scarf to combat chilly exit row seats, eyemask/ear plugs to insulate against the shrieking toddler in 16B, and Dermalogica Hydramist for a quick refresh before meeting loved ones at the terminal.

  • Michael Harding

    I like to pack bar soap instead of body wash when traveling. Don’t have to worry about the liquid and it leaves things smelling fresh in your toiletry bag.

  • Vin

    A couple of empty ziploc bags can come in handy.

  • Austin

    Stuffing socks, gym clothes etc into shoes to maximize space.

  • Oldguy

    Leave the debbie downer attitude at home! Your flight and trip will be unequivacally better !

  • Rick

    If you plan to travel for an extended period of time and want to minimize the amount of luggage you take, use space-saving bags. They work like oversized ziplock bags. You’re pack clothes inside the space-saving bag, seal it, then roll the the bag to squeeze out all the air from the bags, creating a vacuum-sealed bag. I once had a 70 pound carry on luggage for a two-month long vacation. Worked wonderfully and avoided the fees associated with checking in luggage.

  • Ernest S.

    I use packing cubes to keep everything organized, and also bought some shoe bags from Eagle Creek that work really well. I also carry a laundry zip line from REI in case I need to dry some laundry in my hotel room.

  • Arturo Crespo

    Packing using cubes. It keeps things organized and makes packing and unpacking very easy, specially when on the road going to multiple destinations.

  • Cabet

    Lose weight before your trip, then buy smaller clothes which will enable you to pack more stuff in your bag.

  • Rick K

    For me, I always pack one less pair of pants since they take up so much room and wear the bulkiest shoes I need to the airport to free up space.

  • Eddy

    Some helpful tips I follow when packing my carry on:

    1) Roll all shirts to maximize space and minimize wrinkles
    2) Stuff shoes with socks
    3) Bring plastic bags for dirty laundry
    4) Bring/wear casual shoes that are appropriate for the gym as well
    5) Pack an extra pair of underwear just to be safe

  • Heath Clayton

    Put heavy winter clothes (coats, scarfs, gloves, etc.) into vacuum-packed bags at the base of your suitcase, putting the lighter clothes on top. Always put your underwear and socks into shoes, and lay them between the spaces of the vacuum-packed bags. Finally, I always “theme” my trips with a certain color so all of my clothes match. :-) At the moment, I am on a blue trip.

    I’ve used these tips and saved a lot of space over the years… longest trip was 4 months with only one carry-on bag for 17 countries, in all imaginable climates! :-)

  • Zubair

    Pack your suitcase several days before departure, this allows you to not forget anything. And always pack ziploc bags! they come in handy

  • J. Keith Van Straaten

    Bring a compression bag to keep your smelly dirty laundry from infecting the clean stuff.

  • Travel_Monkey

    My Brompton folding bike is my most important piece of carry-on! I tuck it into the overhead compartment and when I pick up my checked luggage, I just throw it on top and roll to the subway. To get to my hotel from the subway, I zip-tie my suitcase to the bike and roll away! So much fun and you get smiles from everyone you pass.

  • PCB

    Streamline as much as possible! Don’t need it then don’t take it.

  • DanR NYC

    I always (when I remember) pack a duffle bag in my check in luggage, just in case the back is overweighted a check in or I decide to buy something at my travel destination. The unfleshed bag size depends on whether I am flying alone or with the family.

  • Sc

    Keep some empty plastic bags for worn clothes.

  • Matt C.

    Laptop computer in its own sleeve to protect it in the bin, pack for 2-3 days and launder as needed, always carry a pair of disposable contact lenses for backup, use hotel amenities vs. bringing my own (including toothpaste, shaving cream, mouthwash, etc.).

  • KT

    I take as many things in non-liquid form as possible – sunscreen wipes, a solid stick of my favorite perfume, etc.

  • Dru Pearson

    There’s nothing worse than spending $5 on a “leak-proof bottle only to
    find shampoo all over your bag when you reach your destination. Here is a
    FREE, spill-proof suggestion. Prevent leaks by asking your pharmacist
    for the smallest liquid medicine plastic bottle (3.5 ounces) next time
    you’re at the drugstore. I’ve traveled the world with these (They come
    in all sizes.) and never lost a drop!

  • Antoin Glenn

    always bring an extra day’s set of clothes – you never know when you’ll need it!

  • benstephens

    If I carry shoes, I stuff my socks in them. Also, packing cubes have won me over. Lastly, I like a mesh laundry bag.

  • Mark

    If only bringing a carry-on, I wear multiple layers and/or the bulkier items to free up more space.

  • PickMe

    pack everything in bags so that things don’t spill out when you open the suitcase.

  • Chuck

    Pack your liquids last. It still amazes me how many people dig to the bottom of their carry-on!

  • Chase_Allen

    My best packing tip is stuffing your shoes with belts and socks.

  • Iowan

    Keep 2 sets of toiletries – one for check-in and one for carry-on.

  • Christina Oddy

    my best tip, is don’t forget the snacks! especially if traveling with little ones.

  • Boaz

    Tie an orange strip around the suitcase so you find it easy among all other on the belt…..

  • msesq

    I use large ziplock bags to pack an outfit for every day, that way I don’t have to fumble through all the clothing in my suitcase to match things up.

  • kt123

    to get the most out of my carry-on space i use the bundle (as opposed to the rolling) packing method + packing cubes. you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack that way!

  • Eric P

    I use the plastic compression sacks (mine are from Eagle Rock, but several companies make ‘em) that suck all the air out of the clothes packed inside. BIG space saver when you’re using a carry-on!

  • Greg A

    Roll your clothes to make them fit easier in your carry-on. It is also helpful to wrap them in garbage bags for long-haul flights. On a recent trip to Europe, my Mom was forced to gate-check her bag. Unfortunately, her bag ended up in the rain during a connection and her clothes were soaked.

  • Barbara Wayman

    Always roll your socks and undergarments into your shoes to save space and help the shoes keep their shape. Use tissue paper when you roll your dresses and they will not get wrinkled. Always check the weather at your destination and carefully think through your itinerary. I always strive to never bring a single thing I didn’t wear or use, which requires some time pre-thinking before I leave home. For travel reading I prefer magazines to books because I can dispose of them as I go. Lastly, look for lightweight versions of everything – converters, chargers, tools, accessories. Modern design keeps improving so it’s worth it to check out the latest upgrades that save space and keep your luggage easy to manage.

  • Fotobrad

    I always carry a 5 or 6 socket surge protector strip. It’s difficult finding enough outlets on a ship or in a hotel room to recharge all of our electronics. Also, they’re in one place, not scattered under beds and dressers, and easy to assure we’ve packed everything when we leave. I also have a European surge protector (Amazon) for use when we travel abroad.

  • Jacob

    If you have dietary restrictions, pack food. You never know when you will face a delay or when the airline will lose your special meal.

  • Benjamin J L

    Packing in the winter time is hard with coats and such. Add in skis or snowboards, and it’s even harder. Skis and snowboards are large and cumbersome but not necessarily heavy. If you are concerned about overweight checked bags, use a soft-sided snowboard/ski case and fill in the extra air space with shoes, boots, and heavy jackets. You can also fill it with dirty clothes on your return trip.

  • David

    I have used this packing trick for many years and find it eases the packing/repacking process when visiting multiple cities:
    Example – I will be spending a week in London, followed a week in Paris this Winter. My system is to essentially pack two sets of clothing. Using small / medium size plastic, rectangular, zippered bags (those used when purchasing bedding or drapery sections), I pack underwear, shirts, pants for use in one destination – and a separate similar supply for the second destination. Upon arrival at the first city I unpack only one set of storage bags; the second set of clothing remains in my suitcase (other than suits and over coats). During my stay, the first set of plastic bags are utilized as ‘dirty clothes’ hampers. When repacking for the next travel leg, the initial set of bags are tossed in the suitcase – separate and secure. The process is repeated at subsequent destinations. This eliminates the need to unpack ‘everything’, plus reduces the time and effort it takes to organize a wardrobe required to dress from walking tours to nights at the opera.
    As always, Thanks to TPG for providing invaluable information to All Things Travel.

  • AG

    Stuff your socks into the shoes you’ve packed in your luggage so that your shoes keep their shape under the weight of your other things.

  • Collin

    Pack gum, helps to clear clogged ears on planes.

  • Sam D

    Put all electronics into one Ziploc bag so that you don’t lose chargers/wires

  • DCdilemmas

    To not overpack wisely, I always pick a color scheme: browns, blues, oranges vs blacks, whites, and grays. Packing this way assures that all my clothes go together and I only have to pack one pair of dress shoes. Speaking of dress shoes – leave the shoe tree at home. Stuff the toe of your shoes with dress socks to keep the shape and insert a dryer sheet to keep it smelling fresh. If you have to pack a necktie, roll the tie and place it in the opening of your dress shoe with dryer sheets. This prevents your tie from getting that annoying crease.

  • maxibillion

    Bring an empty refillable water bottle so you can fill up at the water fountains after the security checkpoint and stay hydrated for free!

  • Mase

    Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag (near the wheels) to prevent tipping over when stationary.

  • Partha Mukhopadhyay

    Take advantage of the computer bag/briefcase/purse allowance to take another couple items, if necessary. I’ve taken shoes in the backpack, in weeks where I promised myself I’d use the hotel gym.

  • wnh

    Use packing cubes, roll all shirts into one, roll all pants into another. Also, bring extra zip lock bags in different sizes and duct tape! You will be surprised how many uses you can find for those two items.

  • alohastephen

    Always go with a Tumi bag.

  • ArsenalxBlood

    I always pack a pair of basketball shorts to change into on the plane. If I’m flying 10+ hours, I want to be comfortable.

  • Carrin

    Don’t pack, ship. If I’m in and going to locations with reliable local postal services, I mail the items I don’t want to haul around (e.g. souvenirs, dirty laundry, items you can’t carry onto the plane).

  • Nick L.

    Roll your belt up and put in your spare shoes and pack with the anticipation of layers; avoid any singular bulky item. Remember to leave room for anything you want to bring back from your destination.

  • Lorelle

    Always bring a few extra ziplocks with you!

  • Charlie

    Always carry small accessory bag to put pocket contents in before entering security. Ensures that stuff doesn’t get lost in the bag or forgotten in the corner of the bins.

  • Atlasboy

    Use the inside of shoes to stuff socks and other smaller items to make the best use of space.

  • Melissa

    Make your kids schlep their own snacks, crayons, books, iPads (if you are so inclined) in their own oversized backpack. Don’t forget extra underwear for the under 6 set!

  • Chris K

    To keep your shoes from getting crushed roll your socks into them and place them at the bottom of your luggage

  • AnnieLovesParis

    I almost never check a bag. Some of the tricks I employ are making sure all the clothing I bring matches everything else in some way so I can create multiple outfits, thereby limiting needed space. Also, one, max two, pairs of shoes. And, if weather dictates a jacket, I wear it onto the plane. I would LOVE to have one of the Tumi carry-ons; I see them out and about and covet them!

  • Kester Spindler

    I usually check to maximize my points.

  • Randy

    Since the miniature liquor bottles are 1 ounce, they get packed in the carry-on in their own zip lock bag!

  • Char

    I use a six-pack cooler as a toiletry bag. Once I arrive at my destination and unload the toiletries, I can use the cooler for cheap cold drinks on the beach, no matter how remote.

  • Hoko

    I always bring 3 or 4 plastic grocery bags. Great for dirty
    clothes, wet bathing suits, or shoes that you don’t want touching your clothing

  • Michael Fier

    When traveling on CRJs or ERJs, it does not matter if you expand your carry-on. Everything besides your laptop bag or coat is going to get gate checked anyway.

  • TONY

    Never leave a box of Macaroon in the carry on case even if they’re wrapped with layers of shirts, they will get “smashed”, all fragile items (including soft shell foods) should be taken separately with you..

  • Larry

    On long flights, I try to pack all my in-flight needs like reading material and earbuds and snacks in a plastic bag inside my carry-on. Since I hate losing what little legroom I have by traveling with a carry-on under my seat for all those hours, I yank out the plastic bag and stuff it in the seat pocket so I can stash my carry-on in the overhead bin without having to get up and down five times to pull things out.

  • Kathy

    I always throw in one of those first aid ice bags that activate when you squish them and a hand warmer that activates when you open the pouch. I’m pretty easy going, but I have noticed that if the people around me are miserable, it makes flying less fun. Those two items take zero space and can end an earache for a crying child. Although my kids are grown, I share with mom’s who are struggling. Gum and candy is another great throw in to share, after asking the parents of course! :) We’re kind of nutty that way…actually asked my husband to take off his compression socks to share with an elderly woman who was ill on a flight.

  • becky

    If it’s a short trip I usually pack liquids- facewash etc- in contact lens cases. Takes up so little space.

  • leothelion

    Put all my liquids (cream, lotions, sun screen, mouth wash, shampoo, facial cleansers) in ziplock bags and then in my toiletry bag since some tend to burst or leak while in the air.

  • Jaymanlb

    A couple of things I do… (1) I keep an extra shaver, battery operated toothbrush, and my bag of 1 oz or less products always in my traveling bag; (2) I have a special Tumi rollaboard bag designed for under the seat travel for when I know I will be traveling on a small regional jet and I can actually roll aboard my bag instead of leaving it at the gate and then having to wait for the bag at the destination gate–which causes delays on short connections. I also know that if I get upgraded to first class on some regional jets, to pick a seat that doesnt have a seatpost in front of it that prevents you to put a rollaboard under the seat in front of you or in the bulkhead row (regional jets that have first class usually have a single seat in A- not good for under seat stowage). (3) I have cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside of my rollaboard bags that add a separator across the entire opening to allow me to have two rows of storage. Happy traveling.

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    My favorite tip for packing is pack only what you can need and can easily wash for reuse (I traveled with a 19″ bag for 1 month in Europe).

  • Troy

    Roll the shirts baby!

  • Bink

    separating clothes with dry cleaner plastic eliminates SOME wrinkles

  • Rachel T

    I just rently bought a clothes cube from Flight 001 and it works great. You can pack a lot of clothes in it and it keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones.

  • cathn

    Bring a couple of plastic shopping bags with you – for smelly socks and dirty shoes at the end of a trip, or even making extra sure your clear quart bags of toiletries don’t spill.

  • al

    Double bag your toiletries, even the screw top bottles can open with the pressure changes.

  • godspeed30

    If you don’t have the space for a garment bag, I find finding your suit jacket inside out significantly reduces creasing.

  • Randy Martin

    Always wear your heaviest shoes, a sweater and your jacket – do not pack them. If you wear these there will be more room in your luggage.

  • Bill

    I use space bags to pack underwear and socks and use the empty bag for the return trip home to pack my dirty laundry.

  • Marc

    I use the packing cubes available from eBags. I can neatly place all of my shirts and pants into separate packing cubes and know exactly fly where each one is when I’m unpacking. It saves a tremendous amount of time and even makes sure you don’t over pack for a certain item.

  • Dan

    Packing cubes help keep everything organized

  • Benjamin Wagner

    Pack dress shoes with socks to save space while acting as shoe forms.

  • Seegull

    Packing cubes of different shapes and colors help me organized with my carry-on.

  • gbeil

    Especially for longer trips, packing some laundry detergent (and checking to see if your accommodations have laundry facilities) can help alleviate the need to pack too much clothing. I prefer bringing laundry detergent in powder form since liquids are such a pain when it comes to traveling.

  • patvhhi

    You can fit a lot of clothes in a suitcase by laying the clothing flat and stacking another piece on top, then another, etc. and then fold all sleeves, bottom, etc. at once as though it was once piece. You will be surpirsed how much you can get into a suitcase! You can put plastic in between to stop wrinkling….

  • MYRflyer

    Wow, so many great tips posted so far. I use many of the ones posted, such as stuffing your shoes with items, bringing grocery bags or ziploc bags just in case, leaving room in your bag for items purchased while on vacation etc. I need to learn the roll your clothes method to reduce wrinkles, great tip.

    My suggestion would be pack a small cheap pair of scissors, like the free mustache hair trimmer scissors that come with holiday gift sets. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a pair of scissors when taking 1-2 wk trips.

    Also, bring along the miniature drink enhancers, tea, lemonade, grape, etc. Great to use when out walking around a city combined with a bottle of cold water.


  • GarythePointsGuru

    I pack less clothes, and buy some at my destination. Makes for great and useful souvenirs.

  • Ivan W

    Use some scrunched up plastic grocery bags as protector to cushion anything fragile things in your luggage. Then during your trip, use those plastic bags to put your dirty underwear, socks and laundry in!

  • Jason Yip

    Don’t pack a lot of books in your hand carry. Also don’t pack all of them in one luggage. For clothing, you can always use vacuum bags (I am not talking about ziploc, search for vacuum bag for travel on Amazon). You could pack more in there once you get the air out!

  • Ed

    Tip: While everyone focuses on getting their things to fit in their luggage, don’t forget about your bag’s weight, particularly on international trips. Do yourself a favor and get a luggage scale; your back and possibly your wallet will thank you.

    Rationale: Wheels or not, you’ve got to lift your carry-on in and out of the overhead compartment, in addition to many places that don’t lend themselves to rolling a bag–stairs, crowded sidewalks, cobblestone streets, etc.

    Additionally, many foreign airlines have low carry-on weight limits of 15 to 22 pounds (a few are as low as 11 to 13 pounds). Given the average carry-on bag’s empty weight of 7 to 9 pounds, that doesn’t leave a lot left over for the things you want to pack!

    Given these restrictions, I use two different “backpack-style” carry-ons that are extremely lightweight while providing the maximum allowable space. The first is an international airline friendly 22″ x 14″ x 9″ and only 2.4 pounds. The other conforms to the slightly bigger allowances on domestic discount carriers like Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska, and Virgin America; it is 24″ x 16″ x 10″ and it only weighs 1.8 pounds.

  • Sam

    I always pack ziploc bags and laundry bags from hotels for all-purpose use.

  • Dave

    If you aren’t bringing a garment bag, carefully folding a suit works way better that the suiter.

  • Elizabeth S.

    Throw in a pair of slipper socks for those cold flights and dirty hotel room floors.

  • Corey

    When I pack a suit, I fold it with some clothing inside. I’m hoping it prevents wrinkles and it’s the only way to pack it in my suitcase

  • Joe-SC1

    Use color-coded grocery (“Walmart”) bags to identify clean versus not clean clothes. Easy pickings from there!

  • FlavCity

    Have a sleek, stylish carry-on bag like thi sTumi so no one will mis-identify it as there own. On those annoying occasions the gate agents make you check out carry-on, there won’t be any guessing when your sweet looking bag rolls off the conveyor belt!

  • Nic

    take a plastic bag for dirty clothes (preferably one with the string at the top to tie it off, especially if you plan on working out)

  • AnnaZed

    It can’t be said enough times; bring extra ziplocks and plastic bags. Bag up and segregate your dirty clothes.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  • peachykeen

    bring extra ziplock bags.

  • Tom

    I stuff my socks in my dress shoes so they don’t lose their shape.

  • Vitaly

    Put smaller things (for example socks) together into separate plastic bags.This way it is easier to find stuff in the carry-on if you need something quickly. Heavier things on the side closer to the base, – this way the carry on is more stable.

  • Eddy

    I like to pack wool socks. Somehow they don’t hold a smell so I can get more days out of each pair

  • Jenny

    To save space in my liquids bag, I use contact lens cases to store eye cream and moisturizer. For contact lenses themselves, I use the daily disposable ones for travel (no need to bring cleaning/soaking solution).

  • egwg

    compartmentalize – separate your items

  • traveller keith

    Use packing cubes to fit more in – but check the weight as you have to put it overhead.

  • shapirocelia

    Rubber bands, TSA-legal scissors, and locking twist ties.

    Yes, we all pack our liquids in plastic bags, but they have been known to fail. If you wrap a rubber band over — and around — the lid then you’ll have extra spill insurance.

    And for those times when carrying on becomes impossible, take a twist tie from your outside pocket and lock your zippers. Then, at your destination, take the scissors from the outside pocket and cut the twist off.

  • Dmitry

    plus one on packing cubes

  • Josh

    You don’t actually have to take your liquids out of your bag when you go through security (as long as they are within the size limit). I fly an average of once a month and since they enacted the rule, however many years ago I have not taken my liquids out and have not been asked to after my bags have been screened.

  • Rhen

    I always double-bag the quart sized Ziploc bags with liquids in them. That way, if something leaks out during flight, you are protected and also if you end up needing an extra at some point you can un-double it.

  • Annalise Kaylor

    These changed my life! I never leave home without them!

  • Hank

    Always pack everything in the same places. It helps identify things you still need to pack, helps you find items in a hurry, and helps you do a spot-check for items as you move from place to place.

  • Thomas Zook

    I carry a small roll of duct tape wrapped around a pencil.

  • Edy Sulistyo

    Just right before the security, put all of your wallet, cellphone and anything in your pocket to your carry on, then you don’t have to worry leaving them at the small container

  • K. Mizushima

    I love using the packing cubes to keep my stuff organized.

  • Free Stuff Scavenger

    Fill every available open space – stuff rolls of socks inside of your shoes which also keeps them in shape

  • Heather C

    On flights where I’m not checking a bag, I always organize the contents very carefully. Things I need easy access to while on the plane, I place those in convenient areas in the carry on bag. I went to Brazil on a business trip for 1 week using just my carry on bag! People were amazed! I selected clothes that could be matched with others and creative accessories, like scarves, jewelry and jackets. With everything organized and compressed, I was able to fit my: shoes, work clothes, toiletries and even my laptop INSIDE the carry on (and my carry on was SUPER small). I also like to collect nice samples (shampoo, conditioners, etc) and take those on trips. :)

  • Arkadag

    When my clothes come back from the drycleaners, I keep the wire hangers. Then, on longer business trips, I pack those hangers so that I will be able to hang up all suits, dress shirts, dresses, slacks, etc. on arrival. When I depart, I leave the hangers for the next guest. This saves me from having to iron during my stay, gives me additional suitcase space on departure, and hopefully helps someone else who may otherwise find a hanger shortage when they arrive.

  • Kathy

    include ear plugs as one of your essential items for the plane. it’s great to reduce plane engine noise, unhappy children, etc.

  • Denise

    Packing Cubes have been my lifesaver. They can organize everything from clothes, electronic cables and food!

  • AAJunkie

    Maximize that 2nd carry-on. Some trips my laptop backpack is bulkier than my carry-on.

  • Scott G

    Always remember to place your important medication in your carry on. Seems logical but my wife and I flew from LA to Sydney and for some reason I put my medication in my checked bag and lo and behold we arrived in Sydney with no bags. After 16 hours of flying, you don’t want to show up in a foreign country without essential medication. Always pack that kind of stuff in your carry-on. Lesson learned.

  • Chad Gordon

    when I pack for a trip I put all my extra items in my carry on before i leave the house. Keys, change, wallet, phone. that way when I get to security if i’m not choosen for TSA precheck, I just have to slip off the shoes and belt and i’m on my way.

  • Kevin

    I always put my shoes in plastic bags so as not to get my clothes dirty

  • Texas281

    Keep an empty trashbag with you to put dirty laundry in. If travelling long-term (1 weeks +) do laundry locally, a lot cheaper than the hotel and less to lug around! Dress shirts and slacks would recommend to go through the hotel to limit damage to finer garments if travelling in 3rd world countries.

  • DK

    Using a wheelie bag for carry on is easy. I use the largest rollerbag that will fit in the overhead compartment. I pack sample makeup and toiletries in a quart bag placed on the top outside zipper compartment for quick access. I pack all my closes and anything else I need to take in individual ziplock bqags and then squeeze out all the air so they lie flat. I use assorted ziplocks for all different items. IF TSA opens my bag they now do not touch any of my personal things! Right before security screening I slip on a pair of extra socks (the ones they give you in the overseas business pouch) this way when you take off your shoes you are not barefoot. I slip them off and put on my shoes after the screening. As a second bag I take a large backpack which fits my purse and laptop. This frees up my hands. I can also put an empty water bottle in the side pocket as well as a pen and my phone on the other side so all my necessities are within instant reach. Happy flying to you all

  • cuoreesitante

    Use a small reusable bottles to pack your own booze. Security will allow as many bottles as you want as long as they are under the fluid ounce limit. Much cheaper than what they charge on the plane AND you get to drink your favorites.

  • suzsy

    When checking a bag I always attach something colorful or different on the outside to distinguish from similar looking bags. I keep a packing list of every item I might need for any trip and print it prior to leaving. First I cross off any items that don’t pertain to the current trip, then cross off items as I pack them. Helps to not forget anything. For extended trips I list notes regarding forwarding mail, suspending newspapers, magazines, cable, internet, etc.

  • Kevin

    Stuffing socks in your shoes….sounds basic but is definitely handy for making sure no space goes unused! I also always use the plastic hotel Laundry bags for my dirty clothes so that when I unpack back at home I can just dump them all in the hamper.

  • Arti

    In Europe for 2 weeks with a carryon,that has black leggings,dark jeans,turtlenecks,a few scarves,comfy shoes,sweaters ,undergarments & a waterproof jacket.i do a quick wash every 3 days with hotel shampoo,fresh for the next 3 days & onto the next large purse has reading essentials.however,I carry a tiny wallet to keep my room key& credit card in my pocket when I leave the hotel.the less I have,the better I feel.

  • amelie

    I know this one is a popular one…fabric softener sheets are a great idea.

  • John M. Montgomery II

    I stuff my socks in my shoes to save the shape and save space.

  • Angela

    I bring a shawl and a light weight umbrella. They keep me warm and dry without a heavy coat.

  • Ethan

    Roll your clothes to make them fit better. Carry zip-loc bags for any toiletries.

  • Jerryxe

    My best practice is to take a big hiking backpack, like a 50L one. Last I spent 3 weeks in Tibet and Nepal, where the temperature ranges from as high as 90 to as low as 10, so I had to brought much different cloths. I was impressed by the hiking backpack, as the 50L one is small enough to fit into the cabin, while the pack has so much space that could even host more than a carry-on suitcase. One of the biggest benefit during packing is that usually the backpack can be opened both on the top and bottom, so you have to prioritize the stuff by the order of when you need them, and which one is heavier in order to put in the bottom.

  • Henry Chen

    Socks. Always pack an extra pair of socks, preferably comfortable crew socks if you’re wearing dress socks.

  • Tyson

    You can use a hotel shower cap as shoe covers

  • shirleyc

    Airplanes are cold! I always pack a pair of socks in my carry on and keep it near my seat. Thanks!

  • Lynn

    Compartmentalize and pack everything in gallon size Ziploc bags. The bags then come in handy for many other uses (including dirty laundry) and you can find your stuff in your carryon. For trips of short duration, I have packed some face creams, etc., into lip balm tubs.

  • jaguilar

    An extra set of clothes in case you also checked in luggage and you find out it got lost once you get to your destination.

  • J.T.

    ebags actually offers decent travel products such as their pack-it-flat toiletry kits that makes your 3-1-1 bottles and other things easily stuffed in your carry-on. And their packing cubes are great for organizing clothes in bags.

  • Nick

    The most important aspect of a carry-on piece of luggage is the fact that you skip the lines on your destination. You can have your suit and a shirt on a hanger and store in the business class closet. That combination is crucial for every business trip.

  • Jon

    When flying coach, carry on a first class amenity kit from a previous trip. Compact and highly effective.

  • Laura

    Make sure you pack a bunch of ziploc bags in different sizes (quart & gallon). You can use them to put away your dirty laundry as your trip progresses and keep your clean clothes, clean. Also, bring along in your carry on a package of baby wipes. They come in handy everywhere, and depending on where you’re headed or what sort of trip you’re taking, it might be the only way to keep dirty hands clean (if there’s no running water).

  • Dale Rausch

    Pack a photocopy of your passport and a credit card in the back pocket of your carryon. If your wallet is ever stolen or your passport lost, this can be enough to get to an embassy and obtain paperwork to travel.

  • Kai

    I put my socks, underwear, undershirts, and shorts in vacuum seal bags! You can usually store that bag in the front zip pocket. That leaves plenty of space in the big compartment for all other items.

  • Marcia

    Get a bag with tons of pockets. I try and cram a ton of stuff into my carry on and it’s always better when it’s neatly separated.

  • Anne – Music and Markets

    I couldn’t make it with just a carryon without my trusty vacuum pack bags – they work wonders inside a rollon!

  • Em

    I roll my clothes up and this allows me to pack almost double. I also carry an air tight bag for dirty laundry at the end of my trip, to keep it separate from other things, as well as compacting it to make room for things I pick up on my trip to bring home.

  • Bret

    Don’t over-pack! You don’t need as much as you think. If staying longer than 4-5 days, consider dropping your clothes off at a laundromat at your destination. Drop off in the morning; pick up at night…or costlier hotel services could also be used.

  • Trajan81

    Hard sided carry ons are great since you can shove more stuff into them without them getting too big to fit in the overhead!

  • Allison F

    Roll silk shirts so they don’t wrinkle!

  • cmykFTW

    Alcohol is not disallowed with carryon luggage. Having a fun weekend trip? Skip bringing the shampoo and bring a few of your favorite 3oz bottles of liquor on the plane with you to drink!

  • Steve

    Carry some emergency clothes and washbag in your carry-on, in case you get stranded somewhere. It helped keep my sanity numerous times when plans did not work out.

  • JoGu86

    First year travelling all the time, you learn quick to pack lightly. Just pack what you need. This carry-on would be great to replace my beat up one #worldtraveler

  • Tomo

    Roll your clothes! Anything small, you can crunch in between spaces after you’ve packed the larger objects.

  • Melanie Foster

    I’m fairly new to the “Road Warrior” lifestyle, but this trick has saved already saved my clothes once.
    Remove the top of your shampoo/conditioner/etc bottle, place a piece of plastic wrap over the opening (plastic wrap should be larger than bottle opening) then replace the lid screwing/snapping the lid on over the plastic wrap. That way if the lid accidentally comes open during travel, the shampoo/etc doesn’t leak into your bag.

  • Tiffany

    Stick with one color schemes so you can wear pieces repeatedly in different outfits

  • Graham

    My tip : put one shirt & one set of clean underwear in my carry on & of course, any prescription medications .

  • Jason Kral

    I always make sure to pack tasty snacks (gummy bears and gold fish) for the flight so i dont get stuck with stale airline peanuts.

  • JTbeatsNYC

    i travel frequently for wknd and shorter work trips, and refuse to check a bag. to save space, i roll all socks, boxers, and pjs (items which can be wrinkled) and stuff into my shoes. this helps the shoes keep shape and creates more room for items such as spare batteries, travel blanket (packed instead of dragging by hand all over airport), mini sewing kit, a sweatshirt, toiletries, and even small bottles of alcohol, which are permissible.

  • Brett

    Wear your bulkiest, heaviest clothes on the plane. If you have to pack more than one pair of shoes, make certain to put smaller items (like underwear) in the shoes. If you are going to take off your shoes, slip a thin pair of slippers (like the ones you get in the amenity kits) in an outside pocket/easy to reach place so you can put them on easily.

  • Jay

    Leave space to bring something back. It may be Belgian waffles or Swiss chocolate, so I’d make sure I don’t overfill.

  • Chelsea

    I always make sure the things I will need first upon landing (pjs, toothbrush etc.) are at the top of my bag.

  • Kristin Diamond

    on those very rare occasions when we absolutely must check a bag (yes, unfortunately it happens), we do a buddy system and split our stuff between the two bags so that in the event one bag is lost/delayed, we have sufficient stuff to get by.

  • Jack Cannata

    Leave a copy of your itinerary inside your bag. If your luggage gets lost they might find you if they know where you are.

  • Scott

    Always roll tshirts and jeans and stuff your shoes with socks to create more space.

  • MO

    the ultimate in traveling “light”. Pack your worst! underwear. Then dump one each day of your trip. Leaves more room at the end of your trip to pack real goodies… and besides, you wont have missed those raggy undies.

  • HenryW

    Recently we acquired some beautiful crafted wood bowls that we wanted to carry back on the plane with us, but the craftsman had no way to pack them. As we have done in similar situations, we went to the nearest Goodwill (or other thrift shop) and purchased a small carry-on size suitcase for under $4.00. We wrapped the bowls in some laundry, and we were good to go with the bowls well-protected with minimal minimal cost and hassle.

  • jonathan

    I always bring a check in suit case and put gifts if im visitng friends and family then on the way back i put my carry on inside my check in and i dont have to carry anything.

  • Zippy Dee

    Make sure you check in anything that might be considered a liquid. I almost had $75 of Hawaiian honey (which is a very thick paste) confiscated at security. Luckily I had time to go back to ticket counter and check in one of my carry on bags.

  • Sheng

    They are selling packing cubes now. It’s extremely organized when you use packing cubes in your luggage.

  • David Miller

    Rolling Shirts is definitely the way to go.

  • Elle

    Use contact lens cases to store small amounts of lotions, etc., always start packing a few days before the trip and then eliminate for the following few days (this helps with overpacking so much) stuff shoes with socks to maintain their shape and maximize space, and avoid checking a bag when at ALL possible. :)

  • Antony

    Packing cubes and rolling dresses does the trick

  • Cliff

    I make good use of the folding suit packet from Eagle Creek, among other awesomeness already listed.

  • Curious George

    I always roll my clothes!

  • Benny

    Keep you charger for phones and kindle accessible. Also keep itenerary in bag so you know where to go

  • Michael Macken

    Take a small envelope with a couple credit cards and cash in case you lose your wallet only for carry on luggage tho. This past weekend two distinguished citizens of New Orleans attempted to borrow/steal my wallet without my permission. If they had been successful and I had no extra credit cards and or cash what a hassle it would have been.

  • Chris Park

    Some products (suitcases) come wrapped in a nicer cloth bag rather than plastic. I pack this along to hold dirty laundry.
    Bring Pepto or Tums so you can comfortably experience new foods.
    Pack items with structure first and fill the gaps with the softies to protect and give your bag some aesthetic structure.

  • Lstewhou

    Soft-sided packing cubes make all the difference in fitting a maximum number of clothes in a carry on suitcase. They are like having drawers in your suitcase! During the trip, you move all your dirty clothes to one packing cube, keeping clean ones separated. I don’t leave home without them!

  • Drew

    Try and get everything you need on an iPad instead of a laptop so you don’t have to pull it out in the security line!

  • Sam

    I am in the habit of pocketing extra bottles of liquor (seriously, how much bailey do you need with your coffee at 8am?) as gifts for my wife when I’m upgraded to first class. Usually I check my bags on the flight back because it’s easier… but when pulling the last minute flight change and rocking it standby, it means smuggling small souvenir bottles of booze in my carry on. As a habitual collector of hotel shampoo and conditioner (I went 2 years never purchasing either for the home bathroom), I’ve found it is very easy to just comingle small airplane liquor bottles with my see through bag of shampoo and conditioner. There all little bottles!! Right?

  • Marlene

    Make sure your toiletries are tightly sealed to avoid a mess!

  • Shannon M.

    Top three packing tips for carry on: Combo rolling clothes and using compression sacks, extra mesh bag to separate dirty clothes while traveling and have all liquids in zip lock bag(s) in top pouch of carry on for easy access through security.

  • Natalie

    I always pack a small travel pack of Clorox wipes to wipe down the tray table, armrests, and seat belt buckles – helps prevent us from getting sick by touching all these germy items!

  • John F

    Stuff your socks in your shoes, and roll your underwear and pack it last to take up the last bits of space.

  • Tom

    Make sure you leave space in an easy to access pocket for your watch, belt, wallet, etc. It makes going through security checks much easier.

  • Dustin

    Use the carry on for breakables. We travel internationally a lot and if we ever check breakables there’s a good chance they won’t survive…

  • Sam

    Always take a good book withya.

  • Migrosa

    I always bring my Havaianas with me, it beats any slippers provided by the airlines!

  • Brian

    Pack disposable underwear and socks so you don’t need to wash them or bring them back home.

  • Eli

    Always strategically use the outer pockets for things you want to grab without opening up the main compartment of your roller – headphones chargers, candies, etc…

  • Mike

    if you have a neck pillow or anything you keep in the carry on except when in your seat, make sure you pack it at the top of the roller bag. I see people every flight digging for a needed item at the bottom in the jetway when its simple enough to unzip the top and pull it out.

  • Felicia

    If flying on a very small plane and trying to avoid gate-checking a bag, I always use a backpack as my carry-on. Even if it’s the same size as a roller bag, gate attendants are far less likely to make you gate check it if it’s on your back!

  • Ryan K

    Roll everything up instead of folding it!

  • Michael Heffner

    I always pack extra gum and mints. Some for me, some for the stink face next to me.

  • Emma

    If you are checking luggage always always always pack enough to survive for a day or two in your carry on.

  • Tejash Patel

    I pack the big items first, and stuff the socks and small items last into the crevices. I always manage to fit that tiny bit more in there every time!

  • ThorneStockton

    Remember to keep your liquids near the top or at least easy access for security.

  • Peter Kim

    Pack each piece of clothing you don’t want wrinkled in its own plastic dry cleaning bag, even in packing cubes. Friction causes wrinkles (e.g. cotton on cotton) and plastic reduces friction.

  • Colleen

    I always wear my heaviest shoes and my bulkiest clothes so they don’t take up space in my carry on!

  • Deniz

    After rolling clothing up of course, rubber band matching outfits together. Everything stays in place and you can simply grab outfits as needed and go. Saves a lot of time.

  • Jon

    Roll, not fold

  • Zila

    Clear ziplock for everything, so you can see what’s in each one, and keep your liquids and toiletries on top, for easy access at the security check.

  • Judy Haran

    I stopped carrying my husband’s stuff in my backpack and now I make him carry his own, no more being woken up to find his books and earphones.

  • Vicky C

    Pack what you need for 2-3 days plus anything really expensive

  • Rich Sabin

    Marshmallow Packing Technique. Ever need to pack a suit jacket but don’t want it wrinkled? Start with a hanger and some basic t-shirts or button downs as the base. Then layer each shirt over the top and put all sleeves through the sleeves of the prior shirt until you have packed all your shirts. Then put your suit jackpot on the outside put all the shirts through the sleeves of your suit jacket. Then finally take 2 plastic bags blow some air in them tie them off and place inside the jacket and sleeves to keep them puffed like the marshmallow man from ghostbusters. Voila everything packed and shirts and suit jacket are wrinkle free.

  • iwantmoremiles

    I put my socks in a zip lock bag. They take up less room and are easy to find.

  • snakedoc1

    Tip: Always use a digital scale to weigh luggage before you go to the airport. Overweight baggage fees can definitely damage your wallet!

  • Don

    Have a travel bag of toiletires always packed and ready to go so you don’t forget something.

  • avi

    empty ziploc bags, charging brick & plug splitter

  • Grant

    When I am packing a carry-on, my biggest enemy is the size restriction and my best friend is planning. I lay everything out I plan on taking and double check each item. Do I really need the extra pair of jeans or shoes?

    I often find I don’t use a third of what I pack in a carry-on.

  • Ellen

    I pack my undies in a large see through zip lock bag (minus the air) so they will be untouched by TSA hands!

  • Zack

    Best way to keep track of all those loose items but don’t want to use cheap ziploc bags? Use some classy leftover Crown Royal bags instead.

  • Scott Bernard

    Brita refillable water bottle saves money and reduces waste when traveling

  • Christian Wofford

    As a Texan living in NYC, I need to get my TexMex fix on. So when I travel back to Austin to visit family, I buy a big package of seasoned fajita meat, freeze it, put it in a insulated foil bag and then stick it in my carry-on. Always still frozen when I get home, even with the occasional connection through DFW. Odd I know, but you can’t get this goodness in Brooklyn, unfortunately.

  • MandaO

    I bring a big freezer bag to put magazines, ipad, or water, etc. in and put it in the backseat pocket in front of me below the tray. Who knows what’s been in those pockets before I got on the flight! Although last time I flew Southwest, the pocket was too narrow for my water bottle.

  • Andy

    Anyone know if this deal is still available?

  • Trevor

    I pack my chargers in an old amenity kit bag — that way all of my chargers, plus adapters are in one place, if I need them on the plane, in the lounge, or at my arrival.

  • carainkorea

    Pack multi-purpose a jacket that can be used as a pillow. Also, don’t over pack! Leave some room so you can buy some souvenirs on your trip!

  • Rookie10

    Carry a back up battery charger that can charge my phone in case there are no outlets.

  • HK83

    eBag packing cubes are by far the best way to pack in the most efficient manner, quickly separate clean from dirty and keep your clothing from all those nasty travel wrinkles. So glad I bought them for my first time eurotrip in February!

  • Daniel Obenoskey

    Packing efficiently is important but bag choice is the foundation of efficient packing. Choose your bag wisely based on your trip needs. More often than not, packing less is best! Tumi is a great choice!

  • Jonathan

    Always carry extra ziploc bags… so many uses!

  • Andy
  • Ryan

    Always bring a mini-umbrella…when you need one, you really need one.


    always pack hand sanitizers as the airport and airline is always so dirty and also i always pack cup of noodles/ramen. i’m asian and i need my noodle soup, I just ask the flight attendants for hot water. save money and its better than food onboard =)

  • Adam Drucker

    TPG, I always use a Tumi Shirt and Pant folder to hold 2 dress shirts and a pair of pants. Keeps them wrinkle free and I can pack them flat!

  • Holly B

    I roll my clothing so it doesn’t wrinkle as much and I can more easily see what I have. I also use clear packing cubes for my carry on and checked luggage. That way if they search my bag they don’t have to make so much of a mess of it.

  • Big Boy Travel

    Aside from my standard toiletries I also carry another plastic bag in the same pouch with my 5 go to items in it. These items include (1) head phones, (2) melatonin, (3) gum, (4) small bag of trail mix, and (5) a pen.
    Why a pen? From marking in a travel book, to jotting down thoughts, or filling out puzzles a pen is one of the best things to pack. If you don’t put it into a go to item bag it is bound to get lost in the abyss of your carry on.

  • Amy

    A great quart baggie to use for your carry-on liquids is the Hefty bag with the magenta zipper on top. If you stuff it with a lot of big things ahead of time – and leave it for awhile – it stretches! You can get a lot of stuff into this bag. And if you place it into a front pocket of your carry-on, don’t even bother zipping the baggie shut (i.e. if it’s too full to close). You don’t need to take it out of your luggage, the scanner easily sees it, since it’s right on top.

  • mp1007

    I use a shirt envelope (Eagle Creek) I bought some 15 years ago. It keeps my folded shirts they way I packed them throught the journey. Awesome for business trips.

  • Nebojsa A.

    ziplock bags for different chargers and cables

  • bill twombly

    travelers who make unexpected last minute trips should have a go bag already packed with essentials sufficient for a 2-3 day trip. It makes a planned trip less stressful as well.

  • David

    Always pack a photocopy of your passport in the back pocket to make replacement easier, in case your passport is lost or stolen.

  • Lenny L

    roll up your shirts, and then place them in a compression packing bag

  • Michael W Travels

    If bringing an extra pair of shoes, save a little space by sticking socks inside of them.

  • Andy

    I always carry a backup of essential clothing in my backpack so I can get by for a few days if needed.

  • Alex Chan

    Pack clothes that will mix and match.

    Clothes should match: almost everything should go with everything else.

    Add a jacket/coat for layering.

    Clothes should be easy to wash and dry quickly without tumble dryer.

    Dont bring outfit for every occasion… Are you going to use or wear something often enough to carry it around for your whole trip?

    Try to limit to two pairs of shoes.
    Dont forget to take a small flashlight, a first aid kit, sun screen, insect repellent.

  • Gin

    Pack items in little bags within the carry on bag and then you can label, color code and easily pull them each mini bag up at anytime. Could be toiletries, electronics, snacks, clothes, etc. It’s great and quick.

  • joon0033

    Use the hotel dry cleaning bags for dirty laundry.

  • Jon

    Always bring shoe bags!

  • Chris

    Agree with the Eagle Creek packing folders

  • Sara

    Always bring at least one change of clothes in case the airline loses your main bag!

  • Jennifer

    I always save the little plastic bags that hold spare buttons or jewelry and fill them with pills, flossers, q-tips, bobby pins, rubber bands and paper clips, etc.

    They’re surprisingly sturdy, come in various sizes, add essentially no bulk, and, being transparent, make it really easy to find things. Just stop by any clothing store and ask; they’ll usually slip you a few!

    Decanting things always seemed tedious to me, until I started spending three-quarters of my year traveling. I’m still ruthless about what makes the cut, but I’ve found that having a variety of items in minuscule amounts makes the distinction between home and traveling a little blurrier – and I like that :)

  • Melissa

    I always pack extra clothes, underwear and socks in my carry on. About 3 years ago, I had my checked bags get lost by the airline and was without the essentials. Never again.

  • JayLTX

    Wrap your power cords for your phone or tablet around your rolled up underware or socks. This both saves space but also keep the small items together

  • SusanK

    For a business trip put a top on a small hanger. Put a suit jacket over that and button it. Put another jacket over that one, button it as well. Wrap the sleeves inward and pack on top of folded clothes tucking bottom of jackets into edge of suitcase over those clothes. A ruana makes a great plane blankie as well as a cool evening wrap once you arrive.

  • Rich

    Pack light and using packing bags to help keep things organized.

  • Bobbybobs

    I like to roll shirts and put them in a sack bag which makes it easy to pack and keeps you organized.

  • winnie

    When I travel international with my 2 years old, packing a carry-on becomes extremely important. Think how long you will be on the road and figure how many diapers, snacks (formula if you have a baby traveling with you)… ect you will need. Then divide those essential items into individual bags if you have multi-leg flight. When you board, you only take out what you need during each flight. This way you don’t need to reach your carry-on back and forth .

  • Alan

    Pack socks and underwears in your shoes. Pack your shirts in a plastic bag from a dry cleaner to minimize wrinkles.

  • D

    This might seem cliché but the best packing advice is to make sure you have the right clothes to begin with. Pack the Brooks Brothers wrinkle free shirts anyway you want and they come out just fine. Bathroom steam for small wrinkles that are bound to happen regardless of how you pack them. The roll method for pants and suits.

  • faye

    Always pack an extra bag in your carry on. You never know how many souvenirs you will buy.

  • Steve

    throw a change of clothes into your carry-on…you never know when your checked bags won’t make it!

  • Cynthia

    I admit I have a hard time packing all my things into just a carry-on so I check a small piece of luggage (22″) and then carry on a small tote with the things I just absolutely have to have if my checked luggage gets delayed. I also never put anything into checked luggage that is valuable or I wouldn’t care to lose if, heaven forbid, my checked luggage were lost for good.

    One thing I definitely always put in the carry-on is a contact case and solution and a spare pair of glasses. Long flights can be so drying on contacts and that gives me the option to take them out and still be able to see!

  • Yarnie Chen

    Keep all your cords, charger, electronic accessories in an organizer travel case like this:
    so you don’t have to dig around and have a tangled mess.

    Also have a carryon with lots of organized pockets! Love my Lululemon gym bags for travel.

  • Kazu Okumura

    I use laundry mesh bags to organize my wardrobe. They come with a zipper, are reusable, and since you can see through them, TSA agents do not need to open your bag.

  • howaaman

    Make sure your carry on is the correct size!

  • Tony D

    Save all those free product samples for use on quick getaways!

  • Marib

    Since I always travel with my husband I slip my sandals or flats inside his larger shoes to save room when packing.

  • Jeff

    bring extra ziplocs.

  • Anna Sai

    all you need is a pair of your favorite jeans, dress pants, blouse/shirt. Wear your heaviest outfit so the bag will feel lighter. wear your comfortable shoe and pack the dress shoe, your toiletries in a small zip log and thats all you need.

  • Mike

    I always make sure I have a copy of my credit card information, copy of my passport, and all of my itinerary printed

  • Jen

    I save up my beauty product samples and freebie toothpastes for traveling! And always bring extra plastic grocery bags and ziplocs, just in case.

  • skyfox2

    I have a bottle that has a built in filter in it so whatever water I get in the airport will be tasting better and free!

  • Or N

    Always pack a small (40ml) bottle of Alco-Gel for your hands and some kleenex for your nose with your carry on. These two weight close to nothing and will make your journey alot more comfortable and clean.

  • Michael

    One pair of jeans, one pair of black dress pants and no-wrinkle dress shirts and never check a bag again.

  • Kevin

    Everything goes in zip lock bags. It makes it easy to pack and to find them at your destination.

  • Allison

    If traveling with a friend or significant other, each of you split your items between both suitcases. That way if a bag goes missing you will both have clothes for the following few days until you bag is located.

  • Kelly

    I pack complete outfits together in individual packing cubes. That way I can just pull out one cube and I am ready for the next day.

  • Colleen

    All small items get packed on the bottom of the suitcase first with larger items on top.

  • Andy

    A laminated card with a list of everything I need to bring. This ensures that I never forget to bring anything important!

  • RayZ

    For my dopp kit, I pretty much just use sample sized products. You are in compliance with TSA regulations and also travelling light.

  • Nack Choon Jung

    Always have extra ziploc bags to keep anything separate, from dirty laundry to liquids.

  • ckc7

    Eagle Creek packing folders, cubes, and other organizers are super helpful – not only do they save space and keep you organized, but for those who travel very frequently (and have to pack a bag every week) they can also cut down packing time drastically if you keep your basics already pre-packed

  • Albertemec

    Keep your dress socks rolled up in your dress shoes. Acts as a natural shoe tree and saves space!

  • Alla Ponomareva

    Pack the heaviest,non-liquid items in your carry on and pretend that it’s the lightest bag ever. We did this on numerous international moves bringing in a juicer and later a fancy blender, which are twice the price abroad. Luckily, no one said a thing! Also, if possible invest in a sports equipment bag which has to abide by the weight but not by dimensions regulations!

  • Nick

    Treat packing like a game of Tetris — organization is key. Less clutter = less volume

  • BreAnn

    For those that need to travel with medicine, I put together a homemade “medicine kit” and take meds out of the bottles (to save space), put in ziplock bags and take the labels from the bottles and put on the plastic bags. Then put into a handy zip-up packing cube…SO MUCH LESS space this way, then carting around a ton of bottles and boxes.
    Here’s mine (although this was for a whole year RTW trip, so it was a LOT more than you’d usually have in a carry on):

  • Tyler Brown

    If you’re like me and travel with a 50+ lb carry on due to camera/video equipment, there’s always a risk that they’ll force you to check it if they catch the weight. The trick is to just leave the bag with a travel partner or friend while checking in. Once you have your boarding pass, they never carry on weights.

  • Kake

    “Always bring your towel” Ford Prefect Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Mine is a red bandana. Endlessly useful

  • Seegull

    I cut off labels on all clothing to make them even more compact and light weight (and more comfortable). I use packing cubes and scarfs without fails.

  • miliz

    Always have a toiletry bag packed & ready to go…I buy two of every essential item and keep one in my travel bag. So on the morning of travel, I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything!

  • RM

    I always keep a couple of hangers from the drycleaners – makes packing a suit much smaller than the regular hangers.

  • LaughingVlad

    I use vacuum travel bags for dirty clothes. Keep them separate and taking the air out of the bags saves space.

  • Vintagehands

    I start laying out my clothes 10 days in advance of my flight, and then pack them. When I realize I can’t take everything I begin eliminating items. I also watch my destination’s weather reports so I don’t pack a big jacket if it’s not needed due to weather.

  • Adam Chesterton

    Always keep a copy of your contact details and itinerary inside your bag just in case the luggage tags are damaged/removed/wet – this way the airline can locate you as the owner. Better yet keep your contact details in a front pocket, its the first place an airport agent will look.

  • David

    It’s important to always have your prescription medication labeled with your name on it, but leave your big prescription bottles at home. Ask your pharmacy to label their small bottle with your prescription info, and only take what you need. Why take a 90 day supply of medicine for a 3 day trip?

  • chris

    Wear your hiking boats because they can be heavy and bulky in your bag.

  • Matt

    I always have the dry cleaner fold some shirts (rather than returning them to you on a hanger) so they are ready to throw right in your wrinkle-free bag for a quick packing job. I also have two toiletry bags and always keep a bag packed with one of them so I’m ready to go at a moment’s notice (common in my job). I try to follow the same rule with workout shoes and clothes so I can watch my girlish figure on the road. Finally, do yourself a favor already and get TSA pre-check, and save yourself from having to remove items from your carry-on!

  • Jamie

    Make sure all toiletries are in smaller carry on on like a back pack just in case they make you gate check your carry on suitcase

  • SSM

    leave the clothes you want less wrinkled on the right side of the suitcase, opposite the wheels. That way, clothes won’t get crushed by heavy things like shoes or toiletries.

  • TerryH

    You really don’t need all those shoes…

  • Will

    I generally only carry a 38 liter backpack (even for business trips!), but I found it helpful to actually wear all your heavy/bulky clothes or clothes that you don’t want wrinkled (also so that you can go under any bag limits!). Also, if wrinkling/space is a concerned, you can always bring a suit bag and ask the flight attendant to store it in the closet up front. Even the smallest, regional planes have space for this.

  • SonomaWine

    I like the packing cubicles for long trips. Helps to keep everything organized, especially when moving around a bunch.

  • Chris

    If you really need to carry on a lot of stuff you really need to eliminate wheels. Rick Steve’s has one such bag with retractable backpack straps. If you also get his zippered mesh packing cubes designed to fit the bag you can pack a ton in one back and still meet carry on limits. Expands in case you buy stuff and want to check the bag on return. It is our go to option for connecting through Miami to a sailing trip when you don’t want to hold up a boat while you wait for your bag or have to return to the airport by boat to pick up a delayed bag the next day (and never be invited sailing again).

  • Julie

    I roll up clothes so it takes up less space.

  • JF

    you don’t need to put saline/drops/other medication (whether OTC or prescribed in the plastic quart bag. Save room for other stuff.

  • Jeffrey

    The best accessories I take with me are a comfortable eye mask (if you’re not flying business they don’t usually hand them out) and Macks silicone earplugs. The silicone plugs are far superior to foam, both in terms of comfort and noise canceling ability. With my mask on and plugs in, I can almost always get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep on the plane.

  • Jon

    Buy a kindle or e-reader and forget about lugging lots of books. Real space saver

  • K Johnson

    My best carry on tip is to be prepared to carry on less than you intended if you have to gate-check your luggage!

  • Fahim Shakoor

    stuff socks into the shoes to save space and help keep the shape of the shoe.

  • Jim C

    Buy the liquid spray starch, not the aerosol type. Pour a little into a small pump spray bottle you can find at Target and throw into your toiletry case and use to get out those stubborn wrinkles when you get to the hotel.

  • Diandra K

    My best carry-on packing tip is to make sure you pack in sections! For example, put your under garments in the zipper section, your shoes at the bottom on the left side of the suitcase, and on the right side, put all your rolled up clothing. This way everything is organized, you know exactly where each particular item should be, and you can fit your toiletries and other miscellaneous items at the top to retrieve easily when needed.

    Another tip, be sure when packing bulky shoes or pumps to place them in your carry-on as if they were in a shoebox. This way there is enough space in between the pair to fit smaller rolled items (if needed) like tshirts, gym shorts, etc. If you’re bringing sneakers or other shoes, you can put socks or bulky jewelry inside.

  • Mark R.

    I always mix my very small knife in with my keys & coins in a plastic bag in my briefcase to get it through.

  • Rick

    After packing, remove about half of the clothes you packed as you most likely won’t even use it on the trip. Key is to bring only what you need, especially if you plan on purchasing items at your destination

  • Angela

    If you’re carrying any glassware, use some of your clothes to wrap them up so they’re more secure and less likely to get broken

  • Jonathan Leung

    Bring a empty bottle. After you pass the security u can refill it so u don’t have to overpaid for water.

  • phil gold

    i try to out the heavy items in my backpack on me….less likely to be weighed.


  • Price Vetter

    Plan what you need daily. It helps keep things organized.

  • EricTravelsN

    Pack only “outside clothes” jeans,dress shirts etc. When you arrive buy a pack of underwear/shirts and socks then throw away after trip. Less laundry less hassle.

  • Tavis Parker

    Shoes can eat up a ton of space so manage them wisely. Plan your wardrobe accordingly so that everything goes with 1, or 2 pairs of shoes. Since you’re wearing one pair, you just have to consider what to do with the 2nd pair.

    You can choose to stack the shoes on top of one another to reduce their volume, or you can put them side by side and stuff things inside (razor, limited toiletries, etc..) If you travel with a backpack like I do, you can put a pair of shoes in the rear pocket of your backpack so that the bottoms are against your back and it isn’t uncomfortable. It’s amazing how much more room you’ll have in your carry-on.

  • Mike

    I’m always sure to pack a light jacket even in warm climates. Its nice to have when it rains and I’ve been surprised by how cold some places can get at night.

  • Eric

    Keep your clear plastic quart-sized toiletries Ziploc in an easily accessible location. Nothing worse than having to dig through your underoos in front of a cranky line at security trying to take out your toiletry bag!

  • Robbie

    Keep your liquids in your backpack/purse until you get through security, then switch them to your carry-on before the flight.

  • Edward S.

    I always travel with my TUMI T-Pass Slim Laptop Briefcase to get through TSA quickly and make sure I have my TUMI Card Case ID to carry only the essential credit cards in my front pocket for safety. Now if I only had a TUMI Carry-on case, my life would be complete! Too subtle?

  • Brian Fu

    Generally I always try to book my tickets to the rear of the plane while also trying to board the plane first in my flight group, this almost always results in me having overhead compartment space for my carry-on. This is esp true for United and Hawaiian Air.

  • REL

    Instead of packing weeks of undergarments, exercise attire or hauling one-wear laundry. Bring a hard plastic or double zip-lock of powder laundry detergent. After 3-4 days – throw in sink w/water and table spoon of detergent. Spend 5-8 minute mixing or massaging, soak for 30 minutes and hang in bathtub rack. Viola – clean/fresh clothes by next day (less items to transport).

  • R.

    Fill your shoes with stuff (socks?) to save space.

  • Jessica

    I use an eagle creek pack-it folder for my clothes. I also pack a pair of minimalist running shoes, which are slim, but still great for a workout.

  • Mr Joe Poe

    Always keep hand wipes in your carry on bag to help minimize the germs all around!

  • morgan

    I carry-on with no liquids and have a t-pass briefcase for my laptop. makes security a breeze

  • Lauren

    I always pack some extra quart- and gallon-sized Ziplocs to bring home delicious food from wherever I travel. Think: fresh croissants from Paris the morning after your return flight.

  • Phil

    Always leave room for bring back some souviners

  • Brian

    A lot of people think that they need checked bags to transport banned materials, but you should just get travel sized and save yourself $50 round trip. You can take disposable razors, travel sunscreen, travel toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, etc.

    No reason to every check a bag!

  • Nuritt

    I fold or roll the delicate easily wrinkled shirt… over an item e.g.: shirt over pajamas, so that it is has fewer rolls or folds. also plastic bags (compression and non) keep items slipping around and less wrinkled.

  • jennybento

    bring something you want to throw out but have been having a hard time doing so–instant space on the way back!

  • dwh

    put your liquids in an outside pouch so you can get to them easily

  • kfloveinme

    I love the Eagle Creek packing cubes! I would roll up my cotton t’s really tight and squeeze about 5-7 into them. Saves lots of space in my carryon.

  • AA

    I pity the fool who checks in luggage

  • Mark

    I always pack a small duffel bag that zips up to almost nothing… just in case.

  • Bo

    I pack all the small items and liquid in the inside pockets (see-though) of my carry-on.

  • Jim M

    I pack my lunch in a collapsible lunch box and throw it in my carry on. I also pack a water bottle and fill up after security. If the tap water is terrible, I add a propel zero packet. When I land, my lunch is ready to go.

  • Scott M

    Carry a duffle bag. Easy to manipulate into a tight overhead compartment and great to use as a pillow if you’re stuck during a layover.

  • dianna

    To ensure I can take as much as possible with my two carry ons, I typically take everything out of my purse that I’ll need and put it into my backpack with my laptop, chargers, etc. Then I stick the empty purse into my carry on case and when I get to my destination, refill my purse again.

    But I just got my United Mileage Plus card with Chase so just booked a trip home for the holidays with United with a free checked bag! So don’t have to worry about space at all!

  • Spacetime17

    A few:
    1) Get TSA preCheck so you don’t have to remove your shoes or unpack your liquids.
    2) Bring extra credit cards and forms of ID in case your wallet gets lost or stolen
    3) Always bring some extra American $$$ (especially in St Martin where Dollar = Euro if you pay cash!)
    4) Wear a travel wallet with your cash and credit cards, only carry in your outside pocket what you don’t mind losing.
    5) Get an ATM card with no withdrawal fees. This means you can take out cash whenever you need it and not get dinged each time!

  • emavodones

    When packing something delicate or breakable I roll it up in my clothes – protecting it like bubble wrap.

  • dar

    Pack extra, just in case

  • giloo2002

    I choose a color scheme so all the clothing I bring works together to minimize what I need and I only have to pack one pair of dress shoes. I use packing cubes to keep everything organized. I have pre-packed ziplock bags – one with liquids, one with cosmetics, and one with medicines/vitamins, etc. always ready to go. I keep a copy of my itinerary inside the bag. Also, I take some healthy snack bars so I don’t have to buy junk food along the way, or wake up in the middle of the night halfway around the world hungry for breakfast!

  • Kristin Segura

    My carry on packing tips are to get a bag that is sturdy enough to compress everything down (a sturdy bag with zippers that you have to gently push down to get everything to fit right), as you can typically stuff way more things into it.

  • Justin

    Packing cubes and folders are a great way to maximize space and satisfy your OCD organization need.

  • Jeff Ball

    I score a toothpaste sample tube with every visit to the dentist. Then keep that with a toothbrush in my carry-on. I never have an excuse for having nasty breath.

  • smhall820

    I like to roll my clothes and use compression packs.

  • Alan

    I usually buy giant size vitamin bottles because they are the most economical per capsule. But I have saved several smaller bottles that have been emptied. I transfer the vitamins that I need for a specific trip to a smaller bottle to minimize the space needed in my carry-on.

  • BDA234

    Earplugs and eyeshades for me. I like to bring my own earbuds too.

  • Matt A

    When packing my dress shirts in my carry on, I fold them individually in those plastic dry-cleaning bags to prevent wrinkles. Works surprisingly well.

  • Boris Kilimnik

    Pack as much underwear as the amount of nights you will be gone but pack about half the pants/shirts as you can re-wear them in different combinations. Also, always pack a bathing suit…you never know when you will need it!

  • LRZ

    I roll up all my clothes…..each days set in a separate “roll”. It works beautifully!

  • Erin

    I save free samples of shampoo and lotions to take on trips so I don’t have to buy travel sized ones or transfer my normal stuff into travel sized bottles. Then i don’t have to worry about packing them on the trip home, I just toss out whatever is left over (usually not much).

  • Will

    Eagle Creek compression cubes have made packing much less of a chore. Also, no more digging around and unpacking everything trying to find that one thing that inevitably gets lost in your bag.

  • cchrissyy

    wear your sneakers, pack the sandals. wear the bulky sweater, pack the shirts.

  • Maria Colagiovanni-Cappillo

    For a business trip I lay a sheet of tissue paper then roll the skirt/dress to keep it less wrinkled and carry 3 oz Downey Wrinkle Resistant for the shirt- in case rolling doesn’t do the full trick. Always pack a bathing suit and I always bring an empty ziplock. One wrap rolled into shoe and if I need an evening bag I put my lingerie in it while traveling.

  • Tom

    Keep a small bar of quality soap e.g. L’Occitane, in the carry-on to keep the internal atmosphere bearable. Replaced the noisy wheels on my Travel Pro bag with skate board wheels. Mods for rollerboards!

  • Dennis

    I always use eBags packing cubes!

  • Mike G.

    Always put a couple nips in your 1 quart ziploc bag in case of long delays!

  • Joe

    Tip: If you have to think about whether you are going to wear or need something, I find, best to leave it behind.

  • disqus_5mfbsmfR2K

    Only pack essentials

  • Mike

    It’s all about making things work together-socks go in shoes, stack the shoes, put your extra belt around the shoes to hold in place. If you’re bringing something it better have a packing place or serve a packing purpose.

  • mary

    Allow more room for clothes in your bag– by wearing on board clothes that you will discard at the hotel. 2nd hand or worn out clothes that you plan to give away before long.
    This leaves room for t-shirts to purchase etc.

  • mary

    Allow more room for clothes in your bag– by wearing onboard clothes that you will discard at the hotel or give away…such as 2nd hand or worn out clothes -that still look decent…that you plan to give away before long.
    This leaves room for t-shirts /gifts you want to purchase,

  • Zach

    Rolling my clothes and keep the toiletries separate in my personal bag are my way of preparing for any travel.

  • tpup

    I always pack two t-shirts, and two pairs of underwear and socks in my carry on. I have a spare universal USB charger for my phone and other gadgets. I also have a small clear bag of toiletries and a toothbrush in a separate compartment that is easy to pull out in case I’m going through an airport that doesn’t have PreCheck

  • Annalisa

    Bring one extra pair of underwear, in case of delays in travel. Trust me, it will come in handy on that one trip that you are stuck for another day.

  • JC

    Stuff dress shoes with socks and underwear to act as shoe trees and saves weight / space!

  • Journey 4 Happy

    Make a packing list

  • JT

    Always pack a set of clothes in your carry-on. Depending on where you travel to, there’s a decent chance your checked bag won’t arrive when you do.

  • bernard

    If you want to reduce packing wrinkles in an item of clothing, try putting it in a plastic bag before folding. Dry cleaning bags work well for jackets!

  • Tom

    packing cubes to seperate and organize.

  • Mrcando

    I roll everything inside except my shoes cause I’m already rolling my bag! I also always carry a clean pair of fresh socks and underwear in my computer bag. No matter what happens, you’ll always feel better with fresh stuff and if they fall out during a meeting, well then you have an excellent conversation starter!

  • NigelFenwick

    Stuff shoes with socks and underwear to save space.

  • Jeremy

    Put everything you may need during the flight in your personal item bag under the seat. This is more for your seatmates than yourself.

  • wjsecond

    I always pack a 3-outlet mini travel charger/surge protector with dual USB ports. I like that I can charge my electronics all at the same time in the airport and hotel room where outlets can be scarce. Prices are $10 to $28, well worth the cost. I have a Belkin – it’s compact and only weighs 9 oz, perfect for throwing in your carry-on.

  • Lou

    Very important to have ski boots arrive with me for those fun ski trips. Therefore always carry them on and open all buckles, stuff them with socks and underwear then tightly buckle them back up. Space is saved and boots are loosened up and ready to go.

  • Elena Garcia

    Pack a dryer sheet in your carryon to always have.that fresh clothes smell! Especially in your shoes!

  • Hilary

    Roll clothes and packs socks inside shoes

  • MizLiz

    Ladies, always travel with a (real) pashmina shawl stuffed in your carry-on or knotted round the handle. It’s a blanket, a neck roll, a quick touch of dress-up to any outfit. If it’s the real deal, it will even shed a moderate amount of rain.

  • lsassano

    Bring an empty carry on bag so you can go shopping on your trip!

  • Jay

    Pack light, then remove another 20-25% of what you packed, now you have really packed light.

  • James

    I like to use a bag with separate compartments to keep dirty and clean clothes sorted.

  • theSuperStar

    Ziplocks are your friend.

  • ann

    Pack light and take a travel clothes line. Just wash clothes at the end of the day in the sink.

  • Trent Davis

    Take extra zip loc bags for kids stuff

  • Adam E

    I always roll my clothes, but will need to look into the compression cubes others have mentioned. I also carry a water pouch I can fill up. On International trips I used to have what I needed for the flight in a plastic bag that I could grab easily and would put into the seat pocket, but after reading about how clean (Or not!) they may be I leave it in my personal item under the seat in front.

  • Ray

    Keep an extra duffle bag (foldable) in your bag just in case you need to pack extra or buy extra items that won’t fit on your trip.

  • Mark

    If you bring small suitcases for your kids to carry on sometimes the airline personnel will you check these suitcases at the gate saving you the agony of having to find cargo space for each bag (not to mention trying to get each kid to carry the bag behind them through the aircraft).

  • bigguyinpasadena

    I roll up my socks/undies and cram them into my second pair of shoes to help the shoes keep their shape and to maximize space

  • JoshUK

    Think about efficient use of space within both carry on bag and ‘personal item’. Careful organization can add make a huge difference.

  • LIC

    Always pack a scottsvest for those times they MAKE you check you carry on. Just put all valuables,etc in the vest and wear it on. I keep it packed with essentials and wear it through security, then back into the bag, and if it gets pulled for baggage, out it comes.

  • Garyst16

    When packing a carry on, I do my best to ensure all of my clothes are flat, flat. I have been able to spend a week in Europe with a carry on after years of practice! Practice, plus all of the tips learned through reading the FGT blog!

  • David Bowman

    I travel with a CPAP machine. Depending on the trip, I will either take a separate case marked with a tag identifying it as essential medical equipment or I will use an older, backup device that fits in the shoe bag inside my suit bag. The medical tag ensures that the CPAP device is not counted as an extra carry-on. Using the older device inside my bag adds weight and bulk, but I don’t have to worry about a carry-on, a computer bag, and the CPAP bag.

  • Vanessa

    Packing cubes are very helpful. Easy to unpack and pack.

  • David S

    Pack all clothes in ziplock bags to keep them wrinkle free!

  • Mike

    Packing cubes!

  • HeavenlyJane

    I always pack a few mini liquor bottles (rum and vodka) to enhance the taste of my complimentary orange juice. I hold on to the empties and refill them from my kitchen stash of liquor. Why pay $7 for something I can carry on with me?

  • Jessie

    I’m a huge fan of packing flat (I can never get as much to fit using the rolling method), including fabric softener sheets, and stick to the basics – put all liquids in the ziploc bag. Also, always carry a few extra ziploc bags with you – you never know when your boss is going to sprain his ankle and will rely on YOUR ziploc stash to make a quick ice compress. Brownie points!

  • elliot_o

    If you have to pack dress shoes stuff them with your dress socks to keep them from getting squished. As a bonus you will end up with a little bit of extra space. Additionally if you are going on a long trip and will be packing exercise shoes, pack fabric softeners to use after each time working out. This will keep them from getting really stinky.

  • tly

    Use packing cubes!

  • boxedlunch

    Pack less.

  • WoWalton

    Pay attention to the dimensions of your carry on. Delta and AA are cracking down on oversize carry on which can’t fit in their big sizer.

  • BlueHorseShoe

    There is no such thing as too many plastic laundry bags.

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    I fold the clothes many times so they take less room and then I put towels on the top so when they throw the suitcase it doesn’t break the inside stuff!

  • Mike Chung

    Roll your socks into your shoes.

  • Celeste

    Bring a vacuum bag (well, the ones that don’t require an actual vacuum to work) to flatten your clothes down on the way back. It’s the only way I can fit all my souvenirs into the same suitcase I traveled with!

  • Deneetro

    Put sunscreen spray in a zip lock bag in case it leaks. Learned this one the hard way.

  • ThisIsLars

    Download travel apps for your destination cities before you leave. Many have maps you can use without using data.

  • floressalicis

    Shampoo and conditioner bars are very portable. They aren’t liquid so they won’t take precious space in the ziplock bag of liquids if you hate checking in bags but have lots of liquid toiletries competing for room (ladies). They also won’t accidentally get squished and have the plastic container break and a mess…

  • Bryan

    Being a regular traveler for work and avid weekend warrior, after numerous trial and error of forgetting things, “wish I brought this or had enough room in my carry-on for things I bought” moments, and other situations, I think I’ve got it down….so far:
    - pack the night before
    - compression roll up travel bags a big plus!
    - toiletries to bare minimum and travel size versions – hotels usually supply the main things you need, toiletry kit sometimes provided if you ask front desk I found
    - travel version of medicine for whatever could happen – motion sickness, immodium, ibuprofen, pepto bismol tablets, alka seltzer, etc.
    - shoes and big things on the bottom, if I can’t flatten them (like dress shoes) I stuff them with things (electronics or socks – helps keep their shape too)
    - things I need to quickly access on the top (liquids, etc)
    - miniature versions for all electronics: mini chargers, flash drives, etc.
    - if going somewhere where you need the suit, I wear it on the plane to save space and avoid the wrinkles – shoes, jacket, etc. plus you look pretty fly on the plane. same goes for any other big things to pack: jacket, etc.
    - pop up travel hamper great for longer trips and keeping clean/dirty separate
    - extra ziplock bags and a grocery bag or two for dirty shoes, used hiking gear, etc.
    - reversible shirts and clothing always a plus to save space
    The rest can go in your backpack or personal bag!

  • singulardc

    Roll – don’t fold. Stack your items – largest to smallest – then roll ‘em up. Helps you fit more in the carry-on — and, they somehow manage to be less wrinkled upon arrival.

  • Mkpez

    I roll all my clothes and try and take only clothes that don’t wrinkle and are light weight and multi-purpose

  • Michael

    Use packing cubes!

  • Teresa Johnson Pederson

    I like to put my purse in my carry on because I then can bring another “purse” with me and use that as another way to bring more stuff without having to check a bag.

  • Harrison

    Buy space saver bags, you can pack double the amount. We baught them at the container store in the travel section.

  • Glenda

    This isn’t exactly a tip for my bag but when I have an early morning flight I take packets of instant oatmeal. I then ask the FA for hot water to complete my breakfast.

  • Jimmy

    I roll my clothes to avoid wrinkles in my shirts

  • Kyle

    Roll anything that can be rolled and only pack non-iron dress shirts.

  • Dayna

    I always pack snacks so that I don’t get grumpy when I get hungry on the plane. I also always carry an empty water bottle with me that I can fill up at the water fountain after I get through security. Staying hydrated is key! And using your own bottle is better for the environment than buying plastic bottles.

  • Tonya Cozart

    I usually travel with both my kids, so I take advantage of our allowed bags and personal items, everyone carries to the max. We use jackets as blankets. If we are checking luggage, I always make sure we have what we need for one day in our carry on, pj’s, a change of clothing or bathing suit(depending on destination) medicines, and a small personal toiletries bag. This way if our luggage is lost, we can at least get by. Thank goodness we have never had lost luggage, but I want to be prepared if it happens.

  • Buddy M.

    Pack expensive electronic equipment first for carry-on instead of checking it because you don’t want it to get damaged or stolen. Then pack what you will absolutely need like medicine and travel papers.

  • Phillip P

    Pack everything that you might have to take out going through security (toiletries, laptop, etc) in your personal item carry-on so your well-packed carry on doesn’t get rifled through by TSA.

  • jlou

    Use the shower caps from hotels to cover the bottom of your shoes so they don’t dirty the rest of your clothes. Convenient and reusable!

  • Daniel

    Ziploc bags pressed with dress shirts creates extra space

  • Johnny

    Instead of throwing random shirt, tie, jacket and pant in, have a plan of what exactly you will be wearing each day so you don’t bring extra stuff.

    Buying dual purpose item and light weight items when you go shopping, ie double side belt, neutral shoes color or loafer that don’t require you to wear shock, Underarmor under wear so it dry faster if you need to wash them yourself, apple air vs regular laptop, mini iPad. Swim trunk that look like dress short. Have a separate travel size hygiene kit. Etc

    The less you pack, the more you enjoy the trip. When all thing fails, you have a credit card that give extra point to shop at the destination.

  • michael

    For short trips (weekend getaways with no layover), definitely pack a small duffle bag instead. It’ll be easier to find space in the overhead compartment (or under your seat for a short flight), so you can sit at the airport bar and have a drink while watching people frantically line up in their boarding groups to fight for overhead compartment space. You won’t be asked to gate checked either, and you don’t have to go to the gym that day.

  • Greg Miller

    Try rolling shirts instead of folding them to maximize space!

  • Jay

    Layout sets of clothing, put them in large ziplocks to compress size. This way you save space, avoid having to go through all of your clothes to get what you need.

  • Jake

    Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  • Zhongchao Liao

    Never let anyone else pack for you and always keep an empty water bottle in carry-on bag.

  • GeraintNYC

    Always put your chargers in your “personal” carry on (handbag, messenger bag etc). You don’t want to be rummaging through your underwear trying to find a charger if your phone or tablet runs out of juice. Even worse if you put them in checked luggage!!

  • rob

    Make sure to roll your clothes and don’t overpack. Also, keep your ziplock bag with liquids in the personal bag instead of carryon for easy removal during tsa security check.

  • David C.

    As someone who always tries to exercise while on the road, I use the plastic dry cleaning/laundry bag in every hotel closet (usually clipped to a hanger) for my ‘dirty’ workout clothes. Keeps odors separated from other clothes on the way back home.

  • Octavian

    Wear your heaviest clothing items on the plane

  • J Sakura

    Travel sized Clorox Wipes. People look at you as if you’ve lost it, but we wipe down the tray, metal parts of the seatbelt, armrest buttons etc. I think we’ve all seen (and heard) some really disgusting things on our flights. Wiping down with Clorox wipes may save you days of illness during your trip.

  • KevinIN

    Pack all of your clothes into a vacuum bags. This will ensure you don’t forget anything as well as be organized.

  • Hp

    Always wear your boots, don’t pack them to create more carry-on space!

  • Junlan

    Pack an empty gatorade or Vitamin water bottle (they’re HARD plastic), and some powdered iced tea, or gatorade powder, or kool aid, and make your own drinks at the airport by using the powder and filling it up with the water fountain water and shaking the bottle vigorously. It’ll save you $2 or $3 from buying a bottle of water or a flavored drink!

  • Trevor

    I always roll my clothes so they don’t wrinkle!

  • kent

    Wet wipes… to freshen up or clean up. Yes, I travel with a toddler :)

  • Luisana

    For the past two years, I have been packing with the Eagle Creek Pack-it System Bags. LOVE them!! Must need for those overpackers out there. :)

  • AEG

    Serious water drinker here, bring an empty water bottle to carry past security and fill it up at the fountains after security! Also, roll up your shirts.

  • LispyJ

    Guys may not do this, but I put a pashmina around my neck like a scarf. It is a travel blanket, a pillow, outerwear and a swim pareo all in one. It’s not really packing, but I skip alot of other items because I have this versatile garment!

  • Safuvan Padannayil

    Here are few of my tips, that I use all the time:
    1. While travelling Internationally (especially to India and middle-eastern Countries such as Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia), remember that there is a limit of 7 KGs on your carry-on bag! Most (if not all) airlines in USA will let you taje a carry-on with you regardless of the weight, as long as the dimensions are within the limits. I have had very difficult time talking (“arguing”) with Air India (in Mumbai) & Qatar Airways (in Doha) when they weighed my carry-on and it exceeded 7 KGs (of course: my carrier from USA allowed me to take 25 LBs :)). So the tip here is very simple: Make sure to check and understand the policies of all connecting carriers. Don’t simply assume that because your originating carrier allowed you to take a carry-on bag, you will not be stopped elsewhere by another carrier. You may be able to talk and convince the other carrier, but be prepared to spend lot of time. I was able to tackle this problem in another way: Some carriers will check the weight when they issue you the connecting flight’s boarding pass (Eg: Air India in Mumbai). All I had to do was to leave my carry-on, carried only the laptop bag and told them that’s all I had!! My laptop bag was of course under 7 KGs :). This worked pretty well.
    2. Always, always make sure to keep a ‘Medicine Purse’ ready. For me & my wife, this purse always has: Tylenol, Paracetamol, Antacids, Band-Aids, Pain relief balm, Condoms, Sanitary Napkins, Heat & Cold Wraps (one-each), Cotton Swabs, etc). All these items are tightly packed in a small Travel-ready “Medicine Purse”. Before every trip, we ensure none of the medicine is ‘Expired’ and also always remember to replace what is consumed. The advantage is we never need to worry about forgetting these essentials, also we never spend time packing these items each time. There is no worry about forgetting any of these essentials.

  • Colin

    I like to keep my laptop in the outside pocket so I can grab it just before getting on the plane. Then I have it for the flight and don’t have to bring a separate laptop bag.

  • nammak

    roll everything

  • gpuzzi

    Love stuffing all my ski clothes in my boot bag!

  • David

    Roll your clothes! All of them.

  • jkim

    Bring a noise-canceling bluetooth headset with a bluetooth transmitter!

  • -S

    I just roll my socks inside my shoes. Shoes don’t get crushed that way too.

  • Yong

    When I need to save space, I just roll all my shirts, socks, underwear. I tend to leave pants folded so there’s potentially less to iron upon arrival.

  • Tristan Schroeder

    Using stuff sacks to compress clothes. Always fit everything into 1 carry on. I dislike people that try to juggle bags in the aisle.

  • David

    always use packing cubes! they make life easier.

  • Kiran M

    For short trips a contact lens case can help – use each side to store a small amount of hair gel or face wash – any liquid that you have big bottles of.

  • bryanschmiedeler

    When I finish packing I check my carry on and ask myself the question “If the airline lost my bag” is there anything I would have needed to pack in my carry on that I did not.” Invariably I have missed something important – some medicine, clothes, something!

  • ZachAJ

    I use the Eagle Creek folders to keep my shirts well folded in my bag, then get duplicates of all my toiletries so I don’t have to transfer them to my bag each time

  • disqus_9MQL1yBSdm

    I pack extra clothes on my 2nd carry-on handbag, in case there’s emergency and I can’t grab my roller

  • Susan Pertierra

    Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane and wear your jacket so your bag isn’t too heavy.

  • Dina

    Pack clothes that can be used more than once ie shirts that work by themselves and under cover ups, pants that can be both dressy and classy so you can reuse the clothes and minimize what you pack.

  • Elteetrav

    I really like to use packing cubes to stay organized.

  • harlanvaughn

    I always take an empty bottle or other container for water. It’s so important to stay hydrated. I’ve also been known to refill an adult beverage at the lounge to take onto the plane when not flying business. :)

  • snicketmom

    Pack underwear and socks inside of shoes.

  • JPY

    Use the old standard orange clear empty prescription bottles for small quantities of anything you need: creams, powders, liquids, Jetc. Because they are transparent you can also see what is in the bottles and how much is left.

  • ashley

    I always carry my pillow with me in a compression bag. You never know when you will get a hotel with hard pillows and you will be up half the night trying to get comfortable.It also makes you feel like you are at home in your own bed.

  • Kevin

    Bring an empty water bottle and sill it right after security to stay hydrated and Eco chic.

  • Lita

    I carry extra Ziploc bags for organizing or other purposes. I also use mesh organizer compartments and a special leakproof bag for toiletries to make packing and then finding things very easy.

  • pookie

    ziploc compression bags- they never explode!

  • Andrew

    Shoe bags are great for keeping shoes separate from your clean clothes.

  • cyclops

    I stuff my socks into the shoes. That way the shoes retain their shape and it also saves space.

  • Joe S

    Love cubes to be organized.

  • zacklur

    Embrace e-books.

  • Ramsey

    Bundle wrapping around a large packing cube – I can fit almost more than I can carry in my carry-on and still emerge wrinkle-free.

  • vikas

    Empty water bottle and ebooks is the way to go

  • Quoc

    I roll all my clothes. Put all my liquids in a ziplock bag on top of everything for easy access. And leave earphones, medicines, etc. outside in the zipper compartment for accessibility on the plane.

  • Marisa5

    pack a tote bag in your carry on for additional purchases you may make at your destination

  • Peter5

    make sure you include your chargers in your carry on in case you need them while connecting flights

  • Ngster

    always include your meds in your carry on and not your check in luggage in case your check in gets lost

  • tangerine

    keep extra copies of your passport/ID and flight itinerary in your carryon in case your purse gets lost

  • Will

    Store liquids in a sealed inner bag in case of any spills.

  • Media queen

    I always leave my travel cosmetics bag packed! Never have to worry about forgetting

  • Vants

    When traveling for months with only a backpack, i pack my clothes in gallon size ziploc bags and roll it up air tight! It helps minimize space as well as make it easier to grab what shirt or bottoms you want quickly and without creating a mess!

  • dkMOMUS

    I use rollable “space” vacuum bags, which maximise my packing space (10 biz days of clothes is my record in a 22″ roll-aboard), but also serves to separate used from fresh clothes on the return trip.

  • Sue Widick

    Cover blouses with a dry cleaning bag. Leave them on their hangers. Fold into thirds on top of packed items. Pull out at end and hang easily with wrinkles. Carry a small buzz bar for extra outlets in your hotel room.

  • Michael☀Sunshine™

    I always bring a portable battery charger for iPhone/iPad.

  • Tim Calimlin

    Don’t pack socks! Socks are overrated and provides a small but valuable piece of extra space.

  • Coveuser

    I always pack one of each garment in my carry on, 1 shirt, 1 pant etc. the rest in checked. Always have change of clothes if checked is misplaced or lost.

  • Chris

    I like to reuse the disposable shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles from the hotel and bring them home to refill with my own products. It saves money from buying small travel bottles and I always know I will have soaps that my skin will tolerate.

    I also like to use a clear zippered makup bag for my liquids instead of ziploc bags. It is far more durable and also saves money from having to keep buying disposable bags.

  • Joe F.

    After packing my carry on with what ever I thought I need. I take out the items one by one and ask myself “Do I really need this?” the answer is usually NO! If I have my I pad, tooth brush, shaver, under-ware and a credit card to buy my necessities on my way, I’m a happy traveler :-)

  • Jodie Waack

    I love staying organized. A great jewellry roll, and packing folders are my favs.

  • Ramsey

    If you are moving locations every few days (like I do when traveling to Europe on points), I like to pack outfits together so you don’t have to unpack everything or dig through the luggage making a mess in the hotel room. Don’t put all of your underwear and socks on the bottom of the luggage, rather mix it up between outfits so you don’t make a mess! It makes living out of a suitcase so much better and you don’t have to waste time packing and unpacking if you’re on the go every few days. Also, pack a laundry bag with a fabric sheet inside for your dirty clothes so you can keep it separate from the clean clothes.

  • Mary Connelly Droese

    I roll my clothes so I can fit more in and less wrinkles!

  • KR

    Pack fast-drying underwear and socks along with a little bit of detergent so you can wash them in the sink and avoid taking more than a few pairs, no matter how long your trip

  • timmypthatisme™

    When traveling to colder destinations, wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane (ex: boots and heavy jacket that can be taken off when you board). This could provide you with 20% more space.

  • Jo

    Can’t do w/o: extra ziplock bags, packing cubes, small containers of toiletries, wardrobe essentials only planned around one color scheme, and while those are essentials for me, I also make sure I have 2-4 clothespins packed and duct tape. I use the clothespins for clasping shut motel room draperies should they not close all the way from overuse as well as for hanging wet thing. The duct tape is for emergencies large and small which might occur and we all know how duct tape can rescue us.

  • kim

    never pack a carry on bag without eagle creek packing cubes.

  • Monica

    I always roll my clothing to save space & carry a small bottle of Downey wrinkle release. The Downey spray also refreshes clothes if you have to be a repeat offender.

  • Shell

    Bring 2 pashmina shawls in your carry-on luggage. These roll and compress to take very little space and work as pillows, blankets, extra back support, an extra layer in cool places, etc.

  • Joe

    Roll my shirts and then let my wife pack them!!

  • Tom Markham

    Pack and roll clothes in large ziplocs. You can put your dirty clothes in them later too. Find things quickly that way. Leave my shampoo home and only bring a small tube of toothpaste and deodorant. Use a small duffle bag for shorter trips for easier fit in the overhead compartment.

  • TONE

    Utilize multiple high quality laundry bags (like the Ritz) to seperate types of clothes for ease when unpacking! Plus handy to keep clean from dirty when repacking!

  • jazzngas

    I use hotel laundry bags as a hamper to separate from clean clothes.

  • BothofUs2

    i always take some extra zip lock bags and rubber bands with, comes in handy when transporting liquids

  • janica

    Save the disposable shower caps from hotels to use to separate shoes from clothes.

  • kevboss

    don’t forget your pillow!

  • Cpaul23

    To save room on longer trips and still carry on a bag with workout clothes and sneakers, I choose to bring one pair of dress shoes. Choose black or brown shoes and match the rest of your clothes to the shoes chosen. Shoes take up a tremendous amount of room and not bringing multiple pairs allows you to bring more actual clothes.

  • jwom154

    Pack light and carry a no transaction fee credit card.

  • Kenneth

    Don’t forget the space inside shoes! I like to stuff them with socks to save space and keep the shoes from getting crushed.

  • troyhouse

    Here are my tips;
    1. always pack clothes in large ziplocks, or eagle creek compression bags, it works wonders
    2. always carry 1or2 pair of clothes in carry on bags, saved myself and kid due to delayed bags.

  • Matthew

    Carry some sort of little plastic bag to put all your metal items in so you can pick it up and walk away from security.

  • Rob Brown

    My carry on packing tip would be to have my significant other periodically surprise me with love notes inside the bag. It really warms the heart to see them, especially when I’m far from home at work.

  • L. Chop

    When bringing in booze into the States, leave room (I use a hard empty plastic carrier with packing peanuts or liners) in the checked bag for your duty free purchases when you pack before the airport at the last International stop before you shop in the foreign duty free and pick up your carry on purchases when you leave at the boarding then after US customs repack your liquid carry items in the empty carrier and before placing your checked bag on the transit area luggage belt. Otherwise, US airlines will not let you carry the item in the cabin and you will be charged for extra checked baggage and the cost of their approved checked bottle holder.

  • beth

    rolling my clothing saves space!

  • Andrew

    I was stationed in Europe for awhile and had plenty of experience packing a carry on bag for weekend trips across the continent. With the carry on restrictions being strictly enforced on many flights you sometimes have to get creative with your packing. Truth is, rolling your clothes does not save space or reduce wrinkles. I pack all clothes as flat as possible using the maximum size of the roller bag and strap them down properly. In order to have quick access to my laptop, magazines, etc I pack them in the front with the heaviest items at the bottom. Besides that, best advice is to get TSA Pre Check (I got it via Global Entry and was reimbursed the fee by AMEX). Saves a ton of time!

  • lizziev

    There are some awesome tips on here! I always pack heaviest (like jeans) to lightest, with heaviest items at the bottom (next to the wheels). I also always bring several different size ziplock bags along with as well – they’re great for dirty clothes, wet bathing suits, or even for adding some extra space at the last minute by throwing some clothes in there and “smooshing” all the air out of them.

  • PLMD

    Pack lite. Enjoyed the Instagram post

  • Deep

    Double zip-loc that cologne, and always pack a bow-tie.

  • Dan R

    I roll up any underwear / boxers and put them inside my shoes!

  • Stogs2

    Socks get packed in the shoes, under shirts and boxers rolled and in the bottom of the bag to flatten out the space between the wheels and handle storage, liquids kept at the top so easy to get out at TSA if pre check doesn’t work. Hotel laundry bags work great to keep clean clothes separated from shoes/dirty clothes.

  • Ang N

    Always carry on your valuables and don’t check them!

  • Neil Anthony

    I use packing cubes to keep things organized!

  • mfurdyk

    Buy a second copy of all the cables you need and keep them in a ziploc bag in your carryon. That way you won’t leave an important cable behind that you need at home – and you’ll always have that AUX audio cable for your rental without having to remember it!

  • 3milio

    I always ALWAYS pack the essentials, in case, you know, I get lost in a foreign country. This includes: a book, a crossword puzzle, a watch, pen, notebook, passport, headphones, phone charger, gum, a candy, and at least one outfit – yes including underwear. Luggage lost? No problem. Plus, clothing is replaceable. Small things matter on long flights, especially…

  • Bay de Noc

    To avoid paying sky high prices for pre dinner cocktails on the plane or at the airport lounges you can pack several small 50 ml bottles of booze in your 1 quart carry on zip lock. My wife carries the deodorant, toothpaste and her make-up, and I carry 6 small bottles of gin and one vermouth. TSA has never questioned us, and ice is available on the plane from the flight attendant, and at any fast food restaurant in the airport. Cheers!

  • tivoboy

    Always buy through a commission broker like get 1-20% kickbacks just for making your regular purchases.

  • paulm

    Best carry-on tip for clothes, keep all your shirts and pants in their dry cleaning bags.. keeps them even better pressed

  • tparmar

    Actually use those garment straps to keep the folded items snug so that they don’t move around during the transit. Even with packing cubes, bags, or any other organizing container, keeping them tied down keeps them in place and helps to prevent things bunching up to the bottom of the bag.

  • Heather

    Always keep at least one change of clothes in a carry-on in case the checked bag gets lost.

  • Lauren S

    for a long trip, use large zip lock bags to pack smaller items (tank tops, underwear, bathing suits, socks) this way they’re easier to find and grab!

  • Penny

    Wear your bulky items – knee high boots, leather jacket. So you just have to pack the lighter stuff. Keep it to the same color scheme so that everything goes together and you can pack less. Less is more and know you can always run into a store and pick up something if you forgot it.

  • Sara

    Rolling your clothes allows you to fit more in your bag. I use the same carry-on roller bag for a 1 week trip and for a 1 month trip!

  • Drbubba

    Eagle Creek packit and tumi packing sleeve.

  • Adam Jakowenko

    Lay your pants flat at the bottom of the bag but do not fold them….only lay the top half of the pants in the bag, and the other half sticking out of the bag. Put your other clothes in the bag next, then at the end, fold your bottom half of the pants back on top of the rest of the clothes. Keeps them from wrinkling!

  • kim

    especially traveling with infants, bring extra plastic bags; just in case you need keep their soiled clothes (and yours, too) separately on the plane when they can’t keep their feeding down.

  • David

    Even if your luggage is a roller, never pack more than you carry!

    I learned this the hard way when my wheel broke while boarding the Airport Express in Hong Kong and I had to (literally) lift my luggage for most of my trip. Know your personal limits even if your airline has no weight limit for carry-on baggage. Size can be deceiving!

  • Eli Stoughton

    Tip: Pack clothes with Eagle Creek packing cubes and garment sleeves.

  • David L. Zion

    All Time Favorite: Use packing aids & Roll Don’t Fold

    You can use them to shrivel your clothes into a vacuum-packed, tiny, tight bundle that takes up minimal suitcase space.

    Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones. Plus, they’re less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.

  • Corey Schuler

    Be sure to put any liquids in a ziplock bag.

  • KL

    Eagle Creek packing systems are great with keeping shirts wrinkle free.

  • suilin

    I pack my carry-on basing on 3 principles (1) things i cannot afford to lose (2) things hard to replace (3) things that help me hit the ground running. This enables me to survive without my checked-in baggage for at least 2 – 3 days for work / vacation. Examples include electronics + chargers, important documents, 2 sets of clothes, travel-size toiletries, business suit (for work), swimsuit (for vacation), spare lock (in case my TSA one fails / i need to check in my luggage), expensive items/ accessories, umbrella etc. Since i travel often, I develop a baseline checklist that i refine and adapt for each business / holiday trip to accelerate packing while reducing the probability of me forgetting key items.

  • Adam Daniel Weiss

    The best items to bring are Downy Wrinkle Release, an Evian Brumisateur Spray and a few good magazines. Carrying on luggage (even on long trips) is much more sensible, you won’t have to worry about losing pieces, waiting in long lines to check a bag, or even long waits to retrieve it! Carry-on is the way to go!

  • cotoneloc

    Maximize every minute of a beach vacation by stashing your wet suit in the plastic lined outer pocket just before heading to the airport!

  • Kay

    Stuff shoes with your socks to prevent them from being bent. Lightweight and resourceful alternative for a shoe tree!

    By the way, sorry for the late post! I still hope you consider my tip! :)

  • John

    When packing my carry on, I like to place the heavier items on the bottom end (towards the wheels) and lighter items towards the top (near the handle). When you are rolling your bag during travel, the weight distribution is more stable and your contents won’t get crushed if you aren’t packing to capacity.

  • Deb Christie

    I pack all liquid toiletries in ziploc bags to contain any leakage. I do the same with shoes to keep their dirt off clothing. Anything else that is small and easily lost or tends to shift around also goes into ziplocs. You can even compartmentalize clothing in these bags if you want, because they come in some super huge sizes.

  • Xcetra

    I put a full length shoe horn in my carry on, right on the top so after going through security I can easily put my shoes on without having to find a bench to do so.

  • Phillip Howard

    Travel Space bags available at the container store are awesome… they free up a lot of space and keep things very organized…

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