Government Shutdown Update – Most Global Entry Enrollment Offices Open

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Well, it happened. Congress was unable to reach a deal and the government shutdown went into effect overnight, furloughing nearly 2 million government employees, closing visa and passport offices and national parks and monuments.

Global Entry is one of the best time-saving travel tools out there.

The good news is you can still enroll in Global Entry.

The good news is that at least the TSA and Customs and Border Patrol are both largely still at work since they are considered “essential” frontline employees, though it’s unfortunate that most of them won’t get paid until the shutdown ends. Not only that, but it looks like Global Entry enrollment centers are still open for business and processing applications.

To find out what travelers could expect, I tweeted Ross Feinstein, the Press Secretary for the TSA @TSAMedia_RossF to ask him how the government shutdown would affect Global Entry applications and he said that because Global Entry is overseen by CBP, that airport locations would most likely remain open, but that those at federal buildings, like the office in New York City, would be closed. He also recommended calling ahead to the office where you’re supposed to be interviewed, however, just to verify that it would indeed be opened and that seems like a very smart thing to do – especially because TPG reader @lauter tweeted me that she’s in a GOES office for her enrollment interview and the CBP officer told her the system has been acting strange since yesterday so you might want to double check before going in.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 11.21.08 AM

The interesting things was, Feinstein himself was about to be furloughed, so I was getting responses from him just under the wire – and that goes to show that if you’re tweeting, emailing or trying to call certain government agencies today and non-frontline employees like those in administrative posts, you might have to wait a while for a response.

If you are in the midst of a Global Entry application, you should still try to go ahead with it, especially if the office you’re interviewing in is still open. If it’s not, then try to switch your appointment as soon as possible to one that is. Here is the list of 35 enrollment centers, most of which are at international airports.

I think Global Entry is one of the best time-saving tools out there since it lets you go through expedited customs and immigration lines when entering the US, and it’s one of my favorite travel tools. Not only that, but remember if you have the Amex Platinum, Mercedex-Benz Platinum or Business Platinum (or Centurion) cards, the $100 application fee is refunded to you as a statement credit, and fee is even refunded to additional cardholders as well.

Then once you qualify for Global Entry, you will get a Trusted Traveler number on it and you can then log into your frequent flyer accounts and enter that information into your profile under “Known Traveler ID” and it should automatically register you for TSA PreCheck on reservations you make on each airline that participates when you fly through airports that have PreCheck.

If you have a Global Entry application coming up during the government shutdown, report back here on your experience!

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  • agutierrez

    I had my interview today at Houston airport, and had no problems at all. 4 agents were doing the interviews…Their answer: We’ll be here until we are told otherwise

  • lstewhou

    How long did it take? I will be going to IAH soon for my interview. Thanks for the info!

  • Jason

    ” system has been acting strange since yesterday” – yeah, like my application, interview time, and GOES account is now completely missing, like I never even signed up! Of course, I don’t expect e-mail responses now.

  • ryan

    Applied last night for a renewal on my Nexus (which is processed by GOES). No word yet, but they happily took my $50.

  • agutierrez

    I waited for 20 minutes because they were busy with other applicants, The actual interview was less than 20 minutes. Starightforward, fingerprints, and ready to go.

  • Lynn

    This morning I scheduled my interview (for next week), but I never got a confirmation email. Is that normal? Or maybe just part of the system glitch they’re experiencing?

  • Lstewhou

    Good to know. Thanks again for the info and happy travels.

  • Garrett

    I know this is a bit off topic, but has anyone had any luck with appealing an unfavorable application outcome?

    I was denied most likely because of a reckless driving a few years back. That’s the only thing on my record, so that’s my assumption.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • agutierrez

    That confirmation email never arrives. just check on their web page and check on your status. You can click on it and it will display your appoinment date and time

  • Laura

    Please update your story. The first paragraph says, “… closing visa and passport offices.” However, all passport offices continue to be open, except for those located in federal bldgs. that are closed due to the shutdown (therefore, due to reasons unrelated to passport issuance). Embassies and consulates around the world also remain open. I work at the State Department so this is correct info. Thanks!

  • Chris

    Does anybody know whether the Bowling Green center in NYC is open?

  • Kathy

    I have an interview appointment tomorrow at the Atlanta airport center. I called this afternoon to find out whether or not the interview will still take place in view of the shutdown. I got the office’s voice mail & left a message. Fingers crossed. I guess if I don’t hear anything back, I’ll go ahead & go. I don’t want them to deny me because I didn’t show.

  • W

    Just had my interview at ATL international terminal. In and out in 5 MIN. seems work as normal.

  • Barbie

    I had my interview on Sept. 26 but AM STILL waiting for my card to arrive ! Looks like it got caught up in the government shutdown…..I’m Canadian so I guess the U.S. govt. shutdown DOES affect us too, in many ways !

  • Barbie

    Forgot to add..Nexus officials told me it would only be 5 business days coming…

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