Final Reminder: Chase Southwest Visa 50,000 Point Bonus Offers End Today

by on October 30, 2013 · 36 comments

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

I know people have been bombarded lately with reminders to apply for the limited-time Southwest Visa 50,000 point offers on all four of Chase’s Southwest cards, but I suspect a few of you are procrastinators like me, and even if you were meaning to apply, you might not have done so yet, so I wanted to issue a final reminder.

The links to these offers could be pulled at any time today, and though the 50,000-point bonuses on these cards have appeared periodically in the past for about a month at a time 3-4X per year, nothing is for sure in the points world and you can’t assume they’ll be back soon. After all, when the Amex airline transfer bonuses to Delta were coming fast and furious back in 2011, it looked like that gravy train would never end, but there hasn’t been one since, so you’ve got to hop on deals as they come.

The 50,000-point offer is available on both the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Visa and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Visa and on the personal and business versions of each, so if you have a small business and are looking for a credit card, one of the business versions might be a good option for you.

To get the 50,000 points on either, you need to spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of opening your account. The difference between the two cards is that there is a $99 fee on the Premier card and $69 fee on the Plus card. The Premier comes with 6,000 points every anniversary (~$108 in Wanna Get Away fares) and the Plus gets 3,000 ($54 in Wanna Get Away fares).

Chase will allow you to get the sign-up bonus for each card. Where this gets really interesting, though, is that these bonus points count towards Southwest’s Companion Pass qualification, which is one of the best frequent flyer program benefits out there. If you are able to maximize your spending strategy and hit the minimum spend in January to get the bonus points then, these bonuses could help you earn a Southwest Companion Pass that would be good for both 2014-2015.


Even if you have the Southwest Companion Pass already and are looking for ways to requalify for next year, one of these bonuses could be the final surge you need to get you across the qualification line, so that’s worth thinking about as well.

Besides the pass, each of these bonuses is worth almost $900 in Wanna Get Away fares (60 points = $1 until the devaluation March 31, 2014 after which you’ll need 70 points per $1) so it is one of the most solid credit card offers on the market if you fly Southwest.

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  • James

    I got the personal card 3 months ago and already got the bonus, so If I get the business card today do i need to meet the spend for the business within this year in order to qualify for the Companion Pass

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- you need to get 110,000 companion pass qualifying points by December 31 or else they reset to 0 and you start from scratch jan 1,2014

  • Wayne

    you would get the companion pass for the rest of 2013 and 2014. but not 2014 and 2015 that you would get for applying for both cards right now and getting the bonuses in Jan2014

  • David

    I may have made a mistake by applying for 2 cards from chase on the same day. I have excellent credit and the first one went through without any problems (with a limit well above what I could ever need.) The second one is “under review” and I will be notified by mail. Should I call Chase and speak with someone? I am hoping the second card isn’t denied, because I believe that is a big ding on my credit report.

  • Martin

    For next year, I am thinking of attempting to qualify for AA Executive Platinum and I was wondering, how much do you think I will need to spend (approx.) to get to those 100k miles? I would really appreciate it a response. :) Thanks

  • Roger

    I applied and was approved for both the Personal Premier and Personal Plus.

    On the chase account website for the Premier card it says “Next Payment Due Date 01/09/2014″
    Does that mean I don’t have to hold off on hitting the 2k spending requirement?

    BTW the Payment due date on the Plus card is 12/22/2013. Weird since I applied within 10 minutes of each other.

    Or am I supposed to look at the statement closing date?

    Basically what’s the soonest I can charge the 2k each to hit the 2k on each card, to have the miles post after Jan 1, 2014?

    Thanks in advance.

  • thepointsguy

    I’d start on jan 1 and hit the 4k ASAP

  • thepointsguy

    Really depends.. $10k but you can get 10,000 eqms by spending 40k on the citi exec advantage card which can help bring the cost down

  • Roger

    Do you think it’s safe to spend $1800 on each card now, then not use it until Jan 1, and the do the final $200 on each card after Jan 1?

    (I have a total ~$4k of bills that I would like to put on these cards now, so that way getting to the total $2k in early jan will be a simple $200 charge).

    Thanks again.

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- just know you’ll still need to accrue ~9k in additional companion pass qualifying miles in 2014 in order to get the companion pass

  • Esha

    I don’t understand, If I apply today for both cards and get approved, do I need to spend 4k + 10k in 2013 to get companion pass for 2014/15? Or do I need spend 4k + 10K starting in Jan to get companion pass for 2014/15?

    In other words, I want companion pass for 2014 and 2015. When do spend required amount to get 110,000 points?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Cindi Lessy

    I am new to this and so glad to have found this website! When they say points dont expire till you keep on flight or partner spending activity, does it mean that I can just keep using the credit card for general everyday purchases and the points wont expire? Or do I have to spend only at specific places? I primarily use Amex to build up Delta mileS for intl travel. But i also need a visa as everyone doesnt accept amex and am thinking this might be the best one.Appreciate your suggestions.

  • james

    If I get the business card today and make the spend in the next 3 weeks do you think my points will post before the end of the year? BTW im of course going to use your link :)

  • thepointsguy

    Yep as long as you make the spend in 2013 it’ll count towards 2013 tho the sooner you hit it the better

  • Philip

    I was approved for the Premier and Plus personal cards. I will hit the spend in January to get the 100k bonus for both cards. My total will thus be 104k miles. By January I will likely start redeeming some of those 104k miles for air travel which will start depleting the 104k balance of miles, but I still want to get the Companion Pass. Do I need to have 110k miles present in the account to get the pass, or will they recognize all miles earned and not just the balance in the account? For example, let’s say in January I hit the spend and have a 104k miles balance in my account. Then in February I redeem 5,460 miles for a one way trip. That same month in February I make an additional 6k in purchases on the cards, thus making my total earned miles for the calendar year 110k, but my actual mileage balance is only 104,540. Will I quality for the Companion Pass in February or does my mileage balance need to be 110k to be eligible?

  • thepointsguy

    Redeemable miles and companion pass qualifying are separate. So you can spent redeemable without depleting your CPQ points

  • thepointsguy

    As long as you spend on the cards your expiration clock will continue to reset every month

  • thepointsguy

    If you want the pass for 2014 and 2015 then but the spends in 2014. If you jump the gun and make 110k companion pass qualifying miles this year the pass will only be good for the rest of 2013 and 2014. So hitting it in jan 2014 will give you much more time to enjoy that amazing companion pass!

  • thepointsguy

    Applying for two in one day isn’t a mistake so long as you applied for two different products. You can call chase to move along the second application or wait to see if you get automatically approved which is the case for many Tpg readers

  • DMan

    Can the bonus be obtained more than twice? The terms say once only for business and personal.

  • Mike

    Since we already spend $2K, it should be additonal 8K qualifying miles not 9K, right?

  • olivia

    I applied for the personal premier and got approved. right after I applied for the business plus and it said chase needs more time to review my application and I will be informed between 10-30 days. should I wait to hear or call the reconsideration line. this happened to me when I applied for the chase ink bold card, but the card came in the mail within 7 days.

  • Celly

    Can these points be transferred to another chase rewards card/account?

  • Esha

    Thanks for clarification Brian. Really appreciate your help. I decided to pass on this offer for this time. Recently applied for two chase cards. Didn’t want to take risk and get rejected…..

  • MarkD

    In my opinion the chance of being approved for the SW business card is next to zero if you already have another Chase business card (i.e. Ink). I was denied even though my credit is outstanding and I pay off the balance each month. You are better off applying for both the Premier and Plus personal cards. Chase is cracking down on business card owners and not issuing multiple cards unless you can demonstrate that your ‘business’ is growing.

  • P. Driggs

    I see this at the end of the fine print…

    Note: the bonus may be earned on one first-time personal and one first-time business Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card new account.

    This looks to me that we can’t expect to get 50K twice by setting up two Personal cards (plus and premiere). It looks like the only way to get the 50K twice is to get one personal and one business card. Am I reading this correctly?

  • Brian Guzman

    Should I call Visa Customer Service if the application is pending decision? I am paying my credit cards off or down to be lower than 33 percent debt to balance. Anything else I should tell them?

  • adrienne

    I also got approved for personal Premier and Plus and am working on strategy for spending to get the Companion Pass. From the above posts I understand that spending can occur in 2013 as long as the $2000 mark isn’t reached before 2014 in order to get the 50,000 points credited in 2014. But – I was wondering if I used the cards to pay property tax at the very end of 2013 but it doesn’t post until statement date 2014, taking me over the $2000 spending mark, do the points count for the statement year (January 2014) or the year the purchase was actually made and the $2000 goal achieved (December 2013)? Thanks very much for the help to this newbie :-)

  • Ryan

    It looks like the link for the 50k signup is still live, but the language says “before 10/30/13″. Do you know if I can still qualify for the 50k bonus if I sign up today?

  • Charles

    I am just wondering if it is too late to apply one business card and one personal card today? The business card seems to disappear on Thank you!

  • thepointsguy

    Yea as long as the app says 50k you’ll be fine- I believe the offer got extended til sometime the first week of nov

  • Nina

    Hello: I want to apply for 2 cards from Chase/Southwest to get the 100,000 miles and spend $10,000 to get the companion pass. I want to know when should I apply for the card now or wait til Jan 2014 to apply for the card to get the pass for 2014+2015?. Or can I still apply now and dont spend all $10,000 until Jan 2014? Do you know when this promotion expired? Thank you

  • Brandon

    Can anyone comment on how reliable Southwest is at sending the points to your RR account 6-8 weeks after the statement date?
    Fiance and I were both approved on 2 cards each. I have a Personal Premier as well as a Business Premier. We got her both Personals. We’re trying to get the points on my account ASAP as we would like to use the CP for our honeymoon in April.

    My Personal has a statement cut date of the 19th, the Business has a statement date of the 24th. My concern is if I use them now, Southwest may jump the gun on my Personal card and credit the points before January 1. The same could be said for the business card. I would have to wait to do any spending on those cards until the 19th and 24th of December to guarantee the points will post in 2014, correct?

    Worst case, we’re just going to do all of our holiday spending on a single high limit card, float the balance until December, then use the Southwest cards to buy Vanilla reloads, then use Bluebird to pay off the high limit card.

  • serenity

    just discovered that my 50K points for my brand new card posted on 12/26 :( customer service said there’s nothing they can do. the worst part, is that if I had called prior to the ending of the billing cycle, I could have asked them to push out the closing date on the cycle. Sigh. Is it worth it to keep this card, and attempt to spend 110,000 towards a companion pass? There is no way we could possibly do that.

  • serenity

    Or, would it be better for me to start over again? Try again with a new card, and cancel this one? Haven’t used credit cards in a while, so kinda new at this game obviously.

  • Anne

    I spent the required amount between 1/1/14 and my closing date of 1/4. My statement was online 1/6 and I received credit for $5k purchases. I looked at Rapid Rewards and credit was there for the $5k also. I still haven’t received 50k bonus, any idea how long it will take?

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