eBags 35x American Airlines Bonus Miles Are En Route!

by on October 29, 2013 · 44 comments

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A couple weeks ago I wrote about an incredible deal from online retailer eBags- 35 American Airlines miles per dollar spent. I value AA miles at 2 cents a piece conservatively, so that’s like getting 70% back for every purchase- plus you actually get the merchandise.

I went a little crazy and have quite the windfall of miles en route and I’m very glad that eBags is honoring this deal. In fact, I ordered so much that they actually called me and verified that I would receive the merchandise as long as I agreed to their rules of no re-selling. This was fine, because I have other, more charitable causes in mind. I’m still working out the details, but stay tuned for my plan of action!

To check to see if your miles are processing correctly, go to and click the “My AAdvantage Eshopping Account” button in the top right.
AAdvantage Eshopping eBagsThe main tab is a “Recent transactions” tab, which should list your eBags purchase. If not, I would reach out to eBags customer service to make sure that your order qualified for the 35x promotion.

The tip of my eBag AA mile windfall

The tip of my eBag AA mile windfall iceberg

The miles should post to your AA account within a couple weeks.

So how many miles did you score through this promo? What do you plan to do with your miles?

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  • Andy

    I continue to kick myself for not jumping on this. I purchased $1000 worth of bags last night via the ultimate rewards mall at 8pts / dollar.

  • babyshark31

    Wish I would have purchased more, but I got a Tumi bag along with 13,000 or so miles. I wish I would have bought tons then resold them all.

  • jettyboy

    stop teasing us, and tell us the overall purchase amount already! :)

  • MP

    Jumped on this the day it came out as well. Got myself 83,000 and the bags are selling at about 80% of the retail price on ebay. Not a bad deal to say the least!

  • Rb

    I bought $4000 worth and got 140,000 miles. It was your idea to resell the items! You never mentioned anything about a no re-selling rule.
    All in all a great deal. Thank you

  • thepointsguy

    I didn’t realize it until I got a call from their marketing dept…

  • LarryInNYC

    Not a lawyer, but I question the legality (and enforceability) of any such “no reselling” “policy”. I imagine that once it’s yours, it’s yours.

  • Robert Barron

    Well, I am a lawyer, and I have serious doubts about the legality of a “no-reselling” rule.

  • Joe

    Mine has not yet tracked.

  • Sean Hall

    I have had it with the AA portal. Have to fight with them for every mile. Follow up and emails. Lately they just flat out won’t give me my 2500 points from Rosetta Stone and when ATT offered 6500 miles for getting a 2 year cell phone contract I jumped on it. After a couple of months and many emails I didn’t get those miles either. I promptly cancelled my ATT cable at that point but still… sucks. Ohh, they will post 100 miles real quickly though but darn it, those big ones always have some sort of issue.

  • Stephanie

    My points still have not posted (or even show as pending). Anyone else experience this?

  • Shane

    I just reached out to ebags and they confirmed my orders were placed through the link and I’ll get the points, but they don’t show as pending yet. The Aadvantage site does say it could take several weeks before a transaction even shows up as pending.

  • Al

    I spent a little over $1,200 for a nice 42,000 + miles gain…My concern is that a couple of the bags were not available, so I’m expecting a decline to approx. 35,000 miles… I’ve seen this in the past with another vendor, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed so that no points are taken away… Thanks for the awesome review when it first posted!!

  • thepointsguy

    Contact ebags to see if you can get a gift cert for merch that was out of stock. They gave me one and the 35 miles per dollar as well. Never hurts to ask!

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t think it’s a legal issue- but they have the right to decline an order if it’s huge if they think you’ll violate the rules they set. If you receive the merchandise I wouldn’t worry about it

  • thepointsguy

    Patience is a virtue :-)

  • Al

    I just contacted them, but unfortunately they can’t honor it. They said to contact AAirlines… Thanks for the tip though, will keep it in mind going forward!…

  • ben

    Best buy won’t sell to me anymore. They say I buy too much. I admit, I do resell it. But 1 mile per dollar at most portals isnt something they should care too much about. Now we know why Best Buy is going out of business

  • LarryInNYC

    I agree. I think Brian should offer a service where, not only does he publish deals like this on his site but he also comes to your house and hits you with a stick until you place an order.

  • Dee

    Nothing showing up in my account yet. I just emailed eBags customer service. I had a cart full of stuff, but ended up buying just one bag. I didn’t feel like messing with reselling and none of my kids wanted new luggage for Christmas.

  • Donn

    Maybe just send you an email calling you an Idiot if you don’t jump on this deal? I’m even looking for a new bag and did not get in on this deal??????

  • Anita

    I didn’t get a call from eBags about reselling, and I also did not see any verbiage on their website about it when I placed my order. It was obviously not as impressive as Brian’s, but I placed one order of $1800 and another of $1100. He must have gone really, really big…

  • NguyenVanFalk

    same here Andy. 35 mi/$ is just an outstanding deal. me, i’m still trying to get my 750 mi bonus from alaska airlines to post. oh well. next time!

  • Jordan

    90k miles for me :)

  • shonuffharlem

    Those who are complaining of no points, are you using a separate browser and clearing all cookies and then shutting browser down and reopening it before shopping? Just wondering if its a cookie issue (which we can get ahead of) or if its them slow walking points…

  • sfmom


  • sfmom

    Newbie here – my purchase on eBags is in pending for about 11,000 miles. Purchased some North Face for my kids, which is now in pending for about 9,000 miles. And our FTD points of about 20,000 just posted (Baccarat vase as a wedding present). Loving these American shopping deals lately!

    Are these huge multipliers unusual for American? Ever get them on United?

  • Jeff

    98,000 points showing as pending. kept a few items for myself, sold a few, and having trouble selling a few others. didn’t buy anything i wouldn’t mind keeping, basically for free given the AA point value.

  • Steve

    I logged in and the offer is 7x points now

  • disqust101

    Most decent eBags stuff is wildly overpriced. So the “free” miles are anything but.

  • Drew

    Can you use any credit card for this, or does it need to be one whose bonus was AAdvantage points

  • thepointsguy

    Any card

  • Chris R.D O’Sullivan

    My points have not posted on AA either, I placed my order the Oct 13th. IF you order a lot from them, make sure to check what they sent. I was missing 2 items from my order,I called them today and they are going to send the missing pieces 2 day air.

  • ben

    united has been doing similar promos recently. its the same company who runs the portals. a few weeks back ebags was 18miles/$ at mileage plus shopping

  • thepointsguy

    Mine haven’t posted to AA- only in pending on

  • thepointsguy

    Most.. but not all- especially the designer stuff

  • Dee

    I just found out from ebags that I won’t get my miles because I was logged into my Shoprunner account. Grrrr. Good thing I only made a small purchase that I would have made anyway.

  • GiantFromPhilly

    Why would selecting the ShopRunner option negate the points earnings opportunities? That’s just ridiculous. I selected the option as well thinking it’d save 4 shipping days or whatever. My purchase was a fair sized one and if they come back to me with that I’m going to fight that.

  • LarryInNYC

    The designer stuff is overpriced everywhere!

  • thepointsguy

    Right but resell prices are high too if you ever decided you no longer wanted it :-)

  • Benjamin J L

    Mine finally posted today!

  • TravelingWellForLess

    It usually takes about a month to post to your AAdvantage account.

  • Shane

    My miles posted this week (in my Aadvantage account, not as pending).

  • TravelingWellForLess

    Yep, mine did as well. 23 days to be exact :)

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