Amex Small Business Saturday November 30 – Only $10 Statement Credit

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American Express’s annual Small Business Saturday, where Amex cardholders can receive statement credits on purchases made with their American Express cards at local businesses, will be taking place on Saturday, November 30 (right after Thanksgiving) this year. Since it launched in 2010, the has become a part of the “post-Thanksgiving” shopping craze, joining Black Friday and Cyber Monday as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and one on which merchants welcome shoppers with arms wide open in the hopes of spurring a record holiday sales season.

Small Business Saturday will return this year on November 30th.

Small Business Saturday will return this year on November 30th.

The purpose of Small Business Saturday is to draw attention to the many brick and mortar businesses in customers’ own towns that frequently get overlooked by giving Amex cardholders a statement credit when they used an American Express card at a participating business.

The good news is that Small Business Saturday is returning this year. The bad news is that, unlike previous years where you could earn a statement credit of $25 on purchases of $25 or more, this year, the statement credit is only $10 on purchases of $10 or more – 60% less!

I’m not sure why the precipitous drop in value, but I’ll still take $10 off my bill, and remember that you can register each Amex card you have – personal and business as well as primary and additional accounts – and get a $10 statement credit for each, so the more cards you have, the more potential savings. Registration usually opens a week or two before the actual date and is slated to do so on Monday, November 24 at midnight Mountain Time. It is limited, so if you want to participate it’s best to register early before the registration limit is reached.

If you don’t currently have an American Express card or are looking to open another one, you can check out my Ranking of the Top American Express Travel Credit Cards.

In the meantime, you can check out this site which lists all the small businesses in your area, which will come in handy for making sure the businesses you’re interested in are considered small businesses and will qualify for the statement credit.

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  • Slee

    This should kill the program nicely. Great job Amex! I no longer regret closing (2) of my Amex in the last couple months.

  • Joe

    Just renewed my Amex planning on the $25. Oops.

  • Steve

    Any idea if an AMEX through FIA Card Services (Fidelity) is eligible? (I doubt it but want to ask).

  • Rudy Rosenberg

    How can you complain? They are still giving you free money.

  • Lively

    But we have to complain about something! :~)

  • Patrick

    Complainers… sheesh. It’s like a company that gives out a $200 Christmas bonus every year. Then 1 year it is “only” $100. “Well we used to get $200″ You should be thankful you are getting ANYTHING!

  • junkdrawn

    Its worth complaining to let Amex know that it will likely make less people interested in participating, which means less interest in supporting small businesses, which is the whole point of the program. I’m sure small business owners aren’t happy.

  • Jeff

    Bad move Amex, somewhat insulting to their customers. I participated in this the last 2 years, but I don’t think it’s worth my time to register the number, check for refund, think about a correct purchase, etc, all for $10. I have 8 Amex cards, it’s a lot of hassle for $80 to go into 8 different stores right after thanksgiving.

  • Slee

    No. Your analogy is illogical. A worker collects pay from their employer for their efforts, and a BONUS is a bonus. With Amex, WE and BUSINESSES are the customers. Amex is the one that needs to be THANKFUL.
    With your perspective, WE should all be THANKFUL for hotel and airline point DEVALUATIONS because we’re still getting SOMETHING. I doubt many will agree with that.

  • Slee

    Its not ‘free’ money. It’s an incentive to CUSTOMERS to use their card and marketing to the BUSINESSES (also CUSTOMERS) who accept their card. By devaluing this program, they are hurting both CUSTOMER bases. What would your opinion be if they offered $1? $0.50? Would you change your outlook then? It would still be ‘free’ money right? Or would you begin to think ‘hey, this isn’t worth the effort?’ Hmm.

  • Nick Ewen

    One of my favorite hometown restaurants is on there. If I rack up a $50 bill and ask them to split it evenly on five different Amex cards, will I get a $10 credit on each?

    (And yes, I know this is the ultimate “gamer” question)

  • Patrick

    From my perspective a Christmas bonus is extra. Not earned. It’s up to the employer to give what they feel like giving.

    If AMEX feels like giving out ANY credit that’s up to them. I don’t have the AMEX card for the Small Business Saturday credit. Nothing I know of that says this is part of the “deal” when you have an AMEX. I’d still have the card if there were no SBS credit.

    How did hotel and airline points get mixed in with this? I see those things as part of an established program that I have joined.

    But hey.. that’s just me.

  • Tyler


  • McMunch

    If there is a favorite store or business, you could do eight 10.00 purchases at one store. For instance, I often eat at my local Pita Pit location, and last year I loaded 125.00 (five 25.00) charges onto a single gift card. AMEX doesn’t know the difference. They reimbursed all of them.

  • Slee

    I agree: Compensated labor receiving pay above and beyond contractual agreement is a BONUS. Being an EMPLOYEE versus being a CUSTOMER are two very different positions.

    A FF program is an INCENTIVE for a CUSTOMER to fly an airline. A statement credit is an INCENTIVE to use an Amex card (CUSTOMER) and business (CUSTOMER) to continue accepting it. Note that Amex charges the highest fees of all cards.

    Without incentives, CUSTOMERS tend to choose alternatives more frequently. Amex is toying with two CUSTOMER bases with this 60% devaluation.

    I realize Amex will spend less this year and presume they believe they will come out ahead by doing so. Regardless, this is a negative to the consumer and the small businesses.

    Just like devaluation in FF and Hotel programs, this will discourage loyalty all around.

  • Lewis kelly

    Small businesses are following “brick & mortar”. Under the current
    exemptions, the business owner would able to access American express
    cards .The good news is that Small Business Saturday is returning this
    year. But the statement credit is only $10 on purchases

  • N S

    Yes, It is eligible. I got the credit last year.

  • Fast

    not worth my time and effort for $10

  • askmrlee

    They made this more generous by including all US American Express branded charge or credit cards from all issuers. In my household we’ve used Amex cards issued by Amex, FIA and Citi (Macy’s) and all of them got the statement credit.

  • askmrlee

    I wish the credit was larger too, but I’m sure that Amex crunched the numbers to see how many households participated in this with multiple cards (keeping in mind that the secondary card on Amex is usually a different card number). Between me and my wife we gained $200 from this promo which I’m sure is not the intent of the program. If they lowered the reimbursement to $10/card but expanded the numbers of cards eligible then I’m OK if it means the program will continue in future years.

  • B1BomberVB

    True, any bonus, no matter how small, is better than nothing. But if Amex were smart, they would have changed it to something like $10 each at up to 3 different small businesses!

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