American Announces Dallas to Hong Kong and Shanghai, Miami Gets 777-300 Service And More

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American Airlines came out with several exciting announcements today in a press conference at DFW. Among the news that President and CEO Tom Horton shared was:

American will begin flying a new Dallas Ft. Worth DFW – Hong Kong HKG route using its new 777-300ERs and launch a new service from DFW to Shanghai PVG using its 777-200 starting in summer 2014.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 10.08.49 AM

The flight times (pending approval) will be:

Dallas – Hong Kong
Depart: 12:40pm
Arrive 6:00pm + 1 day

Hong Kong – Dallas
Depart: 1:30pm
Arrive 4:30pm

Dallas – Shanghai
Depart 10:55am
Arrive 2:55pm + 1 day

Shanghai – Dallas
Depart 4:55pm
Arrive 6:15pm

Airline reps also filled me in on some other interesting developments including:
American will be using only all lie-flat business and first class on its New York JFK – London route using the new 777-300ERs
American is launching a new service from Miami to Sao Paulo and London on the 777-300ER starting next year
American is cutting its flight from New York JFK to Tokyo Haneda

All of the new routes are subject to government approval, so start dates and flight times are yet to be nailed down, but the team at American is operating under a fair amount of certainty that they will be approved.

All in all, I think this is great news not only for Dallas, Miami and New York-based flyers but for all American flyers for a few reasons.

Dallas to Hong Kong

Now that American has an option to fly from Dallas to Hong Kong, that should open up some more award availability and Executive Platinums like me will be able to use their EVIP’s and upgrade more cheaply than if flying Cathay. It’s true, Cathay’s 777-300 first class still beats American’s hands down in my opinion.

American 777 First Class

American 777-300 First Class

American’s new first class is comprised of just two rows of four seats each (down from 16 seats in the old cabin), configured in a reverse herringbone layout with the two middle seats angled toward each other and the wall seats angled outward. They are each 78 inches long and 30 inches wide with 17-inch personal monitors. Click here for my full review.

Cathay Pacific First Class Seat

Cathay Pacific First Class Seat

Cathay’s 777-300 only has 6 first class seats, so you get extra attention, and each is between 80-87 inches in pitch and is 36 inches wide with a 17-inch screen as well. Click here for my full review.

Their business classes are comparable and have the same layout though I’d consider the service in Cathay to be superior.

American 777-300 Business Class.

American 777-300 Business Class.

I flew American’s new business class back from Sao Paulo to New York, can you can check out my full review here. There are 52 seats in 13 rows of a 1 x 2 x 1 reverse herringbone configuration. The lie-flat seats have a pitch of 75 inches and are up to 26 inches wide with the armrests down.

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay’s cabin has 53 business class seats, which recline to 75 inches as well and are 21 inches wide.

Cathay also has a separate premium economy section, which American does not, though American has its Main Cabin Extra seating on the 777-300.

Cathay Pacific Economy Class

Cathay Pacific Economy Class

Cathay’s Premium Economy section is just 34 seats with 38 inches of pitch and 19.5 inches wide. While American’s Main Cabin Extra has just 36 inches of pitch and is 18 inches wide – not really a comparison here.

In Economy, Cathay also excels. American squeezes in 220 seats in a 3 x 4 x 3 configuration and each has 31 inches of pitch and is 17.5 inches wide while Cathay’s economy section is slightly roomier with just 182 seats, each with 32 inches of pitch and 18.5 inches wide and in a more comfortable 3 x 3 x 3 configuration.

Cathay's economy cabin is roomier.

Cathay’s economy cabin is roomier.


Dallas will also get a new Shanghai route that will leave around 10:55 am local time and arrive in Shanghai around 2:55 pm local time (or so the plan goes), which is great news for passengers connecting from Latin America and the east coast who won’t have to then transit through Los Angeles or spend a long time laying over in Dallas. By comparison, the LA flight leaves at 1:20pm and arrives at 7:20pm, and the Chicago-Shanghai flight leaves at 10:35 am and arrives at 3:05 pm, so this new flight is a good option for folks who can’t make it to either of the other gateways, or who want to get to Shanghai earlier on in the day. The one not-so-great piece of news? That this route, like the other Shanghai routes, will be serviced by the old 777-200, so it’s got the old first class and angled lie-flat business class seat.


There were two bits of news on the London front. The first is that American plans to start operating the JFK-LHR route exclusively with 3 daily flights aboard its new 777-300ER’s – so all new planes and all lie-flat seating in the premium classes. One of American’s day flights will actually be a codeshare with British Airways, who will operate it while American retrofits its 777-200′s with the new interiors starting in the first half of 2014, and then those planes should come online and start operating with the same seating as the 777-300′s.

American 777-300 Business Class.

All American’s JFK-London flights will feature the new lie-flat business class aboard 777-300s and retrofitted 777-200s.

Not only that, but American plans to introduce a 777-300ER into service on its Miami-London route as well, so flyers out of that hub have something to look forward to, and as a Miami-based flyer myself, I’m looking forward not only to that (no more transiting to New York to get aboard a new plane!) but also the new route aboard a 777-300ER that American plans to introduce from Miami to Sao Paulo.


The one casualty is the JFK-Haneda Tokyo route. I can’t say I’m that surprised since it was slotted in at an inconvenient time and a lot of people were still opting to fly to Narita even though it’s farther away from the city because of the more choices of connections through there, but I’m still a little disappointed.

However, there are still plenty of options to get to Tokyo, not only aboard Oneworld partner JAL, but also from Los Angeles, Chicago and twice daily from Dallas, so for folks looking to travel to Japan or transit though, there will still be plenty of award and upgrade availability.

There are still some government approvals that need to be confirmed before all these new routes go into operation, but it sounds like they are pretty locked in, so I would count on them. Even better, there will possibly some mileage bonuses on the new routes based on recent history where American has offered double miles and other bonuses on new routes both domestic and international, so hopefully there will be plenty of chances to rack up a ton of miles as these new routes come into service.

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  • Matthew Smith

    Is there any detail on the new MIA-GRU service? Is it just a replacement of the aircraft (to a 77W) or is it a new route? Pretty important for World Cup travel planning.

  • Matthew Smith

    Nevermind – found the answer on AA newsroom site. MIA-GRU is not a new route, but new equipment on the route. More at

  • CasMIlner

    Thanks for the detailed analysis of the seating. BTW, bad time slot at Haneda was likely result of government of Japan trying to discourage international flights — they want Haneda to be domestic flights. Narita is far away, but the train service is good into Tokyo, and for layovers Narita Hilton is nice and inexpensive.

  • Mike

    Shocked they’re not bringing back the JFK to arita service that was replaced by the failed Haneda flight.

  • Alec H

    Very excited about DFW – HKG. This makes so much sense and now I can relax in the new Centurion Lounge while I wait for my flight to Asia!

  • Santastico

    Unless i live in DFW and want a direct flight there is no way i would trade an almost 17 hour flight in CX to fly AA. Service level has no comparison and 17 hours with nice Asian FA that spend the entire flight trying to foresee what you want before you even ask versus 17 hours with grumpy rude old American FAs is for me priceless.

  • joeypore

    I was under the impression that the 777-200 planes were going to be fitted with 42 of the new business class seats, opting to have no first class whatsoever.

  • Greg

    I was booked for the Haneda to JFK flight in business class on December 3rd. Now not sure what will happen to that, but maybe will try to get AA to replace it to a cathay pacific flight, adding a day stop in hong kong, and try out their business class :)

  • Greg

    Meaning I was booked using a AAdvantage award booking.

  • thepointsguy

    That is correct

  • thepointsguy

    I guess too much competition out of NYC on that route so they’d rather focus on their other hubs and just let JAL run with it

  • thepointsguy

    Doubt it- they’ll probably make you route via Chicago/Dallas/LA on American metal..but if never hurts to ask!

  • Ling Lin

    I’m new to mileage earning. Does this mean I can use the award mileage to book a ticket between Boston and HKG if I have AA mileage when the new service is launched? Do they offer one way ticket like United? I checked their site. It seems they don’t offer route from Bos to HKG. BTW, I usually just take economy class.

  • joeypore

    Another cool thing to note, these will be some of AA’s longest routes, and it gives me hope for them expanding to add possibly a DXB and re-add SYD flight eventually. I know it’s not their priority at the moment, but Qantas’ DFW / SYD flight is almost always full, so I feel like once the equipment is available, it may be a possibility. Also, maybe MIA / DXB could be a thing? Or even from DFW to give one world a new way to DXB other than Europe.

    Probably just wishful thinking… But the HKG was wishful thinking for me years ago. :)

  • Paco

    About time DFW gets some love!

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