Amazing Deal Alert: Philadelphia to Beijing for $441 Total Roundtrip

by on October 3, 2013 · 22 comments

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Per Paul5795 on Flyertalk, American and US Airways are offering incredible round-trip fares from Philadelphia to Beijing for $441 starting January 7 and going through March 7th, though there may be even more dates after that. This is a great way to bank tons of miles and visit a great country. You’re looking at 14,516 miles for $446 meaning you’re looking at a cost of 3 cents per mile- a true mileage run (if the elite qualifying miles are what you’re after).

These flights are bookable on

These flights are bookable on

There are multiple routing options and you can even build in some other domestic connections if you’d like to increase the miles you’d earn. If you are an Executive Platinum, depending on the dates you could use your EVIP upgrades to upgrade to Business Class, so keep that in mind. You can search upgrade availability using ExpertFlyer, but even if nothing is available now, it is likely AA will release space closer to departure. I had a blast when I went to China last year in January. While it is cold in the winter, tourist crowds are gone for the most part and I basically had the Great Wall to myself!

Getting proof I was here!

While you might have to bundle up, there won’t be many tourists this time of year!

If you want to find which dates are available and different routings, I’d recommend you head over to the IATA Booking Matrix, where you’ll be able to play around with your dates. You can’t book via ITA, but it will help identify the dates with low fares and then you can book via your preferred online travel agency or airline website. will let you hold fares for 24 hours for free.
February dates for a 4 night stay

February dates for a 4 night stay

Philadelphia to Beijing for $446

Philadelphia to Beijing for $441

There are also fares from Baltimore in the sub $700 range, so check for your city and report back if you find anything worthwhile.

You do need a visa to go to China, which costs $170, but isn’t terribly hard to get. I paid a fee and used Allied Passport to get mine without having to leave home and they corrected some mistakes I made on the application.

For hotel recommendations and things to do in Beijing, be sure to check out my Destination of the Week: Beijing. Please feel free to comment on other dates you’re able to find, or other routing ideas!

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  • Shorty

    That is truly an insane fare. Thanks for posting TPG

  • thepointsguy

    $441 to Europe is a great deal- Asia is a no brainer!

  • Ben Hughes

    You can do some very interesting routings with this too..

    Booked: PHL-MIA-MCO-ORD-PEK-ORD-CMH-DFW-PHL for $448 at 2.4 CPM
    Also Booked: PHL-DFW-ORD-PVG-LAX-MCO-DFW-PHL for $630 at 3.2 CPM

  • James Barnett

    I booked the flight, but it’s sticking at “Ticket Pending”…I wonder if it was a glitch…

  • Ben Price

    Booked with AA? I get ticket pending all the time.

  • detkar

    Can you post a link? I’m going crazy trying to find these deals! I’ve been to both sites and can’t find them!

  • Nick Ewen

    Keep in mind that Beijing is one of the cities in China with a 72-hour transit without visa policy, so as long as you depart within that timeframe, you can avoid the visa fee and hassle.

    Now if only Delta would match…

  • Ronak

    Is it possible to use the 72 hour free transit even if its for a roundtrip flight from the US, without going to a third country? I’m considering a weekend trip from Philly.

  • Jason Scott

    Thanks for sharing. I just booked my trip for $449 after taxes.

  • Matthew Sperzel

    how to you hold w/ AA? i only have 3 options: credit/debit card, financing, and paypal.

  • Lance

    I don’t see this on US Air at all…what were the dates you tested?

  • SFphotocraft

    it’s gone – best fare now is 673.00

  • Cohenm123

    According to the Beijing airport website, you have to be in transit to a third country. See FAQ #3:

  • Paul

    Can only find $808 now…

  • Jonathan

    try orbitz i tested feb 4th to the 11th and it came up $448 round trip

  • Jed

    I think this is dead. Cannot seem to find anywhere near that price now.

  • Darth Chocolate
  • Joshua McMullen

    As of this morning (Oct 5,2013) all fares have increased to $800+. I just missed it! ;-( Thanks for the heads up anyway! Im sure I’ll be able to snag some tickets for my wife and I’s first trip to Asia soon!

  • James

    Thankfully, I was able to book this on Friday. It disappeared right after I got mine ticketed. I was toying with the idea of booking a second trip and the fare got pulled. I took a much more direct route than Ben described below, although that looks interesting. I was trying to maximize my time in Beijing. It’s a long way to go for a long weekend, but at that price, it is worth it. Plus it will be a great start to re-qualifying for PLT on AA in 2014.

  • Diego

    How did you book this? Did you use ITA software to help with the fare construction?

  • Ben Hughes

    Yep, ITA to start out. I wrote up a blog post outlining how to book these complicated routings:

  • shay peleg

    Very useful good job

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