Amazing Deal Alert: 35 Miles Per Dollar With eBags Through AAdvantage eShopping

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The AAdvantage shopping portal is now offering an incredible 35 miles per dollar spent at eBags, the world’s largest online retailer of bags and accessories. This equates to buying AA miles at 2.8 cents a piece- plus you get the merchandise as well and you earn miles on your credit card for the purchase- and you don’t need to use an AA credit card- this bonus is good on all purchases, so this could be a great way to hit any minimum spend thresholds.Just make sure you login with your AAdvantage number at the portal before clicking through to eBags- it will store your number and automatically deposit the bonus miles to your AA account, usually within a week or so.

For example, $1,110 in purchases will get you over 40,000 AA miles- enough for a roundtrip off-peak economy award to Europe! Depending on the value of that flight (and adding in extra domestic “free” one-ways) you can get even more than that in value and you get the merchandise you purchased. Early holiday shopping anyone?

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.21.55 PM

Normally you can buy AAdvantage miles online through in increments of 1,000 for 2.95 cents for purchases of 1,000 to 5,000 miles and 2.75 cents per mile for purchases of 6,000 to 60,000, plus a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax. With the current bonus when shopping with eBags, it is actually cheaper to buy merchandise and earn miles on the purchase than buying those miles directly from

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.38.24 PM

eBags has a huge selection of items including luggage, handbags, laptop cases, and accessories like sunglasses, wallets, hats and watches. Let’s say you wanted to buy a new suitcase and decided on the Tumi Vapor Medium Packing Case for $595, you would earn a total of 20,825 AAdvantage miles for that purchase which is basically buying miles for 2.85 cents a piece. The nice thing about eBags is that there is free 2 day shipping and when I typed in my Florida zip code there was no sales tax applied to my order.

Buying that same amount of miles at’s rate of 2.75 cents a mile would cost $572.68, plus the 7% tax would bring it to a total of $612.77. Right off the bat you would be saving about $17 and getting a great piece of luggage along with it!

Be aware that if you place a large order, it is against eBag’s Terms of Use to resell any items from their site. If you place a large order you will most likely receive a call from eBag’s finance department asking you to verify that you will not be reselling anything from your order.

eBags Rewards

In addition to earning AA miles, you can sign up to eBags Rewards for free and earn eBags Rewards Club Points on your purchase. Upon checking out, eBags will take a percentage of your order and convert it into points where 1 point is equivalent to $1.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.55.28 PM

Using the $595 Tumi luggage example above, I would earn $29.75 in eBags Rewards points which is essentially giving me 5% cash back to be used on a future eBags purchase. According to the eBags Rewards FAQ, points will be added to your account within 24 hours in a pending status and will be available to redeem in 60 days as long as the items were not returned.  eBags Rewards Club Points or unused portions thereof will expire 1 year from the date of issuance.

This offer won’t last long, so if you want to get in- do so sooner than later!

Hat tip TPG reader Justin for the heads up!

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  • Matthew Ender

    Do these miles count toward qualifying/retaining elite status?

  • ROB

    there are coupons for 25 to 30% off any ebag order but if you use those coupons, you won’t get the additional miles.

  • jmw2323


  • David Fitzer

    you can get 10% off plus the bonus miles

  • KoolFatKat

    what’s the code?

  • Ryan

    Can you purchase something on the site other than luggage to qualify?

  • thepointsguy


  • Chao

    Awesome. Was going to buy a bag anyways. This helped me net an extra 20k miles to go with it!

  • IneedObamaCare

    If you need the item, I say go for it. But for less hassle, go with US Air share mile program.

  • thepointsguy

    Yep- any merchandise counts

  • RB

    Is there any cap on the amount of miles you can earn?

  • Sharon

    Where does it say that you won’t get the mile if you use a different discount code??

  • thepointsguy

    Not that I am aware of

  • thepointsguy

    On main Eshopping page:

    Please note these terms & conditions:

    Not eligible on purchases made with coupon
    or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift
    cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Not
    eligible on purchases made from sites other than eBags that may be
    reached via links from the eBags website. Not eligible on Rimowa

  • Steve

    Ebags just had 18 miles per dollar at united a couple weeks ago. they must have a large stash of miles they need to unload before they expire or something

  • Sam

    It states get 10% off plus free shipping , however there is no coupon code for that.

  • troyhouse

    Checked eBay for sold listings, and they are going at 50pct off of regular price found on ebags. Could be risky if you cannot sell at 70-80pct of the price.

  • ROB

    i guess you are new to these online shopping portal thing.

    not just advantage e shopping site, even chase and discover and united portal is same. if there is no coupon listed for use but you use any coupons not found in the portal site, you don’t get the extra miles. that is a reason, i rarely shop thru online shopping portal sites. I love to use big discount coupons for all my online purchases.

  • Bark Mulch

    There is a huge markup on most items at the eBag store. People, please price these items out on other websites such as Amazon before you commit to buy.
    Ex. Tumi Arrive’ T-Pass Kennedy Deluxe Brief
    eBag price 975.00
    Amazon price 695.00

  • Bark Mulch

    Also be aware that eBags sells on Amazon as well!!! Do not compare in this case. Cheers!

  • Bark Mulch

    Agreed troyhouse. I would stay away from this one unless you can find comparable prices and as some people may not know, eBay fees, paypal fees and shipping fees can add up REAL fast. Cheers to all. GLTA!!!

  • Matthew Delfino

    I think the point was you’d still be buying miles at a fantastic rate. Theres no way you’ll sell them and break even…forget about it. But if you can get 80,000 AA miles and only lose about $400 bucks….not a bad deal in the least. Thats a first class roundtrip flight to anywhere in the US for $400 bucks. Look at it that way

  • Chris

    There are two links in the AAdvangage eShopping portal. Do I get 35 miles per dollar if I use the additional offers and coupons link that gives an additional 10% off?

  • Vito

    Is the message below new on Ebags website? Tumi is on that list of exclusion brands.

    “We’re sorry, but percent-off and dollars-off discounts are not applicable to certain brands or collections within certain brands.”

  • Sharon

    Actually I am not new to this. I shop through online portal all the time and I always google for the best discount code. Even though the links (whether it is UR or AA or UA or any other site) says “not applicable to discount code not available on this website” I always seems to get the miles I thought I would get, that includes promotional miles such as 21x or 12x, unless this time it is different. I guess I will find out, as I placed two different orders using two different discount code!

  • Keaton S. Taylor

    Thank you, needed new luggage for my upcoming Europe trip and landed 10K points. :)

  • Ben

    Does that just mean that you don’t get the additional 10% off, but would still get the miles?

  • Mooper

    The key is whether you can truly recoup 70%, or whether something closer to 50% is more accurate. My quick check indicates that liquidating most of their products via eBay, after fees, would yield closer to 50%. So you’d be buying AA miles for around 1.4 CPM in the end. Still quite appealing, but given the opportunity to buy US miles for closer to 1.1 CPM (via the current transfer bonus) with a lot less work and risk, I’m opting for that instead.

  • 4morepoints

    Not sure if you noticed but they are offering 44 points per dollar on McAfee purchases as well.
    Not so easy to resell like bags but if you need any antivirus software, now would be a good time to get it..

  • MPD

    The bags I purchased go for the same price on Amazon as they do on ebags, Just do your homework and you’ll be fine. You won’t break even selling them but if you spend $2000 and only lose around $400, still a great deal

  • KarenNone

    When I click through and get to my cart, it populates a code in the promo code box. If I accept this code, will I not get the miles?

  • Sam

    When I clicked on that link this is what I saw on top of the ebags website. ” AAdvantage Members 10% off + 35 miles per dollar + free shipping ” so that should be honored. I also have that same message on top of my invoice. So I’m hoping I get the 35 miles per dollar as well.

  • MD

    Thats a free shipping code. Shouldn’t affect the miles

  • ROb

    Everyone is getting travel accessories for Christmas this year…

  • Terry

    Looks like it is gone. I purchased last night when it still showed 35 miles. This morning I pulled it up and it shows 7. I took a screen shot, hope I get the 35.

  • HotRod

    Has anyone seen the miles post anywhere in their account yet?

  • Min

    have you had your AA miles posted?

  • mmak

    Your article says it doesn’t expire until 10/31 but went on the ebags site and was told it had already expired!!

  • redwing_maggie

    My 11,000+ miles posted on AA on 11/6.

  • Andrew Pandol

    Is there history on this or similar promotions at ebags? I have to buy some stuff at some point in the next few months and am wondering when to pull the trigger.

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