Thursday Giveaway: 10,000 Ultimate Rewards Points!

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The big news today from Chase was that all its Ink cards for small businesses, including the Ink Plus and Ink Bold as well as the Ink Cash and Ink Classic, will now be Visa Signatures.

The Ink Plus and Ink Bold will now be Visa Signature cards.

The Ink Plus and Ink Bold will now be Visa Signature cards.

While those of us who have had any of these cards for a while now will keep the World MasterCard versions of them until they expire, all new Ink cardholders will receive Visa Signatures. For the most part, I don’t see this as a major upheaval since many of the value-added travel benefits such as trip cancellation insurance, travel accident insurance, car rental insurance and purchase and warranty protections are pretty much equivalent between World MasterCard and Visa Signature. However, there are some unique Visa Signature benefits like Visa Signature Hotels and the network’s partnership with Sonoma Wineries, which are great side benefits.

And the Ink cards will maintain all those other benefits and perks that make them such potentially lucrative travel credit cards including earning 5X points at office supply stores and on telecommunication expenses, 2X on hotel and gas purchases, no foreign exchange fees (on the Plus and Bold) and more.

So for today’s Thursday Giveaway, I wanted to keep it simple and ask you what your favorite benefit of the Chase Ink Plus or Ink Bold cards is – and the winner will get 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points transferred to their travel partner of choice.

I ask about those cards specifically because their annual cap on the bonus spending categories is higher, they waive foreign transaction fees, and because they are the premium Ultimate Rewards cards for businesses, they allow cardholders to transfer their Ultimate Rewards points to any of the program’s 10 transfer partner airlines, hotels and Amtrak.

But hey, I don’t want to list my favorite perks, I want to hear yours!

Ultimate Rewards' airline partners include 5 great carriers.

Are the Ultimate Rewards transfer partners your favorite thing about the cards?

How to Enter

It’s simple – just leave a comment below telling me which of the perks of the Ink Bold and/or Ink Plus is your favorite and why. It can be anything from being able to transfer to United for a first class Lufthansa redemption, to racking up tons of bonus points at Staples. Whatever it is, I want to hear it and I want to know why it’s your favorite perk.

You have until 5pm ET on Sunday, September 15, to enter. Then Team TPG will choose a winner at random and announce it on Monday. The winner can then designate the travel transfer partner of choice for the 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points prize.


In the meantime, for more information on the Ink cards and Visa Signature, check out these posts:

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Good luck!

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  • leothelion

    5% on internet/tv/phone bills!

  • burnside

    5% categories of course!

  • eric

    I like the the range of transfer opportunities for ultimate rewards points.

  • Fausto Palazzetti

    Transfers to BA!

  • Raymond_G

    It’s a simple, but super-valuable benefit… I love the no foreign transaction feeds on my Ink Plus card!

  • T HD

    I love the 5x points at office supply stores and on cell phone, cable, and internet services. Certainly helps to build up my UR stash!

  • Jiakan Wang

    My favorite benefit has to be the 5% on internet, cable, phone and office supplies. The first 3 bills are obvious almost everyone has them. The bonus for office supplies is really great because I can buy gift cards for stores that I visit often, e.g. Starbucks, Amazon and Shell, and effectively get 5% on those!

  • Marlene

    Love it for the 5 points per dollar at office supply stores!

  • Penny

    My favorite perk for the Ink card would have to be 5x UR points on phone/cable for use with British Air and Hyatt! This is 5x points on bills I would have paid by check in the old days. :)

  • Mark Moravits

    Transferring to United to help in booking Singapore biz class rewards.

  • Sfera

    I love the 5x points at office supply stores do I can get awards faster!

  • Janelle

    Earning 5x bonus points per dollar at Staples buying gift cards for stores that I already intend to shop at!

  • Lauren

    no foreign transaction fees is definitely the best perk!

  • Bryan

    It’s all about the 5x categories for me!

  • Amol

    5X United miles at office supply stores!

  • Daniel

    Love transferring to BA for short haul US flights.

  • Allyoucanfly

    My favorite perk is being able to transfer points to Hyatt or Southwest rapid rewards!

  • Alex

    the 5x points on phone.cable internet bills! I remember using bank draft on these years ago! Nice to get something back on this!

  • Ari Rosenberg

    The Perk I like most is being able to transfer to United for that 10,000 mile round trip between Honolulu and Maui! #Paradise #TPG Thursday Giveaway

  • WanderingEntrepreneur

    I love the ability to transfer points to United. From there, I have access to first class tix on any Star Alliance airline, and that opens up amazing redemption opportunities.

  • Brian

    Paying business phone expenses and watching the points roll in!

  • David G

    My favorite perk is the 5x points at office supply stores. I buy lots of, um, printer toner cartridges.

  • Jason

    Transferring to United is hands down the best perk- so many options and rewards available when traveling internationally.

  • Vicky

    Having multiple transfer partners works for me.

  • Kal

    i love 5x at office supply stores

  • Tova

    5x points at office supply stores and everything that that includes! (gift cards…)

  • Carter29072

    I love the 5x points at office supply and cellphone, etc. We really rack up the points with this card.

  • Jonathan H

    Favorite benefit is ability and flexibility to transfer to various airline for miles.

  • Bill

    United and hyatt transfers. Are going to get me to hawaii for my honeymoon!

  • JTP

    Most definitely the bonus on Cable/Internet. Those are free points you’re missing if you don’t have the ink!

  • Gavin

    5x categories

  • mrjeff_714

    Love the bonuses on things like Internet and phone service!

  • Anne – Music and Markets

    Love the ability to transfer to United… more trips to Europe for us!

  • CJL

    Multipliers are the big draw. I like the Mastercard business discounts better than the Visa version though, so this is a slight step backwards IMHO.

  • mjtaxpro

    5x on my office supplies

  • 7182713

    I love the 5X on phone/internet/cable/office supply stores…

  • Winnie

    I love the transfers to Star Alliance partners so I can book EVA awards to visit family in TPE!!!

  • dave

    5x points at office supply store

  • Kingstown

    United Airlines transfers since I travel to Europe frequently!

  • Dave

    The obvious best perk is the 5x at office supply stores, which I always redeem at top-category Hyatts and on United flights!

  • AnniePercy

    I like being able to transfer points to United instantly–just did that to redeem two business class flights on Turkish Airlines, in fact!

  • sam miller

    My favorite perk is being able to get 5x on my cable and cellphone bill. In August of 2014, I’ll be transferring my ultimate reward points to Hyatt and United for my honeymoon in Italy!

  • Kyle

    My favorite perk of the Chase Ink cards is almost certainly the 5x points earned on office supply purchases, telephone bills and cable bills!

  • AJ

    Favorite perk is 5x at office supply stores.

  • Maury

    My favorite is the 5x at office supply stores.

  • Nick

    Easy! ALL of our monthly utilities/expenses go on the card and earn us 5x bonus. It’s the easiest way to earn miles for everyday expenses.

  • Joshua Stecker

    I like that employees each get their own lounge club membership

  • Krys

    Different transfer options for UR points.see more
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  • Victor Barley

    With just one 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign up bonus for my Chase Ink Plus, I was able to book 6 NIGHTS at the HYATT in Cancun over Christmas week for FREE!!! :)

  • NVD

    5x on Amazon via Staples is by far my favorite benefit of this card!

  • Paul

    I like the 5X at office supply stores!

  • NM

    Surprised no one has mentioned 2x on gas… that’s my favorite.

  • Joshua MacDonald

    The flexibility to transfer UR points to many partners

  • Gabriel

    5x points on office supply stores!

  • Greg Bell

    My favorite is 2x at gas stations.

  • babyshark31

    Simple! The no foreign exchange fees is my favorite feature!

  • Andrew

    No foreign transaction fees!

  • Mike

    I love my older Ink which gives me 1.2 points per dollar spend AND bonus bumps for hitting $25, $50 & $100k in spending each year.

  • Susan

    I love that they offer 5x points at office supply stores! Doesn’t everyone?!

  • Jeffrey

    My favorite perk is the 5x at office supply stores.

  • Zachary E Blumenfeld

    I like to transfer the points to Virgin airlines, which I can then transfer to Delta. GO DELTA!

  • Marc Baker

    The 5x on Internet, TV, and wireless bills is awesome. Ultimate Rewards are the best because they are so flexible with instant transfers.

  • jo

    5x categories (honorable mention: Lounge Club!)

  • Dan Yang

    Ultimate Reward transfers to partners post almost immediately, allowing for quick flight redemptions

  • dan

    Transferability is my favorite perk.

  • Nat

    Earning 5X on by purchasing Amazon gift cards at Staples with my Ink Plus, then transferring 1:1 to United for premium seat awards!

  • Sal

    Love the 5x back on phone, Internet, and cable bills!

  • jacisme

    Definitely the easy transfers I can do to Hyatt, Southwest, and United. Great program.

  • Brandon

    5x points at Stapled buying gcs…so I can book premium flights to SE Asia!

  • pat

    transferring to united for star alliance

  • Ankur

    transfer to United Mileageplus ( best redemption value!) and being able to transfer UR points between other chase accounts so you don’t have to keep you CC account open.

  • Mark

    5X on telecom. Great way to earn on Cell, Dish, and Internet.

  • Matt

    The ability to transfer to partners instantaneously. That makes award trip planning a bit easier!

  • mary

    5X bonus points for some of my common bills (phone, internet) is very appealing!

  • Tiff

    Have to go with 5x points. Whether it’s our internet/phone bill or the office supplies stores. My plan is to use the points on United for our family of four to fly one-way to Europe for our next vacation and then we can non-rev home, We normally non-rev there and back and it’d be nice to not have to worry about making it on time for our trip (for a change). =)

  • AJ Richman

    Bonus category at In addition to the extra points Chase gives me for using my business Ink card, Staples gives me an additional 5% in rewards. I save so much money because of this card, and found it courtesy of TPG!

  • frank r

    5 times points at Office Stores is the best perk (besides the wonderful signup bonus)

  • Joseph

    My favorite is the bonus 50,000 points and the ability to transfer those points to United Airlines!!

  • Eric

    5x at office supply stores was a game changer

  • sarah a

    I love getting 5ppd on all my phone bills!

  • memeanu

    Bonus points at Staples! Im a struggling new entrepreneur and this is basically as good for me as free candy is for my 6 year old.

  • Cali Day

    The ink plus annual lounge membership looks amazing!! :)

  • Little Tea Blog

    5x at office supply stores and phone bills! Hey, it’s money I’ll spend anyway, right?

  • fd2020

    transfer UR points to travel partners!

  • MarcMon

    5x points at office supply stores

  • Dan Ray

    being able to transfer to hyatt

  • Jeff

    Most definitely the 5x bonuses for telecommunications and office supplies. It’s an easy and quick way to build those UR points.

  • Roman Goubin

    5x bonus on cable tv internet and phone
    Time will tell what I will do when annual fee hits
    Just got approved this summer after like many calls to recon line and other attempts over the course of the year

  • Joseph Mansour

    i love the 5x at office supply stores

  • Leigh

    Making it so easy to rack up points and then transfer them to Hyatt.

  • LaLaCaputo

    It’s awesome to get 5x UR points on telecommunications because we cover the cellphone bills for our whole family… Including teenagers! :)

  • Raj B

    Favorite benefit besides the points bonuses is its impact on my Chase checking accounts. Spend $1k per month, and there are no fees on my BusinessSelect checking account. And with this business account, there are no fees or minimum balances on my linked personal checking accounts.

  • ronette

    i love the 5x on phone bills!

  • Rich

    5x on gift cards at Staples!

  • Emil

    5x on comcast

  • Iowan

    5x category bonuses at office supply stores

  • Michael

    5x UR points on telecommunications

  • joey

    love the 5x at office supplies!

  • mdjt1

    5x at office supply stores is my favorite

  • Karim Sie

    Being able to transfer to varias airlines.

  • hmaia

    Lounge Club and 5x Office Supplies

  • Shweezy F. Baby

    The Chase Ink membership towards the Lounge Club is incredibly clutch! Been stuck a couple times at airports and this is a LIFESAVER!

  • Jonatas Silva

    I leverage gift cards purchased from office supply stores. Instead of earning just 1 point at stores like home depot or, I use my ink bold to buy a amazon GC, and then buy whatever I need for 5x the points!

  • Pointslover

    5x at office supply stores!!

  • SaltyHoney

    The flexibility to transfer points to whatever travel partner I want depending on where I am going and what the best value is.

  • steve

    It’s 5x points on cable/internet/telephone. I run around $1k/month on them for all my family members bills. Passive, easy 60k UR/year.

  • Mason

    multiple transfer partners

  • JW

    5X Office Store + 50K Bonus + balance not counted in my personal credit line!

  • Chay Loong

    50,000 x 5X at Office Depot/Office Max/ Staples = 250,000 UR!!!

  • Mike G.

    5x points at office supply stores to buy Amazon gift cards!

  • Dannon Shiff

    My favorite perk is the ability to transfer to my Sapphire Preferred account to be able to take advantage of multiple bonus opportunities and to maximize our points earning!

  • Matt

    My favorite is the huge signup bonus! Hopefully 60,000 rolls around again soon

  • skymatty

    I like that we can earn ultimate reward points from the Freedom cards and use a premium card (like the Inks) to use on travel partners!

  • Kristen Bor

    I used my Chase Ink card to buy a new computer and got 6,000+ points
    thanks to the 5x bonus, more than enough to fly one way from DC to east
    coast destinations on Southwest. I also love that I was able to transfer
    the 50k sign up bonus points to Southwest, where I have a companion
    pass, essentially doubling the value of the points (a perk I also
    learned about from The Points Guy!). If I’m picked for the 10,000
    points, I will celebrate my 30th bday (which is Sept 15th) by treating
    myself and my companion to a free roundtrip flight to Portland, ME!

  • Jean

    I love the 5X categories! Helps me rack up more points on regular spending!!

  • Melinda

    I love the ability to earn 5Xs points on eligible purchases.

  • elemenopee

    ability to transfer 25k UR points to BA avois for a RT award to/from HNL to west coast

  • Winnes

    I love the 5 points cashback on cell phone bills!

  • Sam Evensen

    5x telcom payments.

  • KBR

    Transfer to United for Business Class Redemptions

  • Sceptrearc

    5x pts on gas via staples gc

  • Kevin Tan

    My favorite perk at the moment is the 5x on tv/internet/wireless phone bills. Such a great perk for an everyday expense, I’ve even started helping my parents pay for those services to rake in more points and be a helpful son.

  • bac

    It’s not just that you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to great travel partners…..It’s that it happens INSTANTLY when you do!!

  • J-Do

    I love the 5x bonus categories.

  • Jason Y

    I love the 5x points on my super exepsnive cell phone, internet, and cable bills I have to pay every month!

  • MPB

    5X on Amazon

  • Ben

    5x at Amazon

  • PeterSB

    Can’t beat 5x points on cell phone and internet bills.

  • Matt Karolian

    The transfers man, it is all about the transfers.

  • Ryan

    transfer to Korean Air!

  • Sam

    I love being able to transfer to United for a first class redemption on any star airline!

  • Mo

    I love the big fat 50k Ultimate Rewards points that are transferrable to United or Hyatt.

  • David F

    Using only 22K points at a top Hyatt property is my favorite.

  • Rich B

    I’m not sure what may be better than transferring points and staying at the Park Hyatt Zurich, and taking a stroll down the lake walk in summer…the cafes draw you in!

  • Julian

    Love the underappreciated 2x points at gas stations!

  • Cathy

    5x on telecom, cable, internet

  • Justin Does…

    I love the flexibility of Ultimate Rewards points – from buying revenue tickets with UR points to instantly transferring to many partners!

  • SJH

    Using my Ink Bold cart to make 5x purchases at Staples

  • William

    The ability to transfer to both United and Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio. You can book some amazing vacation package with these partners, and the whole trip will be on points! You can’t beat that.

  • DFW2P

    Transfers on Transfers on Transfers. Also the 5x on telecom

  • Viet H

    Easily the 5x bonus on telecom

  • Ivan

    5x Ultimate Reward points on cable, internet, cell phone! It’s almost 1000 points per month, or 12000 points per year!!!!!

  • Dan

    5x office store purchases!

  • Kevin P

    My life is totally dependent upon Amazon Prime. I’ve had a hacksaw, ramen noodles, and ovulation tests (for my wife!) come in a single box. My local Staples sells Amazon GC’s which I pick up whenever I am in the neighborhood. 5x UR points for purchases you’re going to make anyways = “priceless”

  • Junlan H

    I like the 50k bonus points that I can transfer to Hyatt and stay 2 nights in top tier hotel that are over $1000 / night!

  • Mike Ntountoulakis

    transfer to United

  • Yichuan

    Transfer to many airlines!

  • GetToThePoints

    2x on gas purchases for my business!!!

  • A W

    50k bonus!

  • Jon Benson

    Love the 5x on telecom- getting points on money you’re already committed to spending with no hassle is the best.

  • TheSterlingTraveler

    I like the 5x on telecom feature of the Ink cards.

  • archdevilz

    spend a ton in Office stores, transfer to united/korean air for inter continent flights

  • peachykeen

    5X bonus categories

  • Elyse

    I love the 5x points at office stores – that’s the original reason I got an Amex Bluebird card too!

  • Lauren

    the ability to transfer the points to united or hyatt

  • dennisdoubleday

    My favorite is transfer into Hyatt. For only 22K points per night you can get any hotel in the chain. I used them at Hyatt Regency London.

  • Jeremy

    I got nothing new to add, but I too love 5x at office supply and transfers to UA and Hyatt.

  • ralph van dyke

    I love transferring points to British Airways and redeeming for tickets on American Airlines!

  • harlanvaughn

    Wide array and value of transfer partners through Ultimate Rewards by far!

  • Jacob

    Definitely the office dippy bonus. 5x on everything!!

  • Ben

    I like the 5x points on office stores.

  • Candace P

    5X points on my cable and cellphone bills!

  • Jon

    5x UR points on directv bill

  • Joseph

    5x at Staples of course… too bad VR are gone.. :’(

  • vard

    Birthdays are so much easier now, simply go to staple and buy any family member a gift card while getting 5x UR points!!! That is why I love this card!!

  • SSM

    Ability to easily transfer to United MileagePlus program!

  • Roy

    5x office + airline transfers

  • Mark

    best benefit – 50k points to use on car rental and 1st year no fee

  • Gabe

    Being able to transfer to AVIOS

  • avi

    5x office store purchases!

  • Sean S.

    5X on cable/cell phone. Especially when using it on a home office.

  • Mark

    Used my Ink Bold to book a car rental for Saint Martin. I submitted a small claim for minor damage through email and was paid in less than a week. Awesome benefit!

  • Rob

    Hyatt transfers. So far I’ve used my UR points for trips to China, Japan and Costa Rica. Plus other random one night stays.

  • Rachel Honeyman

    Definitely 5x points on office supplies, and travel benefits!

  • Elliott

    5x on gifts cards purchased at Stapes!

  • Marib

    5x UR points on cable, internet, cell phone plus ability to transfer to United Hyatt.

  • MDS

    How can I pick just one?! Guess I’ll go with the 5x on telecom as, let’s face it, we all spend a ton on it anyway.

  • JakeDew

    Office stores sell all sorts of things, gotta be the bonus there.

  • Karl P

    1:1 transfer from points to airline miles. Flying for free is the only way to go!

  • Ryan

    5x cable and cell phone!

  • Blake

    By far the best is 5x points on cell phones, internet and cable bills. Almost every person pays for these things every month no matter what, so you mine as well earn points for them.

  • greg z

    I love the 5x on almost anything (really 8 or 9x since I value UR points at 1.7-1.9 each)

  • Kristina

    No foreign transaction fees

  • Free Stuff Scavenger

    5X on phone, cable + internet = taking some back from the big telecom corporations!

  • Rick

    Transfers to Hyatt for amazing aspirational stays at properties like the Park Hyatt Paris

  • Meredith P

    I love the ability to transfer quickly my points to United airline miles

  • theturtleguy

    Ultimate rewards allowed me to go to Brazil for FIFA 2014! Saver Awards from United on US/AC!!!

  • DW

    5x at office supply stores for me!

  • Leon R

    Stacking 5x purchases at office supply stores plus going through the UR Mall for Bonus points, easily the best feauture

  • Sheldon Swift

    Earn 5X points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, internet, and cable TV services! For moviegoers getting the Visa Signature version, the exclusive Visa Signature benefits on Fandango won’t hurt!

  • Angela

    I love transferring to United and redeeming flights with Star Alliance partners with low taxes/fees (generally)

  • Rob

    5X on GCs are the best feature by far, especially since I value UR @f7f0ae1355c79649ad7d42ac67179ab0:disqus around 2.2 cents each.

  • Mike R

    I convinced my father to get this card for our business. He has the Sapphire and Sapphire Preferred and recently paid for a whole vacation using miles he had accumulated on those cards. I explained to him that with the Ink cards you can earn 5x the points on our office supply purchases, 5x points on cable/internet/phone, and 2x points on gas purchases and hotels, plus get the 50k bonus simply for using the credit card for purchases he already makes. When I said he could pretty much use the points to finance a trip each year, he jumped all over it!

  • Rob

    hm..not sure why all the weird characters showed up.

  • William

    I love the ability to transfer points quickly to Southwest to use with our companion pass

  • Greg

    definitely 5x at office stores. starbucks gift cards galore

  • Ernest S.

    Love the 5X bonus categories. Not only do I get a large chunk of points from my wireless phone and internet bill, but I also “treat” myself every month to a $100 gift card from Amazon. I find that it only only maximizes my points, but also keeps me from overspending at Amazon.

  • Mark Rota

    Since I have had the SPG AMEX for years, I love the fact that you can transfer miles to UAL at par. (As you know the SPG card transfers at 2 gets you one rate.) This card is a perfect match for the SPG AMEX.

  • Scott

    Transferring to United airlines, by a long shot!

  • Ali

    Ability to transfer to United for *A Awards

  • Yogesh

    5X on ‘office supplies’ :)

  • Bob R

    No foreign transaction fees has been incredibly helpful on trips including most recently Cape Town!

  • Steve

    5x on office supplies (and the gift cards they sell) is fantastic!

  • Felicia Braude

    I love that it gives access to the travel partners to transfer points to!

  • andyonthego

    5X on phone and cable!

  • John

    5x UR points at office supply stores is my favorite perk of the Ink Bold card.

  • Sapan Shah

    definitely 5X bonus category

  • Brian

    5X at office supply stores is definitely the best.

  • Brian Lois

    being directly connected to a live person when I have an issue or question on my account instead of navigating the phone tree

  • Larry

    Have 2 favorite perks. Earning extra points on office supplies & phone/internet costs and the 2 free airline club passes.

  • Alvaro

    it’s the card with the best / most bonus categories

  • Matt K

    My favorite benefit is getting 5x miles on all my Amazon purchases (which I use to buy EVERYTHING) through buying Amazon gift cards at Staples.

  • slathrop

    Transferring to UA! Awesome deal!

  • egwg

    Ink Bold/Plus is great for earning ultimate rewards points bc of the program’s flexible transfers.

  • dasman

    While 5X points @ office stores has to be what most ppl love about this card, my opinion is that the best feature is the numerous INK card options available. It enable numerous multi-browser sign-up bonuses to be transacted simultaneously. I combine that with BlueBird and I meet every spending threshold in a single month.
    Apply, Charge, Deposit and say thank you! (the real thanks goes to TPG for showing us all how to get the deal done!)

  • Mark

    5x on office supply stores

  • Avi

    5x on office and telecon
    Mastercard savings on Avis: I pay about $400 (reimbursed) every week so the 5% adds up

  • Vitaly

    5x categories along with the ability to transfer to Mileage Plus

  • Lamonster

    I love the 5x ultimate rewards points at office supply stores, Internet services, cable, and phone services

  • Adrian

    5x points on office supply stores. I shop a lot on Amazon!


    The ability to transfer points instantly! No use waiting 4-5 days and hoping that F seat will still be there!

  • Up&Away

    Love all the transfer partners for UR!

  • Ray

    Favorite is 5x on office stores. Buying everything at Staples!!!

  • Shawn

    The two free Lounge Club visits and no foreign transaction fee are the best benefits!

  • Docklander

    For me it’s the ability to transfer over to Hyatt. Sure, the transfers to UA are good but there are lots of good ways to get airline miles but getting good quality hotel points (if you’re not racking up stays via business) is much harder. I’m part way to earning enough points to take my partner to the Maldives on a holiday of a lifetime (she doesnt know about this!) and there’s no way we’d be able to afford such an amazing place without the Ink 5x categories and the option to transfer to Hyatt.

  • Jon K

    5X points on office supplies and Telecom expenses is the best!

  • Allison

    5x via office supplies!

  • DJ S

    Earning 5x points at office supply stores. Always need more points

  • Lazer

    I love that I can transfer to Hyatt, my favorite hotel chain.

  • David

    Transfer to United or Hyatt for my vacations!

  • Tri

    5x telecom = free money

  • ARH

    Using UR points for Hyatt stays at world class properties.

  • Nick H

    5x on internet/tv/phone!

  • Scott

    There wouldn’t be much point to 2x or 5x if you couldn’t transfer UR points to airlines and hotels – that’s my favorite perk!

  • Arez Rozen

    5x on staples combined with 3x on ultimate rewards mall for especially when I can use a coupon for discount off $100 visa gift card

  • Karen

    5x on my verizon bill with 6 iphones in this family. Got to love it!!

  • N

    Saving enough points to fly my mom from NYC to visit me in Tel Aviv!

  • Arun

    5x points on office supplies and cable, telecom bills rock. Colleagues wonder why some one wants to pick up tab for all office supplies :P Have to tell – Ask TPG ;-)

  • CL

    5x points on office supplies

  • Jonathan Yiu

    5X in office supply store!!!

  • Jeremy M

    I do agree with a lot of others; 5x on my Verizon bills nets me an easy 1500+ points per month. That has got to be my favorite feature. Unfortunately, I do most “office supply” shopping on Amazon or the like, so the 5x from office supply stores is seldom utilized. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ryan

    Point transfer flexibility…so many partners!

  • frenchman619

    5x bonus on telecom!

  • Emily

    It’s a toss up between the 5x points at Staples and the fact that I can use my Ultimate Rewards to book short-haul flights often for less than the usual (approximately) 25k, since it’s based on price.

  • FlyerM

    I love the ability to transfer points to Hyatt.

  • Michael

    This card is the only reason I shop at Staples!

  • Danny

    The variety of 5x bonuses is really valuable. Not just one small category, but several like telecom, office supplies, etc.

    A close second is the ability to transfer to so many good partners.

  • Mark

    5x on office supplies !!!!

  • Joe S

    5x in Office Supply Stores

  • Trajan81

    5xs points at office supply stores

  • Arthur

    Definitely the ability to transfer to BA to book short haul flights at last minute at a cheap rate!

  • miketown

    5x on supply store purchase of course.

  • Fred

    I have an Internet business so the 5x points on cable, phone is fantastic. Then add getting 5x at staples on shipping supplies. Getting 5x on outback gift cards from staples…it’s like winning the trifecta!

  • Jason Smith

    5X the Office Supply is a great benefit!

  • Michael Simila

    All the points from Staples, Office Depot, & DirecTV!

  • Aaron

    Always being able to transfer to United. – has helped me with numerous top-ups.

  • Steve

    5x on Amazon via Office Supply Stores.

  • ASW

    My favorite perk is the ability to convert to Hyatt Gold Passport points for hotel stays.

  • Lynn

    5x at office supply stores – for gift cards and 5x at many more places.

  • Ankur

    5x on telecom, it’s become a necessity so why not earn some points off it.

  • disqus_qU5gFceJmr

    5 x at office supply stores!

  • Vinh Trinh

    Signing bonus and 5x at office stores.

  • Scuta

    5+ times at office supplies stores for gift cards!

  • Kevin

    5 x on office supplies.

  • Angela

    I can earn a bunch of points and spend them any way I want. Flexibility is the main selling point of the Ultimate Reward points!

  • Tim

    easily the 5x on office supplies.

  • Jeff Broman

    I like that you can transfer them to so many programs. I used to be a one or two program person but now I understand the benefits of more options.

  • Kenneth Bloomer

    The signing bonus would be a big plus for me.

  • jy1129

    Getting the 50k bonus UR points after spending $5k in 3 months!

  • Bri

    5x on telecom

  • IntelliCadre

    5x on office supplies is the best

  • Chris K

    My favorite perk is earning 5x at office supply stores (+3x if you go through the UR Portal)

  • Richard

    Tons of benefits, no foreign transaction fee, and the annual fee remains reasonably low!

  • SM

    50k sign-up bonus is the most attractive to me.

  • KG

    5X on office supplies ..Thanks

  • krybak

    Lounge club membership with 2 free visits every year — perfect for those rare occasions when flying paid economy…

  • chris

    Ability to transfer for Hyatt Redemptions!

  • Jay

    I have a route I frequently fly on United to a small regional airport that costs $300 each way but can be had for a mere 10,000 UR/United points/miles–over 3 cents/mile in value when transferring from my Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

  • Kim

    I like 5x at office supply stores!!!!

  • Stephen Lioy

    x5 at Office Supply, of course. All the transfer partners in the world aren’t worth a whole lot if you can’t rack up points quickly!

  • Alan Newman

    5X on gift cards at Office Depot, particularly the Amazon/Kindle cards because I can buy almost everything I need at Amazon and get 5X in the process.

  • Elizabeth

    5x on office supplies!

  • sam

    5x at office supply stores!

  • choi

    definately the 5x at office supply stores

  • Matt

    5x points on Amazon gift cards at office supply stores.

  • abhi

    5x at office supply stores!

  • jade

    The versatility in point transfer and the 5x points for certain categories such as phones, etc.

  • Jeff F.

    The Internet. It’s a monthly no brainer!

  • Rob

    5x on my phone bill!

  • Sir_FB

    I like all the the 5x categories!

  • Damien

    The spending bonus on gas is a fantastic perk given the amount my company spends fueling up company vehicles.

  • Rob

    staples bonus points

  • Loweeel

    5% on my cellphone/cable bill are pretty great…

  • Jill

    5x on cable bill

  • Helixcardinal

    5x at office supply stores.

  • Ben B

    No foreign transaction fees and the one free trip to an airport lounge.

  • anonymous guy

    5x categories for sure.

  • Jesse

    Definitely 5x at Staples!!

  • Greg Miller

    I love being able to transfer to Hyatt, SW, and United for last minute getaways!

  • DaVe

    5x points on cable really adds up. That’s my favorite.

  • Sylwester Olszewski

    The 2x points up to the first $50,000 on hotel accomodations!

  • Michael h

    My favorite is tons of bonus for paying all of my extended families telecom!

  • Jamie

    The perk is the ability to pull the points from my Freedom accounts and then send it on to Amtrak — always a great redemption option.

  • Scott

    Transfers to United

  • Alan

    Clearly 5x points at office supply stores!

  • Scott M.

    Transfer to United and 5x categories are my favs!

  • Tiffany

    I love the 5x on all telecommunications expenses! This is something almost everyone has a bill for each month so it’s very handy for racking up points!

  • Dave

    5x on office supply stores

  • Steve

    My favorite perk is the 5x on cable/telephone bills, as we spend way too much on it!!!!

  • Holly Spencer

    So many transfer partners with Ultimate rewards! Great way to top off points too!

  • BOSHappyflyer

    Flexibility with transferring to different programs!!!

  • SeaBee3

    5X Amazon Gift cards from office stores

  • BK

    5x on my cable bill

  • letsbeoff

    Transferring points to Hyatt and staying at the Park Hyatt Sydney!

  • Jason Grunin

    5x rewards at office supply stores for amazing point accumulation and great redemptions on *Alliance flights to Europe.

  • Lea

    I love the 5x points at office supply stores.

  • Candy

    5x points at office supply stores

  • Gary (Dad to GO)

    I love the 5X points you can earn via Office Supply stores and telecommunications. It makes earning the points SO EASY!

  • Nick

    The 5x points for office supply stores is great! gift cards can be used to buy practically anything.

  • Denise L

    50k bonus points after spending $5k in 3 months!

  • Hollywoodlaw

    Bluebird x5 WAS Oh So Sweet!
    No foreign exchange, too, is neat.
    If I had to choose only just one
    2x on gas can bring some real fun!

  • Sahil

    5x on Internet/cable is amazing! Love it so much.

  • Aarif

    5x at office supply stores

  • Moshe P

    The 5X points on office supply stores is the best!!

  • Tri

    5x would be too obvious. But I love the instant transfer of UR points.

  • Michael

    My favorite perk is transfer to United miles

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    Most definitely getting 50k in 3 months to spend on business class seats on Lufthansa!

  • kenny

    5x staples definitely

  • joejabjab

    the ability to transfer points between my wife and I and then to multiple airlines!

  • John K

    5x…enough said.

  • Corey

    the 5x on gift cards at office places is great!

  • KY

    5x at office stores

  • Joseph Bajin

    My Favorite part is buying gift cards to refill my BlueBird when paying my mortgage every month.

  • Michele A

    I like that I can transfer point to so many airlines! Makes it easier

  • Ocgasman

    I love 5 points per $ at office supply stores. Also love Hyatt as a partner as I think Hyatt has the best high level award rooms at reasonable rates.

  • Jesse

    Love the 5x points at Office supply stores and the no foreign transaction fee

  • Scott

    I love being able to transfer to BA for short hauls.

  • Stuart Falk

    My favorite perk of the Ink Bold or Plus Cards is earning 5 points per dollar of cell phone and cable expenditures.

  • VM

    5x on Amazon…

  • Liz M

    My favorite perk is the 5 points per dollar at office supply stores, which allows me to stock up on various gift cards and earn significant points.

  • Phillip P

    Has to be the 5x on office supplies for me!

  • Amisly

    I like the 5 points on cable, phone and cell phone bills,also 2 points for hotels and gas stations

  • Yao

    5X Amazon 5X Southwest 5X Cable 5X Cellphone bill. Can’t be better!

  • Ethan

    I love the transfer options to all the different airline/hotel partners!

  • thrashsoundly

    5X for sure

  • Deniz

    Definitely being able to transfer to United for Lufthansa and Thai First Class!

  • Jason Geske

    definitely the 5x at amazon and transferring to United

  • Mark M

    I fly Untied and love the 5% on bills!

  • Scotty G

    5x on cell and internet service!

  • Douglas Lin

    the best benefit is easily the 5x bonus category

  • Eric

    Easily transferring to the airline partners. Makes life easier than having multiple cards.

  • Jay

    5x UR category reward

  • Annalisa

    5X bonuses are nice.

  • Tony Mazer

    5x points at office supply stores! I live at Office Depot now. Gift Cards for everything.

  • Allan

    Transfers to Hyatt.

  • David

    Easy transfer to many partners

  • Raj

    5x on office supply stores

  • Laches

    My favorites are the bonus categories (phone, cable) because they can take a bit of the sting out of how much I pay for those services every month

  • pwbeninate

    The 7% points dividend on the Sapphire Preferred!

  • Jamey

    5x points at Staples

  • Eric

    5x at office supply stores for f seats to Asia!

  • Dustin

    The ability to transfer reward points to United and Hyatt is the best benefits of these cards.

  • Matt Rosen

    The 5X categories are perfect for any small business. You mint points on everyday purchases over the curse of the year!

  • troyhouse

    5X bonuses, and then transfer to United Miles. Cannot get any better.

  • Uri

    5x on amazon!

  • Nat

    Being able to transfer to United FF miles, where I get absurd amounts of value!

  • Tay

    5x for my wireless bills

  • brockab

    I have lots but I love using it to get Hyatt Points!

  • Nick

    Definitely has to be the 5x bonus at office supply stores and telecom.

  • Guy Halperin

    easy transfer to partner airlines

  • Miroslaw Rogowski

    Since I’ve gotten the Ink I’ve been able to tap into a whole new opportunity area to earn points. Staples has frequent FAR purchases that mean free points. As well as all the other bonus areas that compliment the other cards in my point earning arsenal.

  • jen

    5x at staples!

  • Trevor W.

    I love the 5x…err, office supply purchases.

  • Michael Goff

    to top off UA

  • Ron

    5X at office supply stores is my favorite of several good features associated with this card

  • Manny

    Since I travel very often, I love that the card has no foreign currency conversion fee. Actually, many other cards these days do as well, but when you COMBINE this benefit with the flexibility of the points conversion of Ultimate Rewards Points, its really hard to beat!

  • gretchen

    Being able to transfer to United!

  • J.T.

    5x at office supply store and the ability to trasfer points to United miles. how can you beat that?

  • James

    5x at office supply stores

  • Brent

    I love the options and ease to transfer to United.

  • Bo

    Best feature is the option to transfer points into miles!

  • Jeremy

    5x on telecom

  • Lincoln

    5X on telecom! 25k miles per year on that alone is a nice perk. Near-instant transfer to MileagePlus is also nice.

  • Justin Johnson

    Large list of transfer partners is my favorite feature of this card.

  • Corey

    5x at office supply stores. makes deciding on gifts quite easy =]

  • Joseph

    all the 5x bonuses! i use them all the time

  • Patrick Livingston

    I visit my girlfriend 2.5 hours away on the weekends, so 2X on gas is AWESOME! I’ve also started taking Amtrak so having the ability to transfer points to Amtrak is GREAT!

  • TravelWIthDave


  • Eli567

    I love the fact that being a business credit card, my spending/paying habits don’t show up on my personal credit report.

  • AB

    The ability to transfer to United or Southwest, as needed.

  • farnorthtrader

    I love 5X points on cable, phone and internet, my monthly bills for these are $5000+

  • Liz T

    Definitely the 5x bonus; no, maybe the UA transfers – or the UR points…

  • Alex B

    The 5X bonuses are definitely the best!

  • chrisb97

    Lufthansa first class via United

  • tipo70

    I’m a travel guy so transferring to United is my favorite perk. Already planning my next trip.

  • raycifer10

    I rack up the max on the 5x office supply stores… I’ve become THAT frequent visitor to the local Office Depot (Unfortunately, it’s not a bar).

  • Jay

    Ability to transfer to united / hyatt is a huger winner for me!

  • Thomas

    5x bonuses rock!

  • Chum

    My favorite benefit is 5points per dollar at office supply store. It makes it easier to rack up points for my upcoming trip.

  • Kristen Layte

    Ease of transferring to UR partners especially for Hyatt’s great redemptions!

  • Marvin @ intrepidmotion

    I love the 5x office supply bonus plus the additional 3x when purchasing through the Ultimate rewards mall!

  • Davia

    I love the ability to transfer my points to United!

  • Brian

    Definitely the 5X bonuses!

  • Steven Maviglio

    Besides all the benefits, the design of the card is awesome. Love the way the “Ink”splays across the front like a signature.

  • Arche

    easy transfers to Hyatt and United

  • Elliott C Bäck

    basically–I can transfer UR anywhere, which is awesome

  • Peter

    5x on Amazon via Staples

  • Sheng

    There are some many benefits. One of my favorites is that it can be used to transfer to United to top off the account for flight ademption.

  • Ralph

    5x on Amazon via Staples

  • Andreas

    5x on Amazon via gift cards purchased at Office Max etc.

  • Matt

    The 5x bonuses on office supply and cable/phone!

  • lee

    5x office supplies from Ink is the best!

  • Nguyen

    My favorite benefit of the Chase Ink Plus is to ear 5x bonus on phone and internet bills. Thanks.

  • Kathryn Koo

    Getting 5X for paying my cell phone bill each month!

  • Jack

    I love the 2x on gas, as the transferability to United or Southwest.

  • Mark M

    Transfers to United and Hyatt!

  • runnergirl

    By far the greatest perk of the Chase Ink cards are for me is the ability to get 5 points per dollar spent at office supply stores to purchase gift cards and use to fund Bluebird accounts in Walmart and purchase money orders. On average I am adding 100,000 UR points a month to my arsenal! Gota love it!

  • Caroline

    Earning Ultimate Reward points that can be transferred to Hyatt!

  • Meghan

    Bonus points from the LOFT through the Ultimate Rewards Mall

  • Beth

    5x’s back on phone and internet

  • Steve

    redeeming for high end Hyatt stays

  • Ruthlessly Absurd

    5x on Verizon is so, so nice. Thanks, Chase!

  • Chris D

    I like the 5x points on my Cable Bill.


    I love the 5 X bonus at stationary stores and that the points are so diverse and can be used on so many airlines. This gives me the chance to fly to countries i would never really think about and keeps my dream alive of visiting every country in the world before i day. I love these miles.

  • Friendly Flier

    Gotta be the amazon gift cards from Staples.

  • mofessor

    5X at office supply stores!

  • Aaress

    The ability to transfer points 1:1 to other travel companies!

  • Young

    5x all the way! oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

  • Ron

    My favorite benefit is 5x at office supply stores.

  • Terry Tongumpun

    5X the points on crap that i am required to spend on : cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services. Also, i can use it on southwest!!!


  • Ryan

    I’d say it’s definitely transfers to UA for premium cabin awards. I love me some Ink!

  • Ngoc

    Combining my Freedom UR points to my Chase Ink UR for transfers to United!!

  • nelsonjo

    Yes, please! 5x offers.

  • Thane Keith

    Definitely the 5X @ office supply and internet, cable and telephone services!!

  • Zila

    So Pick Just One, You Say?
    But There are Many, If I May…
    None Better Than “X5″ on Amazon,
    I Got So Many Like a Ton..

  • Bob S.

    I love Ink’s 5X bonus on staples purchases.
    I love buying gift cards and transferring all those points to United.
    It has allowed me to visit Hong Kong and the Maldives in January 2014 using points only

  • Dustin

    Transfer to Hyatt for 2 nights at a category 1 not far from my home. Great date night use for my wife and I!

  • David

    Earning tons of bonus points at Staples!

  • Yan

    Transferring points – especially to Hyatt Gold Passport is a huge perk for me!

  • girlmeetsworld

    5x points on Amazon purchases through GC purchases at Office Depot. It makes my online shopping simple and lucrative.

  • Dan

    Ink Plus has no equal: earning 5 points per dollar, with amazingly flexible points ….Hyatt, United, AVIOS, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Southwest, SKYPASS, IHG, Virgin Atlantic, Amtrak…

  • Deneetro

    5X on Cable, internet, and wireless telephone

  • Wellington

    I’ll tell you what it’s going to be in the future – 5x points on cellular phone services. If it works with in store ATT purchases in general, I’m going to rack up when the iPhone 5S is released. I need an upgrade and my mother wants one as well, $600 of spend at 5% cash back. Can’t wait!

  • Gavin Carter

    INSTANT transfers between Chase and United are the best benefit. I was able to hit the transfer button on the Chase site and refresh United and see my points a moment later. No waiting and worrying about when or if my points might show up. It’s a great experience other programs should look into.

  • disqus_qFoV4YOtkH

    The flexibility to move the rewards to wherever you need them.

  • sw

    I love 5x UR points on various store cards via Staples.

  • Nick O (PIT)

    The great transfer partners, like Hyatt

  • Ryan Daigle

    5X points at staples, even though I will sometimes go overboard with the gadgets :)

  • Todd S.

    No foreign transaction fees

  • Geoff

    They are so easy to transfer to multiple partners.

  • Lantean

    definitely bonus points at Staples!

  • Matthew Ender

    Not many cards offer 2x gas year-round with constant 5x office supply, can’t beat its benefits!

  • Åke Olbert

    Transferring points – Hyatt all the way baby!

  • Chad

    The 5X points at Staples for gas cards and the transfer partners

  • harv

    5% off on cable tv.

  • Rence

    Love 5x points at Staples! Great for maximizing spend with gift cards.

  • Liz

    Transfer to Hyatt for 15k stays in Santa Barbara!!

  • edwinalynn

    5x on phone and internet.

  • AZImmortal

    Has to be 5x on office purchases.

  • David Miller

    The 5x at Staples

  • Josh

    5x at Office Stores is the best benefit of ANY card. Mainly because I can buy Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, gas station, and restaurant cards at Office Depot and get practically 5x on ALL of my normal spend!

  • jhp2104

    5X bonus at office supply stores. Between gift cards and office supplies, you can get virtually everything you need.

  • KJohnson

    My favorite perk is the 5x bonus points categories because it’s great to accumulate lots of points at once!

  • Ron

    I like the instant transfer and airline and hotel options.

  • Jason

    Bonus points at staples.

  • Vanessa

    5x points

  • mindy

    5x points – buying Amazon from Staples. Definitely!

  • Lori Flynn Schaffhauser

    5x at office stores takes the cake!

  • ia9561

    5x points on internet and telephone is my favorite perk.

  • Sean

    Thanks mostly to TPG advice, I got the Ink Plus during the 60,000 mile signup bonus a few months ago. My favorite perk is earning 5x back on our cell phone and internet bills, money we would be spending anyway. Between the signup and category bonuses, we should have enough points by January 2014 to stay four or five nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai – a much needed beach vacation from rainy Seattle!

  • kstascav

    5x staples, especially Amazon.

  • mizliz

    I love that transfers to travel partners are instant! Great for last minute plans, and it’s been a lifesaver more than once.

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    5x Bonuses! Love them!

  • Josh Socolow

    5x on telecom

  • Ian

    5x on office supplies!

  • Katie

    I love all the benefits! I especially love using points for travel!

  • Bulldog

    Amtrak fares on the northeast corridor are upwards of $150 each way, but transferring Chase UR points to Amtrak effectively gets me one way tickets b/t NY and DC for just 4,000 points! Love this benefit from my Ink Bold!

  • Randy

    Definitely 5x at office stores – because office stores (Staples is my favorite) have gift cards for practically everywhere else I shop. Net: 5x points on EVERYTHING

  • Rob P

    5X points means lots of free travel!

  • LeeInDC

    5x bonuses

  • Bill F

    I love being able to redeem for Hyatt rooms at reasonable points

  • Ahmed

    I love the 1:1 points transfer to United and Hyatt. Huge value!! Sent my dad to Asia ($1,800 ticket) for only 65K points!! :)

  • Naomi Ekas

    Redeeming for airlines or hotels!

  • Stephen Bartos

    My favorite perk is 2x on gas purchases. Excellent way to get 10k UR points per month.

  • sarah w

    no foreign transactionfees!!

  • Guest

    First heard about the Chase Visa Signature card from reading about it on the Points Guy. I absolutely love that the points can be transferred to hotels that we would not be able to afford without transferring all these points. Love it.

  • JB

    5x at office supply, for sure!

  • Cory

    5x at Office Supply stores. Quite the points windfall.

  • eddy

    My favorite perk that I always use is the 5x bonus on telecom expenses. Easy way to earn points for my monthly satellite dish and cell phone bills.

  • Linda

    I love using this card that I found out about from thepointsguy. It has saved me a lot of money!

  • AS

    5X on cable, office supplies!

  • Rebecca D.

    Definitely the 5x UR points on office supplies, Internet, and cable services!

  • Daniel Merriman

    5x pts

  • cyclefan

    I love being able to transfer the UR’s to UAL miles.

  • alex

    Transferring to United for Multi-destination awards to include multiple First Class bookings

  • hdawg

    5x on “office supplies” and cable/internet bill are great, so easy to earn points, just love watching my points rack up, thank you ink and thepointsguy

  • Octavian

    Tranfer points to hyatt!

  • Danny

    the 5x UR points from buying gift cards from Staples

  • Matthew Foster

    5x points on the cell phone bill and the fact I can get the card even though I don’t have a business :-)

  • Landon

    5x UR points from buying gas cards at office depot

  • Joe

    The peek is earning 50,000 points. Minimum free $500

  • Calflygirl

    5x on phone and office stores

  • Kevin

    5X office supplies is phenomenal.

  • Jeff The Wanderer

    My favorite perk is the ability to instantly transfer to most partners. Great to be able to find the flights or hotel availability first and the transfer.


    Ability to transfer ultimate rewards points to Amtrak, Southwest, and United Airlines.

  • sil

    5x telecom and 2 free lounge passes

  • Cory Wright

    Definitely the ability to instantly transfer points to UAL and Southwest.

  • explorer77

    Transfers to Hyatt!! Properties I would otherwise never be able to afford

  • Chris

    My favorite perks are the 5x points on gas gift cards I buy at Staples and OfficeDepot.

  • swonderful

    It’s gotta be 1:1 with Hyatt points. I would love to use those UR points to help cash in on a rewards night at the Andaz Maui for my honeymoon next April

  • william goozdich

    5x points at office supply stores!

  • Kira Cao

    My favorite perk is the ability to instantly transfer to United Airlines, where I have more points than other airline accounts. I can use those points to book better seats for my parents, both of whom are more than 65 years old.

  • Gerry

    With a new home this year, we buy a LOT on Amazon. Thanks to Chase’s Ink cards, we’re going to Park City Utah to ski over Valentine’s Day, courtesy of 5x on gift cards bought at Staples.

  • JG

    Flexible points transfers and no FOREX fees!

  • Matt

    5x at office supply stores is my favorite, but can’t beat the transfer partners!

  • Spencer W.

    Definitely the 5x telecom–makes it worth the annual fee right there–plus a whole bunch of points for United flights or the occasional Southwest redemption.

  • Jonathan

    Love being able to transfer points to UA for redemptions on TG to BKK in F.

  • HNM

    Tie: the introductory bonus points and the ability to transfer points to United MileagePlus.

  • Mike

    the signing up bonus is my favorite

  • Tulio Anzola

    without a doubt the 5x benefit for telecom and office purchases

  • Owen

    5x on gift cards

  • Vinay

    5x at office supply stores

  • john

    I didn’t get approved by Ink bold yet, but I want it for the awesome 5x bonus..

  • Florida Attorney

    5X bonus for select categories. This is THE best benefit!

  • John Ruda

    Ability to transfer points to United to top off my Mileage Plus account.

  • Mike S HNL

    Has to be 5x on office & telecommunications

  • cathy

    My favorite perk of the Ink Bold card is the car rental CDW coverage – I scraped the side of my last rental car and after a few email exchanges, they paid for all damages! Love it!

  • Brian

    The ability to transfer to United is my favorite perk

  • WJB

    Being able to transfer to Hyatt and use for nights in Paris and London!

  • Thomas Rennier

    My favorite perk is the Lounge Club Access!

  • boxedlunch

    It’s the 5% on all of my office supply and telecom purchases…offsets the annual fee easily.

  • Ally

    My favorite part of the Ink? Exploring Guatemala last month: swimming in Lake Atitlan, watching volcanic steam rising from the top of Mount Pacaya, and walking the cobblestone streets of the ancient city of Antigua; and not having to spend big bucks to manage it all. Earning enough points for free airfare is a pretty nice perk!

  • Adriano Gomes

    It has to be the 5x points that we as Mileage enthusiasts know how to take advantage of it very well =D

  • Richard Shin

    I love 5x bonus points on internet/cable/cell phone charges on my Ink Bold card! Also, no foreign transaction fee is a plus!! :)

  • Jeremy Spencer

    5x points on paying phone and wireless!

  • Kayla

    no foreign transaction fees and transfer partners are great, but you can’t beat the 5x points benefits for the specified bonus places.

  • Earl

    The 5% bonus on office supply stores is my favorite benefit.

  • Andrew

    the ability to transfer to multiple airline partners and 5x bonus catagories!

  • Christine P

    Staples bonus for me!

  • Drew

    5x bonus points on gift cards at office supply stores!

  • Juno

    My favorite perk is the ability to transfer points to Hyatt and then stay at some of the best hotels for 22K points per night.

  • BeachMiles

    5X at office supply is Great.

  • Jake J.

    Getting 5X pts on monthly bills like TV, Electric & Internet where I was only getting 1pt before. Gets me closer to a biz class redemption to South Africa.

  • tshark42

    My favorite perk of both cards is simply the flexibility. With so many transfer partners, it makes the points that much more valuable to me instead of being always tied to one program.

  • chawk866

    My favorite perk of the Ink Plus is transfers to Hyatt!

  • Ramsey

    The ability to transfer points to United for *Alliance flights in Biz class to Africa.

  • Ron Tongbai

    being able to buy amazon gift cards at staples for 5% off

  • Jennifer

    5x bonus on cable and cell phone bills!

  • GravyDavy

    I think the cool logo is the best part.

  • Kevin

    5x bonus on office and hyatt transfer is nice too.

  • Rahul

    Transfer to United! Can’t beat the super saver Business Class awards to 60K…

  • Ryan Pham

    I really like the 5x bonus for telecom and office supply purchases. Hope it stays!

  • Darin

    Clearly the 5x rewards on certain categories

  • aptsguy

    5x purchases at staples!

  • Jonathan

    With flights to Ireland every month or two to visit my girlfriend, the ability to transfer to British Airways is great. With Aer Lingus as a BA partner and 5x points on the Ink Plus, the flights become very affordable and feasible!

  • Jan

    I like the ability to transfer to multiple programs. Thanks

  • The Points Master

    Being able to get five times the points at office supply stores.

  • Guest

    5x points for office supplies and telecomm charges.

  • Alan

    5x bonuses def!

  • revup61

    5x points for office supplies and telecomm charges.

  • Unrea

    5x bonuses @ Staples and my monthly cell phone bill really help to boost my Ultimate Rewards pts.

  • adambadam

    Being able to transfer to UA for long haul F and to avios for short haul awards for only 4,500 miles.

  • Tara Buss

    i love the no foreign transaction fees!

  • Nathan E

    My favorite benefit was the phone number given to me by the cute teller when I used my Business Ink Bold card at my local Chase bank. She really thought I was a big time business owner and didn’t realize that I got the card only for the 60,000 miles.

  • Tim Howell

    I love the 5x points on internet and phone service because I get about 1000 points per month without thinking.

  • hankdwilliams

    The flexibility to buy tickets through UR points and then earn airline miles really help when trying to maintain status.

  • AsiaTraveller

    My favorite is multiple ways to earn 5x and redeem on multiple alliances.

  • Charlie

    No foreign tran fees and 2x points on gas!

  • DanR NYC

    5x on purchases at Staples… And point use options are endless !!

  • Sathya

    I love the chase ink for their 5X points at staples, officemax and officedepot…not only that they throw 5x points for cable, internet and cellphone…that’s awesome in my mind

  • lelumpolelum

    5 points in Office Depot & Staples on giftcards to stores and restaurants

  • Emily D

    The 60,000 bonus was the reason I first signed up, but because of the 5x miles at office supply stores I have started shopping at 3 of them almost weekly and pay a lot more attention to their ads.

  • Abby B.

    I love being able to combine the ink points with the personal chase card reward programs (freedom and sapphire preferred) because I can pick and choose which card to use to maximize points on any given purchase, and then combine the points from all cards to redeem…If you have all three cards you can get multiple points on almost anything!

  • Joanna

    5x bonus points at office supply stores, for sure – love being able to get giftcards there!

  • Elijah Nouvelage

    It’s hard to choose just one, but I guess it would have to be the 2x on gas. My Ink card is my go-to card for gas when it isn’t in the Freedom card’s quarterly bonus category.

  • Julie Smith

    5 points per dollar on my cable, internet and cell phone, all year long!

  • OberBoberGrober

    I like the 5x on telecom and office supply stores.

  • Eddie boy

    Promo 60k!!!

  • Paul Goecke

    The simple fact that I can transfer the points.

  • mrjoshua

    Hyatt transfer points

  • Edy Sulistyo

    I love the signup bonus and the 5x office supplies

  • Flyer708

    Personally, I love the 5x bonus on purchases. Can’t beat those.

  • glen

    5x bonus on cable and cell phone bills!

  • Shawn

    The free Avis preferred membership. Which also gets u free Regis Club Preferred membership.

  • Biggles209

    5x on Telecom and Office are my favorites

  • rukawa005

    definitely the 5X at office supply stores :)

  • LRZ

    It’s the 5 points for office supplies that I love best!

  • Namaste-Duniya

    Ability to make transfers instantaneously to most partners. You can have all the points in the world but if you can’t move them in time then they’re no use. Love UR points earned through Chase Ink Plus and Ink Bold.

  • Rebecca Duvall

    Ultimate rewards mall!

  • Sonny

    Definitely the 5x bonuses they run and the fact I can use the card without foreign transaction fees when I travel abroad!

  • Eric P

    The 5x office category bonus! Along with the signup bonuses, it helped me earn enough points for 8 nights (two rooms for 4 nights) at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome this fall!

  • Timothyprice

    I love the 5 times on office supplies and cell phone purchases!

  • dundili

    Love the 5X at office supply stores and 10X at Kohls through the ultimaterewards website!

  • MiaT

    Telecommuting business for me and my husband > make that 5x through the Chase Ink biz cards has turned into some wonderful vacations for us! Thank you, Chase!

  • CVG_Kid

    Easy. Transferability to a variety of parners

  • Shawn H.

    5x points for office supplies and telecomm is awesome!!

  • Alan

    Transfers to United and Hyatt make for a great vacation!

  • HOdRa

    Ink plus’ UR gives us the flexibility of transferring mileage to multiple airlines since we have multiple airline memberships (for 2 adults 2 kids in the family)…

  • Dawn

    5x for office supplies

  • Larry Patron

    5x points on office supplies

  • Gin

    5x points in those categories like office and telecom is awesome!

  • Mt

    I really like the look of the card. Earning 5x at office supply stores is terrific.

  • JHL

    Most valuable perk is the transferrable Ultimate Rewards Points. I will be going on a trip to Asia in a month and half, stopping at 4 different countries. Half of my flight will be on Business Class and other half will be on First Class. Those include flight on Asiana’s OZ Quadra Smartium and Kosomo Suite on Korean Air’s A380 flight. I could not have booked those flights without transferring Ultimate Rewards points to United and Korean Air.

  • sammy

    Hyatt all the way baby :) 5x helps with that. Matter of fact just transfered few earlier today. Love Ink
    and my 1st post here…long time follower

  • Pam

    5x bonus on my Starbucks and Sephora gift cards.

  • Jeff

    5x@staples and UA transfer

  • derick

    plain and simple the 5x on cell phone and internet bills…Lufthansa 1st class out of SFO is my ultimate prize…Now just need to find A-380 avail…hmmm :D

  • SC

    My favorite is earning 5X points on phone and internet bills

  • Matt

    5x points on office max because you can get shell GCs and get 5x on gas! =)

  • SC

    5X at Office Supply Stores!

  • charlie

    I like the ability to transfer to Untied Airline and Hyatt Hotels.

  • Journey 4 Happy

    I’ll take the 50/ 60 K a sign up bonus

  • seantae

    5x on amazon, starbucks, iTunes gift cards at office depot or staples! I’m going to make these purchases anyway, getting more back is great!

  • mike

    5x on office supply is the main reason I use this card.

  • Crissy Maier

    I’m torn between the 5x categories and the no foreign transaction fees

  • Jim

    5X points on telecommunications/cable and office supply stores

  • Stan

    ability to transfer to United and Hyatt

  • Carrie

    Definitely the transfer partners!! LOOOOOOOVE Hyatt!!

  • moyboy

    5x points at office supply

  • Jon

    I love 5x at staples. Just came back from an awesome trip to the south of France where I spent 4 nights in Hyatt hotels all with points earned on my ink.

  • Elteetrav

    Ultimate rewards with instant transfer to Hyatt and other fabulous travel partners. Thanks to Ultimate Rewards (and you) I’m sending you this massage from the Hyatt at Waikiki.

  • schmerj

    I love that there’s no foreign transaction fee…

  • Ben

    Love the sign up bonus!

  • gxc949

    The 5x bonus on the category spend the most on; cable/internet

  • Lea

    Amazon gift cards at Staples (5x) and instant Hyatt transfers.

  • Senthil Ramasamy

    Office supply 5x is the most rewarding offer from ink bold for me.

  • Matt S

    Sign up bonuses and 5x are great benefits

  • Nick

    I am a fan of the great point transfer options from Ultimate Rewards!

  • hc

    I love using the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall. They often have higher point bonuses than the airline and hotel point shopping malls. A couple years ago thanks to TPG I found out about their temporary 10X point bonus on and was able to rack up a ton of points buying my Ipad!

  • Ed

    5x on giftcard!!! Im addicted to it. I even ask others to give cash and i go buy gift card for them.

  • lycidas1

    Earning UR points for short-haul trips around OZ (using Avios) or flying back home to the US (with MileagePlus miles). AND the spending isn’t factored into my credit score calculation!

  • Magua

    No foreign transaction fees. I make a lot of trips to Ghana and partly due to the instability in the currency and information asymmetry, getting good exchange rates for dollars is a shot in the dark. The ability to use the cards which by the way give excellent exchange rates is a blessing

  • Yaokai Jiang

    5x in office depot lol. gift cards are your friend

  • 9 UP HK

    Ink Plus as no foreign transaction fees means I can save 2-3% for foreign transaction.

  • G. Roger

    transfer points & voila topped up tank on miles

  • Dustin

    5x bonus is my favorite, just between the cell phone bill and directv, i get an extra 1000 or so points a month, which helps a lot

  • Benny

    Racking up points while not being charged foreign transaction fees

  • CollegeKid

    The reason this card is great is not due to its sole existence.

    Chase Ink
    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    Chase Freedom

    The combination of the cards above is surely a force to be considered with.

    For a college student like me who occasionally travels, the combination of these cards just about covers all my categories of spending rather well.

    Currently waiting for another 60K+ sign-up to come around to pull the trigger and complete what in my opinion is the perfect credit card setup.

  • Bender

    I love how easily the Bold allows me to rack up points; mostly due to 5x on telecom and 2x on gas. Plus I can focus more on one card with this rather than swapping in other cards for similar category bonuses.

  • DK

    Two Free Lounge access a year.

  • Mark R.

    5x Staples to rack up points!

  • MaxC

    Lufthansa first class via Nited

  • Annette

    5x bonuses are great!

  • Chris Duck

    Easily for me, it’s the flexibility of having great transfer partners, at fair transfer rates. United and Hyatt, I’m looking at you

  • Jimmy

    Can’t beat the 5% back at office and telecom!

  • creed thoughts

    5x points on office spending!

  • P K

    Double Bonus (read: but not limited to!) – Travel the world without foreign transaction fee and 5X rewards on Office supply stores. Said.

  • Toby

    5x at office stores = free 250k UR points per year for me

  • Milo Minderbinder

    I like the 2x gas rewards and the UA transfer.

  • David

    5x bonus is my favorite, just between the cell phone bill and Fios, i
    get an extra 1000 or so points a month, which helps a lot

  • Nadine

    I love being able to buy Panera and Starbucks cards at Staples and get 5X points rather than just 2 points if I paid directly at the stores.

  • Steve

    While a great feature are the airline transfer partners, the best feature of this program is the ability to transfer points instantly. Now you can wait until an award is available before transferring the points.

  • Robyn

    5x on gift cards at office supply stores and utilities like my cell phone bill!

  • SteveL

    5X Points at Office Supply Stores!

  • Rob D

    I love the huge 50k sign up bonus.

  • Pat

    Flying primarily from Indianapolis, Southwest is frequently the best choice. My favorite feature is that the points transfer seamlessly to Southwest.

  • cathn

    5x on stupidly high fees like cable and cell phones, then transfer for travel to Oz!

  • Brian

    5x bonuses are the best in the game…and thanks to TPG advice, I was able to get my wife to sign up with me.

  • Alex

    5x Amazon via Staples!

  • Brett Albertson

    The 5x bonus categories are the reason the ink and bold cards are great.

  • Ken

    The flexibility of UR points

  • Jacob

    Chase’s excellent UR web interface and the ease of use of UR points makes these cards a total winner for a business owner like me.

  • Gina

    The transfer partners! Ultimate Rewards give you great flexibility!

  • flyguy

    transferring 22k UR points for a night at the park hyatt paris…and only ‘spending’ $4,400 at office supply stores

  • John

    I like being able to transfer point to United and then booking on Singapore Air.

  • Jenny

    The sign up bonus!

  • Uncle Billy

    5x on stupidly high fees like cable and cell phones!

  • Kevin

    5x at office supply stores is nice, but I honestly don’t use it much. For me the biggest perk is actually the annual membership to Lounge Club and two free annual lounge passes. I love this perk because it’s something I wouldn’t normally get to experience, and that to me makes the most valuable travel perk.

  • Bryan Jordan

    It’s so nice to be able to transfer my points wherever I want. Much easier than other programs and cards!

  • Jeff

    5X points on my cable and cell phone bill rocks!

  • Cambridge50

    oh, ink plus you stand alone,
    Though you are not metal like Sapphire
    Nor do you gleam like Gold.
    But when I call 1-800
    After just one ring, a human answers your phone.

  • Rick

    Versatility of UR points and 5x on cable and cell is a huge plus!

  • JB

    Love the Chase Ink family due to 5x on cable and cell bills. Right there that can easily add up to more than 2000 to 2500 UR points a month! Helps redeeming those Lufthansa first class awards to Europe!

  • PrateekJain2012

    great list of partners to transfer to. I love to transfer to united and fly with one of the star alliance partners!

  • Todd

    The free Lounge Club membership is my favorite perk. It allows two free passes per year and after that I can use it for $27 a visit when I have a long layover.

  • Scott C

    My favorite benefit at the moment is the ability to transfer to Hyatt. I topped up my account for a trip to San Francisco over Labor Day for a quick family getaway.

  • railingk

    5x on cable bills, transferring to United, getting a biz-class flight on a strange Asian partner airline for my honeymoon!

  • JoeBob Frank

    It’s all about the transfers to Southwest!

  • Zila

    “There once was a guy,
    “TPG” was his name
    Donating points-
    That was his fame,
    Bonus points or exchanges,
    It really don’t matter,
    ‘Cause in MY case, There is
    A ticket to claim!”

  • jmartin

    I lie to go to Office Depot or Staples to buy Starbuck’s gift cards for the 5x points. If I just used my Sapphire card at Starbucks, you only get 2x points. It’s little things like this that help to rack up points quickly

  • TA

    I love the ability to transfer them to Hyatt and book stays…And, also, book airline tickets paying with points and earn miles on their redemptions.

  • Nicole

    Oh please oh please oh please, I could really use these!
    Easy transfer to United has been lovely and wonderfully useful! :)

  • FW

    Being able to transfer reward points to United.

  • Eric S

    50k sign up bonus

  • AnnieLovesParis

    Oooh, great giveaway! Also great: ability to buy Amazon cards at Staples and get 5% back.

  • Hao Tran

    I like redeeming them for travel on Star Alliance, via MileagePlus transfers.

  • Scott Lehto

    I use it for my phone/cable bill since the sapphire preferred doesn’t give me extras on those…as well as buying Starbucks gift cards at staples to get 5x points

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    I love all the Chase cards because it’s so easy to transfer and combine points.

  • Nick

    5x bonuses at stationary shops

  • Sol

    5X bonus at office stores is awesome!

  • J McLean

    I like the extra earnings for shopping in particular categories (cell phone & internet is the best)

  • Chaim

    5X points on telecommunication expenses and no foreign transaction fees!

  • Eric

    Convincing everyone at my company that they should ask the boss if they can upgrade their cell phone data service knowing that I can get free Hyatt stays with all those extra points.

  • aliebs

    5x at office supply stores and the transferring to Southwest Airlines. Add in the companion pass and it’s much easier to buy tickets for the family

  • Alford

    I love the ability to transfer points to partner airlines, especially United. I was able to top off my account and book awards for the World Cup 2014. So. Excited.

  • Ryan from MA

    5x bonus on Office Supplies!

  • Claire

    5x at OfficeMax, phone, cable, internet: nothing can beat all that!

  • sundk

    I like the 5x points at office supply stores where I can stock up on Amazon giftcards!

  • Sam

    5X points on categories like office supply! Load up on gift cards for any store your planning on shopping at, it’s like a discount. Then use gift cards paired with other discount offers. Rock on.

  • Fabio Povoa

    Hands down, the 50K sign up bonus are a killer perk. I just got the Chase Ink (already had the Sapphire Pref) from your post.

  • IH

    Chase INK UR since you can transfer 1:1 with so many different programs = very flexible & 5X phone bill & office does not hurt either :)

  • LC▲

    My favorite per is receiving the 50K sign up all year long and the use of the Ultimate Rewards

  • Felix D. Arauz

    My two favorite perks are the No foreign transaction fees and the 5X points. I have having to deal with making purchased and having to figure out not just the exchange rate but having to also worry about the foreign transaction fees. After time those small $1.25, $2.60 foreign transaction fees add up and can put you over budget specially when you dont want to be dealing with carrying local currency and/or having to worry about finding a money exchange office. As far as the 5X points well… the sooner I can earn points the sooner I can plan a family vacation!

  • Nickerss

    My favorite perk is the ability to transfer UR points to various airlines and Amtrak.

  • Pr

    We have both the Ink Bold and Ink Plus and there are two reasons–extra points for cell phone expenses and transfer options. Good cards!

  • Ali

    The bonuses!

  • Felix D. Arauz

    My two favorite perks are the No foreign transaction fees and the 5X points. I have having to deal with making purchased and having to figure out not just the exchange rate but having to also worry about the foreign transaction fees. After time those small $1.25, $2.60 foreign transaction fees add up and can put you over budget specially when you dont want to be dealing with carrying local currency and/or having to worry about finding a money exchange office. As far as the 5X points well… the sooner I can earn points the sooner I can plan a family vacation!!!

  • Chuck

    I have to agree with the ones who said 5X on telecom and internet along with the Office supply stores.

  • benstephens

    Simple – 5x at office supply stores.

  • Fat Ted

    The 5x categories and the 60,000 sign up are the best things bout the Ink card. Waiting for that signup bonus to post soon and would love 10,000 more!

  • Espan

    Multiple, useful and easy transfer partners…

  • John D.

    For sure the 5x on telecom and the shopping portal bonuses.

  • rick

    5X beats 2X beats 1X any day at office supply stores and telecom

  • Jeremy

    5x rewards on Staples Free After Easy Rebates are my favorite feature

  • dean

    Stacking points at Staples. Great path to great trips!!

  • Joe

    1:1 transfer to United which is the most generous airline mileage program out there. With one free city layover and open-jaw route….it’s hard to beat

  • J

    5x bonus!

  • Ruth

    can earn UR that combine with my Sapphire card

  • cotoneloc

    Def 5x for at office supply stores! Who’s to say whether my new 14 piece non-stick pot and pan set, which earned me 1000 points, is actually for the breakroom!

  • Atomz4Peace

    By far the best benefit of the ink mastercards are the 60k bonus offers plus a little spend transferring to Hyatt for 3 nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives! Three nights for nothing? Priceless….

  • Mitesh Amin

    Earning 5x in the “office supply” category is easy and fun! The points are also extremely valuable and flexible. Maybe one of the best reward programs out there.

  • Jasanna

    I just rather love the 5x bonuses and the extra bonuses at gas stations. I swear, we’re always driving all over the place, it just makes it so worth it when we travel by car to see family and friends, it helps us out when we fly someplace else to enjoy ourselves. Win win!

  • Matt T.

    I love being able to transfer to Hyatt, one of the best redemption rates out there…for now, lol.

  • SM

    The 5x bonus on cable and telecom is great because using the card to pay my home cable/internet and cell phone bills alone make up for the annual fee. Any way to earn United miles at a faster rate is great.

  • Jay

    Transferring 1 to 1 for United is easily my favorite perk, especially after SPG devalued its transfer policy for Continental/United.

  • drbubba

    5x points on telecom and office supplies.easily good for 5,000+ points/month

  • Diane

    I am new to Chase Ink MC. Wow they offer so many easy to get perks! First came my bonus miles for signing up, then came the best – NO Foreign transaction fee when I go visit my grandkids in Canada, then I went to Off ice Max and bought gift cards What fun I am having spending money! Now I use the cards for everything Gas to gets extra points. I am looking forward to using the points on several of the 10 airline partners. This is one of the best cards ever! Ink is at the Head of the Class! I keep it in the front of my wallet. I just keep on swiping! DK

  • Cheryl

    The ability to transfer to multiple hotel and airline programs.

  • morriswt

    I like the No Foreign Transaction fees and the redemption opportunities with United, BA, and Korean. No foreign transaction fees have saved me tons of $ as I have traveled overseas for fun and work.

  • Mark D

    5x on telecom and internet are fantastic because they are no-brainers. Just set your bill to autopay and watch the points pile up.

  • catmando

    Hard to choose only one!
    Ultimate Rewards program rocks!
    2 Complimentary Lounge Club passes per year with discounted prices after complimentary visits is worth the annual fee!
    5x on office supplies is awesome!
    No foreign transaction fee creates big savings when outside US!

  • Narayana

    I like the card for the 5x at office stores and also the combination of the UR mall which make the points add up very quickly.

  • Amanda

    I like the bonus points at office supply stores!

  • Randy

    The 5X bonus at Office Depot is one of the greatest perks of the card.

  • Rob Peters

    I like 5x points for gift cards I buy at Office Depot.

  • TerryH

    5X office supplies!

  • Dan

    My favorite benefit is the 5X on Telecom and Cable

  • Margo

    Love getting 5x on gift cards for Shell gas , or even stamps. Every wedding/graduation/housewarming gift I give is some combo of gift cards purchased at Staples. Easy & lucrative!

  • Peter

    No foreign transaction fees is a huge perk for me!

  • Sean

    The 5x UR points on office supplies, Internet, and cable services!

  • Winnie

    5x on gift cards at Staples!

  • Bjorn

    I like being able to transfer points to many different reward programs!

  • Thomas Kim

    5x on gift cards bought at staples

  • JasonD

    I like the ability to transfer to Amtrak!

  • Jessica

    I love the ability to transfer between rewards partners.

  • P L

    I LOVE the ability to transfer point to BA Avios, best redemption for short haul domestic!

  • Ian Wittman

    60k signup bonus was my favorite perk. The card itself has some good 5x categories too, but the signup couldn’t be beat.

  • RICK


  • Jane

    5X everything at office supply stores – all the great gift cards !!

  • Chris

    60k sign-up bonus, 5x on gift cards (so all my Amazon purchases) and a consistent 2X on gas.

  • Lor

    The 5x points can’t be beat especially when ordering online thru numerous portals than buying from an office supply store.

  • TimmyD

    The 5x bonus categories are great!

  • Alexandra

    I like the ability to amass points quickly using office supply stores. Those nice points are a easily converted to perfect first class ticket or a top of the line Hyatt!

  • Orly

    no foreign transacting fees are FANTASTICO!!!

  • Rick

    Honestly, I receive directions from the minister of travel…my wife. She is a fiend on what card to use when. I love the card because she hands it to me when I need to spend and the Ink is a fav of her with directions to go to OD. We go on amazing vacations for free!

  • Carl Cheng

    My favorite thing is the amazing 5x points for all my cable and phone bills and for getting gift cards at Staples, and especially doubling up with the Ultimate Rewards Mall for an extra 3x on e-gift cards.

  • JF

    I have Ink and Sapphire. Planning on transferring to United for a trip to Europe next spring.

  • ChasingThePoints

    I love the Ink for the constant 2x on gas

  • Phil

    I like that with Ink I can collect points at office supply stores and that the points can be converted to first class air tickets
    or Hyatt nights.

  • Carl H

    My favorite benefit is being able to transfer to United and then using the points for United first class. However, what really makes the card great is all the benefits and how they work together. 5x wouldn’t be much good without good transfer partners, that wouldn’t be any good without high credit limits for fast business spending, the ability to turn Freedom points into United and Hyatt points though Ink Bold adds to it as well. It’s really the whole package that makes this card special.

  • CJ

    being able to transfer to united on 1:1 point basis

  • skdelta

    5x telecom

  • David

    Earning 5x points on telecommunication and office supply stores is my favorite peek!

  • mco

    love the high points that show up on the statement for the phone/cable/internet….. and the gift cards at the office supply stores…. oh, and the 5x…. and the possibilities and the dreaming of where to go!!

  • Sheila Hall

    I like to travel to Europe quite a bit so my favorite perk is being able to transfer United for a first class Lufthansa.

  • herringtonb

    It would have to be the 5x bonus at office supply stores. My wife loves Nordstroms and goes through Starbucks like water so we order a lot of gift cards through Staples and pay with our Chase Ink card.

  • Kris Abad

    I buy my Shell gas cards and amazon gift cards in Staples to get 5 points per dollar then transferring the points to my favorite UR partners: Star Alliance’s United and Hyatt hotels.

  • Marc

    5x bonuses and the transfer partners.

  • Liz

    5x points at office stores for gift cards and great sign up bonus. 10,000points on British Avios will let me go to New York for FREE to see my soon to be twin grand babies.

  • FFlyer

    I like the 5x bonus on office supplies

  • BrownLunchSack

    I love the ability to transfer points to Hyatt. It’s great staying at top tier hotels for free!

  • md9802

    5x bonus on office supplies is great

  • Patrick Mc

    My favorite perk of the Ink Plus card is the 5X points on Cable/Internet/Phone bill that I pay every month anyway!! The variety of transfer partners is pretty great too.

  • shonuffharlem

    Oh by far and away the 5x points at office supply stores – no other deal is that good, as its stackable with shopping portal offers!

  • David

    5X categories are the best benefit (though the 50k signup bonus of ultra-transferable points is great too!)

  • gw1754

    My favorite perk has to be the transfer partners, especially Hyatt and United. Earning the points and bonuses is great, but being able to instantly transfer those points can’t be beat!

  • GordonOH

    I love my INK Bold card because I rack up 5x points for my purchases at Staples and 2x points at gas stations.

  • Duane

    I love the transfer partners, especially United and Hyatt.

  • ride2climb

    I love the 5x bonuses at Office Depot.

  • MooeyJC

    My favorite perks is to be able to earn 5X on all the phone bills and internet,
    also able to earn 5x at office supply stores!

  • bsheern

    Nice! We were there last week and it’s an awesome hotel!

  • bsheern

    My favorites are the 5x on telecom because that’s a large expense that would be made regardless and transfers to BA because it got us to Maui! Can’t beat that!

  • KevinMG

    The value of this card is twofold: the impressive number of avenues for points redemption (solving all traveler needs through spending points) and the the impressive number of ways to earn points for redemption in combination with the rest of the Chase Ultimate Rewards points all star roster of cards (solving all traveler needs through earning points).

  • Sarwar Mazid

    My main reason is the “ability to transfer to United miles”. I am a frequent flier based out of Atlanta and have been defaulted to taking Delta flights since it offers non-stop flights to most of the major US destinations where I travel for work.

    But when it comes to mileage redemption, Delta Skymiles is a really bad fit for me personally. I have family members who live in Bangladesh and Australia, who I visit on a yearly basis. Only United allows me to book the following one-way trips with the least mileage needed for award redemption:
    ATL->DAC = 32,500
    DAC->MEL = 30,000
    MEL->ATL = 40,000
    Total = 102,500 miles only for the whole trip!

    I can even squeeze in free stopovers at places like Frankfurt, Istanbul, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, etc.

    When I combine the Ink with Sapphire and Freedom that I already have from Chase, instant ultimate reward point transfer to United miles without any fees is by far the best value that I have been able to get out of all the loyalty programs that I belong to (Delta, United, Starwood, Marriott, Hertz).


  • Elena Garcia

    For Ink Bold I like the 5x points/@ at office supplies and using the Lounge Club for 2 free pass per yr

  • bufito

    The synergy between Chase cards: Ink, CSP, and Freedom makes it the most powerful and versatile combination available

  • Guo Yi

    I love Chase Ink Bold because I earn tons of points by using it to purchase a lot of Amazon gift cards at Staples. Then I transfer to my UA account. And I am able to spend those Amazon gift cards very quickly on online shopping. Yeah!

  • Daniel Rudov

    Definitely the 5x bonus categories. I was living at a student co-op for a while, and being able to pay our U-verse bill for 5x was great. But also, when we needed to get windows installed, I could buy Home Depot gift cards at Office Depot to cover it. Then the immediate transfers to Southwest and United give me the flexibility to get places quickly when things pop up.

  • Gary

    Because it’s just one more way to earn and transfer points into UR!

  • Yong

    The ability to keep expenses separate per AU, since each has its own number, and the 0% forex fee.

  • Miles Matter

    Teh 5x points on office supply stores makes it a winner.

  • Simon

    The 5x for staples and telecom by far is my fav perks.

  • Sean

    5x points at office supply stores is an amazing perk for any of us with small businesses

  • Wing tips

    Saving 5% on my cable bills!

  • Oliver Palley

    Favorite benefit of the card is 2 free Lounge Club passes annually, because with all the points you get from the card, you’re doing a lot more free travel!

  • The Wanderer

    Office stores discount

  • Taking the Points

    UR make it a keeper

  • turgutbey

    Transfers to United and the 5x at office supply stores for my amazon purchases.

  • Yati

    5x categories!!!!

  • MilesMan

    Saving on my outrageous cable bill.

  • aureo11

    I love the fact that I get 5 point/dollar for my phone and internet! Obviously not the best perk moneywise, but I like it.

  • Dave P

    Flexibility! 5x on cell phone and cable = flights and hotels galore.

  • Thea Dwelle

    My favorite perk of the INK cards has to be the 5x category bonuses. I use that for filling my BlueBird, but also gift cards for regular spend, and office supplies. When I’m not filling a minimum spend, I only use INK and Sapphire. Addictive!

  • Karl Humble

    I love the united miles transfer for premium international flights. I recently flew Lufthansa business class from Frankfurt to Vancouver and it was an amazing experience.

  • road2elysium

    5x at office supply stores. It’s how I get my Amazon on!

  • David Schadov

    Ink Business Bold: main advantages for me – good sign on bonus and ability to tranfer points to United.

  • 2ruse

    loved the signup bonus – also that there are no foreign transaction fees – amazing that so many cards still have the nerve to charge them

  • omar

    I love the transfer partners like United and Hyatt.

  • dwh

    I like being able to transfer to multiple partners. KE 1st and LH 1st in my future cuz of Chase cards.

  • Matt

    My favorite perk is points transfers to United. I was able to book 3 award flights for my family to Israel at 80k/each.

  • Paul S.

    I like the card because of the ultimate rewards program. Arguably the best points program available.

  • fotobrad

    I like the ability to use my Ink Bold or Ink Plus to buy Vanilla Reloads at Valero gas stations. I buy a $500. reload and get 1000 points since it registers as a gasoline purchase!

  • Taryn

    I love the ability to transfer to Hyatt for a great deal on tier 6 redemptions!


    5x points on phone bill

  • Claire

    The Best thing about the Chase Ink Bold is the 5x earning power through office supply stores/utilities bills! hands DOWN

  • Eugene

    Yeah, like so many others, it’s the 5x on telecom bonus that’s so nice. It’s money I will have to spend every month anyway, cellphone, internet, why not get 5x points back? and I have it auto pay every month, effortless.

  • FormerHoosier

    I like the transfer partners!

  • Christina

    Getting 5 points per $ on my cable & phone bills, it really add up! Enjoy staying with some fine Hyatt hotels thanks to the Chase Ink program.

  • Carol Westerman

    My favorite thing is that I can purchase airline tickets on the airline of my choice, using Ultimate Reward Points, and I still get the chosen airline FF miles/points for the flight! For those long hauls, this can be a terrific perk!

  • Peter5

    5x at Staples! Just bought $4K of Lowes gift cards to purchase a new range. That’s 20K UR points!

  • Jerry

    5x at office supply stores

  • Allen

    5X @ office supply stores

  • tresgatos

    My favorite perk is definitely the ability to transfer points to United and IHG. Since we live in Hawaii, paying for airfare is always expensive and being able to use miles on United instead makes more vacations possible. And being able to use IHG points on hotels is icing on the cake.

  • Jtse818

    Extra points for Staples purchases

  • Geri Jeter

    I really like the “no foreign exchange fees” option. Those can really add up when you are traveling, so it’s nice not to have to calculate that into the cost of an item.

  • pat d

    5X @ office supply stores

  • Tricia Lew

    We live in the middle of the desert and many of the things we eat or use come from By stocking up on Amazon gift cards at an office supply store the few times a year we get to the “big city” with our Ink Bold/Plus cards, we’re able to earn 5 times the Ultimate Rewards. Careful planning (booking through United to access the Star Alliance) and shopping have given our family the best of both worlds – living in a small town, rural environment while still getting the chance to see and interact with the world at large.

  • Bark Mulch

    As far as benefits, there are the usual suspects but It has also been quite a chick magnet for me and it is great when I lock myself out of my house! Cheers!!!

  • Sandeep B

    5x at office stores…what else!

  • houstonmama

    I love being able to transfer my Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt. Only 22000 points for their top tier hotels can’t be beat!

  • Stuart

    5 X bonus at office supply stores!

  • David Liang

    Definitely the 5x points on office supply stores!

  • Helen S

    I’ll cheat. 5x on office supplies/Internet/phone plus 2x on gas. Hard to beat.

  • Sean King

    Chase Ink is great because of it has X5 miles bonus at office supply stores!

  • Nancy Taylor

    5x points on Office Supply and phone/internet is my favorite perk of the Chase Ink card.

  • TTN

    5x in points for purchase at office supply store, of course.

  • Eric S

    5x bonus points!

  • Michelle

    5x points on cell phone and internet services? Take THAT Comcast, and thank you for sponsoring my next trip!

  • Nicole

    5x Amazon!

  • Alex Parets

    It’s definitely the flexibility that comes with them. I can transfer to so many different partners!

  • Michael Macken

    Flexibility with hotels and airplanes are superb.

  • Amy

    Anything that makes travel a little less expensive is the “Why”. The 20% off travel when redeeming Ultimate Rewards gets my vote.


    I use the transfer to Southwest to travel with the family to Vegas. Best deal out there!

  • Antoin Glenn

    5x pts @ + 3x pts thru UR portal on Southwest gift cards!

  • Dan

    United! For travel to Thailand via Lufthansa First and Thai Airways.

  • Matt Poljak

    flexibility, flexibility, flexibility… Ultimate Rewards points are the most transferable points out there, allowing us to top off accounts for rewards bookings quickly!

  • LLuo

    5x bonus on Amazon gift cards via Staples along with 5x on utilities. I use it to pay for my parents utilities bills even… =)

  • ashley

    transfer to hyatt is the best

  • RHarraka

    A transfer of Ultimate Rewards points over to Virgin got me a First class seat from LAX to Chicago for less than 50,000 miles RT. Can’t go wrong with that.

  • Fiona

    I don’t have many expenses so I love that for the few I do have (internet, phone) I can get 5x the miles on them! Yes, it’s not much but it all adds up!

  • Rachel

    I just spent a weekend with friends in Zurich. We stayed at the Park Hyatt which cost…$0. A really fun weekend in an amazing hotel for only 22,000 points/night (transferred 1:1 from Chase)…meaning that the whole stay was less than the signup bonus alone. Great redemption value!

  • Yetta

    Using the Ultimate Rewards web site to book travel that still earns me miles and points!

  • Marib

    Hard to pick but the 5x points on telecom and the ability to transfer points are awesome!

  • Rachel

    I’m going there for New Years this year. So excited! I’m getting 2 nights for free from the Hyatt credit card bonus.

  • caitlinfinnegan

    Favorite perk: The ability to transfer points to Hyatt Hotels at 1:1 ratio. Am doing a mini-round the world trip October-January. Chase Ink Ultimate Rewards points has paid for 2 nights @ Andaz Amsterdam, 2 nights @ Park Hyatt Zurich, and 4 nights @ Park Hyatt Vendome (well, that one had a little help from the Chase Hyatt card, but still)…

  • gpuzzi

    Amtrak is still a great transfer partner for last minute train rides. No need to head back to NYC from Philly after an Eagles game until you are ready!

  • The Conductor

    Because-all rewards aside-they’re a genuinely useful way to build business credit. Chase plays well with businesses, where many other banks don’t.

  • Chris

    The spend bonus on this card is amazing… but the top bonus, for me, is the 5% point back at office supply stores! Great earning potential there. I spend alot at office supplies for our office so its a great way to rack up some points from otherwise everyday spending. ::hope I win!::

  • Katey M

    My fav perk is that I automatically earn 5 x bonus points every month for my cell phone, internet and cable autopay payments. Love it when you don’t even have to think about it!

  • Jeremyh

    ability to earn at 5x and then transfer to Hyatt at 1:1!!!

  • John Ellison

    Favorite Perk: Transfer into Hyatt for vacation stays at top-tier properties.

  • David

    I love the ability to transfer to Hyatt!

  • Paolo Beltran

    The best perk is the 5x points on Amazon from Staples since I shop on Amazon all the time!

  • Jason

    Chase Ink for 5x on business expenses. I’m trying so hard to get enough points to go to Hawaii for a honeymoon and making purchases at office supply stores is really helping me accumulate points.
    And of course 10,000 points would be suuuuuper helpful. Thanks!

  • Cheryl

    The best perk is being able to transfer points to any of five airlines frequent flier accounts of you or your spouse.

  • SK

    My favorite perk is being able to pay my cell phone bill and health insurance on it, and getting 5x points for something that no other card would reward me for!

  • George Iversen

    love the 5x points on telecommunications and the ability to transfer to United and Southwest – Ultimate rewards has become the top rewards program

  • Keith H

    5X phone, internet services

  • Ahmed

    the 5x @ office supply stores is awesome

  • oxo

    Hands down the 5x points for office spend!

  • Chelsea Traver

    I love the versatility and, as CollegeKid mentioned, being able to use all of the different Chase card options to get Ultimate Rewards points.

  • Guangyin Wang

    5X bonus at office supply stores。

  • Marvin

    Love the ultimate rewards fleibility

  • TDawg

    Can’t beat how many partners they have to instantly transfer to. Ultimate flexibility!

  • Paul

    I’m a big amazon spender, so I like the fact that I’m able to buy amazon gift cards at office depot for 5X!!

  • Matt

    5x on telecom

  • Michael

    Buying Home Depot gift cards from Staples through Chase UR Mall at 5+3=8 points. I spend thousands at HD!!!!

  • Russ


  • Russ

    Transfer to United

  • @ashan087

    The ability to use for both business and personal expenses, managed by a reliable & established firm, with many redemption options, that are quickly available, the most significant of which is to convert UR points to United’s Mileageplus at 1:1 ratio, that can be leveraged by Star Alliance partners….

  • suzsy

    5x categories and transfer partners!

  • Sandeep

    The best perk is 5X Internet and Cell phone which is a necessary expense and no artificial spending. Another best thing is to combine the Chase Freedom points with Ink card and transfer them to any partner of your choice when you need them.

  • Dina

    The best perk is the ability to earn 5x at internet, cable, phone and office portals. You can use it to get 5x on many other places due to giftcards.

  • artezd

    Definitely 5X categories are my favorite. I even managed to move some of my household purchased to office stores when they offer big discounts to take advantage of it. Of course, clicking through the UR Mall to take an additional 2-3x points:)

  • KR

    5x at office supply stores and 2x for gas

  • Spacetime17

    Chase Ink is in my AOR planned for this weekend! Looking forward to the 5X categories on Internet and phone.

  • julius

    best feature – two words: lounge club

  • Paul

    Ultimate Rewards!!!

  • Tom

    I transfer my miles to United and use them for trip (in coach, alas) to and from France. I’ve done this three times so far.

  • R.

    5X bonus.

  • Jake

    This card is the only thing that makes getting office supplies fun.

  • Philip

    The best perk for me is instant transfer to Amtrak, with that I could get a bedroom from Chicago to LA for 40,000 points which would have cost around $2,000 cash.

  • DanR NYC

    The ability to transfer, at will, with many options. Points transfer instantaneously !!

  • heavenlyjane

    Best part of having the card is te ability to create a bucket of extra points to use to make up small deficisies in other program baances.

  • snakedoc1

    I love the 2 Lounge Club passes I get each year with Ink Bold.

  • Keaton S. Taylor

    I have to say I’ve been doing massive amounts of research on the Chase Ink and other assorted cards like the Sapphire Preferred and the Chase Freedom.

    Currently I have the Sapphire Preferred and like others in the comments I’m planning on snatching up the Ink when the higher point bonus comes along.

    In my research just the 5X points for Cell Phone services, TV and Internet plus the 2X points for Gas is enough to grant myself one free roundtrip domestic flight each year. If you combine this with the Chase Freedom and the Sapphire Preferred it jumps up to almost paying for an roundtrip International Trip each year.

    I’ve always wanted to travel the world and see all that there is to see on the planet. The Chase Ink gives me the opportunity to do that without breaking the bank. I(‘m actually still a student who does software development on the side.)

    As I final note the chase card trio gives me the power to do something that I hold very close to my heart. My mother who is suffering from thyroid cancer has never once flew on a plane nor left the country. My main motivation for seeing out sites like TPG was to accrue enough points by the end of 2014 to pay for an international trip with her. I follow your site religiously and because of TPG my goal seems more realistic than ever. I sincerely thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and helping me get one more step closer to my goals.

  • Michael

    My favorite perk is earning 5 points per dollar at Office Supply Store where I buy gift cards to spend other places.

  • Elenor

    I love the Ink Bold because it’s the card I got for the (app) miles to fly out to SFran for my best friend’s wedding. My husband died in 2011 and left me with a (very large) credit card debt, which I am paying off as fast as I can (3 more years {sigh}) — but Chase actually let me have this card, which gave me the miles, which got me to the wedding! I use the Ink Bold for business and personal expenses, and I love the feeling of getting points with purchases…

    (I know, I know, it’s a really low-end perk and not something most miles/points people care about — but for me? It’s a sign that life goes on, and I can pull out of this true low point in my life! I have relied on the rental car coverage and I love the ability to go through the mall and get extra points; for me? It’s the base/basic perks that mean the most right now — normality, carrying on, the glimpses of future travel as the points mount up.)

  • ken k

    The ultimate flexibility to transfer points to several ultimate rewards partners is the one reason that I like the card.

  • Skyler

    Ink Bold’s no foreign transaction fee makes it easy to keep track of business expenses while traveling in foreign countries without paying ridiculous fees.

  • Armando86

    The best perk is the no foreign transaction fee. This is always a great benefit while travelling abroad!

  • Larry

    The bonus categories are my favorite, it covers something other than dining or travel.

  • Kyle

    My favorite perk is combining mileage. The Chase Rewards points are easy to combine and we are using this card to combine with United miles to fly to Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, and maybe Tokyo on the way!

  • AndyM

    Ultimate Rewards Transfers, Plus 5 points for internet, cable, phone/cell phone!!

  • heacp1

    no foreign transaction fee which is a very huge deal for a person who flies overseas a lot.

  • audisfo

    No foreign transaction fees and can transfer UR points to United…

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  • Jason

    I love the flexibility of this card. I can transfer to both airline and hotel partners. For me, it gets the majority of my everyday spending. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Jackie

    I love the range of partners to transfer point to – including Southwest and Amtrak!

  • Opfitness

    The ink bold cards are great for my small business. I use it for purchases at office supply stores, for cable and Internet and my wireless service. No other card offers 5X the points for these purchases that I know of. I’ve been happy so far to add these cards to my business.
    Thank you

  • ed

    No foreign transaction fee

  • Jason D

    The 5X bonus points is one of the best features, but there are many!

  • Brennan

    5x at office supply stores!

  • Daniel

    Korean Air so I can fly the A380 to Seoul and get some barbecue!

  • Lily

    Ability to transfer points to United 1:1, and 5% office stores.

  • Patti

    The ability to automatically earn 5% on monthly bills like cellphone and cable.

  • NP

    this card is great for transferring points to family members :)

  • Erin Kendall

    Transferring points to United Miles – definitely my favorite frequent flyer program. Last time I redeemed to get to Prague for my friend’s wedding and I think it’s about time to go back to Europe.

  • Nipun

    The best perk for me is the ability to transfer the points 1:1 to a choice of airlines.

  • Bobbybobs

    I love chase sapphires metal card!

  • Miro

    I like Ink card cause of the transfer possibilities to UA for Star A awards

  • Ray

    Ease of transfer to a variety of partners! And quick transfers too!

  • TP

    Easily the 5X points earning at office supply stores and on telecom expenses.

  • Andy

    60k sign up bonus, plus awesome Staples rewards! I get tons of used printer cartridges on EBay, recycle them at Staples for reward credit.That plus all the credit I’ve accumulated using my Ink got me a tablet purely on rewards!

  • TONE

    I think the one significant perk between the cards is the lounge club access included with the Chase Ink Plus.

  • Rich

    The Lounge Acess !

  • Brandon

    Rolling bonus category on the freedom!

  • Neil

    Hyatt and United transfers is a great value! Being able to combine with freedom and sapphire spendings makes this card a must!

  • Alice Bender

    5X on phone and internet!!!

  • ZB

    The best perk is transferring the points 1:1 to airline and hotel partners! I especially enjoy United because of their low fee, high availability award tickets.

  • Tim Canfield

    Has to be earning 5x points on my Comcast bill and then being able to transfer those points to United!

  • Pranay

    The best perk is double points on hotels.

  • Tom

    The transfer partners are key!

  • James Merrill

    The best perk is double points on hotels.

  • Natalie

    Ability to transfer points to United 1:1

  • Neal

    Ultimate Reward Points!

  • socalgecko

    5x on my bloated cell phone bill is far and away the nicest benefit.

  • Joe Cheung

    I like the comprehensive car insurance!

  • Sherman

    5x at office supply stores!

  • FlyProf

    Transfers for nights at the Park Hyatt

  • JohnnyWise

    I love getting 5 X points for paying my Comcast bill. Booya

  • Erik

    Getting 5x the points when I pay my cell phone bill is a great perk!

  • Lmandrake

    Favorite perk: 5X points on officepurchases

  • Kyle G

    5x bonuses are unbeatable.

  • Paras Nanavati

    5X Office Supply Points!

  • KFM

    My favorite perk is the ability to get 5x points on my satellite bill. Thanks.

  • MakiEsq

    Have to say the 5x point bonus. Other Chase cards have the same ability to transfer, but only the inks have the big bonus on office purchases.

  • Peter

    Love all of the transfer options! Gives flexibility in case of award devaluations on certain airlines/hotels.

  • slooz

    I love the transfer to Southwest. Great for taking the kids to Disney.

  • iwantmoremiles

    5 times the points at office supply stores.

  • BP

    I frequently transfer to Hyatt to take advantage of hotels I could never stay in otherwise. Next stay is at at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome!

  • DaveWeemz

    The best perk is the transfer partners, and the fact that in most cases the transfers are immediate.

  • paddington bear

    5x at office supply stores and transfers to United!

  • Lisa K

    5X bonuses!

  • Marc T

    There is nothing better than 5X by purchasing gift cards in Staples with the card!

  • Jeremy

    Transfer to BA. Also can buy cats with them.

  • Linda

    I love it for 5x points at office supply stores and communication purchases.

  • Kim

    Thanks to the tip from TPG, I loved the recent Ink Bold and Ink Plus sign up bonus of 60,000 each! Will use that toward a flite to Germany for my Aunt’s 80th Birthday. We plan to go to the Matterhorn for her very special day. I am thrilled that I can use those points to easily accompany her.

  • Skip

    My favorite persk are cash back

  • angwu426

    The fact there’s not one but three of these.

  • Natalia

    My favourite perk is the no foreign exchange fees.

  • Trenton Murphey

    Transfer partners and big bonuses are why I love these cards!

  • James Laurette

    5x points on cellular!

  • Katrina

    With the amount of international travel I do the no foreign transaction fees are awesome! Bonus that my night SE Asian holiday will likely be from a points transfer to United.

  • Kurt

    My favorite benefit is the ultimate rewards with many travel partners.

  • AdventureTraveler

    Love Chase Ink because I can rack up so many points than with other cards. My husband is retired, so our income is more limited, but “Ink” is going to take us to Africa for a combo explore and volunteer vacation.

  • Andy

    5x bonus on Amazon.

  • bodphila

    I love the five times points for telecom and cable expenses, and I love being able to stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome!

  • bill twombly

    I like to transfer to Ua or AA for either tickets or to top off my AA upgrade certificates.

  • Leon Yuan

    love the point transfer perk! So i can top up to my United, Hyatt, or Amtrak to redeem awards!

  • Nathan

    The 5x bonus categories are the primary reason I keep this card

  • emily

    the combo of southwest, ba, and united as transfer partners is killer!

  • Dan R

    Being able to transfer Ultimate Rewards points to airlines (and hotels and trains for that matter).

  • Troy Dennis

    staples is my new go to store for everything now that I have ink bold

  • BevosAngryGhost

    My favorite perk is definitely the transerablility of Ultimate Rewards. I can save up toward international flights with United, or send them to Southwest for a short domestic hop.

  • Jivko

    I love the 5x rewards, the wide range of airlines/hotels that I can transfer across and the 60k sign-up bonus that helped me book a free round trip ticket to Amsterdam. Thanks TPG!

  • Jonathan Leung

    5X telecom and the 60k pts sign up bonus!!

  • Mr. Cool

    by far the BEST value is hyatt 22k cat7 reward by way of $5k/day spend @ CVS!

  • Aleks

    My favorite feature is being able to earn points fast with cable/phone/internet/office supplies and then instantly transfer to UA for tickets to Europe.

  • Neil Smith

    I just love the ease of transferring to SouthWest and international perks like no exchange fees and free insurance PRICELESS

  • Ayjay

    Love the lounge passes!

  • ryanzalewski

    Easy transfers to United and Hyatt!

  • SatelliteInternet

    In My opinion about Ink Plus, UltimateRewards are the most valuable points out there – because you can transfer instantaneously to My favorite low-cost-carrier Southwest (for domestic travel) and/or transfer to United for My International travel (60k Business First class one way to Asia)…..and all this is after Chase gives me huge signup bonuses (one-time) followed by 5x points at Staples for my day-to-day spend at Amazon…..please show me just one other card issuer that can come close to this 360 degree comprehensive reward/award program….and I’ve not even talked about the UR Shopping Mall and it’s incredible features.

  • Reno Style

    My favorite benefits is being able to transfer Ultimate Rewards Points to United and booking a ticket virtually anywhere in the world on their Star Alliance partners.

  • Johnny B

    Can’t pick just one. The 5x category bonuses is the best perk.

  • Candy

    My favorite is transferring to United for a Lufthansa First Class redemption.

  • Troy

    By far its leveraging the 5x rewards at Office Supply stores

  • Zila

    So now you have to read them all,
    And then decide and make the call,
    You got yourself into a ditch,
    For all those airline deals you pitch.
    If I were you, I’d stop right here,
    “They are all the same, it’s very clear!”

  • J Brooks

    I use this card every chance I get because I was able to give my parents their dream trip. They have never flown first class and had never been to a top tier hotel. Using the Chase card for my everyday business expenses, I was able to transfer my points into Ultimate Rewards and book them a First Class suite on Asiana and also a Park Hyatt room, all for half the amount of points I might have needed with a different card. The flexibility of being able to ACTUALLY use points on flights and hotels is far better than any other program out there. I only asked them to put their phone and cable bills on my credit card so I could get X5 points!

  • Chuck

    Getting 5X spending on Amazon gift cards. I buy everything on amazon!!!

  • Rene Webb Miller

    We love that we can top off whatever account (United, Hyatt, Marriott, British Airways, Amtrak, etc.) we are close to earning a reward on with Ultimate Reward points earned with the Chase Ink cards.

  • Rachel

    I love being able to transfer points to United

  • Tatyana

    I like 5 points per $1 categories

  • Lance

    I looove my Ink Bold card because of UR and transferring my points to Hyatt! Using those to visit PH Paris during Thanksgiving!

  • Colin

    Transferring to United for Lufthansa First Class!

  • Desmond Lee

    Transferring points to United for almost free flight to Asia

  • Ethan

    The best perk are the transfer partners – such as Hyatt for hotel stays and United for flights. I love how they post almost instantly, too.

  • insanetravel12

    Ultimate Reward transfers to partners post almost immediately, allowing for quick flight redemptions

  • Bret

    I like the numerous transfer partners and big bonuses.

  • Phil

    The 5x point benefit on telephone, Internet and cable purchases is huge for someone like me. I can max out the benefit by running a residential property where I pay all utilities up front, so between United miles and Hyatt GP points at 1:1, I can take a week’s vacation to Park Hyatts each year. Milan is up next for me. Thanks TPG for keeping us all informed on how to maximize it all…ithe points really add up.

  • jfadds

    ability to top off accounts is huge

  • pc

    leveraging the 5x rewards

  • mja

    5x bonus categories are the cats meow

  • winnie

    Cant beat the 5x category bonuses

  • Hanny

    Well, the 5x bonus points on certain purchases on Ink Bold card surely a fantastic perk, but I found the ability to get 2 complementary lounge access through Lounge Club per year is a huge benefit. I often travel internationally with my baby and I don’t have elite status with any airlines so this card really helps me to get access to an airport lounge.

  • Cynthia

    I haven’t had a chance to apply for a Chase Ink yet (I’m working on spending for a Starwood AmEx), but I have a Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred. On one of my next application rounds I will definitely be considering adding Ink to my arsenal. What appeals to me is earning 5x on cell phone, landline, internet and cable TV. After all, I’m paying for those things anyway, might as well get a boatload of points for them!

  • Cynthia

    I’m relatively new to the miles/points game. I don’t see Lounge Club on the benefit list for Chase Ink. Do you mind telling me how you get the access passes. Thanks!

  • Fred

    I travel abroad frequently, so the lack of foreign transaction fee is the best perk for me!

  • kodoma

    All the different partners and ease of transfer rocks.

  • Thinh

    The best perk is being able to transfer points to any of five airlines frequent flier accounts, esp. UA.

  • Ramsey

    My favorite is being able to transfer to BA so I can fly from DCA to Chicago on American for 9,000 points round trip and then transferring points to Hyatt so I can stay at the beautiful Park Hyatt Chicago! Can’t get a better deal to spend a few nights in Chicago!

  • Cindy

    My favorite perk so far was the 60k sign on bonus!

  • Cara

    Absolutely the 5x points on phone, internet, and cable! Or maybe it’s just the Ultimate Rewards themselves. I’ve used the points for an amazing variety of trips through their portal and by transferring to other airlines.

  • Dave

    5x points at office stores and being able to transfer to UA instantly

  • Sazzy

    My absolute favorite is transferring it 1:! to United. Now if only I could have taken advantage of that 0.00 mistake! ;)

  • sysphean

    Earning 5X points on communications is my favorite perk.

  • Huff Daland

    No brainer for me, the double points on travel related purchases is the best perk.

  • CC

    Mileage plus 1:1 is my fav.

  • Bryan

    60k signup bonus was great and the 5x points on cable/internet and cell phone are great

  • DavidLAX

    Gotta love 2x on gas!

  • jwh

    The best perk for me is the 1:1 transfer to airlines, especially United. I´ve already taken advantage of this perk this year going to Europe for < $200 !

  • Rock X

    The low annual fee for such a great card!

  • GregD

    For me, definitely the 5X points at office supply store purchases. But there are so many great perks I don’t know why everyone isn’t using all of these cards.

  • Skuba Steve

    50k sign on bonus!

  • AmyP

    Who could deny the 5x points?

  • DaniR

    5x on my cellphone bill is the best perk – because I get 5x!

  • Point Snob

    I love the free 2x lounge access per year! Gets me into the lounges in those random 2 airports that I fly through that don’t have the major lounges

  • Tina

    Love the 2 free lounge passes every year! Very nice!

  • Andrew P

    My favorite perk is 5X points at office supply stores

  • Eli Stoughton

    I would use the points to build my multi-use assets, so I don’t need to rely on one airline.

  • Nhrca1065

    Transferring to Hyatt Gold Passport, since as a Diamond member, the dollar/point value is increased significantly due to room upgrades, club access, and other Diamond benefits.

  • Jae Kim

    The best perk with the InK Bold Card that I’ve seen is indeed the 5x at Staples when purchasing gift cards. More specifically, I purchase Shell Gas gift cards for the 5x AND I discovered that when using the gift cards, the pump sets itself for the CASH price per gallon. Here in New York, gas stations have at least a 10 cent differential between the credit and cash price for gas.

  • yksmirk

    5x (+vanilla reloads) for paying my rent!

  • Maher

    TPG, I signed up for Sapphire and Ink after reading your site. I have a new found appreciation for ultimate rewards especially for the fact that they are transferable 1:1 to airlines and specifically Southwest. I live away from my elderly parents, who I need to check on often, because of work and ultimate rewards allow me to travel and check on them.

    Thank you for this great blog.

  • Ti

    You can multiple your points by using the Ultimate Rewards portal at Office stores.

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