The Winner Of The 50,000 Hyatt Points Is…

by on September 12, 2013 · 16 comments

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For last week’s Thursday Giveaway, the good folks at Hyatt sent me 50,000 Gold Passport points to reward one of my readers. The point of the contest was to tell me what inspires you to travel in a 15-second video.

I got a ton of great entries via Instavid, YouTube and Vine, with live-action shots, photo collages and even some animation. Team TPG and I pored over the entries – we laughed a little, we teared up a little, and most importantly we were inspired to keep traveling ourselves.

After much deliberation (and a few rounds of voting amongst ourselves), we settled on the following video from TPG reader Kyle as our winner:

We thought it captured a lot of the same things that we love about travel – from experiencing new things, visiting friends, and just taking a moment to appreciate the moment – and he did it all in 15 seconds.

So congratulations, Kyle, and we hope you use them to have more great travel experiences. 50,000 Hyatt points is more than enough for 2 nights at a top-tier property like some of my favorites, including the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome and Park Hyatt Milan, but Hyatt’s six categories include redemptions ranging from 5,000-22,000 points – so there’s no end to the possibilities of how you can mix-and-match these points with redemptions. We hope that when you do, you’ll write in and tell us how you put them to use.

Thank you to all who entered, and keep traveling! In the meantime, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to register for Hyatt’s “Discover New Possibilities” fall promo for your chance to earn 50,000 bonus Hyatt Gold Passport points and stay tuned for an even bigger Hyatt giveaway coming soon.

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  • ryanzalewski

    weak sauce… time to start following a different blog.

  • ChuckG

    I thought a lot of the others were better than that one. At least the ones I saw on youtube.

  • donationguru

    This is rigged..

  • jd33gator

    Way to go Kyle!! Awesome video!

  • MichaelJ

    I don’t think it is rigged, just poorly executed. The contest was about what inspires someone to travel. However, you say that the winner chosen agrees with a lot that inspires TPG team to travel. If that was your criteria for a winner entry you should have stated so in advance. What if what inspires someone to travel is different than you, but they make a great video? They don’t win because they don’t think like you? I have nothing against the winning video, he did a good job, I just hope that you do future contests more fairly.

  • Kyle

    Righteous!!!!!! Thanks TPG team. I’ll definitely fill you in on how I use those points!

  • Little Tea Blog

    I agree. Also, there was mention of possible runner-up prizes which never materialized..

  • Janet

    I thought so too. There was only like two pictures out of six or seven that he was even in. Anyone can pull pretty pics of the Internet and make a video. I’d be more inspired by some that showed me pics of all the places they’ve had the opportunity to visit which many did do…

  • Steve

    FWIW, and it’s documented on YouTube. Every single photo was taken by the winner. He must be a pretty great photographer too!

  • Kristy McCoy

    I think the video was great. Well done Kyle and congrats!

  • A.J.

    Great video! Congrats Kyle !!!!

  • Jon Jovi

    I agree it was poorly executed and somewhat skewed. Those who utilized youtube videos in my opinion had a far higher chance of earning the prize. Especially, considering that youtube videos are presented way different than instagram videos. Presentation and quality will definitely favor youtube as you can clean up a youtube video far better than an instagram video. Where on instagram you can merely record on your phone and can do simple crop and trim.

    Congrats again Kyle!

  • Marc

    I was wondering what happened to the runner-up prizes too. TPG?

  • Little Tea Blog

    I have to agree. I think to be fair there should have been one winner from Instagram and one from YouTube.

  • Kris Abad

    Congratulations to the winner. Well done! However, I thought the contest was exclusive to Instagram. I have to agree with the previous posters that Youtube entries have a significant edge over videos made in IG, which made it an uneven playing field. Youtube can be professionally created, edited, etc. Whereas IG users have limited flexibility. Just my two cents.

  • On the Road

    Can you provide us with information that proves that every photo was taken by the winner? I have seen too many times online people claim that they took pictures that they didn’t.

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