Reminder: Starwood Preferred Guest Amex 30,000 Point Bonus Ends September 3

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Update: Offers for the Starwood Amex cards have changed. Visit these links to see the current offers for the Starwood business and personal cards.

This is just a friendly reminder that the limited-time 30,000-point sign-up bonus offer on the Starwood Preferred Guest cards from American Express ends on Tuesday, September 3, so if you are interested in applying but haven’t done so yet, you don’t have much time until this offer goes away. The normal bonus on these cards is just 25,000 points for the same minimum spending requirement of $5,000 in 6 months, so this is a 20% bonus.

The Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express has got a lot of people talking.

The Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express has got a lot of people talking.

Starpoints can be very valuable thanks to great redemption options including transferring to airline partners (with bonuses), high-value redemption options like Cash & Points awards, elite status credit and more. These cards are widely considered to be among the best travel credit cards on the market, and last year, I actually applied for and got both the business and personal cards the same day for a total haul of 60,000 points.

For the past couple of years, this historically high offer on these cards has come around just once a year so we might not see it get this high again until next summer, if at all.

While a sign-up bonus of 30,000 points might seem small in terms of plain numbers, I think Starwood points are among the most valuable points currencies out there and value them at 2.5 cents apiece (a value I regularly exceed with my redemptions), so each sign-up bonus is worth at least $750 in my estimation.

And details on both offers:

  • 30,000 points - 10,000 after your first purchase, and an additional 20,000 when you spend $5,000 within 6 months.
  • Receive up to 5 Starpoints for every dollar of eligible spend charged directly with Starwood hotels & resorts – that’s 2 Starpoints per dollar spent on the Card in addition to the Starpoints you get as a Starwood Preferred Guest member.
  • Get 1 Starpoint for every dollar of eligible purchases.
  • $65 annual fee, waived for the first year.
  • Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this card within the last 12 months.
  • Full review here.

Amex specifies that the welcome bonus is not available to applicants who have had this product in the last 12 months, so if you’ve had the personal card within the last 12 months (not just applied for it, but actually had it open), you can’t apply for the personal version now, and same with the business version, though if you have one or the other version, you can apply for the one you don’t have now.

If you’re thinking about doing a round of credit card applications while these offers are out there, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the top credit card offers with no first year’s annual fee, as well as a post on the top deals for a round of applications for maximizing miles and points.

For more information on the cards and the Starwood Preferred Guest program, check out these posts:

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  • Charlie

    Could I get this bonus if I am currently an Amex card member with a BC everyday?

  • thepointsguy

    Yes, you should be able to. The T&C state: ” Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months.” So if you haven’t had this specific card, you should still be eligible.

  • Matt

    Why are 5,000 extra Starpoints worth all this coverage. Other than an extra 5,000 airline miles, Cat 5 C&P redemption, is there any other compelling use of the extra points because those two aren’t? If the extra 5,000 were THAT important couldn’t you just do a quick BlueBird run?

  • thepointsguy

    In my opinion, the card is a “must have” rewards card, so if you’re going to get it- why not get it with 30k sign-up bonus vs just 25k?

  • Greg

    I have the AMEX Delta Platinum card. When I go to the registration page for the SPG Amex card it says I may not be eligible for the 10K+20K point offer because I’m already an AMEX card holder.
    How do I know for sure I will get the 30K points? I don’t want to go thru the hassle of new card sign up and purchasing if I don’t get the points.

  • Greg

    There is a button on the SPG Amex sign up page that says “click” if you are a current AMEX member….they say you will get a shorter sign up form. The page it takes you to is the Amex login page. When I login with my Delta AMEX Platinum account it tells me “Sorry” you wont get the SPG bonus points :( is this for real?

  • thepointsguy

    You can always call to verify, but the T&C on the application state ”
    ” Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who
    have had this product within the last 12 months.” So if you haven’t had this specific card, you should still be eligible. I’d take screenshots of the application page to prove their terms, but you shouldn’t have an issue.

  • thepointsguy

    Don’t click that button.. I had prior Amex cards last year when I applied and still got the bonus and others are saying the same this year. Call to 100% confirm

  • Greg

    Update….when I do the same login for the SPG Amex business card, I don’t get the message stating that I wont get the sign up bonus? This is confusing. So they will give me the 30K points for my business SPG card but not the SPG personal card?

  • Robert

    Will I be able to get both SPGs with Business Premier at the same time???

  • thepointsguy

    What Business Premier are you talking about?

  • Robert

    I meant Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express.

  • thepointsguy

    It is possible, but your second application may not process for a couple days and it will be two hard inquiries on your credit- check out my experience doing SPG personal and business on the same day last year

  • Greg

    Got it. Thanks for the advice.

  • Robert

    That’s 2 cards only. Though, I was wondering if it’s possible to get SPG personal, SPG business and Rewards Bold business at the same time and/or within a few days. If not, assuming I’d be approved immediately, does is make any difference if it’s personal or business version first? Will the card’s information, i.e. account number, exp. date, etc. be available right away?

  • thepointsguy

    I wouldn’t recommend three Amex in one day. I’d do two max and then wait at least a month to get the third

  • Robert

    Thank you. I’d leave the third one for a round of credit card applications in a couple of months.

  • Bobo

    Please AMEX don’t extend this, I cannot take another blogger post about this. Please take all the bloggers to the US Open for the Finals of the tournament they have earned it.

  • Greg

    I submitted last night for both SPG personal & business cards. The business card got instant approval. The personal card was put on hold. I called AMEX and they said this is just policy when apply for 2 card products at the same time. They said it takes 1-2 days to run a check and that they will honor the SPG 30K promotion because its the “date of application” submission not the final approval date that determines the outcome……

  • Robert

    I just did the same and got an automatic approval for a business version but need to call them in regards to a personal one.

  • Matt

    I applied for both yesterday and like you my 2nd one was placed under review and was told it would be 5 days to process. My questions is whether or not I will still receive the 30k bonus if it is processed after it is dead, I was told by the rep that I’d get the offer listed at the time of application but have heard conflicting stories.

  • thepointsguy

    You should get the offer listed at the time of application, but I always recommend taking a screenshot of the application and bonus offer in case you need to contest it with the issuer.

  • Greg

    …the saga continues. I called AMEX and they said my request for the Personal SPG AMEX card will be denied because of an unwritten policy which states, if you have applied for 2, and approved for, an AMEX lending card in the last 90 days, that you have to wait a 90 day period.
    So in July, I applied for the Delta AMEX Platinum and Delta Business Platinum. I was approved for both. Since 90 days has not passed, the system policy states they will not approve another lending card until after a 90 day period has passed. Also, what I said earlier that its the date of application for getting the 30K is wrong. The fine print on that is also that you have to be approved before the Sept. 3rd 30K bonus expiration date. So many rules, some documented, some not……makes a point that if you want to play this game you have to put in the time and effort and it doesn’t always pay off.

  • Rick

    How long til all points post assuming i charge 5k upon receiving the card?

  • Steve

    My 2nd application was put on hold and just now rejected 5 days later. Any recommended course of action, TPG?

    Exact verbiage I got: “According to our records, you submitted more than one application for a similar American Express Card so we’ve cancelled the duplicate request.”

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  • KB

    Hi there–I opened this account via your website in August during the extra bonus time, but even after fulfilling the 5K spend Starwood Amex is saying there was “no such offer” of the extra 20,000–that in fact the offer I clicked into was for the initial 10K only. They are opening an investigation–but has anyone else experienced this? Do I have any options?

  • jp

    Did not get the 30,000. Only got 10,000 for the first purchase. AMEX refused to budge.

  • Rick in MI

    I signed-up for the APG Amex during the 30,000 point offer over the summer. I got the first points, but after spending the $5,000 in 2 months I was shorted the 5,000 bonus points. I have now done their virtual-hell chat with no luck but a LOT of promises that they never met… and also their phone chat with no help. They act as if their 30,000 point offer is ONLY in MY imagination. Also, the online AMEX site is terrible! Just try to find a way to send an email to them. I remember now why I stopped using my old Delta AMEX a few years ago! I will never hold another AMEX for longer than it takes to get the free points even if they do what they promised to do. This company must be ran by jerks!

  • Ray

    I signed up for the AMEX SPG Personal and Business cards back in August for the 30k total bonus and reached the $5k min spend within the 6 months. AMEX is now telling me that I’m only qualified for the 10k miles – and not the additional 20k miles. I’ve never had a AMEX SPG card before, so any idea why they are giving me a run around ?

  • Judd

    Having exact same issue. Any luck? Hey points guy! You got most people in this you need to respond to their questions. You got paid for them clicking on your link so help them out

  • Brad

    I am having the same issue. I called before charging the 5 grand, they said yep you will get the bonus. CALLED AFTER charging 5 grand and they said, miles will be deposited be patient. I was, called after deposit time had elapsed, now they are saying, no promo for you. I called cs, and supervisor, got letter saying nope.

  • cscasi

    My wife applied for and received the AMEX Starwood card, received it, made some purchases and the initial 10,000 points appeared when the credit card statement cycled. During the next month she exceeded the $5000 in purchases with the card. The statement cycled the end of October 2013 and the bonus points never appeared. She called American Express and the first Rep could to find anything and then the supervisor she talked to next said that it could take 6-8 weeks to appear. Does that sound right? He was very non-committal and really never said that she would or would not get the additional points for the spend. When I got my card several years ago, the bonus points appeared appeared right after I made the required spend and the statement cycled. What say you, The Points Guy?

  • jc

    Does the 5k in spending have to be ‘eligible’ ie on starwood hotels? Or can it be spending 5k on anything for the bonus points.

  • Corey

    I’m also in the same boat. Anyone getting their 20k?

  • Brad

    Corey, I detailed what I was told and sent it off the their legal decision team. I do not like to be told X at the start then have them verify it and then go to Y. I did have a 3-way phone call with myself, SPG rep and AMEX supervisor. SPG rep said yes that is the bonus Brad is signed up for and the only bonus we have with AMEX. The AMEX rep said the SPGvrep was wrong. lol. I do have the same deal via my business and got the offer number on the 30 Kv deal at the start. I will also keep you updated on that.

  • aveanda

    i took your advice on this! i had applied for the 30k offer, took a screenshot for backup. a month after reaching the $5k spend they said “it will take up to 12 weeks”… i called again 2 months later and they said “it hasn’t been 12 weeks yet”…. now 3 months later they are saying “you got your 10k points, that’s it”.

    any info on who i contest this with? they were stubborn and rude; would not even hear me about about the screenshot!

  • Stephen

    This card charges foreign transaction fees
    which add up significantly if you travel outside of the USA. Even worse,
    if you stay at a Starwood hotel overseas they often charge in local currency
    and won’t let you charge in dollars which means you pay the transaction fees
    1-3% and that offsets any points benefits of this card.

  • Rajeev

    Does anyone have the 30k referral link for business since it’s now good until the end of June? If so please let me know.

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