Amex Platinum Global Entry Reimbursement + Point Accrual!

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here.

As you know by now, one of my favorite travel programs is Global Entry, the US government’s expedited immigration program for frequent travelers. It costs $100 to apply, and is good for 5 years once you are accepted. When you have it, not only do you get to go through special lines at customs and immigration when entering the US, but it generates a Trusted Traveler number which you can use to qualify for TSA PreCheck.

Coming back from Iceland, I was able to avoid these long immigration lines at JFK thanks to Global Entry.

I love Global Entry because it helps me avoid immigration lines like these.

One thing that seems to hold people back is that $100 application fee, but as I’ve written about before, one of the best benefits of the family of Platinum American Express cards – including the personal version, the business version and the Mercedes-Benz version, which I just got myself back in March – is that it will reimburse each cardholder, including additional cardholders, for the $100 Global Entry application fee when you use your Platinum card for the application charge.

That’s why for Father’s Day, I added my dad as an additional cardholder on my new Mercedes-Benz Platinum Amex so that he could not only get access to all the airline lounges cardholders can enter, but also because as an additional cardholder, he could apply for Global Entry for free himself.

My dad's reimbursement came through immediately.

My dad’s reimbursement came through immediately.

Well, he didn’t waste time doing so, and I saw the $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement show up on my card statement correctly, but looking over my Membership Rewards account more carefully, I saw that I still earned 100 points for the transaction!

But I still got the points.

But I still got the points.

I’m not sure if it was a glitch or mistake on American Express’s part, but it’s basically like earning 100 free points. 100 free points isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things, but I’ll still take it!

I’m curious if any of you have noticed something similar on your statements, so report back in the comments if you can.

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  • Goat Rodeo

    … wish they would do the 100k promo again.

  • Jason

    Can you retain the Global entry even after cancelling the platinum card?

  • The #hustle Blog

    Of course you keep it! The two are not related to each other. It’s just a reimbursement of the enrollment fee.

  • Rachel

    Yup, same thing happened to me.

  • Scott C

    I already have global entry myself, work paid for it, but I’d like to get it for my wife. I don’t really see a benefit of getting her an additional card ($175?) just for this benefit. Anyone have confirmed experience that if I put this charge on my card and the benefit hasn’t been used it should credit right? They have no insight as to who the benefit is being used for right?

  • Jim

    I have the AMEX business platinum card and I have applied for Global Entry, putting the charge on the card. I was also hoping to add three employees as authorized users to allow them to do the same, but I was just told by two different reps on two different calls that the additional card fee is $300 *PER CARD PER YEAR.* Yikes! No, thank you.

    Is the $175 per three users per year only on the personal platinum cards?

  • Lea

    If I have Global Entry through Nexus, how to I take advantage of the TSA PreCheck

  • Mark R.

    Just enter your 9 digit PASSID # that’s on your Nexus card in the Trusted Traveler field under Secure Flight in your profile for your airline’s frequent flyer program.

  • Amol

    The $100 also counts toward min spend …

  • DB

    100K promo still exists. 10K in 3 months, but may be targeted. I just completed

  • Josh

    What happens after 5 years? Does Amex pay for renewing your Global Entry membership? I don’t even know how the renewal for GE works… do you have to pay again?

  • Texas281

    Yes you have to pay again after 5 years – i actually just did it and got reimbursed by amex.

  • Dan

    well, don’t forget that you also get $200 back per year for airline “incidentals”. I bought 2, $100 dollar Alaska Air gift certificate for myself and got the credit nearly immediately. Also, if you have NEXUS, the renewal is only $50 and includes Global Entry. However, that rate is going up I understand. AMEX Plat did reimburse me for the renewal as well.

  • Journey4Happy

    I don’t see why it’s surprising… I’d expect the same from my airline credits… It’s not a refund from the merchant, so don’t think they should be deducted… some programs, however, add points based on your “Net” purchases on that statement, so are you sure you’re getting the 100 points?

  • Scott C

    Good point. So 2 cards, $200 each I think is what you are saying on the airline incidentals ($400 total). That actually might be a nice angle, I need to submit 2 Global Entry applications one for my wife and one for my son, that’d reclaim that other $100 for my son as well if I put his on my card. Love it.

  • SuperKirby

    So Amex Plat will pay for my GE every 5 years? Or is the reimbursement a one time thing?

  • Texas281

    it depends – Amex platinum changed their platinum perks compared to 4 years ago (I assume they are always trying to freshen it up or upgrade it). So if they still have it I assume they will still reimburse you. I don’t see it going away anytime soon, but who knows!

  • SuperKirby


  • Texas281

    sure no problem!

  • Jaker

    You don’t get the $200 for supplementary cards. Watch out!

  • Scott C

    Too bad then. I fully intended on asking AMEX first but I learned first hand what one agent says doesn’t make it gospel.

  • B
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