Amazing Deal Alert: US Airways 100% Share Miles Bonus – 1.1 Cents Per Mile

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Though US Airways has recently offered a few 100% bonus promotions on miles that you purchase, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a bonus that high on shared miles through the airline, which is also sometimes known as the official liquidator of cheap Star Alliance miles, but today the airline launched a new 100% share miles bonus that runs now through October 15, 2013. Through the promo, “Members may receive a maximum of ​ ​50,000 bonus miles during the offer period”, but you can send as many miles as you’d like to other accounts and each is eligible to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles. This isn’t a targeted promotion like some past promotions, and there is no need to register as you will receive the 100% bonus miles automatically when you go to the Share Miles page.

US Airways Share Miles 100

If you were to purchase miles, they normally cost 3.5 cents each plus a 7.5% tax, and sharing miles costs 1 cent each plus a $30 processing fee and 7.5% tax. However, with this promo the cost drops to just about 1.1 cents per new mile created via the bonus, since you are paying the share miles costs and fees, but generating twice the miles. For example, sharing 50,000 miles would cost you $567.50, and you’d be generating a bonus 50,000 miles for that price (though 100,000 miles would be in the new account which is enough for a lot of different awards), which can be an amazing deal depending on how you redeem those miles.

Key Rules and limitations

1. You must be a Dividend Miles member for at least 12 days, so sign up now if you are not and want to take advantage (sign-up here for a free account).
2. The 100% bonus goes to the person who receives the miles- not the one transferring them.
3. The maximum bonus per account is 50,000 and receive is 100,000 (which includes the bonus miles).
4. For each Share there is a processing fee of $30 and a 7.5% tax recovery charge and GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.
5. This transaction is processed by so it won’t count towards airfare multiplier categories like the 3X points per $1 on flights booked directly with airlines on the Premier Rewards Gold or 2x on Sapphire Preferred, or 2x on the no-fee Barclaycard Arrival.
6. Bonus amounts will be awarded upon completion of the transaction.

Worth It?

As always, it depends on your travel needs and the award you intend to redeem your miles for. US Airways is a Star Alliance member and has a pretty generous award chart, so if you are hoping to redeem premium class awards on expensive routes with low taxes, then you could definitely reap some value from this promotion.

For example, I used 110,000 US Airways miles to book a roundtrip award ticket from New York to South Africa last year in business class on South African Airways, which would have cost $8,000+ if you paid for it outright or $1,210 if I were to buy miles at 1.1 cents a piece.

You could fly roundtrip business class to South Africa with just 110,000 miles.

You could fly roundtrip business class to South Africa – like I did – with just 110,000 miles.

Another great example is US Airways’ business class roundtrip award requirement from the US to North Asia is only 90,000 miles, which would cost $990 at 1.1 cents apiece. If you think $990 for a business class roundtrip flight on Star Alliance carriers like ANA or United is a good deal, then you should seriously consider getting in on this promotion.

Economy redemptions are generally not as good an idea, but US Airways does have some flexible routing options which might make it worth it for you. Also note that you get 5,000 miles off US Airways awards if you have the US Airways MasterCard.

How to Maximize US Airways Dividend Miles

Some people think that US Airways has awful award availability, but the main problem is that their website does not show any availability for the other 26 Star Alliance carriers. They have the same Star Alliance availability as United or Aeroplan, it’s just that they don’t show it on their website – you have to call 1-800-428-4322 to book an award, though they will waive the phone booking fee since partner awards are not bookable online.

I like to use either or ANA’s search tool to find the most accurate and up-to-date Star Alliance award availability because those sites pulls in almost all Star Alliance availability including airlines like Lufthansa, Thai, United and more. Generally, any Saver Award on will be bookable with US Airways miles so you just write down the dates and flight numbers that show availability and then call in to book through US Airways. US Airways will let you put an award on hold, so I recommend holding the award you want before buying the miles.

As always, do the math for yourself before deciding to jump on this promotion, but this is one of the best US Airways offers we’ve seen lately – on a par, if not more valuable than the recent 100% buy miles promos – and there’s not telling how many more of them we’ll see as the American-US Airways merger stop-and-start process continues.

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  • Alexander Farmer

    Hey PointsGuy, a friend and I got in the points game together when we applied for the US Airways Mastercard. Can he transfer his 40k to me and then I transfer my 40k to him to give us 80k miles each? Or is there some restriction on transferring back and forth between the same two accounts?

  • thepointsguy

    Back and forth is fine, but just remember the max bonus per account is 50,000 so you can’t keep going back and forth racking up bonus miles

  • Alexander Farmer

    Thanks Brian!

  • Rob philip

    It’s possible that I need more coffee, but the wording on this is confusing me.

    Are you saying that if I buy 50K miles for my girlfriend that I’m paying $567.60 for the miles,

    Or if I transfer 50K miles that I already have to my girlfriend that I’ll pay $567.50, but she’ll get 100K miles?

    Second question:

    And then she can transfer 50K back to me (for another $567.50 and I’ll get 100K miles?

  • Rudy

    Hi, any idea if you get 2x miles for your spend on this if you use the US Air branded credit card?


  • Novice Pointsman

    Thanks for this information! The best way to go about this for 2 people without US Airways accounts or miles would be to sign up now, and purchase 50k miles, share with one account, then share back? Sorry if this is basic!!

  • Kelly

    TPG, thanks for the heads up. Quick question that I can’t seem to find the answer for: if I want to “liquidate” my mom’s account, who currently has 90K, can I share her miles to two other accounts at 45K each? I don’t see any wording in the T&C’s that would seem to restrict this… please advise!

  • jonathan

    hi, I recently started following your blog and would say I’m quite new at this (consultant newbie)… just to be clear, if I buy someone 25,000 miles, I’ll get 25,000 miles? The max I can give is 50,000k? Is that right? Thanks!

  • Susan

    You will both end up with a net of 50K extra miles for a cost of $567.50 each. A to B and then B to A transfer.

  • Tyler Brown

    To be clear, the net/bonus 50k is valued at 1.1c on its own, but if you don’t have 50k miles sitting in your account (like me), the whole thing would cost you over 2.3c/mile for 100k points. Not a smokin’ deal for those who have no miles in your account.

  • Rob philip

    OK, thanks. This is transfer of existing miles, not purchase of new miles for the other person. Still a good deal.

  • rfclub

    does it get 5% in Discover’s Q4 Online Purchase category?

  • firefox

    Hi, I have 100K in my account, can I transfer 50K to my wife + 50K to my kids and then ask my wife transfer back 50K to me? Thanks!

  • Alix

    Suppose two accounts have 10K points each. Does that mean you can transfer back and forth until you hit the 50K limit?

  • bender

    Just book flights through your mom’s account with her username/password. Unless, or course, you need the extra miles under this promo.

  • hc

    how quickly does the miles get transfer into the other persons account.
    if my buddy is helping me out and signed up for us airways dividend miles, should i wait the 12 days so that he and i can transfer back and forth to one another? thanks

  • Indifly

    Until when are we allowed to book Star alliance award using dividend miles? Is it 1st November 2013?

  • howie ray

    TPG the 5k discount for US MC holders only applies to US awards not *A awards.

  • andrew

    What are the chances of 4 business class seats from NY to Asian on the same flight being available? Do they even offer that many on or more on each flight usually/sometimes? If I have a lot of miles in my account, am I able to purchase tickets for my kids using my account? Thanks

  • flyingcturtle

    Could you share 50k to another account for 100K. Then just merge the accounts?

  • SG

    No, you buy someone 25K miles, and they get 50K miles instead of 25K. You don’t get anything.

  • ziwei

    each time there is a $30 fee

  • MileyKardashian

    Not sure, but you can do this. Buy gift cards at Staples/Officemax and load to your BB account to match the desired amount you want to pay for your miles. Use BB to pay for the transaction. You could get 5x with Ink for this after all.

  • MileyKardashian

    Technically you can achieve 75k. If you share with a friend who has 50K each, you both get 100k and are capped. So net gain is 50k miles. But if you share 25k to an empty account, that account gets 50k and then that account can get you 50k so you get 100k. Take the 25k that you initiated and you net 75k miles.

  • Johan

    Anyone else having issues with the miles not showing up? It’s been 8 hours now and I’m getting worried…

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  • Jazzaholic

    In August I guided 3 of my 6 kids, my sister and a friend through the Chase SWA cards, and the Chase reconsideration process, to get the personal and business SWA VISA cards, with $10k spend for the companion pass, only to have my own business application denied. It had been too soon after my INK BOLD. So, now I’m in a mad spending spree to get the companion pass.

  • Federico

    is you have SPG points, you can transfer 40k and get 50k on your account. It may take 2 weeks to get the SPG to US Airways but you will get it before the promotion end.

  • Federico

    If you have A(you), B(wife), C(loverA) and D(loverB) ;-)

    A have 50k, transfer 25k to C (get 50), the other 25k transfer to D (get 50). Now A does not have anything but C transfer back those 50k and A get 100k, then D transfer their 50k to B, which get 100k.

    Total cost will be 50k initial miles and 1,650 for 200k miles in total

  • John Beckworth

    What happens with the miles if I don’t use them before the pending merger with AA? I’m planning on the max purchase and don’t want to waste the $ if they are deleted.

  • meh

    If I want to share the miles I understand I won’t get 2x on Barclays arrival points because it’s done via, but can I at least redem the arrival points I have for the sharing miles cost? have 42,000 after signup bonus and would like to cover most of the US Airways share miles 100% bonus cost by getting rid of these.

  • Rishi

    Any idea if the $200 yearly Amex Platinum airline credit can be used to purchase miles? Power move??

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Miles won’t be deleted even if the merger does go through.

  • smoinpour

    A little confusing, but very interesting

  • B

    had the same problem. Accounts must be over 12 days old for it to work, but I’m having to get on the phone with and work this out tomorrow. Did a 50k share transfer and didn’t receive the bonus

  • Pablo

    How long does it take for the transferred points to hit an account? I just transferred 35K to my girlfriend’s Dividend Miles account and want to transfer 50K back to mine, but it still shows a 0 balance on hers.

    Can I go ahead and process the 50K transfer from her account even though my points (+bonus) haven’t hit her account?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Pablo

    How long does it take for the transferred points and bonus to post to the account? I just transferred 35K to my girlfriend’s Dividend Miles account and want to transfer 50K back to mine, but it still shows a 0 balance on hers.

    Can I go ahead and process the 50K transfer from her account even though my points (+bonus) haven’t hit her account?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Jenny

    I’m interested in the 100% bonus promotion but I don’t know anybody using USDM except myself in my family or friends.

    Where shall I go to find somebody to share the UADM?

  • S. Bonnie Liebers

    my miles were forfeited just this month, as I have not flown usairways. can I get them back.

  • bigflyer

    since airline miles are valued at less than 1/2 cent per mile I don’t see how paying over 1 cent is a good deal, except for the rare exception of a high value flight being offered for very low miles. and buying miles is even more ridiculous. am I missing something? sharing miles is even worse, when you consider that you can simply use your miles to book a flight for that person with no “sharing” required.
    As a former Chairman’s Preferred member of US Airways, I have since abandoned all loyalty to individual airlines. But that is another entire article altogether.

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