US Airways 100% Buy Miles Bonus Offer Until August 31- Worth It?

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Last month US Airways ran a 100% buy miles promotion, but it was only targeted to certain Dividend Miles members. This month they’ve opened it up to everyone and the math is still the same- you can buy up to 50,000 miles, so with the 100% bonus you end up with 100,000 miles for $1,881. So it is worth it? Short answer- absolutely if a) you value business/first class travel and b) know to how leverage Dividend Miles for their maximum value or c) want to take a bet that the US/AA merger will be approved and these miles will eventually merge into your American Airlines AAdvantage account since AA almost never sells miles for less than 2 cents a piece.
US Buy Miles

Miles are sold for 3.5 cents each plus a 7.5% tax recovery charge. You can only buy up to 50,000 miles at time (100,000 with the bonus) so 100,000 miles through the buy miles promotion costs $1,881.25, or nearly 1.9 cents per mile. For 110,000 miles you can get a roundtrip business class ticket to South Africa, which is what I recently did. Spending under $2,000 for an $8,000+ flight is a pretty great deal. Economy redemptions are generally not as good an idea, but US Airways does have some flexible routing options which might make it worth it for you.

South African Airways business class JFK-Johannesburg-Capetown-Johannesburg-IAD-JFK for only 110,000 Dividend Miles + modest taxes/fees

South African Airways business class JFK-Johannesburg-Capetown-Johannesburg-IAD-JFK for only 110,000 Dividend Miles + modest taxes/fees

Other good redemption values are 90,000 miles for business class to Asia and 110,000 miles to the South Pacific (which you can also route through Asia with a stopover). Also note that you get 5,000 miles off US Airways awards if you have the US Airways MasterCard.

Although buying miles can be costly and usually only make sense with a specific redemption in mind, given the fact that US Airways will merge with American sometime in 2014 and the deal is expected to close by the end of the summer, this could be one of your last chances to get in on a 100% bonus on purchased miles.

This could also be a workaround to top up your American AAdvantage account, because after the merger goes through (and there’s little doubt it will now), you should be able to switch miles in between programs until they are finally merged in 2014 or even later. I wouldn’t bank on that, but even as US Airways miles, they can be extremely valuable depending on how you use them. Keep in mind that you can also buy US Airways miles for cheap using the Mileage Multiplier.

Terms & Conditions:
- All purchases are non-refundable.
- Bonus miles will be awarded upon completion of the transaction.
- The maximum number of Buy and Gift Bonus miles that can be received by one member for this offer is 50,000 bonus miles.
- All miles purchased beyond this limit will not be eligible for a bonus.
- Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
- Share transactions are not eligible for bonus.
- Only purchases made online are eligible for the bonus.
-Your account must be at least 12 days old.

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  • Joshua MacDonald

    Planning a CX F routing for 2014/2015, worth it to spend the miles now thinking they would transfer to AA? I know they most likely will, but stockpiling miles like that in this day in age scares me (devaluation)…I would most likely buy 50k for the 50k bonus…thoughts?

  • Sam

    It seems US Airways is has been becoming more generous in giving out miles the closer we get to the merger. On July 24 I received what appeared to be a targeted offer allowing me to earn 15k bonus US Airways miles if I spend at least $750 per month on my Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard for the months of August, September and October. Not a bad deal especially considering I received 30k miles just for signing up for that card and I easily spend at least $750 per month on day-to-day things.

  • sdfdsfds

    “Miles are sold for $.035 cents”

    Does this mean 3.5 cents each (which is $.035) or .035 cents each?

  • Tahalatahalassa

    If I buy miles now and book my travel by the end of September (I guess the status won’t have changed wrt OW/A* partnerships) with Star Alliance partners for travel in DECEMBER, if the merger goes through, will I still be able to do it (since booked before the merger)?

  • Evan

    I am getting married next May and will be taking an international honeymoon sometime shortly after that. We haven’t finalized our location yet, but are considering Greece, Italy, Turkey, Croatia or a few options in Southeast Asia (mainly Thailand and Cambodia). I already have ~70,000 miles on US Air. Would it make sense to buy these miles now or am I better off waiting until I’ve decided on where we’ll be going to make sure I can find a flight on US. Just did a quick search on US’ website and it says 325,000 miles per person for business class round trip to Athens but only ~90,000 for coach. I’m new to award travel so any help is greatly appreciated!!

  • Wandering Aramean

    A bit strange to talk all about the offer but fail to include a link to it in the post. ;)

  • snakedoc1

    I want to take a trip to Kyrgyzstan in September or October 2014. I can’t book it now because I don’t have enough miles and it is not bookable yet—-more than 330 days out. I’m thinking I can buy the necessary miles during August and then book later this year. However, I am afraid this won’t be possible because of the USAirways move from *A to One World, possibly in October of this year. What are your thoughts? Thanks….love the blog!

  • Wordstew

    Cancun for New Years??? I see biz and F Class tix are pricey that time of year. How does the math work out on this one.

  • Geoff

    Hi Points Guy, i am having trouble finding a flight from the east coast to London using my mileage at a reasonable rate. I have over 80K miles but many round trip flights require 125K on USAirways. Since they are part of the Star Alliance, do you know if there is a way to book through the alliance and maybe get a round trip flight to london with somewhere between 80K and 90K (or even less would be great of course!)

  • Geoff

    actually, to be more specific, out of either Washington DC or Philadelphia would be ideal!

  • alex

    TPG, I cant seem to get this to work. I tried to purchase the miles back in May’s promotion also and it keeps declining my credit cards. I have tried with Chase, Citi, and Amex. It all shows a hold on my account and the cc companies told me that the transaction went thru, but on the USAir web page, it would show as declined. I’ve even called and US Air and they tell me the website is the only way to buy with the bonus miles. Any thoughts?

  • Rick

    I suggest buying the USAir points and thenhire to assist in booking. They recently helped me with an award itinerary for my family and the fee they charge is worth it.

  • Charlie

    I’m flying Turkish to Osh next week on UA miles. I booked the USA to Istanbul flights far ahead but had to wait until only a few months ago for Turkish Air to open up award seats on the IST/OSS leg. With UA miles that was an easy change. With US miles and possibly being ex *A it may be difficult.

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  • paco_1013

    Will using my AMEX gold premier to buy the miles count as a 3x points transaction?

  • Lincoln

    Can you use Dividends Miles to book a Star Alliance award for the same amount of miles as United charges? For example, I’m looking at an 80,000 mileage plus econ award for an itinerary that includes MTJ>CHC then SYD>MTJ, on UA and NZ flights. To purchase that ticket is $1850, but if I do this 100% bonus offer, I’d pay $1881 and end up with 20k extra miles. Granted I’d be forgoing the 16,695 miles flown, but I could potentially add on a free extra one way. Might be more hassle than it’s worth, but I could see it being worth more expensive flights, or first class. Anyone know if you can use Dividend’s miles at the same rate as Mileage Plus miles?

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  • Frank

    Does the miles purchase count as a US Airways Purchase (2 miles/$1) for the US Airways Premier Master Card?

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