Thursday Giveaway: 2 American Admirals Club Day Passes And Your Choice Of Elite Rewards

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Earlier this year, American revised the earning rules and gifts you get to choose from with their Elite Rewards, American’s incentive program for  elite flyers who go above and beyond their status qualification thresholds – which you can now qualify for with miles, segments or points, and where you get your choice of gifts as soon as you hit a threshold.

AA elite rewards giveaway

I recently hit my 40,000-point mark (I’m going to have to play catch up for the rest of the year to hit Executive Platinum again!), and was given my choice of the following gifts:

  • 10,000 bonus miles
  • 3 500-mile upgrades
  • 2 Admirals Club Day Passes
  • Free Bags VIP luggage delivery
  • 10% discount
So to celebrate, for this week’s Thursday Giveaway, I want to award a lucky TPG reader with two Admirals Club day passes (that I had gotten from my last Citi AA Visa sign-up) and their choice of the following Elite Rewards (these are the only ones that are transferable):
1. Two more Admirals Club day passes
2. 10% discount (though you can get your own by doing this if you haven’t already)
3. Free Bags VIP luggage delivery (you can read my post about the service here)
American has introduced a new system of Elite Rewards.

American has introduced a new system of Elite Rewards.

In order to enter, you just need to leave a comment on this post with what amenities your perfect airline lounge would have and why – anything from a celebrity chef menu, to what bath products they’d carry in the shower suites (if it has showers), what kind of spa treatments you could get – the sky is the limit. Just make it interesting and concise, and let us know which of the 3 possible Elite Rewards you would want to receive as your prize.
You have until 5pm ET Sunday to enter and we’ll pick a winner at random after that and announce it on Monday. Good luck!
For more information on American’s Elite Rewards as well as some of my thoughts on airline lounges, see these posts:


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  • frenchman619

    My perfect lounge would definitely have a masseuse

  • Lauren

    My perfect lounge would have a DJ!

  • Neer

    Showers are the blessing of an airline lounge…especially on intl flights!

  • Steve

    Free drinks, decent snacks, including fruit. I’ll take the add’l passes :)

  • Vanessa Varvarezis Rumsey

    My perfect lounge would offer facials.

  • Jeremy Stephens

    Nanny or day care service in the air! How many parents long for the days of travel before kids and would give everything – not to mention a small fee – to have someone else watch their kids in the sky! I would love the extra lounge passes! Thanks for this great site!

  • clacosta

    I have learned so much reading your blog. Definitely would enjoy the Admirals pass.

  • Chris

    One of those fish tanks you see in Asian cities where the fish nibble (clean) at your feet! Who doesn’t want their feet smooth after a long day of traveling? Loung passes please!

  • snakedoc1

    My perfect airline lounge would definitely include a chef that would prepare healthy foods……. no chips & cookies for me! That way I wouldn’t feel guilty drinking so much at the bar. You can put me down for “…..Two more Admiral Club passes as part of the Elite Rewards.” I am a longtime reader of blog and really enjoy the Thursday Giveaway! Thanks!

  • Bender

    I was going to say a hot tub/pool but then thought how gross that would get. A nice restaurant/bar would be awesome. Pool tables, music, etc etc so you don’t feel like you’re in an airport. And free-ish of course.

    Ill take the passes:)

  • Kevin P

    my perfect lounge would have enough tv screens to cover all football games during football season (i hate traveling on Sundays during the fall!)

  • R.

    Good food and impeccable wifi connection is all* I ask for.

    * And the club passes too :) Thanks

  • Goat Rodeo

    My perfect lounge would be quiet, private, and would offer a free beer to allow me to settle into catching up on a little bit of work. Of course, helpful AAngels would be wonderful additions.

  • Brent

    My perfect lounge would have private offices with daybeds and a choice of healthy snacks.
    I would love to take advantage of the admiral passes for my upcoming layover in JFK.

  • mike n.

    More places to sleep so on a long layover you don’t need to sleep in a chair or get a hotel room

  • Mandy

    Free drinks and food would make me happy!

  • Brian H

    Good food (preferably hot) and quality drinks.

  • Greg

    Perfect airline lounge simply has wifi, beer, and decent food.

  • Mike Ntountoulakis

    just redeemed $150,000 club Carlson points in Paris for 3 free nights in radisson blue.. since I’m thinking of doing thus again by flying AA, Admirals pass would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Toby

    My perfect lounge has good food, comfy chairs, and wifi

  • Justin

    An arcade. Perfect if you’ve got time to kill, and that way you don’t have to break out the reading material/iPad movies you brought for the flight.

  • Eric

    The best lounge would have more privacy. More rooms where doors can be shut to allow for some peace and quiet in the hustle of travel!

    I would love the extra AA passes!

  • Juan Villasenor

    My ideal lounge would have Kiehl’s products to relax, private nap rooms, showers, wifi and gourmet coffee! ahhh perfection!

  • Jay

    Grats on hitting 40,000 miles mark. I too have to do a lot of catch ups for EXP. A perfect lounge would be with someone I care. Sitting alone is not so fun even with good food / drink / shower for me.

  • davidcaitpe

    the perfect lounge would have working wifi & a ticket agent able to do miracles (upgrades, better seat…)

  • Jamie

    I feel so lame saying this, but a play area for the kids would be great. Along with fresh delicious food. It doesn’t have to be fancy: fresh bread, fruit that’s actually ripe, cheese that doesn’t come pasteurized and individually wrapped. A few choices of hot dishes that are either made freshly, or just hold up well on a buffet. Good local craft beer. And then a play area that’s either behind a closed door or separate enough that the kids can be kids for a bit without disturbing the other people in the lounge who are trying to get themselves some downtime between flights.

  • MilesRunner

    Better food, and prepared carry-on food for the plane ride.

  • Matt

    There has to be showers in the perfect lounge…I’ve flown far to many red eyes and not been able to shower before heading to a business meeting. An agent that can solve all my travel problems (even that aren’t airline related; car, hotel, etc) would be great. If I could dream….I’d ask for the ability to order my meal ahead of time. I email from the plane, and the meal is hot and ready when I show up…no waiting!

  • tcindc

    Simple! A room with beds (even for a small fee). It’s the worst to get trapped in an overnight layover with nowhere to sleep… especially when you’re going straight to the office the next morning.

    I’d also love the AA passes, please. Thanks for the contest!

  • mrjeff_714

    A private little room to just get away from the hustle and bustle of everything. And, of course, free cocktails ;) Day passes are always appreciated :)

  • Karen

    A gym and nail salon would be nice when I have a few hours to kill. Would love to win the AA lounge oasses

  • phil gold

    showers and packaged food (my diet doesnt allow to eat the fresh stuff)
    theres nothing like taking a nice hot shower between flights or on a MR.


  • Nicole

    Lots and lots of fresh, yummy food!

  • Chris

    Craft beer selection!

  • JP

    My ideal lounge would have a great kids room.

  • Jacob

    Great beer and champagne plus rain showers and a pool. An is take the extra lounge passes.

  • danielfein

    My perfect airline lounge would have mini pods (like in Japan) to sleep with TempurPedic mattresses! I always want to sleep on layovers, and while most lounges have comfortable seating, a private pod with a TempurPedic mattress would be icing on the cake! Oh and a Nespresso machine would be incredible so I can make coffee for myself like at home!

  • Nick O (PIT)

    Perfect lounge has plenty of clean showers (maybe with Ferragamo amenities), a decent beer/spirit selection, good food, lots of seating, and lots of outlets.
    The Admirals Club passes would be awesome

  • tom

    A perfect lounge would have delicious craft beer, great gourmet snacks made from fresh ingredients, baristas to prepare top notch espresso drinks, a gym and a shower. I would take the passes to AAdmirals Club.

  • lindsey

    I’ve always wanted to get a massage and pedicure at the airport lounge! A nice facial would be even better, to cure all that recycled air dehydration. I would love the extra lounge passes!

  • Brett Albertson

    The perfect lounge would have a quiet room with noise cancelling headphones. The extra lounge passes would be very useful.

  • Arlene Ivana

    It’s so hoity toity but I would love a juice bar. Flying feels so draining and all the airport food is always so gross, freshly squeezed healthy green juices sound like exactly what I want before I get on a plane.

  • Matthew Klein

    The perfect lounge would have a gym, massage bar, sauna, and showers! And even if the lounges don’t have them now, I could definitely use 2 extra lounge passes for some upcoming long layovers.

  • RG

    Food! Please make decent food available even if there is a charge. How many stale danish and dried out pretzel mix can one stand?!

  • charlie

    Want to have a room just for reading. No talking on the phone or chatting etc.

  • Bri

    A quiet room where no cell phones can be used. 10% discount

  • Larry

    Vegetarian snacks!

  • wissou

    I’d love a Jacuzzi in a lounge, that’s why I would get the 4 passes and try to look for one in the AC.

  • w. willis

    Perfect lounge you say?
    - Open Bar w/ Premium Liquor and Craft Beer
    - Gym area w/ locker room, lap pool, warm towels, and optional personal trainers
    - Private rooms for napping, with W mattresses, a large selection of music and in room sound system, and personalized alarm to notify you when its time to board. AND personalized bathroom for showering and cleaning up after your nap.
    - On site dry cleaners to clean and press your clothes during lay over.
    - Gourmet restaurant and to-go service.
    - Airport concierge to pick-up food or souvenirs from across the airport you may want that is outside of the lounge.
    - Large sports bar area with multiple large flat screen LCD TVs to watch sports, with said area being blocked off by soundproof glass from the rest of the area.
    - Separate kids area to keep kids occupied and out of the main area.
    - Over abundance of plush recliners, couches, and chaise lounges for relaxing, reading, and playing on your PDA.
    - Separate mini-entertainment areas with wall tv’s, surround, and a couple couches. TVs hooked up to wide variety of local and cabel channels and on-demand movies.
    - An abundance of gate agents (no lines) who are the cream of the crop in rebooking, rerouting, and providing upgrades with a great attitude.
    - On site spa with masseuse, acupuncturist, and mani-pedi options.
    - Outdoors lounge area (ala JFK) to watch the planes take off – along w/ outside bar and al fresco dining.
    - On site travel agents/advisors to talk to you about your upcoming destinations, last minute plans, and things to do if you decide to be spontaneous and reroute your trip.
    - A separate (separate AC also) cigar lounge – to appease the smokers and if you want a cigar.
    - The option to rent and actually drive those little tramss that go across the airport carrying old people (I don’t want to ride in one, just drive it) – ok this may be too much….. but it would be awesome.

  • Philip D

    Private cabanas in the lounges!

  • David

    A lounge with a separate kids room, drinks, good hot food, lots of seating,
    and lots of outlets.
    The Admirals Club passes would be great

  • Paul S.

    A separate room for kids to play would make a great addition to a lounge. I often skip the lounge when traveling with me family so my kids can run around a bit between flights.

  • paula gulbicki

    If providing beds is out of the question, how about chairs that totally fold out (similar to those on the planes) in a “quiet zone with low lighting. Airline blankets and pillows would complete the bedding. Sound cozy?

    We have only used one of these type lounges once in my lifetime. In March we have a long layover in Dallas on our return from snowbirding in Cabo. Six hours in a comfortable setting would be very much appreciated. Having the extra set of passes would be great. Sincerely, Paula. Thank you for your generous offer.

  • Martin

    A good selection of whiskey… I need the 10,000 bonus miles for my next vacation :)

  • Zach Blum

    The perfect Airline Lounge should have a personalized “Man Cave” for the designated airport. Example: If I am in Boston I want a Man Cave with a HUGE TV along with other smaller TVs for gaming and watching other movies and shows. Wireless headphones that can be tuned in to whichever TV you prefer. Gaming counsels with all the latest games. Last but not least, this Man Cave needs to be decked out in sports memorabilia. The walls need to be covered from floor to ceiling with the best Red Sox, Patriot, Bruins, Celtics, etc. gear. Cool autographs and framed jerseys. Go sox Go!

  • Uri Hadelsberg


    I think a sushi chef, or at least making gourmet food would be better. Maybe dumplings.

    I’d love as many AA passes as possible!

  • Robert

    I would have to say a in house chef would be nice. I dont usually get to the airport early enough to spend too much time at the lounge but a quick meal cooked to order would probably be better than any airplane food.

  • Josh B

    In the perfect Airline Lounge would be an amazing sports bar filled with over 100 beers on tap as well as trivia and huge screens to watch all the games (or SportsCenter). You cannot go wrong with this. It would be open to all ages to families can come and the service would be on point all day, every day.

  • Donn

    Maybe a to go snack. Chocolate ,nuts, fruit? Something for those who did not get the upgrade?

  • Sasha

    Definitely having a great selection of beers on tap – far too tired of the standard coors light / heineken set up at most domestic lounges!

  • ThorneStockton

    Large selection of craft brews on tap. Including several local varieties.

  • ed

    Shower and good espresso machine

  • Rick

    Back and neck massage stations

  • Colin

    Car service on the tarmac so you only ever have to be in a plane or in the lounge, none of the regular terminal!

  • Kapil

    My perfect lounge would have cozy atmosphere where I can go, relax and spend some time out of the noise from airline gates. Place which provides me good speed wifi connection so that my business does not gets disturbed

  • Matt T.

    Sink with nice wash cloths/towels to refresh after being cooped up on the plane.

  • Ahmed

    Lots of snacks suitable for little ones.

  • Eric

    Napping pods. Steamy Towelettes. Draft Beer. Express Dry Cleaning or a iron/press service so you can arrive looking fresh!

  • Carl Cheng

    I’ve been spoiled by Cathay First Class in HKG. The private shower suite cabana is the best so I’d want that. Of course a champagne and premium spirits bar. A la carte service in addition to buffet and a noodle bar. Would also love massages.

  • Aj

    Free Food and Opportunity to have a nice shower after a Long journey

  • Peter

    I would use the 2 Admirals Club Day Passes to relax in a quiet lounge stocked with a selection of small plates of freshly prepared foods and several local craft beers on tap. Fast, reliable wi-fi, courteous attendants that clear tables quickly and free massages would be nice too.

  • roma

    Private rooms with private bathroom with shower, a bed, and your own tv. You would be able to request a massage while you are in the room or you may just want to have the time to sleep and of course, room service! Made to order meal options. Either way, it is your hotel room for the short or long layover. I would imagine their would have to be a time limit otherwise some people would never leave…two club passes would make traveling with a baby so much more enjoyable! This is fun…thank you!

  • DanielH

    My perfect airline lounge would have private connecting hallways between terminals, which will make it faster and more convenient to traverse the airport when arriving at one terminal and departing from another, with an hour or so to kill in between

  • Daniel

    Never had the chance to do an airport lounge yet but would love the opportunity so I would love the two extra lounge passes.

  • J Swartz

    Fresh bagels in the morning from Western Bagel, fresh coffee from Dean & Deluca, lounge chairs and comfy sofa’s, showers designed by the Westin Group and biotherm products….

  • Larry

    In house chef, private rooms with your own TV, high speed internet (much faster than I’ve experienced in a club before). I’d love the 10,000 miles to top me off for the next free ticket.

  • David Y.

    open bar because it’s always nice to have a drink!

  • Bryce Griffler

    My perfect airline lounge would have napping pods. Those things come equipped with plenty of amenities that I know LOTS of folks would appreciate. I’d LOVE to grab those Admirals Club Day Passes because I don’t fly enough for business to get that kind of access/special treatment. Those kinds of perks would be really neat to see/try out!


    As someone that doesn’t drink caffeinated beverages, I would appreciate being able to drink diet non-caffeinated soft drinks. They are usually pretty hard to find in lounges. Also, a smoothie bar that offers protein drinks might be nice.

  • anyaciecierski

    I feel so decadent and VIP whenever I have the rare chance to go to an airport club lounge. Makes it hard to go back and sit in the hard loud seats with all the rest of the travelers, which is where I end up on most of my flights. My “wish list” for perfect club lounge would be:
    1)Hot of Cold towels greeting you as you walk in
    2) Private quiet area with fold down beds or fold down chairs so you really could sleep and relax. Perhaps little private cubical rooms with doors that shut.
    3)Healthy food! Gluten free, vegetarian, fresh. Not airport food. How about a juice bar!
    4)Snacks and meals packaged to take with you on the plane
    5)A movie room area with comfy chairs and personal screens so you could pick your own movie
    6)Free wifi (of course)
    7)Restaurant style meals with table service
    8)Massage center
    9)Large bathroom where you can freshen up. With private shower stalls. Kiels beauty and shower products.
    10)Hair salon for a wash and blowout
    11)Nail salon for quick mani pedi
    12)Free Kindle books available for download
    13) separate area for kids a “family lounge”
    Even though current lounges don’t have all this YET, I would love to win the 2 American club passes. I am giddy like a kid whenever I can go into a VIP lounge.

  • harlanvaughn

    Free dinner with table service would be phenomenal. :)

  • Louise

    I’d like facials and mani-pedi stations, and a bookstore/sundries shop – and the passes to enjoy the clubs’ current amenities!

  • Mary W

    Spending time in a quiet lounge, away from the insanity of the terminal would be a dream. The latest electronic connections, media sources and printed material in several languages is always appreciated. It is nice to have everything available to recharge your devices as well as your body.

    My 3 choices are
    10,000 bonus miles
    3 500-mile upgrades
    2 Admirals Club Day Passes

  • wln

    Friendly, competent agents to help out when you need it. The rest is just a bonus.

  • Maciek

    The perfect Lounge shouldn’t have a general sitting area but rather completely private suites with all the amenities on hand like 4k TV, king size bed, butler service, private chef, personal assistant, etc. !! :)

    4 Admirals Club day passes please ;) !

  • TerryH

    Good coffee and a selection of bites. Admirals Club day passes would be great.

  • Nick

    The perfect airport lounge would have a wide selection of microbrews available…

  • Murali

    Dear TPG, thanks for the wonderful offer:

    Perfect Lounge Amenities are:
    Sleeping area

    My order of choice:
    1. VIP Bags
    2. Lounge Passes
    3. 10% Discount

  • Bill

    Perfect airport lounge would have local beers on tap… Love trying new beers in different parts of the country. And truly local beers, not just Sam Adams for Boston…

    Passes please!

  • Luisana O’Brien

    Perfect Lounge = free premium beverages, warm food, and free/cheap massages. I would love to take advantage of the 10% discount.

  • Jake from MSP

    Ultimate amenity would be sleep rooms with real quality beds. And I’d choose the passes!

  • Brennan

    Perfect airline lounge would have great coffee, comfortable beds, and most importantly…fast internet! I would love Admirals Club day passes.

  • Magda

    I have never been to an airport lounge. Therefore what I’m reading about on your blog looks already like ‘sky is the limit’ to me ;-)

    I started to travel frequently a coupe years ago, always looking more on the price of the ticket than valuating a loyalty benefit. Therefore a perfect lounge for me would have my moms apricot pie, my warmest socks and my PJ’s ready for me everywhere in the world. And a nice pool would fine too (don’t tell me there is already one lounge like this ;-)

    I would love to win: Admirals Club day pass

    Big THANKS! for doing this – dreams come true!

  • Brad

    My perfect airport lounge would rival any of those found in SE Asia or even the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX. It would have free, top shelf pour your own booze, decent shower facilities, a buffet, plenty of power outlets and windows for natural light.

    I would love to have the AA lounge passes to give to my friends with long layovers in SJU or MIA on their way home from their first semester in medical school.

  • Clift

    As a frequent traveler with children, not only does the perfect lounge have showers, food, and plentiful drinks for me and my wife, but a wonderful family area for the kids to be entertained… That in itself would provide relaxation for us.

    Would love the multiple Admirals Club passes!!

  • Brian Beneke

    Maybe I’m jaded by AA, but I’ve really lowered my expectations for a lounge these days. A comfortable, quiet lounge with a VARIETY of GOOD and substantial food options would be great. I’m tired of Chex mix, bruised apples, and underwhelming mini pastries as my dining options.

    That said, I’d love the 10,000 miles or the additional Admiral’s Club Passes.

  • James

    I would actully want to flip a lounge upside down for one, i don’t think i ever recall going into a lounge where a party was happening before my flight, sometimes i feel a bit awkward sitting there and being silent. I would love for a big party to be going on with everyone getting involved and some music to get me in the mood to enjoy my upcoming 5 hour flight, i might finally fall asleep on a plane after having a few beers.

  • DWil

    The best lounges have good views of the tarmac, plenty of comfortable seats, and blazing Wifi. All the other stuff (good drinks and snacks, showers with l’occitane products) is amazing when done right, but so many lounges lack the basic stuff, and that’s all I really want.

    I’d love the Admirals club passes benefit.

  • lizzie d

    My perfect lounge would have small bedrooms that guests could rent by the hour for a small fee. Sort of like a hotel, but just for members who have lounge access.
    Also, my lounge would have some sustainable features such as all components of the lounge would be composed of reused or recycled materials. I would eliminate cans and bottles with special drafts.
    My lounge would also have a head and neck masseuse that works for tips and walks around the lounge unkinking travelers’ necks.
    My lounge would also have a sound-proof quiet area like libraries for those who want to work or read in silence.

    I would like the lounge passes!!

  • Raymond_G

    If the sky’s the limit, so to speak… I’d love an in-suite shower, David Chang as the on-board chef, hand-made pajamas from Dior Homme, and an AA captain’s hat! I wouldn’t make anyone call me El Capitan, that part would just be for fun. :) I’d love the four Admiral’s Club passes. Great giveaway!

  • Kim

    I have never been to a lounge before..but I would love wonderful food, drinks and free mixed drinks! A lie flat bed would be nice also! The four lounge passes would be awesome!

  • craig d

    Dream lounge would have private areas for all guests as well as a private attendant to bring me food and drinks (all free ;) ). I prefer the admirals club passes!

  • avi

    great food and of course cabana’s like Cathay Pacific has in HKG

  • Dexter

    I’d like to see them having those zero gravity massage chair with nice foot and leg massager on the side. What else can better prepare you for a flight than loosening those tight muscles after those long walk to the gate and stressful check-ins.

  • Leigh

    Full bar, free massages, and a child-free quiet area… A girl can dream. I’d probably go with the extra lounge passes. Thanks for running the contest!

  • Sazzy

    I would love some healthy food and more of a variety of food. I keep seeing the same thing in the lounges.
    I would also love the Admirals Club Day passes.
    Thank you!

  • Bri

    More low carb, healthy food. I want the club passes!

  • Nick

    foot massage please!

  • Ted

    Massage chairs!

  • Stuart

    Fitness and spa area! After a long flight from Sydney to LA i would love nothing more than stepping into the Sauna to sweat out the long flight, have a quick shower and then head off for the next leg to NY.I’d love the club passes!

  • Rich

    Massage !! With Bliss spa products !!
    I would prefer Admirals club passes

  • Maryanne Gaddy

    A sleeping pod with ambient light and sound wake up call.

  • Eugene

    Comfortable quiet area with nice food and drinks

  • Peter K

    I will be flying across the country every week for grad school starting in Sept., and 4 club passes would certainly make the hours in the airport much more enjoyable!

  • Marc

    Healthy, organic food…maybe have a partnership with Whole Foods. The club passes.

  • Jon

    Showers and beer on tap, all I need

  • Ana

    A perfect lounge would give you a manicure/pedicure!

  • Steve

    Spa services !! after along flight it would be amazing steam room nice shower….

  • tminus5

    Full bar, massage chairs. (I’d go for passes.)

  • tokyoguy

    Admiral club passes all the way. Taking long transatlantic flight is tiresome so spa treatments and nice jaquzzi would do it. I guess asking for a pool would be too much. *grin*

  • Brian

    A wide selection of craft beer. Not just Coors and Budweiser nonsense!

    I’d like the additional lounge passes. Thanks!

  • oxo

    A sofa lounge! Have you seen planes from the 50s and 60s?!

  • Josh

    Healthy food and a tranquil atmosphere are essential. I’d take the passes in hopes of testing out how AA measures up. Thanks!

  • Greg

    water massage tables or chair massage stations. Passes please

  • Alex

    Bliss shower products & made to order eggs.

  • phone 201

    Treadmills, yoga classes,.zen teas, endless episodes of Bugs Bunny cartoons …admirals lounge passes are kewl

  • SM

    My ideal lounge amenities would be a shower, great food (even if it’s just small plate items), and some peace and quiet.

    I’d love the lounge passes.

  • Josh Scott

    Lounge passes! I would want a high end craft cocktail bar, mani/pedi and massage area, and gastro-pub food.

  • Liz

    A place for a quick nap and shower! Would love to try to the Admirals Club Day passes

  • Rich Okopien

    Lounge passes! I would want a Yoga room as my ideal amenity in each lounge.

  • SMed

    A perfect airline lounge would have plentiful, top-shelf scotch, Kiehl’s products in the bathroom, and fast Wi-Fi. I’d go with the Admirals Club passes.

  • Justin

    Self Serve bar, warm hand towel, plenty of outlets and comfortable seats

  • Michael

    food and sofa make me comfortable

  • Kvi

    Well, my experience is limited to A couple of United lounges that were simply put uninspiring. I’d really like to see modern facilities that include nice spa area with mosaic tile, nice European fixtures, L’Occitane bathing products, sauna and a massage cabinet with the conference capabilities. Well, it’s definitely a wishful thinking but certainly what matters is that being a subscriber of more than a year now I’m getting a chance to finally get something nice I can use while traveling to another fantastic destination with my gorgeous wife.
    Thank you, the PointsGuy and good luck to me!

  • Ken

    Lounge passes :-) A decent selection of warm food and/or local beer selection makes for a memorable stay.

  • Aimee

    As a lover of food, almost as much as I love traveling, I would want authentic food that is unique to the local area the airport is based in. So that even those who are only passing through on a connection flight can have a taste of the country/city they are in without stepping out of the airport.

  • Scott M

    Enforced no cell phone room/area…. Or better yet, a cell phone jammer device. Passes please!

  • Brian Lois

    My favorite airline lounge would have Veuve Clicquot Champagne, french pastries and chocolates, kebabs and pizza from Istanbul, dim sum from Hong Kong, comfortable relaxing chairs, free massages, fast WiFi, abundant electrical outlets and Aesop products in their large private cabanas. 10,000 AA miles would be awesome!

  • Lord Fish

    Small lie-flat beds in private rooms with wake-up calls.

  • Brent

    Showers, champagne, and massages. Nothing would be better than that after or before a long flight. I would want the Admirals Club passes.

  • Lydia W

    The perfect lounge would be almost as good as the perfect destination. It would offer a selection of beverages: infused water (mint, orange, cucumber), top shelf liquor, wine, beer, champagne, individual french press coffees, herbal teas. Massage therapy for 30, 60, or 90mins to relieve travelers of kinks. Nap rooms with luxe bedding, robes, and cushioned slippers. Showers complete with Aveda aromatherapy products to help melt away stress. And completely outfitted for connectivity: outlets, Wifi, work stations. I would love the 2 Club Day Passes!

  • Sceptrearc

    Day rooms to nap, rain showers and big tubs to soak, massage rooms w/ hotstone treatments, lots and lots and lots of window seating with power plugs and adequate cooling. I’d want the admiral club passes!

  • Glen

    They should have a fully stocked shower, with dry sauna and authentic shiatsu massage.

  • JTP

    Free beer is probably the biggest for me!
    #1 Beer
    #2 Comfy couch

  • Charles Ho

    The amenities I’m looking for in a lounge is showers, hot food, and fast wifi. My perfect lounge circulates around the variety and quality of the food that is served, such as a chef’s special menu. I’d love the Admirals Club Day Passes if given the chance!

  • Nick Danforth

    A stocked shower, small gym, free booze, and good spaces to nap.

  • Elise

    Gym (with hot showers) and a spa! I’d love the Admirals Club Passes.

  • Giddy For Points

    I want yummy snack, cold drinks, and fast wifi!

  • MarcMon

    A sauna, masseuse, small gym, open bar, and wifi. And Two more Admirals Club day passes

  • Jon Reeves

    Free booze! Top shelf, not cheap beer.

  • Kasia Wilson

    SHOWERS! massage, someplace to sleep, good snacks (like in Lufthansa lounges), decent wine, fast wifi, free page printing. Admirals club passes please!

  • Chatelaine

    Hot showers (that smell like the spas and have luxurious soaps and lotions), nap rooms of some sort (nothing awkward for a public place, but more accessible then some international hotel options) and warm food. Admiral passes please!

  • Lmandrake

    Perfect lounge would have plenty of comfortable seating, and quiet, with plenty of power ports at each seats, along with actual food rather than just snacks. Tired of crowded, loud lounges where I have to hunt for a place to plug my electronics and can only eat unhealthy snacks.

  • leothelion

    Definitely a masseuse! Comfortable lazy boy reclining chairs! I’d like to win the Admirals Day Club passes… Thanks!

  • Armando86

    IT would offer free open bar of fine wines to relax… :-)

  • Tiago Vasconcellos

    Massage chairs and fresh vegetables please. I’d love two Admiral passes please. Thank you.

  • Mr. Cool

    BACK SCRATCHER…bidness/first class or not, sitting around gets old and takes a toll on the old body!

  • Dustin

    Free foot massage!!! Need some relief for those tired dogs after a full day of travel.

  • John L

    Free massage!

  • JayPHX

    My ideal lounge would be the one that VS already has at LHR. Steam showers, spa services (massage!), full service restaurant. That place is heavenly. PS gotta love admirals club passes!

  • Aleks

    Free fast wifi, plenty of power sockets, reasonable selection on the complimentary bar and snacks. I would be happy with the additional club passes.

  • Max Lance

    Directed microphone and speakers to mock those not in the lounge.
    Admirals Club will do.

  • Allan Klein

    Cell phone jammers are against federal law, so good luck with that one :)

  • David

    If I ever could visit a lounge I would tell you what I am missing. Which is why I’d love to win the day passes!

  • Allan Klein

    Hot food, a decent bar and wifi that is of acceptable speeds (are you listening, Delta?). It sounds like the perfect domestic lounge might be the Centurion one at LAS although I’ve yet to visit. I’d give the Admiral’s Club passes to friends I’m travellling with…AMEX platinum gets me in already :)

  • cyclops

    I would like to have a comfortable bed in a quiet area for those long layovers.
    Admirals club pass please

  • Matthew S.

    The perfect lounge would have an Aqua Massage machine. They wouldn’t have to have a masseuse on staff but could still offer such a great amenity to guests. I’d like the Admiral’s Club passes please.

  • AC

    Something decent and healthy to eat that is vegetarian or vegan

  • AJ

    showers, comfortable seats, warm and hot food that you don’t have to pay for, tarmac views, nap rooms for those who are exhausted, jacuzzi and steam bath, massages.

    And I’d love those admiral club passes :-)

  • Jason

    Deep tissue massage, open bar, and aesop bath products. Yes! Would love admiral club passes. Thanks.

  • Dnznpnda

    It would be great to have small flat sleeping cubbies stacked on top of each other in a quiet room. Maybe have a ladder to crawl in with a small curtain and light that comes back on when you need to wake up. Admirals pretty pls

  • mikemilzz

    My preferred option for an airline lound would be free back massages available. I can see myself popping in for a quick relaxation session before, or after, a long flight.

    I’ll take the free bags VIP delivery. I find myself trying to cram everything into a carry on so I don’t have to check a bag because I hate the wait after landing. This service sounds like it’ll be exactly what I need on occasion.

  • Chris Min

    I would love a personalized movie theater – there’s nothing that makes the time go by like a good movie! The free VIP bag delivery sounds great.

  • Steven

    Sushi and massages are cool. Two day passes please!

  • Todd S.

    Free massages to help alleviate the body’s aches from those of us who have to deal with connecting flights!

  • HarborLight

    Free hot shower to rejuvenate and free hot food to reenergize. And I would like two more Admirals Club day passes, please.

  • Guest

    A comfortable seat that can fit my tall, lanky frame and a nice pair of strippers.

  • John Graziano

    A comfortable seat that can fit my tall, lanky frame and a nice pair of strippers. I would love the Admirals passes by the way. :)

  • Eleana

    Free massage!

  • Charles Alan Satterwhite

    I’d like lounges to have a book exchange! stupid, maybe but i always find myself with a read book in an airport and nothing to do with it!

  • Pam Santatikul

    The perfect airline lounge should include good food, good scotch, and private cabanas. I love the BA’s Concorde Room in London.

  • *!

    Privacy booths to grab a nap

  • Gabriel Brunswick

    Soft towels!

  • nemme

    luggage storage (for walking around the airport), massage chairs, and a custodian cleaning up constantly. I ask for the world.

    I’d love the 10K miles!

  • Lindsay Jones

    Actually, the celebrity chef menu would be perfect!

  • Steve Garr

    Personal sleeping pods w/24 hr access.

  • thrashsoundly

    Some sort of quiet resting room would be nice for all lounges.

  • Lynn

    Definitely a chance for massage. I am tall and when flying get really cramped so a chance to loosen up back muscles after a long flight would be incredible! Also I am going to Europe for the very 1st time in 55 years and would love to try out the club facilities (a little nervous about the long flight though).

  • Traaveller

    Something simple like a complimentary hour massage! :-) oh, and 2 day passes please, please, please!!

  • mp1007

    Quiet rooms (no cells) with massage to relax

  • Ryan Sensenig

    A chance to win 4 Admiral Club Day Passes….I’m In!! Now my personal dream airport lounge —
    1.) Mini Spa Treatment Services at Free or Discounted Prices
    2.) A service to “order” your favorite wine or liquor ahead of time, to make sure it is in stock or served.
    3.) Food by Jose Garces (Philly’s own little celebrity chef, although I believe he is expanding to the West Coast)
    4.) Furniture, Color and Style that promotes relaxation.
    5.) Shower Suites

  • matt

    top of the line booze and private rooms w/ massage chairs to relax

  • Bradley B.

    Real food.

    Passes and more passes. :)

  • hambone47

    A reflexology treatment! But you need passes for that…in case I wasnt clear, passes

  • floressalicis

    Multiple monitors, fast wifi, ergonomic chairs and mice. I fly most frequently Fridays for a long distance relationship. With a job that’s hard to take time off from and hard to do well without multiple monitors, getting to airports early on Fridays always leaves me in fear of how effective I can be if something goes terribly wrong one of those Fridays.
    I would take the passes.

  • Little Tea Blog

    It would be awesome if an airport lounge had those massage chairs you always see at Brookstone. I’d love to be able to try them out without a bunch of people staring me down.

    Would love the passes :)

  • Steve Zussino

    I second massage chairs! I wouldn’t want to leave!

    I think the passes would work for me.

  • pedanticprof

    LUSH products to use for grooming/showering would be fantastic since they’re natural and sound, plus a nap room would also help to squeeze in power naps and aid with jet lag and general traveling tiredness. I’d love the 10,000 bonus miles.

  • whrobb

    I think having a choice of any sort of cooked on demand food would be great. Lounges with a couple carrots and celery lying around just do not cut it!

  • DaveWeemz

    A game room with arcade games, pool tables, ping pong, air hockey and foosball. Plus dozens of beer on tap. And I’d take the 10,000 miles.

  • SC

    Real food and a clean place to shower if on a long connection.

  • Zach G

    Molton Brown amenities in the shower suite of the Admirals Club!!

  • I.Castillo

    Free fast wifi, food and beverage, comfy sofas and chairs…. work desks, showers, TV, and a massage room

  • SSM

    Top shelf alcohol, wifi, and comfy chairs with good lighting would be ideal!

  • Monica

    I’m just happy with snacks, drinks, TV & a shower with Bliss products maybe. Maybe upgrade to real food though. I would probably pick the Admirals Club day passes or 10,000 miles..hard decision.

  • Drew

    Personal masseuse and the ability to order food from fast food places within the airport!

  • David

    I love a lounge that is quiet, has comfortable chairs and fast wi-fi, and offers free drinks/food. That’s all. A lounge with more than that would be spectacular, but ultimately unnecessary for me. Therefore, I’d be interested in winning the 2 lounge passes on American.

  • Angel

    Bliss products for sure!!! love that bliss stuff.

  • PJ

    my perfect airline lounge would have a cigar bar. thanks.

  • kalamyty

    the perfect lounge would have free massage chairs or a masseuse to help me relax.

  • BunMama

    A secluded place for my kids to play with kids TV and kid snacks. I’d love the club passes, please.

  • Kristin Segura

    I’d want free massages and wifi. Those are the only two things I’d need!

  • Bill R

    A lounge with a massage room

  • bill twombly

    Clean, extended hours, frequently refreshed snacks and sufficient showers to handle the transatlantic rush. My lounge needs are simple. I look forward to the Admiral club passes for my traveling relatives. Thanks

  • WoWalton

    massage chairs!

  • Joshua

    Wifi, buffet of good eats, masseuse, comfy chairs for napping in, and Kiehl products for the shower suites!

  • fbabroff

    I think that I would benefit the most after a long day it would be a quiet area, no phone, no people talking, just a quiet low light area.

  • Mike

    I’d love if the lounge had some workout equipment. I am the farthest thing from a body builder but it would be a nice time to workout … and then of course have a few cocktails afterwards :D
    I’d love to win the 2 free admiral passes. Thanks TPG

  • John777

    Top shelf booze

  • Ritam B.

    Private S-Class transfers to the plane (like the Lufthansa FCT), Personal attendant that takes care of you from the moment you enter to the moment they drop you off to your seat on the plane. All to make the travel experience special.

    I would choose the free bag delivery.

  • JasonK

    Better booze, and chair massages

  • MFR

    I’m flying AA from Chicago to Dubai via a 3-hour layover at Heathrow. After 7 hours of sitting I am eager to stretch my legs, so I hit the Pilates studio in the lounge. After working up a sweat, I shower off using my favorite Molton Brown products. With 1 hour left, I settle into my personal pod to catch the start of the Bears/Dolphins game on TV. When it’s time for me to board, I arrive at the gate where my carry on is waiting for me on the jet bridge! I would love two passes to surprise my husband on our upcoming trip to Italy!

  • Allan Schmitt

    Very simple – a selection of good tasting food that won’t make you feel bloated at 42,000 feet. Two more Admirals Club day passes please/

  • Sheila Hall

    I would want free wifi, great food, and a comfy seat. I would want two more admirals club day passes.

  • Cbmiamiensis

    Delicious food, jacuzzi, recliners with massage
    Admiral passes please!

  • jonathan

    better food, massage chairs,, cigar bar, and a individual private patio to enjoy the air, private bath.

    I also choose the pass too please

  • BD

    Celebrity Chef Menu would be great! Thanks for the giveaways!!

  • Phil

    My perfect lounge would have complimentary massages, a game room, a live jazz band, a celebrity chef menu, domesticated ocelots lounging around, and mimes serving drinks. I like the 10% discount.

  • Maher

    I believe an open bar with premium drinks is a must
    as well as some gourmet food and a massage station to let you relax before your flight, which most days tends to be stressful

  • daevans

    I’d love a sleep area for when my plane is delayed or there’s a long layover. But no ordinary bed will do – AA should put in pods modeled after the new First or Business Class seats on the 777-300ER – not only are they cool and comfortable, but it’s a great marketing tool to show off their great new amenities.

    Some aa passes would be nice!

  • Rob P

    A massage would be awesome. Two more day passes.

  • kwguy77

    2 day passes would be great!!

  • Camille

    A child-free, cell-phone-free quiet area. And I’d choose the Bags VIP.

  • Scuta

    Massages in the air…day passes please

  • Zack Krieger

    massages? napping chairs? No way, I’m talking a full outdoor BBQ pit and smoker to serve flyers. Imagine filling up before your flight on St. Louis style spareribs, BBQ roasted chicken, mesquite smoked beef ribs… heck why not some lamb riblets added to the mix for those fancy elite members! The Admirals Club Day Passes please!

  • John Beeler

    My perfect airline lounge

    Midcentury-Designed. Four sections: spa, sleep, lounge, and eat.

    A full-size restaurant with booths and waiter service, similar to the British Airways Concorde Room at LHR, with a full menu of food you can pay for separately. Food just about a step below Michelin-starred. No one wants to pay $100+ per person in an airport lounge.

    A *separate* beverage lounge, outfitted with Herman Miller furniture, mainly Eames chairs and high-top chairs and tables, and cocktail waitresses outfitted in Chanel, Louboutins, and pearls.

    A sleeping area, dimly lit and outfitted with the respective airline’s lie-flat first class seats. Amenity kits and pajamas available for purchase at the check-in counter. Air scented with relaxing fragrances similar to Westin’s Green Tea scent experience.

    Lastly, a spa facility, complete with lockers and separate check-in desk. Full shower facilities stocked with complimentary Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotions and Body Wash by cosmetics company fresh. Separate men’s and women’s spas with a steam room and massage lounge stocked with bottled water, fruit and teas. Then 30-minute chair massages, facial waxing services, and facials for $50 each.

    Current access policies in place, but day passes for $100.

    Who’s gonna make it happen!?

    Day passes :)

  • Alex Parets

    I’d go with unlimited high quality bourbons and three taps with local draft beers for drinking. Also, more outlets and some slippers. Free high speed wifi too. This would allow me to work and read in comfort while I wait, with a drink in hand.

    I’d love to have the two sets of Admiral’s club passes!

  • Jeff

    Chair message. More day passes would be nice since I will be traveling with my parents.

  • Alison F

    A yoga room or an amazing farm to table restaurant.

  • Conor

    Definitely going with the hibachi grill as you come in so that you can enjoy a fresh steak on your break…

  • Nick F

    I’d love for there to be suit pressing and a shoe shine. The bonus miles would be perfect for me!

  • Or N

    My perfect airline lounge has plenty of power outlets spread around each chair, never needing to pick your seat according to the outlet. And ofcourse premium alcohol.

    2 additional Admiral Club passes would be great.

  • Noy

    Most important for me in a lounge is having small sofas so I can sit with my fiance, not having to sit across from eachother :-)

    I’d like two more day passes please!

  • wwittman

    An actual massage room with a proper table, and a licensed massage therapist. Even better if you could pay for it with points (as well as credit cards of course).
    The other thing I’d like to see, that I’m always surprised there are not, is private, QUIET, sound isolated phone rooms with decent cell service.
    We all make calls from the lounge, but how often do you see people roaming the hallways or pressed into corners trying to fid a private spot with a decent signal? ANd this one is EASY for them to implement.

    I’d take the Admiral’s Club passes.

  • meghanb904

    The perfect lounge would have a hot tub ! Two passes please!

  • Susan Pertierra

    The perfect lounge would have beverages of your choice, free wi-fi with a strong signal and work tables, comfortable chairs and sofas as well as a quiet place to lie down (with a wake-up service). There would have to be lots of charging stations and a quiet cubicles for cell phones. I’d love the extra Admiral Club day passes!

  • Michael

    My Perfect Lounge:

    (1) Japanese style capsule “hotel” rooms – Shouldn’t take up too much space, and the airlines could charge a small hourly rate to subsidize #2

    (2) Higher quality, and self-service food! Salad bar, panini station, waffle makers, etc.

    And finally, (3) More outdoor patios. Fresh air, and a manicured grass lawn would be very nice after a long flight.

    I’m flying LAX-SIN and returning BKK-PVG-LAX starting this Sunday thanks to tips learned here, so the 2 Lounge Passes would be great!!

  • Yaokai Jiang

    Showers in general is good enough lol.
    The lounge passes plz.

  • Raymond

    An electronic massage chair, or even better a real massage would be nice. But a nice shower facility is what I always look for.
    I would like the two Admirals Club day passes please.

  • Cristiano Dani

    The perfect lounge would have free wi-fi, comfortable sofas and showers.

    I’d like the passes please :)

  • Joseph Mansour

    Having free wifi and a decent shower

  • Wildbillyk

    (1) an attendant who has the only objective of making my travel most efficient or maximizing my mileage and comfort (he/she would present you with both options while you sip a scotch)
    (2) private room witha fully reclinable chair and blackout blinds that cover your view of the runway with a push of the button so you can rest.
    (3) an attendant that would rub your shoulders until you fall asleep and then come wake you 15 mins before the flight. If its delayed they let you sleep soundly!!

    The extra passes would be my choice :)

  • GDB

    Child-free lounge! Amen to that. Child-free plane anyone? Or at least child-free biz cabin?

  • Dan R

    Free booze is most important to me.

  • natalie romano

    Definitely a cappuccino machine ! In Milan Malpensa Lounge Club… They were delicious and freeeeeeeeeee !! Also, something nice to munch on.

  • kim k

    My perfect airline lounge would have ample space with a separate quiet area. Large selection of food and full bar with specialty cocktails. Spa with salon and showers. Wifi and a business area. I would pick the extra club passes.

  • Marvin

    Perfect lounge would have rotating chef selections and shower facilities. 2 additional lounge passes would be great.

  • Steve

    I would go with massages and good drinks. A perfect way to unwind before a flight!

  • Shane

    I would like to choose the 10,000 miles for a Thanksgiving trip. I am currently try to get enough miles for a domestic round trip ticket.

  • adrienne

    I would love to have a vegan chef’s menu available. And also a bloody mary bar. :)

  • Amanda B.

    I’d like to see a selection of local food / wines since oftentimes, you don’t even get to enjoy your destination when you’re traveling for business. As for a reward, two more day passes would be nice!

  • David Hotz

    Flying robots that can pour champagne

  • Thomas

    free massages & bowls of m&m’s separated by color.

  • Michele Wilcox

    A great wine list!

  • Rahul

    Perhaps a lounge catered by Daniel Boulud? Wagyu beef ;) I could really use the passes next week when flying QR out of JFK :D Thanks TPG, I love your blog!

  • shonuffharlem

    Definitely good food and free 15 minute foot massages!

  • Elina

    Onboard internet all the time and free! :)

  • Juan Carlos Marquez

    I think since airline lounges are usually a paid service, most people think of them a cost-benefit relationship… therefore the amount of benefits should make people think they are getting more than they’re paying for (at least from my perspective). I would be happy with the following: A well balanced buffet with breakfast, lunch or dinner – made to order foods would be nice. Fully stocked bar, High quality massage chairs (free). Also, they should scan your boarding pass and ask you if you want to be notified right before boarding to be the first on the plane, or right before it takes off so you could enjoy the lounge for more time.

  • Thomas Zook

    Airline lounges are a great place to relax and catch up in the midst of a busy day (any day traveling through an airport). I would like oatmeal during breakfast hours. I have Celiac and need gluten free. Not much at airline clubs meet this requirement. Oatmeal does. Since I have no access to Admiral Clubs, I’d love to have the two free passes.
    Many thanks.

  • Linda

    My husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary with a cruise this fall that ends in Rio de Janeiro. Once off the ship, we have no place to go but to the airport to wait for our AA evening flight back to Miami. I would love to surprise him with passes to the Admiral’s Club. A chance to pass the time in some comfort (lounge chairs that recline would be nice) with the availability of some well prepared local food and drink specialties (a caipirinha perhaps?) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Mary Elizabeth Maynard

    In the lounge I’d love free massages, Godiva truffles, and childcare so my husband and I could relax while my daughter plays! And i’d pick the Admiral passes b/c I’ve never been in a club before! Thanks!

  • Shannon M.

    Some amenities my favorite airline lounge would have include: premium spirits and beer that is not skunky, sustainable food choices, free 15 minute massages and nice showers.

  • Michael

    Tai Chi and of course BINGO, prizes can be, lounges pass, premium drink and massage vouchers. Etc.

  • juddpatterson

    My perfect airline lounge would have healthy, local food so that even in the airport I could get a taste of the surrounding state/country. I’d also like the opportunity to get a much needed massage. Finally, I think a small gym would be amazing as travel often requires so much sitting. If I win, I’d love to have the 10% airfare discount (assuming it is valid for travel over the Christmas holiday). Otherwise the Admirals Club lounge passes would be amazing. Thanks!

  • Jennie

    My idea of the perfect airline lounge:
    1. Local and environmentally sustainable cuisine, bring the farmer’s market to the airport. It’ll be great to try to minimize carbon footprint.

    2. Massage parlor would be great, along with aromatherapy (apart from the common areas of course). Hot towels, too. Silly, I know, but it’s refreshing.

    As for the Elite Rewards, I think I would choose the additional passes. Would be great to splurge on my parents. Thanks again.

  • Bre

    Have free alcohol, fast wifi, buffet of food, and massage chairs :)

    I’d choose the extra lounge passes if I won.

  • James

    The perfect lounge would have free booze, massage, fast wifi and a business area. I would pick the extra club passes. Thanks!

  • Boaz H.

    Since the sky’s the limit….I would LOVE to have a swimming pool in a lounge to cool off those hot summer days! I would choose the extra club passes as my prize.

  • TONE

    My top 5 airport lounge amenities:
    5. Friendly customer service!
    4. Internet
    3. Lounge size (not just a cramped space)
    2. Food
    1. Alcohol – full service! I don’t mind paying for extreme top shelf scotch etc, but standards such as jack, capt Morgan, descent vodka and all tap beer not just domestic!

    For the bonus I would love the 2 admiral club day passes!

  • Nicholas Donati

    I would love a lounge to have free food from the region that the airport is in or the country of origin of the airlines. This would be kind of like the noodle bar that I hear the Cathay Pacific Lounge in San Francisco has. An AirFrance Lounge could have complimentary cheese, French wines and crepes, AeroMexico could have a Mexican street food buffet, etc.

    If I win, I would like the Admiral’s Club passes.

  • double_danno

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished a lounge had the Sleepbox:

    It’s like a grown-up blanket fort.

  • Erin Kendall

    A local microbrew on-tap (and complimentary) so there’s something more interesting to sample instead of the usual macros.

    i could use more lounge passes!

  • Synthia

    Wine and local cuisine! That’s all I ask for!

    I would love the admiral’s club day passes

  • Audria

    I think l’occitane shower products, a steam room, and reclining massage chairs would be great.
    I would love the day passes.

  • David Liu

    kerastase or high end hair products. It is after all, why we use business lounges. And a roomy spa !!!

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  • David Richter


  • Dornelles

    A good free wifi and a good wine would be enough! Two more Admiral Club day passes please!

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