Maximizing Miles and Points on Pet Food and Supplies

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Having a pet is like having a child and as I’ve learned in the past 6 months since getting Miles, the expenses add up quickly. As with most expenses, you have a lot of options where you buy things and how you maximize your miles and points. I’ve been getting better and better at minimizing my costs and maximizing my miles with Miles (get it), so I thought I’d share some of my experiences. As always, feel free to share your thoughts!

Miles and I on a family trip to North Carolina.

Miles and me on a recent family trip to North Carolina.

I always try to get multiple points per dollar on my purchases so when shopping for dog food, toys, and treats I decide which card to use based on where I am buying the items. Right now I feed Miles Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Puppy mix, which sells for $19.99 at my neighborhood pet store in NYC and on, $20.58 at Petco, and $16.99 at PetSmart.

If you buy your pet supplies/food at grocery stores you can earn 5 points per dollar with your Hilton Amex, 3 points per dollar with Citi Hilton HHonors Visa and Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve, 6% cash back with you Amex Blue Cash Preferred, and 2 points per dollar with your American Express Premier Rewards Gold or US Bank FlexPerks Visa.

If you find yourself picking up dog supplies at a gas station you can earn 2 points per dollar with your Ink Bold or Ink Plus card and 2 points per dollar with your Premier Rewards Gold card. Though the selection won’t be great at gas stations and the prices will most likely be marked up, if you’re on the road and in a bind you can usually find some treats and canned dog food there to hold your pup over until you reach your destination.

gcardsThe Trusty Gift Card Angle
Another option to consider is buying gift cards at an office supply store like Staples, Office Max or Office Depot and earning 5x points with your Ink Bold or Ink Plus card. At Staples you can purchase gift cards to Petco from $25 t0 $100 as well as Visa or American Express gift cards that can be used almost anywhere. Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens usually sell various gift cards so I would recommend stopping into to your nearest drugstore and seeing what they have available to purchase by credit card. After all, you might as well earn 5X points per $1 instead of just one on your purchases.

Amazon gift cards are available at both Staples and Office Max which you can purchase with your Ink Bold, Plus or Classic and then use online to buy pet supplies from various Amazon merchants.

Lately I have been buying Miles’ dog food and treats from Petco, through for $19.99 per bag. After reading on FlyerTalk that many people were getting 3x points from Amazon (Marketplace 3rd party only) when using their Premier Rewards Gold card I decided to try my luck and see if my purchase qualified for the 3x and they did! The Citi Forward card gives 5 points per dollar on “books” and most Amazon purchases qualify, which is a nice 5% additional return on your spend. Check out this post to read about my experience.

Online Shopping Portals

Another great place to look – and a chance to double dip and earn multiple miles or points in addition to the ones you’ll earn by using a travel credit card is through airline, hotel and credit card shopping portals. Through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall you can place an order online from 1-800-PetMeds for 6 points per dollar, PETCO for 5 points per dollar or PetSmart for 4 points per dollar right now.

Last week I clicked through the Ultimate Rewards portal to get to where I purchased a $100 PETCO gift card. Once I received the gift card 24 hours later in my inbox, I clicked through the UR portal once again to and bought a few bones and chew toys for Miles. I figured that my first purchase at Staples would earn the extra 3 points per dollar for shopping through the portal for a total of 8 points per $1, but I didn’t think my purchase at PETCO using a gift card would qualify for the 5 points per dollar because the terms and conditions in the Ultimate Rewards Mall state “Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 9.17.53 AM

Surprisingly enough, however, a week after both transactions processed I received an email from Chase saying that I earned extra points through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Both purchases were listed and it showed that PETCO earned 96 points based on $19.17 worth of items bought and Staples earned 300 points for the $100 gift card.

Since I used my Ink Bold, I should also get an additional 5 points per dollar on my Staples purchase bringing me to a grand total of 896 Ultimate Rewards points earned for $119.17 spent. Although this method takes a bit more time clicking through the portal twice and waiting for the gift card to be sent to you, it’s worth the extra points you will earn.

In the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall you can search for pet supplies and earn extra points.

In the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall you can search for pet supplies and earn extra points.

I haven’t tried using the Ultimate Rewards Mall paired with gift cards at any merchants other than PETCO so I can’t guarantee that it will work but it can’t hurt to try. Depending on what you need whether it be food, bedding, medicine, or grooming products you should be able to find it at one of these retailers and earn some extra Ultimate Rewards points while doing so.

To find the best bonuses with online shopping portals, I always do a quick search of, which shows that there’s a great range of options available on purchases of everything from general pet supplies and food to even pet medications through online retailers including PetSmart,, and 1-800-PetMeds. EVReward isn’t perfect though – you’ll notice Ultimate Rewards is missing – so always be sure to double check the portal you’re interested in just to be sure. Details on the five retailers with the most travel-specific program partners as follows: (12 partners):

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.15.09 PM

1-800-PetMeds (12 partners):

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.16.15 PM

PetSmart (12 partners):

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.16.45 PM

PetCareRX (9 partners):

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.17.29 PM (8 partners):

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.17.59 PM

While programs like Amtrak and Choice Privileges offer more points per dollar, depending on the travel you’re interested in, they might not be worth nearly as much as American or United miles. You should evaluate which points or miles programs are most valuable to you and decide what shopping portal to use from there.

Another site that I’ve recently become aware of is, which was launched by in July of 2011. I’ve seen a bunch of advertisements for them lately promoting certain discounts and free shipping. As a new customer you’ll get 20% off your first order using the code “BARK” and 3 months of free shipping with no minimum amount using the code “GOCRAZY“. is an up and coming site by that offers great discounts and free shipping. is an up and coming site by that offers great discounts and free shipping.

Since isn’t that well known yet, there are only a few rewards programs that have partnered with them. I searched and found you can earn 1 bonus mile per dollar with American Airlines and 1 bonus point with Hilton HHonors, or 0.5 bonus miles per dollar with United. Although those bonuses are not as great as some of the other pet supply stores shown above, a big discount and free shipping for 3 months is always nice option to have.

Hanging with Miles at the Parker Palm Springs

Hanging with Miles at the Parker Palm Springs

Offer specifics are of course subject to change, so be sure to check your preferred programs frequently for updates. Regardless of which offer(s) you take advantage of, caring for your pet can be an expensive proposition — you may as well collect some miles or points while you’re at it!

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  • Chris

    Hi Brian – this is some great info! I had never heard of, but thanks for the heads-up. Our cats are on veterinary diets (prescription diets) and all of the major sites typically don’t allow coupon codes to be used in combination with them. does! One bag of food through is typically in the $70 range…but only $50 on Wag after the coupon code. Thanks so much! -Chris

  • Rachel

    First of all, Chase Ultimate Rewards definitely is listed on evreward. It’s under “Points Programs” which is directly above “Frequent Flyer Miles and Hotel Rewards.” I just looked up Petsmart and Petco on evreward and it lists 5x points for Ultimate Rewards.

    Second, is in the same family as several other websites, including and If you go to the website you can see tabs for all of them at the top. What’s nice is that you can order from all of those websites and check out from any of them because they all share a shopping cart. So what I do is I search evreward for all of the websites, and checkout through whichever one has the highest bonus points at the time. For example, if I’m ordering dog food from, but has a higher bonus than, I’ll checkout through instead of

    I’ve checked out through when only ordering pet supplies, and I still got the higher bonus for the entire purchase from (I think it was 2x vs 1x).

  • thewire76

    Love your blog. Have read for a while, but never posted. Feel like I finally have something to contribute. I use dog food that only comes from Petco or Petsmart online. Haven’t found it locally. Here’s my process.
    1. Shop Petco vs Petsmart to see who’s running special. It’s usually same price in both places, but sometimes I find a deal.
    2. Visit GC Granny to find which cards are lowest at either of these places. Buy the GC and I usually get 16-22% off. I use my Fidelity Amex for another 2%.
    3. After the GC arrives, I go through and they give another 10% for using the GC.
    4. Mail man delivers this 30lb bag of food to my door and I don’t even have to carry it.

    All told, ~30-34% off food. Could use miles cards, but I’m so flush with miles at the moment, I’d rather have cash.

  • Dee

    Thanks, Chris! One of my dogs is on Rx food and has it.

  • Chris

    Hi Dee! Be sure to also enter the GOCRAZY code at checkout in addition to the BARK code. They’ll offer you free shipping on your first order automatically (at least they did for me) … but the GOCRAZY code will get you 3 months of free shipping.

  • Dee

    I double checked my dog’s Rx food and found it the dry food cheaper on (an no prescription needed). The canned version was less with the discount on

  • Dee

    Hi, Chris,
    If you enter PETS, you get both. The free shipping for 3 months counts for all 10 sites..,, etc.

  • Chris

    Hi Dee,

    I did check Amazon for my cat’s food (dry only) and they are more expensive (we buy almost everything on Amazon). I would suggest making sure that the Rx dog food is fulfilled by Amazon. I have clients who sell on Amazon…and I can assure you that (when not fulfilled by Amazon) … there’s no real quality control going on (aside from whatever the seller does). I’d be very wary of ordering Rx food when they’re saying no Rx is needed, because it should be!

    Thanks for the PETS tip. The GOCRAZY code does work across all the other sites as well.

    Thanks :)

  • Mel

    I’d recommend checking your local Target for pet food and supplies. I find Petco, Petsmart, Wag, and even Amazon are usually 30-50% more expensive than Target for food and litter. As an example, I just picked up a 16 pound sack of Purina One Indoor Advantage cat food at Target for 17.99 plus tax. The same bag will usually go for ~$25 at most other places. This might not be very lucrative points-wise, but with a Target red card you’ll get an additional 5% off so it’s much better cash-wise.

  • Garrett

    Miles the french bulldog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i get it :)

  • Greg

    Try mixing and matching! I have found on the shopping portals that they say “Click here and make your purchase using your X credit card and we will give you…” My experience is the online retailer can confirm back to the portal that the purchase was made but not “how” the purchase was made. You can maximize the portal that gives you the maximum points and buy with the credit card that gives you the maximum benefit.

  • shalling

    What I love about is that the shipping is super fast ($35 minimum for free shipping). It usually arrives the next day.

  • Marlene

    U buy discounted GCS all the time. Still earn, points, miles, cash back, etc., and save a lot more! best thing ever!

  • Jony

    What an ugly dog

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