How Do I Get Delta Mileage Credit For A Non-Codeshare Korean Air Flight?

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TPG reader Michael asked:

How do I get mileage credit on a flight for Korean Air when the Delta customer service representatives say none of the flights on the date that I want are codeshare-eligible to be booked?

“I would even prefer to book a Delta flight but they are $3,000 more expensive than Korean Air for my dates. I am booking business class (Prestige Class) on Korean Air and would like at least some MQM credit (the class of fare for my flights would be 75%). Please let me know if there is anything I can do!”


For flights after September 1, 2013, Delta will not be giving any MQMs for Korean Air-ticketed flights – flights have to be booked as a Delta codeshare.

Unfortunately, if your flight is after September 1, then you’re pretty much out of luck. If, by chance, you are flying before then, the old award chart will come into play and you can earn anywhere from 50-100% MQMs on your Korean Air flights.

Korean Air

Delta will not give any MQMs for Korean Air tickets flights after September 1, 2013.

What I would do is contact Delta, and voice your concern. Delta has recently rolled out some changes – such as hacking away at the flexibility to make Same Day Confirmed flight changes, an impending shift to a revenue-based elite program, an inflexible 72-hour rule on award tickets, and consumer-unfriendly expiration of miles when a member dies - that were not very popular with their elite flyers. Enough people spoke up and complained and Delta did take back some of the harsh rules that they had put into affect.

Try calling Delta Customer Service, as they do actually listen!

Try calling Delta Customer Service, as they do actually listen…sometimes.

You could also just keep checking to see if Delta does file a codeshare for that flight that does come down in price but unless they can ticket it on a Delta ticketed flight number, your situation will remain the same.

A seat in Korean Air's Prestige Class will cost more

Korean Air’s stylish stewardesses.

I’m sorry as this is probably not the answer you were hoping for – but if this is going to be a continuing issue with Delta, let them know that you’re going to have to take your business elsewhere and hopefully they will do something about it.

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  • Christian

    Shouldn’t you complain to Korean Air? They’re getting your money without providing MQMs…

  • Kathy

    I think you should complain to both airlines and ask why there is such a discrepancy. A difference of $3,000 is significant!

  • Atlmike

    I actually am the one who sent this question in and in the air now on my
    trip. It was fairly ridiculous when i was looking at costs. I was
    trying to keep them down for my client and ended up with business class
    ticket ATL to HKG and back for $5,200 connecting in LAX (on delta for
    this leg) and then Seoul. If I had flown entirely on delta it would have
    been $9,500. Bypassing LAX and doing KA for entire trip would have cost
    $6,500. Yes it was a last min booking less than 2 weeks out but that was a big difference. I ended up figuring out after talking to several Delta Agents that as long as I get KA to attach my skymiles number i will get credit for 75% of the file flown for MQMs
    Iget the 150% for the LAX leg but unbelievable at the price difference.
    The code share for the flight out of LAX on KA was available but at a
    $1500 markup over the price on KA website. If they codeshare the flight i
    would expect it to be the same price. IMO

  • Delta Platinum

    I am leaving delta for united following this mess. They will match me quickly as I always fly international business class with 3-5 other co-workers.

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