When Is The Best Time To Get The US Airways Mastercard?

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TPG reader Dan tweets:

“I’m in Philly where most flights are US Airways. When is the best time to sign up for US Airways credit card before the merger?”

First off, the merger hasn’t been approved by the government yet. Per the AP, currently 19 states are reviewing the merger for antitrust review. While most experts believe that the merger will get final approval, anything can happen at this point. So until the merger is 100% approved and scheduled to go ahead, I wouldn’t rush to get the US Airways Mastercard.
US Airways MastercardThat being said there is currently an offer for 35,000 miles after first purchase with the $89 annual fee waived for the first year. (Click on the terms and conditions to load the offer details since it doesn’t show on the landing page). There recently was a 40,000-mile sign-up bonus, but that has since been discontinued. Will it ever increase again? Your guess is as good as mine, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Barclaycard try and entice as many new cardholders as possible while they still have the product, so I’d personally wait and see what happens. Once you get the card, you likely can’t get the bonus again – Barclaycard has really cracked down on people getting multiple bonuses for the same product.

 That being said, there is more to a credit card than just the sign-up bonus, so if you are flying US Airways a lot it may make sense to get the card to take advantage of the key benefits:

  • Redeem flights for 5,000 fewer miles (when redeeming for US Airways operated award tickets)
  • 2 miles per $1 on US Airways purchases
  • 10,000 Preferred Qualifying Miles after $25,000 spent each calendar year
  • Waived award processing fees: $25 per domestic ticket; $35 per Mexico or Caribbean ticket; $50 per Hawaii or international ticket.
  • Two roundtrip companion tickets each year. Companion is $99 tickets plus taxes and fees. Valid for round-trip coach class travel within and between the contiguous U.S. and Canada when the Primary Cardmember purchases a qualifying ticket (minimum fare purchase of $250 required).
  • Preferred check in and Zone 2 priority boarding on every flight
  • One complimentary US Airways Club day pass every year
  • $75 Club Membership Discount Voucher

Those benefits can add up to a lot of extra value, and then when and if the airlines merge, as is likely, and Citi becomes the co-branded credit card issuer, you can apply for the card offerings from Citi at that time.

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  • Harry

    “Two roundtrip companion tickets each year” perk a little misleading since they have to be booked on the same flight.

  • JC

    If I am traveling with a companion I don’t think I’d book them on a different flight… Just saying.

  • Samuel A

    Can you be more specific about how Barclays is cracking down on people getting multiple bonuses for the same product? I thought this card was completely churnable and have not seen evidence otherwise.

  • Carsten Varming

    Usually the after-merger cards are considered different products than the pre-merger ones. So why not go after all the US/AA cards you possible can right now. Personally, I have gotten AA cards this year alone.

  • JC

    For me getting a US Air card with 35,000 bonus miles and no annual fee for the first year was the bird in the hand. Wait for the bird in the bush at your own peril.

    My way of thinking…

  • jack

    churnable no more! The rep just reads from a script and there’s nothing you can do to get approved. Nothing!

  • Samuel A

    I assume you’re talking about reconsideration right? As far as I know you can still churn it as long as you get instantly approved…

  • Buddy M.

    I just had this card a few months ago and don’t remember the award booking fees waiver and the USairways club day pass as being benefits. Are these new benefits? My card looked exactly like the one in the pic above. I would have kept it had I known because I just paid $150 in award booking fees for 3 tix to Hawaii.

  • Rachel

    I agree! Plus it’s after first purchase, so there’s not really a “minimum spend”. Hard to argue with that.

    Plus, if you get the card now, you’ll probably be targeted for a bonus point offer a couple months down the road (I was).

  • MFK

    What Harry meant is that these are not two separate companion tickets (meaning you can’t use one for one flight and the other for another flight). They have to be used on the same flight. Good for families, but as a single person, I found that I couldn’t use both in a year.

  • esfand

    Where did you find that “Waived award processing fees” is a benefit of the card?

  • Rob P

    Barclay hates to give people credit cards.

  • Jim

    It’s there, but you have to have spent $25,000 on the card and meet other eligibility criteria as well.

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  • Chonga

    When is it recommended to apply for the US AIrways mastercard? I see the offer now is up to 40K. Should I wait until August or just get it over with now and save the points until later next year when they merge?

  • RITom

    Barclay does not want to give out cards. If you are denied call them and cry to tell them why you want the card because you are leaving United/SW with chase and want to switch your usage over. It has worked twice for me.

  • RITom

    The highest it has ever been since before bankruptcy was been 50k and that was when we could turn over cards… I think AA is going to go with Citi bank so these deals are going to go bye bye

  • RITom

    You need the WORLD CARD not the other card.

  • RITom

    If you had a personal card then apply for a business card. Do not forget that your spouse can also get his/her own cards

  • RITom

    true it was that way when US/AmericanWest Merged and we got all new cards all over again! :)

  • RITom

    Not at all, they know by your SS# if you had a personal or business card with them. So get the other one if you had one. Thus you should have both by now

  • RITom

    In my experience the prices never work out well

  • Samuel A

    I just got the bonus on the personal card for the 3rd time a few weeks ago so it is definitely churnable in my experience or maybe I’m just lucky.

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