Thursday Giveaway: Choice of Delta Silver Medallion, 4 Delta Sky Club Passes or $200 Tiffany Gift Card

by on July 18, 2013 · 915 comments

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Today is Thursday meaning it’s time for another one of my Thursday Giveaways. I haven’t yet selected my Delta Platinum Choice Benefit for this year yet, so I thought I would give it away to one of my readers this week. One lucky reader will receive their choice of Silver Medallion Status through February 2014, 4 Delta Sky Club Passes or a $200 Tiffany & Co. Gift Card.

See what's on tap at Delta's Sky Club bars.

Choose between Sky Cub Passes, Medallion status or a Tiffany Gift Card.

The winner will receive one the following Delta Platinum Medallion Choice Benefits (only those in bold are allowed to be transferred, so you must select from those):

  • 4 Systemwide Upgrades good for travel on Delta flights worldwide. Certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and are now redeemable on the day of departure. Fare restrictions apply. View all fare rules and restrictions here: Systemwide Upgrades.
  • 4 Delta Sky Club One-Day Passes good at over 50 airport clubs worldwide. You can use them for up to 12 months from the date of issue.
  • 20,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles or, you can donate miles to a SkyWish charity of your choice.
  • Travel/Retail Gift Card Select from: Tiffany & Co. Gift Card: $200, or Delta Travel Voucher: $200
  • Silver Medallion Status through February 2014, which offers unlimited complimentary upgrades, priority check-in, priority boarding, and more.

Also check out my post on Delta Choice Benefits which could help you decide which one to choose.

Here’s How To Enter:
Post a comment on this post about how you’d benefit from one of the choices of Silver Medallion, Lounge Passes or $200 gift card. It can be anything, but just post by 5pm ET on Sunday July 21st and the winner will be selected at random and announced on Monday.

Good luck!

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  • frederick s

    Probably Tiffany and Co would be good. Used to make a great income, and now I don’t. Would be nice to get something for my mother even though I’m a little too broke for comfort right now.

  • Howard

    I would like the $200 Tiffany gift card to help purchase an engagement ring for my Girlfriend. I know $200 isn’t a substantial amount but it may help pay for the taxes. Thank you so much.

  • Russ Hearn

    Too bad the 4 sky club day passes are almost more valuable than the DL Systemwide upgrades. I bet you wouldn’t give away your AA SWUs :)

  • Brian Gallagher

    Would love silver status for some upgrades!

  • Jamie

    Silver Medallion status so that my 6’1″ frame has a shot at upgrades out of the cattle car section

  • brian

    I’d love to have the lounge passes to test out the new highly debated liquor selections!

  • Alex

    Hey Brian, awesome site – I’m a new visitor and really am finding a lot of useful tips on here. I could really use the $200 gift card towards a wedding purchase from Tiffany & Co. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  • Z

    Tiffany’s! Would be nice to show the gf a token of appreciation!

  • Trev

    I’d benefit by further understanding of Delta and if I can switch over to them. Thanks!

  • Marlene

    I would use the gift card, as well, since I already have status. I would actually take the Delta voucher, since I love to travel!

  • Eric Morabito

    I would love Silver Status for upgrades for travels for the rest of the year, or the Sky Club passes for my layovers

  • Devon Pack

    I’d benefit from the club passes as my wife and I have just started seeing the benefits of the miles/points tricks we’ve been learning on here. Our mutliple upcoming trips would be great for using passes!

  • RJ

    What a generous gift! I would choose Tiffany’s. I love Delta, but I’m already Platinum and have club access.

    Love all your clues and hints!


  • Dannon Shiff

    My wife would finally stop asking if we can pay for a club pass when we travel if we had the 4 passes!

  • Nathan

    My company is sending me to Minneapolis a lot over the next year. Delta is the only direct flight so the Silver Medallion status would help a lot.

  • Jared Montgomery

    The $200 Tiffany gift card would go a long way in helping to replace the charm I got my significant other on our 1 year anniversary!

  • Steve

    If I won, I of course will place you in my Will, to return your gift with interest!

  • Mark Littell

    FO status as I will be losing it after the current cycle ends!!

  • Kevin

    Hey Brian – With your help and hints I have achieved silver status and have the Platinum AMEX, so I have access to the lounges. I would go with the Tiffany’s gift card to help pay for presents (birthday season in my family!)

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Drobik

    Have a couple Skyteam flights coming up, and having some status would be better than a kick in the teeth!

  • Neer

    The skyclub passes would help with my 4-6 hour layovers on multiple trips this year!

  • Greg Miller

    I would love the passes for my upcoming honeymoon in Hawaii. We are taking three flights each way! We are doing the trip 100% on miles thanks to you!

  • eric

    I’d love to use the lounge passes on my way to Oktoberfest this fall!

  • Adam Levin

    I would use the Tiffany’s gift card for my wife’s birthday present in October. Thanks for all your insight.

  • Jackie

    I could really benefit from Silver Medallion Status as I have 2 Delta flights already booked through February 2014 and I would love the chance for upgrades & the other elite perks! I think it might also help me if I need to make any changes to my flights right? I’d love to win Silver!

  • Randy

    Tiffany card would make my wife very happy.

  • Jamie

    Tiffany Gift Card would be great. Already have status and SkyClub access.

  • P. Hand

    Most of my travel is personal so I rarely have the chance to obtain medallion status. It would be awesome to have a shot at upgrades for a year with FO status.

  • Dieuwer

    I already will have medallion status until February 2015. Also, I never shop at Tiffany & Co. But maybe you could donate the gift card to a good cause?

  • Blake

    Silver medallion status would be huge for me as I travel almost monthly on Delta AUS –> ATL to see my one year old nephew!

  • Mike G.

    I would go with the Tiffany gift card, with which I would buy something to keep my girlfriend off my back for how often I’m traveling!

  • Greg

    Would definitely go with the gift card. I don’t fly Delta. My fiance and are going to Aruba Labor Day for our anniversary so I would buy her a little something special.

  • VE

    I’m 6’3″ and I would use those upgrades to give my knees a break when I fly to Australia in January

  • Lauren

    I just started traveling to Atlanta a lot so I’d love the Silver Status

  • explorer777

    Use the Tiffany’s Card to get out of the doghouse after forgetting my wife’s birthday present!

  • George Hedstrom

    My Fiance would be able to put that Tiffany gift card to use. ;)

  • DR

    Gift card would be great for parents anniversary.

  • tom

    would really like that silver medallion…with this AA and US Scare merger…I am pondering jumping ship..could let me sample the wares before I committ

  • Steve

    I’d take the gift card

  • Leon

    The 20K miles will allow me to top off my account to take a much needed trip to Uganda to see my in-laws thanks to the Delta/KLM partnership.

  • Justin

    The system wides will let me upgrade against a full fare flight during my next work to Europe. The company won’t let me buy business, but generally lets me buy a full fare refundable so I can use miles.

  • ATLJason

    I’ll add my 2 cents. I would take the 4 lounge passes. I’ve been in the miles game for about 2 years now and my partner and I have taken two (nearly) free trips to Europe in business class. One of the greatest things about international business class travel is the lounge access. We don’t travel enough to really make Silver Medallion worth it, but I think we could put the lounge passes to good use. Love your blog, this is my go-to page for points/miles info.

  • JC

    I’d love the Silver status. I will be doing significant travel on Delta over the next six months and would make great use of the perks.

  • mary

    Well I have a birthday coming up (Aug 7) and it would be such fun to treat myself with a little blue box from TIffany’s!!

  • Matthew

    Use the miles toward flights to Italy for my honeymoon next year!

  • FXA

    I mostly travel for pleasure so I rarely have the chance to obtain medallion status. Next year, my wife and I are planning a trip to Europe and those lounge passes would be a nice start to an awesome anniversary trip.

  • Lizzie Rosenberg

    Silver medallion to enjoy an upgrade

  • Jacob Cohen

    Tiffany gift card! My momma birthday is in 6 weeks and she will love it!!

  • Brandon

    Would love to get the fiance something nice w/ that gift card =)

  • Adam

    I’ve never had airline status, so albeit “silver” it would be huge to think that I’m finally on the perks side – and see my name somewhere on those upgrade lists. If I were a bit less selfish the fiance would certainly love a first piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s!

  • omp

    Silver Status to score some upgrades!

  • Ben Z

    I owe my girlfriend a gift after she booked our entire vacation to SE Asia on Delta and Starwood points for the entire trip! (Le Meridiens and China Southern business class)

  • njfarmb0y

    Son is getting married next March & want a destination wedding at Antigua Guatemala so a Delta Credit or Tiffany card would help with this wonderful event.

  • frenchman619

    Silver Medallion status seems like the most bang for buck

  • Katie

    We are planning a trip to Europe and $200 Delta Travel Voucher would make the planning easier!!!

  • Warren

    I would use the Delta Sky Club passes on a trip to Mexico and Central America next year.

  • Chris y

    Delta status would be great for my trips back home from college. Plus I fly AA a lot, and switching carriers would be a nice change – not to mention with better status I might actually be able to use my 90,000 delta miles!

  • Shane

    Silver Medallion status is the choice I would take if I am the winner. It can help me to upgrade to some economy plus seats or even to premium cabin.

  • Yama Sidiqi

    been working 14 hours shift past two weeks, can really use a little getaway, the Delta voucher would be sweeeet

  • corinne712

    Lots of travel on Delta coming- would be a boon!

  • Ben Wenger

    The Delta status would allow me and my wife to possibly fly first class for the first time ever :)

  • Kyle

    I’d use that $200 gift card to buy my wife something “real nice” at Tiffany’s.

  • tpup

    I’m already Platinum and a SkyClub Member, and I gifted my wife Sliver, so I would take the $200 Tiffany gift card. Thanks!

  • Brian H

    Delta Silver status for the free baggage and the (very) small chance of an upgrade.

  • Mark R.

    The $200 Tiffany gift card will make my wife “very happy”!

  • Justin

    Silver Status would be huge – no more middle seats when flying to ATL!

  • Mike

    I can use the tiffany giftcard for part of a wedding band.

  • Aarif

    Something nice for my wife with the gift card.

  • Mark

    My 13 year-old daughter loves the sushi @ the Narita Sky Club.

    So the 4 Delta Sky Club passes will be “deliciously” appreciated whenever we transit through Narita on the roundtrips between the US and Asia!

    I try to be a better parent than Mummy … chuckle … The last time my daughter travelled with Mummy, she was left behind in economy while Mummy got upgraded to business class. Actually, my daughter didn’t mind because she could read her books in peace and quiet.

  • Guest

    Lots of Delta travel coming up over the next several months!

  • Bocos

    $200 gift card, going toward a birthday gift for my wife

  • Lily

    Although Delta SkyMiles are considered to be difficult to redeem at their low level, they can still offer some values at some special condition such as the last minute ticket. I would choose the 20,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles for a future flight.

  • Rob

    I have an upcoming trip that I’d like to be able to take the four co-workers travelling with me to the new JFK T4 SkyClub.

  • Jon K

    I would definitely go for the Delta SkyClub passes – you never know who you might meet in airport clubs and you’re virtually guaranteed a good story no matter what. :)

  • dwh

    The wife would love the little blue box to show up for her, and I’m to cheap to buy it myself

  • kestie

    My husband’s family of 7 siblings (plus him) and their some 20 nephews and nieces mostly live in MI so we would LOVE Delta Silver Medallion status to help us get in and out of DTW or TVC in style more often. Thanks!

  • Charlie F

    I’m flying Delta from Barcelona to Amsterdam and then DC in early August. I’m then flying Delta again from JFK to Tokyo and then Singapore during the middle of the month. This would be great!

  • Gareth

    Tiffany & Co. gift card would be great to get my wife something for putting up with my weekly travels away from home

  • danny

    Delta status would allow me to book and change award tickets on a whim.

  • Bryce Griffler

    The Silver Medallion status would be–super cool! My father always had a high status when I was a kid, and sometimes the family would benefit, but I’m not to that point (of travel amount) in my career yet! It’d be neat to have “status!”

  • AnnieLovesParis

    And I said, “What about ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s?’”

    She said, “I think I remember the film,

    And as I recall, I think we both kind of liked it.”

    And I said, “Well that’s the one thing we’ve got.”

    I love these Thursday giveaways. Fun to dream! Thanks :) Annie

  • Tomas

    Sky Club passes would be the best gift on earth!

  • Gershon

    Delta $200 off a ticket would be great!

  • gpuzzi

    I bet I could make the girlfriend happy, at least for a few days, with the Tiffany gift card.

  • Josh

    The Delta Silver Medallion Status would be of great benefit. I’m enrolled in SPG Crossover rewards and would be able to get free Delta miles for my stays at Starwood properties.

  • Elyse

    I’m in the process of planning and paying for my wedding so the $200 to Tiffany & Co. could help pay for wedding jewelry, especially since any monetary help is much appreciated at this time!

  • Ralph

    I would use the Silver status to get free checked baggage

  • Dhurd

    I would take the Silver Status. I am in that awkward stage now where I am starting to fly them every other week, so while I will get Silver before the end of the year anyways, it would save me 5 months of Zone 5 boarding.

  • Kristie

    In awe of the pics and articles about the new JFK SkyLounge on TPG. Lounge Passes would make my dream come true!!

  • AB

    The Tiffany & Co. gift card would be a nice “pick me up” for my girl friend since I am in the “dog house” right now. Jewelry always cheers up a girl or so I’ve been told.

  • Alexander I

    I’m planning a trip for my parents to visit me from Russia, I would love the 4 system wide upgrades to allow them have an experience of a lifetime!!! They have never flown in premium cabin, so it would mean a lot to them!!

  • kevin p

    Silver Medallion would be awesome. I’m one of those people who gets severe anxiety attacks over whether I’ll have enough overhead space for my rollaboard while watching all the “status” people board before me!

  • Melissa S.

    Since today is the birthday….and since I’m always buying stuff for the kids only…I think I would use the $200 Tiffany certificate to splurge on myself! :)

  • Mark

    Tiffany gift card would be awesome for our anniversary coming up

  • SaltyHoney

    The $200 Delta travel voucher would be great!

  • Terry K

    I would like to check out a Delta lounge. It is much more comfortable with my family.

  • Eric

    Because the Mrs is always asking…Tiffany gift cards!!

  • wa2

    Delta Silver Medallion would be an incredible perk – thanks for the great blog!

  • Bill Smith

    Would love to win the 4 sky club passes

  • Jon Nason

    Sky Club passes would be a lifesaver on a trip for my family to visit my brother and his family in Uganda. A morning stopover in Amsterdam or London with a chance to freshen up and relax would be most welcome!

  • hugh

    I would take the sky club passes for a much needed retreat on my upcoming long, long layover!

  • amandabeadle

    I’d want the Tiffany’s gift card. I’d put it towards a set of good cufflinks for my husband (and earrings for me).

  • Gerry Kirk

    Delta is the only airline that flies out of our small airport so I’d benefit greatly.

  • tringuyen82

    gift card at tiffany’s would help the misses more than you’d know. thanks.

  • Zach

    I’m recently engaged and my future wife and I are both avid TPG readers. We’re actually using past posts by the TPG team to piece together a round the world trip on Delta (using Skymiles in Business class, of course!) for our honeymoon. I’d love to be able to use the $200 Tiffany & Co. gift card toward a wedding present for our special day!

  • coco

    i would love to again qualify for medallion status, my first year in fifteen when i did not qualify…miss the advantages in lines and luggage

  • Eddy

    We have an upcoming trip to Bonaire via ATL. We have a long layover in ATL and really need a shower after the overnight flight. My family is much nicer to be around for the next segment

  • LRZ

    We’re heading for Glacier National Park on Delta…..I’d love the club passes!

  • Ngoc

    The bonus miles will help me reach my roundtrip goals!!

  • Steven ishmael

    The one day sky club passes would be awesome! It would give my wife, son, and I a huge perk on our first family vacation! Thanks!

  • artezd

    Will use the Tiffany gift card for my wife who introduced me to the TPG blog..

  • Nick

    I will be flying Delta to JFK to meet up with my college friends next week, so four Sky Club passes will allow us to celebrate the occasion in style.

  • Robert P

    I’d give them to my dad. He travels a lot and I’ve been able to swing him some United passes lately that have greatly helped when he has been stuck. It would nice to be able offer the same thing for Delta (he flies both equally to Calgary)

  • Cambridge50

    When you have your 32rd wedding anniversary coming up, visions of her opening up the blue box from Tiffany’s get a lot closer to reality with $200 extra in pocket. Thanks, Points Guy.

  • Rick

    I would use the benefits of Silver status for upcoming Delta flights.

  • Jenny

    We fly to LA in Delta as a often and will be using a stack of Delta miles next spring break, so Silver Medallion status would rock

  • flyinace2000

    i’ve got my eye on some new crystal champagne flutes to compliment the set my mother gave my wife and I before she passed away.

  • Kim

    I don’t fly Delta frequently, so the 20,000 miles would be great for one award flight. Or the Tiffany gift card, too….. ;)

  • Thomas Webster

    I have several cross country and international flights coming up later this year and early next. The medallionstatus or upgrades would really help make them enjoyable!

  • Erik M

    Happy wife = happy life…$200 at Tiffany’s helps with that one!

  • AlexS

    My wife and I just had a baby and are planning a celebratory trip to LHR/CDG this fall…would love to be able to spend more time in the SKY CLUB instead of sitting in ATL terminal(s)!!

  • eli104

    Hmmm… you mentioned the systemwide upgrades in the post, but not in the contest. If available, I’d go for those upgrade certificates first. Second on the list is the $200 voucher or Tiffany certificate. Either one would help make our next trip better. And since I’m already Silver Medallion and have a Platinum Amex card, (based on your points advice, I picked up 100k points when I got it), I’ll put the extra 20,000 miles on the 3rd spot for me. Winning isn’t everything, but it sure helps!

  • Kaziopeia

    I would benefit from 20,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles and use them towards my first trip to Japan in November.

  • Jimmy Endresss

    I just got free Silver status on United. Having Silver Status on Delta would be great! Then I can finally start to burn my 300K+ skypesos.

  • r0m8470

    I would take my fiance to Kalispell for a week-long trip to Glacier and Waterton. She’s not an avid hiker, so Silver medallion status with its perks would be nice incentives to sweeten the trip for her!

  • Lauren

    i’m already set with club access and medallion status so tiffany giftcard it is! thanks TPG!

  • Michael

    I would enjoy using the tiffany giftcard as a gift to my girlfriend for putting up with my crap! :)

  • Andrew G

    Delta lounges are the best that would be awesome!

  • Mitch

    I would benefit from the Tiffany Gift Card as it would help to keep me out of the dog house while I research Star Alliance routes

  • Free Stuff Scavenger

    Been saving up for THE ring…so the $200 Tiffany gift card would be great towards that!

  • Jon

    As an NYC based flyer, delta silver would be useful. And my first airline status ever! (1mm plus with no status, that needs to change!)

  • Steve

    I would love the gift card

  • disqus_gYtb3XWkZ2

    I know the fiance would love the Tiffany Gift Card :P

  • Espan

    Well, $200 gift card is a good excuse to shop at Tiffany’s for the lady…

  • David G

    With so many weddings to attend this year, between flights, hotels, tux rentals etc, the $200 to Tiffany’s would really help out in the gift department!

  • bgdubs7

    I graduated from college last year and moved cross country, and would love the the opportunity to use the system wide upgrades as part of a gift to fly my family out to see me!

  • Kim

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m a newbie that has learned so much from your blog! I have gotten all your credit card bonus suggestions, Amex Gold, Delta Amex and bluebird and along with vanilla reloads and have successfully gotten three practically free trips to Rome for my family of 4 for our first Mediterreanean cruise in March!! The only downside (other than being in coach, ha ha!), is that me and my hubby and two teens have a 17 hour trip from FLL-JFK-MXP-FCO on the way there and the 4 club passes for JFK will take the sting out of the long trip and turn me into a rock star mom!!

  • Dustin

    200 bucks at Tiffany would make my wife really happy and benefit myself as well ;)

  • Guest

    I would love the $200 Delta travel voucher. My best friend is getting married and the voucher would help reduce the cost of a last minute ticket!!

  • Parker

    I am getting married next year and the $200 Tiffany & Co Gift card would be great to (in part!) purchase something for my future wife to wear on our wedding day. Don’t worry the honeymoon is already taken care of with 2 first class award tickets to Europe with Skymiles!

  • Laura

    Taking my mom to Europe this summer and 4 sky club passes would be great for our long layover.

  • Tanner Brunsdale

    Hey Brian! I could definitely use the $200 Tiffany gift card since my partner and I just got engaged! :)

  • Whitney H.

    I’m getting married next summer and we have already booked a 14 day Europe vacation. We are planning some stopjaws (thanks to points guy) to maximize the use of our Delta points. I would love to surprise my groom with the Delta Sky Club passes. This would help reduce the stress of multiple stops with layovers when traveling for our honeymoon. Thanks!

  • Maryanne Gaddy

    On this trip, I’ve missed two flights due to bad connections, and have spent an inordinate amount of time in the airport trying to rearrange everything, contact people, change room reservations, etc. I had just received two Untied Club passes which made all the mess a thousand times easier to deal with and totally saved my trip! My mom (68) is taking her first trip to Italy soon – I’d love for her to have that kind of insurance in her pocket.

  • sundk

    Would love the medallion status for all of the upgrades!

  • Chris

    I’d take the $200 travel voucher to visit my Mom in Atlanta!

  • Michael

    Tiffany & Co. Gift Card is perfert for my wife birthday gift

  • Doug

    The Delta Skyclub passes would be wonderful for myself and my aging parents relax at the airport on our family reunion trip.

  • NinaK

    Would love the 20K miles to help me get back to Asia after a disastrous trip (my first and only time there) where I ended up in the hospital for 2 days and then returning home.

  • ttxtri

    Well the Tiffany’s card or the Sky Club Passes would work for me. I am going to Hawaii for my 20 wedding anniversary in October (flying there on points only) either would be a great way to top off the trip.

  • Bryan

    I would use the Silver Status on Delta as I fly between LAX and SJO a lot and Delta just began non-stop.

  • Rick A

    Fiftieth anniversary next year. Tiffany or passes will help defray the cost of the celebration. ;)

  • Rob

    I’m a TPG follower for 3+ years now & have shared your site with a lot of people over that time. That being said, I’m taking a father/son trip to South Africa over Thanksgiving from DC and the gift of Silver Medallion Status THIS year combined with the flights to Johannesburg would also secure me Silver Status through February 2015 !!! My fingers, toes, eyes & legs are crossed . . . THANKS TPG.

  • Joe S

    My wife’s 30th birthday is coming up, and I’d like to get her something nice from Tiffany’s. $200 off would be a nice bonus for me.

  • Caroline

    My choice would be the Tiffany gift card so I can buy my best friend a nice wedding gift :)

  • Monica

    I would love the Silver status for my upcoming flights or maybe the Tiffany gift card for a xmas gift for my mom. I love your site! Thanks

  • Bob

    Medallion status would be great for upgrades and priority boarding.

  • Joe Catul

    Silver Medallion would help in letting me select seats reserved for elites and have a tiny chance at upgrades. I have free checked bags with the Delta Amex and lounge access with the Amex Platinum.

  • Nick

    I am also recently engaged (as it seems many others are as well!) and the Tiffany gift card would be great, although the Silver Medallion status may come in more handy for some honeymoon flight upgrades!

  • Dan

    Heading abroad for my honeymoon in a few weeks and love to get upgraded on Delta, the airline we are flying! We are avid readers of TPG and always appreciate your guidance! Thanks!

  • lookcle

    My parents just retired and I bought Delta tickets to take them to Israel, Italy and Spain on November this year, and to South America on April next year. I wish I could afford to take them in Business or First class, so they don’t have to be 9+ hours on those uncomfortable coach seats, specially my dad who is tall and has back problems. Here is where Delta Silver Medallion status will benefit us. Even if I can get only one upgrade, I would give the seat to my dad :-) I have already gave both of them Global Entry and Lounge access through American Express Platinum, the upgrade is the only thing missing to complete the perfect travel experience. Thanks TPG for all your wonderful tips!

  • Lantzuh

    I don’t know what Silver Medallion Status is, but I want it! Trying to collect all the rare statuses and your website def helps! I subscribe daily!

  • Carrin

    I would love to win the $200 Tiffany gift card or Delta Sky Club passes! I have several family trips planned that include nasty layovers. Too short to leave the airport, too long to sit idle. It would be nice to spend them relaxing in an airport lounge.

  • Randy

    The benefit to a Tiffany & Co gift card would be a happy wife!

  • Sasha

    Delta silver – always a decent chance at those first class upgrades!

  • Chris

    Looking at engagement rings at Tiffany’s just the other day. Any assistance would help! Great site fyi

  • Ben Nunnery

    The medallion status and its complimentary upgrades would be great so my french bulldog will have more room when we fly

  • Martin

    I have a long trip and the One-Day passes would be perfect to have a break in the airport!!

  • Alex Qu

    $200 Tiffany gift card would be ideal, I’ m a big fan of Tiffany, my girlfriend’s birthday is approaching too:-)

  • Jamie

    I wasn’t able to travel as much as I planned this year and am losing my Silver status for the first time in 5 years so I would love to have the Silver status bonus….although the upgrades or lounge passes are also tempting options!

  • JYish

    I would use the TIffany & Co gift card to surprise my wife with a nice “I Love You” gift!

  • Gordon

    I would have to choose the Tiffany card or just maybe the Silver Medallion (so I could gift to my wife) I am able to maintain Gold, so when she travels with me, the Silver could increase our chance of both getting upgraded by just a little.

    Great blog. Long time reader.

  • Kit

    Tiffany card for sure. Best value for my limited travels.

  • Valerie G.

    I would certainly benefit from Silver Medallion status; with a new baby coming in three weeks, it would be great to be able to upgrade, board early, etc. with a little one!

  • harlanvaughn

    I’d go for the Tiffany gift card. Would be nice to get something for the lady in my life. I’m already Silver on Delta and have the Amex Platinum card.

  • jmio

    I would love to win the 20,000 points to be added to my Delta account so that my wife can visit her mother in China on her upcoming 80th birthday.

  • Susan

    Tiffany $200 gift card would be great… Birthday coming up soon, and I need a present!

  • Nick

    Well, there’s only on way to play this right! The gift card from Tiffany!

    My girlfriend would love to see me appear this little Tiffany blue box. Did you know that they call this color Tiffany blue? :)

  • yan

    Jewelry for my wife!

  • Johnny B

    The $200 Delta travel voucher would be great to use for mileage runs.

  • Chris

    I’ve been trying to build Delta status all year, but have had a slowdown in travel recently. I booked a trip from NYC to California in August and unfortunately Delta tickets were $300 higher than their competitors. I would love to have Silver status to help with upgrades, etc.

  • Eric Haley

    I could benefit from any of these. My best friends dad passed away last week and he has been feeling very depressed. I would love to take him with my miles and surprise him on a vacation. I really don’t care which one I would get. It’s not for me just something to help a friend in need.

  • chaim

    I plan on traveling in January so the silver madellion will be great for an upgrade

  • Ana

    I would love silver medallion status for the potential upgrades!

  • Robby

    I’d love the 4 Delta Sky Club passes. I’m traveling to Australia on DAL with three friends over Thanksgiving – and it would be a blast for all of us to hang out in the lounge during our 6 hour layover!

  • Ann a

    Would love the $200 dollar delta gift card to take my niece and nephew to Florida. Thank you for your blog.

  • Winnie

    I’d love the $200 Tiffany’s- just to treat myself =)

  • Ken K

    The SkyClub passes are my choice. My wife and I will be flying Delta this summer and fall to East Coast.

  • hhnannies

    The $200 Delta travel voucher would be awesome since we are going to make our first trip using what we have learned here in January. Thanks!

  • Brendan

    I would love the Silver Medallion status – I just started a consulting job with a company that primarily uses Delta and this would be a great perk!

  • Baqa

    $200 at Tiffany & Co can be directly converted into the most valuable points in the Miles and Points world: wife points :-)

  • Dexter

    I booked a lavish Honeymoon in Maldives and am flying Delta (hopefully get upgraded on the way) to India to get to Maldives. A tiffany swag would be nice cherry on the cake :D

  • Adam Weiner

    I would love the sky club passes so I can check out the new club at JFK T4!

  • Amy

    Two upcoming international trips in coach…help!

  • Julie

    The skyclub passes would be great. We are travelling to the west coast this fall and they would be a great perk!

  • Aegistar

    The Tiffany & Co. Gift Card would be great since I’ve been wanting to give my girlfriend something special.

  • Chris

    I would take the sky club passes. When on an international trip it would be nice to have a place tool relax.

  • Dan

    I’d love the Silver Medallion status. I have been struggling this year to build up MQMs. With the gifted status, I could concentrate my CC spend to make some of the bonus minimum spends easier on some new cards rather than hitting the $25K on my Delta AMEX for the 10K MQMs.

  • kent

    The Tiffany $200 gift card. For the wife, of course! Happy wife = Happy life :)

  • Zinnon

    I am coming up on my first anniversary and due to my new job I am have been traveling quite extensively. The $200 gift card would help with buying a gift for my wife and thanking her for putting up with me being gone.

  • Andy Sheep

    I’m job hunting, after finishing 4 arduous years of residency, flying all over the country, and that Silver status would be killer!

  • Joanna

    the $200 delta voucher would be awesome for a trip im taking out to california end of year!!

  • Alex

    My girlfriend would love a small present from Tiffany!

  • Richard M

    I just switched to Delta and silver medallion status would be great!

  • Winnie

    Delta Upgrade would give us the cherry on top for our honeymoon to Bora Bora!

  • Sara A

    This year as an exception, I’d take the gift card and put it towards my fiancée wedding ring!

  • Jay_TPG_reader

    I could greatly benefit from Delta Lounge passes.

  • BenTraveling

    I would go for the silver medallion status so that my spouse and I could both be upgraded for trips to visit family near and far.

  • Chris Godfrey

    I am moving out of the country next week, and having the Silver Medallion status would be fantastic for all the many flights I am going to have to start making.

  • LarryInNYC

    I’d use the four club passes for my upcoming family trip to Iceland (following in Brian’s footsteps). The flight leaves from JFK around midnight; I have daughters who are 12 and 14. I’d love to be able to head to the airport earlier and relax in the new T4 SkyClub before the flight.

  • Kevin Heffernan

    I could benefit from the Sky Club passes bc I have the worst luck when flying. If my flight is delayed, I might as well wait in style!

  • James Durkin

    Tiffany gc would be great to buy the wife a little gift.

  • Chris

    I use Delta all the time and the passes or even the gift card would come in handy.

  • Ryan

    I do non-competitive flights all the time, to visit family. I’d likely score upgrades even as a lowly Silver, and the free bags would save a ton of money. Thanks for giving me a shot!

  • Catherine Paulson

    Moved from ATL to DFW and had to go from Million MIler on AA to NO STATUS on DL. 6′ tall and can’t even get an aisle seat, let alone an exit row without status. Would LOVE the upgrades & I have 5 DL flights booked already in Sept. & Oct. Thanks all the great posts Points Guy – you provide great information in humous, easy to understand way. :)

  • bufito

    A Delta Sky club entry would be the cherry on the top for our 15th year anniversary!

  • Dawn

    Silver medallion to help with baggage fees!

  • Z. Chen

    I’d love to use the $200 Tiffany & Co. gift card toward an anniversary gift for my wife.

  • Nick Danforth

    I would definitely love those club passes! Been traveling a lot more recently and it would be great to have a little bit more comfort in transit.

  • Kerri S

    Would love priority check-in!

  • NathanHanna

    How do you not benefit from a nice visit to a lounge when you are
    grinding it out on the road? Tiffany card would be a benefit to the
    home life as a gift for grinding it out on the road.

  • andy2343

    I miss my silver status :( in 2012 I must have been the only Delta Silver that actually got about 95% of my upgrades :D

  • Thomas

    I’m sure I can find something at Tiffany & Co. for $200

  • Amanda S

    Definitely the Sky Club passes. I want to check out the Sky Deck at JFK!

  • Felix Oliver

    I would buy my gf something shiny then use the $200 saved on that to go somewhere nice to give it to her.

  • ken

    silver medallion to cover some economy comfort upgrade cost.

  • William Goddard

    A silver medallion would get me able to go shopping!

  • Steve

    My girlfriend loves travel but is pretty skeptical about the effort I put in to increase our points and miles. Maybe some Delta Sky Club passes would help let her see the sorts of nice things I’m trying to help us have on our trips!

  • rs2183

    Pick me please?

  • Mark

    I would use the Tiffany & Co. $200 gift card to help buy something for my beatiful wife.

  • Eugene

    Delta Travel Voucher: $200! The summer fare to Asia is skyrocketing and hopefully this help take off the heat a little bit

  • Raymond_G

    I’d love to have that $200 travel voucher from Delta for family trips!

  • Matt

    I am planning to propose to my girlfriend later this year so
    I could put the $200 Tiffany card towards a ring.

  • Alonso

    I’d love to have Silver Medallion Status for upgrades

  • Dawn B.

    4 lounge passes would be oh-so-perfect! 1 for my DL flight in Sept; 1 for my sis’s trip to her company’s mandatory “voluntary” annual meeting in Nov; and the other two for our vacation to Vietnam in Dec.!! Yes, please.

  • Gregory Feczko

    My BFF’s 22nd Birthday is coming up, and I’d love to be able to buy her something from Tiffanys.

  • Ryan Williams

    I would really benefit from the Silver Medallion status till February 2014. I have always been coming close every year to Silver, but never have gotten over the threshold to achieve it. I have a few more trips coming up the end of the year which I would really appreciate Silver Status!

  • Joseph

    I would use the 20,000 points to fly to my friend’s wedding in NYC

  • Ed W.

    I could definitely use the $200 gift card for some surprise for my girl friend.

  • Deborah

    Silver medallion status. I’m flying to Europe this Dec in coach and a shot at an upgrade would be wonderful.

  • pssteve

    Tiffany GC =dad points.

  • Monica

    Who doesn’t like to relax in style? Especially with all the travel stress.

  • Carleton

    I could benefit from the Skypesos because while they are usually almost worthless, I have actually had good success getting tickets on the old Northwest routes into central Canada using points. I have used these in the past to fly relatives who cannot afford a vacation down to our place on the East Coast. I’d either use them for that or to fly my wife up to see them.

  • Arcanuim

    I’d use the Tiffany’s gift card to buy a nice graduation gift for my friend who just finished med school.

  • Alex

    Would use the silver status or the lounge passes to have a place to corral my 7 month old little girls!

  • snakedoc1

    I definitely could benefit from the 4 lounge passes. I am a retired teacher and travel extensively overseas. I just got back from one month in the Republic of Georgia and Moldova. Next trip is in August….. Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Fingers are crossed……!

  • Heather L. Cannady

    Kudos for the most awesome and pretty darn selfless giveaway. I am torn between either gift card or voucher. I could get a nice small silver piece from Tiffany or I could use my travel voucher (I assume an e-credit) and get not only the value of the ticket but also the value of the Skymiles and MQMs earned. Tough decision!

  • hochie

    I could benefit from the upgrades because we recently moved across the country and traveling with three young children in first class would be a treat (at least for me that is :))

  • Heather L. Cannady

    Oops and I just saw that you can only choose the gift card so Tiffany here I come (I hope).

  • James

    I would love the Lounge Passes, i’m celebrating my 30th Birthday with a trip to Vegas with 4 friends, and that would kick things off in a great way.

  • Cleber Rosa

    Gimme gimme the Silver Medallion! How would I benefit? With all its benefits! :)

  • Emelee

    I could definitely use the $200 voucher. I recently moved across the country and flights from my area to “home” are always so expensive!

  • downhillskier23

    The $200 in Delta Dollars would save me $200!

  • Ron Markovitz

    I would benefit from Silver Medallion status to hopefully get a free upgrade for my very long flights to and from Hawaii for my honeymoon this August.

  • DW

    Silver Medallion status, because getting an unexpected upgrade is awesome. I was a silver last year and got two upgrades on SAN to JFK. It made the trip much, much better.

  • Brian Lois

    I have been working all year to earn enough delta miles to take a vacation to Australia next year. 20,000 miles would make it happen for me!!

  • Bob Stein

    Listen, we are big fans of TPG and of course I’d love to win the giveaway. Most importantly – and keeping on topic with the blog – as a US Airways Gold Preferred member, I am frightened with upcoming US/AA merger, and, being based out of PIT (I also work for UPitt – isn’t that your alma mater!), I need to get off of Star Alliance (or soon to be One World) and the Silver Medallion would give me a perfect reason to start trying Delta and connecting via ATL rather than CLT. I would not need the lounge passes as I already have the AMEX platinum. I’m a huge point player and the giveaway would be a significant help for me to transition to another alliance. Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Oh fun! I’d pick the Silver Medallion status! We’re doing a big trip in Feb 2014 – flying Delta – so it’d be fun to have status for it!

  • Adam Shew

    The Delta Sky Club passes would be amazing for my extended layovers during connections. Nothing like drinking for free to kill time!

  • Prashant

    International travel is coming up and Delta Sky club passes can definitely make the layover’s less painful.

  • JP

    I’d love Silver Medallion to take care of bag fees!

  • David Chiu

    i would use the Silver Medallion Status to sign up for the jetblue mosaic challenge to try to get status on jetblue.

  • Viet

    I’d like to use the Tiffany’s gift card for my wife’s 30th birthday next week!

  • fd2020

    I would take $200 or points to buy the ticket during holiday season,

  • Jason

    “If you like it, you should’ve put a ring on it.” As your buddy Beyonce sings, Tiffany $200 gift card towards a new ring for wife!

  • Renaud

    After 17 years together my father finally married my step mother, and after two I married my beautiful wife! We are all going on a honeymoon to Europe together around the same time (though not together,) and 4 Delta Sky Club One-Day passes would be the perfect surprise for the ladies as we head home from our adventures!

  • Nancy Buchanan

    The Silver Medallion status would be a tremendous benefit since I am now travelling more often for family events!!

  • Patrick Mc

    My wife LOVES Tiffany. Our wedding color was Tiffany Blue and her car is a similar color. Need I go on? A little extra $$ at Tiffany would help me out quite a bit! :)

  • Alex H

    I think I would benefit from the 20000 Delta skymiles. I have 52000 miles in my skymiles account, so these additional 20000 miles will allow me to book an award trip to China to complete my tooth implant. I had a tooth extraction in the U.S. this April but couldn’t afford an implant here.

  • James C.

    I could benefit from Silver Medallion Status, I’ve flown almost exclusively with US Air and United and have been wanting to try Delta for some time. This would be an opportunity to personally experience some of the benefits of their elite program and draw comparisons. Thanks.

  • phoward336

    I could totally benefit from the Tiffany’s gift card – I’d love to put it towards something special for our twenty year anniversary!

  • Chris W

    Silver Medallion status for my wife who has recently started travelling on Delta for work more often! It would be a great surprise.

  • nikad

    New to the miles and points game, I became a follower of the pointsguy a few months ago, and it became my inspiration. Winning the silver status will help me get started with the airlines status game, which will help me and my family when we travel to visit family in the US from South America! If I got this, I would be veeeeeeeeeeeeery happy ;)

  • brenda2121

    I’d love the gift card. It would be a great summer slump pick-me-up to be able to buy myself something!

  • tim

    I’m planning a trip for my parents when they retire next year. It would be helpful to be able to fly them in style

  • John

    I would use the $200 Tiffany gift card to encourage a woman who just lost her husband to a heart attack earlier this week. He was too young when he passed away.

  • Thompson

    I’d try to buy something nice for my fiance with the $200 Tiffany Gift Card!

  • Peter K

    Delta status cannot be beat!

  • Leigh

    I could definitely use the status. I don’t often get opportunities to fly Delta, so it isn’t something I’ll be earning on my own. Thanks for the chance!

  • David

    I’d love to give my wife the Tiffany gift card!

  • Ben

    Great giveaway, thanks for your kindness. I’ll hit Silver in a week from now, and I find Tiffany’s terribly overpriced, so I’ll pick the Sky Club passes (I know you are probably horrified). My wife will be traveling internationally with our 10 months daughter and I am sure she would love to be in a slightly more comfortable environment once she makes it to the airport.

  • Levi

    I have some serious long-term travel, and Delta Sky Club one-day passes would go a long way toward making a few days of it much more manageable.

  • JW

    Sky Club passes are the best since I will bring my entire family for trip in Delta during Christmas! Thx TPG

  • rayin

    I could benefit from any of these as I will be traveling with my 2 young children and having access to a lounge would be blessing!

  • Bryan

    Delta Silver status for the free baggage!

  • Arya

    I put all my eggs in the US Airways basket when I began accumulating points just a year ago after graduating college and starting my career. I desperately want to switch allegiances from US Airways to Delta so the bonus 20,000 miles or silver medallion status would be an invaluable jump start!

  • M

    Skyclub pass would be good when traveling in coach and without status

  • B

    The silver medallion status will help me as I often travel with my children. None of us currently have status, so the free bags would be great!

  • mipo777

    I would benefit by giving my wife Silver status so she can get prem economy on all of her flights to MSP. How is that a benefit to me you ask? She knows how to show me she appreciates me. :)

  • Zachmando

    I’d definitely have to pick the Silver Medallion status. That way i can fly through check in and get into the club with my Amex Platinum to start working on some complementary drinks and congratulating myself on scoring Starpoints, Skymiles, and at least triple points on my Chase Sapphire Preferred after I bought my ticket through the Ultimate Rewards Mall…like a Boss!

  • sfobuddy

    I’d say I’ll do something admirable with any one of these items, but honestly I’ll just use the Tiffany gift card to buy this bean –

  • PJ

    Big fan of TPG here – I’d use the Tiff gift card to buy something nice for the mom :)

  • Xiao Fang

    200 gift card is good one.

  • Shannon M.

    I would benefit by having Silver Medallion status since I’ve never had airline status before. Since I’m starting to fly more regularly this would be a great boost to future travel!

  • socalgecko

    Delta Silver Status wodmaje visits to mom’s nursing home a little more comfortable, to be sure.

  • Ryan Uyehara

    The Delta Silver Medallion would help with those baggage fees.

  • J

    Delta is my primary airline and I travel quite a bit. I’d really appreciate Silver status or some Sky Club passes. Thanks!

  • Jason C

    Silver Medallion Status for the priority check-in and (possible) complimentary upgrade to Iceland!

  • Alissa

    These would be great for upcoming travel.

  • Gina L

    $200 gift card to Tiffany for my 30th birthday is September!

  • Kevin A

    I’m flying Delta a little more than usual this year, so I should be able to make silver by the end of the year, but just. If I could pick the Silver reward, not only would I be able to enjoy all the benefits of silver now, for a short time I could then reach Gold, greatly improving my chances at upgrades and also getting access to the Sky Priority security line.

  • Vikram K

    Delta Silver Medallion status could save me $25 every time I check in bags – adds up quickly!

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    Since I’m getting married soon, $200 atvTiffanys would most definitely help me please my gf! That’s a start at least!

  • DJ

    $200 to Tiffany’s would never go to waste, especially since it’s my 5th anniversary this year! What nice gift to surprise her with on our trip to Vienna and Paris.

  • Rani

    I’m flying Delta this and next year, but not enough to earn status. If you grant me a Silver Medallion status, I’ll be able to transfer MQM from this year to the next one and qualify next year too! Thanks for considering me :)

  • Kelly

    Tough choice! 4 system wide upgrades or 20,000 miles… I would love either. My husband travels A LOT for work and even though I don’t any more, I have to travel to be able to see him. Either would make traveling to see him easier!

  • Jon Pal

    Delta Silver Medallion Status please! That way I wouldn’t have to PAY to get status, now that they’ve changed all the rules……

  • Jasmine

    I have three upcoming trips with Delta, so medallion status for an upgrade chance would be amazing.

  • David Rae

    Now that gay marriage is legal in California, my partner and I are saving up our miles for a fabulous Points Guy Inspired honeymoon. We are scrambling to accumulate them any way we can. the 20k extra miles sure would help move us along. xo

  • uofm_boxer2k1

    We lost a beloved family member this morning and, even knowing it was coming for a long time, my wife is taking it especially hard. I’ve been planning on taking her on a vacation in the very near future to help her take her mind off of things. I would really love to be able to use the upgrades so that she can finally relax. I love her and I always feel that she deserves more than I can always provide.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  • Bill

    Would be great to get these for our upcoming trip to Mexico with the fiance!

  • Karlos

    I would love to win any of these, although with the gift card I could get married!

  • theBOAT

    I’d re-gift the DL Silver status to my mom, since she’s moving to
    northern Florida soon and will likely become a predominately DL flyer.
    Silver isn’t valued much by anyone, even Delta, since they’re equating
    it with $200 from Tiffany’s (!), but at least it would get her a free
    checked bag & priority boarding.

  • Marissa

    My husband has been working so hard recently and he’s been feeling stressed most of the time, so I could use the Delta $200 voucher to get us tickets for a small vacation. Since he has the silver status and I don’t, it would be great to get the silver medallion status so we could get the upgrades together! Thanks for the giveaways!

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    I would benefit from the $200 travel voucher to put money towards the cost of flying to my family reunion :D

  • Larry

    I would take the Tiffany $200 gift card. Our house was burglarized and all of my wife’s jewelry was stolen. This would help replace an item or part of an item that was stolen.

  • scott

    I’d love to have Delta Silver Medallion Status so I can take advantage of complimentary upgrades next year!

  • Gavin Carter

    Girlfriend’s birthday is coming up. I would sure like to get her some nice jewelry with that gift card! Thanks :)

  • GetToThePoints

    Delta travel voucher any time, thanks

  • christine

    I would love the Tiffany’s gc and I would benefit by getting something I love- I’m a girl and we like that kind of thing! :-)

  • Matt Rosen

    Can’t go wrong with a $200 Delta voucher! Will put it toward a spontaneous getaway with The Lady!


  • argentco

    My intent was to go in to great detail as to why I would benefit from the reward, but after reading the previous posting from “Eric Haley” I know that there are others that need it more so if you select my posting, just give it to Eric. I would like to thank TPG for the many tips that have enabled me to travel the world smartly! argentco

  • ttn

    We’re Traveling On Delta in August For A Family Vacation And Would Love To Win The Lounge Passes. Thanks For The Opportunity.

  • Michael

    I could benefit in many ways! I travel for work and would love to travel on my own vacation. I do have one trip planned, I am taking my mother to NYC to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, her life long dream and to go ice skating. It would be great to show her a good time whether that be on the trip there or by stopping at Tiffany’s for an early Christmas gift!

  • Tony

    Tiffany & Co. please! Saving up my dollas to propose to partner of 8 years on a VA award trip to Sydney over New Year’s! Platinum ain’t cheap y’all!

  • A.D.

    I would benefit most from the systemwide upgrades. Traveling to Europe with a loved one. Realized that neither fare can be upgraded with miles. Can’t get seats anywhere near one another, as I’m in Economy Comfort and she’s not. Would be great to upgrade and sit together.

  • MarcMon

    My girlfriend’s 30th birthday is coming up so the $200 Tiffany & Co gift card could be a major assistance in getting her an awesome gift

  • Joe Labbe

    All are good to have. I reached platinum last year and gifted my wife silver. I already have a reserve card so the club passes not to big for me. I am saving up miles for trips so I think the 20,000 miles would be best for me.

  • neal

    Be great when visiting my daughter at ASU

  • mavrich

    I would use the tiffany’s giftcard to get my mom something nice

  • Mattz

    Tomorrow starts 3 years of monthly Open-Jawed-Red-Eyes and late night shuttles, living most of my foreseeable life somewhere between MSP and YYZ to be with the girl of my dreams… Shes a Beautiful Canadian and I’m not.

    TPG has already gifted me 9 “free” flights through great information and now I’m asking for the Silver Medallion Status that goes with them. Perhaps if all goes well in a few years I’ll be asking for the Tiffany credit.

  • Gdcouey

    Ooh, these are some great giveaways! I would use the $200 Tiffany Gift Card to buy something extra-special for my grandmother!

  • Mike

    I am most interested in the upgrades!

  • Fred

    I would put the Delta Silver Medallion status to serious use for the free bags and the occasional upgrade. Thanks TPG!

  • Denise

    Who wouldn’t want a gift card to get some jewelry. =)

  • JTP

    Definitely gift card for the missus! What girl doesn’t love Tiffanys…

  • egwg

    I could use the Tiffany giftcard to get my gf a nice present.

  • Johnson

    Delta travel voucher would be helpful for a weekend getaway, thanks a lot! Wish me good luck!

  • SSM

    I’d use the Tiffany and Co. GC to surprise my fiancee with something shiny!

  • Yao

    Thank TPG. I would definitely buy a new ring in Tiffany!

  • Dan R

    Tiffany & Co. Gift Card: Buy my pregnant wife something nice to distract her from the discomfort of being pregnant.

  • Bryan G

    Am I the only one not thinking about myself on here?? just kidding! I’d like to win the $200 Tiffany & Co gift card so I can get my girlfriend something really nice!

  • Sam

    I’d benefit from a $200 Tiffany’s gift card to purchase something for my wife which would encourage ongoing marital benefits.

  • sumit singhal

    Reading your blog is cool enough. Getting paid by a Tiffany gift card for doing that is icing on the cake. I can really use that to buy some gifts I have been postponing for a long time.

  • MM

    Club passes always come in handy

  • Amit Bansal

    Tiffany GC please!! Wife is almost due with our 1st baby. Would be awesome to surprise her with a wonderful gift. BTW… thanks for the great info you have on your site. :-)

  • Ernest S.

    Would love Silver Medallion status until February. I have a business trip to Atlanta in January, and Delta has a lot of flights due to their hub.

  • Karen

    I would love to receive the Tiffany gift card to buy something nice for my mom.

  • Brett Albertson

    I would like to attempt upgrades from Silver on my leisure travel!

  • BostonSun

    Tiffany gift card would be so helpful for getting gifts!

  • R. Scott

    I would use the Tiffany gift card to buy something nice for the flight attendant that has been waiting on me for 39 weeks in a row.

  • fortisanne

    I would take the miles in the hope that I could get my daughter home from college. Seeeing her midterm unexpectedly would be awesome!

  • Heather Mishelle Christopher B

    I like to fly, so any of these would benefit me! I REALLY like the lounge pass, so that would be awesome! :)

  • ASW

    Okay… here’s the breakdown.

    1) I just donated ALL of my AAdvantage miles to Kids In Need earlier this month. So I think I’ve got my charity work up to date.

    2) The SkyClub Passes are cool, but my layovers tend to be too short to really use them.

    3) Tiffany? as in Breakfast At? Probably not my thing.

    4) Which leaves being Silver Medallion for 6 months or having 4 SWUs both of which are extremely useful. But given the much longer 12 month expiration date of the SWUs, they are the clear winner for me in terms of prize bang for the buck.

    So my final answer is… 4 Systemwide Upgrades.

  • Biggles209

    I would love to win the Tiffany Gift Card

  • tokyoguy

    I will benefit from Silver Medallion the most. As I already applied for the card using your link :) and have a trans-continent trip coming up in august with my family. Any status will help me get an upgrade or at-least priority boarding and stuff.Hope to get it, and thanks for offering it to us.

  • leon

    Delta Silver status for the free baggage a chance of an upgrade.

  • Kevin

    Fly enough on Delta that I’d love the silver status but haven’t earned it yet. . .

  • Mark Von Rembow

    I would greatly benefit from Delta Silver status as I live in MInneapolis and the only direct flight to see family in Balitimore is through Delta…free checked bag would be great!!!

  • Brendan Fallis

    I travel so much as I manage a music artist, but the artist travels far more then I do, so he’s always getting upgraded and I’m left in coach or outside the lounge because his status is diamond. Would love to just once be able to say, “Ya, I’ll see you in there!”

  • Jung

    Me and my wife just brought a house and starting becoming miles and points collectors, we can benefit from all three gifts since we are planning a trip during Christmas, delta gift will put into use and Tiffany gc will be icing on the cake!

  • KPA

    I’ve been spoiled by lounge access due to BE international travel. This summer, I’ll be flying more domestic routes in coach. With summer travel the way it is, I’m often stuck at airports for long periods of time. It would sure be nice to spend those delays in a SkyClub without having to pay for the day pass!

  • Trajan81

    $200 dollar Tiffany GC would be nice to help get some nice earrings for the girlfriend!

  • tivoboy

    Well, since I have the Plat AMEX card, lounge passes aren’t my thing but the Silver Status sure would make my upcoming Delta trial a bit nicer! Trying to challenge my UA LT 1P loyalty with some Delta love

  • hawaiishark71

    I’d benefit greatly by having a happy wife with a $200 gift card to Tiffany

  • Noah Rosenbaum

    I could really benefit from Silver status. It doesn’t look like I’ll qualify this year on my own.

  • Tiffany

    Ooh! Silver medallion status would make traveling a whole lot more pleasant.

  • Mark A

    I would greatly benefit from silver status for my upcoming flights on aeromexico. My colleague always gets upgraded on all AM flights and he’s a silver medallion member. Thanks .

  • CarolinaRN

    My sister just found out she is pregnant with her first baby….which means I will,be doing the NYC to LA/burbank trip several times a year. Delta is my go to airline, so silver medallion would be great. The small chance for an upgrade would be nice and the bonus miles would help get me out there more often.

  • Laurie

    Tiffany gift card would be great! I’d use it for my daughters.

  • Nguyen

    I would love to win the Tiffany Gift Card to buy some extra gifts for my wife on our upcoming 9th year anniversary. Thanks.


    Tiffany $200 GC for my mom!

  • Benjamin Szweda

    I have some DL flights booked for the rest of the year so the 25% mileage bonus offered by Silver Medallion status would be nice.

  • Andrew

    I’d love the 20,000 Delta miles! I will be traveling abroad for work soon and would love the miles to upgrade my seat from economy to business.

  • SMaity

    I would use either the Tiffany or Delta voucher for $200. I am equally happy shopping or flying :)

  • Jen C

    I could definitely benefit from any of these! I love the silver status and the SWUs the most, though!

  • asar

    I shuttle on a weekend every 2-3 weeks with 28 hours of total travel and 20 hours of stay to see my fiancee. Delta miles are the most useful in booking last minute tickets. I would love to have the 20K miles.

  • Timothy

    Lounge passes would certainly make my traveling with others a bit easier. I can’t get my co-travelers in, I usually forgo lounge access. And we all know lounge access makes everything better!

  • Minsi

    $200 gift card for Delta. Unfortunately, I don’t fly enough to make use of the silver medallion status or the lounges, but am looking to go on a trip to the Carribean so the $200 would help!

  • Evan Miles

    I would benefit from Silver Medallion Status because I fly very frequently and long for the days of old where flight attendants were attractive, pilots handsome, and meals were of restaurant quality. Flying isn’t what it used to be. Although I am only in my twenties, it has been brought to my attention that once upon a time flying was fashionable, marked by dressing up and elegant in-flight service. Once upon a time, the people who flew were interesting, and ample leg room was the norm. Roger Sterling would not approve.

  • Minsi

    $200 Delta gift card would be great! Since I don’t travel enough, the medallion status and the lounges would not be as useful. Thinking of a trip to the Carribean next year so this would help!

  • Ed

    Flying first class really makes my pores open up. Medallion Silver status would help with my complexion.

  • Jenn W

    I take the bar exam in two weeks and then heading to Italy for almost a month with my boyfriend. We have a few long layovers in various places and would LOVE to use the lounge passes to make the wait more comfortable! Though it would be hard to say no to Tiffanys…

  • Anna_NYC

    I’d love the status for my husband since I already have status and we have some cool summer and fall travel planned. Sadly, with the new rules, every time he joins on a trip, we never get upgraded. With your gift, we’ll finally have a chance for the upgrade and I can finally show him the good life!

  • Murali

    Thanks to reading your blog, i am using miles savvily and have been doing great vacations. Last December we went to Paris and few places in Italy on the way to India using Skymiles. I had Silver Status with Delta which went a long way in bypassing lines, getting extra baggage perks etc. However my Silver Status with Delta has expired and I don’t travel for work to regain the status. This would be a sweet incentive while i plan another trip using Skymiles.

  • Tand

    I would love to get my boyfriend a promise ring from Tiffany’s since he surprised me with one

  • Gary

    If I won I would use this towards either a vacation or my upcoming honeymoon with my wife.

  • Travis Dulany

    I would cancel my Gold Delta Skymiles card, but still maintain all the benefits like priority boarding through Silver Medallion Status.

  • DCdilemmas

    Any of these would be AMAZING!!!

  • adelantando

    Tiffany & Co sounds so sparkley!

  • Marc

    $200 @ Tiffany = Happy Wife = Happy Life.

  • Cindy Coats

    Since I’m a loyal Delta customer and a loyal TPG follower, I already have status, and lounge access ( I pay close attention to your posts on how to achieve this) so… I think I would reward my self for being what my husband calls” Cleopatra, Queen of the Miles” with the Tiffany gift certificate!!!!

  • David

    $200 Delta gift card would be great! It would offset the cost of our family vacation.

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t benefit from the Tiffany gift card… But my wife would

  • Daniel Rubenstein

    I would use the $200 gift card to pay for part of a flight!

  • J Ayers

    By reading your blog my girlfriend has turned into an insatiable travel perks monster! So, frankly you owe me. ;) She always has some scheme to get bumped up a class, get access to lounges, etc. and by reading your blog it works for her. But now I’m having to read your blog so I can avoid having to pay for these demanded perks when we travel together. I’m guessing this is all part of a grand marketing scheme…my hat is off to you!

  • Jon Jovi

    My girlfriend and I are heading flying to Hawaii this September for our anniversary. This will be both our first timers on the islands. The Tiffany and Co Gift card would be a nice benefit to use towards a promise ring.

  • Robert

    I might be able to sit in first class for the first time in my life!

  • Karen Shelton

    I would use the travel voucher to help pay for our family travel!

  • tbone

    Either Silver Medallion or the club passes, each would make my life better :D

  • Russell

    I would use the upgrades on my way to visit my hopefully soon to be girlfriend in Hong Kong in September! :D

  • phil gold

    things are really tight for me this year with just finishing grad school and just lost my job and a baby on the way, i owe my wife big time and i know a $200 tiffanys gift card would go a long way.

  • Jess Gold

    husband loves the lounge passes :-)

  • casto

    Plz I really need the One-day pass

  • Jeremy Hollingsworth

    I am flying my family to Florida in a week for my grandfathers funeral and we have a 5 hour layover.
    the lounge passes would be amazin
    g to kill the time!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Tiffany Def need to get out of the dog house.. its soo cold..

  • Edward

    Could really use that Tiffany gift card, as I need to buy a gift for an upcoming birthday (perfect timing…).

  • akgw

    The 20k Delta Skymiles could help top me off for my upcoming trip to Asia in August!

  • Matt

    I’ll be graduating in August, and any of these would be an AWESOME present! As I’ll (hopefully) be flying around for interviews, a relaxing stay at a Sky Club before the flight could be the difference of landing the job!

  • Steve

    I could use the Tiffany gift card because my wife lost her ring, on vacation of all things, so it is appropriate for this blog!

  • Anthony David

    I would go immediately to Tiffany to buy a leather passport case.

  • Mary Iacono

    I could really use the Silver Medallion status or the club passes. My fiance and I are getting married in Florence next year, and we are trying to do anything we can to rack up points and make that trip (from LAX) easier on us. My pipe dream is to have enough points to upgrade us to first class at least on the way there. Silver Medallion status could absolutely get us there. But the club passes would make those layovers in Munich and JFK so much more liveable.

  • Smoke

    Delta travel voucher, as I know I will use that!

  • CJ Powers

    I would use the Silver Medallion status to give my life a sense of possibility and hope when flying.

  • double_danno

    Flying Delta to and from my sister’s wedding this September! Would be thrilled with Silver Medallion.

  • Douglas Lin

    I would love the 4 systemwide upgrades. My wife and I want to travel the world before we have kids.

  • Meme

    I would love to have Silver Medallion status so I could get free or discounted Economy Comfort seats as well as bonus miles on all flights!

  • Gantrioch

    I’d benefit most from the two hundred dollars ($200.00) Delta Travel Voucher, because I have at least Silver Medallion status until February 2015, a Sky Club membership expiring in 2015, and Tiffany’s is very far from being my jeweler of choice. Thanks.

  • Matthew Sinclair

    I’d love the SkyClub passes. My home airport is BNA, which has a SkyClub; So even when I’m not flying Delta, I can benefit from the passes!

  • eric

    my partner and I are finally gettting married in october. We’d love the Silver medallion status to help make the 25+ hour trip from California to Fortaleza Brazil a little bit easier (with our 8 month old son!)

  • mark jones

    We fly out of CVG and Delta is about the only choice. Silver Medalion Status would be awesome!!

  • Jeffrey

    The benefit of free sky club passes is the joy that fills my heart from a free birthday gift from one of my favorite blogs.

  • Dnznpnda

    WoW!! A $200 travel voucher would help cushion the expense of our upcoming trip planned to Tokyo. We have so many Japanese friends that I almost feel obligated to go.That country has been through alot and I cant wait to see how well they are recovering. Arigatō TPG!

  • steve

    I fly many routes where there are good upgrade possibilities and use miles to travel. So a Silver Medallion membership would be great!

  • Lauren

    I’ve been planning a dream vacation for me and my boyfriend next month. We’re going to Vancouver and then on wards to Alaska for a week long cruise. I’ve used points (with your help) for almost all of the trip and would love to buy my boyfriend something special with the gift card. He does so much for me and this is my first chance I’ve gotten to spoil him. Flying back and forth to Africa for a year of work has allowed me to bank enough points to go to Alaska without defaulting on my student loans :)

  • TomyS

    Tiffany gift card would be nice for my special someone.

  • Makame

    Status matching Delta to United, but regretting that because of the monkey see monkey do, doh! Dropping from Diamond to Platinum on Delta and could use a few trips to the Skyclub as that perk will be gone for me next year!

  • Brian

    I could use the silver status or lounge passes when travelling with my wife on Delta. We travel on them occasionally, but not enough to maintain status.

  • Pam Santatikul

    When my husband and I started going out 12 years ago, he bought me a Tiffany Loving Heart Silver necklace. Shortly afterwards I lost it when I did not close the clasp well enough. Since then he has given me a hard time about losing it. I feed like the $200 gift card would allow me to buy the perfect replacement. Thanks.

  • Charles alan

    I’d like the silver for even the remote upgrade potential or i guess i would prefer the club passes for some layovers in the ATL… Thanks!

  • Evan S

    My anniversary is coming up and I’d love to get the TIFFANY’S gift card to get my wife something nice on our all points paid trip to MAUI! (thank to you!)

  • Baburaj

    $200 voucher that I could use to fly out of PDX :-)

  • Kevin W.

    The Tiffany gift card would be perfect timing for my wife’s anniversary gift.

  • Melissa B

    Silver Medallion for me please! I’d love the chance at an occasional upgrade, free economy comfort & checked bag!

  • Jill Michelle

    Silver Medallion. I won’t quite cover it this year and could use the help.

  • Jay

    I would use the Tiffany & Co. Gift Card towards an anniversary gift for my amazing wife!

  • Chris Min

    I’d love the Tiffany’s voucher! Sounds like a wonderful gift for my CPA wife who puts up with my manufactured spending shenanigans.

  • Stephen DiBona

    I would benefit the most from the Tiffany’s gift card for my wife … but I am a guy. The 20,000 miles would give me enough for another trip to Myrtle Beach. Hehe

  • ryanzalewski

    Silver Medallion would be great to get a chance at sitting somewhere other than the back of the plane!

  • Jeffrey

    I would definitely grab the 20,000 Delta miles and use them to help get my family back to Asia to visit my wife’s family. Then again, my wife would go nuts if I got her something from Tiffany! Tough choice!!!

  • Angela

    I’d like the lounge passes for my layovers!

  • LR

    That $200 Delta travel voucher would sure make a big difference to a graduate student!

  • Ben

    Engagement is coming up soon… So of course the Tiffany gift card would be wonderful!

  • pjarrett

    Tiffany card would be a surprise gift for the wife.

  • JosiahL

    I’d use the $200 Tiffany gift card to buy my wife something nice — she deserves it after 15 weeks of pregnancy sickness and taking care of our little baby every day!

  • Scott Gates

    I could really benefit from the silver medallion status!

    Delta is the only airline aside from AA that can get me to Haiti where I work with children at the orphanges we support through the Paradise Fund. Check out our last trip

  • Chris

    20,000 Delta Skymiles because I’m a noobie with 0 miles :*( And also because I am traveling abroad soon and would love to use those miles to go around while I’m out there!

  • Jonathan

    I could benefit from the miles or the GC to book a nice trip for my girlfriend or get her a nice gift from Tiffany’s :). Thanks!

  • Matthew Wilson

    I am always looking for different way to use the SkyClub on my trip. I would use the 4 Skyclub passes.

  • jpgisbd

    Silver Medallion for my wife. She always has to take a bag….

  • Marszy

    Hello, TPG,
    I am so ready to go to Alaska on Delta and see the Aurora Borealis.
    Any prize for me would work. Thanks.

  • John Beeler

    As a starving college student, I would greatly benefit from the 4 SWU’s. I’m studying abroad in Italy beginning in January 2014 and being able to fly DL’s new transcon BE would be an excellent 21st birthday present :)

  • Kasavana27

    My fiance and I are going on our honeymoon this November to Tahiti. We have purchased our flight through Delta in economy class but it has always been my dream to travel somewhere for my honeymoon in Business or First class so I would be thrilled to win the system-wide upgrades. We have already purchased our tickets so the upgrade ability would be incredible for us. We both are physicians finishing our residency so vacation time and money is extremely tight so this “boost” would be the icing on our “vacation of a lifetime”. Since following your post it has become part of my daily routine and I have gotten tons of information from you. Please consider it!

  • Miroslaw Rogowski

    I’d go with the Tiffany Gift Card so I can buy my wonderful girlfriend a nice gift :)

  • Justin Johnson

    Lounge Passes = free booze

  • Frank

    I’m flying to Istanbul with some buddies next month. That Silver Medallion will be helpful and needed — in obtaining an upgrade — when I’m flying back to the east coast with a hangover the size of the Hagia Sofia. #lovetheblog

  • Eric

    I’d use the silver status to get a better experience on DL redemptions, since award tix are still eligible for comp upgrades

  • Thu R.

    a gift for my girlfriend is long overdue. $200 tif card would hopefully take me halfway there!

  • NatterLiz

    Pick me! Pick me! I just turned 30 and there would be no better way to celebrate then to get a $200 gift card. I could add a little bling to the start of this decade!

  • Joele

    I would love to use the $200 Tiffany’s Gift Card to Gift my Abuela with some nice jewlery!

  • Lynn

    I would definitely love to be able to gift silver medallion status to one of my sons since our family is so spread out all over the country (Texas, Missouri and Indiana). I am so very close to silver and my goal for next year is to get enough miles to help our family celebrate our 35 th anniversary in 2015!

  • Scuta

    $200 to Tiffanys….dog house!!

  • Nik

    I’d love free preferred seats and priority boarding from Silver Medallion. Make those occasional Delta flights and burning my Skypesos less painful. :)

  • Matt

    Just re-upped w/ medallion status so the SkyClub passes sure would come in handy during my measly 15-20 flights next year!

  • mangoManFT

    Silver Medallion status for me = free checked bags for me and my family! And just maybe an upgrade for me…

  • Sue Nilsen

    Would love to win the Tiffany gift card. I wouldn’t have a problem buying something in Tiffany

  • Don

    4 Delta sky club passes for my wife would be sweet!

  • George

    My wife would love the $200 Tiffany gift card to use to buy her a new wedding ring she lost!

  • Robert

    I could benefit from any of these, but would prefer medallion status for complimentary upgrade usage.

  • Marty

    I could really use the lounge passes ;-)

  • JF

    Was silver and gold until this year. Miss getting those great exit seats and being able to call the specialized line!

  • Randy Riddle

    I am long overdue to visit my brother on the Gulf Coast, and need the Delta miles to do it. Thanks!

  • infohound

    Medallion status!

  • Mary Iacono

    My fiance and I are getting married in Florence next year. We live in Los Angeles, and my biggest pipe dream is to somehow acquire enough miles to upgrade to first class, or at least business class for at least the way there. I got sick after he proposed to me in France, and we are pretty sure it happened on the plane on the way there. Anything to ease that anxiety a few days before a wedding would be worth it’s weight in gold. That said, the star medallion status could get us there. And even the lounge passes would be a huge relief for those layovers!

  • Al

    i’d take silver medallion status because i just started traveling a lot more for work and could use the (rare) free upgrades!

  • Bill

    I would make great use of the lounge passes as I travel through ATL on a regular basis.

  • Maggie

    I would pick the bonus 20,000 miles. I need to get my parents to Chicago to visit an infirm aunt.

  • ayjay

    Would love to get my wife something at Tiffany…..

  • Cory Silva

    Im a pharmacy student in my last of school and will be applying to residency programs after graduation. This will require multiple transcontinental flights to stressful, very competitive interviews. SkyClub passes or Silver Medallion status could make this strenuous time a little more manageable.

  • Darren

    Could definitely benefit with an upgrade with the Silver Medallion on my trip to Amsterdam in September!

  • Rick

    Love all of these, all great benefits.

  • patvhhi

    I’m new at this game. I would love to win!

  • rsands20

    Silver Medallion would benefit me by making seat assignments for my family of three available at booking (in the preferred seats). It seems like the other seats are all assigned months in advance.

  • John R

    I’d go for the 20,000 miles. One step closer to that business class award to Singapore.

  • Felipe Yang

    I would use the Tiffany Card to buy my wife a birthday and anniversary gift.

  • Mkwygant

    I already have my next trip to Denver planned for me and my wife’s anniversary, so the Tiffany’s card would make a much bigger impact!

  • bozs13

    I’d take the 20,000 miles as I’d like to take my wife to europe some time in the future.

  • Jay

    I’d use the Tiffany gift card to buy my lovely girlfriend something nice for our 3-year anniversary.

  • GeoffB

    Silver Medallion Status would be great…just starting a new job where I’ll need to travel, and don’t have any status yet.

  • Stephan

    Silver Medallion would finally give me a chance at some upgrades and no bag fees

  • Sarah

    My grandma is sick and has always wanted to see NYC at Christmas time. I’m currently trying to plan a trip for the women in my family to take her this upcoming December. The skymiles or other travel rewards would certainly help to get us there!

  • Felicia

    I could definitely use any of them, but the sky club passes would be great so i could send my parents in when we’re not flying together or the tiffany gift card… who can resist a tiffany gift card? :)

  • Daniel

    Would love to have silver medallion status. I’ve never had status before and i’m jealous!

  • Otto S

    My wife and I are flying this Saturday to London. We are using the last of her Delta miles. I think it would be amazing to receive Silver Medallion Status. Thanks for the awesome site and phenomenal tips.

  • Denise L

    I could really use the 4 sky club passes!

  • Bryan L

    Tiffany & Co. gift card would be great for my wife! While she enjoys the Sky Club, I’m sure she’d rather have jewelry any day of the week.

  • L Wise

    The Tiffany’s gift card would be great for a present celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Italy this year :)

  • Chad Chandler

    I benefit from the blog enough as it is! However, I’d benefit by getting out of the ‘doghouse’ w/ a $200 Tiffany card! Say hi to Miles!

  • Matt

    I’m already a Silver Medallion, but my flight patterns tend to frequently leave me the options of a sub-50 minute layover or a 2.5 hour or more layover. I’d pick the Sky Club passes and start booking the longer layovers.

  • Jeffrey

    20,000 skymiles. Wanting to do alitalia to italy like you did in a recent article. This’ll help a bit. Thanks,

  • jb_wilcox

    Silver Medallion.. for not only the baggage/seating/priority boarding conveniences but also to take better advantage of the Crossover Rewards with Starwood (1 Delta mile/$1 spent on Starwood stays).

  • matt

    would love to get my wife something nice from tiffany

  • Scott

    i’d benefit by having $200 off my next flight to NRT!

  • Becca

    I’m getting married on Saturday & would love to get my mom a gift from Tiffany to thank her for our wedding! I already have Silver status & the Platinum AmEx for lounge access, so would LOVE to have a Tiffany gift card!

  • meghanb904

    I’m traveling to Hawaii on my honeymoon and would love lounge passes for my long layover!!!

  • Monagail

    I’m a huge fan of Delta. I’ll go anywhere they travel!

  • Frank

    Just want to get out of this place and get some good food somewhere.

  • TerryH

    Would love the Tiffany card to buy some wedding presents for all the summer weddings.

  • Thomas

    For better or worse, have lot lots of upcoming DL travel so sure could use those lounge passes!

  • thesdp

    Tiffany’s GC for sure, could make for a better upcoming proposal! Honeymoon already in-line courtesy of all the TPG tips and hints through the years. ;-)

  • Michele Wilcox

    I could always use a new trinket or two from Tiffany!

  • CleanGetawayTravel

    I LOVE The Points Guy, and without the knowledge I have acquired, I probably wouldn’t be having the first year of making a profit with my 4 year old travel company! Thanks to you, I have been able to help others fulfill their travel dreams, as you continue to help me fulfill mine. I would love Silver Status so I could take full advantage of the traveling I have coming up, and arrive well rested to entertain my guests! Plus, I love Miles, I want to smooch his face off…

  • PJ

    I’d go for the miles! I have family and they are expecting a little guy this November. I’d love to use those miles on a visit.

  • jennifer1974

    I’d love some extra skymiles to take my mom on a trip!

  • Kent O

    I am visiting Kyoto with my wife, her brother, and her mother who is a half Japanese and the last time she visited Kyoto was when she was a teenager. We are meeting up with my parents at Tokyo. My mother has been battling cancer with an amazing positive attitude. It will be great to use the Delta lounge tickets for us to spend the relaxing time at the NRT away from the crowded hustle!

  • Christine

    I’d love to use the Delta Lounge passes while I am on business this fall to California and Washington DC

  • David Shellabarger

    Delta Sky Club passes would be great. I’m always stuck in airports with nothing to do.

  • Ron

    I’d like the status to help preserve my sanity with early boarding with my carry-on.

  • Brian Gregg

    I am a 2014 Olympic Hopeful and would use the status to avoid baggage fees this year as I travel to races.

  • Natalie

    Not sure if this is international – but any of these would be great! But really, next to diamonds, Tiffany’s is a girls best friend.

  • Jake from MSP

    I would pick the 200$ voucher. As a hub captive, anything helps with these sky high fares!

  • thrashsoundly

    I just started a new job that will require me to travel, so I’d love to start out with FO status. Thanks!

  • salliehamrick

    I am a teacher and a nurse. I’m the advisor for the Future Health Professions – HOSA- group at our school. Money and funding has been cut. We would like to attend the national leadership conference in Orlando . This award would help make our trip possible.

  • Mike

    I’d definitely love any of these but I’d probably go with the Tiffany gift card since my wife and I’s anniversary is coming up next month

  • Ramsey

    Oooooh, I lost my Delta Gold status this year and dropped down to nada, zilch, no upgrades for me! I would love to have Silver status back to ease the pain.

  • Kelvin Franklin

    I travel a lot for business. I will get the Silver Medallion status for my daughter and take her with me more often.

  • disqus_deKixiYWTV

    I would be happy with any of your gifts, but if I must pick just one I will go with silver medallion status. We’re flying in two weeks on Delta and I’ve never had an upgrade!

  • Bryce R

    Pretty simple how I could benefit… I’m stuck flying Delta back and forth 12-15 times a year for school and work! Silver Medallion status could at least make the red-eye flights a little less painful.

  • Mary Elizabeth Maynard

    We live pretty far from family and my mom is so kind to come help babysit for us from time to time. I’d love the voucher to pay for a ticket for her (she usually pays) and bless her in that way!

  • Sherri Speegle Wilson

    Are you kidding me? There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a trip to Tiffany & Co!

  • max

    Could use the Tiffany gift card for the lady’s upcoming birthday!

  • dmlinde

    The little blue box would really make my summer…heck, my whole year!! Thanks for your generosity!!

  • Bo

    Every one of them seems very beneficial, but for my route, 200 delta voucher is the best it seems. (roundtrip fares are usually around 200!)

  • Jen

    I could use th gc to buy my friend a really nice wedding gift!

  • Zion

    My gf recently went on a diatribe on the phone about why she hates Tiffany’s and thinks it’s overrated and overpriced and…..honestly, I’d love to see the look on her face when I show her the giftcard and say __________________

  • Ellen

    I own no jewelry from Tiffany’s (now is that a life worth living?). The gift card would remedy my tragic situation. Thanks!!

  • whrobb

    I always seem to get stuck in the middle of the last row of a transcontinental delta flight. Would love the opportunity to get bumped up front from time to time. :)

  • Shindou

    Would love to be able to take a break in the airport using one of the 4 Delta SkyClub passes

  • JWH

    All of these are great, but probably the Tiffany’s GC or the miles. Thanks for being generous!

  • TheCouponTown

    I would use the Delta Travel Voucher to go visit my sister in Atlanta I have been hoping to see! I could use the $200 Tiffany to give as a wedding gift. #fingerscrossed

  • miffSC

    Any status would be better than no status… and what girl wouldn’t love a Tiffany’s card?

  • Jay

    I’ll buy a pair of pearl earrings for my wife with the tiffany’s gift card

  • Nando

    If I win any of the prizes I will be the happiest man in TN!

  • Mike

    The girlfriend would certainly love the Tiffany gift card!

  • The_One_Eyed_Jack

    My wife and I will have to fight for it – Silver status vs. Tiffany’s

  • Alex

    I would enjoy the opportunity to relax in any of the Delta Lounges, after a long long flight! :) Although silver status wouldn’t hurt either ;) but who’s picky? :)

  • Yehuda

    I would love to get my wife something from Tiffany’s for our anniversary!

  • TheInternationalLine

    Silver Medallion still means frequent upgrades out of my home airport… Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ryan

    Tiffany gift card would be a great help around Christmas…

  • inkaytown

    Thanks for the give away – I’d like to get silver medallion because of the free bags

  • mitch

    I’d buy a gift for my wife at Tiffany as we are expecting first child.

  • Anne

    I could buy a Tiffany necklace because my cheap ass boyfriend won’t. Oh wait, I don’t have a boyfriend.

  • Anne

    womp womp…

  • Yan

    I’ll take the Tiffany’s GC!

  • Thomas Zook

    I would love to have the Delta travel voucher because I’m saving for a trip to Ecuador early next year. This would be a great boost to getting the tickets for me and my wife, Anna.
    Thank you!

  • WoWalton

    My wife would love the $200 Tiffany gift card!

  • Josh

    I’d love to have the silver medallion status. I know it doesn’t guarantee any upgrades but I have some Delta miles to use and it would be nice to just have a chance at an upgrade!

  • Cris

    As silver medallion member I would pick the system wide upgrades. This is very generous of you. Thanks!

  • Joseph Mansour

    Definitely the tiffanys gift card for the wife!

  • Taryn

    I would gladly take the $200 delta travel voucher!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I’d love the $200 Tiffany’s gift card!

  • al smith

    I have to go with the gift card for an anniversary gift for my wife. We fly to a different state each year to celebrate. Going to Sedona, Grand Canyon, and end at JW Desert Ridge in Phoenix the end of August. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Tova

    Any prize sounds good to me! Although an upgrade would be sweet as I’ve only flown economy (so far!)

  • echicago

    TPG: I have been avid follower and reader of your blog and have benefitted a lot. I completed 1 trip using your guidance, and now planning another with senior family members (80+), this is going to be their 1st trip outside of US and want to make it memorable as much as possible. I would really appreciate and grateful if you can selet me and make this trip even more memorable.

    Thanks again, this is really the best travel site, not just limited to travel “hacking” as they say but even for all purpose travel ideas and tips.

  • Ashley

    Would love to have the little blue box,they make great gifts

  • tshark42

    I would love the Silver Medallion status because I have never had any type of status with an airline before. It would be cool to see what that is like for once. While Silver status may not do much for most frequent flyers, it would mean a lot to me.

  • Jeffrey

    The Tiffany gift card would be nice to give my sweet mom, who’s my only family member left.

  • MJS

    Silver Medallion for preferred seats

  • Matt A

    I’d love to use that Tiffany’s giftcard for a nice gift for my GF!

  • Alex

    The Tiffany gift card would come in handy as my girlfriend’s birthday is just around the corner, and it would allow me to get her an awesome gift!!

  • Peggy Predhomme

    I’d make good use of the Tiffany gift card.

  • MatthewT

    Rarely fly Delta so definitely the Tiffany’s gift card. The wife flies Delta more than I do and she would still prefer the gift card. Thanks!

  • Marty

    I would love the gift card for my wife!

  • N P

    I’m flying with my wife to Paris soon. I’m sure that those benefits will make our trip a lot more comfortable.

  • Melany Yee

    Tiffany for my mamma’s birthday

  • Joeheg

    I’d either take the upgrades or the Silver Medallion. We fly MCO-LGA for a leisure trip 2-3 times in a year and clear for upgrade even with silver over 50% of the time. Just getting our bags first was impressive when we had status (and yes, we checked bags).

  • ND

    I could use the system wide upgrade for my redeye flight to YVR over labor day weekend!

  • Mina

    Silver Medallion status for free baggage and the hope of an upgrade!

  • Jiakan

    The Tiffany Gift Card can help me getting a nice gift for my girlfriend! Have been planning but not done it yet.

  • Ada

    would love to get the tiffanys gift card. would love to buy something for my sister’s upcoming birthday

  • Nicole

    I’d love the status or the Tiffany’s!

  • Rem

    I’d love the 20,000K miles. Taking my son to the F1 race in Austin this year and that’s almost a round trip ticket.

  • zachsdad1

    I would benefit from the Tiffany & Company Gift Card since I would use it to buy a gift for my wife.

  • Deneetro

    I would benefit from the 20,000 Delta miles….I’m wanting to go to Australia, I currently have 75,000 miles, and the 20,000 would get me so close to the 100K I need for Australia.

  • Glen

    I’d spend the $200 gift card on something for my wife (or mistress).

  • Alberto Lara

    I am gold medallion thanks to all your tips. Recently married, so any of your gifts could come in handy for my wife! Thanks!

  • johnathome

    Gift for the wife if I got the Tiffany credit!

  • Charlie

    The Silver status with Delta would be helpful for my next trip due to free bad allowances.

  • Dan Rod

    Tiffany gift card! – b/c I’ve been dating my gf too long now! Time to take it to the next level?!

  • greg

    The silver status would come in handy and I love Delta.

  • Nate

    I’ve worked 132 hours in 12 days. Vacation is soon and lounge passes would be great.

  • Bender

    Futerwife likes Tiffany’s, what can I say? :)

  • ang

    i’m flying next month and this would come in handy!!

  • Cindy

    Would love to win the $200 Tiffany & Co. Gift card… Thanks to TPG tips, I already have the frequent flier status and sky club access!

  • ben

    Definitely the lounge passes.

  • maria proust

    Tiffany card…my daughters “sweet 16″..xo

  • El_Prez

    Family member very much could use medallion status, flying around for cancer treatments.

  • DB

    Would likely say Silver Medallion, Delta operates a direct to the Motor City from my place of work, and I head their a few times a year.

  • Sam S from SEA

    The Sky Club passes for my first award flight with the family to IST next Spring.

  • alex

    i could benefit from any of these but anything travel would be great for a friend of mine visiting the US for the first time!

  • Or N

    Would make great use of the 200$ Delta voucher – planning on using it very soon.

  • MaryGirl

    If I could give it to my husband, I’d opt for the Silver Medallion status. We have travel planned for 2014, and the 25% mileage bonus would probably put him over the edge to qualify for Silver again, and possibly Gold if we play our cards right. If I couldn’t give him the Silver status, I’d take the 20,000 miles for myself instead.

  • Ron

    Silver status as I’m flying more on Delta these days.

  • hnr

    I never had good experiences w Delta, maybe this drawing will change my luck

  • Kyle L

    Silver status would allow this graduate student some nice perks while visiting family back home :)

  • Eric

    I would like to have 20,000 Delta SkyMiles and travel in style!

  • Laura

    With the Tiffany’s gift card I could get a nice gift for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this year. :o)

  • Joseph Scott

    Gotta sat I would have to do Silver

  • Mike K

    My delta status lapsed and I could really use silver.

  • Yaokai Jiang

    System wide upgrades will be really nice for my trip back to China

  • Eddy

    I bought my wife a necklace from Tiffany for Valentine’s day back when we first started dating. The $200 gift card would definitely come in handy for me to get her something nice for our upcoming wedding anniversary in September.

  • Stratos

    Oh, Tiffany’s credit would work nicely for an upcoming birthday…

  • Benjamin Zachary

    The terms said I could post anything, so I’ll post this.

  • Hdal Llasu

    I would like a Tiffany gift card to buy a nice gift for my wife

  • Chris K

    SWUs would be great for family vacation!

  • Eugene Cho

    I can buy a keychain from Tiffany so I can organize my keys.

  • Istvan Szabo

    I would really like the Silver Medallion benefit, for free bags for my family trip.

  • A C

    the tiffany gift card would make a great present

  • Eric

    I would benefit from the gift card, I mean, who wouldn’t. :)

  • Traveller

    Shop at Tiffany’s! ;)

  • Jonatas Silva

    I dont fly delta, so I would benefit from the $200 Tiffany CO GC. I have been a long time fan and would use the card to by my mother somthing nice.

  • Dianne Scheu

    My 75 year old neighbor could greatly benefit from the silver medallion status. They are taking dream trip to London in September and they have a 56 minute connection in Orlando. I have been trying to figure out how to get them moved up from their current seats in row 41 to make the connection easier. A gift of silver medallion would be just the answer to allow them to get better seats.

  • Tim

    I’d benefit from the upgrades that come from Silver status! Please pick me!

  • Julian Cha

    I am getting married in January so I can benefit from the four systemwide upgrade vouchers so that I can pamper my future-wife and fly to Asia in STYLE!

  • Matt T.

    As many others have said, I could equally benefit from any of them. However, I have a wedding to go to in October, so Silver status would be quite lovely, and make me choose Delta instead!

  • Carling

    I would love silver status. We had status previously but didn’t requalify and it really helps with my family being able to get seats next to each other without having to pay extra!

  • Abi S

    I already have status and sky club access. The tiffany’s gift card it is! Finally, something to show my girlfriend why reading flier blogs is worthwhile.

  • Erin Siodmak

    I would use the Tiffany gift card toward an engagement ring, but it wouldn’t get me too far.. It would help though! But the Silver Medallion status is probably what I would choose. I might get it this year (for the first time ever), but probably not until November so I doubt I’ll get to take advantage of it. With the qualifications changing next year, it doesn’t look like I’ll get it again any time soon. It would be nice to experience the perks for the next few trips I have planned (including a long flight with a connection from NYC to SNA for Thanksgiving with my girlfriend’s parents). I’ve never flown first class, so the possibility of an upgrade is awesome!

    Gotta say, though… since starting to read this site, I’m feeling pretty down about my Delta loyalty…

  • Julian Cha

    I am getting married in January and would be flying delta between now and then, so I could use the Silver Medallion status!

  • Gabriel Brunswick

    I’d love to win!

  • Kerrie Newell

    If I were to win the Thursday Giveaway, I would choose the 4 Delta Sky Club Passes. My fiance and I are traveling to Spain in late April of next year to get married. The passes would add a little luxury to our trip!!!

  • Rob P

    With the Tiffany card I’d get my mother a gift!

  • Bobbybobs

    My benefit would be from my Gf not yelling at me bc she will be happy when I buy her some fancy jewels from Tiffany’s.

  • Bryan

    My wife probably has some great ideas on how to use the Tiffany gift card

  • Tom

    My first anniversary is coming up in Sept. My wife would love something from Tiffany’s. The gift card is my choice!

  • RJ

    The lounge passes would be excellent, I fly from BOS to SEA on a regular basis but don’t have access to any of the lounges and would enjoy being able to relax before some of these flights. … on the other hand what girl doesn’t like tiffanys :) I would be happy with either.

  • Jaime Bloom

    I have to travel each month to DC for medical treatment. After flying in and out on the same day, and sitting at a doctor’s appointment for 4 hours each time… it would be AMAZING to finally have access to the Sky Club. I have been wanting a membership or day passes – but just couldn’t justify the cost. This is an incredible giveaway!!! Not to mention the bonus sky miles, because as soon as I finish treatment and (fingers crossed) go into remission… I plan to use my sky miles to go on a wonderful and relaxing vacation in the Caribbean.

  • Zach Blum

    I could endulge in the elligance of the Delta Sky Club four different times throughout the year. Maybe even make a trip to the new T4!

  • Todd

    I would splurge for something nice for myself with the Tiffany’s gift card.

  • Molly

    I recently moved from Minneapolis to Boston, so Delta is my airline of course. I could use the Silver Medallion status for the chance of an upgrade on the many flights I’m making back home to see family and friends.

  • Glen Turner

    I’ll take the Silver Medallion. I travel a lot for work and would like status on a second airline. Currently EXP on AA.

  • Abi

    I am a new mom, with a beautiful six month baby.. Traveling with a baby is a hassle, having a Silver Medallion status would be great considering all the perks and help that would bring me while traveling with my baby! Thanks Brian…

  • benstephens

    I’d love the gift card for my girlfriend!

  • Kevin G

    I would love to use the Tiffany’s card to help with a gift for the wife

  • Allison F

    That Tiffany’s gift card would come in handy for our wedding next year!!

  • Allison F

    I’d love that Tiffany’s gift card!!

  • Aimee

    $200 Delta voucher would help me travel more this year!

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  • Bruce

    Great giveaway. I would probably go with the miles because I fly with them often.

  • Kristin

    I’d benefit by the Silver Medallion by Gift of Medallion status to give to my boyfriend :-)

  • Paul

    The silver status would make a flight to EVV with two stops along the way more bearable. Thanks for doing this.

  • Eric S

    I would love the systemwide upgrades!

  • Matthew Klein

    The lounge passes would be great for some long layovers I’ve got coming up between some even longer international flights!

  • Tiffany

    Well…my name is Tiffany, so I think it’s only appropriate that I go with the Tiffany gift card! BTW, thanks for all of your tips. I had been nervous about using the points I had accumulated, but thanks to your suggestions I just booked a trip to take my grandma on her dream vacation. She’s beyond thrilled and has taken to reading your site and passing on the tips she’s learned!

  • Guest

    I’ve just moved here from Oz where I was a Gold member on Velocity, for which i get nothing in the US. No credit history means no great credit cards, means I pay full fare when I go back for my fiancé in Sydney. An upgrade would definitely lessen the blow, and blow her mind when I get her back :)

  • Terry

    Sliver Status is the way to go. Although it is the lowest level in Delta elite system, it still could offer some values.

  • Max Lance

    Does Tiffany’s sell things for $200? I have a feeling my girlfriend would find out.

  • Guest

    I’ve just moved here from Oz where I was a Gold member on Velocity, for which i get nothing in the US. No credit history means no great credit cards, means I pay full fare when I go back for my fiancé in Sydney. An upgrade would definitely lessen the blow, and blow her mind when I get her back :)

  • Karan

    Ended up posting as a guest the first time. I’ve just moved here from Oz where I had status, for which I get nothing in the US. No credit history means no great credit cards. The status would definitely help with the longest diagonal on the map aka SYD-EWR.

  • Vinay Anantharaman

    I could benefit from the 20k miles so that I can get one more trip back this year to the Bay Area from NY to see my family.

  • Alison F

    Oh I could really use some miles to use for a very belated Honeymoon! Our one year anniversary is on July 20th and I would love to surprise my husband with a trip! Thanks for the giveaways :)

  • avi

    Silver Medallion would be awesome! Whats not to love about free bags, better seating choices etc?!

  • David

    Flying to MYR with friends for my buddies wedding, would be sweet to hole up in ATL’s Sky Club during the layover.

  • Ken Deneau

    I could definitely benefit from the Sky Club passes, would make my layovers so much more bearable.

  • Kevin M.

    Having Delta silver medallion would be a huge benefit for me. I regularly fly Delta, but have only just this year started (relocated for work). Having even just 2 complimentary upgrades alone would be a huge benefit for me. Thanks!

  • A lynch

    I just flew China Eastern in China last week, a Delta partner, and has 2 flights cancelled, my daughter put an a different flight from the rest of us, and had to go out through security to find help. She spent 2 days in the airport in Changshaw. We never got our Delta miles. Could use the Sliver status, but the guy in the other post should visit his friend.

  • Steven Tu


  • Peter

    That Tiffany & Co gift card would be a nice gift for when I get into trouble

  • George

    I’d use the $200 gift card to give a gift to my wife who is having our first baby soon

  • Peter D

    I would like to try the new Sky Club at JFK so that is the option I would choose. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jason

    Any of these gift would be totally exciting!

  • Luisana O’Brien

    My mom is retiring in September so I would love to surprise her with a Tiff & Co gift!!

  • Todd Stonitsch

    Heck, I just need all the MQM’s I can get :)

  • Alex Parets

    I could definitely benefit from all three. B/c k travel a decent amount and want to treaty girlfriend to something nice, I’d say that I’d pick the Tiffany’s gift card.

  • Chad

    I would benefit from Delta silver. Free bags plus an occasional upgrade on a Kansas City Delta flight on Saturday

  • Jimmy

    Would love to experience Delta silver as I will be traveling a lot for interviews this fall! Getting to select priority seats and the occasional upgrade will make the trips that much more enjoyable.

  • tiffany

    i work across the street from tiffany’s, and could join the tourists who shop there!

  • yksmirk

    I’m that quiet psychologist that every flyer loves to talk to. With another year of Medallion status I might get bumped to business class and you might get some free therapy in a seat next to me. Win win. :)

  • Cynthia

    I have at least one trip coming up on Delta so I would love to use the club passes or medallion status. Thanks for giving away your own perks!

  • SusanK

    My next two flights will get me to Silver. Planning a trip to Europe with miles for my husband’s big bday next year using miles and will have some extended layovers so would like those sky club passes ;)

  • Marvinator

    I’m 6′ 5″ ans desperately trying to achieve medallion status. I won’t. I travel alot for work but always on a discount fare. It’s just tough to get comfortable on short or long flights. I’d like to get home, just once, with enough energy to hang with my family.

  • Jkrak

    I would love one of these! Any ole one would do… Thanks Points Guy, keep up the great work!!!

  • George Buckley

    Would be really happy to have silver medallion status. I am back at
    work after 8 months of unemployment, and I have occasion to travel to
    Alabama, Texas, and Spain for work. The miles bonuses would really
    accrue and allow me to take the family of six to Disney.

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  • James k

    I will be able to use silver status to have priority check in.

  • ST

    With the Tiffany gift card, I would surprise my wife with something special for our 10 yr anniversary this year!

  • Henry

    Any of these would be great gifts for my parents!

  • Daniel

    I would get a gift for my girlfriend with the Tiffany’s gift card

  • Audry Craft Verrette

    Every girl needs Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  • Hess

    A lowly silver needs upgrades!

  • Eddy

    We sure could use 4 passes on our long layover in Atlanta.

  • Barbara

    An upgrade would be Fab on our trip to Bonaire next year

  • Mary W

    I sure could have used the Delta Sky Club passes when I was stuck in the Atlanta Airport for 9 hours! I fly Delta quite often and would LOVE to enjoy these passes!

  • Bonnie Dreyer Gilles

    i have a daughter trying to go to the winter olympics. she skates for canada and was second last year. i’m trying to get as many points for flights so i can go and my family. thanks bonnie

  • menara2408

    I can always use the extra suitcase you can check in. Having expirienced the Silver Medallion status in the pat, I want to go back to it.

  • Phil

    Tiffanys… happy wife. happy life

  • VanessaRD

    Would love to win the 20K Delta skymiles to help us with a trip to Hawaii this year. Thanks TPG!

  • Glenn M

    Hey there. I have server back to back trips LA? Then London, back to LA and finally to ibiza(Madrid). All for work. Would love to be able to hop decent wifi when I’m Madrid and get some rest during the latter part of the trip! Thanks as always! Glenn

  • Mary Jones

    My too-tall husband would like the upgrades

  • Josh

    Going to Atlanta for a wedding this fall. I’d hook up my newly wed friends with some lounge passes.

  • MSP612

    I would love the silver medallion status as I will be flying Delta and Virgin Australia a lot in the next few years.

  • Rich Okopien

    Would love the Silver Medallion Status; its upgrades would make my Delta travels that much more pleasurable :)

  • Bob Herrington

    I have two daughters, both of whom are getting married next summer (cha-ching, cha-ching) One is marrying an Italian in Florence so it’s off to Italy for us. The other is marrying an Englishman so 2 months later we’ll be flying to Kent. But that’s not all! The Englishman has ties with a tribe in Kenya. When they heard about the wedding they said, “Jon, you must also have a Kenyan tribal ceremony.” So yes, we’ll be going to Kenya too (along with 2 goats which are the responsibility of the father of the bride.) I would LOVE lounge access to get me through all of this. (Do you think they’d allow my 2 goats?)

  • K. D.

    Getting ready for a trip to Spain in 10 days. The One Delta Sky Club One-Day Passes would make it more pleasurable. Thanks

  • HarborLight

    I could put Silver Medallion to great use on our 10th Anniversary trip.

  • Joy

    I’d love the $200 Tiffany’s gift card. It’d allow for a great gift for my mother’s upcoming birthday.

  • lovethosemiles

    Tiffany & Co. Gift Card: $200

  • bb

    I’m going from briefcase to backpack in 2014. This gift would go a long way to helping with my financial planning. My career break is a hybrid one which includes volunteer and innovation work. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Ben

    Silver Medallion Status would be great for my upcoming trip from MSP to Austin.

  • Sara

    My Mom is turning 70 this year so I would love to get her something extravagant from Tiffanys. :) A $200 gift card would help! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Nicole

    I’d buy a keepsake for my baby at Tiffany.

  • Maxim

    Let’s see.. I would take a week long vacation with family and turn off all communicate and enjoy nature

  • Aj

    I would love to have Tiffany’s Gift card as a perfect shopping gift for my Wife

  • Krista W.

    Nowt his is an amazing giveaway! I am currently planning my destination wedding and this would really help me out. We are flying quite a few families there since they wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise. So, I think I’d pick the Delta Travel Voucher… or maybe the Tiffany’s card for my wedding band. :)

  • Scott Lehto

    I’d take advantage of the free checked bag. Thanks!

  • Jake Risman

    I love this blog, I just discovered it a few days ago and already I have learned so much about the airline industry and how this works. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

  • Marissa

    Would love to let my mom enjoy the comfort of a nice trip to see her only living relative

  • Ellen

    Hmm, sky club passes or Delta sky miles?! Either one would be put to use!

  • Kimberly Rotter

    I would be over the moon for silver medallion status. I always try to upgrade to seats with more legroom but I’m self employed and can’t always afford it. Upgrades are my holy grail.

  • Kimberly Rotter

    I’d love and use the club passes, too. Anything to make the travel experience more bearable.

  • gpks00

    The $200 to Tiffany & Co. would help with a nice anniversary present in a couple of weeks.

  • Erin Kendall

    I would love a Tiffany Gift Card. I could use it to get something for my wife so she won’t complain next time I use my miles to go somewhere fantastic without her!

  • jjsegota

    This is a very generous offer! I’m currently a Silver Medallion member, and have several business trips coming up. I would love the Delta Sky-Club passes – they would be put to good use!

  • Marty

    I think it’s awesome that you have a contest. Personally, I’d love the Delta Skymiles. I don’t have enough miles for any reward, so the miles would go further for me. Of course, my girlfriend would prefer the Tiffany’s gift card. but she doesn’t have to know that was an option.. :)

  • Rich

    I would use $200. Gift card for airfare to Miami

  • Ed

    I would buy my wife a gift at Tiffany’s!

  • Kari Cohn

    I’m new to the miles game, but I got in so I could better afford to take a mother/daughter trip with my 24 yr old each year. She lives in NJ and I live in Arizona, so time spent together is very limited. The Delta system wide upgrades would be awesome for a fancy pants trip somewhere. Thanks!

  • Jason

    I’m trying to limit my credit inquiries as I get ready to apply for a mortgage so I don’t have many Delta miles. It would be great to be able to use the upgrade certificates or Silver Medalliion Status to book economy awards and be upgraded to business class.

  • Aleks

    I could certainly benefit from the $200 travel voucher. I’m currently looking to book a positioning flight for my trip out of ORD to Europe and the flights from home to ORD are running in the $200-300 range, so perfect! I would also benefit from the Sky Club passes by giving them to my wife to make her travel more comfortable (I have access via Amex Plat).

  • Nick

    Would much appreciate chance to visit the grandparents!

  • apf105

    In for the Tiffanys. I’ve heard good things about their breakfast.

  • Pointsandtravel

    I could certainly benefit from the $200 travel voucher for my upcoming trips to Norway, Italy and Ireland.

  • FriscoDad

    Easy decision: Tiffany Co. Gift card = happy wife = happy life :-)

  • Becca

    Delta silver status since I’m just beginning to travel for work and Delta is our preferred airline!

  • alesana

    I love Tiffany’s I’d finish the gifts I didn’t get off my wedding registry

  • travelerthe

    I would benefit from the Silver Medallion Status as I fly nonstop from Seattle to Tokyo on Delta.

  • Toby

    I could definitely use the $200 gift card and get a gift for my girlfriend

  • Duane

    I would use the Tiffany gift card.

  • grace f.

    I would benefit from the Tiffany & Co. giftcard because I’m not sure if I already have to have to be a Delta member to benefit from the other benefits. If not, my husband and I are planning a trip within the U.S. and if we would be able to use the miles, it would greatly reduce the burden. We are looking to move across the country to be near my parents.

  • Kristin

    My husband and I are both active duty military stationed separately and travel frequently to be able to see each other. Silver medallion status would give us the ease of travel we so often look for in an airline.

  • Susan P.

    The Delta Sky Club One-Day Passes and Silver Medallion Status would be the most beneficial when my sister and I travel on our upcoming vacation.

  • Happy

    I am getting married in 8 months and Tiffany gift card can be very helpful in getting one accessory the the bride’s choice.

  • dave

    I’d love the silver status. I could really use it to visit my parents in California. ( I am on the east coast)

  • TONE

    Love your site and all the helpful tips and pointers! It has definetly increased my awareness and travel benefits!

    $200 Tiffany’s gift card would be amazing gift for my wife who unfortunately are both active duty military but stationed separately.

    One thing to potential consider would be including some information for our active duty military members as a benefit for their service and commitment such as “Military Mondays”.

    Of note American Express waives all annual fees for military members under the service members civil relief act. Therefore I currently hold a Delta Reserve card will all the benefits for no annual fee! My wife (also active duty) has an American Express Platinum card for no annual fee!

  • Jimmy

    Would love to win the $200 Tiffany gift card, so I could get a nice present for my mom at a discounted price! Already have DL status and don’t need the club passes, so the $200 GC would be my choice! :)

  • Misha

    I recently started following the TPG posts. Having had a 20% paycut recently, I’ve taken TPG advice to heart and restructured the way I spend on credit to stretch my dollars for optimal results. We’re now on track for attending a family wedding in Vancouver this September with points! We would’ve missed it otherwise. A $200 Tiffany’s gift card would allow us the ability to get a beautiful gift for the bride and complete the TPG-inspired trip!

  • Kris A

    I would love silver medallion status. I am planning on traveling to Asia so my new husband can meet my family. Since we are in Atlanta, our plan is to fly with Delta and the silver medallion status would really make our trip that much more exciting and special! :-)

  • Nick O (PIT)

    Honestly, the gift card so I could buy my wife something, but the lounge passes would be cool too.

  • C Williams

    With some serious upcoming upcoming international travel, I would use the Tiffany gift card

  • A Kohler

    I have good friends that were just married and I’d love to surprise them with lounge passes to start and end their honeymoon in style!

  • Robert

    I am going to travel in the coming year in order to make some dreams finally come true. These Delta Sky Club passes would be more than helpful :) I’ll hope for the best!

  • Efrain V.

    20,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles could really help me obtain the trip I really wanted to Hawaii!

  • Jimmy

    Silver Medallion Status to make work travel more enjoyable

  • Zachary Stoner

    I would love to win the Delta Sky Club passes. I recently graduated college and will be taking a trip this winter to celebrate. I’ll be flying to south east asia and club passes would be a great addition to my trip!

  • Shin Wang

    It’s great that you’re gifting this =] My childhood friend, who I’ve known for 20 year, is having his destination wedding in St. Lucia. For me, traveling from the west coast will be a pain in layovers, but it won’t stop me. It’ll be great to show up with an extra wedding gift from T&Co. because he’s met that girl… and he’s never talked about anyone that way, ever. Anyhow, good luck everybody.

  • Mark

    I fly through Delta hub Minneapolis a lot so the Silver Medallion Status would greately benefit my family and I!

  • SeaBee3

    I would benefit from the Tiffany gift certificate because my wife would be so happy to get that as a surprise from me :)

  • JeffreyP

    Tiffany card for a special person and nice gift.

  • mousekeeto

    I could put Silver Medallion to great use on a much needed vacation

  • Mehdi

    I could definitley put the medallion status to good use for our upcoming christmas trip :)

  • rayxlb

    The $200 Tiffany gift card would great for my upcoming anniversary with the girlfriend. There’s a certain thing I am looking to get for her…

  • Eric

    I am looking to propose to my girlfriend and the $200 gift card would help out a lot since I just lost my house.

  • greekprof

    I could definitely make use of Silver Medallion status for at least three upcoming trips

  • Robert

    I would take Silver Medallion and status match it via Turkish Airlines to get the same on Star Alliance.

  • waldek

    Tiffany for my dear daughter

  • Christina Oddy

    The chance to rest in the lounge while waiting for a flight would be wonderful!

  • Rebecca

    Thursday Giveaway: 4 Delta Sky Club Passes
    The opportunity to gain 4 passes would be wonderful to gain & use. How to use? These would be used with my 18 year old daughter as we travel to & from San Francisco for her gap semester in Central America. Her program requires travel from & to SF and we live in the Midwest.We would have the chance to spend some time together in a relaxing place before & after her out of country trips. This would be a pleasant extra on an already stretched budget!

  • Matt Campbell

    I want the Tiffany gift card! That way I can give a beautiful girl a fantastic gift :)

  • Huff Daland

    I love those complimentary upgrades you get with Silver status.

  • Gail

    I would love to use those Sky Club passes!

  • gabefj

    i’m brand new to the points/miles game and can’t wait to dive into it really hardcore. but having never flown first class or had status, i think silver medallion status would be so cool! fingers crossed :]

  • drbubba

    Silver Medallion Status. Lost status this year and wife misses it.

  • Casey B

    I’d use the Delta lounge passes for a trip to Morocco I’m going on with friends in October!

  • Tim

    FO status (for confirmed exit row), the travel voucher, or 20k miles could all go a long way towards some upcoming trips. Thanks, Brian. :-)

  • Jamie

    I’d like to give Silver Medallion status to my father. He’s a military contractor and, due to budget cuts, has been traveling less and less. Last year was the first year that he didn’t qualify for elite on Delta in as many years as I can remember. He has some work travel lined up for later this year, and I know that the little things that status brings (that free bag, priority boarding, etc.) make his long travel days easier.

  • Carol S.

    I would love any of them, but especially the Tiffany Gift Card. What girl doesn’t love Tiffany? I would love to use it towards the purchase of some new sunglasses. We’ve recently relocated to a state that is sunny the majority of the time and my old sunglasses are just not cutting it!

  • Danny

    I’d get the Tiffany’s card to surprise my wife with. Thanks for running the promotion!

  • Tristell C.

    Any of these would be great! We are a family of six who will be travelling to watch my daughter graduate from high school on Oahu ~ so this a a great prize!

  • Timothy Mui

    I could use any of these, but silver medallion status would let me venture to delta and try a new airline/alliance

  • Dianne

    HI, We are Dewayne & Dianne and we would love to win Delta lounge passes for our up-coming trip to Rome in September

  • Deb

    Would love the Tiffany gift card to put toward a wedding ring for my fiance!

  • JoSco88

    My mother in MSP would love to visit her grand children in SJC more often, but travel is getting harder for her in her advanced years. Silver status, upgrades and lounge access would take the stress away for her!

  • Ting

    I would love to win the silver medallion status! I just stumbled on your site and I love all the valuable information, just wished I had come across these pointers earlier in my travel career.

  • prettysphinx

    Would love the Tiffany gift card!

  • Lynne Steele

    My parents’ lifelong dream has been to visit Hawaii. Next year we hope to realize that dream as they will be 84 and 82 years’ old. This year we did The Great Road Trip, touring national parks in Utah, Arizona, and California. We now have wonderful memories. The Silver Medallion Status would provide more comfort for their travel, flying from Florida to California and then to Hawaii. Thank you for your generosity, whether I win it or someone else does.

  • Miriam T.

    My wish is to visit my aging parents who both live in the Philippines and I’m exactly 20,000 miles short of getting a free round trip ticket for the said flight. The 20,000 Bonus Delta Skymiles would be perfect. Thank you.

  • Globus1

    Any/all of these would be great to get!

  • Car

    I would use the 20,000 miles to visit my son in Providence, RI who just graduated from college and started his 1st job! I live in Phoenix, so it’s a long ways away! I need to sign up for some point program ASAP!

  • Sheila Hall

    I’m planning a RTW trip next year so I could really use the bonus skymiles.

  • Ray

    Gift card would be great and I would love to use it towards a gift for an upcoming special occasion!

  • Samantha

    I’d use the $200 Tiffany Gift Card to buy a birthday present to myself. It’s not very heartwarming, but I’d be happy! :-)

  • brian9778

    I would love to have the $200 delta travel voucher so I could visit my family in Ohio! My niece and nephew are growing up so fast, it would be great to get the chance to see them and the rest of my family again. :-)

  • Bill

    I just found this site – it’s awesome. Winning would get me to travel again.

  • Nancy Reid

    With a couple of Delta flights coming up in the near future I would benefit from the Lounge Passes. Our upcoming trip to Ottawa has several legs. If we had the lounges passes we could wait in comfort which would be a real benefit for both the hubs and I as we both have arthritis and get so stiff being cramped in coach. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Chris

    My girlfriend would make great use of the Tiffany Gift Card!!! She already makes great use of your info from the award vacations we are able to take ;) Thanks for everything!!!

  • Shaun

    Silver Medallion status would greatly enhance my business travel experience throughout the remainder of 2013!

  • OMyers

    The silver medallion status would help me take my family on our first real vacation.

  • Drew

    Visit my buddy who lives in ATL!

  • BoggsAZ

    The SkyClub passes would be great during our layover to Spain!

  • Sam Tallam

    As a Gold medallion member, I would pick the 4 sky club passes and will put them to great use..

  • Jackie

    I’d choose the Tiffany Gift Certificate.

  • Debbie

    Would love the Tiffany gift card – or travel voucher.

  • HC

    Would love the Tiffany gc to buy a gift for the miss

  • Debbie

    Would love the Tiffany card or travel voucher.

  • bill twombly

    If selected I would enjoy the Delta silver medallion status. Thanks for sharing some of your swag!

  • Little Tea Blog

    Would LOVE the delta sky club passes. I travel frequently for work, so it’s nice to have some place to stay for my long layovers.

    Thank you for the contest!

  • Yadi

    I love all the tips and great advice, i have taken advantage of a few, thank you! I could definitely put to use the Silver Medallion Status since two of my best friends and my sister are having weddings this year! This would require me to fly to Mexico a lot. Plus have family reunion in Italy this fall.

  • Noy M

    Tiffany’s gift card will make me a happy girl :-)

  • Tomo

    I would benefit greatly on the upgrades. I currently travel back and forth Japan from my own pocket to start new business: bringing American talent (violinists) over and opening clinics.
    I enjoy reading your articles a lot. Thank you for the great info you put up for the rest of the world!!

  • susan

    Tiffany’s..what girl wouldnt benefit from something from tiffany’s!

  • Daniel

    Although I would benefit from the SkyClub passes, my wife would benefit from the Tiffany and Co. gift. Happy wife=Happy life.

  • Viki

    We’ve been married 25 years as of this summer, and since then we’ve pretty much dropped or chipped every wine glass we got as wedding gifts. Seeing as we haven’t bought wine glasses since (and we do drink plenty of wine), we could surely use that gift certificate from Tiffanys!

    Anyways, I’m not trying to enhance my chances of winning, as I know this is random….but I just wanted to tell you how much you have improved our lives. We have earned thousands of dollars every year in points and miles. Checks, gift certificates, so many free tickets, it is incredible. I would have never done this if I hadn’t ended up on your site. So, thank you! We should be sending presents to you, not you to your readers, and if me and my husband ever get to meet you, dinner is on us!!

  • joeypore

    Not that I’m expecting to win at all… because I won last week’s giveaway!! :D hahaha.

    So good luck to everyone else on this post!! The Tiffany gift card would definitely help impress a special someone :) but again, I’m not expecting to win this! haha

    Thanks TPG for all you do!

  • PTz

    After looking at the Iceland trip at the points guy, I finally decided to give my wife a surprise vacation trip to switzerland+Iceland after taking her to her parents’ 40th anniversary which she doesn’t know about as well.. Since I couldn’t plan in advance and its the peak time, I had to be really creative to find the best airfares. Guess what? It includes a lot of stop overs, especially long ones internationally, ( some intentional so she wouldnt guess it early on… ‘we are going on a company offsite’)and nothing can beat the lounge passes to help us through it.

    I would have gone for Tiffany’s which she wouldnt have minded but hey, I think she needs some time with her family, and a dip in the blue lagoon more after such a challenging year so far. And I realized a $200 won’t be enough after this trip’s expenses!

  • Sean

    I’d love to get the SWU’s to upgrade my parents on their flights for their anniversary this year.

  • Belinda W.

    A Tiffany card for my mother =)

  • Rv

    $200 would def go towards buying that rock that I’m saving for!

  • Rv

    $200 would def help me buy the rock I’m saving for.

  • kGlee

    Nothing like a gift card at Tiffany to make one go shopping!

  • Katie

    I could benefit from the upgrades with medallion status.

  • Palee

    Celebrating 30 years with the wife … silver would get me closer to achieving my goal of more comfort to our next anniversary adventure.

  • Katrina

    What girl doesn’t love a gift card in the shade of Tiffany’s blue?

  • Matata Boy

    Hey, Tiffany would get me extra points with the wife.

  • mizliz

    I’d enjoy spending the Tiffany gift card!

  • Johnny

    If selected I’d prefer the Tiffany & Company gift card — would purchase a pair of cuff links

  • Kelly

    Definitely the silver medallion. I travel all the time to see the grandchildren. What a blessing this would be!

  • Jake Weinstein

    I’m a nurse and a Grad student, I could use the miles to help with a flight home.
    Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • Dave Lee

    I’ve got a red-eye from Portland to New York in August and could sure use the extra legroom courtesy of the silver medallion. Plus, I’m planning to catch my weight in salmon, and who likes paying checked bag fees?

  • gz

    silver medallion for the free checked luggage and possible upgrades

  • Vivian

    I would like to have the 200 delta voucher for a ticket:)

  • David

    My girlfriend travels a ton for work. I’d give her the silver medallion status and reap the benefits of her happiness.

  • Diane Stewart

    I could definitely use the $200 Tiffany’s gift card!!

  • Rhen

    I would have to pick the Tiffany gift card – I would love to use it to buy a wedding present for someone and present it in that beautiful blue box!

  • Debi Crepea

    Tiffany’s Please!

  • Uber Gumby

    Tiffany & Company has a beautiful sterling silver classic swiss army knife that I have had my eye on but have not been able to buy because of the price tag. A gift certificate will make all the difference.

  • Trudy

    I would be happy with any of the three. Status would be my first choice. Going to paris in sept for a class but would love a bit of a fun trip somewhere. Thanks.

  • Terence

    silver medallion status, tried Sky Priority with my family last month, fantastic, especially with kids ! would love this for my upcoming travels

  • Amber

    I’d take the gift card and wait for the next awesome sale.

  • Sandra Giarde, CAE

    Tiffany gift card would come in handy.

  • Of Gold

    silver medallion status. My husband just got silver and I need something to even the playing fields :-)

  • flyer708

    I can use the $200 gift card for my upcoming niece’s birthday!

  • Daniel Merriman

    Could use the free upgrades

  • Jay

    Well I am flying in 2 weeks to see my family after 6 months here in Seoul, and I would love to check the amazing SkyTeam lounge during my layover in Narita with one of the lounge passes! I don’t get to fly often so I have only been in one lounge before, so It would be pretty awesome to be able to visit a lounge in one of the biggest airports in the world!

  • Simon

    Could use the Club passes for family trips.

  • Elteetrav

    Upgrading to first class would be fabulous with those upgrade certificates.

  • Erich Ranz

    I’d take the family on a trip with the gift card.

  • swandad

    I recently started using Delta and am eager to build up my miles and status, so this would be a great way to do just that!

  • Matt Karolian

    Club passes would make the long layovers so much more bearable.

  • islandhome

    the silver medallion would help my partner and I stay with Delta over the next few years

  • Jon Nguyen

    I would love the $200 T.Co. gift card for my girlfriend cause I travel so much for work, so little surprises makes it all better!

  • Hilary

    The $200 Tiffany gift card would help for holiday shopping! It’s never too early.

  • Samantha Peterson

    I would benefit by getting closer to my goal of something I’ve been saving for at Tiffany’s

  • Eric

    With my wife 8 months preggo the miles could be used definitely for our first family holiday to the Caribbean

  • Alex

    The Tiffany’s gift card would be a great supplement for an upcoming anniversary gift!

  • Mac

    Tiffany gift card would make my wife so happy, thereby making me so happy. Love the site – thanks for all the great tips!

  • mbcca2300

    The Tiffany & Co $200 credit would be much appreciated by my girlfriend before I am gone most of the next 16 months on military work ups and deployment!

  • Aaron Davidson

    I would benefit from any of the Delta medallion benefits for my up phoning honeymoon with my lovely wife.

  • Jay

    Jay has heard it somewhere that skypesos can actually have value, so likely the 20,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles. The wife is thinking the $200 Tiffany & Co. gift card. Cheers!

  • Carolyn

    I could greatly use the $200 Delta travel voucher – my best friend is turning 30 in a couple months and I want to surprise her with a trip to celebrate. The voucher would be an amazing contribution to the trip! Help me make this happen TPG : )

  • shimber

    my partner and I are flying my mother out to San Franciscoshe has a3 hour layover in Detroit and the club passes would be great so that she can fit in the club instead of sitting in the terminal

  • David Swank

    It would be nice for a possible upgrade so when traveling with my family, my son and his service dog would have more leg room.

  • Mark

    I live in Africa and fly Delta/Air France back to the US often. Status would help me get some upgrades on the often-empty route from Paris to Central Africa.

  • Jared S.

    The Silver medallion status with priority boarding would mean I wouldn’t have to check my bag at the gate on Mondays and Thursday.

  • Colin

    The four Sky Club passes would make spending time at the airport much more enjoyable!

  • Gabe

    I would gift the lounge passes or the cert for a birthday to someone special next week.

  • Jean Victor

    The Tiffany Gift Card would make a great 11 year anniversary gift for my wife.

  • Dave

    Currently planning a trip to Australia for possible upcoming Pearl Jam tour. Using membership rewards so Delta perks would be super helpful!

  • Johnny

    i’m new to the points system. Still learning and trying to accumulate all the point. i wouldn’t mind to receive 20,000 more point on my delta account for my upcoming international flight. Either way, this is a great blog, i learnt a lot from you so i want to say thank you.

  • Robbie Plafker

    I am traveling to New York in November to visit my grandparents and I have never tried business class on delta. I would love to try the transcontinental lie flat and review it for you if I go.

  • Tony Albano

    Wow, this would make my day!

  • Daniel

    Just get the voucher and buy a necklace for my mom !

  • Peter

    I will use to go see our son in Europe this fall, or take my wife on a 25th wedding anniversary to Italy, even though we have celebrated 26 years. This would be a wonderful and surprising gift. Thank you.

  • Eli

    Silver Medallion Status for free bags for the family (est. savings of over $400 given the number of upcoming trips!)

  • Tommy

    My wife and I would love to go first class on our honeymoon. The Silver Medallion status would definitely help our chances.
    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all.

  • Steve ss

    Silver Medallion Status would be amazing. Complimentary upgrades would be awesome!

  • Milezhombre

    10 year anniversary. Tiffany card would be amazing!

  • Adam

    The Tiffany card would make a great gift!

  • Michele A

    I could totally use any of those, but the Delta Travel pass or silver status would be great for out Euro trip this winter!

  • Wesley

    Chances are low that I will win but it is worth a shot! I am trying to visit my family in the states and adding the Silver medallion to my delta account would definitely help!

  • Christian

    I would use the $200 Tiffany card on my wife for our first anniversary. Or the delta gift card for me going to Vegas!! Ha.

  • David LAX

    With that Tiffany gift card I can get my girlfriend something nice for our anniversary!

  • Matt

    Would visit my friend in FL whom I have not seen in many years.

  • bradsteven

    I buy mostly refundable Y/B airline tickets for work, so even having Silver Medallion would mean lots of domestic upgrades!

  • BOP

    The Silver Medallion Status would be great!!

  • Ashker

    I don’t still have the Amex platinum card, could really use the Lounge Passes!

  • Scott Welch

    Use the Travel Voucher to fly my wife and I to the mountains for some rest. :)

  • Margaret

    Finally enjoy the sands of Hawaii

  • Talat

    Whenever, I check bags on Delta, I need to pay modest fees. With the silver medallion status, I don’t need to.

  • Kathleen

    Enjoy the Skyclubs on our first overseas flight to Japan

  • derick

    system wide upgrades for sure, SEA to ATL on those lie flat seats would be amazing

  • koderken

    It would be wonderful just to win anything.

  • Nick H

    Would love the Tiffany gc. I enjoy being married.

  • Joshua

    We’re going on a three week tour of Europe in about a month and the lounge passes would come in super handy with all the airports we’ll be in!

  • Elizabeth

    I would love the Silver Medallion Status. I have family on the west coast I like to visit on Delta and I need to check bags each trip, so this would really add up.

  • S Chang

    Who wouldn’t enjoy upgrades? Thanks for the contest!

  • Ron B.

    Would love to win the 4 sky club passes for traveling college students!

  • sclab

    The silver status would be a great start for my end of the year work travels.

  • Rich O

    I’d benefit from Silver status because, really, who wouldn’t?!

  • Elizabeth S.

    I would use the $200 Delta E-cert as a way to accompany my spouse on an upcoming business trip to Charleston, SC.

  • AMSBelle

    I would love to get the 4 Delta Sky Club One-Day Passes to use on my upcoming trips!

  • Allan Charles

    That Tiffany gift card would score me brownie pts with the gf.

  • estoughton

    I think the Silver Medallion Status would be useful for getting upgrades and early priority boarding.

  • Ryan

    I would buy something nice for the Mrs. At Tiffany!

  • bf

    I’ll take it

  • Jonathan Salter

    Spend a lot of time in airports, but too cheap to buy a club membership..

  • Michael

    Silver Medallion Status would be nice for free bags and the chance of an upgrade.

  • Kevin

    I currently miss silver by approximately 2500 mqm It makes it very difficult to keep up with my gf

  • Ruth

    Silver Medallion Status would come in handy as I am not going to get there myself!!

  • Sandeep B

    would use the Delta gc for 2 rt tickets to Vegas out of LA!

  • Paul W

    Wife loves Tiffany. Happy wife = happy life.

  • Yodel

    Getting 20,000 Delta miles will bring me within reach iof a free RT flight to visit my folks in nyc

  • MiamiMike2

    I could use the medallion to get upgrades on business trips

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  • Whitree

    My parents in law just came to help us out for our newborn baby. They will travel back home with Delta, but they are going to be stuck in DTW for more than 6 hours. I would love to get Sky club pass for them.

  • Adnan

    Silver Medallion for my fiance and i are far away and we try to meet up often on Delta would be a bit easier!

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