Reminder: Buy Hyatt Points For 1.1 Cents Each Tomorrow

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For the most part, this year’s series of Amex Daily Getaways packages has been a bit of a snooze with few to no exciting deals, and I’ve avoided purchasing any of them. However, as I covered on Saturday, tomorrow’s deals are sales on Hyatt Gold Passport points that drop their price from the usual 2.4 cents per point to just 1.1 cents per point. I’m going to jump on this sale myself since 1.1 cents for Hyatt points is a huge bargain even if you don’t redeem them for super expensive top-tier Park Hyatts. I expect these to be very popular and go fast, so be ready to buy as soon as the sale starts!

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 4.18.31 PM

Just one of four packages on sale through Daily Getaways tomorrow.

Although the packages are listed as things like “2 nights at a Grand Hyatt” and things like that, what you are actually doing is just buying blocks of points that get deposited into your account and then you can use them however you’d like – not just on the hotel levels advertised in the package.

The different options to buy Hyatt points are:

24,000 Gold Passport points for $260 – a rate of 1.08 cent per point
30,000 Gold Passport points for $330 – a rate of 1.1 cents per point
36,000 Gold Passport points for $415 – a rate of 1.15 cents per point
69,000 Gold Passport points for $775 – a rate of 1.112 cents per point

But remember, if you use an American Express card to buy the package – like the Premier Rewards Gold or Platinum cards, or even a card like the Starwood Amex or the Delta Gold Amex- you get another 10% discount! That brings your per-point cost to about .99 cents apiece.

So what does that mean exactly?

Well, if you were to buy the package of 36,000 points for $415 using an Amex, you’d only pay $373.50. That’s enough points for two nights at one of my favorite Hyatts, the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, which is a Category 5 property requiring 18,000 points per award night. Room rates there are normally well over $500 per night, as you can see from this sample reservation in November.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 4.09.06 PMSo by paying $373.50, you’d be getting $1,100 in value with this redemption. To put it another way, you’d be paying .99 cents apiece for these points but redeeming them for 3.06 cents apiece – not a bad return on your spending!

On the other hand, I’m thinking of swinging by the Maldives later this year, and that 69,000 point option would be more than enough for three nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives, where the rooms start at over $1,000 a night, promising even bigger savings. As you can see with this second sample redemption, a Park Villa will normally set you back $1,040 a night, while you can also get it for 22,000 points.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 4.13.54 PMSo by paying $775 (or $697.50 if you use an Amex), you’re getting $3,120 worth of room value.

Last month, Hyatt had a 30% Bonus on Purchased Points which brought the cost down to 1.85 cents, but this sale is a much better deal.

Here are the packages as they’re described on the Daily Getaways site. They go on sale at 1:00 pm EDT sharp, and quantities are limited, so if you’re interested, better act fast.

Amex Daily Getaways Week 5 Schedule.

Amex Daily Getaways Week 5 Schedule including the Hyatt sale tomorrow.

2 Nights in a Hyatt Premium Hotel For $260 ($480 value), 100 Available, Max per purchase: 1
Dates of Travel: Anytime

  • What you Receive: 46% savings on two nights via 24,000 points deposited into your Hyatt Gold Passport account.
  • Enjoy 2 nights at any participating Hyatt Category 3 premium hotels worldwide.

2 Nights in Hyatt Top Hotel For $415 ($720 value), 15 Available, Max per purchase: 1
Dates of Travel: Anytime

  • What you Receive: 42% savings on two nights via 36,000 points deposited into your Hyatt Gold Passport account.
  • Enjoy 2 nights at any participating Hyatt Category 5 top tier hotels worldwide.

3 Nights in a Hyatt Suite for $775 ($1,380 value), 15 Available, Max per purchase: 1
Dates of Travel: Anytime

  • What you Receive: 44% savings on two nights via 69,000 points deposited into your Hyatt Gold Passport account.
  • Enjoy 3 nights in a suite at any participating Category 4 elite Hyatt hotel worldwide.

2 Nights in an Elite Hyatt Hotel For $330 ($600 value), 35 Available, Max per purchase: 1
Dates of Travel: Anytime

  • What you Receive: 45% savings on two nights via 30,000 points deposited into your Hyatt Gold Passport account.
  • Enjoy 2 nights at participating Hyatt Category 4 elite hotels worldwide.

Good luck!

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  • waldek

    It is true that transfer from airport cost 450 USD per person

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- travel between atolls is not cheap

  • waldek

    Thank you

  • Chris K

    Just curious why they listed the posting the way they did if it’s straight points? Seems to deviate from the way Hilton was promoted the other day.

  • trey

    ‘cuz there are people who don’t know what 30,000 hyatt pts. or ‘category 2′ means. in hilton’s case promoting sale as 100,000 pts sounds like a lot, although in reality it won’t get you 2 nights in a popular city!

  • zila

    Hello TPG,

    I plan to go on that offer, but I have one question… which one is better..1) pay with Hyatt Chase CC and get even more points, or 2) pay with the premier or MB Amex and get the discount?

  • rukawa005

    definitely pay with your Amex! 1 hyatt point per $1 from your card spending is not worth 10 cents.

  • Chris

    Do nights with points count for Hyatt status / Diamond challenge?

  • JK

    plus, depending on which Amex card you use, you get that 1 point as well, which can be worth more than 1 hyatt point itself.

  • yang

    how about purchase the package and transfer to airline miles? say AA or UA? also a deal?

  • Justin

    Is this deal one that repeats every quarter or year? I’ve seen it before.

  • Eurovisionacts

    Terms are tricky… it says 1 per account. Is that one “offer” per account, or just from the general pool…. could you buy more then one package?!

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    The Daily Getaways promotion runs yearly, though each year the packages and travel providers change

  • Bocos

    Not sure this is the best deal if wanting to visit the Maldives. An upgrade to an over-the-water villa costs $350/nt. And for my wife, if I drag her all the way to the Maldives and then cheap out on a regular room, I (rightfully) won’t hear the end of it. Every time we’ll be walking by the water villas I’ll get a sigh and a disappointed look. Then only breakfast is included and meals on the island will set you back at least another $200/day, unless, again, you cheap out, but then that sort of defeats the whole reason of going to the Maldives. And the reviews say that the water villas at the Hyatt get super hot. So you have the $232 per night from the points, plus the upgrade, plus the meals. Well, the Veligandu resort (which gets 5 star marks on tripadvisor) charges $500/nt for water villas and it includes all meals (you have to pay more for a package that covers alcoholic drinks.) There’s a part of me that would like to go for $232/nt to the Hyatt Park Maldives, use breakfast as a brunch, and bring packaged snacks from home as dinner. But I know my wife will be much happier having the entire experience for $500/night, without having to cheap out on room and meals. And since it’s a once in a lifetime trip, I think I know what to do, unless I’m missing something, cuz boy I’d love to get in on this deal if I can make it work.

  • traveller

    Will am ex prepaid credit card earn the 10% discount?

  • nsfw

    I thought I nailed it on the timing but nope.. Loser!

  • michael

    Also missed out on the timing, I was within a couple seconds for sure. Boo.

  • Flyer Fun

    Waste of time. I continuously hit refresh from 12:59PM to 1:005PM. Then the buy icon came up. When I hit the buy, it said already in other’s cart.

  • estoughton

    Same happened for me.

  • Eurovisionacts

    Theres gotta be someone who runs a script.

  • Chris

    Booo!!!! They sold out in less than a minute!

  • N

    Thanks for the reminder TPG, wouldn’t have gotten in on this great deal if you hadn’t!

  • Michael

    Failed… Sometimes makes me wonder if the offer really existed and its just rigged… but probably just people with super fast connections.

  • ThomYorke

    Well this deal sold out in about 30 seconds. This was worse then ticketmaster.

  • blair

    totally rigged

  • Michael

    Nice, lucky you glad to hear someone here got it!

  • Mjodotcom

    Man – I was there right at 12:00 but every one was already tied up ordering. Anyone else have any luck?

  • Bill

    Wow so lame…

  • Bill

    Would have been great for a Grand Hyatt Kauai redemption…

  • RJCAthens

    Two of us trying and everything was already taken on our first click. Just shows how much better of a deal this was than the Hilton Honors points from last week which are still available.

  • Ken Paynter

    Not a chance! i had 3 browsers going hitting refresh up the second. All offers snagged up!

  • davep

    Same here.

  • Eric

    That sucked….i was there at 1pm on the dot when the website made it available….. kept hitting but and retry and buy and retry hundreds of times…. never could get into any of them…the must have been bots just like they do on ticketmaster….

  • sftravelhacker

    damn wasted an hour of my life refreshing

  • wildsman

    Why did you waste an hour?

  • N

    Yea I guess I got lucky and sneaked in the 69000 points deal. I just clicked refresh constantly like everyone else (no script). Maybe the fast network at work helped out.

  • Doug

    Managed to get one of the 30k right at 10:00 pdt. Kept hitting F5 and managed to snag it. Went for that one as I figured the masses would be after the 24k and the others only had 15 available. Just lucky I guess

  • pcg

    What a colossal waste of time. >:-(

  • hkpo

    ridiculous. why offer so few packages?

  • Chris

    Hilton getaways still available while Hyatt sells out in 0.000005 seconds… shows relative value of programs I guess

  • Alex

    not sure if everyone knows this but if you hit F5 the page will reload.. I just kept my mouse right over where the Buy Now button appears and kept hitting F5. right when it popped up I clicked and scored the 24k package :)

  • Flyer Fun

    “An hour”. That was my thought at first. But then I started thinking, reading about the promotion, making sure I had the right date, making sure I was free at 12:59PM, waiting for 12:50PM to roll around. Not sure how long it was, the hour estimate by sftravelhacker is not a bad estimate.

    Now I am wasting more time writing about it.

  • Jon Jovi

    Just like everyone else. Was there hitting refresh button 12:58 – 1:04 until the buy option came up but all were already on hold. Was anyone able to pick these up?

  • sftravelhacker

    Read another blog sometimes they open the amex deals an hour early so I didn’t want to chance it.

  • wildsman

    He said – he wasted an hour “refreshing”. That’s why I was wondering.

  • Mitesh Amin

    I was able to snag one of the 69,000 point offers! With only 15 out there, I’m still in shock that I was able to get one. Time to start planning buenos aires :)

  • Scott Reynolds

    TPG said it was tomorrow but tomorrow was actually yesterday :(

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