My Tall Traveler Woes Featured in Irish Press

by on July 31, 2013 · 12 comments

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I’m headed to Ireland later this summer and was emailing with a friend of mine there when he passed along a link to this story in which I appear called “Why Being a Tall Person is the Worst Ever” that is apparently making the rounds on the Emerald Isle.

Now, I love being tall – it’s part of who I am and I wouldn’t want to be any other way – but this article does call out situations where being tall is a real drawback, including trying to fit into your average European shower, people constantly remarking on your size, not being able to sit in some cars’ back seats, and getting dirty looks at movies and concerts when you block out the view of people behind you.

Tall people problems

Tall people problems!

The article also includes a picture of me from my trip to the St. Regis Princeville on Kauai where I had to be extra careful to avoid banging my head on Exit signs on the low ceilings.

The only thing I thought this piece was missing was a call out of flying in coach, which is pretty much impossible for me at 6’7”, but as you can see from this picture of me on an intra-European Lufthansa flight, sometimes even business class isn’t roomy enough.

Even business class isn't big enough sometimes!

Even business class isn’t big enough sometimes!

All in all, I don’t complain about my height – especially because I can use my points and miles to fly in comfort all over the globe, but this article made me laugh out loud…and who knows, maybe I’ll get recognized on the street during my trip to Ireland!

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  • skwok

    You’ll find some interesting problems in China, but most of them occurred to me in Hong Kong. I’m only 6′ tall so you should have two blog posts worth of material if you spend enough time there. I just remembering going into the subway car and seeing the end of the train (not car, but train), from the other end of the train. It was merely an interesting observation and not a problem to blog about.

    However, when i went to Amsterdam, everyone else was tall with an average of about 6-6′ 2, so i felt somewhere between average and short. My wife gives me a hard time about it but she just doesn’t understand.

  • Trajan81

    Know the feeling…at 6’10 I get gawked at like I’m a monster in most Asian nations. One thing I learned real quick in my teenage years was to duck!

  • Susan Purdy

    Bahahaha! Your sad sad face…:( !! LOL

  • wishesiwastall

    Boo Hoo – let’s cry about an enviable physical characteristic that everyone wishes they had. Go explain why starwood lists their Bora Bora properties as tier 7 for 35,000 a night but in reality you have to call a special number and they charge you 100,000 star points a night.

  • Dee

    My ex-husband is 6′ 4″. Not just tall, but big (all-america heavy weight wrestler in college). He has the same problems + some you didn’t mention… finding clothes, shoes, cars, furniture that fits. Our 3 kids all studied abroad and now one works in Asia. He PAID to fly business class to see them. :-(
    He’s pretty relieved to find out about TPG and how to fly comfortably without breaking the bank.

  • Ed

    Everyone wishes they had height because everyone isn’t privy to the downside (no pun intended). Being tall is great, but it’s DAMN expensive. Imagine a world where you pay 25 to 50 percent more for the things you can’t live without–flights, shoes, clothing, beds, vehicles–they all cost more if fitting matters. I’m fortunate enough to make a very good salary, but I feel for the tall guys who aren’t so lucky.

    People like to mention the “big and tall” stores, but the truth is that they focus on “big and bigger”; it’s alot easier to become a size 6X than to be 6’9″. Besides, most of the tall sizes are only designed for people up to 6’5″, which some of us passed up LONG ago.

    Height also adds hazards…and not just from low-hanging grab bars on airport trams. I refuse to drive a car if my legs get in the way of safe steering. I can’t drive long distances (over four hours) without my knees flaring up because they’re in unnatural positions for long periods of time.

    But all that said, I wouldn’t trade being tall for the WORLD… I’m reminded of this every time the ladies turns their heads when my tall buddies and I walk in the room. ;-)

  • A.J.

    Awwee. Your sad face is so cute

  • Jamie

    Yeah, big and tall stores seem to cater on the big AND tall crowd, not the just tall, but otherwise normal sized crowd.

  • joeypore

    bahaha. You make that seat look like a kid’s chair!

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  • Pat

    Please… My coworker is a former D1 bball player, 6’11″ 275+ and flew150+ segments a year on CRJ’s, IN COACH, so when you do that, then you can complain about sitting in coach.

    Does it suck? Oh I’m sure, but can it be done, yes.

  • Jasmine

    Hi is this handsome man the points guy or a guy you did a story on…..can you please message me if it is you or give me his info so i can say hi….but not here……message me on this page plz i won’t be able to see this. Just taking a chance…if i hear from you i’ll tell u more on what i wanna say

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