Limited Time: Chase Southwest 50,000 Point Sign-up Bonuses Until August 6, 2013

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

Chase has been offering 50,000 points on the Southwest Visa products for a couple weeks now and I just got confirmation that the offers will end August 6, 2013. To get the 50,000 points you need to spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of opening your account and there is a $99 fee on the Premier card and $69 fee on the Plus card. The Premier comes with 6,000 points every anniversary (~$108 in Wanna Get Away Fares) and the Plus gets 3,000 ($54).

Offer end dates are always good to know so you can plan it with your next round- or move up your next application in order to get the bonus. Chase periodically runs this bonus, but you never know if it will come back again. Amex used to always run transfer bonuses to Delta, but then stopped on day and we haven’t seen one in almost 18 months. My guess is that these offers will come back again, but possibly not until 2014.

I’ve written many times about this offer- basically it is marketed as 2 roundtrip flights, but you are actually getting 50,000 Rapid Rewards points. Southwest points cannot be transferred to other frequent flyer or hotel programs and the only partner airline you can redeem on is Airtran, which was acquired by Southwest in 2010. When redeemed for Wanna Get Away fares, that mean you can get up to $900 in fares- or $1,800 that if you have the Companion Pass. (I recently redeemed Southwest points and got 1.8 cents per point when redeeming for Wanna Get Away fares).

The Cards:

There are 2 main types of Southwest card: Premier and Plus (link at the bottom of the landing page) and each has a personal and business version (the business link is at the bottom of the landing page as well.

Chase will allow you to get the sign-up bonus for each card and it is possible to get two in one day so you can bank up to 100,000 points and credit card sign-up bonuses do count towards Companion Pass Qualification. So with the 2,000 in minimum spend on two cards plus the 50,000 point bonuses, you’re looking at 104,000 Companion Pass qualifying points and you only need 110,000 to get the pass.

Companion Pass Basics

How to Qualify

There are two ways:

1) Fly 100 one-way flights within a calendar year

2) Accrue 110,000 points in a calendar year (every January your qualifying points reset to 0) – this includes flights, credit card – including credit card sign-up bonuses and partner activity like hotel stays/transfers and rental cars.

Relevant Rules (Full list here)

1) Your companion can only board with their zone. For example, if you are a top elite, your companion cannot board with you unless they have the same elite status.

2) You cannot use your companion for an extra seat for yourself unless you are a Passenger of Size.

3) You can change your designated Companion and request a new Companion Pass up to three (3) times within the validity period of the Pass.

4) Companion Pass and reward travel is subject to a government-imposed September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 roundtrip

Overall, these offers are extremely rich if you fly Southwest/AirTran and can get the Companion Pass- which will let someone fly for free (plus taxes) whenever you buy a ticket with either points or cash- and the pass is good for all of 2013 and 2014.

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  • cg

    Awesome! How is it to get the Rapid Rewards Premier and Rapid Rewards plus in one day? Is that doable? Would it be easier to get 1 personal and 1 business (Would have to use SSN) or the Premier & Plus?

  • thepointsguy

    It would probably be easier to get 1 business and 1 personal.. but I do know people who have gotten two personal in one day

  • anabear83

    Have the rules changed for using the bonus points towards the companion pass? I looked into this more because it sounds like such an amazing deal, but I’m finding in their policy it says bonus credit card promotion points won’t count.

  • thepointsguy

    The wording is weird, but credit card signup bonuses absolutely do count

  • fotobrad

    Is it possible to use transferred points toward the companion pass? Such as Ultimate rewards or another similar program?

  • Little Tea Blog

    If you sign up for this card in August, and then in 3 months spend $2,000, won’t your points post in December, and thus not be valid for the 100,000 point companion pass?

  • thepointsguy

    Chase points do not count, however transferred hotel points do count.

  • thepointsguy

    The points count towards Companion Pass no matter when they post. You just need to make sure you hit 110,000 within a calendar year because the clock resets January 1. If you can’t hit 110,000 this year, it may make sense to wait until January 2014, but theres no guarantee that these 50k offers will run again in that timeframe.

  • Delta Dan

    I currently have the Premier card, and I have had it since 2011. I assume if I cancel the card and reapply for the card at a later date, I would not be eligible for the bonus points? Has anyone had success canceling this card and re-applying at a later date to get the bonus?

  • Jordan

    TPG – Thanks for this. Is there a way for me to count these towards 2014? Just to clarify, do the points count when you sign up for the card or when you transfer them from Chase to SWA? Thanks.

  • Tigger6

    Is there anyway to pay you or someone to explain all of this I am new to it and have many questions?

  • Rob

    If I did not previously have Rapid
    Rewards account and obtained a SW RR credit card, how can I find out my
    rapid rewards number? Thank you in advance

  • Bob Flies Alone

    Is the $99 fee not waived the first year?

  • thepointsguy

    They will create an account for you when you apply if you don’t have one already

  • thepointsguy

    Unfortunately not, but not surprising since its such a rich offer

  • thepointsguy

    You can get the plus card or premier business. But not the bonus on the same exact card again

  • thepointsguy

    Not that I’m aware of because they post once you meet spend and you can’t drag that into 2014

  • Rob

    How do I obtain the account number?

  • notsuch

    1st: thanks for all the tips! i’ve scored several hundred thousand points with your help (esp. card apps & vanilla reloads)…
    2nd: hope you haven’t answered this ? too many times… i need about 50K miles on Southwest to get the companion pass (i already have 1 personal and 1 business card), do ultimate rewards points transferred to Southwest count toward the pass or do i need to apply for a 3rd card and hope it’s approved??
    thanks again!

  • thepointsguy

    UR points do not count, unfortunately

  • xQuizx

    I’ve got a question regarding the companion pass. I already have companion pass and I want my wife to get companion pass as well. Can I book a flight with my wife as my companion, and then my wife book our child as her companion? Is this possible? So pretty much pay for 1 and get 2 flights free?

  • BG

    If I currently have the premier card and apply for the Plus card can I use my same Rapid Rewards number or will I need to create a new one?

  • Rob L

    Turns out this was a mistake at Chase and it should have been on the card but was not. They are sending me a new one.

  • sgchicago

    I am a little lost with this and is my first time. So apply for 2 cards under the same name and SSN. So will that be 2 annual fees? Would I be able to use in October if I meet spending in first month?

  • gregrezz

    I applied for both the Premier and Rewards Plus the other day and received instant approval, but as always ymmv.

  • Jon G


  • raul

    My question is whether they will give you the bonus for both the plus and premier? I was approved for both but now scared they will not give me 100,000 points if I meet the spending minimum. Please help

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  • Mark

    I signed up in January 2011 for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card from Chase. It had an offer of $500 in SW giftcards and only a $59 annual fee. I no longer have the card (cancelled it a long time ago) so I have no idea if it was the Plus or a separate product. Did the Plus card exist in Jan 2011 (this was before the transition from RR credits to RR points).

    TPG (or anyone else)–Can you shed any light on whether I will be eligible for the Plus card 50,000 bonus now? Excited about getting in on the Companion Pass deal (although I understand that doing it in January 2014 would really maximize it).

  • Astoriano

    TPG: I just saw this disclaimer in the Terms and Conditions of both the Premier and Plus cards: “Note: the bonus may be earned on one first-time personal and one first-time business Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card new account.”

    Does this mean it’s impossible to get the 100,000 bonus points, even if you sign up for both (personal) cards simultaneously? I know that 50,000 bonus points is still a good deal for $168 in annual fees, but I’m hoping for the whole 100,000. I can’t do the business card, so the two personal cards is my only hope.

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  • Joz

    TPG – if I got denied on the business card about 4-5 months ago (on their previous promotion), do you think it is worth applying again? I did get the personal one on that round.

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  • Guest200

    Since the 50K point offer is expiring, can I apply now, but wait 3
    months to activate the card, then take 3 months to hit spend
    requirements so that points won’t be received until Jan 2014?

  • nikki

    no.I tried to delay to activate the card but it does not make a difference.the account 3 months to spend start the day I was approved which is really giving me less than 3 months waiting for the card to be mailed

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  • Mary

    how often does southwest offer the 50k bonus? it’s too late for me this year, but was really considering this for next year.

  • lidia

    I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth signing up for the Chase Sapphire card or the Southwest Premier (either now wait a little longer for this 50,000 deal to come back). I’m about 35,000 points away from Companion Pass. I already have the regular Southwest card. What I’m reading is that the Sapphire sign-up bonus wouldn’t be tier qualifying points? It seems like it’s a 1:1 for Southwest points, but I have travel points for days but can’t seem to level up to Companion Pass.

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