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Uber is one of my all-time favorite travel apps because it allows you to page private cars and taxis directly from your smartphone without having to wait out on the street and try to hail a cab or call a town car. The rates can be a bit more expensive than taxis, though still competitively priced, and the service is a godsend in cities where it can be difficult to find a taxi or at times of day when taxis are scarce. I can usually get taxis in NYC, but I find Uber to be uber-useful in other cities where taxis can scarce and expensive (although according to LA Weekly, the service might shut down in Los Angeles soon).

If you don’t have an Uber account, you can use my link to sign up as a new member before July 7  (the deadline is actually 3am ET on July 8) and after you take your first ride you get $20 in Uber credits (for full disclosure, if you take your ride by July 7, I get a $20 credit as well – but at the very least you’ll be getting a good discount!). Feel free to also share your referral code in the comments.


Then, in order to get an extra $25 credit, go to this Amazon Local page and get a free voucher for $25 for rides via uberX (Uber-owned cars), UberBLACK, or UberSUV only, which you must request before July 10, 2013 and use before August 31, 2013. All in all, you’re looking at $45 in credit as a new Uber user. Hat tip to Lucky on this angle.

One of the things I like about Uber is that the service automatically bills the (points-earning!) credit card you have on file and that gratuity is included, so no arguing with the taxi driver about whether they only take cash, waiting for a receipt, or any other little inconvenience like that. I use my Sapphire Preferred for 2.14 points per dollar, since Chase classifies car service as a travel expense.

Uber is available in over 35 cities, and more than 20 international destinations including Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Vancouver and Milan. While it isn’t always the cheapest way to get around, it can be a lifesaver when other transit options don’t work for your needs – and $20 to start you off should help.

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  • Andrew C
  • Wayne
  • stansso

    This is the best deal I’ve seen yet for new Uber members.

  • Raphael

    Awesome article TPG, Thanks!

  • nick
  • sarah
  • Andy
  • Jacob

    My referral is 2c1lp. Would appreciate all who use. Thanks in advance!

  • Arran

    Does it mean that we get $45 off for the first ride? or just $25 off and a $20 credit for future ride?

  • cc

    and here is my link also, TIA

  • Rob P

    TPG I used your link and will take a ride on July 7th.

  • hc

    I used the last link, please use mine :)

    Does anyone use this service in Paris or Amsterdam? Is it reliable?


  • Elyse

    Use mine too please!

  • Bob

    Please use my link! Thank you so much =)

  • Ben

    Is the Amazon local only good for Uber in NYC?

  • Ben

    Here’s my referral code: BP35Q – would love the freebies!

  • UberPromoGuy

    Please use my link. We’re stranded in SF with the bart strike, there isn’t any train service.

  • smitty06

    opened my account today and got my credits. Gonna Uber myself a ride to the airport on the 7th.

  • mrblogggs

    I Think ripping people off with our referral codes is a scam. People use the code uber20inyourcurrency to get twice as much as these people are suggesting!

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  • marcus23

    Thanks for the tip! Can’t wait till they start giving out airline points for airport transfers like the zTrip app does.

  • djrobsd

    Watch out for UBER, they are awesome when demand is normal, but during peak demands, including late at night or when a concert lets out, they charge any where from 1.75 to 3x the base rate. So, when were in Hollywood for a concert on the 4th of July and it let out, they were quoting us 3x fare to get back to our hotel. We ended up walking about 1/2 mile away from the concert and catching a cab for the normal cab fare.. kind of inconvenient, but it would have taken the uber driver forever to get to us in that post-concert traffic anyway.

  • uber_customer

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  • uber<3

    $10 off! Use code: b9b54

  • Thomas

    $10 credit for new users: pwe9d
    $20 credit for new users: uberchegg; not sure when it expires though

  • Uber happy

    Use VHHQY on sign up and get $10 credit on first ride. No expiry


  • Chells

    Add UBERSMOOTH for up to $20

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    Please use my UBER code! $10 free credit to us both when you sign up! It’s 7wcui. Great service, love UBER. Code never expires!

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    Nov & Dec 2013: save up to $30 on Uber using code: W30YR Enter code in Uber promo box in application.

  • John D.

    Just got $20 off using UberCali from, I don’t think it expires and it says it works anywhere in the United States. Love having uber now, it is an amazing service. Taxi’s suck on a whole other level compared with Uber.

  • Richard

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    Enjoy the ride :)

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    Free $20 credit when promo code qva4m is used before Dec. 31 or $10 when used after

  • Carlos B

    Thanks uberhappy! signed up with code ‘VHHQY’ and got my $10 credit too! :-)

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