Update On My Recent Delta Business Platinum and Ink Plus Applications

by on June 25, 2013 · 46 comments

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Last Thursday I decided to bite the bullet and apply for two of the most lucrative credit card offers I’ve seen this year:

1) American Express: Delta Business Platinum Card

Update: The current offer is 5,000 MQMs and 35,000 bonus miles after you spend $1,000 on your new Card in your first 3 months.

Earn 25,000 bonus miles, (5,000 of which count as MQMs) after your first purchase on the Card within the first year of Cardmembership. Earn an additional 30,000 bonus miles, (15,000 of which count as MQMs) after you make $5,000 of eligible purchases on the Card within the first three months of Cardmembership.
Spend $25,000 in a calendar year and you can earn 10,000 MQMs and 10,000 bonus miles. Spend $50,000 in that same year and you can earn an additional 10,000 MQMs and 10,000 bonus miles.
- Companion ticket- free companion ticket when buying a deeply discounted coach fare
- Annual fee of $150

I love a credit card approval email almost as much as an airline upgrade notification

I love a credit card approval email almost as much as an airline upgrade notification

I was initially put in pending status, but received an email this morning that the application was approved and the card would be expedited to me. This is my 7th open American Express card:
Personal cards:
Premier Rewards Gold, Mercedes-Benz Platinum, Starwood Preferred Guest Personal, Delta Platinum
Business cards:
Delta Business Platinum, Business Gold Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest Business
Future Cards:
Business Platinum (hopefully with a targeted 100,000 point offer), Delta Reserve

2)  (Offer now expired) Chase Ink Plus with 60,000 points after $5,000 spent within the first three months. $95 annual fee waived the first year.
Status: Still pending. My Chase contacts informed me that due to incredible interest in the offer, the approval times would be longer than normal. I called the automated application status line at 1-(800) 432-3117 and it still says pending. I’m going to wait this one out and hope for an auto-approval since my credit score is high and I already have a strong relationship with numerous checking/savings accounts, auto loan and credit/charge card accounts.

Update: The current offer for the Ink Plus and Ink Bold is 50,000 points after $5,000 spent in 3 months.

Per this FlyerTalk thread, it looks like many others are waiting too, but automatic approvals are happening every day. To be honest, I’m not too worried about it and if they need any more information, they know where to find me. I currently have a Bold, Plus and Ink Bold Exclusives (discontinued as of 2011), but I applied for this Ink Plus using a new business EIN, so I hope I can get the sign-up bonus, though it officially says the bonus is once per customer. I’ll keep everyone updated on whether I get the bonus or not.  I currently have 8 active Chase credit/charge cards:
Personal: Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, British Airways, Hyatt, United Explorer
Business: Ink Plus, Ink Bold, Ink Exclusives
Future cards: Fairmont, Priority Club

What has everyone else’s experience been so far getting approved for the increased Ink offers?

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  • Neil Dugal

    barclays arrival card just became a lot better:

  • Ankur Jain

    what is the companion offer with the Delta Amex Platinum card? Just got the card a day ago

  • Brian

    Care to elaborate since the link just ends up at a landing page

  • Mjodotcom

    I applied for the ink plus on sat – called the regular chase phone number to check the application status and found out I was approved! Looking forward to racking up some UR points. Now to resist the temptation of that delta business card…

  • James

    I was approved for the Ink Plus 2 months ago and then applied for the Ink Bold 1 week ago. I have not received the official approval letter but the account is showing up when I check my Chase business accounts. So it looks like it has been approved.

  • Jg11

    Can someone link me to how you go about getting multiple Delta business AmEx’s and collect the bonus each time? I thought you had to cancel and wait a year.

  • Murthy

    I sent a secure message to Chase to see if they would match the new bonus offer for the Bold Card I got 3 months ago and they said they would match it and put 10,000 ultimate rewards in my account

  • Scott

    I was initially put in pending, but about 24 hours later the card appeared in my online account, so I guess I was approved. This was the quickest non-instant approval chase card yet!

  • thepointsguy

    You generally can’t get the same card if you’ve had it within the last 12 months. But you can get a personal and a business and the sign-up for each. Every Amex application will list the restrictions on getting the sign-up bonus.

  • thepointsguy

    Nice.. if it is showing up, it is approved!

  • thepointsguy

    When you renew after the first year you get it.. here are the details

  • thepointsguy

    Yea they are launching a shopping portal/community that will be open to non-cardholders, which is pretty unique. Getting more info as we speak

  • Murthy

    I have never seen the targeted Delta offers in the email, do you usually get them quite frequently? Or really any targeted offers in the email?

  • skwok

    Applied Sunday morning and got it Monday in the mail. It wasn’t approved as of last Monday so it must have been approved shortly after.

  • Paula Kay Lavigne

    I used your link, got approved for the delta card instantly. I also have amex biz gold and plum, ink bold and plus. Personal: chase sapphire, amex delta, amex platinum, amex starwood and Usairways card. Its a lot of cards to keep track of….

  • thepointsguy

    And a boatload of points to use :-)

  • thepointsguy

    I’ve gotten them several times via email..make sure you are opted in for marketing communications in your profile

  • Graydon

    Applied for the Ink Plus on 6/18. Received pending notice upon submitting the application. Checked my Chase accounts online and saw new card added on 6/19 but never received an email. Got the card in the mail Monday 6/24. Spend 1/5 complete.

  • Jeffrey @ WeekendBlitz

    I had success in getting Chase to match my 50k offer to the 60k offer 2.5 months after applying.

    April 1: I applied for both Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus w/ 50k point offer
    May 15: Had already hit $5k in spend on each and bonus points had posted
    June 19, 7:30am: Emailed Chase to ask for them to match both cards to the 60k point offer
    June 19, 11am: Already had response from Chase confirming that 10k extra points/card had been added to my account

  • Chas

    Applied 6/21. Called status phone every day, said wait 2 weeks and we’ll notify you by mail. Approved for larger than expected credit line on 6/25. This is a very “secondary” business. I already have had Old Ink Bold, New Ink Bold, Ink Plus on my primary business.

  • Dee

    Hubby and I have been traveling on miles/points for years. (We are old.) Thanks to TPG, we’ve taken it to a whole new level. Between us we have about 20 credit cards (personal + we each have a business). It can feel like a part-time job managing it all.

    Right now, we have point pool goals for a big trip to Asia next spring to see our daughter in Japan and take her with us to Seoul and Beijing.

    Recently, I got a Chase Sapphire and applied for a second Chase Ink biz card the week before the bonus. Chase told me I’m approved and when my new card comes, call CS to ask for the extra 10,000 URs. Hubby got both as well. He applied for the Sapphire a couple of weeks ago, and the Ink Bold last week with the 60,000 URs. He got approved instantly for both. (Goal: transfer to Hyatt pts.)

    I got an email from Chase/Hyatt that if I spend $3000 on my Hyatt Chase card in July, they’ll give me an extra 5,000 Hyatt points. I have to look at that to see if it is worth it. We are staying at Hyatts in Seoul and Beijing. Maybe Hawaii on the way back.

    I just finished my minimum spend + on a new Amex Gold personal card for an extra 25,000+ MRs to top off what I need for ANA flights for 3 of us around Asia. (We both got the 75,000 bonus on the business Gold cards last fall, but have used a bunch of them.)

    Also, I just got a personal SPG Amex to be able to top off my AA acct to get a business class flight from JFK to Tokyo. Hubby already has enough miles. A great bonus would get me to apply for a business SPG Amex, too. I’m just being greedy.

    Closer to home:
    We are going to Dublin this September from Boston on Aer Lingus with Avios left over from the 100,000 deal 2 years ago. I had to have surgery this winter and charged it all on two Hilton cards (Citi and Amex) for the bonuses. I got our Hilton nights booked in Dublin before the devaluation. I’ve since closed both Hilton cards. Darn Hilton! I had such high hopes.

    Our default cards have been Capitol One Venture for the 2 pts/$ and being able to reimburse ourselves for hotels, trains and anything travel. Those cards are in the back of our wallets for now, but not in a drawer. We’ll want those points for trains and a ryokan in Japan. No international brand hotels in Takaoka where our daughter will live.

    I just updated my Delta account to opt-in for promotions. We’ll see what happens. I’ve ignored my Delta acct for years since they stopped flying out of New Haven.

    After this round of Chase Ink and Sapphire cards, I think I’ll apply for the United card at the Chase branch. We plan to move our personal checking account to Chase. Maybe I’ll move my business one too. Their customer service is excellent. Do they charge a fee to order foreign currency?

    Have to keep some credit line open if big bonuses are coming this fall though!

  • Jon

    I’m sure they charge a fee to order foreign currency but if you can charge things while you’re abroad to the CSP there will be no fee. You can also use a Chase debit card abroad to withdraw cash from a foreign ATM and pay a minimal fee.. something like 2-3%.

    Both the Charles Schwab checking and Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) checking accounts do NOT have foreign transaction fees so you could use those debit cards for cash withdrawals and not pay the 2-3% fee.

  • Sergey

    Keep in mind that AMEX allows only 4 credit cards (personal+business) per person. So, you cannot get Delta Reserve card unless you cancel one of other credit cards.

  • lgs

    Applied for the Business Ink Plus on 6/13 and about 10 days later got it in the mail. They said they are honoring the 60K promo for anyone who spends 5K in 3 months after promo even if I signed up with the 50K bonus.

  • Adam

    not true, i have 5 amex cards, all gotten within the past year

  • Martin

    I never had this specific card before, especially the business version. The promotion rule states: Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card account within the last 12 months. But I do have the Delta Skymiles Gold Card. Would I be qualified or entitled to this promotion assuming I’m approved for the card?

  • Benjamin Zachary

    I, too, was also put on pending status with the Delta Business. I was told by a relative at my home (I’m out of the country) that they wanted me to call to verify more information. However, I’ve read up that AmEx is notorious for financial reviews and I want to avoid that mess altogether. What should I do? Leave them alone? Or call and talk to them?

  • Sergey

    I have 8 AMEX cards, but only 4 of them are credit cards (other are charge cards). I was declined (as others too , see FT) for the fifth credit card was rejected due to the above reason.

  • thepointsguy

    That’s the message I got after I applied, but I never called and got automatically approved a couple days later so I’d hold off on calling

  • John
  • Jeff

    Link to screenshots of the process/exactly what I emailed to Chase to get the bonus:

  • Heather L. Cannady

    If you have a Personal Delta Gold, and haven’t had ANY Delta Biz card you are good.

  • Steve

    I applied for the Chase INK Card last Wednesday, using my realtor wife as the company. Got the usual “pending” response, but the cards arrived Monday! I was hoping it would take longer; still pushing charges towards the World Mastercard 15K bonus offer!

  • jhawk1

    I applied for the Delta Bus Plat card yesterday and was declined. The reason was that Amex has a limit on the number of active credit cards. I already had four plus two charge cards. I called customer service and cancelled my Hilton card and then called the recon line back and was approved!

  • Dee

    Thanks, Jon. Our current regional bank doesn’t charge a fee for foreign currency or to wire money to a foreign bank account. Very few places in Japan outside of Tokyo take credit cards. Maybe I’ll just move the business checking account.

  • Heather Christopher

    I applied last week and found out Monday that I was approved for the 60,000 Ink Plus. I simply called the approval line and found out I was approved.

  • zila

    I got my INK chase approved for the 60K, just a month after getting it. I am still working on meeting the minimum spend, but thanks to vanilla reload cards, I think I will soon! Also got a targeted offer for 5K bonus point from Hyatt chase, after 3k spending in 3 month, and also a targeted US mastercard for extra 15K miles. I will pass however on the Delta bussiness card and other offers, for now.

  • Ed

    So, I’m an idiot and mistakenly applied for the Ink Bold card under the 60k points offer, when in actuality, I meant to apply for the Ink Plus card. I called Chase to see if I could change my application around to the Ink Plus card, as I already have the Ink Bold, and they said that it wasn’t possible. The senior rep stated that I would have to reapply under the current 50k offer and pull my current (additional) Ink Bold application and then apply for the Ink Plus. Any thoughts on a remedy here?? Should I write to corporate?? It seems a little ridiculous that they can’t apply my current Ink Bold application to the Ink Plus, especially given that it was the same 60k offer. Also, my current Ink Bold application hasn’t even been reviewed. I’m considering having Chase pull my current (duplicate) Ink Bold application, reapplying under the Ink Plus 50k offer, and then calling Chase to see if they’d honor the 60k points offer, retroactively. Any input would be appreciated. As I said, I know that I’m a complete moron.

  • Zhuo

    Applied the amex delta biz platinum last Fri. and still got the “in progress” msg. Amex rep told me to wait because the app was in review…What’s going on there? I usually got instant approval from amex.

  • JM

    I also had Chase match 60K to my 50K approved card, but I applied for mine about 3 weeks before the 60K offer. I sent a secure email to chase, and they told me to reply once I met the spending threshold, which should be in a few days.

    I did the same with my United Explorer card, and had the points added after the next statement.


  • Jeffrey @ WeekendBlitz

    I’ve always been very impressed with Chase support, both phone and web.

  • Darrell Roch

    Just called and they approved it. Love these points

  • FrugalTravelKing

    Yo TPG!!! i was approved for Plat Amex for Biz. HOWEVER it seems like they are playing tricks on the offer wording. I just negotiated w/ them over the phone and they said its only a total of 20K MQM (which really are FAKE, just counting towards medallion status) and 35K Skymiles (true miles you can spend). If you look closely at the wording, I think they are correct. The 25K says “bonus miles” (not skymiles) and the 30K says “miles” (not skymiles). Any perspective on my dilemma? Regardless i’m thrilled I got the card, need some MQM help this year!!!

  • Jason

    Brian, were you able to get the Bold Ink with your new EIN?

  • faithhopeandimages

    So I’m curious with all these bonus offers and such with the annual fees on many of these cards. Do you get the card and receive the bonus then cancel the card during the first year so you don/t have to pay the yearly fee?

  • Fred Davis

    I have 2 Chase INK, and buy HIGC at OD, TO pay my Lowe’s LAR account which give me 5% off at Lowe’s,

    I have rentals, my wife also has 2 INK cards, seems they limit it to 50k per card for the 5X.

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