My Experience Getting Refunded for Global Entry Using My Amex Platinum Card

by on June 10, 2013 · 26 comments

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here.

Update: The offer mentioned below for the Business Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here.

As I’ve written about before, one of the best benefits of the family of Platinum American Express cards – including the personal version, the business version and the Mercedes-Benz version, which I just got myself back in March – is that it will reimburse each cardholder, including additional cardholders, for the $100 Global Entry application fee.

Global Entry is the US government’s expedited immigration program for frequent travelers. It costs $100 to apply, and is good for 5 years once you are accepted – beware that lately there have been huge wait times for appointments, though there are ways to get around them.

Dad can use his new card to get his $100 Global Entry application fee refunded.

I’ve had Global Entry for a couple years now, but I still wanted to get that $100 rebate and I figured Amex wouldn’t know the difference if I applied for someone else. So last week my mom finally applied for Global Entry and I used my Mercedes-Benz Platinum card to pay for the $100 fee. Lo and behold just a couple days later I got a statement credit notification from Amex and the $100 was taken off! Score on two fronts- love getting something for “free” and now I won’t have to debate whether to leave my mom behind or not when going through security ;-)

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 3.41.37 PM

The Amex Platinum $100 rebate is a one-time benefit per card (not yearly) and Global Entry is only valid for 5 years, so I suppose I could have waited and kept the credit for myself, but I figure by the time I need to renew I’ll probably switch back to the Business Platinum card, which I’ve never had and includes all of the benefits of the personal Platinum, plus gives OPEN Savings access and increased Pay With Points ratio- plus it sits on your business credit report so balances don’t affect your personal credit score.

Additional Cardholders
As I wrote about last week, you can get up to 3 additional cardholders for $175 total and they each get the $100 Global Entry rebate (plus a ton of other benefits like lounge access), so this route can make a lot of sense as well.

Have any of you used your Platinum card for the Global Entry reimbursement? How was your experience?

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  • Pat

    I just got global entry and it is so awesome. Plus, having TSA pre is an added bonus. For example, I was in PHL last week running late. I went to the security line and it was 8 rows deep. I asked a TSA agent if they had pre check and she said to go to terminal C. I did, and was the only person in line!. The whole thing was quick and I ended up making my flight.

    I was offered Global Entry by United, as I am a 1K, but the whole coupon thing was confusing. Maybe it’s my fault, but I am in the process of getting refunded by United and it’s taking forever with a ton of back and fourth emails.


  • AndreLaplume

    My wife and I just had our interviews yesterday at JFK (passed). Fee was credited to my MB Platinum within days of registering. Awesome. Still trying to convince her that “jumping the line” isn’t snobbish. Can’t wait to use it next month..

  • flyinace2000

    Keep in mind that GE is valid for 5 years after your NEXT birthday. This means if you get approved the day after your birthday you effectively have 6 years of membership :-)

  • AndreLaplume

    I did not know that. Thanks!

  • Loren

    I’ve had GE for close to a year now and mostly enjoy skipping the domestic security line through Pre-Check. My husband does not have it and upon our return from Germany, everyone on the flight with domestic connections was told to go to the front of the customs line by the AirFrance agent. So when we both went up to the Customs guy and he saw the GE on my passport, he asked me why I didn’t use the kiosk. I told him I didn’t want to leave my husband behind and he replied “didn’t you want to teach him a lesson?” which cracked me up because yes, I did want to teach him a lesson but didn’t end up having to be put in that position thanks to AirFrance. :)

  • Paul

    Perfect timing, I applied for my son on Saturday and was wondering if Amex would refund the 100.00 to me. Good to know it works!

  • szuperdan

    I had the Platinum card but made the mistake of paying for both mine and my wife’s GE application with my card. AmEx only refunded $100 stating that she had to use her card for the other $100 to have been refunded. I found this a bit cheap but didn’t know what to do other than to cancel the card after that – my only form of protest…

  • Mark

    Nexus is only $50 and it includes Global Entry (but you have to be at a Canadian border city for the interview). In 2011 both my wife & I applied for Nexus and both $50 charges were credited by AMEX (for a total of $100). Recently AMEX has been sending out flyers that they won’t reimburse for Nexus or Sentri, but there have been reports that they still are reimbursing – it makes sense they should reimburse because if it’s only 1 person it only costs them $50, and the most they could get hit for is $100 anyway (if 2 people charge a Nexus fee on 1 card). As always, YMMV!

  • Flygirl

    My experience was just like yours….handled instantly!! Very good service from AMX.

  • Andrew

    A completely legitimate response by Amex… You canceled a $450 card b/c you didn’t read the T&C?? Smart…

  • Rob philip

    Again I’ve noticed someone mention a GE sticker on their passport. I have GE because I have Nexus – how do I get one of these GE stickers? I’ve already talked to the CBP people and I can’t have both a Nexus and GE *card* but the sticker would be nice – proof to the guys in NZ that one really does have GE when going to the GE line.

  • szuperdan

    Well Andrew, that was a rather nasty reply. I didn’t say how much I paid for the card either – I got a deal. Please, take your hostilities out on yourself next time. I just wanted to share my experience – not get attacked. Try to be a little more polite. This is a “First Class” site.

  • AndreLaplume

    They don’t issue stickers anymore.

  • jeann

    So delighted that I was able to get a GE appt and have my approval before an upcoming trip abroad.

  • Bucky Katt

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I applied, was conditionally accepted, and the charge was refunded by the time I got the paperwork in the mail.

  • Michael W Travels

    I need to take advantage of the Global Entry perk from Amex Plat. Been meaning to do it for a while but keep putting it off…

  • SuperKirby

    No worries dan, I made a similar mistake, we all do!

  • Rob philip

    Aha. Well then, I suppose I will decide not to want one and be happy with my Nexus card. :)

  • lifesaver1

    I applied and was approved for SENTRI five years ago. The program allows motorists to use fast lanes at land borders. When Global Entry came along, I was automatically qualified (same background system) and signed up. Thus, my Global Entry/SENTRI was set to expire in September and I reapplied. (Cost $105 total.) I tried to get the $100 reimbursement from AMEX Platinum. Major hold time as they tried to get an answer to a question they had never heard (are renewal fees included). Eventually told this was not for renewals. Asked for terms in writing (unclear on website). Didn’t get them. Called back after a week or so and a rep refunded me. Then finally got a letter in the mail advising the terms had changed and renewals weren’t included. Weird process, but I was, in fact, refunded.

  • Wes

    Got mine approved quickly and an easy appointment with the US Customs House in NYC as an additional cardholder, refund came right through as promised!

  • wingtipwalker

    So get this….I have AMEX platinum and PRG. I got Global Entry about 2 years ago (before I had a platinum card). While I do not remember, I probably paid for GE with my AMEX.

    Today I notice a $205.13 statement credit on my account that has the description “Credit ADJ for billing inquiry”. I had no idea what this was for, so I sent a secure email to Amex. I received the following response:

    “I would like to inform you that we are remediating our Cardmembers for outstanding Global Entry Fee credits. Hence, eligible accounts that were not issued a statement credit will receive $100 for each applicable Global Entry application fee. Also, some Cardmembers are eligible for multiple credits.

    This is the reason your account is credited with $205.13, as you had an outstanding Global Entry Fee credit.”

    I sort of don’t believe the answer as this was before I even had a platinum card. But maybe it’s just a bank error in my favor? Anyone else seen AMEX going back and retroactively applying GE fee credits? If this is true they are refunding not just my own, but my wife’s GE credit–even though she is not a platinum cardholder.

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  • Richard

    Very interesting; my birthday is coming up and I’ll travel the month after. “Approved” as in GE is granted after the interview, or “approved” as in the application is conditionally approved and I’ll still need to have an interview?
    If I’ll still need an interview before the 5 years starts, I’ll go ahead and submit my app+payment now and wait until after my bday to interview with hope that I’ll find a time soon enough after to have GE before my trip the next month.

  • Richard

    If it’s “approved” as in the app is approved, I’ll wait until after my birthday to send the app in though I know I probably won’t have GE by the next month unless I get lucky with an interview – I know to check often for last-minute interviews.

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