Amex Platinum Airline Rebates For Delta eGift Certificates

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Last week, Delta launched a new line of eGift certificates that can be redeemed for Delta-operated or Delta codeshare flights that have a Delta flight number.

Delta's new eGift certificates might be reimbursed for Amex Platinum cardholders.

Delta’s new eGift certificates might be reimbursed for Amex Platinum cardholders.

They come in amounts from $50 to $1,000. The certificates are available in $5 increments, and can bought for either yourself or to give to others. Once you buy the certificate, Delta will email it to any designated recipient within 72 hours from when you purchase it, and they do not expire. Recipients can redeem the certificates through, reservations agents or at airport locations by including the redemption code and certificate number from the eGift Certificate when they place their reservation.
The big question with these – as with other airline vouchers in the past – was whether American Express personal Platinum or Business Platinum cardholders would be reimbursed for purchases of these as part of their annual $200 airline fee reimbursement.
Theoretically these shouldn’t count since “gift cards issued by airlines” and airline tickets are not eligible charges for reimbursement. However, TPG reader RB reported that he bought a $50 eGift certificate this week and his Platinum card statement showed a $50 credit for “Airline Fee Reimbursement,” so there’s a good chance that eGift certificates in small denominations will be reimbursed.
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on Flyertalk that people have in fact been able to use their $200 reimbursement to purchase both cheap airline tickets (under $200) as well as airline vouchers, upgrades, and even elite status through a variety of methods that have to do with the amount a ticket or airline voucher costs in addition to the way it is coded on their credit card bill. As long as it doesn’t say “Travel – Airline” you seem to be set.

Has anyone else bought these yet? If so, what was the amount, how was it coded on your statement and was it reimbursed? Comment with your experiences below!

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  • John

    Just purchased an eGift Certificate for $50.00. My online Amex Platinum statement shows “”Travel-Airline,” so it doesn’t look good.

  • Graydon

    I purchased one on 5/4 and same deal for me. It shows travel-airline so I am guessing it’s a no go.

  • R B

    Have you previously selected DELTA as your ‘airline of choice’ for the $200 Amex platinum reimbursement amount?

    I purchased the $50 gift on May 4th, and was credited on May 8th.

  • John

    Yes, I did. Did your statement indicate “Travel – Airline” for the charge?

  • Eric Lin

    I purchased $200 eCertificate (Valid for 5 years) on United Airline (My airline of choice) with my Platinum card and I got a $200 statement credit showed “Airline Fee Reimbursement”. So I supposed it should work with some specific airlines.

  • R B

    yes it was ‘Travel Airline’. Be patient, it might take then 1 or 2 extra days.

  • John

    Good. Brian indicated that if it said “Travel – Airline” you’re out of luck. I do hope he’s wrong and that you’re right!

  • RK

    did you ever receive the credit from amex??

  • 1001

    did you ever receive the credit from amex??

  • Graydon

    Thanks for reminding me to check again. Just did and NO I did not. Looks like we need to keep it to $50 for it to work or maybe they are on to me.

  • 1001

    so probably delta wont work, I heard AA and United works

  • 1002

    what about you, did you receive a credit?

  • totallyB

    Where do you purchase these certificates?

  • Eric1618

    Since this posting helped me out so much with my Amex Platinum benefits, I thought I would share my experience with buying Delta eGift Certificates.

    After calling the Amex Platinum line to list Delta as my “designated airline,” I purchased a $50 eGift on Delta’s website for a test run to see if it would be credited back to my account.

    Sure enough, it was credited back to my account within three days.

    My Purchase description said “Delta Airlines Atlanta.”

    My Reimbursement description said “AMEX airline fee reimbursement.”

    One thing to be aware of when using Delta eGift certificates:

    You can only use a maximum of 3 eGift Certificates for any one purchase according to Delta’s policy. Since the reimbursement seems to work only with $50 eGifts you can use a max of $150 per purchase when using eGifts as your Amex reimbursement. The remaining $50 will need to be used for another purchase: whether it be for another eGift for airfare, an upgrade, or for incidentals.

    Hope this helps out those who fly Delta!

  • K2

    Has anyone tried using the Delta eGift certificates when booking on the Amex Travel site?

  • alex

    just purchased 4 50 dollar delta giftcards …one after another (after credit had applied 3 days later….worked like a charm

  • Scott Crellin

    Delta is still good with lower charges. Did one with 50 on monday, got reimbursed wednesday. Gonna try 100 and see what happens

  • Susie

    Can I use egift certificate for awards travel? If yes, how? I was unable to use it online and when I called and talked to an agent, he said no.

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